Another Tapped Raniere Prison Conversation — ‘Suneel Plays Good Cop, Nicki Clyne Plays Bad Cop With My Lawyers’ and ‘The Judge Needs to Know He Is Being Watched’

Keith Alan Raniere is believed to be the smartest man in the world who is facing life in prison.

Clever Keith Alan Raniere. He has been incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center since April 2018 and he has big plans to be set free.

He has it all figured out, as the transcript of yet another of his phone calls from prison reveals.

It appears that many, or perhaps all, of his phone calls made from the prison phones have been monitored and recorded.

The government has shared some of these wonderful conversations between Raniere and one of his ardent disciples, a member of the Make Justice Blind affidavit seekers and The Forgotten Ones dancers, Suneel Chakravorty.

Suneel Chakravorty is ready to help his Vanguard, but will he help him or hurt him through his efforts?

Frank Report has the honor to be publishing them in full.

This is the third phone conversation we have published between master and student.

Part 1: Amazing Tapped Phone Conversation Between Prisoner Raniere and Suneel: ‘Branding, the Room, and My Sex Polyamory Type Thing’ 

Another Tapped Prison Phone Call Between Keith Raniere and Suneel – Denies Cami Child Porn, Wants to Prove He Is Physically Ill

My comments are [in bold and brackets]

RECORDING: 57005177 [Raniere’s prisoner number.]

DATE: April 8, 2020
TIME: 09:19:51 AM


Suneel Chakravorty [CHAKRAVORTY]



RANIERE: Hey, what’s going on?

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, uh, not, not much. Uh, how are you?

RANIERE: Uh, okay, there is a rumor this is going to go on for another 14 days. [Coronavirus lockdown] From here.

CHAKRAVORTY: What? Okay. Damn!



RANIERE: I’m not sure, but it sounds like it.

CHAKRAVORTY: Okay, that’s not, that’s not good.

RANIERE: No, it’s not. What’s, what’s new on your end?

CHAKRAVORTY: So new on our end here, uh, for the affidavit, uh, I have a bunch of, uh, stuff from the lawyers on different, uh, motions, so they can compile that today. [This is the now famous affidavit we have reported extensively on.]

[Voices overlap]

RANIERE: Hold on, hold on.

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, getting…

RANIERE: Okay, I’m sorry about that… Go on.

CHAKRAVORTY: Oh, okay, uh, as far as getting your cell phone, [apparently seized by the FBI] uh, apparently that’s, that’s considered contraband, um . . . [It has nude pics of underage girls on it?]

RANIERE: Yeah, I just read an email from Marc [Agnifilo, Raniere’s lawyer]. I wasn’t able to respond to any of them because since I have to do this so quickly… [Raniere only got a few minutes out of his cell because of lockdown.]


RANIERE: …uh, tell him I just… You can tell him I just got his email this morning. I was not able to respond, uh, but did read through them quickly. Uh, I think the phone is still my property. That was… I don’t think it was ever even subpoenaed.


RANIERE: Um, so, you know and I… as, as far as pictures… there is nothing there, I believe is considered… I don’t know, I mean, I guess they can try to say certain pictures were considered illegal [of nude underage girls?] or something like that, but, um, you know, uh, uh, see what, see what he can do because that phone has not been subpoenaed.

CHAKRAVORTY: Okay, and I, I just need like screenshots of the different messages during that specific date range…[to get off Raniere’s phone in possession of the feds, to use as evidence of his innocence.]



RANIERE: Right. So, and it’s on WhatsApp and Telegram [on his phone]. There are things…


RANIERE: …with respect to Sylvie [A DOS slave that Raniere had taken nude photos of, after having her ordered to submit to sex with him and had her send them via Telegram] that could be like… um, in something else, but, uh, the Telegram and the WhatsApp are the big… WhatsApp in particular, uh, but also Telegram. I think I…


RANIERE: …dealt with like Sean Bergeron [a Nxivm member] in WhatsApp and a few other people like that. Not a lot, but you know.


RANIERE: It’s definitely I used it… so.


RANIERE: And the government knows it.

CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah, hmm, yeah, I guess, uh, the other difficulty is just them getting to the hard drive [that was seized at Raniere’s ‘library, which had nude pictures of 15 year old Cami on it.] Because [U/I] Marc is saying he may not be able to because I, I guess the office [DOJ office because of pandemic] is closed or some… something like, so that, uh…

RANIERE: Push as hard as they can.


RANIERE: You know what I mean?


RANIERE: Keep on pushing.


RANIERE: Don’t stop.

CHAKRAVORTY: I won’t, yeah, I, I’ll… okay.

RANIERE: Yeah. Sorry about that, but…

CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah. No, no, it’s necessary, and I, I appreciate it. Uh…

RANIERE: Anything else from judges? [for the contest Raniere planned to judge the winners of applicants who submit written essays challenging the legality and the flaws of the prosecution’s case against him. He planned to award cash prizes of $35,000 to each winner, who came up with strong legal arguments and he needed several lawyers to act as judges to judge the winners before announcing the contest.]

CHAKRAVORTY: Judges, we’re speaking to to, uh, Ashley McMahan, she is a part of The Law Ladies today. [They were attempting to get Ashley involved possibly as a judge of the contest.]

Georgia lawyer Ashley McMahon

RANIERE: Uh-huh.

CHAKRAVORTY: I, I think it’s the first call with her beyond, uh, Marc’s like introductory [U/I] call. [It sounds like they have Marc Agnifilo involved in this absurd plan. The question is: how much did they tell him about the overall plan to accuse the prosecutors and the judge of acting unethically during his trial?].

RANIERE: Uh-huh.

CHAKRAVORTY: So we’ll see how… where we’re at with that, um, in a couple of hours.

RANIERE: Uh-huh. I, I also read from Marc that the, uh, judge [Nicholas Garaufis] responded to the Motion 33, as, as we expected, saying that “Well, I guess the witnesses [Nicole and Daniela] lied, [about not planning to join a civil lawsuit against Raniere after the criminal trial] the government, the government didn’t know about it, [the witnesses lying] and the evidence was so overwhelming.”[that even if they did lie, and admitted they were going to sue Raniere, it would not have made a difference in the outcome anyway.]

[Raniere made a motion that he deserved a new trial because he alleged that at his trial, Nicole, the DOS slave who was blindfolded and tied to a bench while Raniere had another woman perform oral sex on her  – and Daniela, the Mexican woman he ordered confined to a room for two years because she kissed another man – lied about not being participants in a civil lawsuit that was organized and directed by Neil Glazer. Raniere argued that they planned to join the civil suit after his trial and, hence, when they testified that they had no plans to join the Glazer lawsuit, they perjured themselves.]

CHAKRAVORTY: Wow. Wow. [Shocked that the judge denied the motion.]

RANIERE: Yeah, what do you expect? This judge wants me away forever. Either he’s been… he just wants it from his opinion or has been told that [ordered to convict Raniere by someone from above] you know, I, I lean towards he’s being corrupt, but I don’t know.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis: Keith Raniere says the judge either takes orders from his superiors or he may be corrupt.

[Smart move on Raniere’s part, saying the judge who is going to sentence him is corrupt. He should have known that his calls might be monitored. The prison advises of you that as a disclosure.]

CHAKRAVORTY: It looks that way. [the judge is corrupt.]



RANIERE: Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s absurd, the major witnesses all lied. [Laughs] And they, they don’t prove any of the points of the basic charges. Most, uh, uh, you know, not most of them. [Laughs] And yet, you know.


RANIERE: It’s, uh… How is Marc’s attitude? Do you think, do you think he’s riled up to…? [to fight to win on appeal]

[Voices overlap]

CHAKRAVORTY: I don’t think so. That’s not my impression. My impression is, uh, more, more of the same, like intellectually upset, but, you know, more committed to working within the system and accepting this is how it is and…


Marc Agnifilo, Raniere’s lawyer.

CHAKRAVORTY: [U/I]. That’s my feeling, I don’t… it’s not based on a lot of data. It’s just our interactions, and how, how he speaks, how we speak, um, he doesn’t seem amped up to really push. But I mean, I could be wrong.

