Clare Bronfman Reassigned to Lowest Security Prison Camp; BOP Removes Sex Offender Designation to Settle Lawsuit

Clare Bronfman

The Federal Bureau of Prisons [BOP] settled a lawsuit with prisoner Clare W. Bronfman by agreeing to remove her “public safety factor” designation of “sex offender” from her file.

The BOP will now transfer Bronfman, 43, from FCI Danbury’s satellite low-security prison to the Danbury satellite minimum security camp.

With the removal of the sex offender designation, Bronfman may qualify for the First Step Act or the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (“CARES”) Act. which may reduce her incarceration time by two years, according to her lawyers.

The BOP currently lists Bronfman’s release date as June 14, 2026.

In April 2019, Bronfman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor aliens for financial gain [Sylvie Lloyd] and fraudulent use of the late Pamela Cafritz’s personal identification information.

Bronfman paid the bill for the late Pam Cafritz’s American Express card, which Keith Raniere used. after her death.

Following Bronfman’s plea, the United States Probation Office conducted an investigation and drafted a presentencing report [PSR] for the court.  Despite Bronfman’s crimes not being sex crimes, the PSR listed the crimes of her co-defendant, Keith Raniere, who was convicted of sex trafficking.

The PSR further stated that Bronfman and two co-defendants “participated in efforts to recruit and secure immigration status for non-citizens,” so that they “could work in one or more NXIVM-affiliated organizations or [] become sexual partners for Raniere.”

Bronfman was convicted of recruiting non citizens to work, but was not convicted of recruiting them to have sex with Raniere.

Bronfman recruited Brit Slyvie Lloyd and harbored her illegally.

On September 30, 2020, Judge Nicholas Garuafis sentenced Bronfman to six years and nine months in prison.

Ronald Sullivan 

At the sentencing, her attorney Ronald Sullivan, objecting to the PSR, said to Judge Garaufis,

“Clare Bronfman denounces and renounces, in all of its forms, any sex trafficking, any human trafficking, or any sort of sex cult, whatever the terms are. Clare Bronfman absolutely denounces that. As we said, at several points in our papers, [DOS] was a secret organization. She was not told about it, and because she wasn’t told about it, there is no way she would know about the branding.”

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Judge Garaufis agreed. He said, “Ms. Bronfman vigorously disputes the proposition that she was aware of either DOS or any sex trafficking that Raniere engaged in, and she vigorously disputes the proposition that she knowingly funded DOS or sex trafficking activity. I agree with Ms. Bronfman that the available evidence does not establish that she was aware of DOS prior to June 2017 [when Frank Report broke the DOS story] or that she directly or knowingly funded DOS or other sex trafficking activities.”

Initially, the BOP planned to assign Bronfman to a low-security facility in Tallahassee. Instead, the BOP placed her in the maximum-security Philadelphia FDC in December 2020.

Earlier this year, the BOP transferred her to FCI Danbury’s low-security satellite prison.

Once the BOP transfers Bronfman to the camp, she will live in an open dormitory without fences. Bronfman will have far greater access to visitors.

Bronfman sued the BOP after exhausting BOP administrative procedures to resolve the matter.

Duncan Levin

Bronfman attorney, Duncan Levin, said, “We are very gratified that the federal government has decided to remove the sex offender label from Clare’s file, which was unfairly applied to her. It’s unfortunate it took us having to sue the federal government to get this result.”

In 2018, Bronfman filed a net worth statement with the court, claiming she had about $200 million net worth. Her report failed to disclose ownership of Wakaya Island in Fiji and real estate in Los Angeles that this writer recovered for her in 2008.

Wakaya Island, owned by Clare Bronfman.

These assets add more than $100 million to her net worth.

Her portfolio, managed by trustees, has grown since her arrest in 2018. Bronfman contributed more than $10 million to defend Raniere and other NXIVM defendants. She spent millions on her defense. But her investments earn her millions. Her incarceration prevented her from spending untold millions pursuing lawsuits against Raniere’s enemies.

