Part 1: Amazing Tapped Phone Conversation Between Prisoner Raniere and Suneel: ‘Branding, the Room, and My Sex Polyamory Type Thing’

Federal Prisoner 57005-177

Evidence has surfaced that there is indeed a secret men’s group, similar to DOS. The men evidently have to give collateral and are slaves to Keith Alan Raniere. It is not known if they are branded.

Raniere in an email to Nicki Clyne said there are about 60 men in the male DOS group.  According to two sources familiar with the Nxivm organization, most of the male DOS members are in Mexico – but Suneel Chakravorty, Eduardo Asunsolo, Marc Elliot, James Del Negro and Damon Brink are members living in America.

Keith Alan Raniere has been incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center since April 2018. His prison phone calls have been monitored and recorded and his emails intercepted and copied by prison officials.

They are keeping an eye on the lad, possibly to gather more evidence and also to ensure that he does not harm others or commit new crimes from prison.

Raniere has gotten hold of several burner phones to avoid being tapped so he could run his organization but he’s also been caught several times and lost the phones. Whether he is presently using a burner phone is not known.

In any event, the government shared a number of phone conversations between Raniere and his slave Suneel from the regular prison phone.

Frank Report has the honor to be publishing them first.

My comments are [in bold and brackets]

Suneel Chakravorty looks skyward to see his glorious Vanguard

Mar 12 2020

TIME: 12:36:38 PM
Suneel Chakravorty [CHAKRAVORTY]


RANIERE: Hey, what’s going on?

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, good, you sound clear.

RANIERE: That’s good! Hey!


RANIERE: So, I tried calling a little earlier, two times, you didn’t get it or…

CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah, uh, it, it rang once and then just dropped.

RANIERE: Huh, interesting. So, anything new since I last spoke to you?

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, yeah. Uh, two things that are new. One is that Eduardo’s [Asunsolo] been in touch with David Fritz…


CHAKRAVORTY: …and he is pretty direct, uh, pretty, uh, not mean, but I think pretty strong with him, he was like, “Look, you know, you’re going to help us or not?“


CHAKRAVORTY: And then he gave us the truth of Jason Flom and, and he’s been texting with David on, on… I think he’s on a plane right now…

Jason Flom is an American music industry executive, and podcaster. He is the founder of Lava Records and was previously the chairman of Atlantic Records and Virgin Records/Capitol Music Group. He is also an advocate for those who have been wrongfully convicted.


CHAKRAVORTY: …uh, to get him to the point where he’ll set up the call with Jason. He knows him enough that it will be kind of a strong stance with him and, and I think we can get on a call with Jason with, uh…

RANIERE: With Nicki [Clyne]?

CHAKRAVORTY: With Nicki to talk to.

RANIERE: Suneel…

CHAKRAVORTY: I think Nicki will be the main person that would be…

RANIERE: …you know who else might be interesting?


RANIERE: Have Nicki and Michele [Hatchette] on [the phone with Flom and possibly his podcast].


RANIERE: Both of them…


RANIERE: …both of them [U/I] are branded, they’re different [master-slave] lines, [Michele was Allison Mack’s slave] one’s right next to… Michele, you know, side by side with [Nicole] or whatever. Michele is also very articulate.

[This shows that Raniere was still operating DOS as if it was a living ongoing organization.]

Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette [waiving to her wondrous Vanguard] in front of the MDC.

RANIERE: Ask Nicki. Let Nicki be the lead on how she feels about that.


RANIERE: But having… two, two of the women, [who were branded] and I think… I don’t know how many women actually did the branding ceremony. Something like 15 to 20.


RANIERE: You know, out of 150 [DOS slaves].

[Voices overlap]

CHAKRAVORTY: That’s not many at all.

RANIERE: No. [Laughs]. And, you know, most of them were First, First Line people, but, so, yeah I have to count them up, but it’s from… I, I imagine, I’m… I think it’s like 20 total, maybe less.

