Meeting My Adversary, Suneel Chakravorty – He Shares My Concerns About Prosecutorial Misconduct

Marc Elliot, Frank Parlato Eduardo Asunsolo Sunelle Chakravorty

I have met, via Zoom, four of the people I call the Nxivm-5. These are five people who feel Keith Raniere should not have been convicted.

I do not agree with them.

However, we found one point we agree on. That everyone, even someone almost universally hated, such as Keith Raniere, is entitled to due process.

We are not in accord that there was prosecutorial misconduct in Raniere’s case. They assert there was – and, lacking sufficient evidence one way or the other, I am not in a position to assent or reject that assertion.

However, I said I would look at any evidence they claim to have and if there is discernible misconduct, I am willing to publish it. Every case should be able to withstand intense scrutiny of the prosecution. The prosecution should be above suspicion.

This does not mean I am fighting for Raniere to set him free. Even a guilty person, which I believe Raniere is, can be a victim of prosecutorial misconduct. We should call it out whenever we see it and let the law remedy it.

The evidence the Nxivm-5 proposes to submit does not concern Raniere’s innocence or guilt. It is evidence, they claim, of prosecutors not obeying the law.

The Zoom call, which you will see more of later, between Suneel Chakravorty, Marc Elliot, Eduardo Asunsolo, and myself, took place on the evening of October 12, 2020.

Before getting into alleged evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, I want readers to understand that the Nxivm-5 are not fans of mine. They support a man that some say I had a hand in putting into custody.

Let us hear from each one, starting with Suneel Chakravorty.

According to his bio on the Make Justice Blind website, Suneel grew up in South Florida and studied mathematics at Harvard College. He started his career as a software engineer at Yipit (now YipitData) in NYC, co-founded a software consulting firm called SimpleFractal, and now trains teams to use machine learning and data science. He believes that the justice system needs to evolve and become data-driven and devoid of prejudice and hate, and that technology and public participation can facilitate this quickly.

Suneel has been one of the WeAreAsYou dancers in front of MDC. He said he does not like my coverage of him, arguing that I have mischaracterized his relationship with Raniere, who he says is a friend. He is not a disciple of “his Vanguard.”

Here are some past articles about Suneel:

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Here is a clip of the Zoom conference video where Suneel tells me about my coverage of him on the Frank Report.

Top row: Marc Elliot, myself

Lower row: Eduardo Asunsolo and Suneel:


Suneel: The things that were written about me, of my being called I don’t know what the word was but “a disciple for his Vanguard” or things like that which are is not at all how I view my participation in this situation. What I view is being a citizen stepping up to help a fellow citizen to uphold their rights and I think that would be a much more accurate portrayal from my perspective.

I just wanted to voice that for the record of how I interpreted what was written.

In some things, I actually felt you were very accurate, and you held to the record, but other things – if it was you writing or a colleague – imbued in my actions I think a type of mysticism that’ just not there. That was for me a negative.

Frank P: You feel it was unfair to characterize you as a disciple or devotee of Keith Raniere?

Suneel: Correct. I think a more accurate representation would be a friend of KR and someone who is a proud citizen trying to help despite the controversy around the case.

FR: Alright now that you said that on the record, I will record that in its appropriate place.

Suneel:  Appreciate it.

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  • Frank, please explain “ What he gets” from his continued efforts to free KAR?

    I don’t get it. The old sex machine is gone to prison. The $ is gone with Clare. Does he get to service the remaining DOS gals? Are there remaining financial assets to be transferred into his name?

    By acknowledging the community is destroyed, he knows the customers/marks are gone. The name NXIVW is synonymous with pedophilia and sex slavery. And a known cult.

    And he continues to put a meritorious effort to recover the unrecoverable.

    Please enlighten us, Frank. Can someone really be “mind-fucked” that long?

  • How was Suneel Chakravorty NOT a disciple of Raniere? By being a coach under Marc Elliot? And how is he friends with Keith (Keith has no male friends)? He lives in NYC, aside from his stay at the MDC, he could not have spent enough time with Raniere to build said relationship. Same with Clare. He was not a high profile Espian, so they used him to do their bidding. One day, he will wake up and see the light.

