Marc Elliott to Defend Nxivm in Lecture ‘Who’s Next?’

Marc Elliott, a longtime coach of Nxivm, has announced he is delivering a lecture entitled, “Who’s Next? [TM]. The Rise of Character Assassination and Loss of Human Decency.”

His lecture will be about Nxivm and how it was unfairly attacked by the media.  The lecture is “inspired by Marc’s journey of treating Tourette’s Syndrome with the help of Nxivm, a group misrepresented as a sex cult in the media.”

Marc believes he was cured of Tourette’s Syndrome by Nancy Salzman and the technology invented by Keith Alan Raniere.

“Who’s Next” has a TM or trademark symbol. Marc is apparently claiming this phrase is trademarked.

For those who want to attend what may be the only public lecture anywhere defending Nxivm – it is scheduled for June 26, 2019, at 6 pm, at 470 77th Ave. in Manhattan.

The cost is $25 per ticket.

Marc will deliver his lecture inside this building. It is not clear exactly where.

Marc points out there will be explicit language and his lecture is not suitable for children.

This Sounds Nuts

At first blush, one has to think, “Is this guy insane?”

He is going public defending one of the world’s most odious creatures, the reprehensible Keith Alan Raniere and his cult of horrors – just days after the monster was convicted on 7 felony counts including sex trafficking and now faces life in prison.

Marc Cured of Tourette’s, He Says, by Nxivm

Give the guy a little slack.

Marc Elliott believes that Nxivm technology, created by Raniere, and administered by his teacher, the Prefect, Nancy Salzman, cured his Tourette’s Syndrome.

This is what Marc wrote on his website, about his being cured:

“… At age nine, he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Tourette’s Syndrome due to his incessant vocal and motor tics that interfered with every aspect of his life. It is estimated he ticced around 25 million times and every medical professional concluded his condition was uncontrollable and incurable. Not being one to bend to statistics, Marc completely overcame his Tourette’s in 2013, drawing from innovations in emotional intelligence, using only mind over body, and sheer will….”

He thinks Nxivm cured him, and, as any honest person would, he is grateful.

Whether Marc was cured by Nxivm or faith in Nancy and Keith, or whether it was something else, Marc believes, and the power of belief is hard to overcome.

Naturally, he is distressed that the man and woman he thinks saved his life have been convicted of serious crimes. He apparently blames the media for virtually convicting them before trial.

So he asks, “Who’s Next?”

Keith Alan Raniere faces life in prison. But did his technology cure Marc Elliott of Tourette’s Syndrome?

Raniere’s conviction and the castigation of Nxivm call into question Marc’s core beliefs.  The fact that he suffered so long with Tourette’s must make it hard for him to accept that Nxivm is bad.

For him, Nxivm changed his life. He has little choice but to defend it.  I give him credit for not hiding and shouting out to the world, “No, you’re wrong. Keith is good. Nxivm is good.”

Of course, I think it hopeless. I doubt he will persuade anyone that Raniere and Nxivm were unfairly tarnished by the media and that they should learn from Marc how Nxvm helped him.

But I have to hand it to him. At perhaps the most inopportune moment – he is going to talk about what he believes – about the goodness of Nxivm.  He may even get indicted for it – as the DOJ continues to investigate Nxivm and Raniere’s co-conspirators. [Marc was previously called to the grand jury and may be presently considered a co-conspirator.]

Still, as he states on his website, “Marc shares his unprecedented story to illuminate the power of unconscious beliefs. Through his example, individuals and companies can gain a unique perspective and new found inspiration on how to challenge the status quo to achieve the unimaginable.  Individuals can discover how they make assumptions and pass verdicts on themselves, often carrying them forward without question. Bringing awareness to these limitations in thought leads to greater freedom and increased opportunities for success.”


Marc has two brothers who were/are staunch Nxivm devotees – Justin and Brian.

