How Dr. Porter and Allison Mack worked to recruit a teenage girl to the sex slaver cult of NXIVM

Brandon Porter had his medical license revoked in New York for his role in NXIVM.

Constantly on the lookout to recruit fresh young women for NXIVM, Dr. Brandon Porter – recently notorious for his human fright experiments on woman – reached out to a childhood friend who, it so happened, had a 17 year old daughter. He hadn’t spoken with Katherine in probably 20 years. In December 2014, he sent her a Facebook message.

[My notes are in brackets and bold]

[Dr. Porter wrote to Katherine on Dec. 10, 2014]



Long time, no chat! I don’t know if you feel this way, too, but because I read your Facebook posts, I feel closer to you than I probably should. I tend to think about your posts and you become a part of my life in that way.

So, on that note, I was just thinking about a string of posts about your daughter, Jane, and her acting. I’d like to invite her to take a fairly exclusive acting class that I’m taking. It is taught by a friend of mine, Allison Mack (she was Cloe on “Smallville”),and designed by a guy [Keith Raniere] I do research with. I have talked with the professional actors who are taking the course and they say the course has tools for acting they have never experienced before and these tools help them build deep characters quickly and reveal aspects to acting they hadn’t considered in their whole career.

In my experience, the class includes life skills (like building wisdom) that I want my daughter to have and don’t exist any place else, to my knowledge. This is when I thought of you and Jane. The class is 5 weeks long and is from January 25 to March 1. There is also a slower version that meets 3x per week and this runs from January 25 to April 5. The classes are outside of Albany, NY in Clifton Park and Troy.

I hope this note finds you doing well! I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully talking more!


[His message came from out of the blue.]

Katherine wrote:
Whoa! Brandon Porter! What a pleasure to hear from yoU!

Your message was awesome, SO great for you to think of Jane!

She looks like an amazingly wonderful human being!
She is a crazy talented girl, so much more talented than I ever was…
A challenge to parent, don’t let facebook posts fool you, but she is great!…
… How old is she?

We have an 18 year old taking the acting curriculum right now. He has matured quite a bit. 🙂
So wait, where are you living? Albany?

Yep. 🙂 Smallbany, as the locals call it. I live in the suburbs, Waterford/Clifton Park.
Where in California are you?
… We are in Redlands, it is about an hour east of LA…right along the San Bernardino mountains…we actually live in Loma Linda…
I have heard of Loma Linda. I am taking the acting course because the philosophy is that actors represent the true humanitarians. Ideally, actors can accept all aspects of humanity….
…  this is so awesome. I would love for her to do it but not sure how it would ever be possible… there’s that pesky living across the country along with the whole obligatory high school thing…
… Would she be interested in doing it this summer?… We could let her live at our place, probably.
Wow, what a generous offer! she is a delightful person…
Summer would probably work better…maybe if you could connect us with your friend Allison we could chat…
I’m sure she would love to talk with you guys.
… I haven’t talked to you in SO long…not sure we even talked much IN high school…lol… but besides FB I really don’t stay in touch with any of those folks…  I am just recalling you as tall, blonde, swimmer, super smart… guess it doesn’t surprise me that you became a thoughtful and successful human being…
That is sweet of you to say. I’m still working on not being an arrogant son-of-a-bitch. Hahahaha. I still remember how much we used to joke with each other in English class in 6th grade. Or was it 8th grade.
I don’t remember….
Oh dear! I have done my best to blank out middle school and high school entirely…
You should feel blessed that I remember you were a swimmer!
Hahahaha. I feel blessed….. I remember you lived on the same street I lived on when I was 2 years old and I walked over to your house with the intention to say hi, but wimped out….
hahahaha! oh dear! I remember meeting you at Waveland tennis courts to talk… in like 6th grade…
🙂 So, you do remember!
just that moment… I was pretty smitten I believe… but it quickly passed! ha!
Me, too.
awwwwww, adorable!….
I know. Those days of hormone were pretty amazing and pretty tough.
[After some exchanges about people they knew, Brandon writes]
When would be a good time for the two of you to talk with Allison. We can try to schedule it in the next few weeks.
Sure! Email works well if you want to connect us that way…. Jane has finals week next week and then kids are off for the holidays, etc..
Will do. I’ll send an email.
[Brandon did not let a few weeks pass. He sent Katherine and Allison an email two days later. BTW I think it curious that Allison’s email is ‘Scout 82’ – for she truly was a scout for Raniere. I wonder she if she brought in 82 young women?]
From: Brandon Porter <>
Subject: Acting classes
Date: December 12, 2014 at 1:29:03 PM PST
To: Allison Mack <>, and Katherine [email redacted]

