Kristin Kreuk Promoted Sex Slavery For Teen Girls On Her Nxivm-Based Website!

Yes you are that girl ---

It is peculiar.

We have debated whether Kristin Kreuk’s ‘Girls By Design’ website was an innocent attempt to mentor teen and pre-teen girls – or whether it was a nefarious Keith Raniere- controlled plot to lure teen girls into his sex cult.

An old Kreuk post – which we discussed before – has new meaning – following revelations that came out at the trial of Raniere- that he was, for years, on the prowl for teenage virgins.

I am not the only one who thinks this is suspicious. MK10ART has suspicions too.A post on Kreuk’s website in 2010 – just when Raniere was searching for virgins – and she was out coaching for him  – should make people wonder.

It made me wonder.

What were Kreuk’s motives?  Why did Kreuk post an article on her teen girl website about sex slavery in 2010?

As readers know, Kreuk was an avid follower of Raniere – and she developed, with fellow Nxian, Kendra Voth, a website called Girls By Design [] that was dedicated to teen girls – [12-16] which time and again seemed to promote Nxivm-Raniere values.

No photo description available.
Girls by Design logo.

Was Kreuk trying to help Raniere lure teen girls into Nxivm?  Did she know he wanted to have sex with them?

It became clear at Raniere’s trial that, when Kreuk was posting her sex slavery article – one that glorifies sex slavery and polygamy, Raniere was eagerly seeking teenage virgins for sex.

Did Kristin Kreuk know?

Kreuk herself has refused to say anything other than a single Twitter post denying she knew anything nefarious was going on.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM

Her Twitter post was misleading – for she claimed she was only a student of Nxivm – there to overcome shyness – when she was in reality a top Nxivm coach, well advanced along the Nxivm “stripe path.”

Kristin Kreuk, depicted with a snake-like [constrictor] body, was responsible for recruiting Allison Mack into the Nxivm – the now notorious sex cult. Painting by MK10ART

So why did Kreuk – five years before DOS and the Raniere-inspired sex slavery started branding women and calling them slaves – post an article on her website – which glorified sex slavery?

It is curious.

Here is the web page exactly as it appeared on August 20, 2010.

Remember, Girls By Design is a website dedicated to ‘mentoring’ teen and preteen girls.

Much like Kreuk’s ‘Sexy 7″ questions for preteen and young teen girls – the following seems age inappropriate;

around Louisiana and they were eventually known as Quadroons.

Not let us evaluate what this is all about.

[My comments are in bold and brackets]


Quadroon Ka-Boom

Hop aboard the riverboat and take a journey through the bayous and gators, to a place where the Creole blood runs free and the gumbo isn’t the only thing that will burn your tushy the next morning. I am talking about, of course, New Orleans. Not just any New Orleans, but the New Orleans of the 1800’s, well, the mid to late 1800’s.

[“Where blood runs free” and “burn your tushy” is curiously loaded language.]

I’m sure that you’re aware of the illicit relations that went on between slave masters [how is the writer sure that young teen girls now about illicit relations?] and their slaves, whether it had been by will, or force [both by will and by force are suggested] and I’m sure that you know about children being the result of such relations. Now, some of these women were freed, to prevent said children from being considered slaves and their kids had kids and so on and so forth. So, eventually, there were people of mixed descent running around Louisiana and they were eventually known as Quadroons.

Quadroon women were said to have been the most beautiful creatures most of those Creole men had ever laid theirs eyes on. [Really is this true? Raniere loved to make up stories about various societies. In this case, slave women having sex with white free men gave birth to avatar-like females who grew up to be the most beautiful women. This seems very much like Raniere’s writing.]

So, New Orleans being New Orleans, they instituted a wee little system with these Quadroon women. They would hold balls, hosted by the mothers of these women and all of the fine, young, FILTHY RICH gentlemen were very, very welcome. Of course they were! Anyways, if a young man met a Quadroon gal who struck his fancy, she was “promised” to him and became his courtesan. [like being part of a harem]  Ah, man…That’s like picking a pet out, isn’t it? I bet they felt AWESOME about themselves…

So, ya know, the rich guys set up housing for these women and they had, you guessed it….RELATIONS! [sex] Cover your eyes! To be fair, it was illegal for people of different skin colours to be married, so, maybe it could have been love, I don’t know! What I do know is that little Quadroon families were created from these arrangements and many Creole men found themselves with two separate families. Naughty, naughty! [Polyamory – with men having more than one woman. The tone is meant to appeal to teens, i.e. ‘naughty naughty’, ‘cover your eyes’] Although, some of the arrangements ended when the men were married and then the Quadroon mistresses and their children were allowed to go off and spread their wings…  Well, as much as possible…  If not, their children were sent off to school in Paris. Actually, make that the boys. The girls had to stay to be brainwashed… Errr… I mean raised to carry on the high-class courtesan traditions! [he/she is writing for teen girls – and talking about ‘high class courtesans’.]

Quadroons were said to have wanted for nothing and they were fashionistas. However, they became feared and despised by some and was their life ever really their own? I ask you this: was this empowering to these girls who would have otherwise been physical slaves, or was it just another form of slavery covered up by fancy clothes, fancy houses and promises of financial stability? You tell me!

[I like the use of the word empowering; we will hear this word again in DOS. What follows next are four comments.]

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[This is interesting – you have to be logged in to comment – which means that Raniere-Kreuk had to be able to have a way to communicate with the little girls that posted comments.]


[a commenter]

…. I guess it comes down to “quality of life” in a society of laws and regulations.  If such were your choices, which would you choose?
Either choice still left the woman subservient to man, the courtesan however had a modicum of freedom and a higher standard of living for herself and her offspring, whereas the slave *might* be protected from unwanted physical attention but still left without rights.

There is very little difference even today. Regardless of race or gender we all sell ourselves to someone or something, be it school, work, marriage, children etc.. The reality is more a matter of perspective. We all do the best we can to live the best we can and offer ourselves the best opportunities for our futures.

[This comment seems to  justify slavery – since we all have to sell ourselves to something.]



[Very interesting name too  – Chastity-ja]


true dat ghost



Very interesting to read. I feel little bad about that Im white (and i don´t xadurate when i say that my skin is white as a vampire)(and that i would do like everything to be dark), cuz the most of the white didn´t respect the vally of human life. I can´t get why the “black” should have been less inportent than white at that time, and even now it´s still like that in some areas. I mean, i think that darkskinned people is so beautiful. Maby it whas becouse of that;) Well, it´s nothing we can do to change the past, just to make it better.



My guess is that Raniere not only designed Girls By Design but contributed content and Kreuk and Voth knew and welcomed it. He was their mentor.

What I don’t know – at least not yet – is whether they knew his participation was meant to find virgins to deflower.

Both Kreuk and Voth participated in Nxivm classes where it was discussed whether children and under-the-age-of-consent teens should enjoy sex with adults and that only society made it evil – not the act itself.

This post, on Kreuk’s website, is the most suspicious thing I have seen concerning her true role in Nxivm. I had seen the post before – prior to knowing how hard Raniere was seeking virgin teens to have sex with – and frankly I did not make as much of it the first time I read it as I do now.

It speaks to Kruek’s possible motives and does not appear innocent to me. Perhaps it is – but how odd to post a piece that glorifies sex slavery – with words like:

“Hop aboard the riverboat and take a journey ….  where the Creole blood runs free and the gumbo isn’t the only thing that will burn your tushy….

