Another Tapped Raniere Prison Phone Call: Suneel Is Dazzled by His Master’s Genius

Keith Raniere was a mathematical wizard

This is our fourth transcript of tapped phone calls Keith Alan Raniere made from prison to his devotee Suneel Chakravorty.

Raniere has been incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center [MDC] since April 2018.  It appears that many, or perhaps all, of his phone calls made from the prison phones have been monitored and recorded. It is not known whether any of the calls he made on the burner phones he was caught with at MDC were also recorded (He even had one that could make international calls).

Chakravorty is a member of Make Justice Blind [AKA the Nxivm-5] who seek to “prosecute the prosecutors” and have demanded that the prosecutors in Raniere’s case sign an affidavit swearing they did not commit acts of prosecutorial misconduct. He is also a member of The Forgotten Ones, the dancers who dance and twerk in front of the MDC on Friday nights.

Suneel Chakravorty

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RECORDING: 57005177 [Raniere’s prisoner number]

DATE: April 24, 2020
TIME: 1:28 P.M.
Suneel Chakravorty [CHAKRAVORTY]



RANIERE:  Hey, that’s the third call.

CHAKRAVORTY: Oh, this is the third one? The first one I got but I was on another call and I tried to switch to you, and by the time I switched, you were gone.

RANIERE: Ah. Yeah, no it rolls over to answering and then there’s a pattern like that. I sort of think it blocks you from picking up.

CHAKRAVORTY: Oh. Sorry about that.

RANIERE: So, how are things?

CHAKRAVORTY: Things are… uh, things are good, I think. Um, on the podcast [Raniere wants a podcast to explain his innocence and how the prosecutors suborned perjury, tampered with evidence and intimidated witnesses], there we have a teaser out to one, one person that David was going to get feedback on today. The producer?


CHAKRAVORTY: And then if that’s good, [U/I] send to iHeart and start that process.

RANIERE: I, I have a terrible thing about the teaser.


RANIERE: I might have a better way even to do it.


RANIERE: Here’s what I imagined. And a lot of my ideas are either ridiculous, over the top, not usable. So, you’d run the idea by before, but it would be pretty easy to produce. Pretty much the same way. You know how you start with… you know, uh, the stuff you had said at one point. You guys were going to start with like newscasts and stuff? Are you still doing that sort of a collage of like newscast stuff?

CHAKRAVORTY: Yeah, we have some clips of that. Yeah.

RANIERE: O.K. So if you have that sort of a thing and either right after that or maybe having the woman’s voice in there, then have another collage of news-seeming type things. But now it’s all the things, like, um, you might have me saying “This is untrue and a fabrication.” And then it says, “The media has gone crazy” and then someone else says “Over 10 million dollars has been placed to, against him. The judge says all of the witnesses have lied. Because of all these different, uh, things about what happened. You know in the middle of key witness testimony, she was just dismissed. You know, all different newscasters saying like the crazy stuff, including some of the crazy conditions that I lived in here.

[I don’t think these are accurate statements Raniere wants his podcast to convey. Suneel might not know they are inaccurate. He believes his Vanguard.  As for the “over 10 million dollars has been placed against him.” This is news. Who place the $10 million against him? The Illuminati? Conversely, Clare Bronfman put up $10 million for his and other Nxivm defendant’s defense. Raniere says he wants his podcast narrator to say “The judge says all of the witnesses have lied.”  But the judge never said any witnesses lied. Raniere made a motion claiming two witnesses lied, but the judge disagreed and denied his motion for a new trial. Raniere says, “You know in the middle of key witness testimony, she was just dismissed.” This also is not quite true. The only witness that was dismissed was Lauren Salzman and it was during an emotional cross-examination after she had a breakdown. His attorney never tried to recall her.] 


RANIERE: So, it sounds like something awful from a third world country which is exactly what it’s like, and then, you know, maybe it even stops with the like sound of a gavel, or something like that. And then I say, “I’ve been convicted of crimes I didn’t commit and I’m innocent.” You know, something like that.

CHAKRAVORTY: That’s awesome. The second collage, do those exist or those are ones you create?