Brian Elliott
Justin Elliott

When Marc announced he was going to deliver a lecture defending Nxivm on Instagram, he got 71 likes. His brother, Brian [belliot2] wrote in support: “So proud of you, bro. It’s been inspiring to see you uphold your values of compassion and tolerance, even in the toughest times.”

Here are some of the other comments.

Is there a livestream anywhere? Or will there be a recording? I can’t make it that date!!!!

estradaclaudia [Claudia Estrada a Mexican Nxivm member]



My friend. Thank you


Marc, can we access it ? Love you!!!


My always brave friend ; it would be amazing if we could watch it from the other coast. We love you


I so wish I was back in the city for this!


Bummed to miss this, Marc! I’ve known you a long time and know no one who is more caring and always striving to live by their principles and share their experiences when they truly believe it will help others. Even when it puts you in the line of fire

And the critics:


I’m curious. If Keith Raniere gets a guilty verdict this week in the eyes of the law, will you cancel this? Will you see that you are promoting a group that has hurt people? I think #humandecency would be owning up to one’s mistakes. Righting the wrongs of those you’ve hurt. Believing victims. Instead, you promote a group to people that have been proven to harm people, including, Nancy Salzman, who “cured” you. She pleads guilty and awaits sentencing. Why do you avoid the truth? Why do you ask people to pay money to come to listen to you talk about this group? I understand they helped you Marc, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t hurt people either. Why do you want to put more vulnerable people in harm’s way? Why do you want to con people as they conned you? I hope you realize how many people you are victim shaming with this banner. The effects you have on people. If you read this, I know you’ll delete it. Maybe you’ll even try to find out who posted it. Wouldn’t that be just like NXIVM to try and discredit and instill fear into the people who expose them? I think you are a nice person, and I hope you can dig deep and understand what you are really doing here. Shielding yourself from all the information isn’t helping you or anyone else. I challenge you to consider more than you think you already know.


I have to agree with you @italwaysfeelslike123

I love you Marc but I’m so sad to see this.


This breaks my heart, Marc. I can understand a deep commitment to an organization that helped you overcome your Tourette’s – that aspect of your story was honestly what convinced me to enroll in an intensive in the first place – such a powerful example of what’s possible. But that’s not the full picture here. Some great results don’t negate a mammoth shadow side. I get that you and your brothers (such wonderful guys! God, it pains me) have invested a LOT in this company. Maybe taking in the reality would just be too much. But choosing to support Keith and the remnants of this company at this point is just bewildering to me. Especially since I got to experience firsthand how bright and smart and kind and talented and passionate you and so many people I met in that community are. So many well-intentioned, dear people wanting a better world. But this hasn’t been making the world better. For anyone still standing by Keith and this organization, I am mystified and heartbroken. You have so much more to offer the world than this. I believe in you. You are not locked into this. If you were using your gifts to truly help the world, there’s no telling how many people you could be helping.

@rosslip197 why do you say line of fire? We are just trying to point out that people here, including you, are ignoring the “reality data” of this whole situation. Did you read the transcripts of this trial? This, of course, doesn’t change that the tech used had a hand in getting rid of Marc’s tics, but saying that the media has misrepresented NXIVM is false information. To spread that information is irresponsible. To admit that the organization you believed in wasn’t what you thought to spare other people hurt is real #humandecency. To answer people who have questions for you is not “line of fire”. To make Mark into a martyr of this “cause” is irresponsible. I know he’s your friend, but to support him fully would be to call him out on his bullshit. Or “BS” as we used to say.


We will keep readers posted on the lecture – and plan to report on it unless Marc thinks better of it and cancels his lecture.

If you want more info from Marc, his email is His phone is 559-942-8842

See you at the lecture.


Marc may have canceled his planned lecture. He has removed his Instagram announcement of his lecture.

We will try to determine if Marc has canceled his lecture or merely removed the notice of it on Instagram and will inform readers accordingly.