“I’m sure that you’re aware of the illicit relations that went on between slave masters and their slaves, … by will, or force ….

“Quadroon women were said to have been the most beautiful creatures most of those Creole men had ever laid theirs eyes on.

“…. They would hold balls…  and all of the fine, young,… RICH gentlemen were very, very welcome…..  if a young [rich] man met a Quadroon gal who struck his fancy, she was ‘promised’ to him ….

“the rich guys set up housing for these women and … had…. RELATIONS! Cover your eyes! …. it could have been love…. families were created from these arrangements and many … men found themselves with two separate families. Naughty, naughty!….

“Quadroons were said to have wanted for nothing and they were fashionistas….  was this empowering to these girls who would have otherwise been physical slaves….

“[Quadroon’s had] fancy clothes, fancy houses and promises of financial stability….”


Yes this kind of sexual slavery might sound pretty good to the right kind of teen girl. Just the kind Keith Raniere was looking for. And should she perhaps attend one of the weekend retreats Kreuk held and confide a little to Kreuk or Voth – might they not recommend a visit to Albany where the child could learn more?

To date, we know of no underage girl recruited by Kreuk for Raniere.

We do know Cami Fernandez tried hard and was having a hard time finding teen girls to have sex with 50+ year old Raniere.

Raniere suggested the younger sister of Cami’s brother’s girlfriend – but he thought that the parents might object and they had to be careful.

We do know that Rosa Laura Junco got almost a dozen teens from the LeBaron polygamous clan of Chihuahua Mexico to come up to be mentored by Raniere.

Even they were creeped out by the old perv and left in disgust.

So what did Rosa Laura do— she offered her own 15 year old daughter.  Even that did not work out.

It was hard indeed to find teen virgins who would want to have sex with Raniere.  Even Quadroons or girls who might empathize with the concept of being a Quadroon.

Put this post on Quadrooms decidedly in the negative column for Kristin Kreuk.


Look at the highly suggestive picture Kreuk used for the post. It smacks of BSDM. And has nothing to do with Quadroons. And consider the title, “Quadroon Ka-Boom” – that makes it sound like fun.


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  • Any website targeting underage girls that isn’t an e-commerce company seeking to sell clothes or accessories or something is over the line. Full Stop. This GBD site discussing adult topics, fawning over Robert Plant (of whom I’m a fan), and requesting girls video themselves is proof positive that Kristian is a deeply disturbed woman, and most likely a criminal.

  • I agree that G is Keith, has to be. Just unsure if Kruek knew she was helping a pedophile or not. I tend to think she knew due to her silence about it. Also the fact that she did not completely distance herself from nxivm for a long time after.

  • I agree that KAR probably wrote copy for GBD This is another highly likely example.

    Concerning writing assignments. We know how the gremlin KAR liked to administer writing assignments Tee hee.

    This was supposedly written by ‘kathy’ yet smells very ‘Keithy’ to me.

    Hey there GBD!  You know you’ve missed it, and so it’s back…writing assignments!  I thought that for the first one, we could kick it back to the good ol’ days, when the most frequent prompt was “7 Words.”  So here are 7 words that caught my eye from the stack of music CDs on my desk.  I would’ve asked someone to pick 7 words (as Tabby and Kristin used to do), but it was really late, when most normal people were sleeping, and I wanted to make this post, so there. 

    So for this assignment, write any kind of poem or prose using the following 7 words:
    1. siren
    2. hop
    3. flavors
    4. yo yo
    5. bright
    6. catching
    7. rush
    Here’s the poem I wrote, inspired by MarilyneL’s description of poutine, which I have never tried, but can only imagine is all about the yummy.  :d

    Crispy cracks catching

    flavors of delight.

    The rush makes dizzy

    my dancing buds.

    Hop, skip, flip,

    whip, spin silly

    like a yo yo

    set a go go

    on a string.

    You sing to me

    your siren song

    so bright with promise

    of poutine.

    I’ll be posting new writing prompts every 2 weeks, alternating with Taylor’s photo projects.  So you’ve got a fair bit of time to mull things over and come up with something.  Then send me what you’ve got (kathy at girlsbydesign dot com).  I’ll publish your piece along with the next assignment.
    Here are the guidelines:
    * The last day to submit will always be the Tuesday before the new assignment goes up.
    * In your email, don’t forget to include the name you’d like to use as your credit.
    * Try to keep your submissions to about 200 or fewer words.
    * If you’re not comfortable writing in English, go ahead and write in another language.  GBD peepz are a pretty international crowd, so I’m sure someone will understand what you wrote.  But I will put it through an online translator to make sure you’re keeping it clean. 

    Any questions, just ask.
    And don’t forget to submit your photos for next week!  Taylor is going to post your pics and put up the new photo project next week.  Go here for the first project description, and here for the updated details on how to submit your photos.

  • Kreuk’s never disclaimed or refuted any of the GBD site content including the Sexy 7 posts.

    It all remained online and unaltered from the time it was first posted some 5 – 10 years ago, throughout the past year even following the NXIVM EDNY arrests.

    (Some of it was deleted very recently — in the past couple of months.)

    Kreuk only (some say falsely) ever denied that the GBD site and content had anything to do with Raniere or NXIVM.

    Not sure why you’re suggesting the GBD site could have been a put up job, Niceguy. (?) …When the GBD, Kreuk company line has always been that there’s nothing to be ashamed of — not that it’s fake or not theirs.

    • Heidi, it appears to me that Kreuk has been advised by whoever does her PR, to make that one very vague statement and nothing more. That’s probably pretty wise, as I think we can see from the criticism she gets here, nothing she could say would likely satisfy those who are fixed on attacking here, and could even just stir up more controversy.

      Plus it’s a relatively small audience who even care about the old NXIVM controversies related to her, so from the perspective of her and her PR people there would be no point in bringing any attention to it. So I don’t think anything in particular can be read into her not addressing specifics of what went on years ago.

      • Have you taken Frank out for a halal lunch yet “sultan”? Or had a video chat with your face? Don’t post a long aspergers novel in response, show yourself and prove everyone wrong, “Jesse”. Tee hee!

      • G is short for George, which was her last name. Her first name starts with an S, and she was a real teen girl and member of GbD.

        None of these people know anything. There’s nothing more to it.

    • “It all remained online and unaltered from the time it was first posted some 5 – 10 years ago, throughout the past year even following the NXIVM EDNY arrests. (Some of it was deleted very recently — in the past couple of months.)”

      What was posted recently and where? The website requires a password. Also, what has been deleted and where?

  • I would say this is the most outrageous post of yours, but let’s be honest, they all are.

    GBD had NOTHING to do with NXIVM no matter who you try to spin it. You can make up all the lies you want, won’t change facts.

    You really need to move on. Your obsession with her is disgusting and disturbing.

    You need help.

    • It’s Spanky! You have brought back your Jesse-Spank alias! You haven’t used Scarrom or Karl Bassett in a while. Tee Hee.

    • 1) reading some of the girls’ sexy 7 posts….none are sexy.
      2) and of those 29 Sexy posters and other commenters…none even hint that GBD was Kristin’s BDSM school for girls that “Jane” said it was. LOL
      More obvious than ever, “Jane” was bullshitting Frank and us. Those who bought it should demand their money back.

  • “and so on and so forth.”

    Of COURSE “G” is Keith using his SOCRATIC perverse professorial voice “and so on and so forth” with a few “tee hee’s“ and “naughty, naughty’s” thrown in to little girl it up.

