BREAKING: Audio: Keith Raniere Contacts Frank Parlato From Prison – Seeks Help to Show Prosecutorial Misconduct!

Keith Raniere

Nxivm leader Keith Raniere has made an audio recording from the Metropolitan Detention Center [MDC] which his followers shared with me. In the recording, he says he wants my help as he tries to have his conviction overturned just days before his sentencing.

Raniere is facing up to life in prison after he was convicted last June on seven felonies, including sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering. He’s due to be sentenced on October 27th.

Raniere and some of his followers – “Make Justice Blind” [The “Nxivm-5,”] – say they have evidence of serious “misconduct” by prosecutors that may warrant a new trial.  They claim there has been witness intimidation, tampering of evidence, and suborning perjury – and that prosecutors lied to the court.

I have agreed to look at the evidence.

November 2017. Marianna Fernandez and Keith Raniere with their son, Kemar, in Monterrey, Mexico. Raniere’s supporters claim that he did not flee to Mexico, as prosecutors claim, to avoid jurisdiction.

I Am Not Condoning Raniere by Agreeing to Examine Evidence

I take very seriously any claim of prosecutorial misconduct, even in the case of my longtime nemesis, Keith Raniere, of whom some say I was responsible for bringing to justice.

See media and other reports on my role in bringing about the prosecution of Raniere: here and here.

I am not saying Raniere is innocent. I have accused him of being guilty.  All I have agreed to do is review evidence his supporters claim they have of prosecutorial misconduct. I will publish the results of my findings.

If I find evidence of misconduct, I will publish it and if there is no evidence I will publish that also.  That does not mean I condone Raniere or his actions. However, in a nation where prosecutorial misconduct has reached epidemic proportions, I think it is important to be concerned with due process even for those defendants who society abhors – and insist on due process even for our enemies.

I would fight for due process for even the devil himself.

Keith Raniere Recording

The audio Keith Raniere made from prison:

Keith Raniere claims prosecutorial misconduct.

Transcript of Raniere’s message:

Oh good, you know, to think it’s, it’s something that was brought to my attention a little while ago, you know, and I pondered it, and it’s interesting that Frank Parlato might wanna form an unified effort with respect to this injustice of my case.

And, you know, in some of the past podcasts, I’ve mentioned, you know, what would be best is someone who is absolutely oppositional to me coming forth and going with this, and I thought, maybe some of the opposition, or one of the opposition or person who is maybe a witness who realized that what the prosecution did was wrongful.

And I think Frank is probably the quintessential person to do this, because in so many ways we are different, in so many ways it is the opposite, so there would be no personal interest in his, if you will, creating a justice scenario where I would be off the case, so to speak, that the charges would be dropped, because he thinks I’m bad, he thinks I’m evil but this is wrong. So, a sort of a disclaimer and, you know, and I think it’d be bilateral, I’m sure he would say the same thing.

You know, he’s not condoning his view of me, the things I did, or whatever he thinks I did. I don’t condone the things, his methods, either. But that’s not what’s at issue, there’s something greater at issue. Which is an oppression that faces all of us, and an oppression that is invisible.

You know it’s interesting. Frank Parlato may be one of the few people right now in this country that has free speech. You know? He answers to no one. He has no editor to control him, he has no owner to control him, he has no political forces that say “No, this newspaper should print this narrative, and not that narrative”. So, though I may not agree with the way he uses free speech, free speech is something that is dear to our country, and maybe the last vestiges of it, or the first vestiges of it in a long time are coming up through these internet type of sites and, you know, social media and things like that.

So, if this offer is indeed so. If he is willing to go and explore the justice of this – my rights – above and beyond his opinion of me, in some ways that also changes, in a positive sense, my respect for him.

In that dimension, that’s something that is honorable, that’s something that takes guts, and that’s something that is very important in this world. So, I uphold that, and I am honored, if this is indeed what is going on.

I think it’s important that two people that are opposites, literally diametrically opposed in their opinions about each other, would unite in a greater cause which is justice. In this case, you know, the injustice that faces me. If sentencing, for example, happens, that not only says that the court condones all of this stuff, and the court may be involved.

You know, Frank, if he has free speech, would be free to go and examine the agents, examine the prosecutor, examine the judge. And the judge’s efficiency. Not so much my belief, it wouldn’t be so much personally, it would be their actions. Not so ad hominem.

So, that would be a wonderful way to go forward, and it could change the course of the this. I’m a believer of that – you know that the sentencing could be put off because of this, within a matter of weeks, because there’s an exposure of the prosecution and their wrongdoing. Every prosecutor in the United States would be affected in a positive way. We would bring forth public accountability through media, and that’s what needs to happen. So that’s all I have to say on that.

[End of transcript of Raniere]

Who Are His Supporters?

The Nxivm-5 is Eduardo Asunsolo, Marc Elliot, Suneel Chakravorty, Michele Hatchette and Nicki Clyne.  They also call themselves Make Justice Blind, We Are As You, and The Forgotten Ones.

Marc Elliot. Suneel Chakravorty, Michele Hatchette, Eduardo Asunsolo, and Nicki Clyne.

The Nxivm-5 have been leading a dance protest on Friday nights in front of the MDC where Raniere is held awaiting sentencing.

More recently, they presented an affidavit to prosecutors asking them to swear they did not commit prosecutorial misconduct in Raniere’s case.  To date, prosecutors have declined to sign the affidavit, nor are they required to sign an affidavit presented by the public or the defendant.

The Nxivm-5 also plan a podcast that features the voice of Raniere meant to demonstrate his innocence and how prosecutors committed misconduct as well as a challenge with a series of $35,000 prizes for writers who can make legal arguments that might lead to overturning Raniere’s conviction. Attorneys will judge the winners of the prizes.

How Raniere Came to Contact Me

Marc Elliot

What started this exchange was Elliot posting a YouTube video asking journalists to examine evidence of prosecutorial misconduct in Raniere’s case.

Elliot said in part: “We live in a country in which prosecutors can commit crimes to convict people…And in this case, the prosecution against Keith Raniere and Nxivm did just that. They lied to the court. They threatened potential witnesses. They allowed perjury…Now, look, you don’t have to take my word for this.  We have the evidence and the videos to prove this.

“And we’re now looking for someone in the media, who’s caring enough, who’s smart enough and discerning enough to recognize that this injustice is completely separate from whether or not someone is innocent or guilty…With how big this case is and the whole world watching, we have the opportunity to expose these corrupt prosecutors in real time…”

I Reply to Elliot

I commented on his YouTube page:
I replied to Elliot on his YouTube page in the comments section:
“…If you have evidence of prosecutorial misconduct in the Keith Raniere case, I would like to examine it.  I may not like Keith Raniere, but I will publish evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, tampering with evidence, suborning perjury, or intimidating witnesses…if the evidence shows this happened...Tell Keith I am interested in examining any evidence he has of prosecutorial misconduct.”

Shortly afterward, Elliot contacted me and shared Keith’s recording. I interviewed Elliot and other members of the group and received a package of purported evidence concerning prosecutorial misconduct.

I am reviewing that material.

More to Follow

I have conducted a Zoom interview with Asunsolo, Chakravorty and Elliot – and will be publishing this. I will also publish the results of my examination of documents and videos regarding the alleged evidence of prosecutorial misconduct presented to me by the Nxivm-5.

It is important to note that if prosecutorial misconduct occurred, it does not mean Raniere is innocent.  Prosecutorial misconduct may have occurred and a defendant may still be guilty.  It may be true that there was no prosecutorial misconduct, or there was some, but not sufficient to warrant a new trial.

If there is sufficiently egregious misconduct, then the result could be a new trial. But Keith will not merely walk free. At best, he will be tried again. The point of a new trial is that the prosecution must abide by rules of due process even when prosecuting the most hateful or villainous defendant. Even someone everyone is already sure he is guilty is still entitled to due process.

My interest is as a journalist.

I am not trying to exonerate Keith.

Or show disrespect to victims, many of whom have suffered immensely.

I want him absolutely to have gotten a fair trial. If someone says he did not, I am concerned, especially because I had a role in his going to trial in the first place.

I am not saying that he did not get a fair trial. I have not looked at the evidence.

No one should be upset by my agreeing to look. If prosecutors did not cheat, it will be easy enough to prove. If they did, they should be called to account even if the defendant is the most hated man in the world.

Even Keith Raniere is entitled to due process, the same rights you and I insist on having. I think I am in a reasonable position to examine this evidence and to make this claim since it was Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman who falsely accused me back in 2011 and started my long fight with him and her. They tried to do to me what has happened to them – put me in prison.

I have been fighting for my life ever since – because of Raniere and Bronfman. So, if anybody has the right to insist that Raniere got a fair trial, I have that right.

Stay tuned.




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  • This entire scenario is bizarre, and just doesn’t add up.
    If Raniere’s lawyers were unable to find evidence of misconduct, how would someone who is not a lawyer find any?
    Why would Raniere even trust Frank after everything Frank has written about him?