[Suneel and Nicki Clyne are Raniere’s point people with his attorneys since Raniere has very restricted contact with the attorneys.]

RANIERE: Well, maybe he needs to hear that every once in a while, so you know, [you could say] “you sound just so mild-mannered and uh, you know, that seems, you seem intellectually upset, but really not emotionally behind this. Like a beaten puppy.”

CHAKRAVORTY: You know, it, it, it seems like that, and uh, I think Nicki [Clyne] spoke with him last weekend and conveyed that, and I think he got upset, so I’ve, I’ve been trying to like not… [upset him]


CHAKRAVORTY: …push too many buttons, but…


CHAKRAVORTY: …uh, maybe [U/I].

RANIERE: Maybe she [Nicki] is the one that has to deliver that. You you are the good cop. She’s the bad cop, I don’t know.

Nicki Clyne leads the movement to free Keith Alan Raniere.

CHAKRAVORTY: [Laughs] I, I don’t, I don’t even think I’m seen as the good cop, I’m just the okay cop, but…


CHAKRAVORTY: …but uh, I hope we’ll balance it between us and keep on pushing as much as we can.


CHAKRAVORTY: Um, as, as far as the other stuff, um, the podcast, we’re moving forward with. It’s taking a little longer than I thought, but I think we’ll end up with something good within a few days with the teaser, and then hopefully over the weekend, for the first, first episode…

[The Nxivm-5 planned to make a podcast with David Flom and perhaps others to show how Raniere is an innocent man who has been railroaded by a corrupt prosecution and judge. It is still in the works.]

RANIERE: Uh-huh.

CHAKRAVORTY: …and I guess iHeart [the platform for the podcast] to get, get like, uh, first [U/I] to help us with monetization. He has ideas, he’s working over some of the correspondence, which you’ve done so far.


CHAKRAVORTY: I think, I think there is more, um, stuff missing there.

RANIERE: Uh, [David] Fritz [a contact who they were hoping would help them arrange to get Flom’s help] has actually been spoken with?

CHAKRAVORTY: He’s been spoken with, texted with, [U/I] emails yesterday. [U/I], now it’s like, uh, the danger zone of the follow-up, so I will, will keep on him for that.

RANIERE: The danger zone of what?

CHAKRAVORTY: Of the follow-up. [U/I].

RANIERE: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. [Laughs] Yeah, by the way, be sure to send everyone [his followers] my regards because I, I have such limited communication.

CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah, I, I do and I, I will. I will.

RANIERE: Yeah, I was, I was contemplating doing for a podcast, something on the Cami [the DOS slave who Raniere took nude photos of when she was 15 which were found on a hard drive and formed the basis of additional racketeering acts] thing, but I have to tread because of appeal, because of love [for Cami], because of prejudice [of having sex with underage girls?] and because of her family [which has been divided because of Raniere, with half the family still supporting him and the other family against him causing a rift in the family. Raniere has a child with Cami’s sister Marianna and Cami’s other sister, Daniela is the woman who was confined in the room.] So…


RANIERE: I don’t know, at, at, at some point I think I will. I might, you know.


RANIERE: But, you know, the, the thing is, and one of the things I mentioned is anything I say about my innocence won’t be believed.


RANIERE: So I may as well not try to protest, because then it sounds like, “Oh, he’s protesting too much,” or you know, then they’ll try to criticize it, they are going to criticize what I say anyway, but at least try to separate the prejudice away from the, the law, you know.

CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah, I know, that, that’s the key point that people don’t get. Even like lawyers don’t get. [Voices overlap]

RANIERE: Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s amazing and like for example, this judge saying the evidence is overwhelming. I mean, first of all, I know the truth, so I know the evidence isn’t overwhelming because it’s untrue. But second of all I, I know what I’ve seen of the law and we… even with my… if you will, esteemed [legal] team has said and the evidence isn’t overwhelming at all. It, it’s just not. It’s massively prejudicial.

CHAKRAVORTY: It’s non, it’s non-existent.


CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah. It’s non-existent.

