As budding scientist, taxpayers paid Dr. Brandon Porter’s entire college tuition; he walked out of med school with zero student debt

Following the last publication about Dr. Brandon Porter – which showed him to be a fairly sleazy horn dog and ruthless recruiter – several people came forward with more information about the mad physician. He is best known for his human fright experiments.

Dr. Porter finished his MD/PhD at Iowa and, even then, he was a member of NXIVM.  “He was wholly on board and gung ho,” one source said.

He also tried to pitch any one he could get interested in joining NXIVM and paying for their high priced courses.

One person told me he gave her a sales pitch.  “It sounded way too Ayn Rand-y and cultish for me,” she said.

Another person told me, “Once I read about the findings coming out last fall, I started a Google alert for ‘Brandon Porter’ ‘NXIVM,’ so Google sends me all the new articles.  That’s how I came across this one.  I was flabbergasted already, but to attempt to exploit childhood friends’ children seems somehow worse.  What no one in the media has caught onto is that he was MSTP – Medical Scientist Training Program.  That means the TAX PAYERS shelled out about $1 million to pay for his MD, PhD.  He left med school with no debt. I know he was exposed to a robust curriculum on human subjects ethics too.  He can’t feign ignorance.”

Another source sent me this message, it was what Dr. Porter sent to a classmate back in 2008 and refers to his work for the Ethical Science Foundation, a project devised by Keith Raniere, with Clare Bronfman funding it.

Dr. Porter wrote: “The lab that we are going to start will start as a neuroscience laboratory, and will, hopefully, grow into an institute where people in diverging fields (math, neuroscience, physics, biology, etc.) come together to build bridges in our understanding of the world around us. Not only that, but another goal will be for it to be an environment where scientists can grow as people. Grow, so that they feel more comfortable outside of their own knowledge (comfort zone) and can actually explore new things, instead of ‘proving’ what they thought was true in the first place. In the end, we are trying to cultivate joy and further our understanding of the world that we live in. I think that we can do this, and it will be an exciting process trying to get there.”

Another source, who saw the message said “that quote demonstrates that he went against the basic fundamentals of research which is to take what we know to be true and expand on it.”
In the end, Dr. Porter wanted to cultivate joy. His mentor, Keith Raniere, explains how with his well known quote: “He who has the most joy, wins.”
I always felt that “he who has the most joy wins” has a sinister overtone to it. Why should joy be competitive? Consider, if “he who has the most joy wins,”  then does it not stand to reason that to win by having the most joy, taking joy away from others, will help one win- and is, therefore, justified?
“He who has the most joy wins.”
I would change it to “he who gives the most joy wins.”
But Raniere [now having joy in jail] and Dr. Porter [having joy as he faces medical malpractice hearings and possible criminal charges] may know better. How much joy did Dr. Porter feel when he showed terrified women snuff films and gang rape films against their will and by surprise?
I bet he was winning big time.
Dr. Brandon Porter

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  • I find it a little odd that this group of adults, for decades, have been trying to “figure out the world around them.” You guys don’t have the gist yet? Many of you are pushing 50 or have surpassed it. Try reading, traveling, or studying outside of a cult of personality. Just stop hurting people.

  • Thanks to “Laura Darby,” who posted a link (yesterday, I think) to an investigative story aired on a local Albany news program. Within the accompanying website article to the broadcasted portion of the report, they posted video of surveillance at several key NXIUM properties. One of those properties was Dr. Porter’s and I found it highly disconcerting that they captured him loading boxes of files/paper work into the trunk of his car. I don’t think there’s any doubt about what kinds of documents were in those boxes he was getting rid of. I just hope authorities have obtained other documentation of his sadistic experiments.

  • How did he get the taxpayers to pay for his schooling? Is it a grant? Something he had to apply for? Why would any doctor pay for their own schooling when they could just do it for free? I’m interested to know if he had insider help to attain this “free” schooling? Perhaps a recommend letter from the Bronfman’s?