    Nancy Salzman mighta tossed KAR’s salad around a bit but this — all of GBD — reeks of Keith Alan Raniere — pedophile on the prowl.

  • RE The Article Kristin Kreuk Promoted Sex Slavery For Teen Girls:

    This article provides as much valid credible information and insightful observations as the best QAnon story.

    …..With just a basic knowledge of the website scripting language HTML…. I could download the Frankreport web pages craft a deceitful narrative and then upload the new webpages to another server…and claim Frank posted and then deleted the pages on his website.

    I am no fanboy or fan of Kristin Kreuk, but this article is incredulous and ridiculous.

    Fellow Q members are most likely working on connections between Kristin Kreuk and Pizza Gate as I post this comment presently.


      • Shadowstate,

        Interesting website post…….

        Is this post from your own personal server* or web service server provider?

        *Note:Well played, if you happen to be collecting IP addresses from Frankreport website visitors. (Just-kidding)

          • Shadowstate,

            I don’t watch MSNBC……..MSNBC is the Libtard version of Breitbart.

            Now dear, Shadowstate please go back to singing your soliloquys…

            …..At whichever of your usual haunts you happen to be at presently like:

            The public library;
            The bus station;
            YMCA studio apartment;
            Public restroom i.e. Burger King or Greyhound bus station stall;

            Or maybe you are back in refrigerator repair box under the I-290 East highway overpass, you know the one near Jimmy Johnson’s. LOL

            BTW: I am a Republican. I am not alt-right like you.

            Insulting me by claiming I watch CNN or MSNBC is extremely rude and below the belt.


          • So, Niceguy, you pretend to be a Republican.
            Where are those Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq that George W. Bush promised us?
            How many people, American and Iraqi died looking for WMDs that don’t exist?

            Your Big Business Republican friends want Open Borders, Free Trade and Slave Wages even if it means destroying the Republican party in California, Texas, Florida, Illinois and New York.

          • Shadowstate,

            RE Being a Republican

            Move up a few tax brackets….

            And we shall hear what song you sing…

          • “Shadowstate,
            RE Being a Republican
            Move up a few tax brackets….
            And we shall hear what song you sing…”

            Which stocks should I recommend to my broker to purchase for me?

        • Scott,

          Jesuz!!! OMG!!!!! WTF dude!!!!

          Have you not seen the classic sci-fi porn movie……

          “Women of the Anal Planet.”

          Of course 2 dumb blondes could come from Mars and invade the earth.

          What’s wrong with you?

          Don’t you understand what Shadowstate has been fighting for all this time. 😉

          BTW: The sci-fi movie’s title is self- explanatory.

    • Niceguy:

      How am I supposed to know what is Fake News and what is Real News now that the Knife of Aristotle has been shut down?

      I used to rely on Rose Laura Junco and Nicki Clyne and Jens Erik Gould for the Real News.

      Am I now stuck with Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow for the Real News?


      • The Knife of Aristotle LMAO

        There is absolutely nothing pretentious about The knife of Aristotle…. anytime man chooses a name from Greek philosophy or Greek mythology for an organization you know they have an ego….. just like the asshole founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison


        • “just like the asshole founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison”

          The ‘asshole’ founder of Oracle Larry Ellison supplies your beloved CIA with much of its software.
          And that is a True Fact Stated, not Fake News from the GOP’s propaganda machine.
          Niceguy, I hope you are happy when the Deep State provokes World War III with Iran, Russia and China.

          • Shadowstate,

            This entire time you have been a Q (QAnon) member?

            And here I actually believed you were an independent thinker of sort…….

  • “Give us a child until he is seven, and we will have him for life”– Loyola

    Well, not quite seven, but you get the idea. It’s easier to hook ’em in when they’re young.

    I’m skeptical that G’s post was written by Raniere. The gossipy breathless style is not his; I can’t imagine him writing that way. I also don’t see anything particularly obscene about the post. Enticement to sex slavery? Hardly. The “sexy 7” questionnaire wasn’t sexy and this New Orleans post is more PG-13 than R rated. Not that kids don’t watch R rated movies.

    This Quadroon post is mildly racy at most. Ooooh, mistresses! Concubines! My virgin ears! I assume Kreuk’s fans were watching the Smallville and the CW network, and this post is about as explicit as that broadcast network’s Family Hour programming. Which is to say not very. Smallville had stuff like cunnilingus double-entendres and beefcake Tom Welling stripped down to boxers.

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Kids in high school are dry-humping each other while we worry about what they might see on the Internet. They weren’t going to be corrupted by Kristin Kreuk’s blog.

  • Reading the website, I don’t see anything outside of what’s out there on any other teen website. I’m not a fan of the NXIVM or anyone who was a part of it but this article seems so far-reaching. Grasping at straws to provide conspiracy porn to the paranoids.

  • “Frank Parlato
    October 23, 2019 at 7:35 am
    I could not see the video. Is it lost? “G” – was evidently encouraging little girls to make videos of themselves to submit to Kreuk/Voth/[Raniere[?]. In the other post, she tells about how her pants fell right down to the floor and how funny it was – and ended by talking about her brand new tattoo. In another comment she talks about being “shirtless”

    G- talks glowingly about sex slavery, tattoos and pants falling to the floor – on Kreuk’s website for 12 -15 year old girls. I think G – could be Raniere.

    The picture of G used on her comments is a cartoon image. I’d like to see the video and even if there was a video of a young girl – I would want to identify the girl [now woman] -if possible. It might be a Nxian or a child of a Nxian. The honest thing to do here is to investigate this further. To me, it is highly suspicious.

    Finally even if G just happens to be a very precocious teen [who knows about the history of sex slavery in New Orleans, is getting tattoos and etc.] who is the editor for Kreuk’s website? Is this age appropriate?”


    I’m quoting Frank’s own comment analyzing the identity of “G” as Keith Raniere here for anyone w/o time to follow the links down to the comment level.

    There is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Keith Raniere is “G” and is the author of these GBD / Sexy 7 posts and many comments thereto — posted as “G” and otherwise.

    As Frank notes: clearly “G’s” goal on the “Sexy 7” site is to solicit videos and photos in addition to information on a group of girls, preferably as young as 12.

    As I recall, the “Sexy 7” site also ran a photo contest to win a free camera at one time — the prize for making the best video of their own sexy selves.

    Could their be any more sinister motive behind the “Sexy 7” than to sneakily round-up 7 preteens willing to show their sexy side to win a camera and the joy of being discovered and mentored by a teen idle such as Kristin Kreuk?

    I believe so and here’s a few facts and thoughts on why:

    – Keith once knew a girl (in fact there were two) whose name began with the letter “G.” They were both virgins named “Gina,” who read and wrote poems, who longed for adventures outside of Cohoes, NY.

    The Gina’s were bright and bored at school. They joined RPI players — where they met Raniere during a production of “The Barber of Seville.”

    The Gina’s ran loose around town playing hooky from school and secretly rendezvousing with Raniere, who was like a big brother, a father figure, a man with worldly knowledge to impart and big plans himself. Raniere was also, they thought, an RPI genius, a progressive thinker, a master of many disciplines — music, math, science, computers and martial arts to name but a few.

    Raniere stole both their virginity but for their own good. If not, they may have fallen into the hands of “The Man” — that patriarchal world where girls are mere servants valued only for their looks.

