The Lauren Salzman Story, Part 1

Lauren Salzman [right] with her mother Nancy. Lauren got into NXIVM thanks to her mother and at an age when she was impressionable.


keith r
Keith Raniere


When Keith met Nancy Salzman, he told her he was “the world’s smartest man“, and “the most ethical human being”.

She believed him.

Keith told Nancy he had a mission and his teachings would save the world.



Nancy Salzman.

Nancy agreed to help the world’s most ethical and smartest man.

Keith said he had the power to know the past, present and future.

Nancy believed him.




Nancy Salzman in a previous life, according to Keith Raniere.

Keith said Nancy was Adolf Hitler in her past life.

Nancy was sad about being the leader of the Nazis.

Keith said he would save Nancy from her bad karma as Hitler.

Nancy was grateful. She promised to do anything he told her.




Keith told Nancy to form a corporation called NXIVM Corporation, which would do business as Executive Success Programs Inc., [ESP] – and which would teach behavioral modification with hypnotic induction. He would call this Rational Inquiry.

He also told her to form another corporation called First Principles, Inc., which would hold the to-be-obtained patent for Rational Inquiry.  What he didn’t tell her is that First Principles, Inc. was part of anot-so-brilliant scheme that he had created in order to avoid ever paying taxes.  Over the course of the next fifteen years, Keith would have Nancy and her underlings create hundreds of corporations, limited liability companies and trusts – several of which have duplicate names – in his ongoing effort to avoid ever paying any taxes (More on this topic in a later post).


Per Keith’s plan, he would create Rational Inquiry “modules” – and Nancy would teach the classes.

Nancy would teach students that Keith was the smartest, most ethical man in the world.

Keith gave himself the name Vanguard. And he gave Nancy the name Prefect.

Before they began an ESP class, students were taught to bow if Keith [Vanguard] should appear and before Nancy [Prefect].  Before they could hear any of the Rational Inquiry teachings, each student has to sign an agreement promising they would never tell anyone what they learned or share any of the course materials with them.


Much profound wisdom was taught in the secret classes.

Each student pays thousands of dollars to take a Rational Inquiry class.

Nancy teaches students Keith’s modules – and tell them that what they learn will save the world.

At the end of each class, the students offer tribute to Vanguard and Prefect – and bow to the Vanguard if he happened to appear in the classroom.  The students paid tribute for what they had learned.



Nancy’s daughter, Lauren graduated from college. She came home to see her mother. Lauren was 19.


nancy laruen
Lauren Salzman [right] came home from college to find her mother Nancy [left] in partnership with the world’s smartest and most ethical man in the world. Soon, Lauren started learning from the smartest most ethical man in the world..
She saw Keith. Keith saw her.

Keith told Nancy that Lauren could help in the mission that would save the world.

Nancy told Lauren to learn from Keith because he was the smartest and most ethical man in the world.

Keith began to teach Lauren. Nancy was glad her daughter was being mentored by the smartest man in the world.

Keith liked to teach Lauren. He taught her many lessons. Keith liked to teach Lauren when they were alone.




Nancy taught students in a classroom.

Keith taught Lauren in a private room with a futon.

Nancy teaching the wisdom of Keith Raniere.
vlue futon
Vanguard teaches on a futon.



Keith asked Lauren if she wanted to learn about energy and the human body.

He would teach her the naked truth.





cosmic energy


Keith said Lauren needed to learn the naked truth naked. Clothes interfere with cosmic energy.


Lauren discovered Vanguard had much to teach her.

Lauren trusted Keith. He was the most ethical man in the world.

Keith taught her.

He told her to keep their exchange of cosmic energy [sexual intercourse] secret.

Lauren did not tell her mother.

[It was important to keep it secret. Students of ESP were taught Keith was a monk-like guru.]

Lauren fell in love with Keith.

Keith gave her many private lessons.



Lauren adored her mother. Her mother worked hard day and night.

Keith told Lauren her mother was weak and incompetent.

Lauren said she thought her mother was doing well teaching the classes.

Keith said her mother would destroy his mission to save the world.

Lauren was distressed that her mother would cause the destruction of a mission that could save the world.


Vanguard’s hope of saving the world meant more to Lauren than anything she had ever known.


Keith said Lauren was smart and could learn much from him.

Lauren said her mother was a fool not to learn from him. She was evil, if she allowed the mission to be destroyed.