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  • It’s really simple really, yes the branding , 15 year old pic, was his downfall. But the real crime is the heartbreak that was caused by them meddling in people’s families, breaking up families. Everyone suffers. But all these adults had choices . They could of stayed with there spouse. Renaire . Delnegro and the others did not force physically anyone to get branded , have sex, etc. But what they all did is put up a imaginary front. Of wealth because of the Seagrams sisters. And showed a unity that others craved for. Playing off they were helping humanity and had great ethics. Couples would attend these classes or meetings. See how a mass amount of people appeared happy content and no money problems. The ones who were rich and well off were searching for more in life They would preach about ethics and so you felt secure with your spouse being there. But was a well thought out progressing trap. That escalated out of control due to much of needy people , unhappy people some. Others searching for more. A sense of belonging. Made them all weak to the cults very persuading persona. This Keith Ranaire, Jim Del Negro, (mini vanguard) and the others are most guilty. Destruction of families and the suffering of the children. Why is Jim Del Negro not charged ? Why is he running the cult now? He has committed many ludicrous crimes. He is a smiling demon a drunk and a true manipulator taught by his master .This is the true crime. Not the branding as it was all consensual. But what the branding did. When loved ones found out. How it devastated and tortured family members. The crude aftermath is beyond words. And this is why Keith Renaire and Jim Del Negro especially need to be locked up the rest if there lives. It is not illegal to brand someone but it sure is to brainwash someone. And that’s what Ranaire and Delnegro did. Is use there charm big smiles and hiding behind ethics . To destroy hundreds of lives. They may have not killed anyone physically but they murdered many in the minds, as great pain goes over your entire body when your loved one chooses the cult over family. Why is DelNegro still doing dirty deeds. He is now running nexium.

  • He actually said in an interview with Vangone, that he’d been improving as he got older.

    So there’s no reason to believe that anything else was responsible for the improvement.

    Unless someone can prove a causal link, which nobody can.

  • FYI: Behavior Therapy has successfully treated Tourette Syndrome for over 40 years. See the work of Nate Azrin Ph.D. and the use of reciprocal inhibition in treatment. For Nxivm to claim originality over this is uninformed and scandalous.

    I first met Azrin at Temple University School of Medicine Behavior Therapy program in 1980. I began using his techniques and successfully treated several patients immediately afterwards.

    Treatment is difficult and requires much guidance and patience on the part of the therapist.

  • I don’t know much about Tourette’s Syndrome, but since I first heard about Vanguard, I’ve become unable to say, write, or even think the word, C*NT.

    Some might call it a miracle.

  • People! Can you actually distinguish the difference between Keith Raniere and NXIVM? Learn to separate the Message from the Messenger.

    NXVIM worked. Period.
    Keith is a criminal. Period.

    • Let’s ask the Nx lesbians they tried to both “cure” and exploit at the same time if they think NXIVM worked.

    • Let’s ask the Nx lesbians how they felt about being both “cured” and exploited at the same time.

      I’d like one example of a female student of NXIVM in the US who’s had EMs, worked the stripe path, and actualized. Not some Mexican rich kid & def not a man because they were treated differently.

      I’ll wait…

    • NXIVM only “worked” to the extent that all other high control groups or cults do, by providing some benefits of basic talk therapy, group support and motivational training, techniques all cribbed from multiple earlier sources – and in NXIVM’s case amped up a bit by hypnosis and NLP, pretty much the same as Scientology and couple of other more contemporary groups.

      NXIVM still has “baked into” it all of Raniere’s misguided and even harmful theories and teachings that are in the various modules, such as the inferior role of women, and that sex with underaged children is permissible. If it were to be cleaned up and purged of everything that is baseless or even wrong, it would end up being little more than the basics of hypnosis and NLP that Nancy Salzman started out with 2 decades ago.

      • “it would end up being little more than the basics of hypnosis and NLP that Nancy Salzman started out with 2 decades ago.”