Hello Katherine and Allison,

I’m writing to introduce the two of you so you can make some time to talk about the acting program and determine if it would be a good fit for Katherine’s daughter, Jane, and if Jane  would be a good fit for the program.


Allison is a close friend of mine. She started acting professionally at a very early age and does beautiful work. She worked with the guy I am doing research with [Keith Raniere] to design one of the most impressive tool sets around to help people learn short cuts to building deep characters and help people discover how they can use their body as a tool to tell a story. She brings her care and compassion to the course and this really makes the curriculum shine.

I think she will be able to help you and Jane figure out if this is a tool set that would be helpful for Jane.


Katherine is a friend of mine from middle school and high school (we actually lived down the street from each other when we were about 1 or 2 years old, then we dated for about 2 weeks or a month in middle school). Her daughter, Jane, is an accomplished actor and is spending a decent amount of her effort in this direction. It excites me to think about a young person like her having these tools. I hope you find her to be a good candidate for taking the program.

If you would like for me to introduce the two of you on Skype, I will make time for this.




[After receiving the email, Katherine messaged him on Facebook that day]
Ha!!!! I don’t recall that we ever “dated” but I’ll let that slide! Thanks for the email, I’ll look forward to hearing from Allison! 🙂
I was in love, so it felt like dating to me.
Thanks for letting it slide.
Oh stop!!! Hindsight is 20/20!
{They chat more about each other’s families.]
[Almost as if she and Dr. Porter were tag teaming Katherine, Allison ‘Scout’ Mack sent Katherine an email that same day.
[Dec 12, 2014; Allison Mack <> wrote Katherine and copied Dr. Porter]
Hey there Katherine.
So lovely to meet [by email]. I always love to know about about my friends’ [Dr. Porter] past… it is so nice when the 2 worlds (old and new) collide.
Thank you for the complimentary intro Brandon, so nice.
I would be more than happy to make time to talk to you about The Acting Program. I will be available starting Sunday. Would you like to make a time?
[About a week later, Katherine emailed Allison. It is understandable she might do so. Her daughter wants to be an actress. Mack was an actress. She was teaching an acting course. Someone from her home town recommended it. Katherine emailed ‘Scout’ Allison and sent her daughter’s resume. On Dec 20, 2014, Katherine wrote:}
Hi Allison-
Sorry for my delayed response, it has been a crazy week!
We would love to know more about your program. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do?
Brandon mentioned classes this January but also this summer as a possible option?
Jane is currently weighing her options for this upcoming summer break so any information would be very helpful.
I am attaching her resume for your review. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
[On the same morning Dr. Porter nudged Katherine.]

Hello Katherine, did you get a hold of Allison?


Hi Brandon! Ironically I just emailed her back! 🙂 It was a crazy week here of final exams and holiday prep! Hope  you are doing well!


Brandon Porter
🙂 So funny. Cool. I think you will like her. She is one of my favorite people in the world. Have a great Christmas!