    The Gina’s were tomboys, prone to climbing trees, jumping off cliffs at the river, trying new adventures, building fires on the land late at night.

    They wanted to travel to exotic lands and meet strangers from other cultures, perhaps in rebellion of their own.

    [Frank, to be continued, I’m outta charge and have to call Kim.]

  • This article is exactly in the Keith Raniere mold. Bring up a clearly wrong practice – incest, sex slavery, pedophilia and have the reader look at it from both sides. Raniere wrote it or the core of it. Kruek posted it for him.

  • Let’s be real Keith Raniere wanted virgins. But Kristin Kreuk why would she help him? I doubt Kristin Kreuk even knew what a Quadroon even is.

    • Quadroon is one quarter black and an Octoroon is one eighth black.

      Historically in the context of slave societies of the Americas, a quadroon or quarteron was a person with one quarter African and three quarters European ancestry (or in the context of Australia, one quarter aboriginal ancestry).
      Similar classifications were octoroon for one-eighth black (Latin root octo-, means “eight”) and hexadecaroon for one-sixteenth black.

      Because of her mixed race heritage Kristen Kreuk might be “G”.
      “Kreuk was born in Vancouver, British Columbia,[2] to Peter Kreuk and Deanna Che, two landscape architects.[3] Her father is of Dutch descent, her mother is of Chinese descent, born in Indonesia, and her maternal grandmother was Chinese Jamaican”

      • I think people picked up the quadroon concept from the story, no need to cite wiki once again. It would be interesting to find out who G is, but don’t know what conviction that would lead to, and therefore why would the FBI/DOJ chase it down?

  • A Little History Lesson for Kristen Groomer Kreuk, Allison Pimp Mack and Yolanda Cortez aka Nicki.

    Kristen Kreuk’s article about the Quadroon Courtesans of New Orleans does not tell the truth about the Big Easy, the Den of Iniquity on the Mississippi.

    In Old New Orleans there was a district called “Storyville.”
    This was a neighborhood of the city where prostitution was de facto legalized.

    “Storyville was the red-light district of New Orleans, Louisiana, from 1897 to 1917. ”

    In Kreuk’s website story “G”, (Does G stand for “Groomer?), tells the enticing story of how women gain fame and power lying on their backs servicing traveling salesmen and sailors.
    The women are given the charming title of “courtesans”.

    The truth is far more gritty and distasteful than “G” lets on.
    In truth many of the women lived in wooden shacks which were subdivided into small rooms where the women lived and worked.
    These small, dingy rooms were called “cribs.”
    Because New Orleans was a port city hosting ships from around the world there was no shortage of drugs.
    The popular drug of the time for “courtesans” was opium.
    (Did NXIVM use drugs to control its “courtesans?)

    From the Wikipedia article on Storyville there is a listing of many of the pimps and brothel keepers of Storyville.
    Most of these establishments were owned and operated by women.
    Most of the pimps were women.
    This is like NXIVM where most of the pimps were women.
    It is also like Jeffrey Epstein’s operation where most of the pimps were women.

    Here is a partial list of Storyville’s pimps (all of them are female):

    Lulu White

    Additional brothel proprietors
    Lizette Smith, brothel madam and Tom Anderson’s mistress
    Kate Thompson
    Josie Arlington
    Willie Piazza (Willie Piazza was actually a female pimp)
    Gertie Livingston
    Hilma Burt
    Jessie Brown
    Hattie Hamilton
    Tillie Thurman
    May O’Brien
    Maggie Wilson, prostitute
    Flora Meeker
    Minnie White
    Emma Johnson
    Diana Ray, co-proprietor of “Diana and Norma’s”
    Marguerite Griffin, prostitute
    Martha Clark
    Willie Barrera
    Gipsy Shafer
    Snooks Randella, owner of “The Cairo”
    Pauline Avery
    Eleonora Baquie
    Nettie Garbright
    Hattie Jacobs
    Fanny Lambert
    Flossie Smith
    Sabena Weinblat
    Emma Berger
    Nettie Haley
    Nellie Gaspar
    Maud Flower
    Bertha Golden
    Alice Heard
    Effie Dudley
    Julia Elliott
    Cora DeWitt
    Sadie Plummer
    Millie Christian, aka Mamie Christine
    Josie Lobrano
    Rosie Delaire
    Mattie Soner
    Anna Cahn
    May Redmond,_New_Orleans


    Round about World War I the US government decided to shut down the prostitution and vice trade of New Orleans.

    “At the beginning of the United States’ involvement in World War I, Secretary of War Newton Baker did not want troops to have distractions while being deployed.[3] The Navy had troops located in New Orleans and the city was pressed to close Storyville. Prostitution was made illegal in 1917 ”,_New_Orleans

    But the traditions of Storyville live on in song.
    In 1975 when Keith Pervert Raniere was about 15 years old (mentally he is still 15 years old) a popular song was sung about Creole courtesans titled “Lady Marmalade.”
    It was originally sung by Patti Labelle.
    Here is a video with the Lyrics.
    The French phrase “Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir” roughly translates as “Do you want to Couch (Sleep) with me tonight.”

    • Leaving out part of a story isn’t lying unless there is an intent to mislead. I’m sure you left out part of New Orleans history, does that mean you didn’t tell the truth as well?

    • Mars will not be settled in the next 500 years, if ever.

      Mars does not have enough water.
      Mars does not have enough atmospheric oxygen.
      Mars is as cold as hell (as is said in Elton John’s song “Rocketman”.)

      “Mars ain’t no place to raise your kids. In fact it’s cold as hell.”

      Mars has no magnetic sphere to protect against solar and cosmic radiation.

  • Kristin Crook(ed) didn’t say she was ONLY there as a student. She said the NXIVM program helped her with her shyness, and that caused her to continue. A very well-crafted PR statement, and definitely NOT the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God (or in her case, Raniere).

    We don’t know how much she knew about this particular article, but it is very inappropriate information to direct towards young girls and is very much aligned to what was proven to be going on in NXIVM during Raniere’s trial and other information uncovered by Frank over the years.

    Mixed race women are often considered very exotic looking, and to some, very attractive. Take Crook(ed) for example.

    By the way, the “balls” mentioned above are still a part of New Orleans culture, as private, invitation-only elaborate parties mainly for the locals are still held during Mardi Gras season, which occurs about a week and a half before Lent/Ash Wednesday and culminates on Mardi Gras day, or Fat Tuesday, when you’re supposed to start being good boys and girls again until Easter. New Orleans society is still very closed in this manner. I know this because I lived in New Orleans for four years while going to college.

      • Shadowstate & ScottAmway,


        People go to Mardi Gras to get laid, and skunk drunk?

        I believe you two geniuses have uncovered a conspiracy of the greatest magnitude……

        ……..I believe that most Americans and Frankreport readers would be horrified to know that such things are taking place at America’s beloved Mardi Gras……

        ……I had thought Mardi Gras was supposed to be a wholesome experience for the whole family.

        I guess all those white balloons on the ground left after Mardi Gras weren’t party favors after all….

        Oh Golly!!!!!!! 😉

        • Nice guy, Mardi Gras is a religious holiday. You seem to see debauchery and “vadges” everywhere. Get your mind out of the gutter.

          • Flowers,

            Mardi Gras is a religious holiday…..

            …. the same way Christmas celebrates Christ’s birthday by pagon rituals such as Christmas trees and mistletoe…… and gratuitous gift giving….Or for that matter Hanukkah’s 8 days of gifts etc…

            BTW Flowers,

            I never posted anything about “vadges” on the Frankreport. You must have me confused with another alias or another alias on another website. I would never use the vulgar word vadge. Please do not be disingenuous.