RANIERE: No, I think you’d have to create them, but use factual things. Including, for example, the judge in his, uh, response to Marc’s last motion said the witness has lied. [I did not see that.]


RANIERE: So, what does that mean? The judge did say that all the major witnesses in Mr. Raniere’s case lied.

[This is not true but simple Suneel doesn’t know it. He is enamored with the brilliance of his master.]

CHAKRAVORTY: Wow. I love it. I think it’s also…we just need to see some voiceover people do [U/I] that kind of stuff. I think it’s perfect.

RANIERE: Yeah. Well, ask David. You know, you guys have a better feel, so you bring about all this controversy about me, then you bring up what happened. Including, you know, here it is, there’s no power and no heat. Right? And it’s actually. I’m in the cell that the wind hits directly. There’s the heavy winds. Wind chill factor of 40 below zero. The two coldest times, the polar vortex or whatever. The two coldest days. We had no power and no heat. Uh, you know water was freezing in my room and in the toilets. You know.

[Raniere is describing an earlier period when the heat was off at MDC and he and the other prisoners suffered intensely. He wants that on his podcast.]


RANIERE: There’s the, but even comments like that. And one comment would be, and I think it should be some of the controversial stuff you know.  Richard Donoghue, head of the Eastern District of New York, lied to the press today saying there were forced abortions.

[Raniere is referring to an earlier time when the then-US Attorney Donoghue mentioned the literally dozens of abortions Raniere’s numerous lovers had. Now whether they were forced or not is a matter of some debate. When Keith ordered a woman to have an abortion, she did not have much of a choice unless she wanted to leave the group and usually penniless. As for the Mexicans who were illegally in the USA, when they got pregnant, they did not have much choice at all.]




RANIERE: And another voice says, uh, the prosecution tampered with evidence. Take some of the stuff off the affidavit.

CHAKRAVORTY: Wow. O.K. I will convey, I will convey that… I was thinking about….

RANIERE: So that’s, uh, that’s just one of my crazy thoughts.

CHAKRAVORTY: It’s definitely, it’s definitely crazy, in a good way. So, I’ll ask for the… see I know, I know David doesn’t like the, the things that are like more “woe is me,” like you’re badly treated, but people should care but apparently people, you know… but I think everything else.

RANIERE: Well, it’s not, it’s not “woe is me”, it’s just the craziness of even what happened. Unfortunately, well fortunately David wasn’t here. But, uh, no, I mean, uh, people could know that within the prison of the United States, you know, this sort of thing could happen. It doesn’t mean you have to put those in. But the purpose of those things is not “woe is me”. The purpose of those things is to illustrate conditions that people wouldn’t believe. That are…


RANIERE: And you can tell him that. That are… and you can tell him this. That are as fantastical as the story against me. And I use that word fantastical. You know what I mean? It’s much harder to deflate a story with the banal, boring truth. But if you take the crazy aspects of the truth. People wanna… “Oh, my God that’s even crazier, you mean all that stuff is not true?.”  “This is what’s true! Oh, my God”. You know  what I mean?


RANIERE: So, creating that effect might help. Maybe not.


RANIERE: So, uh, I had another potential podcast thing I tried to [U/I]. Do you have anything on your side?

CHAKRAVORTY: Um, on the podcast? Uh, not, uh, no.

RANIERE: Judges? Anything?

CHAKRAVORTY: Oh, uh, judges, we’re speaking with Ashley [McMahan, an attorney] today at 5:00, Marty [U/I], who was a formerly wrongfully-convicted lawyer tomorrow, ah, [U/I] just responded to me by email that she has some personal and professional tragedies right now and she’ll write soon more….so I’ll….

[Raniere is referring to judges, preferably attorneys, who would judge a contest with several $35,000 prizes for anyone who can identify procedural errors in his trial that Raniere could use to overturn his sentence. The contest details are expected to be announced soon.]

RANIERE: She what? What did she say? Some personal tragic…

CHAKRAVORTY: She’s been dealing with that and sorry for not responding and she’ll write soon, she’ll write more soon. And then, we’ll see. After that.

RANIERE: Alright, alright, so it sounds like she’s still open [to being a judge].

CHAKRAVORTY: Sounds like she’s still open and she said that she would need income, [she wants to be paid to judge the contest] though, so we can maybe figure that out with her.