Frank Report estimates her net worth at $450 million.

Keith Raniere at USP Tucson, 2021

Backed by Bronfman money, Raniere, 62, also sued the BOP. To date, he has been unsuccessful. Unlike Bronfman, he did not exhaust his administrative remedies with the BOP. He jumped right to a federal lawsuit.

Raniere is currently at USP Tucson, a maximum security prison for sex offenders. USP Tucson officials assigned him to the SHU in late July, where he remains. Raniere claims the BOP is retaliating because he accused the FBI of evidence tampering at his trial. Raniere claims Tucson officials said they will transfer him to a prison where prisoners target sex offenders.

.Long Administrative Process

Bronfman’s road to her federal lawsuit success came after attempts at BOP administrative remedies.

On March 2, 2021, Bronfman filed an Informal Resolution Attempt with the Unit Manager at FDC Philadelphia. She claimed the BOP wrongly designated her to the institution due to the improper application of the sex offender PSF. The BOP denied her Informal Resolution Attempt on March 17, 2021.

Bronfman filed a BP-9 Administrative Remedy Appeal. The BOP denied it on April 1, 2021.

Bronfman filed a BP-10 Administrative Remedy Appeal. The BOP denied it on August 16, 2021.

In denying Bronfman’s BP-10 appeal, the BOP stated that Bronfman “participated in efforts to recruit and secure immigration status for non-citizens, some of whom were minors, so they could become sexual partners for a co-defendant.”

The BOP cited the recruitment of Jane Does 2, 3, and 4 as a justification for Bronfman’s sex offender classification. Frank Report identified these three Jane Does as sisters, Camila [2], Mariana [3] and Daniela [4].

Mariana lived with Keith Raniere and is the mother of his youngest son.

Bronfman appealed the denial of her BP-10 appeal by filing a BP-11 appeal on September 14, 2021. The BOP denied Bronfman’s BP-11 appeal on January 18, 2022 With this denial, Bronfman ran out of BOP options, but not out of money.

She took it to federal court in July.

Bronfman’s attorneys argued the BOP misinterpreted the PSR.

Bronfman’s attorney wrote, “The BOP appears to have… arbitrarily concluded that Ms. Bronfman participated in securing immigration status for non-citizens ‘so that they could become sexual partners for a co-defendant.’…

“The BOP’s interpretation, which is counter to both the judgment of Judge Garaufis and a rational understanding of the plain language of the PSR, is clearly an error.

“To be clear, Ms. Bronfman admittedly took steps to secure immigration status for an individual who would work ‘in one or more NXIVM-affiliated organizations.’…

“Ms. Bronfman did not act to bring people into this country to become sexual partners for Mr. Raniere—including Jane Does 2, 3, and 4—nor was she ever accused of such misconduct.”

He denied Bronfman recruited the sisters, and denied Bronfman knew that Raniwre had a sexual relationship with Camila when she was underage.

Bronfman said Mariana and Camila came to the United States with their father, mother, and brother in 2003. The family’s decision to join NXIVM had nothing to do with her.

Daniela testified she helped recruit her family. Lauren Salzman recruited Daniela when she was 16. Daniela joined about the same time as Bronfman.

An artist sketch of Daniela.

Rather than risk trial, the BOP agreed to no longer designate her as a sex offender.

It took her almost two years and cost her time, grief and money – though she could afford the latter.

In this, we see a glimmer of karma. Bronfman used the legal system to punish hers and Raniere’s enemies even when she knew she had a losing case.

She did it because she had the money and could wear her opponents down by putting them through a long expensive road of bankrupting court proceedings.

Bronfman remained in maximum security, while the BOP gave scant regard to the details of her appeals. Why should they? They had the power, just like Bronfman once did.

