Three New DOS Slaves Named: Making Total of 54 DOS Slaves Listed — More to Follow

Emiliano's wife is Ludwika Paleta. She is in an open relationship with Emiliano Salinas.

FRANK REPORT continues to post new names of women who are believed to be members of DOS, or who strongly support the recruiting of new slave-women for DOS.


This report was developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed.   

Any woman who is named in this report can call me at 716-990-5740 – or email me at – to dispute these findings and/or to discuss steps to get your “collateral” back from Keith Raniere, who prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard and who uses the “collateral” to hold the DOS women in place and force them to do things they would not otherwise do.


DOS  [Dominant Over Submissive] is a secret women’s master-slave group headed by Raniere. Among the group’s secret practices are branding women on their pubic region with Raniere’s initials and the requirement of members to provide ‘collateral’ which can be used against them if they reveal the secrets of DOS or are disobedient. The gathering of collateral is coercive in nature – and includes elements of extortion and blackmail.

The purpose of posting names of the women is to show that DOS is real. The women are not fictional characters. The fact that not one woman has requested to have her name removed because she is not a member of DOS, suggests the women named are either in DOS, or are not aware of this website. Every one named below is known to be associated with Raniere and Executive Success Programs. If anyone thinks that a person named here is unaware of this website, please make them familiar with it.

raniere 9
Keith Raniere is master of the slave-women of DOS and keeper of the collateral. He may rightfully take credit for being the first human in history to create a blackmail multi-level marketing company for women only.


#54 Jacquelin Ronay:  According to sources, DOS slave, Jacquelin Ronay is married to Society of Protector member, Michel Chernitzky and is the sex slave of Mr. Chernitzy’s best friend, and boss, Emiliano Salinas. Ms. Ronay writes about Mr. Chernitzky on Facebook, ‘I’m in love with a photographer who takes a lot of pictures of me, even while I’m doing something completely random he says: “wait, wait, wait, stay right there, Beautiful!”‘

She does not mention her relationship with Mr. Salinas who is both Mr. Chernitzy’s friend and superior in ESP. Many people in Mexico City ESP however are said to be talking about how Mr. Salinas is having sex with his best friend’s wife.

But this may be an attitude that is not in keeping with the teachings of ESP. Keith Raniere teaches that sex is like “playing the violin or tennis;’ that it is playful action, and that rubbing the genitals is not different than rubbing elbows. It is just skin.  Mr. Salinas is Mr. Chernitzky’s boss in ESP. It may be also fair to say that Mr. Salinas is exercising ‘Le droit du Seigneur ‘ or ‘The Right of the Lord’ to have sex with the wife of his subordinate.


#53 Maria Colla is said to be Nancy Salzman’s “best friend”. This attractive DOS slave woman is reportedly working to bring more slaves into the world of DOS, now that many are leaving. Ms. Colla, 44, is an actress, known for Alta tensión (1997), Belinda (2004) and Sensacional (2002). She is married to Pablo Monroy and they have two children. Whether she presently sports the initials of Keith Raniere on her pubic region is not known. The collateral she would be required to give to be a member of DOS is likely to be indiscreet photos and confessions implicating her husband in nefarious activities. Whether she finds DOS slavery and blackmail appealing or whether she feels she is coerced into finding more DOS slaves is not known. Whether her husband will be a happy cuckold [cornudo] for Mr. Raniere, Emiliano Salinas or other SOP men is unknown. What is known is that the new “high octane” polygamous direction Mr. Raniere is seeking will require DOS’ married women to engage in Vanguard-ordered extramarital encounters [with or without their husband’s consent or knowledge] as part of the training of the SOP men and the DOS slave-women. All DOS women owe their first loyalty to Mr. Raniere ahead of their husbands. [A woman can have many husbands but there is only one Vanguard].


Ludwika Paleta is in an “open marriage” with her bisexual husband Emiliano Salinas. She sleeps with men. He sleeps with men and women.