          • Flowers—

            Why you be Gaslighting Niceguyz?

            Catch you in your hot tub later? It’s kinda odd you wear a bathing suit in your own tub.

          • Flowers, having lived in New Orleans for four years, I can assure you Mardi Gras is NOT a religious holiday, unless pagan rituals are your definition of religion.

          • Flowers,

            You are wising up! I tried to troll and gaslight you at the same time; And you did not take the bait.

            You will now be better prepared for when…..

            …..Bangkok returns 🐰🥕

        • I’m shocked, shocked to discover that people in New Orleans are having sex! Lordy, lordy, what IS the world coming to!

          Are people really so naive that they are shocked that people have sex — for fun!

          Are people really surprised that teenage kids are having sex? The contents of this Quadroon post are mildly racy at most. YA novels, filled with sexy vampires as they are, are far more explicit. The Born Agains and Evangelicals may be shocked, or feign it, but nobody else is. When kids hit puberty, they start being interested in sex; always have been, always will be.

          • While young girls can find sex in many places, it’s hard to find it associated with a minor celebrity associated with six convicted felons posing as a self-improvement organization.

          • Acteon,

            Mr. Shadowstate has not discovered his penis has “two” uses yet.

            Please do not ruin things for him.

      • Lived there for two years in the 1980s. Great food and music. Late autumn and winter were colder and damper than one might be lead to believe.

        A big problem was that the NO Police Department was severely undercompensated and extremely corrupt.

        Billy Tauzin, Congressman from the Pelican State, once stood before the House of Representatives and announced with the slightest bit of pride “Half of Louisiana is underwater and the other half is under indictment”.

        • All of Them Witches,

          RE: NO police corruption.

          …..So if I read between the metaphorical cliché lines…

          What you are attempting to communicate is that the movie “The Big Easy” from the ’80s is, in fact, a documentary?

    • Exactly. the lady never said that she was only a student. That’s a lie that Frank apparently likes to keep repeating.

      Frank wrote: “Her Twitter post was misleading – for she claimed she was only a student of Nxivm – there to overcome shyness – when she was in reality a top Nxivm coach, well advanced along the Nxivm “stripe path.”

      Hello Pot Kettle. Talk about a misleading statement. That would be yours. Everytime you write something like this, your credibility takes a hit. And you know very well that she wasn’t “a top NXIVM coach” If Sarah Edmondson could get her yellow sash after like 2 intensives, I’m sure those NXIVM vultures eagerly threw one around her neck as soon as they could.

  • Kristin has been defended by former members of NXIVM, who say she had not had anything to do with any criminal activities.
    They all say Kristin should not be involved in this case.
    Edmondson,Oxenburg like Kristin,were victims who wanted classes for self-education,instead of a cult worshiping waste of time.
    Kristin has tweeted a anti NXIVM post that basically speaks for all victims of the cult and demand justice for them. And it was published world wide, including again in this anti Kristin article. The DOJ got who they wanted. Edmondson and Oxenburg got who they wanted.
    Kristin is not even involved with this case. Here say, speculation will not convict Kristin Kreuk, when so many others testify she was
    not involved in any way in tragic mess. Even this article testifies, that after all these years, there is no proof of criminal activity by Kristin and yet she is being blamed for a post that apparently she did not write. Freedom of speech is a big deal in our history. Yet to convict
    the motives of Kristin ,based on a anonymous source, who posted a “not family friendly subject”, and was missed or not censored, is not fair to Kreuk. Or any website operator who see countless post daily. I doubt Kristin had time to look at every post on the website lol. Yet knowing her belief in female empowerment, she definitely would have taken the post in question down.

    • Be honest. Are you an old “man” with low testosterone, or an ugly female? Your boring insufferable attempts to white knight do not work. It just makes you look more like a pussy and makes people see Kreuk as more dirty. Many get called out on Frank Report, but only one drives you even more nuts. Get a hobby. Kids dying of famine in Yemen while worthless fucks like you breath oxygen. Sad.

      • Poor little mean girl, typing little mean hate filled-Kristin posts, with sweaty little fingers, in a dirty little corner.

        That hateful little bubble you live is hurting you, that is why you are so vile and sad.

        And before you try to help any kids in Yemen or anywhere else, make sure you deal with that short temper.

        You can’t help anyone if you can’t even control your filthy mouth. Get some help…really.

      • All of them Witches,

        Regarding Sarah Edmondson…..

        …..Sarah was not the hero we wanted……..

        Sarah is the hero we needed.

        Sarah Edmondson was the perfect person to bring the NXIVM branding story to light and for that matter the world.

        Sarah is telegenic. She is beautiful, but not too beautiful. Edmondson seems like the girl next store. Her speaking and social skills are excellent.

        God could not have created a better spokesperson/advocate to bring Raniere to justice.

        Sarah Edmondson is no saint, but she is the woman who was handed a torch by Frank Parlato and the New York Times and lit the fire that burnt NXIVM to the ground……

    • Anonymous for K. Clearly this article was profoundly in the Keith Raniere mold of “logical Inquiry”. Take a horrible immoral practice and have the audience “adolescent girls” consider it from all angles: e.g., consider sex slavery as being advantageous to the slaves. Kruek at best was duped into an effort to recruit adolescent girls. If she were asked about this blog and stated she wrote it on her own without Raniere’s aid and influence. she would be lying. And if she told the truth. then it would harm her career. Because it was a clearly flippant you go girl effort to manipulate children. None of the probable horrors the New Orlean sex slaved girls certainly experienced was presented. Their rape by their white masters. Impregnated. Exposed to disease. No choice in the matter.

  • I read it without the commentary and didn’t feel it was offensive or inappropriate but I suspect British teen girls are not over protected in the way some US girls are so it may just be a cultural difference and in the UK teen girls would know roughly about that concept as those arrangements on slave plantations are likely to be part of the history syllabus at school.

  • It was posted somewhere on Frank Report that Kristin Kook did a podcast with a faggot from that superman tv show and he asked her about what she was doing with young girls (Girls By Design) and she quickly changed the subject to something about Native Americans. They are now doing what a lot of washed up c-list celebrities do: those gay sad nerdy conventions, charging money from virgin soy boy losers for signatures and photos. In shitholes in Asia, they charge tourists to take photos with monkeys. Viva Ejaculative Success!

    • I guess you have plenty of free time on your hands now that you can’t practice law in either Texas or NY right now. How humiliating for you to have the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court write the following about you:

      “In view of the severity of the misconduct, the number of falsehoods and lies, the respondent’s fabrication of evidence, his dishonesty and deceit, the habitual and repeated nature of the misconduct, his misuse and exploitation of the integrity of the judicial system, the respondent’s failure to heed the admonitions of the court, and the District Court’s finding of bad faith, we conclude that a suspension from the practice of law for three years is warranted.”

    • “he asked her about what she was doing with young girls (Girls By Design) and she quickly changed the subject”

      And watch how quickly Kristen Groomer Kreuk changes the subject when Allison Pimp Mack comes up.
      “Allison Who? Do you mean the actress Allison Brie who was in ‘Community’ and ‘GLOW’?” Future Kristen Kreuk comment.