RANIERE: Ah, O.K. Alright.

CHAKRAVORTY: And we’re going to try to meet with Nicole sooner than, what we initially scheduled for a follow-up.


CHAKRAVORTY: So that’s all… that’s all I’m…

RANIERE: Well, we got, we have to have an urgency.

CHAKRAVORTY: Yes, absolutely.

RANIERE: So. Alright, um, should I do a little podcast?

CHAKRAVORTY: Absolutely. I’ll give you the countdown. 3-2-1. Go.

[Suneel is recording Raniere for use in the podcast.]

RANIERE: This next part talks about fear and the “like me” disease. There’s a system that’s currently in and actually compromises…comprises most of our justice system. And that is the system of judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Often we’ve seen on T.V., you know, two attorneys are going at it in court, you know, one against the other, and then, afterwards, they go out and, you know, play tennis or have, you know, 18 rounds of golf or whatever it is together, 18 holes, and, uh, you know, they’re friends. And that is actually a wonderful demonstration that in a game, in a contest, you can be really opponents, going after each other the best you can within that contest and yet still be friends. And this is very, very important.

But that can be perverted, that can be abused. When you’re playing a game with someone, or in some sort of professional contest, and the person does something that is immoral. The person does something that demonstrates not their character within the game as being aggressive or strategic or whatever but literally their morality about the game.

For example, if you’re playing some sort of a game, say you’re having a chess match with someone and you see that they cheat and there’s actually a lot on the line. Maybe even, you either put up money, or there’s, I don’t know, it’s a big tournament and this person has illustrated to you that they’re willing to sacrifice the honor of the game, just to win.

That, by moral necessity, should change the way you treat them in the outside world. So, if there are two attorneys in a court of law and one attorney does something that is immoral that doesn’t mean that outside of the court of law they’re automatically friends and it’s as if nothing had happened.

Because if you’re in a contest with someone and you’re both acting morally and you’re both uphold…, and you’re both upholding principles, that upholds the humanity and the connection between you. I mean, for example, if I have, you know, an opponent that’s doing incredible things and really decimating me, you know, and strategically maybe duping me and doing all these things, but it’s all within the way the game works, all within the rules, then I admire them more.

And afterwards, it’s fantastic, I’ll just be in awe of them. But by the same thing, the same token, if that opponent is doing things that are immoral, that are just really base, then after the game I… I don’t really want to associate with them anymore.

But in the system of defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges, you know they go to conferences together. They often have parties together, Christmas parties together and things like that. And there is a “like me” disease. And it’s interesting with, between prosecutors and defense attorneys, often defense attorneys were prosecutors and they have a type of horse-trading that goes on.

In other words, if the defense attorney, if they have a client that’s guilty and going to plea, they help that client, they make the whole thing go easier that makes the prosecution like them more, so that when they need another favor down the road, they can get that favor.

This is because they start trading favors, and when you listen to them speak, when you listen… even defense attorneys speak, sometimes your mouth just drops open.

When you start looking at, they’re talking about favors, they’re talking about horse-trading, they’re talking about having the prosecution like them, or upsetting the prosecution or things like that and the truth of the matter is the prosecution should not have emotions about the case. And there should be no fear of upsetting the prosecution.

Likewise, with the judge. Unfortunately, in our society now, judges, judges are seldom criticized, you seldom see them criticized in the media, people seldom talk about their errors and things like that.

Former US Attorney Preet Bharara

They are held in a position that is above even the President’s type of power. It has very little check and balance, except for the appeals process. But it’s interesting. There’s a person, Preet Bharara, who was head of the Southern District at one point. He even said that there are corrupt judges. Some judges are corrupt. And some of the consultants we have had, had, said things along the lines that, it doesn’t matter, we don’t have to be able get to any judge.

The thing that people do that is dishonest is they get the case in front of a judge that they have positioned within each of the circuits. So, there are some judges that are corrupt, within the circuits, including in the appeals courts, and they just make sure that cases go in front of those judges. Those judges that are moveable or those judges that are even in some cases buyable and things like that and judges are never questioned.

