The Nxivm-5 Go on CBS Morning to Defend Raniere; Vicente Responds to Clyne on Twitter


The Nxivm-5 – Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette, Suneel Chakravorty, Marc Elliot, and Eduardo Asunsolo, AKA ‘We Are the Forgotten Ones, AKA ‘Make Justice Blind’ –appeared on CBS This Morning with Nikki Batiste.

This is the same group that has announced they “suspect” the prosecutors of criminal conduct in their prosecution of their master Keith Alan Raniere.  They have presented prosecutors with what they call an “affidavit” (it’s really a questionnaire) requiring them to swear that they did not commit prosecutorial misconduct, tamper with evidence or intimidate witnesses – and have demanded the prosecutors individually fill these documents out and return them by Wednesday.
The prosecutors are not under any legal obligation to comply with the request.
This appearance by the Nxivm-5 is part of the campaign to excite public interest in their movement to “expose” the alleged malicious prosecution of Raniere and to make arguments that he is innocent.
The gist of their argument in this interview seems to be that the prosecution used Keith’s sex life to prejudice the jury and dirty him up, which as Michele said “is nobody’s business.”
In the interview, both Clyne and Hatchette admit to being members of DOS.
Batiste asks Clyne and Hatchette if they were branded and if they had sex with Raniere.
They declined to answer.
Whistleblower Mark Vicente thinks it is a little late to be crying foul. He wonders why the Nxivm-5 did not speak up at the trial.  His Twitter thread speaks for itself.



Mark Vicente

Because I’ve been blocked by most #nxivm loyalists/true believers, I have to resort to screenshots. I’m struggling along with @julia76856080 & @ivynevares & others to understand how a group blowjob of #raniere upholds ethics, compassion and critical thinking. (1/2) 
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@ivynevares ·
.@nickiclyne and all her “ardent” fans, please enjoy this moment. Thank you Julia for pointing out the obvious.


Mark Vicente

Also you guys were NOT silenced. You had 7 weeks during the #nxivm trial to speak up and defend your Lord and Master #raniere But crickets… you just sat in court giving me the stinkeye. 

@BlindfoldHer  are you joking? Hasn’t there been enough branding and coerced rape? (2/2)
T • McElwee

Replying to

I’m not a party to any of the litigation, just someone who just followed the trial. But THANK YOU Mark. This effort makes me feel like I’m being gaslighted. Raniere had the chance to speak in his own defense at his trial, and he didn’t. IIRC, he didn’t even call witnesses.

Jay Brittenham

Replying to


I wonder how long she’ll stay loyal to him. She reminds me of Squeaky Fromme trying to keep Manson’s ship afloat after he and all his major followers were inside. I guess I feel sorry for the members still in the way you only can when someone is just lost by their own directive.
Michaela OBrien

Replying to

and  @BlindfoldHer  Are the Bronfman sisters still paying lawyers, keeping the filing spigot, or firehouse, on full blast? Apologies, not sure where they are at this point.



Roberta Glass and William Ramsey do a synopsis of the “affidavit” by KAR

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  • I cannot believe they are still trying to defend this guy… HOW COME?
    He seriously cracked down their brains like a master.

  • Allow me to say the quiet part out loud. They’re about 50-75% along the way towards resorting to violence.

    Morality is relative when you believe you’re the victim of grave injustice.

    • I think it’s pretty simple. Volleyball doesn’t really require a lot of skill and is one of the few sports that can typically be played co-ed (as it was often done in high school when I attended). Since Raniere was focused on obtaining as much sex as possible, this allowed a kind of flirting to take place with the opposite sex in a non-nerdy context for a nerd because it was a form of (minimal) athletic activity.

  • What’s funny is I had the exact same thought today, that Nicki is increasingly becoming the Squeaky Fromme of this story. That’s not a good road to be walking.

  • I can’t help but think this has been done to inflict the maximum damage on Clare. One day before her sentencing? Of course she is funding these idiots. We are thinking how bad this will look for Keith before sentencing but they have chosen to do this one day before her sentencing. The mind boggles. I wonder if she has given someone control of her finances while she is away and they want her gone for as long as possible.

    • Great point. This is likely to hurt Claire. They did nothing for two years . Weird they speak out now. A day before Claire ‘s sentence 🙁 I feel bad for Claire. She does not have a support network. She is being setup for a big fall.

      However she did also bring it in herself.

  • Why would CBS give them a platform? It’s a disgusting ploy for ratings.

    I wish the device “they/we are successful intelligent people”, would end. Every clip, every quote illustrates that motivated, greedy, dumb, people can get quite a lot done in life, but it takes a special kind of stupid to co-sign on any of this idiocy.

  • Attack the criminal court system and the prosecutors. That’s a smart way to get their leaders a reduced sentence !

  • I don’t think this did KR any favours. It was a great excuse for the media to go into why he was arrested, convicted and to show clips of The Vow. They talked minimally and what they did say was cringe worthy. Why was Nicki laughing like that when asked if she was a member of DOS? There was a delay in lifting her hand and then it looked like she was embarrassed. Did she not want to admit it? Truly bizarre. I don’t think it will have the effect they had hoped but I still really don’t know what they hope to achieve with this silliness. I wondered if they were there to promote their cash prize competition.

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