[Allison ‘Scout’ Mack wrote back that same day]
Hey there Katherine.
I’m so glad to hear back from you.
Yes we offer our intensive course 4 times per year. One every season. So there will most definitely be one in the summer.
I would love to chat with you and Jane in person to discuss this further. When would be a good time for you?
We are offering our lowest price right now and it is scheduled to increase on December 24 so if we could speak in the next couple of days we can make sure you receive the lowest price if you want to sign up!!
Let me know your schedule and I will do my best to work around you.
[A few days passed. On Dec 25, 2014, Katherine wrote Allison about speaking. Allison Mack wrote back the same day]
Yes! I am more than happy to make myself available over the next few days.
When works for you?
[Katherine did not get back to her right away and they did not meet while Allison was in California. Two months later, {3/01/2015} Katherine messaged Dr. Porter on his birthday]



Hey Brandon I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I just wanted to let you know that Allison and I never ended up connecting…. Thanks again for thinking of Jane, it means a lot!


I had a wonderful day! I’m sorry for not following up with Allison to see if she got in contact with you guys. I’ll see her tomorrow and chat. They just finished teaching another round of the class and people had great experiences. If she is too busy trying to get the classes going and helping run a woman’s organization [Jness maybe DOS in its beginning stages] I can also find one of the other professional actors who can talk with you guys. Would that work for you? I get the sense that the most helpful perspective would be from a professional actor.


Honestly I’m not sure it would work out with timing et al, but feel free to follow up if you would like. I’m kind of hoping Jane will stay around here this summer honestly, but who knows. I’m so glad you had a good day! 🙂

A month passed and Dr. Porter initiated a conversation on 3/31/2015]

Hello! Here is the acting class’s website. They have a new video describing it a little more. If Jane likes it I’m pretty sure I can get Allison to give her some time.


Hey Brandon! Thanks so much for sharing, I’ll check it out! 🙂
Great video for sure! 🙂

😊 Yes, I love it! Marc Vicente does good work.


I know the course runs 5 weeks but how often does it meet?…

It meets about 5 days a week with homework in between.



Full time during the day?


I don’t think so, but I will check. Combined with the course is a new type of yoga [exo/eso] and this is about 2 hours at least 3x per week and more if she wants to.


Oh geez just stop! Lol


What do you mean? I’m not joking.



I know you’re not! Did you know Jane adores yoga?


I didn’t.
The people who love yoga love this new training.


So are you underwriting this adventure Dr. Porter? I can only imagine the tuition associated with this! 😳


😊 it is $8000 or $10,000. More valuable than any acting class she will ever have. It helps her discover herself and gives tools to help her build compassion for whatever parts of herself she is scared to expose. And, then there is the yoga.

Wow. That’s…a lot.

It is serious stuff.
Sounds like it! I mean it sounds awesome, I love the approach, the philosophy, the video, etc…
😊 It is $8000 until April 18.
If I had 8K laying around, I’m guessing 10K wouldn’t be much of a stretch! Lol

😊 $2000 is $2000 is $2000. They have a payment plan available if this is something that you would prefer.
The level of faith and confidence you have in me is stunning! Touching! Heart wrenching!
WHY did we not date in high school?! Lol
😊 I don’t know. You never asked me out!
Ha! Ditto!! You didn’t even talk to me! Damn, you could have saved me from my disastrous high school life. Maybe if we DID date, I would have $10K sitting around!!! Or even $8K… that wasn’t otherwise earmarked for things like college…and food!

I think everyone has a disastrous high school life. I barely had my head above water. 😊

Do you mean that literally or figuratively? I’m guessing both. Yep, both.
This conversation would be so different in person…
Let’s talk on the phone. 😊 I want to know why you were a cheerleader for the swim team.
Hahaha! So your head WAS above water! Lol  Or you are sitting near your yearbook and you just looked that up.

It was always awkward for me to be wearing almost no clothes standing next to you guys [Cheerleaders].
Too funny. I don’t recall that being awkward at all! Lol

You had clothes on.
Oh dear. Boys in high school are so… sigh.  You’re just trying to woo me out of $10K!  You know you can message me anytime to reflect on the good old days, you don’t need to dangle this carrot to do so!
I’m trying to help you daughter have the best experience of herself she can.
I would love that for her too, believe me, I would love to give her that experience! More than anything!… And if anyone needs it, she does! But we honestly just don’t have the money. It’s pretty simple!