  • Good find Frank. It is much more than suspicious how this plays out in the given time frame of what was going on with nxivm at the time. It is just like Raniere and his nxivm cohorts to set up a site that appears like it helps young girls when the purpose is to obtain the young ones for the pervert Keith. I refuse to believe that the adults who fronted this site knew nothing about what the real purpose was for. Nobody could be that dumb. History of nxivm shows how Keith had many women procure girls for him for the purpose of sex. This GBD thing looks more suspicious as time continues.

    • “Nobody could be that dumb.”

      I think there’s plenty of evidence from the history of actors and celebrities doing dumb things and getting caught up in stupid involvements, to demonstrate that they can sink to almost unimaginable depths.

      “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” – Hanlon’s Razor

      • What’s dumb is spending 15 years being a cyber stalker, real life stalker and the uninvited PR damage control agent for this NXIVM coach whose vaginal fluids will never saturate your old useless husk of a phallus.

        • What’s dumb is still thinking AnonyMaker is Sultan despite strong evidence to the contrary—inclusive of Frank saying otherwise—and persisting in said delusion. But we all know you’re an ass-clown and like to constantly embarrASS yourself, so please, continue to do so.

          • Stop being you paki boy. You are exposed. You have provided zero evidence. Show your face and prove it, you pig raping, pedophile worshipping, emasculated halal faggot. Weirdly ringing up Frank is not strong evidence. Tee hee!

          • –Show your face and prove it–
            Says the Anonymous, racist, homophobic juvenile who “bravely” writes insults that if said to someone’s face would gets his face punched and make him cry cry cry.

          • Punched!?! Hahahaha!!! You can’t fight spanky! You are a weak emasculated defeated loser!

      • Actors only SEEM to do more dumb things than normal people because theirs are the only mistakes that make the news.
        Example, on the current college admissions scandal there are about a dozen parents charged, but we only hear about the two actresses.
        Or just read the FR comments and you will find lots of non actors saying dumb things,

  • This is just cherry picking in an attempt to smear by tenuously linking contents of a sexual nature to the impure motivations of the leader of NXIVM. What about the dozens of articles which were posted on that website and had nothing to do with topics like this or anything else sex-related? This is not investigative journalism but tabloid journalism.

        • Still lonely sultan? How many people younger than yourself have you watched get married and have children, while you just get older and more alone? Don’t worry, your online crusade will make things bett… Actually, no.

          • Do you call everyone Sultan? Do you like to stalk Sultan?

            I think you do.

            If you only knew about Sultan and Kreuk.

            Like I said. No testicles.

          • Sultanofsix has been posting at Kristin Kreuk fan-sites regarding the Frankreport and has recruited some of the faithful…..

            …..I wish I was joking.

            The world is going to sh*t in a hand basket.

          • That’s just the rancid smell of the cowardly pus oozing out of your own soul.

            “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.”

        • You are Spanky. You don’t have a soul. You smell of curry. Sleep must be the best part of your day. Being reminded of your failure must really twist the knife. Don’t worry sultan, single unmarried old people don’t live as long.

          • You’re a faceless nobody. A bigger pussy than you claim Kristin or anyone else to be. You’re also an ignorant, obsessed, sociopathic, bigoted, projecting dumbfuck, more obsessed and a bigger loser than Sultan will ever be.

        • Are you still pretending you are not the Brown Beetle?! If someone received a dollar for every time they catch you out, that would be enough to put a child through college. Not your child obviously. No woman has ever wanted you to impregnate her with your weak genes. Pretending to be a WASP with kids in college is not cool ramadan-boy.

    • Ignorance = ignore-ance. It is nothing new. The commenter has used the term Cherry Picking, and even added “an attempt to smear.” This seems to be aimed not only at Frank, his research, experiences and his communicative hard work, but most of all, this appears to be stopping one’s very own self.

      Even cherry picking is a way of saying in slang lingo, “popping a cherry.” Devirginizing somebody.

      Maybe the subconscious recognizes what the conscious mind isn’t ready to see, as yet. (?) This can be the experiencing of what feels like an immense abyss of inner and outer cultural shock, alongside deeply personalized sorrow and pain. Sometimes fury. Frank Parlato has been uncovering hidden or as yet unrecognized motives. This is what an adventurous spirit will do.

      Just as an old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.”

      It is dangerous work. And lots of people with some very good-hearted intentions are reluctant to feel their own hearts breaking, in response to so, so much evilness. It isn’t easy to be prepared to contend with it and to be able to maintain a balanced mind. One does not want to think that smiling faces can be hiding so much decisive, convoluted ugliness. Right here and now as we live. Yet, in subtle ways, not seeing is a kind of voluntary helplessness, since a surgeon can’t repair what he or she cannot or will not see.

      This is, perhaps, what Jesus “was said” to have said, was/is pointing out, via the words, “physician heal thyself.” When the man of Awareness and Love said, “come follow me,” I don’t think he was looking for a batch of drooling groupies, but for those who were and are willing to pay attention and to work upon their consciousness(es.) Not only the forest, but each tree, leaf, root. Not only the tree, but the endlessness, and the inherent dignity of the forests. Omniscience, waiting to be noticed by ignore-ance. Let us, however, not indulge in arguments over “religion.”

      Now back to the ugly sh*t hiding in plain sight and hallucinating its supremacy, just as Raniere has done and Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack on and on, like a role-calling roll-call of futility. And like the Clintons, the Prince Andrews and the rest of his coven, just like the Trumps, the Bushes, the Hitlers, Stalins. Each kept destroying their individual chances to grow. Each chose devolution as prettier. Each emptying their spiritual “bank accounts” and devoted to power madness, to being on top of a heap of corpses, whether publicly or privately. But it is not possible to hide, not really. Executive success is a temporary drunken blindness. The list is long; as long as people have existed, many have fallen. Everything will pass sooner or later and one by one.

      The awareness of how far, how deeply embedded these crimes against flesh and spirit have been and still are, right here and right now, is very challenging to be able or willing to see. Wave after wave of pain and sorrow, for all who have been deceived or taken, for those who have simply disappeared, for infants born, only to be sold to predators. Often even before some babies, infants, are born, they have been sold. The malevolence seems to go deeper, the more that is being uncovered. That is how grave it really is.

      This “cherry picking” and very human resistance to comprehending so many webs of monstrosities is entirely understandable. You need to have strong inner armor to be willing or able to countenance the hideousness of what’s happening. Not everyone will be able to look, never mind to see. There are so many details to be found, every single day, every hour of every day. Yet still the majority of the activities of these sex-trafficking Industries remain almost completely hidden, unless you have the eyes to see or insist upon developing your eyes to see.

      Examining the selection and use of language here is zeroing in on what is being hidden underneath what is (supposedly) being presented. False advertising. This is being confronted by an ever -growing consensus of righteous anger, ripe to clean house. Men like Frank. As well as his feminine counterparts. Just look into the face of Susan Dones, as one example. There’s no time left to sit and shiver or to deride from a safe distance.

      Underlying Kreuk’s cute little bouquet of invitational wording is a gigantic world of rot, foulness and sickening intentionality. How much did she know, really? What was perhaps being hidden from her? What did she not want or not choose to see? What might she and her crowd not have the individualized inner awareness to notice? Is Kreuk, or is she not, still caught up in cultspeak and cult identification? Does she even know where she really stands?

      Just like what is being hidden beneath a huge cross-section of national and international “charitable foundations.” I have seen the name of Judge Nicholas Garaufis listed as being a member of precisely such a charitable front, a very big one, and I want to determine what he knows and does not know about it. “Self-help” purveyals, conservation orgs, church groups, on and on, are dripping with tempting, honey-packed lies.