#52 Ludwika ‘Mika’ Paleta is the wife of Emiliano Salinas. She is a well-known Mexican actress. Her husband is the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas.

According to sources, Ms. Paleta is now a DOS member. Her husband, Emiliano, is bisexual and prior to marrying Ludwika, he was in a gay relationship with his business partner, Alejandro Betancourt. Ludwika and Emiliano have an “open relationship.'”At first, Ludwika was opposed to Mr. Raniere but in time, she came around. Part of her turnaround may be the robust sex life she enjoys with many men, some of whom are the beta males of Raniere, who are part of the Society Of Protectors. She recently claimed to the media she gave birth to twins. She did not. A surrogate mother gave birth in San Diego to the children Emiliano and Ludwika are calling their twins. The reason Frank Report is publishing these personal details is to allow potential followers of Mr. Raniere to judge for themselves whether the self-proclaimed “most ethical man in the world” attracts the kind of followers he or she wants to emulate.



crystal rose brooks 51. Crystal Rose Brooks: She is said to be branded and an enthusiastic devotee of Keith Raniere. She hopes to bring many more women into ESP where ultimately they can be persuaded to join DOS. Wendy Rosen Brooks brought her into the Raniere organization and the late Pam Cafritz was her coach.

slyvie lloyd





50. Sylvie Y. Lloyd: Originally from England, she is a longtime friend, confidante, associate, and employee of Clare Bronfman, who brought her into the teachings of Mr. Raniere and who funds every element of his corrupt and illegal enterprise.  Ms. Lloyd is reputedly a member of DOS.

Like many women of DOS, Ms. Lloyd is a runner. Her running predates the existence of DOS.




karen unterreiner49. Karen Unterreiner: She has been with Mr. Raniere for nearly 30 years – and has the distinction of being the most senior harem member and last of the original harem.  It is possible Miss Unterreiner is branded, and may be a slave to one of the younger women. She certainly knows about DOS and, as she has done in the past, continues to endorse Mr. Raniere as he seeks to groom younger women into slavery.


salzman h

48.  Nancy Salzman:  It is not known if she has been branded (Keith may have imposed an upper age-limit on that activity) but she is acutely aware of DOS.  She gave two daughters to Mr. Raniere, both of whom are said to be in DOS.

Nancy is no longer officially in the harem – and today is more of a figurehead for Executive Success Programs.  The real leader of ESP is Clare Bronfman [under Mr. Raniere]. As titular leader of Mr. Raniere’s enterprises, Nancy’s support – plus the fact that one of her daughters, Lauren, is one of the top slave leaders of DOS [right under Allison Mack] – makes Nancy a formidable force.


47. [Name redacted]

beluga46.  Beluga Rock: A woman who goes by the name of Beluga Rock is said to be a DOS slave. Sources say her real name is Veronica Jaspeado Martínez (born September 6, 1976) who is a Mexican actress and voice actress.






amanda canning45. Amanda Canning: She is a reputed DOS slave. She is also an attorney. Perhaps if this website is “all lies” as some of the supporters of Mr. Raniere claim, Ms. Canning can bring a lawsuit against this writer [For info on how to serve me with such a lawsuit, see the bottom of post]. Ms. Canning is the founder at “Ethica Legal Counsel,” a Keith Raniere-inspired sounding law firm described as “high integrity legal services to companies and entrepreneurs who are passionate about building their businesses in a meaningful way.”  She went to law school at UCLA, studied political science at UC Berkeley, and lives in Venice, California.


44.  haertelSahajo Haertel:  Describes herself as a “Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, seeker and promoter of heightened Awareness, Consciousness and Joy.” She does not mention she is a slave to Mr. Raniere. Sources say she is a member of DOS and lives in Albany.






lorena 43.  Lorena Ezcurdia:  She is proud to tell the world she has been trained by Mr. Raniere’s Executive Success Programs. Sources say the good women of Mexico got her into DOS as a slave-woman. This wonderful woman is the Owner of Ezcurdia & Asociados. But she is also a Coach in Executive Success Programs. She is from Mexico and attended the Universidad Anáhuac.