[Brandon Porter then called Katherine on Facebook. She did not answer.]



I can’t believe you just called me!!! Lol


I cannot believe you didn’t pick up!



That has SO many layers to it! SO. MANY!


I hope they are good layers.


Oh dear…


Do you have a dirty mind? It wasn’t intended that way. I don’t know what to say now. Did I make your life difficult?

I don’t think all layers are bad but there are layers. No, of course you didn’t make my life difficult.

I don’t know what layers are, then.
My life IS difficult, or seems to be today, but you didn’t make it that way! How was your day?….

My life is difficult too. It seems like this is the way life is. I’m going to sign my wife up for a $10,000 ethics course that I just took. It was outstanding and I cannot see her living life and raising our kids without it. So funny.  We had dinner out together for the first time in months. It was pretty fun!
Ethics huh? Interesting…

I don’t know where I will get the money, either.
[Ed. note: this is a perfect example of how Executive Success Programs works. A medical doctor who does not know where he can find money to pay for his wife’s courses. Viva Executive Success!]
Where did you have dinner? That sounds delightful, I do hope wine was involved.

Yes. In the end, ethics are about joy.
Seems ethics simple for some, complicated for others.

We ate in Saratoga. I had mushrooms and potatoes and she had salmon.
Are you a vegetarian?

It hit the spot. She liked her wine. I am a vegetarian
And you don’t drink?

I killed a lot of mice doing my PhD and it is a penance of mine. I drink occasionally. I might have taken the lives of 4000 little animals. That is a lot of life. I killed countless bacteria, too. I didn’t take on a penance for that. 😊
That makes sense… Wow, 4000. That’s a shitload of mice! Wait, where are you working? Did you tell me and I forgot?

I know. Not quite the mouse Hitler, but I was definitely warming up to earning that title. I’m in Albany, NY. I stay up late.
And occasional drinks are good. I’ve had a couple today! Now I know where you live just not what you do, like career wise! Lol

What’s going on with you and your layers? I am a hospitalist for 12 days a month and I research joy and ethics.
[Here Dr. Porter shows us why he may be broke. He only works 12 days a month as a physician. The rest of his time he researches joy and ethics – Bronfman -Raniere style.  That research includes human fright experiments – which may have given him joy, and taught him Raniere ethics – as he frightened young women with his gruesome experiments.]
Ignore my layers. Not important. Oh wow, a hospitalist! Do you like that?!

I like parts of it….  I get to do a lot of cool things because of my job. 😊
Like take ethics classes and acting classes…. What do you do with the rest of your time?
Are you in Los Angeles?
Yoga, cycling, hiking, shuttling kids all over creation! We are about an hour east of LA…

Sounds good! It looks like you like it.
Yes, more joy here for sure.
I like it! But taking Jane away from her theatre community sucked.

😊 I like the distinction that joy is not conditional and happiness is conditional. [Raniere-speak]
Oooooo, I want to hear more about that.
This [Raniere-inspired] theater crew is going to start making a new type of theater. They will start developing plays that help bring people to important experiences that are common life experiences, but we don’t plan for them. They are pre-experiences. Like end of life care questions. Things like that.

Let’s chat tomorrow. Do you have time to chat? I think it would be fun.
Possibly. Maybe.

How about Thursday?
When are you thinking? Time difference is a beast…

Not really. Is morning, afternoon or night best for you? I’m pretty open these next two days.
Message me tomorrow… Want to send me some advanced reading on joy and ethics?

Okeedokee smokey. I don’t have much reading. I’ll give you another Web site.
That works
I’ll check it out. Just for the record, I won’t have 10K tomorrow either…

Me either!

Have a good night!
You too, sleep well. 💤💤💤

Will do, you too! 👳
[ -like all Raniere websites has little information] 
[The next day Katherine messaged Dr. Porter 4/01/2015]
I thought that website would explore and ponder the meaning of joy and happiness in life… but sadly no. Lol. I don’t think I have money for that program either! …. What are you doing today?


