Australia ESP Intensive canceled!

Frank Report has been told that the Intensive, scheduled by Executive Success Programs [ESP] in Australia, has been canceled!


Nancy Salzman was scheduled to teach the Intensive.
According to our correspondent:
The cancellation of the Australian Intensive was caused by revelations contained in the Frank Report about the secret practices of DOS.
A good number of Australians planned to pay to attend the Intensive, a series of consecutive all day and night courses, making it worthwhile to send Ms. Salzman, who is also known to students as Prefect.
Students who had planned to attend informed the main Australian organizers, including Andrew Pollard, that they would not be attending the Intensive.
With no one planning to attend other than the organizers, the Intensive had to be canceled.
A similar occurrence happened in Vancouver when the Intensive was canceled last month because no one was willing to attend it after learning about DOS.
The head of the Vancouver Center, Sarah Edmondson, has reportedly left ESP and the center has closed.
In Australia, the cause of students abandoning ESP, according to Frank Report’s correspondent, was that a well-known Australian ESP student attended a Los Angeles Intensive in February. While there, she was invited by an ESP student to join the secret master slave group known as DOS.
Nothing happened at the time, but when Frank Report published its series of stories on DOS in June, the light bulb went on’ for this women. She told others that she was approached to join DOS.
Suddenly people in Australia became concerned, scared and finally decided they did not want to be part of ESP anymore.
Nancy Salzman had her travel plans arranged to go to teach there and has canceled her trip.
Some supporters of ESP remarked it was too bad since ESP is not the same as DOS.
A number of people in Australia expressed regret because they worked hard to enroll Australians, like Andrew Pollard, who is also a member of the Society of Protectors, a men’s group founded by Keith Raniere.
The tipping point for some Australians seems to be that Mark Vicente, who headed the Los Angeles Center of ESP, has left the Raniere organization and the Los Angeles Center has closed.
Mr. Vicente was well regarded and was a high ranking member of ESP.
ESP students in Australia trusted Mr. Vicente more than Mr. Raniere.
For those who lament that ESP has been lumped with DOS, consider that both are the brainchild of Keith Raniere. It is Mr. Raniere, who prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard, who students of ESP pay tribute to in every class.
It is Mr. Raniere’s initials “K-R” which are branded on the pubic region of the slave women of DOS.
Think of that the next time you bow in an at ESP class and offer tribute to Mr. Raniere.
Well done, Australia\!



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6 years ago

Any update re Mr Pollard? Is he still in ESP?

6 years ago

Rebecca Alexander

Wizard In The Wings
Wizard In The Wings
6 years ago

And anyone who actually believes ESP is not associated with DOS is delusional. ESP is the first step in a filtering process designed to weed out the non believers and those who cannot afford to fund this shitty operation. They want the gullible and the damaged. It’s the only way their shitty, plagiarized lessons can be absorbed. They prey on the those who are weakened in their lives for whatever reason. It’s fucking pyramid coercion. We all start at the bottom and those people who are deemed worthy enough according to the sick criteria of this operation are groomed to the top to become slaves to sociaopaths. I’ve heard first hand accounts of some, on lists nominated for DOS, shit talked by those in power in the organization after meeting them. Those people are the people this organization is afraid of. Those are the ones who are too unpredictable to be involved in DOS. They are culled from the heard at the ESP stage. They are dropped like hot potatoes. And I say thankfully culled. People I love have been dragged into it and thankfully, some never made the cut.

They are the lucky ones. The ones smart enough and confident enough to be real. Those are the ones who scare these mentally ill managers of “the way” to enlightenment. I remember my first EM performed by a highly placed lieutenant who began disassociating with me and my story mid way through the EM when there was nothing to be gained from me for them, and from my experiences. There was zero usable collateral. This was in the first 5 day. They were gauging the level of damage and usable collateral in the fucking EM. I remember clearly when they began to glaze over, knowing for certain I was not a candidate for “higher learning”. Probably because I wasn’t damaged enough for them to take advantage of. I clearly wasn’t J’ness/SOP/DOS material.

Do not be fooled by the deception of the apologists who visit and post here on Frank. These apologists are all coming from the same shit slurry cesspool. And it’s all by design. And it’s all bullshit.

And on the previous blog post regarding the potential change in rules to DOS.

How the fuck does the “supposed” smartest man in the world arrive at the conclusion that adjusting the rules to seemingly make this whole operation less “culty”, decides that turning it into something even more insidious and more controlling over more people makes it less fucking “culty”. If what Frank had reported turns out to be true mr. Half-a-brain trust has made it worse than it was. Now everyone involved is subject to this mans fucking bizarre unhinged will.

People need to get out.

People need to stop believing that Reneire has any answers because he doesn’t.

