Is Marc Elliot still recruiting for Vanguard?

It is not known if NXIVM member Marc Elliot is still recruiting for NXIVM.
His website suggests that he may be.
He was called before the grand jury some months ago to testify about his involvement in the NXIVM cult.
Here is what he publishes about himself on his website:
‘Marc Elliot knows the importance of embracing our differences. Born with a rare disease that left him with virtually no intestines, he faced extreme adversity and overcame tremendous odds from day one. But that was only the beginning of his remarkable journey. At age nine, he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Tourette’s Syndrome due to his incessant vocal and motor tics that interfered with every aspect of his life. It is estimated he ticced around 25 million times and every medical professional concluded his condition was uncontrollable and incurable. Not being one to bend to statistics, Marc completely overcame his Tourette’s in 2013, drawing from innovations in emotional intelligence, using only mind over body, and sheer will.”
Marc is offering his services as a consultant and inspirational speaker. He has publicly credited NXIVM for curing his Tourette’s Syndrome, so it stands to reason – based on the above – that he will tell those he consults and speaks before – should he get any offers – about NXIVM – and how its tech is so powerful that it cures diseases.
Ergo, he is likely still recruiting for NXIVM.
One of his main speaking topics – Guilty Until Proven Innocent – also suggests he is pro NXIVM and this represents his view of what is happening to NXIVM and Keith Raniere.
Here is how Marc describes it:

Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Cultivating Kindness and Critical Thinking In a World That

Promotes Bias, Prejudice and Gossip

Over the last decade, Marc has touched audiences all over the country by sharing his life story and imparting messages of inclusion and learning to embrace adversity. In a world with increasingly divisive attitudes, he hopes to inspire a conversation that fosters tolerance, compassion and a renewed faith in our ability to grow better together. Marc is now bringing his powerful and educational presentation, “What Makes You Tic?” to businesses and organizations worldwide to inspire more cooperation and understanding within the workplace and, ultimately, the world.


NXIVM is not dead. It may be bruised and ailing. It may be on its last legs, but there are some who want it to survive and rise again. Marc Elliot may or may not be one of these.

Is he entirely to blame? He thinks NXIVM cured his disease. Who wouldn’t be loyal? But one has to wonder if the disease was really cured – if it was cured at all – by something within him.

He only wants to credit his Vanguard.


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  • He is probably dependent on Sara & Clare keeping him alive like the other coaches that are sticking around. I still don’t believe either one of them has ever had a friend they didn’t buy whether with actual cash or favours or both.

  • Does he actually back up his speeches with medical data from his own story. Or like VANGUARDS many accomplishments do we just take his word for it.

  • I noticed that Marc left his movie trailer up on the bottom of his website featuring Nancy and Keith, so I would guess he’s still promoting and recruiting!

    • You get stupider by the second. The only one in your comment that is reality is Emiliano. Cline is only big in your empty head. You seem to be almost as obsessed with her as you are with Mack. You must think that since she hasn’t been arrested yet you are still in the running for a reach around from her. Sara is also as dumb as a box of rocks. Her so called hubby is much more of a worry.

      • “You get stupider by the second.”

        Nicki Clyne is one of the most fanatical supporters of DOS.
        3. Nicki Clyne: Former actress. Original member of DOS and a long-term harem member. Has become a DOS slave – and also has her own pod of slaves. Has given collateral that prevents her from disclosing the secrets of DOS. Has done more to recruit slaves than any women in the harem other than Allison Mack. Said to be very angry about the secrets of DOS becoming public.

        Looks to me like Ms. Clyne could easily be charged with sex trafficking.

        • Johnson you are just as stupid as your alter ego. It is not going to survive you idiot. Sara Bronfman is clueless about money. You maybe the only human dumber than her. Basit Igtet is the brains behind the operation there. You and shadowperv run along now and pretend you are Dick Tracy. Meanwhile reality and truth moves onward.

          • Despite Scotts issues dealing with people he is right that this cult would have had a different ending without the Bronfman money , they are the reason it was able to thrive. Why did the Bronfman extended family not find a way to stop this years ago? They could have. All that money and they sat back and watched their sisters get taken for the ride of their lives. I can’t imagine they are to thrilled to have their last name constantly defamed with no end in sight. Did none if them have the slightest influence? Where are they now? Where was mommy all these years?

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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