[Raniere claims that only 20 women were branded which may be true and, if true, it is not because he did not want to brand a lot more, but that Frank Report exposed DOS and it stopped the branding ceremonies.]

Eight DOS First-Line Slaves.


RANIERE: And I don’t know.


RANIERE: Do I know? At this point I know all of them, I think.


RANIERE: So. So do you know of the top three things I should talk about are?

CHAKRAVORTY: I do. I have the top three, uh, so the top three I have, uh, from a bunch of people, are why, why multiple partners?

RANIERE: Why what?

CHAKRAVORTY: Why multiple partners with polyamory.

RANIERE: Uh-huh.

CHAKRAVORTY: Um, the collateral and the brand and the specific themes with that are, um, the, you know, your partners were helpless victims, were manipulated, people were forced or coerced to have sex with you.

[Voices overlap]

RANIERE: Uh-huh.

CHAKRAVORTY: And DOS, ESP, etc, was used to get women to have sex with you? And, uh, I guess…


CHAKRAVORTY: …uh, in general. Sorry, I don’t…

RANIERE: Yeah, I know…

CHAKRAVORTY: …I’m just trying to tell you that. [Laughs]

RANIERE: Yeah, no, I’m just trying to figure out, so “the room” doesn’t show up there.

[The room refers literally to the room where Daniella was confined for 22 months in 2010-2012. By “the room”, he also means the entire Daniela episode of her confinement after she kissed another man and Raniere got jealous and told her to stay in a room until she cured her ethical breach.]

CHAKRAVORTY: And only one person mentioned the room, but I think it is important, I think just most people that, that I’m in touch with, um, and I think the sex stuff is more out for people, but I think our community knows like, this is crazy and they know the family, so I think that is also…

RANIERE: Is it what family?

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, that people know the family, so the… uh, uh, these people are, you know, community and then…

[Voices overlap]

RANIERE: Yeah, but I can, I can talk…


RANIERE: ….about the… I can talk about like branding, the room, and my sex polyamory type thing.


RANIERE: Something like that.

CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah, I think a lot of people intend, uh, think it’s bad intended or whatever and they just don’t understand, so, I think this would be good.

RANIERE: Oh, okay, uh… yeah, let’s see, anything, uh, yeah…

CHAKRAVORTY: [U/I] business, so…

RANIERE: …I, I won’t, I won’t talk about the, the Vow [DOS] or things like that… I think I’ll just talk about those three. Uh…


RANIERE: Yeah. Like Farouk [Rojas] has a really intense emotional reaction to the Vow and all that type of thing.


CHAKRAVORTY: Maybe he should take the Vow. [Laughs]

RANIERE: No, but I do understand why.


[Voices overlap]

RANIERE: Uh, I mean, there is, you know, there is a vested reason why… a few, actually [U/I].

CHAKRAVORTY: Um, maybe, maybe because of Li… maybe because of Lyvia [Cohen, Rojas’s girlfriend, a DOS slave].

RANIERE: Yeah… of course.

CHAKRAVORTY: Hmm, interesting.



RANIERE: Why, why? Who, who? What… does that make sense?

[Voices overlap]
CHAKRAVORTY: You know what I mean, it, it makes, it makes sense, but it also doesn’t make sense because…

RANIERE: What doesn’t make sense?

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, I mean, I, I don’t know if that would be… I mean, I, I get why that would be upsetting, given like [clears throat] like the macho Mexican culture and stuff. [Is Rojas upset because his girlfriend is branded on her pubic region with Raniere’s initials?]

RANIERE: Uh-huh.

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, like, you know, I guess, uh, and Indian, Indian culture is similar, but less like overt, uh… [Suneel is Indian]

RANIERE: Uh-huh.

CHAKRAVORTY: …uh, but I mean, that’s someone [Rojas] who knows you for probably 15, 20 years and also, uh, ideally knows the people involved in knows this is a conscientious thing…


CHAKRAVORTY: … but I guess, intellect [U/I] is different.