  • My son entered into and graduated under the Medical Scientist Training Program. He went to NYU and is now an MD/PHD. To get accepted into this program you have to score within the top 3% on your MCAT’s. Not an easy thing to do which only means that they take the best of the best! Brandon Porter had to have great intelligence at one time to be accepted into MSTP and scored among the highest in the country. I was shocked when I read this article that he was one of the chosen! How could someone so smart be taken in by this cult? How could he risk everything he worked to achieve! I hardly saw my son for the 9 years he was in medical school under the program! It is very intense! Yes, it does cost about a million per student and they absolutely graduate without debt! It is quite an honor and accomplishment to be accepted. Brandon Porter is a disgrace to this program. What a waste!

  • “He who has the most joy wins!” It is noteworthy that this quote uses the masculine pronoun, “He,” rather than the feminine, “She,” or simply – ” Who has the most joy wins.” One simply has to change out the word, joy for the word, pleasure. “He who has the most pleasure wins.” After doing this, one may be able to recognize that they are entering the territory of the Marquis de Sade, whose philosophy can be summed up as, “It is always by way of pain that one arrives at pleasure.” Keith Raniere, like his depraved predecessor, de Sade, is a debauched libertine and a sex-obsessed demoralizer. Keith Raniere can be viewed as the logical outcome of the predominantly French libertine movement that was unleashed decades before, during, and since the French Revolution. A libertine is one who is devoid of most or all moral and sexual restraints: They are generally atheistic and hedonistic to the extreme. They flaunt or disregard the morals and behaviors that are practiced by the majority of society for the greater good of all.

    Keith is on record as supporting incest between a father and his daughter and as justifying sex with a 12 year-old girl, if she is determined to be ready for sex by those other than herself. Keith created DOS with the help of Dr. Porter’s outrageous and irresponsible screening of potential female candidates for DOS and by means of Dr. Robert’s inhumane and searing cauterizing pen that branded only female victims. However, NXIUM teaches that there are “no ultimate victims.” Keith has claimed to have murdered people and to have ordered the murder of people. All of these criminal and anti-social acts would have been approved of and applauded by the Marquis de Sade who stated that “If any crime is committed while seeking pleasure, it cannot be condemned.” De Sade himself was also a great defender of sodomy, bisexuality, and incest. He practiced what he preached and spent the last fourteen years of his life in an insane asylum where he died.

    Defenders of such perverse psychopaths as de Sade and Raniere are quick to point out that ‘great thinkers’ such as these are always ahead of their times and so are persecuted for their beliefs and practices by the majority of the members of society who neither appreciate nor understand them. To these wrongheaded individuals I would say this: Throughout time we have seen such psychopaths as de Sade and Ranirere rear their ugly heads only to have them literally or figuratively lopped off. Unless these creatures become the predominant species, it will never be their time. Thank the higher power that brought us all into being that these warped examples of humanity are still in the minority and that society has laws which protect us from their crooked antinomian behaviors.

    • I view NXIVM on a continuum with Bill Cosby’s lifetime of drugging and raping women.
      The same way that Bill Cosby does not recognize that it is wrong to drug and rape women, Raniere and Mack view the extortion and sexual slavery of the NXIVM/DOS women as just sex between consenting adults.

      I believe that NXIVM is just a continuation of Hollyweird’s long fascination with immorality and evil.
      From the earliest days of Hollyweird one found scandals like the murder of the bisexual director William Desmond Taylor in 1922.
      Upon investigating Taylor’s unsolved murder police found that he had been involved in child molestation.
      Taylor’s good friend the actress Mabel Normand was implicated in drug abuse.
      Normand was Hollywood’s heaviest cocaine abuser 60 years before the rest of Hollywood caught on to the white powder.

      Around the same time the rotund comedian Fatty Arbuckle was accused of murdering an actress Virginia Rappe at a booze party that went way out of hand.
      America’s sweetheart had an actor brother named Jack Pickford whose wife Olive Thomas died of a drug overdose.
      Actors like Wallace Reid and Barbara LaMarr all battled drugs, often unsuccessfully.
      Around the same time Hollywood developed a fascination with the Satan worshiper Aleister Crowley.
      The founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard, and an inspiration to Keith Raniere, also dabbled in Crowley’s Satan worship.

