Bangkok: Where Did You Live Frank? and Other Crude Attacks

Frank Report is lucky indeed to have Bangkok, who is now using the moniker Pablo. He also uses the moniker Citizens United Against Shitty Journalism on occasion to post some of his comments.

The reason we are lucky to have Bangkok is that he takes opposite positions on almost everything he can think of and that sparks debate and gives me a chance to respond.

There are some who think Bangkok is lawyer Dennis Burke, the Arizona Mafia captain who represented Clare Bronfman and Emiliano Salinas, with the emphasis on the latter.  There are others who say I created Bangkok to provoke debate.   The fact is I honestly don’t know who Bangkok is.

Lauren Salzman leaving the Brooklyn court in 2019

By Bangkok

I’m surprised that Lauren Salzman wasn’t asked [on the witness stand in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere] where Frank Parlato lived when he was doing Keith’s bidding and living in Albany.

I’m guessing that Frank lived on Flintlock Lane or Generals Way, very close to his Vanguard and just a stone’s throw from his benefactor, Clare Bear.

I’m guessing that Frank would drive to Clare’s home each day to meet with her, where he attempted to steal her away from Vanguard in an ill-fated plan that wound up backfiring on Frank.

I think that Frank and Jim Del Negro probably lived together as roomies and buddies.

I’m guessing that Lauren’s testimony provided a trip down memory lane for Frank Parlato.

But where did Joe Ohara live when he was in Albany? I’m guessing it was either Generals Way or Oregon Trail.

I’ve been trying to decipher why Frank has extra anger towards Lauren. I can’t be sure, but I think it’s cuz maybe Lauren dangled her feminine candy towards Frank but then she withheld her womanly fruit and was only teasing.

That could have been what happened.

Frank already confirmed that Nancy offered her personal services to Frank, but he politely declined.

I’m guessing that Frank wanted Lauren instead of Nancy. Maybe that’s where his anger towards Lauren was born from?

What does Frank say? 🙂


By Frank Parlato

Great questions, Bangkok

When I lived in the Albany area – while working for Nxivm – I lived at three locations. At first – for about a month and a half [Sept-Oct. 2007] – I lived at Clare’s manor house in Delanson about 45 minutes from Vanguard.

Image result for clare bronfman delanson ny
The manor house I lived in when first working for Nxivm


Photos of Clare’s horse farm where I lived.


I lived there by myself and had the run of the farm. A Mexican woman lived in a nearby guest house and was assigned to take care of my needs, run errands, etc. She was a well-educated woman and was taking Nxivm classes and working off what she owed for the intensives by assisting me.

In addition, Keith assigned Kristin Keeffe as my liaison and general assistant. Keeffe developed a team of about a dozen Nxivm members whose job it was to assist. They would come out to the farm to meet me. Farouk Rojas was one of them. I found him to be bright and well mannered.

At the time, he was very much absorbed in fulfilling the dream Keith had promised him – that he would be a recording star.

Farouk Rojas

At the time, it seemed not out of the question, since Clare and Sara’s brother, Edgar Bronfman Jr., was president of Warner Music.

After about a month and a half, I found it more convenient to be closer to Vanguard.  At first, I rented a suite in a hotel. Then Vanguard – the generous dude that he was – used Clare Bronfman’s money to fix up a place for me where I had my own comfortable apartment on Ushers Road.

I stayed there until I left for Los Angeles.

I never lived on Flintlock Lane or Generals Way. In fact, I never visited Keith at his home at 3 Flintlock – and never met with Clare at her home in Clifton Park, which was, as I recall, a home she bought from Nancy.  I did visit Kristin at her home at 1 Flintlock, which was two doors over from Keith. Pam lived in between.

3 Flintlock Lane [r] is the townhouse where Keith Raniere lived. To the left is 2 Flintlock where Pam lived.
I met Clare at my place [her farm] or Nancy’s house or we met at coffee shops.  Keith and I would meet at Nancy’s house.

I think I have mentioned before that I did not attempt to steal Clare away from Vanguard. Though in retrospect, perhaps I should have stolen her away.

If I had successfully snatched her way by wooing her and perhaps wedding her, it would have saved the poor girl’s life and would have been something I would have been very happy about during the day. But good Lord, it would have been dreadful at night.