RANIERE: Yeah, that’s true. And also, you know, different people have different struggles. Ultimately, some people like to be able to do what… whatever they like, or comfort or whatever, you know, so the thought of that, an absolute vow is like…

CHAKRAVORTY: Very uncomfortable.

RANIERE: Yeah, so, all right, um, yeah, I think I’d talk to about what… uh, branding, uh, my polyamory and the room, so the branding, the room, polyamory, something like that.



CHAKRAVORTY: I will give you the count then.


CHAKRAVORTY: Three, two, one, go.

[It seems that Raniere is now rehearsing what he will say in an interview]

RANIERE: So I’m going to mention three subjects, three quick things which I’ll obviously go into more depth at a, a later point, but these are three things that I think upset people a lot. There is the branding, there is the room and there is polyamory.

The first thing I’m going to talk about is the branding, you know, it’s, it’s interesting, if you follow the media, if you listen to a lot of the media, from what I understand, and then I understand this from lawyers and people like that, that I am seen as having branded women against their will and often they think of it as like something with a coat hanger or a cattle branding sort of a thing.

Now, a little bit before I get into what the truth of it is, you know, when I went to college, there were a few different fraternities that did branding and they actually did them with like, you know, metal things made out of hangers and stuff like that and there is a, a major, uh, fraternity, uh, the Omegas, and you’ll often see like an Olympic athlete, you’ll see an Omega on the skin or whatever, but, uh, very much, they do very large brands of that symbol. Multiple places sometimes you can look up that fraternity, uh, it’s an African-American fraternity. It is extremely influential, there are a lot of people who are, you know, chancellors of colleges and, uh, political people and things like that.

As a matter of fact, uh, we have one person that is in the Nxivm/ESP community and he, uh, he was actually the first African-American Supreme Court, State Supreme Court Justice of Arkansas [Richard Mays – a Clinton ally] and he’s extremely influential and he, uh, you know, works with Bill Clinton on the Clinton campaign, all these different things and when it was first brought to his attention that this news [about DOS] and this stuff came out about this branding, he said, “I’m branded,” you know, because he’s in the Omega Fraternity.

Keith Raniere shakes hands with Nxivm member  Richard Mays, a Clinton ally who says he is branded.

So what is the truth here? Yeah, women were branded, there… when a woman gets into the sorority and this was testified to in court, one of the conditions they have to agree to, to get into the sorority is they will have a brand on their hip, it’s a small thing, um, and they agree to that ahead of time and then ultimately the brand, uh, they were going to put a tattoo over it and things like that, etc.

Out of 150 women or so in the sorority, I think there might be more, I think there might have been more, I estimate 20 of them, maybe, got the brand. Um, the brand is something that the initial 8 women, uh, decided they wanted and, uh, I think a guy from, I won’t say what state to keep his anonymity, came and did the branding with them and taught them, uh, about it and how to do it and things like that, and then there was a woman in the sorority who is a doctor, [Dr. Danielle Roberts] who… it’s a, a type of a light cauterizing pen, they use it in surgeries, um, and she was experienced with that and that’s what was used.

So, and what was going on? Women were branded, I did not have anything to do with it. I didn’t brand them, I wasn’t there. I wasn’t even there when my partners [the eight first line DOS slaves, of which at least seven were his sexual partners] were branded. There have been, uh, at least two men involved in the branding. The, uh, man who branded the first eight women gave them that symbol, [That was no symbol, it is Raniere’s initials] uh, and then another man, I think who did a few other women to demonstrate how to do it, uh, and then, uh, the rest were done by a doctor with [chuckles] a surgical instrument.

MK10ART’s painting of Dr. Danielle Roberts with her surgical instrument.