      • Dear ’58,

        I trust that you have either read or have heard of the book “Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons” by John Carter. Marvel Parsons, aka as “Jack” or John Whiteside Parsons, was an intimate of both L. Ron Hubbard and Edward Alexander Crowley, aka the Beast, aka Aleister Crowley, whose motto was “Do what thou wilt.”. Another book on Parsons is “Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist, John Whiteside Parsons” by George Pendle. I can recommend Pendle’s book because I have read it.

        I would imagine that you have probably read or have heard of the book “Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults, and Symbols in Films” by Jay Dyer. I have not read it yet, but I plan on reading it soon. In the meantime, have you seen the movie, “Hide and Seek,” with Dakota Fanning and Robert DeNiro? It is considered by some to be the “most blatant movie about Monarch Mind Control ever.” An article entitled the “Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control” is a good place to start in order to find out about how the Monarch method of mind control works. Briefly, “Its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim.” Monarch uses a variety of methods such as hypnosis and NLP.

        Finally, another extremely important book is “Drugs as Weapons Against Us” by John L. Potash. The author “has worked counseling people with mental illness and addiction for over 25 years.” This book is well-documented and it gives an historical perspective on many of the CIA’s mind control programs as well as the CIA’s involvement in the widespread distribution of LSD in the 60s. The book is well-written and covers a lot of ground. A must read! Illicit drugs and the CIA are synonymous.

        • Actually I’ve read both “Sex and Rockets” and “Strange Angel”.
          I am fascinated by the bizarre story of Jack Parsons, a rocket scientist who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and also dabbled in the occult.
          Parsons’ sex temple communicated on a regular basis with Aleister Crowley and also for a time contained the notorious L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology and Keith Raniere’s inspiration.
          Jack Parsons died in 1952 in a rocket explosion in his home lab in Pasadena.

          I mentioned Aleister Crowley being popular in Hollyweird.
          In 1920 Crowley visited Hollyweird and was a big hit.
          The murdered movie director William Desmond Taylor had a book of Crowley’s poetry in his home titled “White Stains.”
          It sounds like the type of poetry Keith Raniere would enjoy.

          A good website about Hollyweird and its involvement with the occult and Masonic symbolism is thevigiliantcitizen.
          Just Google the Vigilant Citizen.
          The stories’ comments are often quite interesting.

  • “….explore new things, instead of ‘proving’ what they thought was true in the first place. “ AKA the Scientist Method? If this dude is fully authorized from an accedited at least somewhat competitive institution within the US to call himself either MD or Ph.D without qualification (ABD, license pending, etc), our higher education system isa joke and morre of a pyramid scheme than anything KR cooked up

    • Over the whole world, the education system has been in decline at all levels for a very long time.
      It’s relatively easy to spot a successful product of the public education system in North America.

  • Every time I see a photo of Dr. Porter, I’m struck by how banal he appears. He looks like everybody’s Junior High School math teacher.

    • My experience with these abusive types of people is that almost always look harmless and normal. It’s a disguise. Lol
      But obviously if they appeared crazy or strange , they would not be able to get away with all the evil that they do.
      Most people though Ted Bundy was a nice guy. Bundy even did volunteer work at a woman’s crisis centre (obviously he just did this for access to vulnerable women).
      They sociopaths are aways looking for opportunities to take advantage of someone.

  • If you need medical care, would you prefer to receive it from the ghoulish Doktor Brandon Mengele Porter or from a foreign trained Doctor?
    I believe I will take my chances with a foreign trained Doctor.

  • “Not only that, but another goal will be for it to be an environment where scientists can grow as people. Grow, so that they feel more comfortable outside of their own knowledge (comfort zone) and can actually explore new things, instead of ‘proving’ what they thought was true in the first place.”

    What a load of BS. I wonder if the Medical Scientist Training Program (cost to the public, $1 million) has an ethics, decency, or have to practice actual science clause. The public is being harmed by Porter and that was not the intent of their $1 million investment.

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