  • Raniere is trying to play you like a fiddle so he can boast how even his enemies saw injustice and are fighting for him. Don’t do it. I promise you……he wouldn’t do it for you.

  • SHAME on you! I am really very disappointed in you Frank.

    The fact that you fall into Raniere’s psychological manipulation is mind-blowing!!! Didn’t they say they would pay you $50,000 to get someone disbarred? Now you are part of their new scheme to pay $35,000 for compelling legal arguments to get Raniere freed and they use the Frank Report to advertise.

    If there is prosecutorial misconduct, there is a legal path to prove it. These people are caged animals trying all the same tactics as before yet you give them a platform to continue their abuse.

  • Frank, if your case with the Feds is still active, I implore you to drop this idea of fighting for justice against prosecutors‘ wrongdoing.

    Your efforts would be better directed to your own case of prosecutorial misconduct. Don’t cloud or hinder your own case by delving into the Raniere prosecutors’ behavior.

    Prosecutors are a club that sticks together and protects one another.

    I have worked in a DA office and I have family members that are judges and prosecutors! One prosecutor recently resigned in shame in NYC for evidence tampering.


  • Frank,
    My question to you is how “honorable” was it for Raniere to deliberately and knowingly take legal action against you and countless others in order to destroy you and keep you from speaking about them?

    Raniere is a caged rat, a coward, and is trying to, once again, play you like a fiddle. He is where he belongs as he has destroyed far more than he has helped. I have listened to countless hours of him speaking and he speaks gibberish. He makes no sense and he is a constant liar.

    He will tell you anything you want to hear, he is a manipulative sex addict that will willingly destroy anyone who he can’t control anymore. I don’t for one minute believe the prosecution stepped over any lines. They didn’t have to because there was a plethora of evidence of criminal activity in multiple areas.

    Don’t let him play you. You have worked too hard to get him where he is and should remain. Never forget what he has done to you personally. He doesn’t deserve your help or assistance in any way to free him. He’s dangerous. He is a short, hairy, ugly senior citizen who has mooched off of others his whole life. Everything he has succeeded in is based on lies. He is nothing more than a snake-oil con artist.

  • There are many ACTUAL innocent people that are being manipulated and coerced in a corrupt legal system. I think precious time would be better spent saving the children from people like Keith Raniere and his cult rather than defending and helping a convicted sex offender and child abuser.

    I don’t know you, Frank. But I’d definitely implore you to spend your time defending the children and abused victims, rather than a manipulative, perverted cult leader.

    (That’s not to say I condone “prosecutorial misconduct”, but I also don’t condone CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY MISCONDUCT either. Was Keith thinking about all the innocent children and women he scarred with this cult? Was he thinking about the horrible exploitation and ruination of these people’s lives? Was he thinking about the psychologically damaging effects he and his cult have on the minds of all of his “recruits”? I think not.)

    I hope you reconsider going down this avenue. Instead of using up time and effort to help a known offender, perhaps use that time wisely to help protect and defend the innocent and less financially stable.

  • When the phone don’t ring, you’ll know it’s Frank calling Keith to tell him about all the exculpatory evidence he uncovered.

  • This reminds me of the Batman and The Joker dynamic. But in their case, Harley Quinn had to expose Joker because Batman was so blind that he had seen a reflection on him. Don’t fall on their manipulation, Frank.

  • It sounds to me as if that recording was a direct appeal to you, Frank — a recorded message to be received directly by you. At this point, however, I am sure you don’t care whether you gain his respect or not. But you are a fair man and your reasoning for reviewing the evidence is just.

  • Can someone please translate this to Frank? Thanks
    Ahora resulta que Frank es un defensor de los derechos de Keith!! Lo único que Frank quiere es atención no es periodista no es abogado, seudo periodista (un buen periodista no ofende). Frank es un narcisista que lo único que quiere es atención y Keith esta desespérado por salir de prison, si va a salir pero hecho un anciano! Esta combinación de Keith/Frank no es nada bueno, los dos son unos narcisistas manipuladores desesperados por atención.

    • Here is the online translation into English: Now it turns out that Frank is a defender of Keith’s rights! The only thing Frank wants is attention, he is not a journalist, he is not a lawyer, a pseudo journalist (a good journalist does not offend). Frank is a narcissist who all he wants is attention and Keith is desperate to get out of prison before he’s an old man! This Keith / Frank combination is not a good thing, they are both manipulative narcissists desperate for attention.

  • The big difference between Raniere and Parlato is: Frank is taking a scientific approach to the matter (where you test evidence without emotions, even if the results contradict your position); Raniere knows nothing about science.

  • An objective view surely can’t be had if someone was not in attendance of the trial to get the genuine perspective of the proceedings?

    Hopefully, this Juror number 3 hasn’t been charmed by some Angry Men (and Women) for the wrong reasons.

  • To be clearer,

    I understand your intention of trying to appear as impartial and fair by saying you’d stand up against prosecutorial misconduct regardless of the character of the accused.

    You absolutely cannot be impartial due to your personal experiences with this cult.
    Keith knows this and wants you to add credibility to his bullshit “fairness for all” campaign.
    He always gift wraps his personal agenda in the guise of “for all humanity”.

    He has shit loads of money to launch his own fight.

    Send the file back to what’s left of the cult.

    • Raniere is broke, he swore to it soon after he was arrested. LOL

      I would love for him to suddenly be rich, it’s called perjury. LOL

  • Congratulations, Frank,

    A psychopathic abuser has called YOU “honourable“ and “gutsy”…..he has effortlessly found your weak spot.

    You are an advocate and saviour for the abused and the victims of legal misconduct (including yourself). THAT is honourable and in the example of Kristen Keefe, you saved her, provided a home for her and her son, and tried to protect her from Keith and Clare…..Remember what happened next? Million $ private investigators who were lied to about their purpose, a spy couple who befriended Kristen then, realizing she was in GRAVE DANGER, warned her to FLEE…..

    Keith Raniere and the rest of the other guilty parties DO NOT CARE about “HONOUR” or “GUTS”!

    Join The Innocence Project and use your connections, sources and excellent research skills to help poor people who have been victims of prosecutorial misconduct and are deserving of your effort.

    This man is USING you, your position as his adversary & your time and resources for his own benefit… he’s done for decades with everyone.


    Have Keith & Clare paid your lawyers fees yet?
    How about Rick Ross, Susan Dones, Barbara Bouche,y and the countless others who were forced into bankruptcy?

    If you’re playing ‘double agent’…..just don’t, you will lose.

  • If they have evidence, what would they need Frank for? A witness? Only the courts could place Frank in that position and I don’t see it. If there had been a mistrial, I think Frank would have the first call on it as a man who is deeply committed to seeing justice fairly done in all cases.

  • If KR and his followers truly have ‘evidence’ of misconduct, corruption, or fraud, then they shouldn’t have much to worry about when KR files his appeal…. and they can make a big deal about it then. This is an obvious (and pitiful) attempt to gain some sympathy and maybe some influence before his sentencing date. He’s already been found guilty, and he’s likely worried if he has to serve his sentence far away with no outside communication that he will lose the control and attention he receives (and needs) from his followers.

  • In looking through all of the word salad that fills the cobwebs of Raniere’s mind, I see that he has the curious notion that Frank Parklato has to “prove” his bona fides as a journalist.
    Frank Parlato has run the Frank Report for 5 years and has broken many stories on NXIVM revealing many deep, dark secrets.
    And Frank Parlato has opened up his website to members of NXIVM including Mr. Raniere and Allison Mack as well as Nicki Clyne.

    For the edification of thee, Vanguard, America does not license journalists.
    America has Freedom of Speech and Press and it allows the readers to determine what the truth is in a Marketplace of Ideas.
    The Democrats and Big Media and Big Tech want to restrict the Press and determine what is Fake News but the American people want and the Constitution demands Free Speech for all journalists.
    Believe it or not, even Nicki Clyne is a journalist.

  • Are you in jail and are you innocent? This group can save you. The Innocence Project volunteers try to help others in this situation.

    “This is Luis Vargas. In 1999 they accused him of three rapes, sentenced him to 55 years in prison.” Mike Semanchik, a young lawyer in his thirties wearing a sweatshirt that says ‘XONR8’ (exonerate, in English), looks at the wall full of enlarged poster-size photos and points to one of them. “We got the judge to overturn the sentence after a DNA analysis.” Semanchik continues: “This is Timothy Atkins. Convicted in 1987 for murder due to the testimony of a witness who later admitted to having lied. We managed to free him in 2007.” “Kenneth Marsh was convicted in 1983 of the death of a baby. We obtained a new trial for him because the police had withheld exonerating evidence, and the prosecutor dropped the charges.”

    The figures that Mike handles make the hair stand on end. People who have spent 15, 17, 23 years in jail for crimes they did not commit. Or 36 years in jail, like Michael Hanline, the longest-serving exonerate in California. In the photo he is seen, on a sunny day in November 2014, in front of the microphones with Justin Brooks, founder of the Innocence Project of California, at the moment of finally being free: a bearded old man with scant white hair. “That is his wife. They had been married for three years when he was convicted. She has remained by their side until the end,” he explains.