But the worm has turned. Bronfman is now the one with less power. She won a victory, yes, a small one. She is still in prison.

Once, she tackled the publisher of the Frank Report – thinking to bury him like all the rest. In fact. it was her attack that caused the creation of the Frank Report.

And the result was she found herself in prison. So now she will go to a camp and maybe be released in a year or so. But not before others made her suffer through the legal system, like she made others suffer.

Sure, she was not convicted of sex offenses and should not have been placed in facilities as if she had been.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Frank,
    After all this time – still gloating over putting Clare Bronfman in prison and driving her sister out of the US.

    • Frank: Clare has a trust which I understand (or think/assume) is managed by a board or trustees. Given that she’s used hundreds of millions to fund the illegal activities of Raniere, I’m puzzled as to why she hasn’t been cut off yet. That’s the only thing that will stop her and it her money that makes her so dangerous.

      • She has limited access to provide Raniere with money. But it is her money and she can fund attacks on his conviction because if his conviction is set aside, hers would be also.

  • Great article. Clare’s choice to silence her enemies and her latest outcome is karma at its finest. It’s almost literally hilarious that Frank’s narrative sent her to the “wrong prison”. Teehee

  • Wakaya Island in Fiji is owned by Clare Bronfman.
    Some NXers had a meeting there.
    Did illegal sex (blackmail, trafficking) happen there?
    If so, Clare, as owner, is complicit in the sex crime
    Therefore, she could be a sex-offender and sent back to high security.

  • Are we going to talk about Nicki Clyne iand Michele Hatchette outside the MDC letting those poor family members of other inmates believe that they have anything in common?

    That one woman asks if it’s Nicki’s husband or Michelle’s husband being detained.

    Nicki clarifies it’s her partner but she neglects to tell the woman:

    “However I am also married to a woman who is in legal peril not getting my support at all. And my partner of 10 years has multiple other partners including two women he’s had babies with. Oh, and he’s also my cult leader and I have his initials branded by my vagina and so does Michelle. Because we are his SLAVES. And Michelle slept with him because she was blackmailed into doing a seduction assignment. Many women were blackmailed into doing a seduction assignment and having sexual contact with my partner . And we lied to them about branding them with his initials. And most of them have submitted widespread vagina photographs to my partner without knowing a man was going to see them. But yeah, other than that he’s my husband. Same as you”.

    • Why hasn’t she been deported? She entered into a same sex marriage fraudulently in order to stay in the US and skirt immigration law. She’s a fraud and a liar but Newsweek keeps giving her a platform.

    • It is also important to remember that Allison Mack & Nicki Clyne lied about their marriage….another lie for Keith to keep a girl in his harem. Clyne was Canadian and this was her only way to stay in the country…lie, lie, lie…the Nxivm lie! They are not gay and their marriage was another sham by Raniere

  • She will flex her cheque book the moment she leaves jail. She will never leave the victims alone. She is a clear and present danger to at least twenty people.
    Remember. This is super wealth. These people are immoral. They breathe rarified air. She will have her lawyers pick over every word transmitted on blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels anything at all said about her. And she will come for them. She needs to do the full term. In the long run it might actually help her develop into a rational, moral normal person. Because she isn’t now.

    • Tenzin, I agree with your concerns. Are there any legal remedies that would keep her from suing everyone until eternity? She’s clearly capable of doing it.

      • In the U.K. we have non molestation and restraining orders. They usually run for 5 years then you renew them. I do not see any outcome after the release of Bronfman that doesn’t include her going for Sarah, nippy, mark and friends. I have a friend doing life. He’s a smart funny guy. But cells are like monasteries. They make you dwell, ruminate, plot and plan. There’s little to do. Bronfman will come for them. For sure.

        There only mode of defence against her is to go find some juicy chats, texts or WhatsApp messages between her and Keith. She can’t abide being embarrassed. It’s kryptonite to her. Find the texts and saturate blog sites with it. Collateral

  • “Once the BOP transfers Bronfman to the camp, she will live in an open dormitory without fences. Bronfman will have far greater access to visitors.”