RANIERE: So, yeah, it’s, it’s crazy. Yeah, I feel like…


RANIERE: …I’m definitely in an upside-down world.

CHAKRAVORTY: You are in a, a, a Kafka “The Trial” or something. [Laughs]

RANIERE: Yeah, could you find out from Marc when he’s anticipating filing this next motion too, this broader one?

CHAKRAVORTY: Yes, I will. I, I’ll talk to him today on that.

RANIERE: And also the jurisdic… the two other motions I would… you know, the narrow jurisdictional motion. Um, and the wisdom of filing that, which I believe there’s not much downside. And then the broader issue of, um, does this new motion he’s going to file, open the door for the new evidence motion?

CHAKRAVORTY: Okay, I’ll, I’ll ask him those questions today.

RANIERE: Yeah, all three of those things.

CHAKRAVORTY: Oh, uh, okay, yes, yes there were three. [Chuckles]

RANIERE: Yeah, so, I, um, yeah, I don’t know what to say, you know, it just feels like no matter what we say, ha, he, he will defend… I mean that the prosecution didn’t know about [Daniela and Nicole’s plan to join the Glazer lawsuit] it is an absurdity.

CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah, I think that’s why the affidavit [the affidavit was just recently released requiring the prosecution to swear they did not commit prosecutorial misconduct] is really important for this. I wanted to ask you like on a timing stuff, like what should we be thinking timing-wise because some of these things are uncertain.

RANIERE: Well, first of all, we get this all done, we get this ready to go. Okay, so it’s ready to go out the door, including the podcast, including the affidavit, including the challenge, [the contest to find flaws/unethical actions in the prosecution’s case/judge’s rulings that could lead to overturning the conviction] you know…


RANIERE: …and then we decide to strategically release them depending on how the media and all is. We do also want to get some media signatures on the petition. [They were unable so far to get media but they did get some well-known figures to sign the petition such as Amanda Knox and Abby Rockefeller. It is interesting to note that this conversation took place in April and the affidavit did not get released until late September.]


RANIERE: Because first, first we get the affidavit, [U/I] the petition and then we go… [Voices overlap]


RANIERE: …with the follow up.

CHAKRAVORTY: Understood.

RANIERE: So, Okay, uh, I’m… trying to think if there is anything else right now. What else do you know?

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, I think that, that was it from, that was it from, from my end. Uh, I guess there was one, one thought just, uh, on how we can communicate better, like that the challenge is just [U/I] the prosecution case [U/I].

RANIERE: The challenge is what? I can’t hear you, I think you’re walking.

CHAKRAVORTY: Oh, no, I, I, I, uh…

RANIERE: You’re what?

CHAKRAVORTY: …I [U/I] a little bit. Oh, no, I was just saying that with, with judges, one, one thing that they, uh, uh, seem not to get is that this is just checking the prosecutor’s homework, like they can’t wrap their mind around it yet, so I don’t know if you have [U/I] metaphor or any way that we can [U/I] better, [U/I] think about it. Uh, we [U/I] definitely, that’s, that’s the [U/I] for them to grasp.

RANIERE: Okay. I’m having a lot of trouble hearing you because there seems to be a, a lot of interference and it almost sounds like you’re either walking or there is wind or something, I don’t know.

CHAKRAVORTY: There was a little wind because I just got out of the car, but now, is it better?

RANIERE: Oh, yeah, much.

CHAKRAVORTY: Okay, sorry.

RANIERE: It’s like everything is clear. So what’s the thing they, they can’t get? That they’re checking the prosecutor’s homework, so to speak?

CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah, they think, is that like, like that concept is, is a very narrow challenge, but they think they have this big really hard thing that’s going to take a lot of time, and that thing is just checking the argument itself, [U/I]

RANIERE: Or maybe…

CHAKRAVORTY: …it’s been done and…

RANIERE: …well maybe asking them that. So, you know, here is the, here is the problem that you, you may be able to help with. Some people are potential judges, even lawyers of esteem, you know, see, this is a massive problem when it’s actually checking the prosecution’s homework. I like that phrase very much… you know?