    It is not difficult to perceive in Brooks a certain tone of pride, of satisfaction, when he shows these photos and talks about these cases. “They represent the best moments of my career. When at last, after years of work, the judge grants the exoneration, and you accompany someone out of court, when you drive him to his family’s house, you sit down with them to share a barbecue … is the most incredible feeling you can have. These people get their life back. There is nothing like it. ”

    The California Innocence Project was created in 1999 and occupies one wing of the San Diego Law School building. It consists of six or seven offices, and an office at the end of the corridor, where the mailboxes are accumulated with letters from all the prisons in this state (with one of the largest prison populations in the country and with the harshest sentences). “We receive between 1,500 and 2,000 letters a year. Not all of them are from prisoners who plead innocent. There are also people who ask for help with their sentences, which they consider unjust or excessive, but unfortunately we cannot help them,” explains Semanchik , hired since 2008 after going through the annual internship program.

    In the back room, a small army of about 30 volunteers, most of them university students and some high school students, open and examine each letter and each case. “There is a high percentage of people who can be dismissed almost immediately, just after reading the summary of the case. It is clear that they are guilty, or their case is absolutely impossible to defend.” But out of those thousands, at least 500 cases are susceptible to further investigation.

    The volunteers send a questionnaire to the convicted person, investigate the case, and prepare a preliminary report that will help decide if the next step can be taken: a petition for habeas to the judge, a hearing and, finally, a new trial. In this second part of the process, the volunteers pass the case to a fellow from the ‘clinic’ (they call it that because they consider their trainees to be like the resident doctors of a clinic). Each of the 12 law students who work on the project each year handle about seven or eight cases, supervised by one of the five hired lawyers. Of the 100 or so cases that are underway each day, few, very few, make it to the last step. And even fewer get exoneration. One or two a year.

  • Wow! Frank you will have his respect and honor if u keep him from his life sentence. You are the only one with “Free Speech”.

    You can help him find and publish the errors of the court and prosecution.

    Advice for Frank:

    Don’t piss off the judge. You still have issues before a fellow court.

    Don’t give him any “collateral” to insure your intentions.

    Don’t allow any of his followers to seduce you or the circumstances to make claim of such.

    Good Luck with this Frank, I bet you get a bill from them. Sued for failure to perform and keep your promises. Hope its worth the new information you will find.

  • It reminds me of the bit in the song where Lord Barnard says to the caught inflagrante-lover of his lady, The Little Musgrave,

    “There are two swords upon the shelf, full dear they cost me purse,
    you shall have the best of them, and I shall have the worst”

    So chivalrous to offer the doomed swain, the best possible weapon of defence. You are being heroic, Frank, but don’t forget to be ruthless in all matters concerning your own personal safety.

  • The only thing Queef cares about is Queef.

    Where was JUSTICE when VanGrifter ordered the murder of Kristin Snyder?

    Where was JUSTICE when VanLimpy was feeding rat poison to his followers and harem to get millions through their wills and estates?

    Where was JUSTICE when Allie Whack was holding down other women, using a cauterizing scalpel with no anesthesia, and telling them, THINK OF YOUR MASTER?

    WHERE WAS JUSTICE when Queef was posing 15-yo girls and taking pictures of their genitals?

    Cry me a river Queef Raniere. Maybe you can contemplate justice when you spend the next three years underground with your new associates – Terry Nichols, Unabomber, Blind Sheik, Richard Reid, Eric Rudolph, Bob Hansen, etc, etc.

    • Where was JUSTICE when Allie Whack held other women with a cautery scalpel without anesthesia and said: THINK ABOUT YOUR TEACHER?

      in any place since she personally did not subject anyone or frame anyone, that was done by other people, although she ordered those people, in terms of responsibility you would have to ask who these other women were and why they decided to do it, you speak of allison M. As if she was the only woman who helped Keith, you forget that there were 150 women who agreed to participate in this madness, regardless of the guarantees that ALL! The women had to deliver there were many yes, it is not that all the women participated in recruiting, in lying, in collecting the guarantee, in encouraging the new recruits to take the brand, supporting the new recruits while they marked them, there was a lot of complicity of many people and that was the main reason why things lasted so long

  • I think it’s the right thing to do! As my Grandmother used to say ” Right is right and right don’t wrong nobody”! I look forward to reading your findings. The prosecutors did the same thing to my friends.

  • To Frank Parlato and Mark Elliot

    I’m very glad both of you are getting together and that Frank will examine and evaluate the evidence transparently. We are in desperate need of bi-partisanship as a country to renew faith in American democracy. I can’t imagine this will be an easy task for both of you. Blame and vengeance have guided us for too long. My hope is simply for open discussion, mutual respect and an honest and accountable appraisal from both sides.

    • Tom, you seem keen to see a rapprochement between Frank Parlato and Nxivm? Thats interesting. Do you see them as reconcilable halves of a whole? As equivalent in some way? Would be interesting to know.

    • The proper exercise of justice in this case was nothing to do with American Democracy or politics. The case against Raniere was not political, it was criminal. Due process was properly done and under the weight of evidence, he was found guilty on all counts. End of story. His appeal will go nowhere. Full transparency was present all the way through.

    • Don’t count on it, the very high probability is Frank won’t see anything meaningful and NXIVM will accuse him of being just another bad actor. LOL

  • Let’s not overthink what poor Vanguard is doing. He is a mangled Dak – on a cart, in a full-body air cast, trying desperately to underhand a Hail Mary to his left guard.

    • …..He’s passed out in the bleacher seats covered in his own puke.

      Vanguard is done.

      No jury in the US is going to ever find Keith Raniere innocent as long as the picture of a 15-year-old, Camie, naked and legs spread is admitted as evidence.

      • Thanks for coming out of your stupor to make a halfway intelligent comment, NiceGuy 666. LOL

        Now, back to the normal stupor condition. LOL

    • On some things, yes. On some things, no.

      No conflict of interest on Keith wanting to stay front & center, and Frank wanting Keith to be front & center. With Frank being a journalist, he is being spoon-fed wildly entertaining content to provide.

      This one article may break the FR comment section, and we haven’t even gotten into the meat and potatoes of the topic.

        • Didn’t you once have an op-ed Amway hit piece that generated about 50 comments? Did it count that many of the 50 were you? Did it count that the rest of the 50 were poor FR readers threatening to scratch out their eyes?

  • KR’s only real skill is he has a nose for people’s weaknesses. Does Frank imagine himself the exception to this?

    • Very true…careful Frank….the cult KR built was full of intelligent people who had weaknesses. This may be one of yours. That does not undermine your courage, but be careful. I appreciate you a lot.

      • We ALL have our weaknesses. Frank shouldn’t be thinking he’s the exception, nor that the *flabturd* demiurge doesn’t have a certain cranky gift at harnessing the good intentions of others, ESPECIALLY the good intentions of others.

        Don’t you get hoisted by his petard, Frank!

    • Raniere has a nose for womens’ vaginas, and that’s all. LOL

      Raniere is useless and harmless while in jail, no Bronfman money, and no gang of women propping him up. LOL

      When are you people going to stop treating Raniere like someone who is to be feared? LOL

      • —Raniere has a nose for womens’ vaginas, and that’s all.

        It’s better than what you have a nose for….

        …Liike Seamore Butzz.

  • What happened to discourage Keith Raniere from having his attorneys engage themselves, on his behalf, in pursuing proof of prosecutorial misconduct? Are they too dizzy or bizzy?

    Keithy-Weethie has been somewhat touchy about Agnifilo lately, and that is evaluated from words straight out of Van Kiddiehunter’s mouth on the phone to his little harpie, Sundial. So deep. Wheel Suppository surname like an ayurvedic pharmacist. A blast from the past. Who can resist not getting lost in translation and the thrill of Sanskrit?

    Not I, Romeo. Still, this began with a genuine question. No hellos to his lawyers? Yes or no or I don’t know? So what gives, besides all of the shattered eyeglasses?

    How come Raniere is trying to produce an eleventh-hour gameshow, featuring jigsaw puzzles with half of the pieces missing? The guy doesn’t change.

    The con. He is on a roll.
    Living the life at Brooklyn’s finest address. Spinning the last empty toilet paper roll and imagining a brief view of the Rockies. On his way to you know where in handcuffs.

    Ooh my gawd. It is Grace Jones!

    Pull up to the bumper, baby
    In your long black limousine

    But that’s a jail wagon, Vangourd
    And you’re one skinned sardine

    • “Living the life at Brooklyn’s finest address.”

      That is probably true:

      80 29th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

      The address is so sought after that you cannot rent or buy anything there.

  • Frank this to the D.A. Then decide your intentions. Seems KR is a very dangerous person. Humanity will do much better without any association from the outside world …Thank you for making the world a safer place.

  • I think Keith, the egotistical control freak, needs to remember that it was Frank that offered to take a look. Keith wants publicity when nobody else would touch his silly stories. Nobody wants his shitty podcast. Nobody cares what he has to say. The silly publicity stunt ‘serving’ the prosecutors fell flat. Getting a murderer to sign a petition – and others duped in to signing it – made it a laughing stock.