Now if a judge is, I mean, if you look the way a judge is elected you know they’re elected, they look at their backgrounds and things like that but there’s not rigorous psychological testing done, moral testing, things along those lines.

And especially… let’s suppose you have a judge who’s a very nice person, but very immature.

When that judge gets on the bench 20 years later, they could become a little tyrant. And some judges are. My judge in particular shows a lot of emotion on the stand. And some people might say, “Well, I don’t know. That’s maybe good.”

But think about it. A judge should be completely stoic. If there’s a piece of evidence that comes up, and the judge, like in my case, with my judge shows the disgust, it almost looks like the judge is about to retch, what does that say to the jury? And that’s not in the transcript, that’s not anything that anyone measures at this point.

It should be that every single court case is videoed, it doesn’t cost a lot right now and judges need to be evaluated.

Because a judge is put in their seat, and it’s a lifetime appointment [for federal judges], and they can really go astray.

And some judges really have. So, we need to question judges and we need to stop the social nature between prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges and turn that into more of a moral interaction.

[Raniere stops and there is silence for a moment]


RANIERE: Hello? So, I was a little bit on a soapbox there, but then I realized we were running out of time. So, we have less than a minute. So I hope… I could go on about that subject; that’s the social club of defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges.  I might have called them prostitutes by accident [Laughs]. Prostitutes! Well, yes, they are. So. Thirty seconds. Anything else? Did you get… did you get through to Marc [Agnifilo, Raniere’s lawyer]?

CHAKRAVORTY: Uh, nothing… yes. So I got through to Marc. He’s going to send me a motion he said today. He asked about the sentencing memo. I told him your [U/I] situation…

RANIERE: Right. We have 10 seconds. You may want to somehow become his client, so you’ll have attorney-client privilege. But I mentioned that in an email to him just a few minutes ago.

CHAKRAVORTY: Roger that.

RANIERE: Alright. Goodbye.



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  • If the judge has any common sense, he will prohibit Raniere from interacting with any current NXIVM member just like he did with Bronfman. LOL

  • I’d really like to know if Frank knows or has ever met this Suneel character because he seems like the biggest boot licker of all. Keith has been in jail for months now, convicted of henious crimes and he still won’t put down Keith’s torch. Organizing a show outside the prison of false pretexts. The feds should probably take a look at Suneel before they close the book on all of this

    • I think it’s highly probable that the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service has already opened case files on all five members of the NXIVM 5. Falsely accusing federal prosecutors and federal judges of being corrupt – and threatening to have them watched – will pretty much guaranty that.

  • The “horse trading” thing amongst prosecutors and defense attorneys is true on the county and state level. It does happen.

    • Horse-trading and social club affiliations occur across all professions, as an extension of fiduciary responsibility. Difficult because isn’t it one of the clear perqs. of putting in the necessary efforts to join a profession?

  • What the heck is Suneel, Flabturd’s wifey, visiting him by phone? “Okay honeybunch, will do. You are so right, my Big Pumpkin.” It is a lot like Suneel never heard of Henny Youngman.

    That comedian enshrined a punchline and heard the world laugh about for many years.

    “Take my wife, please.”

  • [best when read in the voice of Alec Baldwin imitating Donald Trump]:
    RANIERE: And you can tell him that. That are… and you can tell him this. That are as fantastical as the story against me. And I use that word fantastical. You know what I mean?

  • If he knows he’s being recorded, he can describe what he thinks is misconduct, and if the lawyers or judge fall into this pattern he described, it could be a nugget of hope for appeals. He and Clare abused the system for decades, and made up their own rules for this “game”. He still thinks he’s playing it. I really do hope he ends up in supermax and has all the time in the world to think up ways to chew his leg out of the trap he created.

    Although, in previous recordings, he did utter his PIE reasoning for raping children. The same reasoning that he used repeatedly for years. That isn’t a stance he can manipulate. He could very well try to use “sexual orientation” if he gets desperate.

    • Raniere is going nowhere except prison. LOL

      I wonder whether he stole the PIE idea as well as borrowing ideas from Scientology, Amway, etc.? LOL

  • It’s kind of like the original Superman film from the 1970s, where Clark Kent/Superman is played by Chris Reeve and Lex Luthor is played by Gene Hackman. Hackman is an excellent actor.