Clare Bronfman.

I never roomed with Jim Del Negro when he lived in Clifton Park. I think he roomed with Mark Vicente and Adrian ‘Fluffy’ Fernandez at that time. I did, however, visit him at his place. I could have never roomed with those guys. They had a giant screen TV set and it was on all the time it seemed.

I don’t live with a TV and have not watched TV since 1969.

I invited Jim to come out with me to Los Angeles when I left Clifton Park in late December 2007 to investigate a real estate deal that Clare and Sara Bronfman had invested some $26 million into but had nothing in their names.

At first, my team – which featured, Jim, Will Diamond, Lou Avino, my lawyer Paul Grenga and myself – took rooms at the Beverly Hilton. Then, in order to save Bronfman money, I rented two houses in Woodlawn Hills.

In time, Will brought his 19-year-old girlfriend and their baby to live in the house, since it appeared we would be in town for a while.  When my lawyer left – after making legal arrangements for me to recover the properties and get the development restarted  – Jim took over his room and began to make advances on Will’s young girlfriend.

I don’t know what happened. There are two different stories, one from the girl and one from Jim.  The girl, her name is Rose, said Jim systematically seduced her with his olive-oil voice and guinea charm and, of course, the promise of ethical executive success. The girl said she thought he meant to mentor her with secret teachings when he undressed her to examine her aura.

Jim, on the other hand, told me that Rose, who is about 4’11” and 100 pounds, raped him when he lay helplessly in his bed. While he may have had orgasms – it was still rape, he said.

Rose – did Jim seduce her or was he raped by her?


At 6’4″ and 220 pounds and athletic, Jim Del Negro may have been the largest man ever to be raped by a 100-pound woman.

Lauren’s testimony, when she was asked where everyone lived in Clifton Park was not quite a trip down memory lane for me. I already made that trip several times.

I have been to Clifton Park – and specifically to Knox Woods – several times in the past two years. Once I walked around the entire area with Karen U. – which was quite a bit of fun.

I also met Barbara Bouchey there – and enjoyed going to the various homes of Nxivm members who had all left their homes. I spoke with neighbors and got a lovely bunch of anecdotes about the cult that lived in their midst.

Karen also had a collection of sashes and she was kind enough to give me one of each sash – white, yellow, orange, green, purple and gold.

I went up the stripe path one single day.

As for Joe O’Hara, he was already living in Albany when he worked for Nxivm. He had his own place.

Finally, I don’t have “extra anger towards Lauren.”   I have had anger at the way she treated some of the Nxivm women.  After deliberating on it quite a bit, I now lean towards leniency for her and, hopefully, healing.

I think she desperately wanted to be a mother and she forsook all other men to wait on Keith’s promise to sire an avatar baby with her. She waited more than 15 years and was cruelly deceived. He used her like dirt under his feet,

Yes, she did some rotten things. But I do not think she is rotten and I don’t think prison is the remedy for her needs.

I can say this with equanimity and dispassion for unlike Bangkok, I am not enamored with her.

Lauren Salzman

Lauren never acted in any manner with me other than professional and our contact was minimal.

I did not know that Lauren was part of Keith’s harem at the time I was there.

So, you see, Bangkok, there is really nothing for you to be jealous about.


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  • “After deliberating on it quite a bit, I now lean towards leniency for her and, hopefully, healing.”
    Funny how you lean towards leniency against one of the worst member of Nxivm but ignore the facts and push hatred against another who is a real victim…

    “Yes, she did some rotten things. But I do not think she is rotten and I don’t think prison is the remedy for her needs.”
    I don’t think prison is a remedy for people like Allison who were manipulated, forced and dragged into little crimes (because she just collected the coercive material while under coercion…)

    But Lauren committed many more serious crimes.

    She is behind the mental abuse, she is behind many of the dark ideas and she participated in REAL crime under no coercion…

    You say “she waited 15years for a baby” and that is an excuse? so she could even kill for that?

    Lauren never was a good person, she is rotten…

    • Who’d Lauren kill?

      WADR How do you know Lauren? I think it would help us understand how adament you are about this if we knew where you got your info.

      To be candid, you remind me of how my mother would be defending my poor decisions – “Oh yeah, well that person over there did WAY worse stuff than my kid.” And then she’d try to make facts merge with her attempt to change the narrative.