    Plan B: take up Frank on the offer to have a look at his evidence. Now, he makes it sound like it’s his profound idea, like he’s calling the shots. Like he said in the recording, Frank has no editor, can write what he likes. He should remember that.

    I guess it is all giving him a reason to carry on.

    • Spot on. Nobody cares about Keith. This is his latest publicity stunt to keep relevant and also feeling powerful because he is again able to get free labor.

      I think, using psychopathic lingo, this is a Hoover. Narcissists always return, they create mechanisms to “Hoover” you back in (like a Hoover vacuum cleaner). Keith here created a Hoover mechanism to bring Frank back in.

      The literature recommends that when you get a Hoover, you should ignore it. It’s not worth it to be dragged back into the psychopath‘s world.

      • This was the first time I heard of the term hoovering, so I looked it up on the Internet and got the following from a particular site. It seems to fit Raniere’s behavior to a tee:

        Monitoring Us is Serious Business
        Hoovering is to Monitor Us: The pathological user is monitoring our intent to spread the word that they’re big fat liars, or report them to police and authorities. They need to know who we’re talking to, and what we’re saying. We might be in a position to expose them, to get them fired, or ruin their other set-ups with other prey.

        They’re angry at being found out and scared out of their minds that now there’s a loose cannon; a threat to their facade and fraud on the lose: that’s us. Monitoring us is absolutely 100% necessary for the user.

        Losing Prey is Not in The Pathological User’s Nature
        Sociopaths Don’t Like to Lose Prey: They hate to lose what they’ve ensnared. Ideally, they’d keep every person they entrapped since age five and keep us all collected in a harem, and a gaggle ready and waiting at their convenience.

        And as a supportive fan club to encourage others to believe they’re “good guys”. Hoovering is the pathological user’s attempt to keep their world intact; it’s their attempt to keep their very existence validated.

        The Sociopath Cannot Not Target and Prey Upon People
        Hanging on to current and former prey is something they aspire to. They want us as a fan, even if it’s only in the form of FB “likes”. A cluster of seeming groupies allows new targets… this is the pool they might be focusing on for a start.

        There are also many random others who exist only in the sociopath’s imagination, to form the impression that they’re “good” people and all the other things a sociopath needs people to think they are: Cool, popular, and awesome. Really, they’re just poop.

      • Sorry if this is a duplicate. Weird phone troubles.

        Like Anonymous, I too had never heard of the term “hoovering”. You are so right ML, this sounds about right for KR. I just thought he was simply sadistic clinging on and taking revenge, traumatizing, and deriving pleasure from it. I am sure he is sadistic but this hoovering theory really seems to make sense.

  • I was just thinking that Keith is getting exactly what he wanted: an engaged crowd who is analyzing his trial.
    Frank Parlato has been able to get a very engaged and critical audience and the Vanguard now has Frank Parlato and his audience analyzing his trial.

    Keith wanted to have a contest and pay money. Now, he does not have to pay anything and he gets Frank and his audience engaging and analyzing his trial.

    Frank: you have worked hard to get a highly engaged and critical audience. That is rare. Don’t give your labor away for free to the Vanguard. He is trying to get this rich knowledge connection you have with your audience.

    I am not going to do the Vanguard’s homework. Let him do the work.

    As a narcissist, the best revenge regarding Keith is to ignore him. Yawn…Keith is so boring, man 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

  • Man, you’re a better person than I am LOL. I don’t think I would be doing the same.

    Someone mentioned that you’re not a lawyer but a Journalist.

    But I recall you mentioning you were a publicist (I may be wrong)

    Would you mind clarifying your credentials just for the sake of clarification?

  • – Possibly Frank’s offer to review the evidence of prosecutor misconduct has made some of the flock doubt the Vanguard’s usual rancid depiction of Frank. So this could all just be desperate spin to reel the flock back in line, as in “look at the noble Vanguard acting magnanimous towards that old attack mutt Frank.”

    – I agree that Frank should examine the evidence. I think the most likely outcome is all of us getting a laugh out of the ridiculous puffery the Vanguard is still using to manipulate things his way. And there’s no better way to get under a narcissist’s skin than laughing at them. If the evidence does demonstrate prosecutorial misconduct, it should be exposed and corrected.

    – Employ good safety techniques when accessing the infamous evidence. Electronic communication might have all sorts of land mines attached. And there’s always the tried and true ricin or letter bomb in the envelope for hard copies. What has he got to lose – he’s already facing a possible life sentence, and he is a vindictive little SOB.

    Very interested to hear the outcome of all this, Frank

  • The desperate master manipulator has taken Frank’s bait. I can picture the thoughtless NXSCUM drones now suddenly believing in what Frank has to say. Ironic.

  • I tend to think that if he had anything at all, he would have at least teased it a bit. He’s got nothin but bulls#it.

  • I just listened to the audio and am saddened to hear K’s description of the injustice done to him. Keith – What about the injustice done to Rhiannon, Gina, and so many others??

    What about those who sleep in their graves, for whom you will never be held to account?

    Hello, NDNY! That said, I DO care deeply about prosecutorial misconduct. Personally, I believe far too many in this country are brutally imprisoned for non-violent offenses. But the silence from NDNY and the State of New York is deafening. By the way, KR, you cannot be considered non-violent, IMHO. Not when you demand starvation, sleep deprivation, obedience, forced servitude, damaging collateral, and imprisonment of trusting Mexican immigrants coming here to (hopefully) work legally.

    C’mon, NDNY, the whole sorry bunch did their deeds in your backyard.

    I totally trust Frank’s judgment, but as others have said, it’s clear that the K is using carefully-designed flattery and manipulation, as is his wont. Am I wrong? Possibly. He sounds convincing. I should know. He almost gypped my old boss out of his company.

  • Your motives and record are clear. I would also defend someone if there were prosecutorial misconduct. Just like with free speech. I don’t like Nazis, but I defend their Constitutional right to peaceably assemble. Don’t worry about detractors, Mr. Parlato. Your record speaks for itself. No one who is sane will think you are trying to exonerate KAR.

  • P.S. Frank correct me if I’m wrong but you’re a journalist, not a lawyer or judge. How can you look into this matter without the proper education, without the knowledge how do you know the nuance of the law? How could you possibly know what you’re looking for or looking at?

    Asking for a friend

    • I have lawyers who I will consult. And on some issues we merely present the facts – and let others judge. Some things are obvious.
      But in the end I have competent lawyers to review the material.

      • You are giving free specialized labor to the Vanguard…That is exactly what he wanted. Maybe he is the smartest man in the world 🙂

    • Lawyers and judges aren’t gods. LOL

      Frank has been sued plenty of times, so he knows a lot more about the law than most. LOL

  • You have the best heart. I shared this link saying not everyone can separate vengeance from justice but you can and I respect that even though I don’t like Nvixm one bit! Best wishes

  • It’s interesting Keith figured it out, as per his conversation with Suneel on April 8, 2020, he was looking for contestants to find him a way out, a loophole as it were, in his case even dangling 35,000 dollars. I lost interest, don’t know if he had any takers or not but wait, Vanguard in his infinite wisdom found the answer,( he might want to rethink that $35,0000.

    He might need that for his books since Clarebear is out of commission for the next 81 months plus 3 years probation).

    As for Frank, Frank I hope you’re not falling into an old fashion KAR speed trap, his swan song before he heads to the Colorado supermax in Florence.

      • Frank, don’t take too long I’m hanging on the edge of my seat. I want to see what the East Coast judo champion, smartest man in the world, self-proclaimed Vanguard has come up with. Boy, this ought to be good. I just wonder, Fran, if you’re more than willing to take a look just to see what Keith has come up with, he,he,he… see what cards he’s holding, or more like what he thinks he’s holding,.

        • Raniere is bluffing, as he has his entire life. LOL

          The differences now are that Raniere is in jail, exposed to public scrutiny, and without Bronfman’s money. LOL

    • Agree. Keith is finding free labor in Frank Report. He doesn’t need the $35,000. Frank and his audience will do it for free. Keith is getting free labor from Frank Report. Brilliant man…

  • “So, if this offer is indeed so. If he is willing to go and explore the justice of this – my rights – above and beyond his opinion of me, in some ways that also changes, in a positive sense, my respect for him.”

    could also be written:

    If this offer is indeed so.
    If he is willing to go
    and explore the justice of this
    – my rights –
    above and beyond his opinion
    of me,
    in some ways that also changes,
    In a positive sense,
    My respect for him”

  • Knowing what we know about narcissists and psychopaths, I would say you’re playing with fire. I wouldn’t do it.

  • On fourth thought, how about Frank just sends Flabturd a case of Kleenex and a canister of Clorox wipes? For his nose and his tearless eyes.

  • I support you, Frank, and admire your decision.

    But Raniere should keep in mind there are many crimes with which he was not charged, where there is ample evidence, in other jurisdictions like NDNY, and the State of New York.

