Former Nxian: How Suneel Rose to the Top

Keith Raniere’s library was in this modest townhouse.

Keith Alan Raniere’s hard drive was seized by the FBI during a raid on his library at Hale Drive in Knox Woods.

On that hard drive, prosecutors alleged were nudes of then 15-year-old Camila, who grew up to become one of Raniere’s sex slaves.

Based on what they found on the hard drive, the prosecution was able to level charges in a superseding indictment for possession of child porn and sexual exploitation of a minor.

The shocking and scurrilous nature of the child porn charges shattered the confidence of the other Nxivm defendants and within a few weeks, they all took plea deals, preferring not to stand trial alongside Keith, especially with the horrid stench of child porn charges now in the case. It was no longer adult consensual sex but child exploitation.

Keith has claimed and has asked Suneel Chakravorty to help prove that the hard drive was not his – and that the feds planted the photos of Camila on the hard drive.

Now, a former Nxian who is in communication with other former Nxians, many of whom think that there was some good in the teachings of Nxivm, gives us some opinions on why Suneel has suddenly become such an important leader of the Nxivm ‘remainers.’

By a Former Nxian

Some of us have a theory about why Suneel Chakravorty suddenly rose to the surface.

Some of us hypothesize that Suneel had a significant part, or possibly a leadership role in, the analysis of Keith Raniere’s hard drive access statistics.

Consider this: Keith had access to Clare Bronfman’s millions to get the best electronic analysis team on the planet, but this evidence never surfaced in his defense.

That leaves two possibilities: Keith had the evidence and wanted to suppress it so he could be declared guilty and have evidence in his pocket for a mistrial motion or this next jabberwocky movement he’s invented, or Keith didn’t have the evidence in hand because Suneel failed to produce it.

As you read through the transcription of Keith and Suneel’s telephone exchanges, any reader could see that Suneel is more or less stuttering out half-sentences to Keith, never once completing a full thought.

Another Tapped Prison Phone Call Between Keith Raniere and Suneel – Denies Cami Child Porn, Wants to Prove He Is Physically Ill

If Suneel was put in charge of hard drive analysis and failed to produce sufficient data indicating Keith never accessed the hard drive with Keith’s own laptop (which is a possibility that would indeed paint a far different picture and indicate that the Daniela testimony was perjury and the Camila photos were possibly planted by her older sister Daniela to enact revenge for the whole locked in a bedroom incident, which Dani did indeed herself perpetuate by the way – she was a kleptomaniac and kept stealing and looking for ways to steal information online), then Suneel’s failure to deliver on a set of evidence to use in defense would constitute an ethical breach against Keith, and Suneel may have chosen to step up into a spotlight supporter role for the jail dancers and this new “We the People” movement.

Painting by MK10ART

It is a possibility that logically follows from the way Keith enrolls people to do difficult things for him and loops them into further labor (usually free labor) to “heal their breach” against him.

Oddly, this system is a system of victimhood, painting Keith as the ultimate victim of everyone around him, because they broke their commitment to do what they said they were going to do, or as Jim Del Negro puts it, “You broke a promise to Keith.”

This black-and-white topsy-turvy surface analysis has an obvious flaw in the premise that Keith has no responsibility in what he asks people to do, and as an outsider looking in this seems obviously crazy cakes, but to those still inside, still dedicated, they cannot or will not see this system playing out over and over again — which is sad.

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  • I understand the “someone planted the evidence on me” argument, but it sounds like there were nudes of multiple women on that hard drive. Is he trying to claim he took the photos of everyone else on that hard drive except Cami? And if he’s claiming he didn’t take the photos, who is he saying did? That’s a lot of post-coital nudes and by the defense’s own admission he was the only person having sex with these people.

  • “Camila photos were possibly planted by her older sister Daniela to enact revenge for the whole locked in a bedroom incident, which Dani did indeed herself perpetuate by the way – she was a kleptomaniac and kept stealing and looking for ways to steal information online), then Suneel’s failure to deliver on a set of evidence to use in defense would constitute an ethical breach against Keith, and Suneel may have chosen to step up into a spotlight supporter role for the jail dancers and this new “We the People” movement.”