  • Okay, starting with Suneel’s statement – that is grossly inaccurate to say he is just a citizen as if he were totally unconnected and had never been connected to KR. That immediately shows they want to be as misleading as the letters of support have been.

    Saying he followed the programme, took the courses, and felt they did him good and he had become a friend of KR is fine but not concerned citizen which implies no connection to the person.

  • Not a ‘disciple’ of KR’s? Really?

    So does he just routinely plan and provide UNPAID assistance in helping lowlifes who bullied and mistreated women -including having them fucking BRANDED?

    Who else does he DANCE for?

    He needs to get a life.

    Keith is a demon. Should be easy enough to see that his time could be spent better not helping him mock the DA and the JUDGE in his case.

  • So who was Suneel “friends” with first? Clare or Keith? Was he introduced to one by the other?

    So many questions. I don’t think it’s possible for Keith to have friends. He is the leader of something, teaches something. At its most innocent, is Keith a teacher to Suneel? It’s all wishy-washy to delve into anything other than him being a disciple.

  • Bangcunt is scouring the Internet stalking other people, including 15 year old boys with other monikers on YouTube and Instagram, thinking everyone who has some negative opinion of Frank or some positive opinion of Kreuk (you know, because she’s just some “smell-the-fart” actress, who, despite having such a lack of skills, has been in the industry for twenty years, is a millionaire many times over, and can’t possibly have thousands of other fans) is just another alias of Sultan. Someone is a wee bit too obsessed with another person and he’s not even a celebrity.

    • Don’t project your sickness, Spanky. In the comments on Sarah Edmondson’s YouTube interview was a cuck called “easyalpha” doing what you do, worshiping Nxivm member Kristin Kreuk. Typing that name into Instagram to see who it is, one would not know his/her gender, age, race, hair color, nationality or anything else. It might not have even been him/her. You, on the other hand, pretending to be a little girl on Kristin Kreuk’s Nxivm website Girls By Design to talk to little girls was premeditated degeneracy. Stop smearing Frank Parlato on the internet, Hassan, because the evil white man said correct things you don’t like about the one you masturbate daily to. If the mainstream press wouldn’t do it, Parlato did, it makes you so mad!

      • You’re one to talk about projection, being the biggest projecting fool on this site. Whoever that person was, he certainly wasn’t “worshiping” her. But way to go to hyperbole again which is commonplace in all the negativity you constantly vomit here. He responded to one comment, and in Pavlovian fashion, your mind was filled with rage, your fists clenched, you foamed at the mouth, immediately thought of me, and came running here to make a comment about it in the only place that you cowardly can like you do in practically every other article every other day. How pathetic is that?

        No one pretended to be a little girl, you moron.

        Just because you’re a sociopathic cunt who can’t control his white rage against other races, the Kreuk, Mark, Sarah, and whoever else your bitter heart latches onto to whine about here, don’t project your moral and mental diseases onto others.

        • Since this is between Sultan of Six and his nemesis – The Anti-Kreuk – I will let it stand with all its vitriol since they both love to insult each other.

          • “and his nemesis – The Anti-Kreuk”

            I am anti-all of them. Though only one of these Nxivm turds has been rolled in glitter by Spanky for fuck knows how long, whenever anyone speaks of her Nxivm role. He has been pissing people off defending this one Nxivm member for nearly as long as he has been rigorously pinch gripping his revolting skin flute, like squeezing the guts out of a worm, while thinking about said Nxivm member, until he squirts out the most pointless congealed befoulment. If the halal salami stroker focused on another Nxivm member, say Sarah Edmondson or Grace Park, that Nxivm member would get spoken of a lot more. Blame Spanky.

            If you would like some more vitriol, I would be happy to provide. I hold back to avoid censorship. 😁

          • I think the present amount of vitriol is actually sufficient. Maybe one day you and Sultan can be friends.

        • “He responded to one comment”

          How do you know how many times he commented? How do you know which YouTube video? It was more than once and that user name has posted on Frank Report and Artvoice before. He is another spanker.

          “No one pretended to be a little girl, you moron”.

          You did “Jesse”. Tee hee! Did you have your little pee-pee out, you crazy chicken choker?