    If any egregious conduct by EDNY is uncovered (though I doubt it will be, based on what I’ve read), he won’t be out of the woods. I believe the best he could hope for is a new trial. If that occurs, I suspect the witnesses – old and new – will be out with a vengeance, guns a-blazin’. New charges could well be brought. Thanks to India Oxenberg and many others, KAR is currently swimming in a sea of God-awful publicity and no one will want to see him skate, especially on a technicality. Or because the Judge rolled his eyes.

    This might be yet another miscalculation on Keith’s part.

    I agree with others here that you should be very, very careful, particularly with electronic communications. Hard copies only.

    If you want to be mercenary, Frank, maybe you should agree to do it only on the condition that he agree to quit suing people and trying to get them thrown in prison. Or have them killed. JK!

  • I would have them send it to a PO box. I would not want those crazies having my address! Tread lightly. 🍿 🍿 🍿

    • Nxivm knows where Frank lives and his friends and family.

      They have a dossier on Frank. Nxivm even has his social security number and all court records involving Frank.

        • Exactly right.

          Plus they have everything a private investigator could able to dig up on you…

          …By Nxivm’s silence on the issue of “dirt” you Frank must lead a boring life. 😉

          Otherwise Nxivm would have released any scandalous information they had obtained.

          Frank Parlato is clean. Seriously. God knows how much money they spent on snooping on Frank not to mention the two clandestine operations:

          1. The kayak couple.
          2. The woman and the laptop with God knows what on it.

          Following this whole Nxivm story for 2 years has been quite the ride. Frank and everyone else involved in taking down Nxivm are of strong character and good constitution.

          • NXIVM already provided “dirt” on Frank, the problem is that it was fake dirt and they are now on the defensive. LOL

        • Part of why it’s so silly for others to be concerned about their personal safety. LOL

          In fact, if all of us weren’t so scared then Raniere would have been stopped decades ago. LOL

  • Frank, wear a bullet proof vest and don’t eat any pies you find on your porch, just in case. You are up to your eyeballs in this, don’t let your guard down. You know who you are dealing with. I am concerned for your safety.

    A hidden message here, the dark side of it, Keith blames you for his legal woes and could have dark thoughts of revenge after he’s been in a max federal prison for awhile.

    Take care Frank

  • Oh Frank, Frank, Frank.
    A jury convicted him. They believed the evidence. An adversarial system is not perfect. To inject the modern American distrust of authority opens the door for this manipulative and toxic narcissist to leverage the distrustful culture of your legal institutions to fight for him in the name of injustice. The guy was so clearly not wrongly convicted. He is cunning. In this case your system worked. If anything, it was too complacent for years until
    It decided to kick into gear. Pick another case to fight injustice, we beg you.
    Don’t get pulled into this guy’s rabbit hole.
    Thank you.

    • MORE THAN 2,500 PRISONERS HAVE BEEN FREE IN 30 YEARS IN THE UNITED STATES AFTER PROVING THEIR INNOCENCE. To believe that justice exists in the United States is childish and disastrous. “There are a lot of innocent people.” It is impossible to determine how many innocent people are in jail, but there are investigations that assure that there are hundreds of thousands of people. The truth is that since 1989 more than 2,500 prisoners have been exonerated in the United States. These are data from the National Registry of Exonerations, a project managed by three universities in the country. In total, according to the same source, there are more than 22,300 years of deprivation of liberty. Almost nine on average per person.

      • Roughly 16 million people have been incarcerated over that time period.

        .000016 % or 1/ 62,500

        That’s 1 in 62,500 people are innocent.

        That sucks if you are wrongfully convicted; I would not call it childish or disastrous.

        We also have more police per capita and solve more criminal cases than other country in the world.

      • Mostly justice exists and a little bit of injustice. LOL

        However, there is a huge gap between whether Raniere is innocent and whether the prosecution broke some rules. LOL

    • There is nothing “modern” about the distrust of authority, unless your definition goes back to our Founding Fathers. LOL

      Just because Raniere was not wrongly convicted doesn’t mean the prosecution acted properly. LOL

      However, I agree the injustice of Amway and other MLM scams are much more worthy of Frank’s time and effort. LOL

  • Frank I have followed your blog for a long time. I have always admired your guts and your tenacity to expose the truth and honestly, no matter how negatively I feel about Keith and Nxivm and everything that they stand for, I have never respected you more than today after I see your decision to review the evidence of this matter. Your integrity jumps out at me and your sense of honor is truly admirable. Irrespective of what you find in examining the evidence, just know good sir, that my respect for you has increased a thousandfold. I will continue to support you, your causes and your website.

    Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much for showing us humanity in these dark times.

    I can’t wait for you to reveal your findings.

      • Thank you so much for the response!

        I myself am a lawyer in my country and I understand better than most what it means to be an officer of the court and to uphold the integrity of the justice system and for all who come before the court to have access to a fair trial.

        I support your decision 100%. As much as I think Keith and his cronies are scum, it’s important that your conscience is clear in that you upheld your morals as a journalist by reviewing any and all evidence in the matter with a clear, unbiased and open mind.

        You made the right call.

      • What will Frank Parlato do when the so-called “misconduct” was improper use of some INACCURATE information that they read on Will Frank denounce prosecutors for having made the mistake of using wrong information supplied by Frank himself?


        • Prosecutors do not and should not depend on anything in any media. If they read something on Frank Report, it is their job to vet it before presenting it as evidence.

      • Are you waking up forgetful? You could’ve danced all night. Dancing through the stars and restoring yourself. Try to remember a little bit of that unspeakable eternity, unless you subscribe to atheism. Then, tough luck. Tee-hee.

      • Mmh. I notice Frank did not deny nor address the belly shirt. I wonder if Frank possesses an innie or an outie belly button.

  • I agree that it’s important that prosecutors conduct themselves according to the law. That said, I hope you are going into this with clear eyes. Raniere is clearly following the same pattern with you that he has followed with many others: i.e. appealing to a higher ideal (one he may or may not actually care about, and probably not) to get you to do what best serves him personally. On top of that, he’s also flattering you by mentioning you answer to no one, and praising you – a move that makes it look like he’s in the dominant position. It’s like a pat on the head.

    • That is exactly what Queef does. He looks for a person’s weakness or ideals, then formulates a plan where NXIVM/ESP will help to fix those weaknesses or achieve those ideals — but only if the person joins NXIVM or helps Queef.

      This is classic manipulation by a narcissist and a psychopath. Beware Frank. Be careful.

      • Raniere is a worthless dork – with everything in the open and the focus on him, he will wilt under pressure. LOL

    • Of course Frank knows that.

      He’s also a publicist. Imagine if he did find evidence of wrongdoing, leading to a new trial, possibly with even more evidence, all because of Frank’s findings. More traffic, more attention, and more airtime for our beloved host!

      • Imagine if Frank found evidence of wrongdoing, leading to a new trail where Keith was exonerated. That would generate a lot of traffic too.

        I mean, it’s unlikely that would happen, and maybe it’s worth the risk, but it’s a sad thought.

      • It’s too much work. Frank is gonna get a lot of traffic because of the new tv shows. The Keith bid will not bring him that much. Keith is having trouble getting anyone to listen to him.

        This is free labor for Keith presented through a fake ideal. Typical Nxivm.

    • Being in jail, not having access to Bronfman money, and everything being out in the open destroys all of that. LOL

    • Under no circumstances should a non lawyer be involved. There’s groups that do this, and he has attorneys.

      Stay away.

    • A Movie: Batman and the Joker Team Up to Fight vs the “Deep State”.

      Plot twists:
      * Batman and the Joker switch roles, Good and Evil change and disappear at will.
      * No one can determine who the Deep State ultimately is. It keeps changing depending on your perspective.
      * In the final analysis: the Deep State becomes ordinary citizens like you and me, somewhat asleep and allowing life to happen to them without speaking up.

      • I wouldn’t equate the Deep State to ordinary citizens. The Deep State is very active while the ordinary citizen is apathetic and lazy. LOL

  • Remember that comment from Frank in The Vow- that he was like a chess player who looks far ahead, and doesn’t need a board as he knows the positions in his head? He wouldn’t be doing this unless there was a very good reason. Expect an October Surprise for Raniere just before sentencing – and it won’t be in Raniere’s favour.

  • Frank has done the right thing by accepting Raniere’s proposal. If the prosecution has committed any abuse, it must be investigated and reported.

    • This prosecutorial misconduct brouhaha is a cultie-eyed scavenger hunt fueled by desperation. Frank could be swimming. He could take refreshing walks, if American people are still allowed such luxuries. He could reinvent lasagna. Shoot, he could fall in love and not with a scammer. He could simply relax, watch the sky and feel blissful. Maybe.

      Raniere and his posse are baking a batch of cookies while an armored tank approaches them. Where is realism? Oh, never mind. Searching for realism with the branded twerkers and their pathetic stable of male counterparts is likely to be futile.