I’m doing some research stuff. I’m available to talk right now if you want….  I’m available for the next hour or so. Then, I’ll be available later tonight.

What is it that you want to chat about?

I was going to talk with you about the acting class. I can also talk with you about the joy classes if you are interested. I’m also curious about your stint as a cheerleader, but we can save that for a later conversation if you want.
Lol, I think the acting/joy classes are moot unfortunately. I cheered for basketball too by the way!
That was much preferable as I recall, but literally a lifetime ago.

I’ll chat with you later!


…. I do enjoy chatting with you, but probably best to focus on real grown up life now. And it is a beautiful life you have, yes? Your wife is gorgeous, your kids are adorable, and you have a wonderful job. I bet you are a fabulous practitioner.  I remain intrigued about your theories behind joy and happiness, perhaps we can discuss that at some point…


Yes. Let’s talk about now. Sounds good to me!


….At some point…


Cool beans! It’s fun to hear from you. I look fo to hearing your voice.


I’m still not sure why, but ok!




[Somehow the two never connected. Maybe because Katherine did not have $8,000 to pay to send her 17 year old daughter to a Raniere-Mack class. Lucky for Katherine and Jane.]

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  • Sick. Like that mother was about to hand the $8000 she saved for her daughter’s College Education over to the freak that was falsely claiming he dated her (as a child?) and never got over it. Having too much spare money is clearly a dangerous thing. Ultimately, that lucky daughter was saved by the grace of thrift and prudence- at the very least, it makes you think twice, thrice, before buying into anything.

  • It is $8000 until April 18.
    $8000 to $10,000 for acting lessons with the Sarah Bernhardt of our time,Allison Mack.
    “Superman, save me!”

    What does the Stella Adler School charge teens?
    From the Stella Adler website:
    Teen Summer Conservatory – Now Enrolling!
    5 Weeks, $3250
    Monday-Friday, 30 Hours a Week
    July 9 – August 10, 2018

    But I’ll bet Stella Adler doesn’t teach about female empowerment through sexual slavery.

  • Various courses and programs at Stella Adler studios (Brando, Deniro etc.) range from $700 to $ 2600. Does anybody think that Lollipop Head, i.e. Scout Mack, was going to produce the next Brando?

  • Where is Dr Porter these days? Still in hiding? Getting prepared for his license to be revoked? Hopefully anticipating some jail time?

    • Somebody had said he and his family are hiding out at Clare’s house, while she is down in the city.

  • Wow what a snake in the grass. Porter is flirting with what is a relationship in his own mind, with a woman from the past, all in an attempt to make a commission (and to bring his mentor fresh meat).
    A great example of how not having extra cash laying around saved this family from disaster.

  • What’s really creepy about this is that it sounds like he had been reading her Facebook posts for a while, but he had never spoken to her. Was he even on her friends list? Since Katherine sounds very surprised to suddenly hear from him, I wonder if he had even sent a friend request first.

  • Dr. B: May I invite you for Dinner?

    Katherine: What are we having?

    Dr. B: Fava beans, sweet breads, and a nice Chianti

    Katherine: What’s for dessert?

    Dr. B: Cheerleader Surprise…

  • It is rather sick that Porter’s intro is to talk about his own daughter–I wonder, is she a victim of Raniere’s? And talk about an overzealous sales pitch–DAMN, the thirst is real.

  • Creepy. And worse thing about this if I read correctly this guy has a daughter. Would he give her up to KR?

  • we were friends when we were in the maternity ward, your crib was right next to mine! I became an expert in language( I speak seven languages) . I speak Raniere language, Bronfman language, Salzman language, Salinas language etc etc all languages of joy. 🙂 now I wanted to speak to you’an extraordinary language that we are all learning: the jail language.