Women helping women [into slavery] is the goal of DOS.




42. [Name redacted]: One of the victims of the recent exposure of the secret rites of DOS is [Name redacted]. She is reported to have given collateral and was being groomed for branding when the FrankReport revealed the secrets of DOS, thereby caused dozens of women to leave Mr. Raniere’s organization. In addition, the exposure of the branding rites seems to have frightened the doctor who has been performing the delicate branding work. [Name Redacted], a Head Trainer and Educational Coordinator at Executive Success Programs in Clifton Park,NY,  must be patient if she wishes to put the initials of Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack on her pubic region. Possibly another physician or non-physician may become available to re-start the branding operation soon, or possibly Dr. Roberts will start branding again shortly.




41. [Name Redacted]



Mr. Raniere offers hope to misguided women who have no one to rule them. DOS offers these women something entirely unique.




40.  Kathy Russell:  A pretty ballerina…That’s what Mr. Raniere told Kathy Russell she could be when she becomes 60. She is now 59. Head NXIVM Bookkeeper, handler of all of KR’s nefarious bank transactions. Alone on post for Keith, loveless, and boyfriendless since 2003.  She has gone on and off the low calorie diet. Presently, she appears to be off it as she has gained some weight and no longer appears anorexic.




vany huber

39. Vany Huber: Has given collateral – and is likely branded. Sources are uncertain about whether she is continuing to give collateral.

She wrote once about fear: “(S)ome people are… impatient with other people or taking out frustrations on innocent bystanders, or causing unnecessary conflicts and mental stress because FEAR is clouding their judgment. …  without being aware of their own role in this therefore blaming and not being able to find their way back to a more responsible BLISSFUL LIFE!!!”






edgar boone vanessa sahagun

38. Vanessa Sahagún: Although married to Edgar Boone, she is also a slave to DOS leader, Keith Raniere.

She is a true student of Mr. Raniere. She lives in New York and was married in Albany. She is from Guadalajara, Mexico. Her husband, Mr. Boone, is another servant-disciple of Mr. Raniere.




carola garza




37. Carola Garza:  Is likely branded – and one of Mr. Raniere’s leading Mexican salespeople. She is married and has three children. She is not yet at the right weight for his harem. Said to be a slave of Lauren Salzman, Ms. Garza also has a slave pod of her own. Her collateral is said to be excellent.











Mr. Raniere has teachings people do not seem to understand.



mariana musi

36. Mariana Musi:

She studied at International Center of Photography – and attended  the Academia de Artes Visuales.

She writes: “She travels to other worlds while daydreaming at the breakfast table.  Upon her return there are stories to be told and she tells them in how she makes her art and lives her life.”

Her favorite book is also one of Mr. Raniere’s favorites: “Le Petit Prince”.





35. Michelle Salzman: She is the younger daughter of Nancy Salzman. An artist, Miss Salzman has of late shown a fascination for drawing women wearing symbolic “chains” similar to the ones DOS slaves are required to wear – and women who appear to be in pain or regret.  She is believed to be a member of DOS.  Widely rumored to have been given to Mr. Raniere by her mother, Nancy Salzman, when she was 17 to perform the rite of passage at the hymeneal altar, but some dispute that. Some sources say she was “creeped out” by Mr. Raniere’s sexual proclivities.


myers ben michelle

Michelle Salzman is said to be engaged/married to Ben Myers [seen in photo.] He is a computer expert who reportedly wrote false reports on the location of a server in a computer trespassing case that NXIVM pursued against “enemies” of Mr. Raniere to get jurisdiction in Albany County (The District Attorney in Albany County, P. David Soares, has helped out ESP on legal matters in the past – and has several family members who have been associated with ESP). The case fell apart.