It’s always been a surgical instrument, so there are no hot irons, no coat hangers, no putting them in a fireplace, getting, uh, you know, white-hot or anything like that. It’s done with a doctor, with a surgical type of instrument.
Uh, a type of, uh, almost like a light pen type of a thing, and it was agreed to ahead of time.

[Keith is lying. Some women were not told in advance they were to be branded, they said. Some were told it was going to be a tattoo. None were told that the brand was going to be his initials.] 

They are not held down, it is not involuntary and there is a small number of women in upstate New York that did it.

[Actually Keith is lying again. They were held down and the ceremony took time as Dr. Roberts etched out Keith’s initials. It was not like branding cattle which takes a few seconds with a branding iron. This was a white-hot cauterizing pen – which drew the initials from a stencil – painfully and slowly and the women were not allowed to use anesthesia. Lastly, they were not just women in upstate New York. At least 10 Mexican women were branded, and several from Canada.]

Now, branding, if you were to go look on the internet relating to things like scarification and stuff like that, is becoming the new tattoo and there are a lot of people who do them. They do them all over. They do them on their heads, they do them on their bodies. There is a famous guy who is a ballet dancer who did like tiger brands across his body, uh, so this is becoming a type of self-ornamentation.

And I don’t know, whether it’s a tattoo, or a brand or who knows what different people do. Some people do it with like cutting, doing stuff like that, uh, you know, it’s up to a person what sort of ornamentation they want to do in their body.

So if it was to be ornamentation – why not tell the women that the brand was Keith Raniere’s initials?

There are people who do piercing. You know, there is some people who actually, they pierce their ear. They go through, they pierce their ear… they put a hole right through the thing, you know, well, we know that commonly.

So, this sort of body, you know, ornamenting the body, uh, designing the, the body, you know, using the body as a manifold for different things in a voluntary way, done with a doctor, with a safe instrument, you know, that’s… it’s not, it’s a, a far cry from, you know, my chasing after a woman, pinning her down and branding her with like some sort of, uh, I don’t know what. So, I wanted to clear some of the factual information and stuff that was brought out in court about this branding thing. So, yeah, some people did, uh, brand themselves, uh, and they have, uh, it’s a small thing on their hip. Maybe, I don’t know, uh, uh, two inches by two inches or an inch by inch, I, I don’t even know exactly how big it is.

[Note Raniere does not bring up the blackmail collateral – and that he talks about the brand being on “the hip”]

Then there is the second issue, which is the infamous room. Here is a woman that if, if you listen to the news, a woman that was confined to a room against her, her will, [Daniela] although she pled and pled to get out and was in the room for 22 months. Well, a little bit of background with respect to this woman, this woman was someone who within her family and within her community in the past, from the time she was young [Age 16], had many, many problems that I won’t go into them here, it’s maybe not even my place to talk about them. There was a point in her life that she turned 12 or 13, she had so many problems, she, uh, uh, from what I understand, didn’t want to go to school, didn’t want to relate with people, and would lock herself in her room, apparently sometimes for weeks at a time, I don’t know, but what happened with this woman?

MK10ART’s Portrait of Daniela, the women confined in a room

The truth is she was in a room in her parents’ house with her family taking care of her, the room was unlocked, she was able to leave anytime she wanted.

If she wanted to leave and rejoin the community, I think her visa had run out at that point. She would have to either do go back to Mexico or she had to explain to people how she was going to stop from all the stealing and the other things that she was doing. [She claims she was not stealing and that she was kept in the room because she would not agree to be only with Keith sexually while he was with many women and that is why he ordered her to stay in the room.] She also had to finish a book report. She had a number of different book reports she was supposed to do and she was seen as being very prideful about it and no matter what, she would do anything, you know, say anything, but never just sit down and simply finish the book report.