        I think Raniere and Salzman were using covert hypnosis all the time with everyone. Covert hypnosis is often more effective than overt hypnosis, because it drops down into the subconscious mind unannounced.

        NLP is 95% covert hypnosis.

        “Frail of heart renounce all fear.
        Locked away inside all these years.
        Remain in light, renounce all fears.
        For you have been mesmerized.
        Break this spell of silence.”

        – Dead Can Dance.

        • Indeed.

          At least those susceptible. For starters, there are the accounts of people who had hours-long encounters with Raniere, but only remember the first and last few minutes of it.

          Similarly, Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard was very good at stage-style hypnosis, something documented by early acquaintances’ accounts of impressive tricks such as post-hypnotic suggestion that he pulled on people. though it’s not as well known as I think it should be. I’ve also found later accounts by people around him suggesting he was definitely able to pull off covert hypnosis, as well.

    • Look, you ethically bankrupt rogue, don’t think to lecture us on separating message from messenger or map from territory or menu from meal.
      It is you who must learn to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad, citizen from felon, but above all, peerless philosophy from
      charlatan ass-air.

      Wakey-wakey – you are way out of alignment, with We The People, and your regiments a mess.

  • If the “Tech” did something as strongly positive as curing Marc of Tourette’s, can it not do something equally as harmful? Power is power and can be used two ways. A double edged sword, right? And those who possess it choose how to use it…which isn’t always black and white. I hope that if Marc sees this so-called ‘tech’ as something powerful, he can understand the terrible things it could accomplish when not being used properly. At the end of the day it’s all manipulation, all Nxivm followers were subject to manipulation of the mind, the altering of the way one uses his/her mind…Nxivm had many subjects for experiment. Marc, you were one of the many…glad you fared well. Some sympathy for those who didn’t fare as well as you?

    • Good questions.

      Several relevant things have been observed about Scientology, which is in many ways a comparable example, including using hypnosis-based techniques attempting to probe past traumas and produce emotional catharsis, and being among the most extreme of high control groups or cults.

      The techniques for delving into past traumas, based on the primitive cathartic therapies that had to be abandoned due to their shortcomings, produce mostly superficial though often impressive-seeming senses of relief and unburdening although little long-term positive change – but in a not insignificant number of cases they can leave individuals worse off, and even result in psychotic breakdowns. We’ve heard of a few bad outcomes that NXIVM tried to handle and sweep under the rug, and I suspect that there were quite a few more.

      And, of course, as we’ve seen at trial, the use of such techniques in an atmosphere of manipulation and control, especially when there are physical restrictions including on eating and sleeping, can result in the closest thing to brainwashing that actually exists.

  • So….the fight goes on.
    We must be ever vigilant, still.
    Barb, Marc….you are marking yourself as pariahs by continuing to insist there is good in NXIVM.
    Till my duing breath I will do all I can to stand in your way and tell the world who and what you promote.
    My advice to you is disappear. Get a job, go away, go far away.
    Marc you are an enemy of females everywhere.

  • So….the fight goes on.
    We must be ever vigilant, still.
    Barb, Marc….you are marking yourself as pariahs by continuing to insist there is good in NXIVM.
    Till my dying breath I will do all I can to stand in your way and tell the world who and what you promote.
    My advice to you is disappear. Get a job, go away, go far away.
    Marc you are an enemy of females everywhere.


    My friend. Thank you ❤️

    Meesh is Michelle Hatchette, a good friend of Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack.

    In this picture posted on January 16, 2018 Michelle Hatchette has one hand on Allison Mack’s shoulder and the other hand on Dr. Danielle Roberts shoulder with Nicki Clyne in dark green on the side.

  • Why didn’t Marc testify for Raniere at the trial?

    For those who think nothing good came out of NXIVM, this an example. It doesn’t mean Raniere and others shouldn’t be punished severely, but grown ups understand both can be true.