The concept is right but the gender is wrong. Most of Mr. Ranier’s slaves are female.









leah im moti


34. Leah Lim Motishaw is a consultant with technical, scientific and medical expertise. She is a Media Analyst with another of Mr. Raniere’s many enterprises, The Knife. She summarizes the business as a analysis of the “world’s top stories”… “without the spin — and through our unique analysis process,” rating articles from “up to” 37 different news sources. “We shine a light on the mechanisms of distortion used by the media, including spin, slant and invalid logic.”

She is also a Coach for Mr. Raniere’s Executive Success Programs, a “company designed to advance human potential and ethics” through a patent-pending technology called Rational Inquiry® and through “personal and professional development programs, corporate trainings and a comprehensive coaching program.”



jimina garza33. Jimina Garza Davila:  This dedicated slave-woman of DOS is said be branded – and has her own slave pod. She fulfilled her enrollment commitment of six slaves and some of her slaves have already enrolled slaves themselves. She opened the Monterrey ESP Center and married Mr. Raniere’s disciple-servant, Omar Boone.

Mr. Raniere’s initials are said to be branded on Ms. Garza’s pubic region.




32. Chelsea Brown:  Mrs. Fluffy? Debate exists as to whether she is a member of DOS but she is definitely  part of The Knife  team. Her mission with The Knife is to debunk bias in media. She may be able to show that reports of DOS branding and blackmail are biased. She may not be branded but she is hired to aid DOS creator, Keith Raniere. She is reportedly engaged to Adrian “Fluffy” Fernandez, one of Mr. Raniere’s man-servants.




Adrian “Fluffy” Fernandez is a servant of Mr. Raniere and does video work. Two of Fluffy’s sisters, Camilla and Marianna, are said to be in Mr. Raniere’s harem and members of DOS. Marianna has her own slave pod. Mr. Raniere  imprisoned Fluffy’s other sister, Daniella Fernandez, for 18 months because she would not join the harem. Fluffy helped prepare Daniella’s food and put it outside her room/cell while she was imprisoned. He has been accused of filming Mr. Raniere’s sexual escapades but no evidence of that activity has surfaced. Some people thought that if Fluffy were a Mexican man, he would not have allowed his sister, Daniella, to be imprisoned. Others say he would have objected to Mr. Raniere having sexual relations with his sister, Camilla, when she was near or below the age of consent, while he was also having sexual relations with his other sister, Marianna, and imprisoning his third sister, Daniella, because she refused to be in his harem. Some say “You can have many sisters, but there is only one Keith Raniere.” One informant said Fluffy filmed his own sisters in coitus with Mr. Raniere but no evidence has surfaced to support this allegation and it is largely discredited.



teresa walsh31. Teresa ‘Tree” Walsh: Originally from Vancouver. She is said to be a DOS slave with the brand of Keith Raniere. She was a dance instructor at one time but sources say she must now dance to the tunes Mr. Raniere plays for her.

She has posted as inspirational, this quote from Mr. Raniere: “Knowing what to do is useless without the emotional strength to do what you know.”





sam le baron30. Samantha Labaron: Sources call her a “probable” member of DOS. She is Nancy Salzman’s assistant. She broke up with her boyfriend and began counting calories. Starting to get gaunt, which shows she is headed to Mr. Raniere’s bed. All loyal women of the Raniere group are expected to join DOS.



paloma mariella (2)



29. Paloma Mariella: A wonderful DOS slave. If she loses weight, sources say, Mr. Raniere may consider her for one-on-one sessions. More collateral is required. In cases such as Miss Paloma, simple nude photos are not considered ample collateral since she is not known to be shy. Graphic and raunchy is the requirement for women who photograph well nude.