      Nxivm is very much part and parcel of an international and vast web, which is being researched and exposed right now, and there is far to go. This web, with multiple different lines of extension, is all about selling the young and the vulnerable and not getting caught, because it is almost incomprehensibly profitable and is an immense industry, all over our world. Raniere the crackpot has plenty of company.

      Closing our eyes to it is exactly what these criminals WANT us to keep on doing. But their time has come to be seen, and without deliverance of any relief whatsoever to the fallen predators, who have chosen brutality and cruelty as the favored aphrodisiac. Of course this vileness is hard to contemplate. It still will continue to be confronted.

      Do you see the struggle of the man, Frank Parlato, to deliver more and more truth and true grit? He, no doubt, is accustomed to criticism. He is getting more and more abilities to keep seeing, speaking, writing. He could’ve shined it all on and gone cruising some intracoastal waterways with a picnic lunch.

      He is a journalistic, courageous town crier. He is not alone, but it can often feel that way. Not afraid, even though that depth of compassion and attentiveness can cause waterfalls of tears to pour from someone’s seeing eyes.

      Mr. Parlato keeps rowing a large, cumbersome boat. And more and more passengers come along, hear him and are ready to pay deep attention, maybe to join him now. I am happy that he keeps going. And I can feel a whole lot of what he doesn’t say. As much or even more than what he’s said so far. It is like watching a full moon rising up across every mountain. Medicine man doing his work, and it requires tremendous detachment, as well as undying passion, for life itself.

  • Shadow that article about the 8 year old girl is just speculation the so called witness didn’t hear or really see anything you can call wrong. Also why bring up justin Trudeau being in blackface? Nobody ever claims its racist when blacks dress up with a white face

    • “the so called witness didn’t hear or really see anything you can call wrong. ”

      He saw Allison Pimp Mack put her hand under the girl’s clothing and touch the gir;’s breast.
      Between the girl’s clothing and skin.
      “N: I saw her (Allison Mack) feel the 8 year old up.”

      And he heard Allison Pimp Mack talked about helping her achieve her dreams of Olympic fame.
      ” The girl was a budding gymnast and Mack spent time with her encouraging her – quite possibly telling the child she knew of a wonderful man who could help fulfill her youthful dreams of becoming an Olympian.”
      “He went so far as to say that once – and only once – he personally saw Allison fondle the girl on or about her chest.”

      Meanwhile Allison Pimp Mack prowled the neighborhood busy texting, ordering Raniere’s current slaves to service their Master.
      “Allison – several neighbors said – seemed to only rarely walk with Raniere – who was often spotted walking and holding hands with many different women at all hours of the days. Most times, Allison walked alone, however. Perhaps she was busy texting other women – encouraging – or ordering them into Raniere’s boudoir – or looking for fresh conquests for Raniere – of any age. ”

      That is grooming.
      That is how Rhiannon was lured into a sexual relationship with Raniere.
      Raniere was the world’s third smartest man (??????) and could help Rhiannon with her homework.

      For those lies Pam Pimp Cafritz and Barb Pimp Jeske should burn in hell.
      “When 7th grader Rhiannon was left in the care of Raniere, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske, her mother thought Rhiannon was being tutored by the “Smartest Man in the World.”

      Adults know that it is improper for them to touch children unless those adults are the parents of those children or are medical professionals or there is an emergency situation.
      But boundaries mean absolutely nothing to Allison Pimp Mack, the woman who false accused a relative of molesting her nephews.

      • Wrong, Shadow…why did you add salacious detail that he did NOT say? He said she “felt her up”—-but you added “He saw Allison Pimp Mack put her hand under the girl’s clothing and touch the girl’s breast.” which he did NOT say.

        “N: I saw her (Allison Mack) feel the 8 year old up.”

    • “Nobody ever claims its racist when blacks dress up with a white face”

      So when Jussie Smollett had two black guys dress up in white face and stage a phony attack on him that was not racist?

  • Well G apparently submitted a video of herself at one point.

    And got herself a shamrock tattoo

    I know you are deliberating using the most loaded and negative words in an attempt to smear your target and assuming that the pictures and content were all thanks to that said target, but here’s what one of the girls who was on the GBD board and one of its blog editors wrote about her experience on another site: “If you had a problem with its content, then you can direct your attention to me or the previous editors or the other girls on the board, because I can assure you, we were the ones writing the articles and deciding the topics. The only concern the K’s ever had were “do girls of this age like that?” and “will this benefit the girls and how?”

    • I could not see the video. Is it lost? “G” – was evidently encouraging little girls to make videos of themselves to submit to Kreuk/Voth/[Raniere[?]. In the other post, she tells about how her pants fell right down to the floor and how funny it was – and ended by talking about her brand new tattoo. In another comment she talks about being “shirtless”

      G- talks glowingly about sex slavery, tattoos and pants falling to the floor – on Kreuk’s website for 12 -15 year old girls. I think G – could be Raniere.

      The picture of G used on her comments is a cartoon image. I’d like to see the video and even if there was a video of a young girl – I would want to identify the girl [now woman] -if possible. It might be a Nxian or a child of a Nxian. The honest thing to do here is to investigate this further. To me, it is highly suspicious.

      Finally even if G just happens to be a very precocious teen [who knows about the history of sex slavery in New Orleans, is getting tattoos and etc.] who is the editor for Kreuk’s website? Is this age appropriate?

      • Oh dear Frank. That’s not G who was asking. That’s Jenipher one of the other GBD board members.. If you follow along, this was them introducing themselves through a/v submissions.

        And the age range was stated as 12-17 years. but the age of those on the board seemed to be 17-19. I could be wrong, but if G is who I think she is, then she would have been around 19 in 2010. Kendra seemed to know G, so why don’t you contact her and see if she remembers. But it seems like you should have done more of this investigating before you published this.

        From the quote above, the gals on the board were the ones curating the blog at that point. There seemed to be at least 8 on the board, that I saw.

    • I followed Anon’s link to the old GBD website posts. Of the few I scrolled thru, Kristin didn’t post (she was working in Morocco) but then she posted her thoughts on some subjects in June 2009.

      A couple excerpts:

      (On prejudging people who are different from you:)
      My judgment is flawed. There are people of great beauty covered in mannerisms or skins that I have boxed up and never taken the time to know. To think of all the new people I can experience! I imagine all these parts of myself that I have shied away from……
      I am more open now for many reasons, but especially because I realized how limited my idea of people was. There is so much experience that I cut off b/c I decided the world was one way. And then I justified my belief, instead of actively seeking out more experience… Does that make sense? So when I saw how flawed that was, i could either make up reasons why this was an exception to my rule, or I could open up my mind.

      (On a fellow young actress:)
      Emily VanCamp is probably the most intelligent and interesting young actress I have met… She is 23 and has what I think is rare in us young folk… actually it is just rare period… She is actively interested in responsibility and accountability! I love that……
      For GBD I really love Emily VanCamp. I want to get Emily to do the Sexy 7 as well as some other stuff… What are your thoughts? She is really a great example of strength and femininity. There is a grace about her and a commitment to humanitarian endeavors and acting that is really inspirational. I hope you all get to know her better.