      I see the face of Rhiannon. Always. I see Gina, Heidi’s sister and I see Kristin Snyder. There are a plethora of cruelties that Raniere has consciencelessly delivered to those innocent or vulnerable enough for him to succeed in doing heartbreaking harm.

      However, I shalt not fret over small changes. Frank is not the usual male spider, who might ejaculate once and then be automatically devoured, having given his only contribution. Those poor dear male spiders! Here today, gone tomorrow.

      Mr. Parlato is being open and generous. He is the arachnid who, in being kind to flies, will still walk away feeling contented with a full belly. The only thing is that the flies will have a few more moments to hallucinate about injustices having been what captured Raniere and spoiled their fun and games.

      Maybe Raniere belongs on desolation row. I think that Frank knows that better than most. He also would see and respect the work of the prosecutors in this case, as well as the conclusions of the jury and of Judge Garaufis.

      Raniere, Swami Malevolent, finally got caught and put in the can. Now he is having slightly controlled tantrums, which probably worked well for him in the past, as a dictator with a flock of very confused nonthinkers.

      This could just be Frank having a Cyndi Lauper moment. Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Why not Frank?

  • I do find it odd that a man [Raniere] who, on several occasions, preaches the fluidity and social construction of the law, specifically as it applies to age of consent and incest, is now so very concerned about it being upheld.

    When accused of raping young girls, he asks his accusers to see how the laws are merely suggestions and should be viewed critically as they differ based on location and timing. Now, he and his devotees are pleading with the country to focus on nothing but the laws as they are written.

    The hypocrisy and narcissism are rampant and exhausting with these people. If the laws keep him from doing what he wants, they mean nothing, If they provide an out so that he might again get his way, there is nothing more important.

    There are no ultimate victims, until now that he is the ultimate victim. Is Nxivm changing their views on victims and the law or is this group representing an opposition to their once coveted “technology”? I mean for a movement that is supposed to embody ethics, one would think that they might take a second to get clear on the values and ethics for which they truly stand.

    • You have misunderstood the “ethics” of NXIVM and its conceptual founder, the Great Vanguard. You see, the great Vanguard is the ultimate arbiter of morality. Like Ayn Rand, he believes in the virtue of selfishness. So any position that is in his best interest, whether it is to claim victim status, or to not claim victim status, to view the laws as simply guidelines, or to abide by them according to the letter, etc., all of these various options that appear as contradictions to us mere mortals, are actually quite “logical” according to Keith Raniere.

      • Ha! Well said. Unfortunately, I went through a phase where I read A LOT of Ayn Rand and that knucklehead is as transparent as they come so I should know better than to apply my own feckless, female, emotional logic to that of the great….wait, what exactly is this guy great at again?

        • Ayn Rand’s writings are interesting in the proper context. Meaning…a certain amount of self interest (“selfishness”?) is required for a free society to work and thrive. KAR just perverted the message, to his own ends. Alas!

  • I understand your motives, however, you are taking a role similar to the Dalai Lama, he is manipulating you!!! And he will gain a lot from you reviewing the case. He is using you, even you can see that. You should “respectfully” decline. There are many other injustices in the world worth looking at.

    • The Dalai Lama was paid $1-2 million dollars and Raniere has been in jail for over two years and will probably spend the remainder of his life in prison, so WHO was manipulated? LOL

      Raniere will gain nothing, only justice would gain something from Frank finding prosecution misbehavior. LOL

      However, I agree there are other injustices much more worthy of being looked at, such as Amway and other MLM scams that rip off millions of new people every year. LOL

  • Further to that last post, need I point out that Mr. Trump passed the legislation on sex trafficking that Mr. Raniere was probably convicted by – particularly the minimum 15 year sentence for conviction? It’s a trap, big-time.

  • I can’t understand this stupid competition. Another hare-brained scheme. Why would they want amateur sleuths finding conspiracy when they supposedly have found so much misconduct themselves? Is it actually possible to delay sentencing in this way or is this more delusion? I would have thought it would just have to wait until appeal.

    This whole sorry saga gets more bizarre by the day.

    • —Another hare-brained scheme.

      If necessity is the mother of invention then desperation is the father of try-anything.

    • Short of a major COVID-19 spike in the EDNY courthouse, I do not think there is anything that can delay Raniere’s sentencing. If Frank finds anything that supports the notion that Raniere’s trial was unfair, it will be used for purposes of his appeal.

  • Frank, I think you just made your 1st tactical error. And it’s a bad one.

    It’s an extremely subtle, and highly cunning move (especially the timing) by Mr. Raniere.

    First, you’re giving Keith Raniere a national platform to present his case!

    How do you know what information he’s got? 250 million bucks can buy a lot of evidence! Just one piece of real evidence of legal malfeasance and the case turns on a dime, and he’s portrayed as an innocent victim.

    And by presenting such evidence, he substantially discredits your professional reputation. He’s trying to out YOU.

    Also, I think he’s trying to link his case – emotionally – to George Floyd and Brianna Taylor;

    If he raises doubt as to his guilt, he can tie himself to “injustice riots” of the left as well as the ambient controversy circulating around the election.

    Could “We are as you” have been a dry run to gauge the effect on the national media of “organized groups” assembling at correctional facilities in New York State?

    What would happen if Antifa or BLM shows up at MDC? A story that is definitely worthy of national media attention.

    Third, Keith Raniere could insert himself into the election, through your connection with (convicted but pardoned) Roger Stone straight to Mr. Trump!

    Ask Roger Stone.

    Speaker Pelosi is a contrarian who will fight for the opposite of anything Trump says, and if Raniere can get Trump to even mention Nxivm, this case will be immediately politicized and go sideways fast.

    I’m sure the President would love to have Nxivm added to the mix of things he presently has to deal with.

    Giddy from your legal victory over Clare Bronfman, you’ve let down your guard.

    I think it’s a trap. There is no winning outcome. Not one, including the conceit that it serves justice (which would take considerable time to prove anyway). And it could affect the election.

    In your place, I would find another way to deal with it – after Nov. 3rd.

    But hey, I’m just a working guy with “no dog in the fight”.

    • ‘,, including the conceit that it serves justice ‘ This is why Frank should not serve KR in this way. Go ahead and serve justice, just not in the service of Nxivm.

    • BLM was at the early days of the dance protest at MDC under the auspices of Sunset Assembly, a local human rights group in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. I interviewed members of Sunset Assembly/ BLM and I thought was to use it as part of a larger film on Dance as a means of protest for prisoner rights. Unfortunately, “We Are As You” members resisted being interviewed for the film. I wish to continue to extend my invitation to Danielle, Michelle, Eduardo, Nicki and Suneel to be interviewed.

      Congratulations on your move. Examining all the evidence respectfully and openly is what we are about as Americans.

      • Thanks, Tom. I appreciate your understanding that my willingness to examine the evidence does not mean I support Raniere.

        • Frank. Your magnanimity is being used against you. It’s a political trap.

          Mr. Trump’s signature legislation during Christmas in 2017 involved increasing the penalties for human trafficking. I believe it was partly the legislation that Mr. Raniere was convicted under and will be sentenced under. Specifically, raising the minimum penalty for trafficking to 15 years imprisonment. The President has been absolutely unassailable on this one piece of legislation. And it is the one piece of legislation everyone has supported.

          If Mr. Raniere can discredit the legislation as “inherently flawed” two weeks before the election, by presenting himself as wrongfully convicted under said legislation, he will have achieved a milestone victory against the Republican campaign. He doesn’t even have to be innocent, he just needs to inject himself into the dialogue of the campaign, and contrarian Speaker Pelosi will take it to the goal line. He could win many political friends by so doing.

          I think it’s a gambit. Using you would be incredibly subtle. The implications are far-reaching.

          They say the election won’t be settled before January 2021. The losers will be grasping at straws for a means to discredit the President for several months. I would be concerned about being the one who ads the straw that could break the camel’s back.

          Yes. If Mr. Raniere can provide clear evidence of wrongdoing, his case should be looked at, but inviting this subject into the zeitgeist this close to election day is more harmful than helpful. JMO.

  • Perhaps John Tighe would like to have a conversation with Keith about prosecutorial misconduct, and specifically, chain of evidence. I’d tell Keith that you are busy working on John’s case right now, and when you’re done, you’ll take a look at his case. And any info he has about John would help expedite things.

    • I have long offered to review John’s case. That is a standing offer. I plan to ask Keith about John’s case and other details of other prosecutions.

        • Thank heavens. Your concern is only morbid and not moldering. Pam the Cafritzy is not only deceased, but she might’ve gotten terribly brain-damaged, as a possibly dead-or-not half of a corpse, when Flabturd and pals dropped her body on the ground whilst making a final separation between her and her still useful money pile. At any rate, they found it funny as hell at the time. But who knows where the dead body finally went? Even Pam probably doesn’t know exactly what happened to her, and she was no Little Big Man. But then neither was that little mofo snotrag actor, Dustin Hoffman, from what is noticeable

        • Well, she was featured in the underground documentary Alien Autopsy. Look there my
          macabre friend.

          Once I saw her neck, I knew she was from Hanger 18.