RANIERE: And really, it’s much more narrow than that because this is so absurd. You know this is, this is like checking a, you know, a murder case that doesn’t have a body, doesn’t have a weapon, you know, and they established the motive that’s shown to be false.

CHAKRAVORTY: Got it, okay… Okay, we, we will, uh, try that today.

RANIERE: And there, there is certain things… What?

CHAKRAVORTY: I said, we’ll, we’ll try that today with, with Ashley [McMahan], potentially. [using the expression ‘checking the prosecutors’ homework. She would serve as a judge as to who wins the contest, which provides for several $35,000 prizes for various aspects of the case.]

RANIERE: Yeah, yeah, good, because, uh, yeah, I’d like to get some of these people [judges] ready and, and they should know that they’ll have help too. S, in other words, if there is the… the more mundane eliminations that can be done, [entries in the contest that are clearly not helpful and not eligible for a prize could be eliminated by Raniere’s people and then only serious entries could be submitted to the lawyers acting as judges] which… of people that actually, uh, feel they’ve solved it, which it’s hard to imagine they would. Um, if, you know, they’re going to have very few that, uh, actually come up to them. [submitted to the judges for the contest, meaning most entries will be eliminated and only those with potentially strong legal arguments will go to the judges of the contest.]


RANIERE: [Giving examples of entries of the contest who make arguments that would not even make it to the judges] You know, some… you’ll even have some people say, “Well, it’s interesting because she’s, uh, she traveled from Brooklyn to Albany.” Well, that’s not true. I mean, it’s, it’s… that’s true, but that doesn’t make it interstate.

CHAKRAVORTY: Right, yeah. [Chuckles] We’re on the same page.

RANIERE: You know, or, uh, it’s interstate because when she was young, she lived in Arizona. That doesn’t make it interstate either, you know.


RANIERE: So, yeah, it is, it is disturbing about the Motion 33, even though it’s exactly what we expected… to see, to see such a big splat-out is crazy.

CHAKRAVORTY: Exactly. I didn’t know that, that things were like this in actuality, you know, because it’s like a movie, but it’s, way worse because it was real.



RANIERE: Yeah, and I’m, and I’m looking, you know, I’ll be in here for the rest of my life if we don’t do something. Or… and the rest of my life might not be that long considering the way things are in here, you know. Once I get to a, a destination point because I’ll go to a pen. [A federal penitentiary will be much more dangerous for Keith because he’ll be accessible by other prisoners – some of whom may try to kill him. But based on more recent actions of his followers and his own actions, Raniere might be sentenced to a supermax and be in solitary confinement where he will not be in danger of being killed by other prisoners.]




RANIERE: So we gotta get… we, what we have to do also is get scrutiny on this judge, get some pundit who is willing to speak out about what this judge is saying, which is crazy, and the judge needs to know he’s being watched…[Another great idea on Keith’s part: let the judge who is going to sentence you know that he’s being monitored].


RANIERE: …by someone who is wise.


RANIERE: So. Now we gotta figure out the next step with [Alan] Dershowitz. [Apparently, they had planned to get the famous lawyer to help in this case or the media effort. Maybe he is the pundit they plan to use to let the judge know is watching him.]


RANIERE: All right, but we have left, we have five seconds, so, I guess I will, uh, speak to you Friday.


RANIERE: Okay, bye.


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  • Could he be trying to create an appealable error by getting the judge to be extra harsh with him for freedom of speech issues???

  • I have a semi-related question about Nicki. Why in the heck has she not been charged with immigration fraud for her sham marriage to Allison?

  • These are real phone calls? Not Doctored? This is absolutely outrageous if true.

    Boy, he sure hasn’t changed at all, still exactly the same……Doesn’t even pretend. Speaking of pretending, Clare Bronfman won’t pretend either. Didn’t pretend, in any way, to be aware of her crimes. Exactly like Keith, 2 peas in a tight jail pod.

    Clare asked the judge to see some of the goodness in her that all those fans of her’s around the world see. This is what happens when you live all your life with yes-men at your feet with everyone singing your praises, just like what has happened with Keith.

    The rest of us get knocked around and “beat down” but Keith and Clare just get rid of those people! Then they rope in more innocent people to give them more undeserved praises to insulate themselves further.