She is in a relationship, she says, with Jacob Bell, who, hopefully, is the kind of man who will understand Mr. Raniere is Paloma’s  slave master.  And doesn’t mind seeing the initials of another man branded on his woman’s pubic region.










28. Melissa Rodriguez: Ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as a willing slave of Mr. Raniere. The Mexican women adore Mr Raniere and he has had many of them for years. Happily for Mr. Raniere, the age of consent in Mexico is 12.  Teaching slavery to women cannot start too early.  See her:




linda chung


27. Linda Chung is an ESP coach and reputed DOS slave. She owes everything to teachings of Master Raniere, sources say. Before she became a teacher of the philosophies of Mr. Raniere, she worked for Sony Music.





katrina veerman (2)


26. Katrina Veerman:  She is likely branded and believed to be a slave under Dani Padilla. Has not been admitted into the harem. Her collateral is said to be more than the usually embarrassing type. She hails from Vermont where collateral and female slavery is frowned upon.  She posts that she runs PK Coffee. Katrina Veerman will tell you how great Mr. Raniere’s multi-level marketing company’s teachings are:



img_0403 (2)25. Sara Bronfman: She  is one of the few slaves of Mr. Raniere who is known to have slept with a host of other men after her dalliance with her Master. After having affairs with Lama Tenzin and Emiliano Salinas, she married Basit Igtet. Mr. Igtet is supportive of her financial support of DOS – and while he is supposedly against Female Genital Mutilation, he does support Female Pubic Mutilation. Sources do not know if Sara has offered her pubic region to the branding iron but are reasonably certain she has given plenty of collateral to Mr. Raniere and not just photographs and confessions, but collateral of substantial monetary value.


Diana-Lim-still-1-400x30024. Diana Lim: A DOS slave who is said to be possibly branded and one of the Master’s most loyal subjects. Despite massive defections of students in Vancouver, who left after they found that Mr. Raniere’s teachings include branding women in their public area and getting compromising photographs and confessions which can be used against them [called collateral], Diana proved she is a princess of faith in her Master. She is still trying to hold the Vancouver Center together. We object to people who characterize her efforts as “extraordinarily stupid” or compare it to someone “who would jump into a burning fire to save no one.”  While others regret having given collateral, Diana is one of the few ready to continue to give more collateral even though before this over, law enforcement will probably seize it and it will be seen by judges, jurors, witnesses, lawyers and possibly even the media. It may also be leaked onto the internet for all to see. Diana Lim has “wondrous faith” in her Master.
Diana Lim may be seen:



21. Pam Arstikaitis:  Planned to move to Albany. She has a Slave Master – and either Marianna Fernandez or Rosa Laura Junco are said to be giving her commands. Said to be branded. She has been or is a Program Manager, Partner Relationships at STEMCELL Technologies – and a Postdoctoral Fellow
at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Her collateral is said to be so damning that it is expected she will be a slave for years to come.



cami fernandez - Copy20. Camilla (“Cami”) Fernandez: She was groomed for Mr. Raniere’s sexual pleasures since she was a child. He has bedded her older sister, Marianna, for years. But Marianna is getting old. Cami represents the flower of the Fernandez family. She was finally admitted openly into the harem recently after Marianna received significant counseling on her jealousy issues. Cami lives in Albany. Believed to be branded. She moved into 3 Flintlock with Karen Unterreiner, one of Mr. Raniere’s longtime harem slaves.
Camilla had a girl/teenage crush on Mr. Raniere.  Barbara Bouchey said: “We would be at a social event and she would have red lipstick on, a red 41 dress, and she would be watching Keith the entire night. Going over and flirting.”
Kristin Keeffe added: “Some people were just flat out illegal like, Cami Fernandez….  Clare Bronfman was involved with every aspect of this. …. Clare oversees everything to do with the finances…   Danni Fernandez and her mother were living imprisoned in the room while illegal alien, Cami Fernandez, is downstairs teaching the children … – in the same fucking house. …  Cami Fernandez, was the head fucking teacher [Of Rainbow Cultural Gardens]. Nancy’s maid [Cami], who came into the country illegally, lived there illegally, and had no education except a GED that she got around 18 years old here in the U.S. when she wasn’t even supposed to be here. And, she’s the head teacher and they’re running classes in her house with her mother and sister locked in rooms upstairs. ….  There was fraud on every fucking level.”