    Hackman portrays Lex Luthor as grandiose, delusional, and scheming on how to take over the World in the most impractical way imaginable. And Luthor’s henchpeople are all bumbling idiots who cannot follow simple instructions. Sound familiar? Hmmm…

    Maybe Queef should be working on how to: 1) admit his mistakes, 2) get the lowest sentence possible, 3) get transferred to a low security men’s camp for ex-judges, attorneys, CEOs, etc.

    Just a thought…

  • This phone call happened last April, and where is this podcast that Raniere was yammering about like a befuddled, constipated CEO?

    Flabturd is being sentenced in less than 3 weeks, unless something changes. Now it’s getting down to the wire. So where is this exposé, The Plight of the Cuckoo Birdies? Bring on the blah blah.

    • My guess is that iHeart and other brand new distributors passed. The process to submit a podcast to these distributors is a cattle call. You upload it, they review it, and if they like it, they’ll get in touch. You can expedite that if you have an agent representing you but I can’t imagine most of the major brands want to touch this nuclear waste with a ten foot pole. The could always self-publish but it would be difficult to say if they’d get anywhere with that or whom would listen. I guess it depends on what their finances are like these days. A lot of their past resources are no longer available to them.

  • Raniere’s perspective is that of one who has the moral high ground … he is quite the sick person. Amazing.

  • How does the “smartest man in the world” end up in jail and perhaps in the future in a super max? Answer: He must not be the smartest man in the world. There, KAR’s claim refuted by his own imprisonment. Simple, isn’t it?

    • As Mark Twain once mentioned, golf is a way to ruin a good, refreshing walk.

      If you were playing that oddball game with Flabturd, and he filled the golfcart with recollections about screwing underaged girls, how would that go?

      Looking for dirt? Examine this bastard’s tongue, penis and ballz. If he sings “Rhiannon,” beware! Flabturd isn’t crooning his copy of Stevie Nicks. More like Tricky Dickie. That’s all that this gibberish, this pre-sentencing drivel really is. Dickie the Flabturd is a ‘fraidy cat without a hot tin roof.

  • Why is Marc Agnifilo still representing him if they think he is too soft? I can’t remember the particular phrase and soft probably is not the right word but they are clearly displeased how things are being handled. Why hasn’t he got himself new representation? I am actually baffled as to why he isn’t representing himself seeing as though he is so smart and all.

    • Perhaps he is hoping to use inadequate representation to his appeal his conviction at some point with a different attorney. Who knows?

      It’s funny to me after reading several articles here about how one of the main teachings of ESP is not to be a victim. He certainly seems to be stating he is the victim in all of this based on the transcripts of his phone calls, etc. I cannot help but wonder how current members of NXVIM reconcile that fact– being told constantly not to be a victim and him whining about being a victim. It’s also funny how he responded to being told someone does not like the “woe is me” stuff. Basically, he was being told not to complain or be a victim, so what does he do? He whines even more. He is such a hypocrite!

      • A total hypocrite. He should be approaching it as the ultimate test to his God-like existence. His followers and other NXIVM convicts should see their plight as character building.

    • After mulling over this latest report on Raniere’s jailhouse conversations…

      I’ve come to the conclusion that the idea that he’ll be spending the rest of his life in prison has still not sunken in.

      Keith isn’t grasping at straws or even the air; he is reaching into the *abyss.

      I guess accepting fate and his own mortality is too much to bear. Poor mighty Thor.

      “And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
      —Friedrich N.

      *The abyss is originally the endless pit of Hell.

  • Maybe Keith knows he is being taped and he is doing this to use his calls to get the message out of what he wants. Frank Report has been giving Keith’s words space and other media as well.

    So maybe this was Keith’s brilliant plan?

    I like that Frank contextualizes what Keith says so we can see the lies

    • If KAR, the “smartest man in the world,” had a plan, he wouldn’t be in jail and on his way to federal prison. The “smartest man in the world” would have never put himself in a position to be sent to jail and prison. Plus, could there be a “smartest woman in the world” who is smarter than KAR? Talk about sexism, like men are the only ones who occupy the upper echelons of smartness. Plus, he knows he’s being taped, of course, but do you really think Mr. Parlato publishing his jail vomit will actually help his cause, especially on appeal or if he does get a new trial? Nope. It will be the same result: life in prison for KAR.