    It’s my understanding that Dani was trying to escape for a while, that she did not want to have sex with Keith Reniere, that her mother acted as pimp and gifted her to him. She is quoted as stealing in order to get money for escape and evidence for future leverage. That’s not a personality defect or even bad thing in this case. I’ve seen immigrant detention camps, have you? I realize the cult sexualized historically barbaric inhuman practices to desensitize and disassociate, but ICE detention centers are probably worse, but at least the company would have been better.

    Inside the cult, victim blaming is “ethical”. Ignoring that such things as coercion is meant to keep you in the mindset of a dumb sheep that will accept anything. Whomever you are “former member”, you have a long way to go to understand all the ways you’ve been trained to think like a psychopath.

    Not a single one of the former members is a reliable witness, as far as understanding and evaluating ethical behavior and self awareness.

    Money and power. That’s the answer here. It’s what brought all of you in and kept you there.

  • To the author, the former Nxian, why did you write that Dani was a kleptomaniac? What proof do you have of this? The reason she was in the room wasn’t because she was stealing, it’s because she kissed Ben Myers.


    Mark Vicente: “Also you guys were NOT silenced. You had 7 weeks during the #nxivm trial to speak up and defend have a problem with your Lord and Master #raniere But crickets… you just sat in court giving me the stinkeye. @BlindfoldHer are you joking? Hasn’t there been enough branding and coerced rape? (2/2)”

    Mark Vicente said this to Nicki Clyne on twitter. All do respect, you had years to speak up and denounce NXIVM yourself. Lots of crickets.

    Also, at the time of writing this, there are sixteen ‘likes’ of that tweet, including NXIVM member Kristin Kreuk. She’s one to talk about being silent and crickets. She’s had three years on top of the years before that to denounce NXIVM and Raniere. It’s hypocritical for a NXIVM coward who helped grow the cult to have a problem with Nicki Clyne’s silence. Ivy Nevares liked the tweet too. When did she leave? Also, is she an American citizen?

    • Frank, don’t you find these types of comments odd? This repetitively antagonistic viewpoint on display towards Edmondson and Vicente, two whistle-blowers who are probably the most responsible for the catalyst that resulted in the take down of this cult and whose testimony is partially responsible for its leader sitting in jail right now (and some others, of course)? Does anyone else besides me find this sort of prominent juxtaposing interplay between being supposedly anti-cult and anti-these-particular-cult-members by certain commenters disingenuous and contradictory? (Rhetorical question by the way). There’s an underlying theme of resentment that permeates them as if a subversive “gas-lighting” game is being played. Hmm…

      • I’m one of those people. I’ll happily explain I research as a hobby, I’m unemployed due to quarantine,

        AND –

        I loathe narcissists. HATE them. I have a sense for them, physically. I’m never wrong. I watched that first episode and alarm bells were going off all over the place. I researched to find out what the reality was and unfortunately my bias was confirmed. The more I read and watch, the more evidence I’m given.

        I have to wonder why YOU don’t see what I and others see. I have watched those you’ve mentioned do damage control and paint themselves as dupes while insisting on the intelligence of members. I’m watching a lot of edited, censored, reality TV manipulation to save whatever careers they might have left. The ghoulish profiteering and self promotion does look like the methodology used from within. The contradictions are numerous, sometimes in an avalanche.

        I think they’re imposing sensationalist shallow values on the rest of us in the presentation and framework.

        No, others predate them. The NXIVM 9 are the real whistle blowers and the real heroes. The value being placed in The Vow (so far) is on a group that left kicking and screaming because they didn’t want to walk away from their pyramid scheme. Mark’s “Bros Before Ho’s” mentality doesn’t help, in fact every woman watching of dating age probably had their jaws dropped. His misogyny and entitled smugness is revolting. He seems to lack self awareness completely, and doesn’t hesitate to inform us. As a founder of SOP and its ideals, it’s not surprising upon further reading, beyond the forlorn “intellectual idiot” act presented to us.

        The men present as mentally challenged while women give a lot of pursed lip side eye, while they tell us the opposite.

        There are real victims, and these folks ain’t it. They’re the reason I didn’t follow or care about this story to begin with. A malignant narc conned other narcs, in their quest for fame and wealth. That’s not a sympathetic story and suffering the consequences of unethical behavior is inevitable. The rest of us would turn to another career, but these people want their promised fame and wealth.