          “Just because you’re a sociopathic cunt”

          Islam, the “religion of peace”. Hey was it you who beheaded that French teacher today because he showed pictures of the pedophile not-a-prophet muhammad while teaching freedom of expression? Or was it another cunt?

          “the Kreuk, Mark, Sarah”

          Why does only Kreuk get called “the Kreuk”? Why not “the Sarah”?


          Keep taking the bite Spanky. It is effortlessly easy to get inside your head, the one you don’t stroke as much. Of course, one must get through the turban. You are more sensitive then a clit. The rage you feel because years of internet white knighting and stalking has led to your tiny phallus remaining bereft of Kristin Kreuk’s pussy juice.

          • Sultan and The Anti Kreuk can you guys wrap up your arguments about each other with maybe one more post each? Now it is descending to pure name calling.

        • Wow!!!! Sultan with the ad-hominem vulgar attacks.

          How’s tricks my Desi-Cabdriver friend?

          Are you still a Ravens fan? Who do you favor Ravens or Eagles this weekend?

          I honestly hope all is well.

          Please excuse the cabdriver dig.

          If Bangkok and Clare Bronfman were drowning, which one would you save?

  • This whole nonsense of Keith Raniere using Frank Parlato to prove that the prosecution of Raniere was unjust, is one of the most absurd and ridiculous things I have ever seen. It is as if Mr. Parlato is completely unaware that Clare Bronfman was in the habit of telling everyone she knew that “Frank Parlato is a CRIMINAL, so don’t believe anything you read on his web site”.

    Questions for Frank:

    1) In what universe are you to imagine that you can pretend to be impartial in such a case?

    2) What value does it serve to publish the results of a completely biased investigation into the prosecution of Raniere, when Clare Bronfman tells people that you are a “CRIMINAL” and therefore you allegedly have no credibility.

    3) Did you not yourself argue on this web site that it was a mistake for NXIM to accuse Judge Garaufis and the prosecutors of engaging in misconduct?

    I have drawn the conclusion that Raniere is absolutely desperate to appeal to the owner of this web site for help, and that it is sheer madness for Frank Parlato to even pretend to be an impartial judge of the prosecutors.

    This case has turned into the biggest joke I have ever encountered.

  • Sultan Of Six is on twitter with ANOTHER alias, “Daxie” talking shit about Frank Parlato and Frank Report.

    [I don’t link to assholes]

    Old Spanky REALLY hates Frank Parlato.

    A funny exchange between someone called “Licorice Medusa” and old Spanky:

    LM: “So you’re the one on The Frank Report that brings this up. How many former members does have to help before you let this go?”

    SPANKY: “If someone is bringing it up on #FrankParlato ‘s blog, it’s not me, but all the misogynistic & racist comments he’s allowed & his twisted takes seem to show he’s still the same man who myopically wrote, “white men also gave women the right to vote.””

    LM: “Whomever they are, they write like you. He’s a big free speech fan, that’s true. I see old posts like that, not new ones. I assumed he grew. Try it out, you may enjoy it.“


    Just let it go Spanky! On every NXIVM related social media posts bashing Frank Parlato, it is always Spanky. He is WORSE then NXIVM members themselves.


    Frank, keep a packet of bacon on you at all times. If old Spanky comes at you with his soy jellyfish-like slapping, hold out the bacon like a priest holding a Cross at a vampire. A pork chop would also suffice.

    • I don’t know why I love crazy uninformed critics. It makes me laugh. I do not know if it is Sultan of Six. Some people are lucky and they get smart and informed critics – I, unfortunately, get mostly ignorant and uninformed critics, But at least I have critics.

    • Oh god ! Soon a blue haired SoS -aka- Spanky embracing SJW lifestyle, virtue signaling and trying to obliterate his “enemies” using Cancel Culture ? This is so 2020 Q3 !!! We are now in 2020 Q4, my SoS-dude ! You’ve got to adapt to the zeitgeist !

    • Bangkok- use your nom de plume.

      You are my nemesis. Scott Tex is a poor substitute.

      Scott is like the last kid chosen at a grade school kickball game. Please tell mommy I said hi. Have you preordered the new Xbox yet?