      • Good point. I am giving Keith way more credit than he deserves. You are right. If he was smart, he would not be in prison. With that type of money, smarter people would have been able to escape justice. Think, for instance, Michael Jackson.

      • He did have a plan – but it was mind bogglingly stupid. While under investigation, he fled to Mexico, stupidly let one of his hoochie mamas post their location through a selfie on an obvious landmark, made sure he had no assets in his name with which to post bond, left evidence everywhere (including emails to Clare drafting threatening letters to be sent by “Mexican attorneys” to detractors), and failed to put on any defense whatsoever at trial.

        Now, he is ordering his remaining dim-witted followers to dance outside his jail, launch ridiculous podcasts, harass the government, and slander an esteemed Judge and competent prosecutors.

        Would it not have been better to simply lie low and avoid crossing the line in the first place? He had de facto NDNY immunity. Or was having grotesquely branded genitals and collateral so very, very important?

        I think it is without question that vicious, harassing and bullying litigation was critically important to his ego. And many have suffered deeply: Susan Dones, Sara Edmonson, Heidi Hutchinson, Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie, Rick Ross, Frank Parlato himself,and countless others.

        ““A cold heart is its own worst punishment.”
        ― Frank McAdam

        How does one sleep at night, knowing he or she has inflicted so much pain? Funded with other peoples’ money, to boot. Remaining followers: Do you endorse and admire this? Are your lives so very empty?

        “A man is not judged by how much he loves, but by how many love him.” (Unknown author.) I submit that many, many, many people not only do NOT love him, but fear and despise him because of the pain he has caused. Mark my words, if given the smallest opportunity, he will inflict more pain.

        He could have almost skated, IMO, had he stayed put and claimed the assets he rightfully had. He would have been on bond and on house arrest. Now, he has pissed everyone off.

        The whole, sorry saga saddens me, because none of it was really necessary for him to live a comfortable, satisfied life, and for some to possibly benefit from a few of his positive ideas. He could have been so much more. Now he’s just an abusive bully, pure and simple.

        • Was abandoned by his chief enablers (Pam/Barb) as a result of their deaths so he was out of sorts and desperate for the constant drug of female adoration. When his new lady line up worked, he got greedy and started believing the guru bullshit exempted him from basic human rights/wrongs. Hence, DOS and his downfall.

          All pretty basic moves for an insecure limp dick troll knowing his days were numbered – trying to eat as many cookies in the cookie jar before he got found out.

          I bet he can hardly believe he got away with as much as he did, with who he did, for as long as he did.

          And for the record – his brilliant podcast idea is stupid.

    • I agree and suggested this before. Thinking the judge will give him a heightened sentence based on freedom of speech issues, increasing his chances of an appeal.

  • This level of idiocy is beyond a joke. Are we sure this isn’t a set up for an insanity plea, further down the line?

  • Ah, the taste of rotting, Raniere word salad — like expired, sun baked Kim Chi left open in a horse barn. But we have only 20 days left to live to see him dragged away and silenced, forevermore. Godspeed.

    • Lol. Heidi killing it as per usual with the colorful commentary.

      The world’s smartest man is the world’s dumbest when it matters the most. Rot is a good word to describe what will be the rest of his life.

      Kimchi + horse barn is a pretty solid analogy. And suneel’s podcast efforts thus far reflect that.

      I’m still super curious why no sentencing dates for the rest of our guilty pleas.

      • Sentencing dates will start being set this month – and most, if not all, of the four remaining sentencing hearings, will take next month. But I think Nancy, Lauren, Allison, and Kathy will all be allowed to postpone reporting to prison until after the start of the New Year.

  • Raniere is so sensitive to issues of judicial misconduct, and so blind to his own misconduct.

    But there’s something to be said for Raniere’s assertions about the social interactions between judges and attorneys. Attorney Robert Barnes made the decision to have his law office in a different state from where he lived, so that he would never have his representation be swayed by whether he wants to get invited to the right parties.