  • If the Elliot brothers are such loyal believers and followers of Keith’s Tech, why didn’t they testify for the defense?

    They were only a subway ride away from the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse!

  • Frank – I noticed a Big League Politics article on Rainbow Cultural Garden, where the writer has quoted you. The Rainbow branch in London were looked into by Ofsted, the education watchdog, in 2017 but I couldn’t find anything online about the result of the investigation. I’ve no idea if the branch is still operational. Also, wasn’t there a branch in Dublin and is it operational?

    • Pyriel, Ofsted had a brief look in 2017 and refused to help in 2018 because RCG, as an independent school falls out of the OFSTED remit. Thanks to a few well-placed emails to my local councilors in 2018, RCG was moved out of the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and relocated to Westminster, just down the road from The Goring in Beeston Place SW1. That address has since been removed from RCG’s Site. But it WAS their last known address.

      I have been down there and cannot gain access to their ‘office’ No one’s heard of them. I enquired at The Goring and they certainly don’t use RCG for childcare provision. Try talking to Westminster children services:

      Also, complain to your local MP about OFSTED’s intransigence on this issue. Quote ‘Every Child Matters’ which is a National government initiative and argue that that’s Every Child -even the offspring of non-domiciled mi/billionaires! thanks!!

    • Polygraphs are so relatively unreliable, that they’re not admissible in court.

      They are also largely ineffective with pathological liars including psychopaths, and deluded people who have come to believe the fabrications of their minds.

    • Pyriel,

      How do you find these awesome links? LOL

      I think the results of the polygraph test speak for themselves. Lol

      Ben Z. is truthful. I had a feeling Ben was telling the truth in his video.

      Now I hope I can attend the next party with Frank Parlato Roger Stone.

      Pyriel I bet you did not know…….

      ……..Scott Johnson’s radio show (podcast) was the first major media organization to report on the Ben Szmekus party. Seriously Scott broke the story!!!! LOL

      In Scott’s own words paraphrased “this will blow the top off of Nxivm”!

    • I looked into my crystal ball and sacrificed chicken entrails in my magic cauldron: Marc Elliot Is Next, Send the $25 directly to my account for empowerment


    The use of the term ‘Who’s Next?’ is extremely unoriginal.

    In the 90s, after the euphoria of the First Gulf War, there was a ‘Who’s Next?’ T-shirt with a Skeleton Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer.

    It was satirical. Not meant to be taken literally.

    Marc may have cognitive dissonance. Something I’m sure some EMs could take care of. Not enough data. Get your head out of your #!@#$@%#!

  • I have empathy for Marc Elliot his conviction is admirable misguided as it is….

    I watched the promotional video of Marc Elliot and Keith Raniere there is no doubt in my mind that Marc is sincere in his belief that NXIVM cured his Tourette’s syndrome.

    Marc is a zealot to state the obvious.

    I am not going to jump on the bandwagon this time around. I see no reason to bash a young man who no one ever will listen to or follow.

  • Frank, he’s not claiming ‘trademark’ ownership of that phrase.

    ‘TM’ is used informally for unregistered trademarks. Any asshole can use ‘tm’ for anything.

    I can say “Eat My Pussy Garlic Free ™”

    …but all it really means is that I want the world to think I’ve got a trademark, when I really haven’t got jack shit.

    • So Jerkoff,
      Are you Marc Elliott? If not, how do you know what he meant by using TM for?

      You really need to work your impulse control issues or is it foot on mouth disease?