      • He is still on probation and just getting back to normal life. Give him some time to get well and be ready for another fight.

        • If I was him and innocent I would have come out of prison ready for another fight, because that’s all I would have been thinking about the whole time. LOL

          The longer Tighe waits, the more witnesses will die, lose their memories, lose documents, etc., there is no time like right now. LOL

  • Frank: He is getting you to do free work. For free you are reviewing his case. That is what they wanted people to do in the contest: Review their case and find prosecution misconduct.

    Don’t fall for it. Get paid for your labor. Don’t do Rainere’s homework

    • I can’t take any money from Keith. However, this is something that I do as a journalist – check out the facts. Let’s see if there is any evidence or not?
      This does not mean Keith is innocent.
      His supporters say they have evidence – well let’s look at it and see if it stands up or not. It will quickly become apparent of there is anything to this.

      • you know what frank if it can give you more engagement on your site and hence bring you revenue and more visibility. Good idea. Don;t spend too much time on it (to avoid free labor). I think it might be fun to see how you ridicule Rainere.
        best of luck

        • I thought about it more. Even tho this post is getting a lot of comments, in the long run, it is not profitable.

      • You could take money from Raniere by taking off your journalist hat and putting on your private investigator hat, but you choose not to. LOL

  • I agree with what you are doing Frank.

    The remaining cult members under Keith’s direction are already spinning that his guilt and prison sentence was obtained by dirty tricks, and this narrative will expand and become lore quickly within their ranks and will be used to continue recruitment.

    Since his own attorneys won’t touch these claims–and what defense attorney would pass up the chance to overturn a lost case and have it retried with a potentially different outcome–and since no one like Dershowitz for example is stepping forward to shepherd these claims through the system, then it will be tried in the court of public opinion.

    The outcome of finding no misconduct will undoubtedly not change the Nxivm narrative that Keith was framed, but for the larger audience of this case, it will be helpful to see if Raniere’s most diligent opponent can find government wrongdoing.

    This way no one can say well you didn’t see our evidence so how do you know if there was misconduct or not. And their specific claims are something the Nxivm-watching public should find of interest.

    They are saying witnesses were intimidated–is Keith trying to claim that cooperators like Nancy Salman were under duress when she cut a deal? If so, then there would never be plea deals or cooperating witnesses. A bold claim coming from someone who regularly employed even false collateral to leverage (coerce under duress) people into doing what he wanted them to do.

    But it is in line with his grandiosity that he and only he is able to poke holes in our entire criminal justice system. Recall his patents and that he tried to actually sue for patent violation, over crude drawings that resemble a child’s scribbles. If this ‘evidence’ turns out to be anything like that nonsense, then it will be even more insight into his personality disordered mind.

    The only missteps from this bystander’s view is that the charges were not enough to encompass all of their many crimes. Clare should be up on perjury for the times she lied to frame others. The crimes for which Keith was convicted seem awfully narrow and leave out all sorts of financial and tax evasion crimes.

    However, I would buy a cheap laptop or tablet, perfectly clean of any trace of you, and use a coffee shop wifi before you open anything electronic sent by them.

    • If Frank doesn’t find anything wrong with the prosecution, Raniere and his followers will blame him for not trying hard enough or being dishonest (i.e., “at cause.”). LOL

      Perhaps Raniere’s lawyers haven’t been asked to look into these claims or they are ALSO looking into them – I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be willing to take the billable hours regardless of whether they thought they could be successful, since they took this sorry case in the first place. LOL

      All of the defendants were under duress, because they were being accused of multiple felonies, the question is whether it was wrongful duress. LOL

      Perhaps the government couldn’t find enough evidence of further crimes to get a conviction and/or felt they had enough to sufficiently punish the defendants, we will probably never know. LOL

      I agree with being careful with the computer, connection, etc. LOL

  • As a former reporter, I have to point out that there’s no automatic duty to analyze a convict’s claim of wrongful prosecution. Raniere is welcome to go through his lawyers. If he doesn’t like his lawyers, he can get new ones — this should be easy, he is used to cycling through lawyers. There are many avenues available to him. That affidavit is not one of them – it was a sham (“If the prosecutors don’t sign, that proves they’re corrupt”). This is a sham, as well.

    What will his claims amount to? From what I’ve read already: the judge rolled his eyes thereby influencing the jury; judges and prosecutors often have collegial, sometimes social relationships, as if that means there’s “collusion” to convict, the prosecutors “coerced” witness testimony…I’m sorry, did the key witnesses appear insincere? Censored? Why didn’t Keith testify?

    What else? Edgar Bronfman manipulated the case from the grave? Raniere seeking out Frank Report’s help is bizarro. I’m not happy about it, but I’m firing up the popcorn.

    • Nobody has even suggested there is an automatic duty to investigate Raniere’s claims of wrongful prosecution. LOL

      Frank is a naturally curious guy and this is a shot across the bow to prosecutors in his own upcoming trial. LOL

      This whole effort on Raniere’s part is going nowhere fast, just like his flaccid schlong. LOL

  • Oh, the Irony!

    If Keith Raniere, the self-proclaimed Vanguard, had been so magnanimous towards his enemies years ago perhaps he would not be in this predicament.
    The idea of suing critics and defectors into bankruptcy was counterproductive from the get-go.
    And when a person has no end of willing sexual partners, there is no need to brand and blackmail women.

    That said, the major error I see with the trial was that the judge cut short the cross-examination of Lauren Salzman.
    It is a Constitutional right for a defendant to be able to confront a witness through cross-examination.
    If only Raniere had not been so confrontational during Salzman’s highly emotional testimony.

    I do expect that if the Democrats elect the semi-comatose Joe Biden as President and Andrew Cuomo becomes Attorney General, there is a chance that Raniere’s sentence might be reduced.

    • Suing critics and defectors was productive until they sued Frank, because he was the first to effectively expose them. LOL

      Raniere’s sex partners were either getting old and wrinkly or dying, and the younger ones weren’t interested, which led to the “branding.” LOL

      I agree the judge f*cked up with cutting short the cross-examination of Salzman, he should have given her a few minutes to compose herself, blow her gigantic schnoz, and continued, or at the very least the next day. LOL

      However, Raniere’s lawyers also f*cked up by not insisting on continuing the cross-examination, but her testimony wasn’t determinative to the outcome. LOL

      Raniere didn’t confront Salzman during her testimony, her lawyers did. LOL

      I doubt Biden will become President. LOL

      • It also looks to me that Raniere could be setting up his lawyers for inadequate representation in order to get a new trial. I would welcome dragging Raniere through the mud again, and the DOJ could add some more charges as well. LOL

        • His initial appeal will be based on what he will allege were errors that Judge Garaufis made before, during, and after his trial (That appeal will take 2-3 years before it is resolved). After that, he’ll do another appeal that is based on inadequate representation (That will take another 2-3 years before it is resolved). After that, he’ll take up some new hobbies…

          • Can’t Raniere make both appeals at the same time? LOL

            The above timeline assumes Raniere isn’t pushing up daisies long before the appeals get through the system. LOL

  • I just bought out the grocery store of popcorn.

    From experience, I’m sharing a warning to those who have yet to listen to the recording – Do NOT turn up your speakers after ten seconds or so of silence. Keith’s voice starts around 15 seconds in. Nothing like “creepy” at a high decibel.

    Could the kid who beat Keith at the YMCA judo match, please answer a question for me – Did Keith always speak like this, or only after learning NLP/hypnosis?

  • A number of years ago, I read a very good book called “A Peculiar Crusade: Willis M. Everett and the Malmedy Massacre“. It’s about the American JAG corp attorney who defended the SS soldiers who murdered American POWs at the Battle of the Bulge. He worked long on their defense, eventually getting their death sentences commuted to relatively short prison sentences. He said It did not matter to him whether they all swung at the end of a rope; what mattered was that they got a fair trial.

    So, Frank, I think you’re doing the right thing. Prosecutorial misconduct undermines our faith in the judicial system. Your investigation might show that the prosecution did just fine. If the prosecution bent the rules, we should know. If they played by the book, we should be reassured of that too.

  • Good move, Frank. Be impartial as a journalist should be, look at the evidence, and realize it has absolutely no weight–which it obviously doesn’t–then state as much and let the sentencing commence.

  • I seriously doubt that this late in the process he has gained intelligence of misconduct from the prosecutors. As Ruby so eloquently asked “If there was evidence, why didn’t Keith’s lawyers present it during the trial?”. The answer is simple, his lawyers do not believe the information to be accurate or relevant.

    He is just desperate because he is losing his grip even on these hardcore 5. It is evident on his phone calls from prison when even after all this time he still make efforts to elicit guilt on these followers “This is the third call…” as if they must answer on the first call. The only reason he is not exerting a punishment is because he knows that phone calls are recorded.

  • Frank – This move won’t make you popular with the victims. I doubt that the Feds will be very happy about it either. Could it affect your case?