Uh, so, the initial hope was, she would go into her room, the room would be unlocked, she gets whatever sort of food she wanted, her family is taking care of her, all this sort of a thing and that she would really think about, “Okay, I’ve done enough of this pattern, I’ve done enough of the stealing, I’ve stolen from people, I’ve stolen from NXIVM, I’ve stolen from the stores, I’ve stolen sometimes, you know, $5,000 of cash, things like that. Um, how am I going to stop, how am I going to conduct myself and will I get this one book report done that they’ve been trying to have me do for a year, and I keep on making excuses and doing all sorts of things?”

[She claims all she had to do was agree never to see another man the rest of her life other than Raniere, which is a little different than agreeing not to steal or do a book report.]

The hope was that she would be in there, a day, a day, maybe a weekend, and then produce the report, produce this plan. But it became a battle of wills and she stayed in the room for 22 months.

[Raniere withheld her documents making it harder for her to return to Mexico.]

She was sneaking out at night doing all sorts of things like that, you know, uh, she ended up stealing computers and all sorts of stuff, but this was this was someone who, [laughs] threw like, what would be a massive sort of a tantrum and it became a battle of wills and finally she just decided, “Okay, I want to leave,” and when she wanted to leave, her father drove her to the border and arranged for one of his employees to pick her up on the other side of the border when she crossed and that was it, so this is her family, this is her dad, her dad was there doing this.

[Raniere blames her confinement on her father. He knows full well that this was his idea and he got the father to go along with it because he is a Raniere disciple.]

CHAKRAVORTY: Hello. [Clears throat]

RANIERE: It’s about to cut off. So, good bye.



Stay tuned for our next prison call.


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  • “Door was unlocked! She was free to go.”
    “She kept sneaking out at night.” (Reasoning behind keeping her there.)

    Which one is it, Keith? Can’t have both.

  • Why hasn’t Nicki Kline been deported? She immigrates to the country under a fake marriage to sex serve a cult leader. How is she an asset to the US more than anyone on the southern border being lawfully detained who honestly asked for asylum?

  • To me it sounds as if his followers decided which subjects he should speak about….and he is then practicing his speech for when he addresses the court prior to sentencing.

    • The idiot KR did want the conversation published. But he thought it would convince people of his innocence. What he did not realize is that it is showing that he is running a sex cult from inside prison. He is calling the shots of what Nicki should say etc.

      He is not very bright. I hope the judge uses the call to give him more time.

  • Nice article, Frank!

    I think this phone called was aimed for it to be leaked. Raniere knew that prison calls are tapped. He wanted to have a way to tell everyone : (a) how the branding was something “normal”. It is done in fraternities! Famous Democrats do it!!
    (b) the Mexican woman he imprisoned had a ton of issues! It was really her dad who did it BTW!!

    What the fool doesn’t realize is that nobody cares about his justifications. People see through it now. What the call shows is that the criminal is still running DOS. He is actively saying what Nicki, what the black girl and others are going to do and state. That is what is dangerous about this and I hope the prosecution uses the call to throw the book on Raniere.

    He is a fool. He wanted to share his perspective with the world to “save his image”. People see through it. He is showing he still runs a criminal enterprise. That is way more dangerous.

  • Once the Judge read the transcript from this conversation, I believe there is no doubt that the judge decided to sentence Keith Ranier to the maximum sentence.

  • Jason Flom is a real sort, no? Amanda Knox, whose ‘innocence’ he has championed calls him her ‘big brother’ , he also advocated for her ‘friend’ Damien Echols, all as innocent as Raniere, undoubtably – Is this a controversial opinion for FR? I tried to post it yesterday..

  • He was right to pick those 3 things – branding, room confinement and polyamory. I think the fact a girl or girls were underage though should be on that list too.

    On ep 4 of “The Vow” which I just watched one lady said KR was a very good salesman – that’s true. Pity he didn’t just stick to selling stuff and then he would have had none of this trouble.