    Fun fact: Barnes successfully represented Wesley Snipes in his tax case, which everyone thought would be a slam dunk for the government. Barnes says on his website never to hire an ex-IRS agent in tax cases. He says the ex-agent will find it more important not to ruffle the feathers of those s/he socializes with, and will not fight for their client’s best interests. So the client gets screwed.

    • Thanks for sharing, Diane.

      That fun fact paragraph is extremely interesting and an important fact that, in my opinion, shows how biased things can get

  • It’s hilarious that they believe this podcast would ever convince anyone that Keith is innocent and has been wrongly convicted.

    As far as I know, all prison phone calls are recorded, so they should have realized they were being taped.

    Can’t wait to hear this podcast.😁

    • The general rule is that all phone calls – and all emails – in prison are subject to random monitoring or recording. However, in order to record all of a specific inmate’s phone calls and emails, law enforcement officials will generally have to obtain a court order permitting them to do so.

      • Claviger,

        After prison officials heard the first few of Raniere’s calls and read his emails they probably decided to obtain the court order.

        I wonder if Keith is really too stupid to understand he was being recorded, and if so, I wonder when he finally figured it out?

  • Wow. The “smartest man in the world” should figure out how to get his simple ideas across with a little less language now that he has limited time to express them.
    It took almost the entire phone call for him to convey the common idea that some lawyers do each other favors and maybe screw over their clients to help each other out.

    Also, what is he saying that all the witnesses lied about? Wouldn’t you spend more time talking about that? With maybe some facts to back it up..?

    I think Raniere is losing his mind in there.

    Suneel can’t string a coherent sentence together. He’s so submissive to Raniere, it’s sad. He sounds like a weak, bumbling sycophant.

  • Thanks again for this. His attorney is right that “woe is me” stuff is never going to help or work. I suspect KR is a nightmare of a client to have and does not listen to advice very well as he thinks he knows it all. Also saying the judges are all corrupt etc. is not true and will not help him by saying it. I don’t think their proposed broadcast, which is likely to contain lies, is going to help him at all. Maybe he is not making one but pretending because he knows the calls are being recorded.

  • When Raniere speaks about a social club, he is speaking about his lawyer, Marc Agnifilo and he’s saying he doesn’t trust him. In fact, he has reasons not to trust him. Agnifilo is a press hound and people pleaser. He has put getting attention over fighting for his clients.

    Otherwise, Raniere is delusional. He thinks he has power to influence the media via a podcast filled with distortions. Frank is right about his followers: Michelle, Dr. Dani, Nicki Clyne, Suneel and Mark Elliot are a bunch of idiots. They mean well but they still don’t see the whole picture that Nx harmed people badly. They talk about being “at cause” but they are not accountable themselves. They’ve been bought by Clare Bronfman’s money and status and were deluded by Raniere’s lies. They don’t trust the outside world. I feel sorry for them. Especially, Dani because, despite the horrible branding, she is a talented woman who is very caring toward people she meets.

    • Wonder if iHeart will prohibit this. The bad publicity that iHeart would endure would be damaging to its reputation. Buy, maybe KAR is one step ahead of me, being the “smartest man in the world.” Funny how the smartest man in the world is in jail, soon to be in prison. I mean, how does the smartest man in the world end up behind bars? Even if he is innocent and everyone else is corrupt, surely the smartest man in the world would have known this and avoided it. Guess that means KAR isn’t close to being the smartest man in the world. Sad.

        • Yes Scott, they should edit in canned laughter. I would listen and have some laughs at that.

          I have an idea. Someone should record their own version of these telephone transcripts. The voice of Homer Simpson for Keith and the “m’kay” teacher out of South Park for Suneel.

  • “RANIERE: Hello? So, I was a little bit on a soapbox there, but then I realized we were running out of time. So, we have less than a minute. So I hope… I could go on about that subject; that’s the social club of defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges. I might have called them prostitutes by accident [Laughs]. Prostitutes! Well, yes, they are. So. Thirty seconds. Anything else? Did you get… did you get through to Marc [Agnifilo, Raniere’s lawyer]?“

    I wish I had an empty room and lots of different colored balls of yarn. WoW! Where to start, but the place that me laugh out loud.

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