    “So we gotta get… we, what we have to do also is get scrutiny on this judge, get some pundit who is willing to speak out about what this judge is saying, which is crazy, and the judge needs to know he’s being watched…”


    This is almost impossible to believe that the “smartest man in the world” talks like this about his sentencing judge.

    When Clare tried to say something to her victim the judge was furious, felt Clare was manipulating her victim I think, I’m not sure.
    But he was furious. Maybe Keith will now regret these words of his he sputtered against his own sentencing judge back in April.

    So hard to believe but who, seriously, could even make this stuff up? So insane it must be true.

    Isn’t insanity when you keep doing the same thing over and over but keep expecting different results? Then Keith and Clare are insane and these phone calls are simply all in a normal day’s work for Keith.

    Answered my own question.

  • These are very interesting to read, thank you.

    Having a contest for people to put in ideas about your legal defence, etc 1. says you don’t trust your own lawyers 2. suggests amateurs or law students or chancers might be better than good lawyers (which is usually not true) and I don’t know what his lawyer is supposed to do with it. Anyway, he can try it if he wants I suppose.

  • This could be a stroke of genius. Appear to be an unrepentant psychopath bent on intimidating your own judge thus getting a sentence in Supermax so as not to be killed as so often happens to pedophiles in general population prisons.

  • I don’t think he thinks it’s a tactical error at all that he’s being recorded saying these things. In his mind he’s in the midst of a miscarriage of justice—and any opportunity to voice that is advantageous to him.

  • How can it be that this troupe of dunderheads doesn’t get it, that their “activism” is sinking Raniere’s incarcerated barge of an ass even deeper? What causes the Head ReignRear’s groupies to continue to want to listen to him? Deaf, blind and dumber than dumbos?

    He sounds a lot like a petulant, indignant little rat now. All scurrying around in his psychopathic cage, coming up with ideas as potent as his half-erections. Even his made-up batch of assholian Nazi Joe Schmos couldn’t get his sex-trafficking done and done right. It is everybooby’s fault. He is so very unhip to himself. Some anticlimax, Numbnuts. Lotta deaths as previews though, right?

    These deluded freakazoids certainly have NOT been doing their Big Cheezewhiz any favors. What the hell? The bells have rung. Time to get off of that pole and twerk off. While you still can. Do the can-can and kick him loose. Right in the noose he put around his neck.

    On the other hand, keep acting up. That is some raw hide.

  • He is truly the world’s dumbest man. It’s shocking he had any followers. Given his communications were all monitored, surely Judge G new all about these goings-on and that Clare was footing the bill for this dimwitted plan. A plan to harass his enemies, the Prosecution and the Judge. Shear genius at work. Her nearly 7 years sentence now makes perfect sense.

    • Great point. Clare’s sentence makes a lot of sense when seen in this context. The judge said: “This judge is not blind” it seems he was referring indirectly to this movement. You are very right.

  • Tom Waites couldn’t have pulled off such a pathetic portrayal of Renfield, as this. Do you think he asks for the calorie count of flies and worms.

  • Seriously, KAR has got to be THE most unorganized psychopath there is. He honestly thinks – even in knowing that he’s being constantly monitored and taped – that these machinations are going to result in his freedom? Sentencing day is going to be VERY interesting!!!

  • What I get from these calls is that: Keith is creative. All of these ideas he has: the podcast, the letter (contract?) to prosecutors, the contest, watching the judge… are all pretty creative stuff. Keith is creative and he can also execute. He has started to execute part of these creative plans.

    His problem is that he focuses on nefarious things. That makes him dangerous. In his life, he focused his creative energy on evil: creating a sex cult. He could have used his creativity for building a legit company. But instead, he focused his energy and creativity on chasing his enemies and enslaving women.

    He is doing it again. Focusing his energy on creating terror now on judges and the prosecution. Feeling that you are watched, and invading your personal space to have you sign something is intimidating and it is nefarious. I felt sorry thinking about Keith in a supermax. Perhaps that is only where terrorists should be. The problem is that Keith is creative and focuses his creativity on evil. That is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

    Thanks, Frank, for sharing the letters and contextualizing.