    There is always a difficulty in cults in working out who did what – even in life – e.g., Putin says the state does not assassinate people. Now it might well be that no instruction is given out but someone knows Putin wants that and does it without being told (although the difference here is there seem to be loads of recording and documents of KR speaking and he was probably damned by the clear evidence in court. In the Baghwan/Rajneesh cult, did the leader sanction giving noncult members food poisoning or was it his right-hand woman Sheela doing it without his knowledge? It sounds much more likely that KR knew and has been proven to know.

    On that transcript, he very much plays down what happened at the branding – not a one-second thing but a long very painful thing, worse than childbirth it seems to me (as someone who has been through childbirth)

    On the consent issue, you can in NR and the UK I think consent to being branded but I am not sure you can if it hurts for 30 minutes whilst it’s done – there is a line which most criminal laws draw and more extreme things there is no right to consent to. They can be difficult uses so a good appeal lawyer might well be able to make much of some aspects.

    • I know a tattoo artist that was asked to do a tiger claw mutilation on someones face – the client wanted raised [keloid] scarring. He looked into the legality of it and found it would not be possible, because of the instrument needed [a cauterising wand] and the exposure of an open wound for too long in a non-clinical setting.

      Just imagine if he went ahead. On a friend. Scored claw marks into the face of someone he knew quite well, only they weren’t expecting it. A whole bunch of mutual acquaintances held the friend down. Someone filmed it, for the secret tormentor who organised the whole thing and whose initials it would be claimed, were purely elemental signs, like tiger claws.

      There’s no squaring this vicious circular justification for the un-heroic, un-fraternal, inhuman branding of female slaves.

  • Raniere is actually a Beta-male pretending to be alpha.

    He is also a manipulative sociopath. For example, in this absurd explanation, he impotently tries to wipe his hand clean of commands/programming he was obviously involved in (indirectly or directly, immediately or over a period of years) by effectively lying through layers of terminology abstraction which are used throughout his cult (what is often called word salad). There are ‘no ultimate victims’ is equivalent to ‘I couldn’t have coerced you’, ‘the women chose to do this on their own’ ignoring his many years of influence over them, it’s not blackmail but collateral which they ‘voluntarily’ gave, ‘I wasn’t [physically] there when the branding happened’, etc.

    It’s him being a weasel or snake that attempts to slither out of responsibility in events and activities that he was clearly indirectly or directly involved in or had influence over. He even tries to slither often out of being a leader who only “suggests” things and yet he calls himself “Vanguard”.

  • Jason Flom is a sort, no? Amanda knox thinks of him as her ‘big brother’ and he’s also been most helpful to that other ‘great friend’ of hers Damien Echols. Stands to reason he could be helpful to Raniere. All these poor innocent victims of a society that just won’t get with the programme of joy through serious criminality, I dunno.

      • So what if he’s bi? Adam Hayes

        For all of Raniere’s blather about history, philosophy and art all he cared about was getting his rocks off and he would do it with women, men, children and beasts.
        Those NXIVM members who claim ignorance of Raniere’s proclivities are lying because they are the same as Raniere.

      • Adam,

        “So what if he’s bi? That’s your big takeaway here? Grow up.”

        That’s not his “takeaway”; it’s more of a fantasy.

        You have to get more acquainted with Shadow.

    • Didn’t Raniere used to go out dolled up in drag, or is that just considered to be fun & games? There have been other indications that he swings both ways, besides having a club of Stepford huzzbands/male DOS.

      He was described here, in another recent article, as showing up at a party wearing a bathrobe with a fake penis dangling out, perhaps as a Halloween “decoration.” While that might not say anything about his sexual orientation, dressing that way to attend a party is distinctly disturbing. But Raniere’s schleps were trained to love everything that the little weasel did or said.

      I’m recalling that a man with a teenaged daughter decided to stop taking Nxivm classes after going to this particular party and observing Raniere “flirting” with his daughter, while old Flabturd was dressed as the starring exhibitionist, fake penis hanging in the breeze. The perv who loves to display his ding dong! Oh yeah. That will provoke tremendous “inner work.”