      Covid-19 must be great for your self-esteem…..
      …..When you play Xbox games at home, you can tell yourself that you have no life and are a virgin because of Covid-19.

      • Ok Nice Guy – that’s about it — you have said your piece with Scott and he with you. Why not write on the topics in the post?

  • “They support a man that some say I had a hand in putting into custody.” Could you cut out the humblebrag crap? LOL

    Thank you. LOL

    It would be interesting to know how Chakravorty met Raniere, whether he’s taken any NXIVM courses, whether they think he committed crimes, etc. LOL

  • NXIVM was the most hierarchical kind of organization imaginable. I simply don’t buy the person’s portrayal of himself as a “friend” or anything other that what he is — a follower of KR.

  • Raniere seems rather desperate at this point, and also seems to believe his own propaganda. I’m sure in his mind he thinks there is prosecutorial misconduct, though I doubt anything he could show you would demonstrate that.

    One thing that you should be cautious of, Frank, is the possibility of his supporters manufacturing false evidence on his behalf.

  • Looking forward to watching the Zoom call.

    Someone should let Suneel know a real friend does not expect you to treat them as a deity and refer to them by a special made-up name of unearthly status such as Vanguard.

    The photo up top is from the time Marc Elliot, Frank Parlato, Eduardo Asunsolo, and Suneel Chakravorty appeared on an episode of Hollywood Squares. Phyllis Diller and Buddy Hackett sat in the squares next to Frank.

  • Frank, FYI, was reading about Nxivm on Reddit and SultanOfSix is on there as JRule31 smearing your name. Of course, he hates your guts because of Kristin Kreuk.

    Anyway, was reading about the latest episodes of The Vow and there were comments about Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente snubbing you or your website or something.

    Is there any truth in that? Did you ever have a falling out or disagreement with them? If so, what about?

    • No I don’t recall having any falling out — at the beginning I think they thought I was a little crude and vulgar — but it worked for them – this vulgar in your face blog got the branding message out that broke the cult. It was what it took.

      • You said you tried to humiliate Raniere on this website with the pictures you used of him. That he was not immune from being laughed at. Humour works.

        What made the two think your website was “vulgar”? What offended them? In 2017, there was not anything “vulgar” that I can recall. Did they ask you not to talk about anything? Did any Nxivm members use Edmondson’s and Vicente’s connection to you, to try and get you to not talk about them or certain subjects?

        Do you think there are former Nxivm members who don’t like you and if so, why?

        I ask as there was an article recently released that suggested your role in The Vow was sidelined somewhat. Like they didn’t want to give you as much credit because of the negative press about you.

        If so, that is humorous… They don’t mind giving Edmondson and Vicente a documentary that is all about them when they have tons of skeletons in their closet.

      • Yes, I will agree. Sometimes, The Frank Report is totally vulgar but it’s what makes it brilliant and I love it! 🤓

  • Hi frank. You know what would be cool to have zoom calls with your audience 😊😊😊☕️ Chatting away ⚡️ How come Keith’s minions get all the Frank Report love ? What about your faithful audience that tune in daily

          • 😂 a HD web cam is on order for Scott and NG.

            I advise against this Frank. It could go beyond vulgar and in real time.

          • — Are you implying Scott will need to stock up on tissue boxes?


            …And a tub of hand lotion.

          • Nice Guy you are capable of being a lot more humorous and subtle than this. I may have been wrong about allowing it to continue. The bickering between you and Scott and Sultan of Six and the Anti-Kreuk is becoming something of a distraction and honestly has no place on a post about Suneel Chakravorty.

    • I wish there’d been something like this as people were watching and processing “The Vow.” Perhaps a Zoom lead by a group of reporters and/or insiders, with the rest of us watching with a Q&A chat box for people to ask questions and share observations.

      • That sounds like a circus. Terrible idea. Reporters are just observers like you and these “insiders” should be willing to answer hard questions about their own actions inside Nxivm. They won’t though

    • Since Mexican Lady brought it up, she has to be on the first zoom call. Niceguy and Natashka are obviously on it. Who should be the fourth? I vote Flowers.

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