    • I actually agree with this, but it’s in line with so many other incidents in world history.

      Creative? I’ll give ya that ( I don’t, however, classify this current stuff as creative).

      He could have done great things, and maybe started to.

      But I’m sorry, in the beginning HITLER did great things– Germans back to work, etc.

      But so many of these so-called charismatic leaders always stray with an alternative agenda.

      And their followers, like the Germans, are wanting and helpless.

      It never ends well.

    • Yes, good points. He has totally wasted his talents and so pointless. He could easily have run a business within the law and done well and had as many of age women as he wanted. Instead he seemed to think he was above the law., He could even easily have engaged in BDSM sex stuff (if he is into that) perfectly lawfully too. Instead he was stupid. He broke laws. There was no point unless being over the edge into illegality gave him some kind of kick.

      Also he is so negative. I just watched the latest The Vow episode. All that wasted energy on actions against “enemies” just like scientology does, just like some spouses do on a divorce. It is totally pointless. Even if others did things without his say so because they thought he wanted them he could have stopped it.

      • “A narcissistic injury occurs when narcissists react negatively to perceived or real criticism or judgment, boundaries placed on them, and/or attempts to hold them accountable for harmful behavior.”

        Go on Google and run with narcissistic injury.

  • I’m in anticipation with glee for The Vanguard’s sentence. What will the judge say to him after his genius “moves” from prison?

  • Just you wait and see – the judge will be inducted and the prosecutors too. They committed crimes and V will prove it. They messed with the wrong man this time.

    • The judge will be inducted into what? Your criminal enterprise? The hall of fame?

      You can’t even spell indictment, let alone, bring it..

    • V-triumphant,

      When you were growing up, and dreamed of all the things you wanted to do with your life, did you ever imagine that you’d just end up as an obedient dog?

  • “RANIERE: and the judge needs to know he’s being watched…”

    Once again, Keith Raniere demonstrates that he is the world’s third dumbest man.
    There have been several cases where Federal judges have been assassinated.
    For some reason, the US government takes a dim view of assassinating judges.
    The most infamous case is the 1979 assassination of US Judge John Wood by Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrelson.
    Charles Harrelson ended up spending the rest of his life in Federal prison.

    I strongly warn any followers of Raniere not to do anything stupid or violent.
    You should stop any surveillance of the judge immediately!

    “On May 29, 1979, Judge Wood was killed in San Antonio, by a shot from a high-powered rifle as he stood at the door of his automobile. He was struck in the small of the back and the bullet lodged near the upper part of his chest. Wood, known as “Maximum John” for his harsh sentencing of drug traffickers, was assassinated by Charles Harrelson in a contract killing placed by Texas drug lord Jamiel Chagra”,outside%20Wood%27s%20home%20in%20San%20Antonio%2C%20in%201979.

  • The judge needs to know he’s being watched. I like that! If he doesn’t watch himself, he’s going to receive some bruises too! He deserves some, dammit! Raniere should take a couple of days off from the MDC, go to the judge’s office and grab him by the collar!

  • “CHAKRAVORTY: You are in a, a, a Kafka “The Trial” or something. [Laughs]”


    In Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” the defendant K has absolutely no idea of the crimes he is charged with.

    In the NXIVM case, Raniere and his demented co-conspirators know precisely what they have been charged with.

    • True, these fools take anyone’s name in vain – as per, they count on the delusion that like their lazy mendacious selves, no one has ever bothered to read Kafka, Aristotle, Kant, etc..

      People whose parents never ever took them to the public library, people who never ever took themselves to a public library, for shame.

  • And Dershowitz got unslumped from his rocking chair, sitting naked, staring out the window at the Vineyard fog. “Not a chance, Flabturd,” he belched.

    “I’m bizzy.”

    But ride ’em cowboy and keep adoring your frigging guru, the sexual predator, blackmailer and racketeer. Suneel and Hicki. What’s love got to do with it. So. Yucko.

    Ain’t nobody going to wake up you sleeping beauties but yourselves. Talking some smack.

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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