      I don’t care who Flabturd screwed or who he got to suck or to sucker, really. His sex life would be his own business if he hadn’t tried to control everyone via his sexual behavior, which was full of lies and deception, pretending to be spiritual and loving.

      People who are still worshipping Raniere now must think that anyone who tries to stop Raniere’s great work with humanity is just too dumb or too limited to be able to grasp the miraculousness. Miraculous like Amway, only Amway pushed soap. Ramhead, the vangourd, pushed his semen.

      • The exception, regarding Keith Raniere and his sexual dictatorship, is whenever Raniere targeted those who were too young for him to be pursuing at all. For what he has done to twelve or to fifteen year olds, etc., that smarmy monster ought to die incarcerated.

        He will not change. The pretender has proven that he has no self-control, over and over again. And smugly, he and his henchwomen and men, seem to believe that he has done no harm. Raniere is supposed to be some sort of a godlike Product. The hope and dream of his groupies is that Raniere will return to lead his fold and then to carry on unimpeded. How nuts is that!?

  • Take a deep breath and reread that conversation with Reneire as Jon Lovitz “Liar” character from SNL. It tempers the rage.

    What a goldmine to watch the desperate version of Neuro-linguistic programming-gaslighting, on the fly. There’re so many points I’m going to return to.

    It’s also another example Of how the “white guilty and rich” crowd appropriate other cultures in the Wellness Community (trademarked), to cherry-pick, manipulate and profit. Sprinkle another culture over your sin and benefit from some secret enlightenment and forgiveness. There are churches in Africa recently exposed for similar actions at a fraction of the price, and a less telegenic atmosphere. The rationalizations made by all in this regard is so cringey.

    Non-monogamy is common, people just aren’t honest about it. He’s establishing a level of honesty about it, but it’s based on the reality that he’s established, with the caveat of extreme control over their bodies. For their own good. There’s a difference between non-monogamy and polyamory, and it often plays out for women who are financially dependent on their typically male mate or parent of shared children, to be manipulated into things that do not serve them or their best interest. The stories about this lifestyle centering in male fantasy, male freedom, male pleasure, and the constant negotiation of boundaries are vast. Not always, but the easy manipulation of what polyamory is, slips rather easily into a hierarchical unquestioning submission and control cult. It’s a microcosm of our sex-positive, no-judgment hook-up culture that pounds the feeling out of you, while you hide the torture of performing consumer-based patriarchal beauty expectations. It’s the same thing and it doesn’t serve women.

    I don’t know… not talking about a friend that I have sex with, with another friend I have sex with, without expecting monogamy from either, and then going on about my hobbies and profession without slapping a “lifestyle” on it sounds so much easier. Polyamory doesn’t get a bad rap because of all that sex. No one cares. It’s that cultish aspect that tends to play on the manipulation of power dynamics and boundaries are vilified. Lack of connection and intimacy are common when you spread yourself too thin. Convenient that it’s an empowering edgy lifestyle choice AND the perfect cover for a cult harem.

    Not all, I don’t want to hear about your super special friends that get it right. So far.

  • Excellent reporting, FrankReport. Some thoughts:

    – Glad he specifies that Dr. Roberts used a “light” cauterizing pen. Not some barbaric heavy cauterizing pen they use on the farm animals.

    – “I had nothing to do with” the branding — hmm, lets go to the audio. Hmm, you lie.

    -The hope was that she would be in there, a day, a day, maybe a weekend …but it became a battle of wills and she stayed in the room for 22 months.” Who says this? DeNiro in Goodfellas maybe: “Ya, ya know, she was acting out, ya know, a day turned into 22 months, what can I do?”

    -Can this psychopath do a lot of damage with just a burner phone? Imagine the conversations he’s had/is having that we don’t know about. These federal jails in NYC are lawless. Clinton and Trump pal Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in the Manhattan jail. Wish someone would knee Raniere in the balls and let him live.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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