Ask yourself how many times his teaching has left you feeling like you aren’t understanding it.

How many times have you felt like “if I just trust the program, I can get through this.”

And how many of you have never reached that enlightenment? How many of you are left feeling like you need to do more to prove your value to this man and his posse of charlatans?

This is by design. It’s this level of deception that has lead good people to do very bad things in the name of supposed ethics and morality.

Each of you still involved need to really, fully apply Reneire’s rational inquiry into what he is teaching and why.

Ask yourself,

What if none of what he teaches is true?

How would that make you feel?

Why would you feel that way?

What do you need from his teachings to validate who you are?

Why is anything he says important to you?

When you ask yourselves this, and you open yourself honestly to your inner truth, you will find that there is nothing here that cannot be gained by yourself. Without coercion. Without torture. Without the bottomless pit of self doubt he leaves you with after each “private teaching”.

The only reason you are left with self doubt is because he creates that doubt within you. Purposefully. For his own gain. Whether it be to fund this bogus operation or for his own sociopathic pleasure of making you uncomfortable in your own skin. Or for his own pleasure of making himself feel stronger by creating cuckholds out of the SOP men while he fucks their wives. That is a mind of a sick individual who needs more help than those who sign up for his stolen teachings.

There is no honour in stealing.

There is no honour in blindfolding naked women and holding them in cages while they wait for the higher learning to take hold

And finally, there is definitely no honour in branding people with hot irons. This is from and for the minds or seriously sick individuals.

There is no higher learning to be gained from the torture he and his harem inflict upon you.

There is only the self satisfaction they derive from it. It’s only for them and it will only ever be for them. Or him.

It’s truly a sick operation and that cancer, that fucking grotesque cancer, sits at the top.

Maybe later I’ll tell you how I really feel.

Burn Baby Burn
Burn Baby Burn
6 years ago

A letter to the men of SOP that haven’t left yet.

Hey SOP Men.

And I use the term men incredibly loosely.

I realize you guys have all probably been castrated and those of you who haven’t probably were born without penises or they’re too small to see.

I get that you wanted something to belong to. A cause. A club. Whatever. That’s natural.

I also get that most of you aren’t leaders and either wanted to experience that or be led by some leaders. I can’t fault you for that. Not everyone is a leader.

What I can fault you for though is staying in an organization that is fraudulent (this will be proven soon), plagiaristic and parasitic. An organization that has zero benefit to society or yourselves. An organization run by a sociopath. I know many of you have been on this site and read the articles. Or you’ve heard second hand stories about Keith. Either way choosing to be part of this disgusting organization is casting your vote for all that’s wrong in the world.

As I understand it, Del Negro is at the top now. Turn away little SOP boys, I’m about to get ugly here and I don’t want to make you cry too hard. But I’m about to make Jimmy cry.

Del Negro you pansy ass little bitch. Are you too stupid to see what’s going on or too weak to do anything about it? Maybe you are in DOS and SOP? Did you get your pussy branded? Just curious. Weak men like you are the problem with the world today. BOYS who don’t stand up for what’s right. I think somewhere inside you you know this is fucked up, but you aren’t man enough to do anything. And if you don’t know what’s right, guess what? You’ve become a sociopath too. Albeit a castrated one. Time to wake up and grow some coconuts unless there’s a gaping hole where your nuts used to be now.

What about the rest of you little boys? What’s your excuse for still funding and being a part of a glorified sex club for a sociopath? Do you like to watch the little man fucking your women? Does it give you a hard on to see his impotent little self trying to get off?

I’m not done yet though. Salzman. I’m coming after you in this letter. This was supposed to be for SOP but you deserve mentioning. You rat. You filthy rat. I realize you did the “right thing” by ratting the little man out but you did it to save yourself and not for any good purpose. Deny it all you want but those of us close know you’ve been talking. You can’t escape what you are. And you are a rat. You’ll get away with everything by spilling the beans on the sociopath even though you are as guilty as he is. There is no good left in you but I hope karma gets you. For years many of us in Albany knew you were completely fake. We should have all said something. Could have stopped a lot of misery.

Back to the SOP pussies. You can still do the right thing and maybe grow yourself some balls. You sniveling cowards can now make a stand and become men. Leave the sewage tank that is ESP and SOP and begin helping to tear the company down, brick by brick, mortar by mortar. Tell everyone you know that the company is disgusting and so are it’s leaders. Disassociate from anyone still in it. Tell people on this site what you know if you know anything factual. Do something. The company is burning down but not fast enough.

It’s not too late to do the right thing. Doing the right thing feels a lot better than watching a tiny man fuck your women while in their minds they long for a real man. You can become legitimate men. It’s not too late. But it will be soon.

Yours with love,


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