        It’s their story but it’s not THE story. Personally, I care about the N9 and the Mexico contingent. They had an opportunity and I think they blew it. I think they blew it by framing this through their brainwashed thinking and overwhelming vanity. They’re using double speak gas lighting on us, and some of you are being indoctrinated into the cult of their narrative. Without critical commentary on this dumpster fire, I think it’s kind of dangerous and degrades the collective consciousness. It’s a cult production and it really does show.

        I would love to drop kick that hairy little hobgoblin into a volcano, I don’t have any good opinions about anyone presented in The Vow, with the exception of Bonnie. Mark and Nippy reek of “nice guy” energy.
        There is no agenda other than pointing out what I see, and having more time than usual to explore this.

        • This is a good post. ☝️ If you were watching the Nxivm saga years before the DOS story, what was exposed over the years, the people involved with the exposing, people who got harmed for exposing, the stupid cultists who ignored it all spewing their arrogant word salad online and look at them now be portrayed as wonderful saints, who won’t take any personal responsibility is disgusting. One does not need to be a skeptic or “glass half empty” to be disgusted by these members. They are cashing in on their own stupid actions. The mainstream press just fuels their sense of victimhood and entitlement. Book deals, documentaries, a television series. Perhaps they want a Nobel peace prize. Victim status and low self-esteem are what liberals rely on. Pretend to be a victim and try to gain wealth, status, opportunities, acting roles, leverage, etc on the back of it. They never are victims, of course, and they will ignore any evidence that contradicts their nonsense. By the way, gallant and brave Armenians, people who have survived a horrific genocide by Turkish filth, which Turks refuse to recognize, despite boasting about it and threaten to “finish what we started”, are fighting for their lives right now against Turkish-backed Azerbaijan. But meh… George Floyd. Piss off.

      • I think it’s a butt-hurt Allison Mack stan. They lash out and repeatedly attack the two prominent whistleblowers who have been elevated to hero status by Frank and others, They can’t stand the fact that Vicente and Edmondson got out while their precious Allison is heading to prison.

        • You sound like one of the members. SOME of the top members are awaiting sentencing, they’ve stood trial on SOME charges, but we all know there is a vast deal more than they were indicted for.
          Vicente and Edmonson chose their forum for a public trial. The rest of us weren’t in a cult, we can see through a clearer lens. It’s a highly skewed public trial in their favor, minus a large void of omitted incriminating evidence. The evidence shown, doesn’t reveal what they intend.

          Until sentencing, there really isn’t a dire need to take down what has already been brought down. They’re wretched people.

          Mark sat on the board of a criminal enterprise for how many years? During that time he witnessed criminal activity. During that time he engaged in evidence tampering. They keep telling us how intelligent he is, but that doesn’t add up at all. You’re not interested in the deal he made with the feds to cover his own ass?

          As a founder of SOP he engaged in and promoted vile dehumanizing behavior towards women. Both he and nippy deserve a swift kick for that barbarism.

          Vicente and Edmonson slip in little comments, “I saw this, but I just looked the other way”

          “I didn’t like this, but I just looked away”

          Self interested cowards.

          Match that up to the actions of the N9. They met KR to his face and told him what they were concerned about. Then they left when they didn’t get the response they were looking for.

          The tax evasion and money laundering haven’t even come up yet. After upcoming sentencing, I hope we’ll see even more charges.

          Ask Mark about blowing loads on women’s faces to claim ownership. Ask him to elaborate truthfully about SOP, Because eventually someone will and it’s not going to be pretty.

          My position would be completely different if they were honest. and it’s obvious that they’re not.

          • “You sound like one of the members.”


            “A highly skewed public trial.”

            That sounds a lot like something those who are currently calling to “Make Justice Blind” would say.

            “but we all know there is a vast deal more than they were indicted for.”

            But do we really?

            You claim that there is a large void of incriminating evidence? Where is it? If the evidence doesn’t reveal what they intend, why is the leader sitting in prison convicted on all charges? A conspiracy by the prosecution?