    It’s jute amazing and cheap! But you have to hurry, soon there will not be any more place because we are a lot to apply
    .Remember when you were drooling on the nurse? That was so cute. Can we talk about this again? Are you still drooling? Lots of slimy kisses. Your lifelong friend

  • But pisspoor sales tactics. Glad this family didn’t get taken in, but if the girl was 17 – that’s legal age of consent in NY state. I find that a little chilling – that they may have deliberately targeted an age level where statutory rape no longer applied because it was “safe” to do so. This was back in 2014 and everything with this group escalates. I know KR has raped young girls before; I have little doubt he would try again if he had the chance.

  • If I had gotten the first message I would have put him on ignore. Long time no chat, but I feel close is pretty creepy. He should be able to come up with something decent for fucks sake. But I guess it worked in this case.
    The funny thing is he does not care about her at all and continues the bullshitting while trying to sell some overpriced acting curriculum to an underaged girl’s mom. Well done. The next thing, that was a total killer, was the use of some throwaway email on AM’s side. If you are part of an official and decent company you are supposed to have some company email server and an adress that is not completely arbitrary. I mean this company must make dough like crazy when selling acting classes @ $4k/month/person.

  • God. It’s all just a multi-level marketing scheme. Except if you are on top you get to fuck everyone literally.

    This guy is a doctor (I assume decently paid) working hard over MONTHS to try and sell self help to someone he knew in high school.

  • Why does the state even allow this so-called “doctor” to legally practice medicine?

  • I wonder she if she brought in 82 young women?]

    Allison Mack was born in July of 1982, I think that’s why 82 is in her email address.

  • Porter just needs some white makeup, a red nose, and some Ronald McDonald hair.

  • Just an aside:

    Allison lists her email account as scout82 because Allison was born in 1982.

    Allison’s Instagram account ends with 729 because Allison was born on 7-29.

    • Lol i knew shadowstate would be hear talking about allison. He’s obsessed with her as much as Keith. Except keith wans’t turned down on twitter by her.

      • The only thing Allison Mack has to offer a man is genital herpes.

        Bill Black: Allison Mack is an accomplice, not a victim

        Mack uses people, lies to them, leads them into abuse, just to keep Raniere happy, because that keeps her happy.
        Her fans and loved ones may try to write her behavior off as if she is a helpless victim controlled by Raniere but that is not true. She allowed herself to put serving him first. No one matters to her but him and herself and the endorphin release she gets when he approves of her servitude.

      • The irony of Allison’s mother obsessively compulsively stalking Shadowstate calling him obsessed.

        • Allison’s mom should have been worried about her daughter stalking Keith Raniere.

          To be precise I live over 1500 miles from Southern California and have no desire to contract a venereal disease from the likes of Allison Mack.

  • The Mad Scientist Dr Porter is either “love-bombing” Katherine or trying to get up her skirt, or both. It is creepy, especially the part about ” I am curious about your stint as a cheerleader”. WTF dude, that was high school are you that emotionally stunted? Your game if you want to call it that is sad.

  • “BTW I think it curious that Allison’s email is ‘Scout 82’ – for she truly was a scout for Raniere. I wonder she if she brought in 82 young women?”
    No…I assume the 82 refers to the year Ally Wack was born.
    The Doc sure put a lot of effort to try to recruit this girl, but it seemed doomed to fail as the girl lived cross country and the mom had no money.
    Tho this was an enlightening read…

    • It might be a stretch for Ally Mack, but when I think of Scout (aka Jean Louise Finch) I think of the protagonist in Too Kill a Mockingbird. The character in the book acted as an observer and questioner. Look At Allison’s twitter profile: @allisonmack
      story-teller, question-asker, music-lover…….

  • Good Jesus. Hello person I went to school with decades ago who you barely remember. Want to dish out 10 grand for an acting class with Chloe from smallville for your daughter. These people were like nazi’s. The time and effort they spent on their targets.

  • So Albany’s Doktor Josef Mengele was working with Maniac Allison Mack to ensnare young girls into the cult.

    Is there any doubt now that Maniac Mack would get involved in child trafficking?

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