esther19. Esther Chiappone: More than a decade ago, Esther Chiappone was led by Keith Raniere to believe that he wanted to have a monogamous relationship with her. She wanted that also. She divorced her husband and moved her four kids from Sterling, Alaska, to Albany, NY, to be with him. Once in Albany, however, Ms. Chiappone found out that Mr. Raniere was not monogamous and had a negative reaction to that. Nancy Salzman was sent in to deal with her and gradually it was explained that Mr. Raniere’s sexual conduct was for her own good. She accepted this explanation and has stayed on ever since. Due to her advanced age, Mr. Raniere has lost interest in her, but she continues to function as his slave. If her behavior remains good, she will be allowed to be a slave under Miss Mack. Esther speaks in this video


angelica hinojos - Copy18. Angelica Hinojos: A Rainbow Cultural Gardens nanny in Los Angeles. Gave collateral that some say would be very embarrassing to her  – and destructive to her future [which, as already noted, is the whole point of collateral].







The slaves await Master Raniere’s pleasures.




Mr. Raniere is the master of women. He allows women to put his initials on their pubic region to honor him.



michelle hatchette
17. Michele Hatchette:  She is a DOS slave and has her own slave pod. Extremely intelligent and persuasive, her own “C” [collateral] is said to be extreme. Her obedient nature has made her very demanding when securing collateral from her own slaves. Collateral must be damaging enough to destroy reputations if released. There must be no safety net for the women to leave DOS. She lives with three other DOS slaves: Dr. Roberts, [Name redacted], and India Oxenberg.


lyvia cohen16. Lyvia Cohen:  Is a DOS slave who has given extensive collateral that is being held to ensure she doesn’t talk too much. Likely branded. She is a producer from Vancouver, living in Toronto. Her slave master is said to be the great Raniere slave, Dani Padilla.

She is now said to be dating Raniere-servant Farouk Rojas.

Testimonial section; features Lyvia Cohen,




diane goodman15. Diane Goodman:  Came to Albany to recruit women into slavery. She is married to Sean Craney, who is said to be an internet wizard who can help Mr. Raniere achieve his goals of worldwide domination of women. Clare Bronfman is paying salaries for now, but, God forbid, if Miss Bronfman ever left the organization, the future would be grim. Unless, of course, they can recruit and brand enough slaves to support the program.  Ms. Goodman needs to crank up her efforts and recruit more DOS slaves. According to sources, her own mother might be a good candidate for DOS slavery,  She runs the occasional Buffalo Jness “Weekend” gatherings.



14. Name redacted for her protection. She was a DOS slave. 





13. [Name redacted]:  Another DOS slave-woman of Mr. Raniere’s. Has already provided collateral – and is likely branded. She is a videographer and filmmaker who has relocated to Albany [on Bronfman payroll] to be closer to Mr. Raniere. Her collateral might make Mr. Raniere chuckle privately but he knows it’s more than enough to keep her quiet.






alicia novak12. Alicia Novak: One of Allison Mack’s personal slaves – and likely branded herself.  She is an actress who is originally from Vancouver. Said to have provided Mr. Raniere with enough collateral to keep her mum about DOS. If he were to release it – suffice to say – it would go badly for her. A word to the wise,Alicia: keep your mouth shut – and, if you have been branded, keep your panties on so your branding doesn’t show.  You would not want Mr. Raniere releasing your collateral.



dr. roberts y11. Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O.: The Brander-in-Chief – and the one who actually brands all the DOS women. Several lawyers have suggested that she may face criminal charges since she branded women who were forcibly held down, some of whom screamed to be released before the branding process was completed.  But, ever loyal to her master,  Keith Raniere, Dr. Roberts continued with the excruciatingly painful branding of the women on their pubic regions. Some doctors say the branding she did may cause ovarian cancer, skin cancer, sterility and other side effects.