            People who really wanted to see this cult taken down don’t constantly berate those who were significant in taking it down. Mark and Sarah aren’t mobsters like those who worked for Al Capone. They actually believed they were doing something good in a cult (that manipulated ethics) whose leader was good at compartmentalization and used such people for building respectability. Just because they made money in it or felt validated because of their positions doesn’t make them narcissists. That they were more trusting or less skeptical doesn’t make them criminals. All of the cult experts that I have seen remark on this story agree. Constantly rebuking and victim-shaming them is something cult members still drinking the kool-aid or those who have some other personal agenda, grudge, vendetta, etc., against them, their views, or something else related to them, would do. Mark and Sarah left NXIVM with Sarah exposing what it was doing in DOS. Using the standard playbook of their narcissistic leader, NXIVM came after them with litigation and to file criminal charges. Mark and Sarah (and Bonnie, Catherine, and others) fought back and this time NXIVM and its leader lost big time.

    • Suneel rose to the top of what? He is merely one of the floaters still stuck in the toilet. Pathetic.

      And oh, “by the way,'” Dani was a kleptomaniac. This is stated as some kind of a bald-assed fact!?

      Is this a goddamn Don Rickles joke? That is one turgid floater.

      Every word in this little piece kind of fades off of the page, leaving that remark as an unpleasant little culty-wrapped stinkbomb.

      Dani did this to herself? Somebody must not have paid attention to the court testimony. She was naughty, right? And these frigging Raniere demons who think that they are so holy and advanced, along with Dani’s nutbag parents, stole a couple of years freedom from Dani’s young life.

      What was this written by a lemming in the midst of hurling herself or himself off of a cliff?

    • Mark wouldn’t take the word of his wife on very serious issues, even talked to Keith about her. He left hesitantly, begrudgingly, when he couldn’t deny it and not remain legally complicit. What about his deal with the feds?

      He didn’t want to let go of his power either. If it didn’t happen to him, it didn’t happen.

      He asked his wife for evidence, while it had been in from of his face the entire time, because it served him, until it didn’t.

  • Yes, maybe Daniela was a horrible bitch who just wanted vengeance. I mean if I was locked up by my family in conditions that make people lose their mind, yeah, I would want vengeance, so at least she wants the same, in the worst scenario. But you forget something in your theory, an incredibly wrong one for me. Unjust, immature, misogynistic, inaccurate, ignorant – I could be doing this for 1 hour and found horrible things in your statement, one for me. Raniere had the belief that raping, taking virginities and fucking had some magical properties. It’s not the first or the last time that we hear that he raped a child. Actually, in the declaration of the FBI, they said that he had been doing these for a while, since the 80s probably. Allison Mack also faced those charges, and she had some pedophile connections, like that article on the Frank Report about or Marina Abramovich picture, that also believes in the magic in sex. And the Luciferian part of Nxivm that no one speaks about. He also made people see snuff videos, punished women in extreme ways, probably killed a few, connected to very dangerous individuals like the Bronfmans or the Clintons, Emiliano Salinas the son of the narco Mexican president, etc, etc extortion, rape, etc, etc so no. I think if you have doubts maybe it’s because of the mind control of Nxivm which is obvious for anyone who knows a little bit of psychology. And by the way, even Freud or Skinner got things right, and one said that all woman envy the penis and the other that we should train babies like rats with the clockwork Orange program, so yeah Aynd Rand had some great things in her theory but she didn’t recognize emotions, so psychology of sociopaths

    • Ayn Rand is recognized as a psychopath, with psychopathic theories. Keith was also using Game Theory, which was also developed by a psychopath.

      He played on narcissists who saw no problem with that, right from the intro, it’s all there.

  • Put your hand up if you were on twitter reading about NXIVM documentary The Vow and you noticed that world (Internet) famous Kristin Kreuk-stalker Sultan Of Six not only has a twitter account, he is using it to white knight Kristin Kreuk. Again.

    “Kristin Kreuk was in it for a while. She left in 2013. The difference between her and Allison is Kristin wasn’t as deep into it due to family and other friends. Unlike Allison Mack’s family, Kristin’s family was never in NXIVM. Her father allegedly managed her finances then too.”

    No Spanky. She did not leave in 2013. She was still a NXIVM student in 2016. You know this because you read the Frank Report.

    As for the “Her father allegedly managed her finances then too,” you got that from the Frank Report too. Talk about cherry picking what you tell people about the woman you think about when you are shaking hands with Dr. Winky. Oh vey…

    • Anonymously stalking people on the Internet you’re obsessed with but pretend not to be who couldn’t care less about you is totally creepy. Maybe you should find a new obsession.

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