      Well… Love you all. If you want to know more, just ask!! A more open me,


  • “Niceguy
    October 22, 2019 at 2:34 pm
    These facts that Shadowstate mentions are indeed truthful and factual:
    Shadowstate is no different than Left and Right journalists that attack Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with rumors, speculation, and hearsay.”

    So, Niceguy,
    Are you going to chime in claiming that this analysis by Frank Parlato of the suspicious entry in Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design website
    while based on facts is really just mere “speculation”?
    You ignore the fact in the story of the 8 year old girl and Allison Mack that Frank was actually interviewing an eyewitness to the alleged event.
    Recording and repeating what the neighbor actually saw with his own eyes is not hearsay.

    And Niceguy, while you attack “hearsay” you neglect to mention that there are numerous exceptions in the law where hearsay is actually allowed as evidence.
    There are at least 23 exceptions to the hearsay rule.

    “Rule 803 – Exceptions to the Rule Against Hearsay”

    As for Kristin Kreuk she will not be indicted or even face much public scrutiny for her activities in NXIVM.
    Kreuk is probably almost as stupid as Allison Mack and but for Kreuk’s father she would probably still be in the criminal gang.
    Kreuk is as self-righteous as her Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who denounces racism and then dresses up in blackface for a minstrel show.

    • Actually, that’s the exact definition of hearsay. That’s why it is called hear/say. Someone hears someone and then says what they heard. It’s not reliable in the eyes of the law. The person witnessing it would have to give testimony for it not to be hearsay, because only that person could be cross examined.

      • “It’s not reliable in the eyes of the law. ”

        So nothing that is hearsay is reliable??????
        That’s why there are 23 exceptions to the hearsay rule.
        “Rule 803 – Exceptions to the Rule Against Hearsay”

        And the neighbor in question is an eyewitness to the behavior of Allison Mack with the 8 year old girl.
        That is not hearsay when someone witnesses something and relates what they saw.

        Scott, here is a video packed with hearsay about Amway and other MLM scams.
        Tell me if it is reliable or not.
        In 30 minutes John Oliver does more to destroy Amway than you have done in 18 months.
        Multilevel Marketing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

        • Are you REALLY this dense? You are trying to mix what is admissable in court with information useful to detect a scam. Hearsay isn’t even admissable in court, so it is meaningless whether it is reliable, because it never becomes testimony. Which of the 23 exceptions allows somebody hearing the story of the 8 year old girl to be admissable in court? The Oliver video is useless until/unless people see it. That’s why I’ve posted the following message hundreds, if not thousands, of times all over the internets (the internets consists of a wee bit more than the Frank Report and the Oliver video combined and therefore not as easy to find as you suggest) – read it carefully and internalize it rather than spouting off another mindless comment: Do your part and submit a complaint to the FTC at and forward the below John Oliver video link to everyone you know, except current Amway IBOs, and encourage them to do the same, and so on, à la network marketing/MLM. If you don’t, then you’re part of the problem:

          Amway has 2 major problems, and most MLMs have at least one of these issues:

          1. The products are overpriced, which makes them almost impossible to sell to customers and results in Amway being an illegal pyramid, according to the FTC and SEC websites and previous court decisions; and

          2. The Tool Scam is hidden profit for the top level distributors only, and the vast majority of distributors operate at a net loss as a result. This is RICO fraud.

          For recent examples, google “FTC” along with the following companies, one at a time: FHTM, BurnLounge, Zeek, TelexFree, Vemma, Advocare, and Herbalife. Make a complaint on the FTC website:

          Although there is no federal law defining pyramid schemes, the FTC has a long and successful track record of using its Section 5 law prohibiting “unfair and deceptive” business practices to go after MLM scams: which states, in part, “Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.”

          Read about these and much more at these websites: and, and email to help shut down Amway and other MLM scams.

          Watch this video about Amway and other MLM scams, then forward it to everyone you know, except for current Amway IBOs, and encourage them to do the same. When enough people know, these scams will collapse:

          English version:

          Spanish version:

    • You have no idea whether Kristin Crook(ed) will be indicted or the level of public scrutiny. You are just a smart-a$$, pompous, know-it-all. And quite entertaining by the way. LOL

    • Shadowstate,

      News Flash!!!!

      Frank Parlato’s interview with Allison Mack’s neighbor does not even remotely fall under Rule 803-Exceptions to the Rules Against Hearsay. Reread the 803 rule.


      Shadowstate we have a disagreement, you happen to not be cognizant of the fact that you are wrong.

      It’s okay because I think deep down inside you are a good person. 😉

    • No, it’s not.
      Kristen Kreuk wants NXIVM to disappear altogether.
      Whatever she did with that criminal gang Kreuk knows that a lawsuit will only revive speculation.
      And pure speculation is far worse than even speculation based on a very stupid article written by “G” a supposedly very precocious teen age girl who knows all about sexual slavery in old New Orleans.
      How many teen age girls would even know what a Quadroon is?

    • Kreuk should work on getting her GED first.

      Another High School dropout from NXIVM. And her ‘college classes’ – nothing but ESP courses.

      VIVA VIVA VIVA Executive Success

    • Really, from who? Kristin Kreuk cannot lie and pretend she only found out NXIVM was bad when the branding story came out. There is a whole load of stuff she does not want to address because she was not naive to what was happening before DOS. Can Kreuk really face face-to-face questioning on her role and inside knowledge of her cult and come out looking like an innocent naive little fairy without any hair on her vagina? Nope. Frank is actually a journalist. A simple blog with good content goes a long way. It helped expose these scumbags.

    • Are you just speculating or something you know for a fact. I heard something that could mean the possibility is more of an option now but it’s rather flimsy info.

  • Kristin had nothing to do with criminal NXIVM activity, the DOJ got who they wanted, Oxenburg and Edmondson got who they wanted.
    Kristin was supported by Edmondson and a bunch of ex NXIVM folks who said she should not be connected with this case.
    Speculation, here say, smear jobs, will not get Kristin sentenced in this case. She is not even involved. She is not part of DOS,
    and Kristin, like Oxenburg was attracted by the classes offered, not the branding or worship of a cult. Both were in NXIVM, both left.
    Still waiting for sentencing of the Cult leaders. And Oxenburg, Kreuk, and Edmondson will live happily ever after…with their lives, after the case is closed.
    BTW, Kristin’s Twitter still is the most anti NXIVM post that has been published world wide,including in this anti Kristin article. Kristin’s anti NXIVM Twitter has become a post that speaks for the victims of the cult and supports justice for them, by pure chance, and not by design. (No pun intended.)

    • Do you copy and paste your long-ass essays? You bang your head on a brick wall and get the same result. Reassess your existence.

      • Actually, posted this last night. Posted another one this morning, because this one was not posted earlier, thought it did not get through. This one was the original post from last night. Had to go back from memory for the 2nd one. But don’t mind the repost by the site if OK. Oh well….Thanks.

        • Oh, you sad halal Beetlejuice, what a truly pathetic creature you are. Trying to fill the void with all your jizz-stained keyboard antics is not healthy.

          Do you enjoy brown nosing and being a wimp? Get a life. Even this alias of yours is pathetic.

          Is your name Hamza, Hassan or Haroon? Your estrogen-laced stench, along with your fart-sniffing reeks.

          What would your maajaai think if she were around to see what her son (who is basically a girl) is like?

          Your wālid should of just pulled it out and sprayed it on your ammijan’s ass instead of wasting that turmeric-garlicy low-T load on his cucked and defeated son (who is basically a daughter).

          Khuda-hafiz loser!

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