  • From the NIH fact sheet on Tourettes syndrome:

    “Although there is no cure for TS, the condition in many individuals improves in the late teens and early 20s. As a result, some may actually become symptom-free or no longer need medication for tic suppression. Although the disorder is generally lifelong and chronic, it is not a degenerative condition. Individuals with TS have a normal life expectancy. TS does not impair intelligence. Although tic symptoms tend to decrease with age, it is possible that neurobehavioral disorders such as ADHD, OCD, depression, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and mood swings can persist and cause impairment in adult life”

    This information is all over the internet from reliable sources. Those affected may be helped, – CBT is used but NLP might have been a factor for Marc, but for many in late teens-20s tics lessen ON THEIR OWN. As usual, NXIVM taking credit for it and making this vibrant, engaging young man a participant in their twisted mind games.

    Read and research for yourself, Marc. Waking up to the horrendous reality of what was done to you sucks. Do you want to choose the red pill or the blue?

    • Thanks for that nice bit of research.

      Surprise, surprise – he turns out to have been suffering from something that can in some cases resolve on its own. Many cult testimonials and “miracles” are based on mis-attributions of things that would have occurred in the course of an individuals’ life anyway.

      In another interesting example, several studies have shown that up to as many as a third of detectable early-stage breast cancers may go away on their own:

      “the natural course of some screen-detected invasive breast cancers is to spontaneously regress”

      The Natural History of Invasive Breast Cancers Detected by Screening Mammography

  • To get into the lecture, each person who wants to attend must enrol 6 other people who must also enrol six other people, until everyone in the world will be at the lecture.

  • In some cases medical conditions do resolve spontaneously – or miraculously, it might seem. It’s easy to fall into an error of attribution, and falsely assume that something being done at the time was the cause of it.

    But if there was anything that worked, it was most likely Nancy Salzman’s hypnosis and NLP, anyway. None of the NXIVM “tech” was really new, and Raniere only brought to it a certain brilliance for marketing, and packaging convincing-seeming modules in a sequence that went from the few basics that might have brought people some benefits or results, to indoctrinating them as believers in his particular worldview and followers of his organization.

    Raniere’s case may have been sensationalized, but at the core of it he was still exposed as a disgustingly banal psychopath, a habitual liar who abused people in furtherance of his obsessions with power and sex. Still, it’s to be expected that there are a few loyalists and true believers who can’t come to terms with the basic facts of that – perhaps some even believe it’s all just the work of the Illuminati conspiracy, and Raniere really is innocent.

    It’s understandable that some might try to defend the “tech,” not understanding that it’s just marginally effective techniques plagiarized from multiple other sources. Those taking that position are probably mostly trying to distance things from the now-proven depredations of Raniere and the inner circle – but apparently not all.

    Speaking of Nancy Salzman, I’m curious how she views where she has ended up. My guess is that she put up with Raniere’s growing lust for power and increasing sexual deviance as what she thought was the price of spreading the basics of the “tech” that was largely her work – and now blames him for ruining things.

    • Let’s be honest.
      It became Nancy’s jail after a while.
      She had nowhere to turn. Her livelihood was NXIVM.
      Plus, she knew full well what happened to defectors.
      Nancy knew too much, was guilty of much.
      Clare would have crucified her.

      • Uh, g, I believe you just typed something about Nancy that I agree with. I’d add to your list by saying that Nancy knew she’d lose at least one daughter if she left. She felt like her only option was to close her eyes and hope.

        I’d personally change the last point to say “Keith would have crucified her with Clare’s money.”

  • Let’s assume KAR’s tech really did cure his tourettes. Did KAR ever make this wonderful cure available to others?
    It would benefit society greatly and it could be a legitimate money maker…so was Keith’s tech ever independently tested and/or made available to others to prove it worked?

    • Well it’s good at curing phobias. Just look at Nicki Clyne. She was able to get over her fear of heights.

      In fact, she was so unafraid of heights, that she climbed a famous ladder statue in Mexico. Took a picture of herself to prove it – that she was no longer afraid of heights. And then posted it on Instagram.

      And BAM! that is how the FBI tracked down Keith. From Nicki’s photo.

      That has to be legendary by the way. As in a legendary stupid criminal. But hey, the tech works!!!

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