    • It’s some pretty weak apologism, to be trying to paint Lauren as a villain, and your Ally as some sort of innocent.

      A case could be made that they are similar, though somewhat different, cases – both having gotten involved in their early to mid 20s when they were still impressionable, and both having known almost nothing else in their adult lives. Both plead guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy and one count of racketeering

      If Salzman “participated in REAL crime” then so did Mack. And, as I have pointed out numerous times before, Mack had a more pivotal role in the evils of DOS as Raniere’s henchman, including continuing to run it after Raniere fled to Mexico and was arrested – when she was no longer subject to any coercion or deprivation.

  • Uhm….I have a theory…..Pablo(Bangkok) is jealous of any man who has spent more than 5 minutes with Lauren Salzman.

    What say you Pablo?

    • What say I?

      Well, the first I say is:

      Your slut wife, that Sicilian whore with C-cup titties, has probably fucked at least 2 other men during the last 90 days.

      The only reason you don’t confront her over these infidelities is cuz you don’t wanna lose your sugar mama’s financial resources which support your lazy, child raising, unemployed butt.

      Ever wonder why wifey never wants to fuck? Or when she does agree to fuck, ever wonder why she makes no sounds and doesn’t even pretend to achieve orgasm?

  • Of course Bangkok (aka Pablo, aka Dennis K. Burke) is enamored with Lauren Salzman. Always has been.

    But that’s another story.

    Considering Bangkok’s long lasting fascination with Lauren, the historical fact that Lauren was represented by the (Arizona Mafia-friendly) law firm of Quarles & Brady in Phoenix, even though her legal case was in a far away jurisdiction–New York–will give readers one more clue about Bangkok’s true identity. (Dennis K. Burke)

    Readers can also be mindful of the period in the historical NXIVM criminal case timeline when the Salzmans started singing to the feds. It was around the same time Burke was fired by Clare Bronfman.

    Burke has trash talked his former client, Clare Bronfman, enough here on Frank Report with the “Bangkok” name to where it’s unlikely he will admit it’s him, until he is forced to. Which seems to be in line with his historical record of not doing things in general until he -has- to, and certainly not accepting responsibility in any way, shape or form, until he’s forced to, usually as a last ditch effort to perpetuate his false image as a real decent guy who must have just made one more “Aw Shucks” mistake (more on that later).

    Yet as plenty of folks have learned over time, Dennis K. Burke isn’t a nice guy. In fact “Pablo” is a totally corrupt, sellout yes-man lawyer willing to do the bidding for Mexican Cartels using the “Arizona-Mexico relationship” as cover. Check! Put the “fix” in legal proceedings so as to cover for his corrupt friends! Check! Obstruct investigations about violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to cover for his corrupt friends! Check! Help Vanguard and Clare Bronfman to circumvent the federal immigration laws while he’s taking their money, only to turn on them and try to act as if he didn’t intentionally use his knowledge of federal government procedures to aid and abet criminal acts by the NXIVM Cult, for profit! Check! And the list goes on…

    Both John Sandweg and Dennis Burke would prefer everyone believe it’s a “ridiculous” idea they could be two of the most active in posting comments on the Frank Report blog, as they try to shape the dialogue here, on a weekly and often daily basis, talking amongst themselves (even arguing amongst themselves) with several aliases.

    Yet it’s absolutely true.

    It’s been really strange to watch.

  • Entertaining article, Frank. However, only one thing will stick with me from this piece.

    Why Hasn’t Frank Watched TV Since 1969?

    1. His eyes bled when he watched the Miracle Mets take over NYC, and turn his Yankees into an afterthought.
    2. He saw the dangers of TV and refused to participate anymore after watching the moon landing hoax.
    3. Who needs gimmicks like TV when you can gather around the radio, and listen to Bing Crosby & Jack Benny?
    4. Think that’s weird – he didn’t even know what an internet was until he was forced to start Frank Report.
    5. He’s not really sure. Last thing he remembers is deciding to follow Pink Floyd around.
    6. His wife won’t let him and he doesn’t want to piss her off.
    7. He’s scared of heights and his antenna broke. This fear was permanently ingrained after hearing about Bo Diaz.
    8. The Looney Tunes violence was too much for him to stomach.
    9. Being old enough to collect social security was a wake-up call and he decided to start living life.
    10. He lost the remote.

