If Allison 'Pimp' Mack got herself tested for herpes, what of it? That does not mean she admits there is any herpes in the community and spreading from DOS slave to SOP cuckold as fast as you can say - Vanguard is my savior.

Bill Black: Allison Mack is an accomplice, not a victim

By Bill Black

In the real world, Allison Mack is an accomplice in some very sick behavior. She may deny it later and play victim, but she knows what she is doing is evil. But she places her needs first. And her need is: Keith Raniere. You can see that from watching the videos of her crying as Raniere blathers on about inconsequential garbage. It is her infatuation for Raniere that she selfishly puts above all else.

Mack’s motives are the same as some lowlife who abuses her family by constantly harassing them for handouts and steals from them just to support the bum she is infatuated with. Mack uses people, lies to them, leads them into abuse, just to keep Raniere happy, because that keeps her happy.

Her fans and loved ones may try to write her behavior off as if she is a helpless victim controlled by Raniere but that is not true. She allowed herself to put serving him first. No one matters to her but him and herself and the endorphin release she gets when he approves of her servitude.

Allison Mack jogs for Keith Raniere.
Allison abandoned her TV acting career for Keith Raniere.
Allison Mack during a performance with Simply Human at V Week.
Allison Mack before Keith Raniere.
Allison Mack.

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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • The woman has the lascivious look and gleam in her eye of a demented whore. At some point she stopped being whoever the public, her friends, even her fam knew her to be. Mack is a shell. And, at 35 years old, she is entirely responsible for the decisions she has made that has brought her to forego any attempt at having a normal and healthy life.

    • Don’t blame Allison, blame the person (Frank) who chose to showcase this type of photo for the collage, to make her look silly. Selection bias, be aware of it.

      • Why would I blame Frank? These are real multiple pictures of Allison engaging in the same behavior. I’m sure there is even ore. He didn’t take these pictures and then photoshop a fake tongue on them.

      • Allison is obviously fucked in the head. She’s a 35 year old woman fawning over a 57 year old sociopath. Instead of living a normal life, she’s the head pimp to recruit more women for him to fuck even though she wants his fake ass all to herself.

        Keith is a douche-bag of epic proportions who hides behind a false humility and suffers from massive inner deficiency.

  • Al’s Pal Son of Mack,
    This blog isn’t a court of law and it’s going to have public opinion on it. So sorry if it offends you buddy. Go somewhere else if you don’t like it

  • Since my comment to this in the previous article was removed, I’ll comment on this again, without my referenced examples. The indoctrinated don’t necessarily KNOW they are doing wrong. Is Allison culpable? Probably. To what degree should be decided in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. Not by Expians and ex-NXIVMs. Not by Frank and his readers. Not by you. Not by me.

    • Wise & sensible words, few and far between around here.

      Anway, is it just me who thinks all the Guest Views are written by Frank? Sure read that way.

      • Your notion about guest views being submitted by Frank is incorrect. Is there a reason you want to discredit the messenger?

        Please use your critical thinking skills. Look at the mounting evidence including pictures of branded human flesh and personal accounts of those who have fled. Mainstream media outlets covering this cult would be unlikely to risk libel or slander lawsuits by not conducting background research and confirmation by multiple sources.

        There are still many people stuck inside this sick, twisted community. More exposure to the reality outside their walls might actually save some of them from further harm. Why should the top-tier leaders be protected? Because some of them have appeared on TV? They have caused immense harm to others while fulfilling their personal needs and wants.




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