    Does this mean Suneel can resume his wiping duties?

  • “Once, she tackled the publisher of the Frank Report – thinking to bury him like all the rest. In fact. it was her attack that caused the creation of the Frank Report.

    And the result was she found herself in prison“

    Payback is sweet!

  • Whatever happens, she will always be disgraced, and a pariah in many of the social circles in which she used to mix. Like the island she owns, her destiny is to vanish beneath the waves.

    • I have the impression that she preferred horses to people. Her poor social skills and lack of critical thinking made her a perfect target for love bombing. She never had to work, so her millions have no real value to her. She has fallen for KR’s persecution complex and feels compelled to destroy his enemies. She feels no empathy for anyone beyond KR and the remaining dead enders. A shame really, because if she were capable of feeling gratitude and accept the help that is available to her, she could still have a peaceful, happy life.

      • Even blank unadorned walls seek attention. If only someone with that sort of cash would actually do something purposeful or humanitarian with it. You could find the cure for a disease with that.

      • “Clare preferred horses to people”

        That made Keith jealous, especially ‘cuz horses have bigger c@cks than he has.

  • Newsweek keeps making the mistake of categorizing the criminal racket NXIVM under culture instead of crime, where it belongs.

    • At Newsqueak crime and culture are interchangeable.Their editors can’t differentiate between doing something illegal and being edgy. That’s why they’re happy to ignore Nicki’s immigration status.

  • Typical government tactics. Indict, dirty up the defendant, torture them in detention center for force a plea or deplete them of all health and ability to think clearly. And then allow the worse allegations (not even proven) into court for sentencing.

    I don’t like clare, but her punishment is over the top. The government can say anyone is anything and once it’s in writing, it’s taken as undeniable proof. Sick sick world.

    • Clare never took a plea. Clare wasn’t detained she was at home on confinement because Clare could afford it. No evidence of any torture either. Unless you count Suneel having to wipe Clare’s bony ass.

  • Frank– Can you please explain what this means? Is “that this writer recovered for her in 2008” you or is it Paul Serran? This is news to me– Please explain what any writer had to do with finding Clare Bronfman’s assets.

    “In 2018, Bronfman filed a net worth statement with the court, claiming she had about $200 million net worth. Her report failed to disclose ownership of Wakaya Island in Fiji and real estate in Los Angeles that this writer recovered for her in 2008.”

    It’s my understanding from very credible sources, that Clare Bronfman went after you– and there is a lawsuit pending. It makes zero sense to suggest you or anyone related to FR would help Clare recover millions and then she sues that person for it. Something is amiss. Please explain or direct me to someone who knows what this reference is about.
    Thank you

    • I recovered the assets for her. She admitted this in testimony under oath at trial in Los Angeles. I’ve written about it before and will write about it again.

      She rewarded me by suing me and filing a criminal complaint against me. She got caught lying, because in the Grand Jury, she testified there was a written contract between us.

      In the civil complaint, she swore there was no written contract.

      The reason she changed her stories is that a written contract would have killed her civil complaint. And the lack of a written contract would have put the prosecutor in the unenviable position of not having a crime – defrauding her based on a contract.

      There was a contract I proposed, but she never signed. Keith Raniere look at the proposed contract, made changes but it was never signed.

        • That was the question. I signed it. But Bronfman did not sign it. So was it an executed contract? Bronfman told the grand jury that she had a fully executed contract.

          I asked the DOJ for it. I have emails from the DOJ AUSA saying they had the fully executed agreement and were looking for it. Finally they admitted they did not have a contract signed by Bronfman.

          It became moot when they dropped the Bronfman charges. But keep in mind for 7 years the case against me was about pleasing the Bronfman until Raniere was arrested and Clare was about to be indicted. Then suddenly, the Bronfmans were not my victims anymore.