She, along with Miss Mack, Miss Salzman and Miss Clyne, are seen as the most likely to be criminally prosecuted. Most of the DOS slaves are hopeful that Mr. Raniere, whose name is not on any documents, can escape prosecution.

Dr. Roberts is seen as deeply conflicted: She is a physician who puts women in danger but she is also a slave of Master Raniere. She took a lifetime vow of obedience to him and a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. When the two vows came in conflict, she felt she must follow Master Raniere. Her great act of obedience to her vow of servitude to her Master may yet come if she gets a chance to take the fall for Mr. Raniere while he escapes prosecution or flees with Clare Bronfman and other top slaves to Wakaya Islands in Fiji.  Lawyers have told Frank Report that Dr. Roberts’ actions rise to the level of felonies.




10. India Oxenberg:  Believed to be branded – and currently a “harem hopeful.”  Only 27, she has become so emaciated that one person reports that her ankle bone appears to be jutting out. She is both a slave and a slave pod master – but is currently having difficulty in recruiting new slaves and might face punishment for that transgression.









9. Dani Padilla:  An original DOS member – and a current harem member. Believed to be branded. Direct slave to Mr. Raniere – and also has her own pod of slaves. Lives in Albany – and is an EMP [Exploration of Meaning Practitioner]. Petit and calorie conscious. Known to take long walks with Mr. Raniere.

Joined harem after divorcing Sean Bergeron. Does EM therapy sessions with other haremites about their “jealousy issues” with Master Raniere. Main clients – Marianna Fernandez and Clare Bronfman. Around 40. Likely to follow the same path as the rest of the older harem members and have a loveless, childless middle age.



skinny bronfman8. Clare Bronfman: Longtime slave of Mr. Raniere. Rumored to have pledged her entire fortune as collateral. She funds all of Mr. Raniere’s enterprises and gambling debt. Without her, the teachings and works of Mr. Raniere might vanish from the world.  According to one observer, “Clare is so far gone. She has been a sister-wife of Keith’s with no life of her own and only the control and degradation by Keith – plus the millions of dollars of losses – for years.” DOS women say Miss Bronfman is “mean, cold, very high on herself, and loves to tell people what to do based on ‘ethics.’”  She appears to be on the same low-calorie diet as other DOS women and, despite her abundant wealth, trains doing half marathon runs like other slaves.  Like many slaves, her eyes glaze over when she speaks of Master Raniere and tears fill her eyes when she tries to describe his incredible kindness for accepting someone like her who has so little to offer him.  Miss Bronfman pays the salaries of many of Mr. Raniere’s workers in Albany.


lauren salzman

7. Lauren Salzman: Harem member – and a slave to Miss Mack and Mr. Raniere. Has her own pod of slaves – and is said to be branded. Wants to have Mr. Raniere’s golden child – and still has that delusion.

She is the daughter of Nancy Salzman, the longtime figurehead of NXIVM. Lauren is head of education for NXIVM and another Exploration of Meaning Practitioner.

She admitted last week that she was branded but said it is just “a fun thing to do.”  I guess girls just wanna have fun…





loreta-16. Loretta Garza: Original DOS member – and a long-time harem member. Believed to be branded and also has her own slaves. Although Loretta is an aging harem member, she has kept relevant by being an intelligent slave. She is a direct slave to Mr. Raniere.





monica duran5. Monica Duran: Assistant to Clare Bronfman. Beautiful, intelligent, and educated – and has always been looking  for a few crumbs from Mr. Raniere since the early 2000s.  Living loveless and boyfriendless since then.

