John Tighe: Albany DA David Soares Indicted NXIVM Enemies, Protected Cuomo, and Other Corrupt and Cowardly Deeds

P. David Soares

By: John Tighe

The opinions expressed herein are my own alone. They may or may not reflect Frank’s views. He’s allowing me to express my opinions based on my own horrible experiences with the U.S. justice system – which I very much appreciate.


First, some housekeeping.

Frank is allowing me to opine on various topics concerning El Gordo, “The Fat One,” as I now refer to Keith Alan Raniere. Since this particular post is somewhat time-sensitive, I’m writing it before I post Part 3 of my 4-part series

(Note: Some people have asked very good questions in commenting on my first 2 posts – and I will address all of those in my 4th and final post of the series).

Keith Raniere walking in Clifton Park when he was the Vanguard (Photo courtesy Albany Times Union).


Keith Alan Raniere during his days, front and center, for Consumers’ Buyline.


Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares

P. David Soares

It’s hard to know where I should start in writing about this steroid-fueled, fat bag of wind.

NXIVM was headquartered in Colonie, right in Soares’ backyard – just a few miles from the strip club where David met his new wife. Close members of Soares’ own family – including his sister – were heavily invested in El Gordo’s bullshit.

NXIVM’s headquarters were at 455 New Karner road in Colonie, NY

David must have been aware of NXIVM’s reputation in the community – and of many of the illegal activities the cult and its members were engaged in.

Various organizations going back even before my blog, Saratoga In Decline, were writing about the dubious and nefarious activities of the El Gordo and the NXIVM cult. But instead of investigating what was going on with them, Soares chose to go after El Gordo’s enemies. One of the first was Joe O’Hara.

David Soares twice brought criminal charges against Joe O’Hara at the request of Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere. All the charges were dismissed.

After meeting with Clare Bronfman, Soares brought in NXIVM loyalist Kristin Keeffe to work at his office to help put together criminal charges against O’Hara. I have to wonder how often he brought in untrained civilians to put together a case against an innocent local businessman.

Although Keeffe is fully detoxed now – and although she provided valuable information to the prosecutors who took El Gordo down – at the time she worked in Soares’ office, she was still under the spell of the Rasputin-like figure of El Gordo



Keith Raniere

(The main differences between El Godo and Rasputin is that El Gordo doesn’t have a huge dick and Rasputin smelled better). Personally, I’m glad she got away from the beast and turned on her tormenter – and that she isn’t stupid enough to be dancing in her underwear for the enjoyment of scorpions and Gila Monsters in the Arizona desert like some of his other imbecilic followers would love to be doing.

El Gordo was Keeffe’s mentor – and she was the mother of his secret son and a self-trained paralegal. She was also much more talented than any of the other paralegals or investigators working in Soares’ office.

With Keeffe being paid by the Bronfman bitches, Soares used her skills and the powers of his office to bring criminal charges against O’Hara shortly after NXIVM had launched a civil lawsuit against him.

Clare and Sara Bronfman 

The plan was to force O’Hara to settle with NXIVM – at which point the criminal charges would have been dropped. But that plan went awry when the judge who was assigned to the criminal case dismissed all the charges at the very first hearing.

O’Hara, myself and others continued to provide information about NXIVM’s illegal operations to various law enforcement agencies in the Albany, NY area. But all of them deferred to Soares whose office clearly had primary jurisdiction over these matters.

No matter what came to light about NXIVM and El Gordo, Soares never lifted a finger.

In fact, he was part of the plot against me. When Jim Murphy, the then-Saratoga County District Attorney – and the Office of the New York State Attorney General – both refused to prosecute the computer trespass allegations against me, O’Hara and Toni Natalie, New York State Police Senior Supervisor Rodger Kirsopp and Soares – along with NXIVM tech goon Ben Myers – facilitated the moving of the NXIVM servers that hosted its website from Saratoga County to Albany County to give Soares the jurisdictional basis to prosecute us.

Rodger Kirsopp – he started out looking to uncover NXIVM-related crimes but, for unknown reasons, switched and went after NXIVM’s enemies.  

Soares was more than happy to get an Albany judge to sign search warrants for our homes.

The rest, as they say, is history.


Political Corruption Is Rampant

Albany is known far and wide as the most corrupt city in the most corrupt county in the most corrupt state in the country. Albany, in fact, would be the most logical place to build the Museum of Political Corruption.

From former President of the New York Senate Joe Bruno to former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, there have been 41 members of the New York State legislature accused of misdeeds and found guilty in the past 12 years. Though most of their crimes took place in Albany County, Soares never brought charges against any of them. Neither did the Northern District of NY. Instead, all those charges were brought by the Eastern or Southern District of NY prosecutors.

Soares has never been much of a lawyer. Seems everybody knows Albany is a law-free zone for the rich and powerful

What Soares does like to do is prosecute low-level, impoverished street dealers who readily accept plea deals. Soares’ MO is always the same: call a press conference, show off a dime bag of crack and a broken pistol, and brag how you have solved the Albany crime problem.

Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares.

Soares always goes after the low-hanging fruit of the underside of the city. Not to say street-level crime isn’t important but in the larger picture of corruption, Soares is part of the problem, not part of the solution. When I backed Lee Kindlon for Albany County DA, I was trying to be part of the solution. But the rich, powerful and corrupt like things just the way they are in Albany County.