    • I realize that. However, as a journalist, I have no choice but to listen to their claims. This is not about the innocence or guilt of Keith Raniere – it is about whether there was misconduct by the prosecution. Supposing it is true then that needs to be addressed and revealed. On the other hand, if it is not true then it will close the curtain on this matter.
      Some people will understand that even the most odious persons deserve due process and we are not wrong to be extra careful with those who society hates to ensure that they do get due process.

      I do not think the prosecution will be greatly concerned if they did not do anything improper. Perhaps they may even welcome this evaluation. But even if they do not, what choice does a journalist have but to give the other side their chance to present their arguments. If they are wrong, it is quite possible that I might persuade them.

      • You’d better, Frank. You’re going to investigate. You’ll do it because you’re a gentleman and a journalist. (But the prosecutor’s office rarely err in cases of this volume.) You’re still doing it. Because you’re fair. Respect.

        • There is very little risk of that happening and even less risk of it harming Frank, as he has them fully exposed. LOL

          We should stop being so scared, but that has been true for several years. LOL

    • Pyriel:
      Prosecutors using a potential indictment to compel a guilty plea is standard operating procedure.
      That is how prosecutors bust up conspiracies.
      I know that Nicki Clyne does not like the threat of indictments to coerce Clare, Allison, Nancy and Lauren to plead guilty but no appellate court will find that tactic by itself to be improper.

      Prosecutors often tell defendants, “You can be a stand up guy and get 20 years or you can cooperate and do 5 years.”

      • That may be standard operating procedure, but it is too often abused. LOL

        It is how prosecutors send innocent people to prison as well. LOL

    • The victims and Feds should appreciate the motives. LOL

      Of course, if the Feds misbehaved they will not invite Frank to the Christmas party and deserve to be exposed. LOL

  • I think it would be good for the trial to be analyzed, sentence by sentence, for fact checking. As I read through the transcripts, with personal knowledge of most of the people who came forward, I knew there to be lies spoken about certain situations. Why did the defense not present counter-evidence during the trial? If I knew there were lies, certainly Keith did, and certainly Keith’s lawyers did during Keith’s furious whispering to them.

    Regardless of what you think about Keith, this is deserving of analysis. It would not be difficult to design a system that allowed for a complete court case to be uploaded, and group analyzed section by section, with analysts with different credentials having different influence on that analysis, so that lawyers could use that collaboration to present evidence of misconduct.

    To build that system would take far longer than Keith has before sentencing — but such a system could be built, and used for any court case where misconduct is suspected. I think such a system allowing for crowdsourced analysis of court transcripts would be a contribution to justice.

  • Well, he has nothing to lose. In his sick head, this is an opportunity to gain sympathy and perhaps manipulate some more of his followers. Frank, be careful, these people are bad and have distorted goals.

  • Thank you Frank — unbiased information can come in many forms. Thank you for researching and providing that — for any and all victins.

  • I would be very careful. NXIVM has a habit of hiring investigators to intimidate, coerce, and threaten judges, attorneys, business people, consultants, etc.

    Anything submitted by NXIVM cronies should be seen with a lens of doubt because the source lacks credibility, morals, and ethics. NXIVM hacked computers. Who is to say that the so-called evidence wasn’t created on computers also?

    • No sympathy for Keith after watching The Vow. His soul deserves to rot in jail for the rest of eternity. Prosecutors did their job beautifully. Period. To this day, he has shown no remorse and thinks his trial was unjust after all he did to so many good ppl. There are some not even alive and missing still who will never get a chance to see this day. I hope every day til Oct 27 is agonizing for Keith.

    • It’s hard to implement those habits from jail and exposing them makes them run for cover like the cockroaches they are – why people don’t see this is amazing. LOL

  • If there was evidence, why didn’t Keith’s lawyers present it during the trial? Why didn’t the NXIVM 5 do a press tour during the trial? This is the last pathetic attempt of a deranged loser to try to gain control when he has finally lost it. He and his followers are so out of touch they think if by some chance they can prove something that it will change “prosecutors and the justice system forever!” LOL…what?! There’s been tons of injustice uncovered and it’s never changed a thing. They didn’t care about the justice system until it affected them. Before, they were happy to use it to their whim to harass their enemies. This desperate ploy uncovers how self-absorbed these people are. I look forward to seeing this “evidence” they think they have.

  • I agree with Frank’s perspective.

    Smart play by Raniere enlisting the help of the tenacious man that bested him.


    I wonder if one of Raniere’s codefendants, who pleaded out their case, will recant their testimony and say they were being coerced by the DOJ.

    • If any co-defendant did that, they would face serious consequences – and an immediate trial. I sincerely doubt that any of them will do that for the Vanguard.

    • Raniere is making a desperate play, not a smart one. LOL

      Part of their plea was that they swore under oath that they weren’t coerced. LOL

  • Just more word salad by Keith both praising you yet still trying to manipulate. Now, he wants your help? Squirming in prison, tick tock.

  • Been reading here for some time (years) and over this time, we have seen thirsty desperation of FP,

    Frank, you have officially arrived! Congratulations!

    It’s official, you are a scum Frank.

    • Why am I scum, Anonymous? Because I am willing to review purported evidence? Because I want to hear from the other side? I am making it clear that this is not about Keith’s guilt – it is simply a review of the opposition’s claims. If I did not review their purported evidence, then I would not be a journalist – but just scum.

      • A Clickbait journalist is not the same as a reputable IMPARTIAL investigative journalist. Not all journalists are created equal.

        And calling yourself a journalist 7+ times in this post/replies does not make you more of a true reputable journalist. Just an opportunistic scummy one.

        • How much more IMPARTIAL could Frank be for offering to look at the prosecutors misbehaving after Raniere and Bronfman harassed him for years? LOL

    • Raniere is the desperate one, apparently Frank is the only one who stepped forward to look at the “evidence.” LOL


  • Wow, Frank, I was in your corner – that is, right up until I read this. KR has been judge and jury for the last 20 years, let him and the Nxivm 5 figure out if he’s been unjustly accused. You’re playing both sides of the fence, Frank. I was a big fan until today. Damn, I gotta break up with you Frank. But I will leave you with parting words: you can’t have it both ways, stick to your guns or abandon the fight.

    • Sorry to see you go – however – I am a journalist – and the Nxivm group claims they have evidence – not of his innocence but of misconduct by the prosecution.

      It will soon be determined if this is true or not.

      The only way I can stick to the fight – is to fight fair. I will take it one step further. Keith did not fight fair with me and others. So, in a sense, he is looking for a justice he did not afford to me and others. However, when I win, I want to win fair.

      If you don’t want to see the evidence he supposedly has, that is your prerogative.

      • Frank, I understand your principles. But you are dealing with dangerous people that will, for sure, use your ethics as a weakness. You can count on them to put all their skills and madness into building a very special trojan horse just to catch and reverse you or taking you by the balls like rabid hyenas. So beware, have your back ALWAYS covered – even more so because you believe that you’re strong enough to try to be impartial. And don’t forget that the said Nazi POW slayers were all jailed and isolated; they had no supporting proxies outside. Don’t forget the frog and the scorpion’s parabola.

        • I appreciate the advice. I am doing this from an adversarial position. I am not seeking to exonerate Keith but only to see if his and his supporters claim have any merit. It is hard for people to understand but Raniere can be guilty and the prosecution may have denied him certain due process rights.
          I am not saying this is true – I am merely agreeing to investigate this possibility and report on it.

      • No, you don’t get to claim journalistic integrity that’s rolled out selectively and often for self-serving purposes.

        You want to win fairly, do you? Because it’s all about you and what serves you. You want dangle this and drag it out for clickbait. But it’s all about what serves your ego, victims be damned at the altar of Frank’s inflated view of his journalistic integrity.

        The Camila posts were shameful. If you had any sense or morals, let alone some journalism standards, that spectacle wouldn’t have been considered. You use rape victims as clickbait.

        You’re not fooling anyone, you might as well stop fooling yourself.

        • Camila was not pure victim. She was an unindicated coconspirator. She participated in the rape of Nicole. She participated in the imprisonment of her own sister. She was seeking to recruit underage virgins for Keith – as the text evidence shows – shortly before his arrest. All of this came out at trial – and once she finally renounced Raniere, I stopped using her full name and treat her like other victims, though I have reservations about her being a victim.

          When she was a recruiter, when she was seeking virgins and doing dreadful things I had a duty to name her fully. to protect other women. And just because someone was abused when they were young does not give them the authority to abuse others when they are an adult. I disagree with you entirely on your wrongful statement that I used a rape victim as clickbait. I reported that Cami is a rape victim who went on to make other women victims. She was a perpetrator and now at the last moment, when she can get in line for possible victim restitution, she has become a declared victim.

          Had she testified at trial – she could have been actually helpful.

        • Which Camila posts are you referring to, the ones about how big Raniere’s schlong is compared to others? LOL

          It was court testimony and that should be reported. LOL

      • Re: Your Stand:

        I figured people would not understand, but I never for a minute contemplated they would be pissed off and verbally berate you.

    • I couldn’t hear the implosion – it must have been very small. LOL

      Raniere only has one card to play – desperation. LOL

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