Has her own pod of slaves as well as being Mr. Raniere’s slave. Likely branded. Has given plenty of collateral and keeps giving more each month as is required by DOS – which is clearly one of the brilliant aspects of Mr. Raniere’s plan [He is, by the way, by self-acclamation, “the world’s smartest man”].  Requiring women to give blackmail material to him monthly means he always has fresh material to use against them. Using outdated blackmail material is believed to be one of the chief reasons blackmailers fail to coerce their victims.


marianna fernandez4. Marianna Fernandez:  A DOS member and harem member who also has her own slave pod. Either branded or waiting to be branded. May be pregnant with Mr. Raniere’s child. She assisted Mr. Raniere in recruiting her younger sister, Cami, into the harem and supported the imprisonment of her other sister, Daniella, because she would not join the harem.

Marianna is one of the leaders of the slave-women of DOS. Despite her close friendship with Mr. Raniere, he was nevertheless smart enough to get collateral on her. [He is after all – by self-acclamation – “the smartest man in the world”]. She may be a friend today, but tomorrow she may decide to talk. [It can’t hurt to have collateral on her, Mr. Raniere knows.]



3.  Nicki Clyne:  Former actress. Original member of DOS and a long-term harem member. Has become a DOS slave – and also has her own pod of slaves. Has given collateral that prevents her from disclosing the secrets of DOS. Has done more to recruit slaves than any women in the harem other than Allison Mack. Said to be very angry about the secrets of DOS becoming public.




rosa laura junco

2. Rosa Laura Junco:  Married but still an active member of DOS.  Likely branded – and has her own slave pod. Has given collateral that makes it impossible for her to leave DOS. Her husband may not know much of the details. She lives in Half Moon near Albany, but is originally from Mexico.

She has hosted secret gatherings to get women to give collateral – and is currently conducting classes for teenage girls. Her father is the famous Mexican publisher Alejandro Junco.  His credibility has helped his daughter persuade other women to give damning photos and confessions – and agree to be branded on their pubic region. Mr. Junco certainly has a dichotomous personality. On the one hand, he fights for freedom in Mexico – and on the other, he supports his daughter’s fight to enslave women in America. Human branding and giving collateral are two things that most people would assume Mr. Junco would be against. But people are complicated creatures.



little mack
Allison Mack
  1. Allison Mack. Leader of DOS – and an ultra-loyal member of Mr. Raniere’s harem. Most likely to be arrested of all the slaves of DOS. A slave to Mr. Raniere but has several of her own slave pods of six women each. Each of her slaves is required to find six more slaves. Miss Mack is on a 500 calorie diet that is actually causing her to look “not sexy skinny but concentration camp skinny,” a friend says.  Known now as one of the “bobble-heads” because her head appears too big for her emaciated body. Miss Mack is fond of this quote from Rumi, “Beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”  She has led the charge to enslave women into DOS and bend them into obedience to her master Mr. Raniere.   Jness videos
    Allison Mack:
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If she is arrested, some are saying she will go down in history as one of the martyrs for the cause.






nora de la ghande
Sources say Nora de la Ghande has not been admitted into DOS but is said to be exactly the kind of candidate they need to keep expanding. She is deeply involved with coaching at ESP and bringing new people into the world of Keith Raniere, which is the gateway to DOS. At last report, she is not branded nor given collateral. But that could change. Right now, Dr. Roberts is terrified, according to sources, and branding has been temporarily suspended.


The hot iron burns initials and leaves a lasting scar.





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Health warning:

health_riskBranded women are advised to see their doctor [not Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O.]. Reports of several cases of improper branding caused by women squirming and wiggling when held down by naked women. Unsteady branding may have an adverse effect on ovaries. Combined with low calorie diet, which has been reported to cause premature menopause, the DOS lifestyle might be catastrophic. Please see a physician!

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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