    • I was 14 at the time and everything on TV seemed so terribly immature. I got out of the habit of watching it and never got back to it again.

      • So how did you watch Smallville? Did you buy the DVDs after you became smitten? You seem to spend lots of time searching the internet for images so do you just watch episodes online?

        • I never watched a single episode of Smallville. But I am not opposed to watching something for research online. I am not opposed to TV, I just don’t watch it, though I did watch my own two hour special on ID The Lost Women of Nxivm.

          • Frank “never watched a single episode of Smallville.”

            If he had, he would’ve fallen under Kristin’s spell and become her defender…and the history of the Frank Report would have changed forever.

          • The problem with most TV shows and even movies is that they are all highly formulaic.
            A cleverly programmed computer could write many of them.

            As regards to Smallville, it takes itself too seriously as if there is a real “Superman.”
            The original “Adventures of Superman” starring George Reeves at least treated the notion of Superman with a nudge and a wink.
            Of course, a generation that had just lived through the Great Depression and World War II would never quite believe in “Superman” as anything more than mindless entertainment aimed at children.

          • I also watched it, Frank. I really liked the show “The Lost Women of Nxivm.”
            I wish you had your own tv show.

            Please stop giving Bangkok visibility

      • You’re a liar, Frank.

        You never stopped watching TV at 14. You just tell people that cuz you wanna seem more mature than you really are.

  • Ah, Bangkok can rest easy knowing his beloved isn’t a prick tease after all. Now he just has to work through the guilt of accusing her of possibly being one.

    I like that Frank doesn’t have a TV. The one thing I hate about the TV are all those frigging wires. Messy.

  • So Bangkok is like clickbait and even when he says racist comments, we accept him because he gives frank report clicks?

    What about giving more visibility to victims of Nxivm instead? How can I become a writer for frank report?

    • Bangkook is certainly a bit of an a-hole, but can you give specifics to his racist comments? Or are you pulling things out of your ass?

        • Mexican is not a race. Judging by the progress of the two countries, he may be correct. However, since the USA is adopting third world shithole democrat policies, the USA citizens may be every bit as stupid.

          • Progress is relative. You have in the US school shootings (even drills for school shootings in Kinder gardens!), veterans with PTSD, a lot of abandoned homeless, and people like Keith Raniere …

            Anyway, it is very subjective comments just aimed at flaming. Who cares about Bangkok? What about learning more about Frank? Where is he from originally/ How did he meet Mr. Stone? How did he become confident in his world view? That would be much more interesting.

          • Have you ever been to Mexico, skippy? Your moral equivalence is ridiculous. The thread is about Bangkoo,k dummy. Roger Stone has nothing to do with it. Your left-wing imbecilic thoughts are beyond reason.

  • Bangkok apparently doesn’t realize all of Salzman stories come from her lengthy testimony. Bangkok is not only stupid, he’s also like NiceGuy, too scared to come on my show. LOL

  • Concerning Bangkok, I am not sure I like someone praying to God, any god, that someone else gets “butt cancer.”
    I have said many uncharitable things about Allison Mack, none of which I take back.
    They are all true.
    But when a commenter suggested that Allison commit suicide, I refused to endorse such action.
    I refused to take the bait.
    I believe in justice but not violence outside of the law.
    Otherwise, I would be stooping to the level of the Ghouls of NXIVM.

    As for the women of NXIVM, none of them appear to be very attractive.
    As the writer Dorothy Parker said, “Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes clear to the bone.”
    And people, male or female, who would engage in torture or abuse or slavery are ugly.

    As for the pathetic men of NXIVM, no one better sums up their corruption than Jim Del Negro, a 6 foot 4 inch, 220-pound man who is “raped” by a 4 foot 11 inch, 100-pound Asian woman.
    There are no fly swatters available to gently swat the girl away?

  • I have a bit of empathetic sympathy for Lauren. I know what it’s like to want something strongly enough and for so long that your rational faculties can give way to your heart which leaves you more open to be deceived by others. But that’s really the only thing I can feel sorry for her in this NXIVM story. It could be considered a kind of Karma for the harm she inflicted on others while she was living high in this cult and performing her master’s bidding.

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