Lauren wondered. Could it be that this humble man sitting on a futon who calls himself Vanguard has the whole world in his hands? She asked. He was silent. She pressed. He did not deny it. Lauren was certain. He was the true Vanguard.



Keith said if the mission were destroyed, he would die, since he lived only to save the world.

Lauren became very angry with her mother for what she was doing to Keith.

Lauren vowed that she would do anything to save Keith’s mission. She would do whatever he said.

Forever she said. She was 19.



Keith disrobed and entered her. He told her she would give birth to his first born child. That child would be an avatar, an incarnation of a deity.

Lauren received him with joyful heart, for upon his word, she was to become a mother, a Madonna, living right here in Clifton Park.





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  • Lauren didn’t start ESP until she returned from a trip to Europe after finishing college. She had shaved her head while in Europe and came home and started teaching Ethos and running the office.
    She didn’t go to RPI and she finished around 22.
    Lauren makes a lot of money in NXIVM. Way too much to walk away now. How can she ever replace her income or importance anywhere else in the world? How do you explain in an interview that you helped run a cult and destroyed people’s lives? How do you explain away the branding?
    She has nowhere to go at this point unless she wants to heal her karma in this life time and be one of the little people she so looks down upon now.

  • After all the news this site has reported over the last couple months…why hasn’t the local newspapers picked up this juicy story happening in their own backyard?!
    Do they not believe it?
    Is it too salacious?
    Are they afraid of being sued?

  • It’s apparent that the remaining followers of NXIVM are reading this site. I find it interesting that Allison Mack posted multiple things about her family on Twitter today, in particular about her father after the idea was broached here that many women who join these cults don’t have strong father figures in their lives. Exceptions don’t deny the general case. Coincidence? I don’t believe in them. I have followed her account for years and cannot recall her ever sharing (so it is rare at least) personal information about her father. There are rare idiots who think there is nothing wrong with the permanency (outside of plastic surgery) of near genital branding of initials. They’re typically sociopaths.

  • What kind of mother turns her daughter over to a manipulative, sexually-crazed sociopath like Vanguard – and then does the exact same thing with her second daughter? I think that definitely rules out any “Mother of the Year” awards for Post-fect.

  • Students don’t bow to the pictures of Keith and Nancy. I appreciate this website to help people get out but giving facts that aren’t correct makes me question some of the authenticity of the writing on this website.

    • You make a valid observation, but about a very minor inaccuracy.

      Students ARE indoctrinated to “thank” V and P at the end of each lesson while looking at the portraits.

      And since V and P outrank every student, if they were there in person, a bow would be required.

      But apart from the fictions (that are noted as such), the information on this site has held up. Mr Parlato allows pro-Raniere comments, but there are remarkably disputed claims. Mr Parlato offers to remove women from the DOS list at their private request, and no such requests are reported. Mr Parlato has several times offered to post verbatim any official statements of denial from the Raniere community, and no such denials have been made.

  • Unfortunately Lauren is one of the converted ones. Beyond brainwashed I think she’s lost her conscience. She is a lost cause. Keith has preyed on women who didn’t have a strong sense of self or self esteem. Lauren hides her lack of self esteem well. But deep down if you talk to her or really interact with her, it’s fake like her mother. She’s like a confused child. It’s sad because she probably could have been someone significant and done great things in the world but Keith got to her and she’s way too far gone to go back. I know that she’s brought people into DOS under false pretenses and uses coercion and peer pressure (along with collateral) to make them take the next steps.

    The Bronfmans are the same. Children practically cast out from their families who really never had a sense of self. In some cases bad parenting allows the door to be open for sociopaths like Keith to come in and manipulate them. Clare especially will never be able to be saved because she’s finally found someone that appears to care about her which is what many of us think was missing from her childhood.

    • “Clare especially will never be able to be saved because she’s finally found someone that appears to care about her which is what many of us think was missing from her childhood.”

      Appears is the keyword, but like everything associated with the charlatan, appearances are deceiving.

      He cares for her money. That’s about it.

  • It keeps being said in this blog that Lauren started hooking up with Keith at the age of 19 – AFTER she had graduated from college and moved back in with Mom. Was it really Lauren who went to RPI at age 15?

  • When women don’t have a strong and ethical father figures in their lives, they often fall for bullshit from con-artists like this turd blossom.

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