          • But you say it was moot for 7 years.
            Are you saying you went back & forth with the DOJ for 7 years before they admitted they couldn’t find a fully executed contract?

            Also, I have to wonder why a man of your stature in real estate ( apparently you have said Niagara One was a total success) would even agree to start a job WITHOUT seeing for himself a Fully Executed Contract? Kinda naive for a business, no?

          • I did not sue them. They sued me.

            I saved their $26 million LA project and was ready to go forward and develop it. I was waiting for their contract.

            They did not sign it but Clare went into the grand jury and said she did. She lied.

      • Still…..
        I am puzzled why you agreed to recover her assets WITHOUT a fully executed contract? Your not a stupid man, WHY didn’t you wait?
        Did she have a spell on you too?

        • I was on a monthly retainer and justice dictated I recover her assets. The dispute was over my stepping in and finishing the project,


    Seagrams was founded in 1857. By the 1920’s, they were roaring. When prohibition was over, they officially reopened in 1933, in USA.

    What if they seagrams was smuggling alcohol ( maybe even poisoned alcohol) from Montreal to Britain, or to France or to USA before 1933?

    What goes hand in hand with smuggling? TRAFFICKING.

    Why was Salinas involved with NXVIUM?


    We would be fools to negate the possibility that Americans don’t engage with Mexico to smuggle and traffic «  goods «

    What if this was all just the tip of the iceberg?

    What if all these patsies were fall guys for an epically massive operation that goes far beyond whining Keith and his so called slaves?

    I don’t think this story has even really started to unfold yet…

    NXVIUM, a tool to lauder $$$…?

  • And what happens to the majority of people that don’t have the money to sue in federal court?

    Clare never should have gotten that label. The government dirties up the accused record in the sentencing report. Regardless of the actual crimes of conviction the report by probation slanders the hell out of the defendant to get the maximum sentence and most severe punishment possible.

    Clare wouldn’t renounce Raniere and got six times the recommended sentence.

    Nancy Saltzman is now a star on season 2 of the Vow. It’s pathetic.
    We need to watch Nancy as a victim when she was Keith’s right hand person who abused everyone and made huge profits.

    Stay as far away from courts and attorneys as possible.

  • This is what you need to know
    ‘Daniela testified she helped recruit her family. Lauren Salzman recruited Daniela when she was 16. Daniela joined about the same time as Bronfman.’
    Gotta love that Lauren!!

    • Agreed. And read this week that Sarah is still very forgiving towards Lauren. She (Sarah) still wants to see Lauren. I don’t understand? Lauren manipulated her so bad. Did things more worse than Danielle Roberts. Sarah made sure Lauren got no jail time. I believe the whole thing Lauren did at the trial was an act to get out of jail time. Would not be surprised if she is still loyal to KR?

      • She wants to see her? Maybe she wants to share some of her moolah so Lauren’s new business venture can succeed? She did testify on Sarah’s behalf after all, at the expense of a few wonderful people,. Plus, who knows what the civil suit might reap!!

      • Sarah had little to no control over who got what prison time. Everyone had the same opportunity to write letters for whomever they wanted. Why do you always bring up Lauren and then bring up Danielle? Those are two completely different situations legally and also completely different relationships with Sarah. One was charged criminally the other wasn’t. It seems like some kind of strange fixation to keep comparing those two women

    • Freemasons started the Mormon church. Did they start NXIVM, too? Did they recruit harem members from Mormons in Mexico to promote polygamy and destroy as much of the Mexican culture as possible for their “one world government”?

      ESP/NXIVM wasn’t a cult or a self-help group. It was a political operation. They used psychological tactics, hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming to control small groups. They wanted to control larger populations. Blackmail, collateral, deceit and secrets. Freemasons and other secret societies do that too. What horrible people. They were going to destroy millions of lives.

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