Soares doesn’t bother with big fish. After all, he might lose the case. He is a prosecutor who has never personally tried a case.

And he’s also a prosecutor who has never pissed off the wrong people in order to ensure that his own little peccadillos don’t become public. A man who dreams of running for New York State Attorney General can always use a couple of billionaire nitwit cult sisters along with a few corrupt politicians in his Rolodex.


The Andrew Cuomo Case

Then the case of a lifetime fell out of the sky and into Soares’ ample lap. Sex assault charges against King Cuomo, the great and disgraced ex-governor and former potentate of the State of New York.

Surprisingly, Cuomo, the corrupt and once all-powerful governor of NY, was not brought down by the corruption scandals that engulfed some of his biggest economic-development projects (Examples: The Buffalo Billion Project that saw his friend former SUNY Polytechnic Institute President Alain Kaloyeros convicted of rigging the bid for state-funded contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars – or Joseph Percoco, Cuomo’s former top aide and close personal friend, who – along with his three convicted co-defendants, Lou Ciminelli of LP Ciminelli and Steven Aiello and Joseph Gerardi of COR Development – was convicted of accepting more than $300,000 in bribes from companies with business before the state). Cuomo walked away from all these scandals with dirty hands confident that people like Soares would look the other way and hand him some soap and a towel.

Former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo

Instead, Cuomo – who many people think is bisexual – was forced to resign due to his boorish and loutish behavior toward female employees. But one of those employees, Brittany Commisso, was relentless in her pursuit of justice. And she wasn’t content with his exit as governor and her civil suit against him. She wanted the bastard behind bars.

I found all this ironic because although sexual assault is a profoundly serious charge, it’s only one of the dozens of laws Cuomo has brazenly broken throughout his lengthy career in public office. In reality, Cuomo should have been charged with numerous public corruption violations.

Nevertheless, it took just one brave woman to stand up against this creep and take him down. So, I applaud Brittany Commisso, the former executive assistant, who Andrew M. Cuomo groped on numerous occasions in the executive mansion, which, ironiacally enough, is just around the corner from Soares’ office.

Brittany Commisso called the Albany County district attorney's decision "just another example of where our criminal justice system needs to do better."
Brittany Commisso (Photo credit: Will Waldron/Times Union)

Commisso had put up with Cuomo’s thuggish behavior for far too long – and she wanted her pound of flesh. Unfortunately, all the assaults against her took place in Albany County, the domain of the cowardly and corrupt District Attorney David Soares. Commisso – just like all the ones before her (including me and the other anti-NXIVM forces) – was doomed from the outset.

Instead of going to Soares, Commisso turned to the charismatic Albany County Sheriff, Craig Apple. In a highly unusual move – and supposedly without consulting Soares – Apple filed forcible touching charges against Cuomo. This put Apple on CNN and FOX news – and he immediately became a darling of the national press.

See the source image
Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple

Now, you would think any prosecutor would love to jump on this case. But I guess all the steroids he’s consumed over the years have caused Soares’ balls to shrink. Instead of forcing Cuomo to go to trial or take a plea deal, Soares advised the court that he believed it might be impossible to prove the charges against Cuomo because Sheriff Apple’s filing was defective.

Soares folded like a cheap tent – and allowed Cuomo to walk away free-and-clear.

I have no doubt Cuomo and his cronies are looking at ways to get back at his enemies – including Commisso. What kind of message does this send to other victims of sexual abuse by powerful people?

What was needed was a skilled DA with guts and determination. What we got was this mess of a human being named David Soares. Completely devoid of character, principles, and virtue.

Instead of moving forward on Cuomo where he had ample evidence to convict, Soares started his own computer trespass investigation regarding me and others that was based on bullshit. But I was a nobody – and I had a big mouth. I was low-hanging fruit and I pissed off the wrong people. So, why not bend the law a little to convict me?

Even though he knew that the alleged crime could not have been committed in Albany County because the server in question was in Saratoga County at the time of the alleged illegal accessing, Soares – with the help of Senior New York State Police Investigator Rodger Kirsopp – conspired to indict me. Soares twisted his bloated body into a pretzel to convince an Albany County judge to sign a search warrant for my house that was in a different county. All to please his masters, El Gordo, and the Bronfman sisters.

A real case involving the sitting governor of New York State is dumped on his ample lap – and Soares takes a pass. Prosecuting Cuomo was a no-brainer. Win – and you’re on the Today Show. Lose – and at least you had the balls to stand up to a bully and protect the rights of women everywhere.


Maybe There’s More to This Story

Or is there more to the story?

Apple and Soares are besties. So, why would the media-savvy Apple – an elected official himself – not check with Soares before bringing charges against Cuomo?

See the source image
Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple and Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares

Call me suspicious but I think it’s possible that Soares and Apple had all this worked out from the beginning to get Cuomo off the hook. After all, the judge who was overseeing the charges against Cuomo was none other than Holly Trexler, who used to work for Soares.

In case you don’t remember, Trexler was also the attorney who was tapped by Soares to be the Special Prosecutor in my computer trespass case. As a reward for her service and my conviction, Trexler was appointed to a judgeship in the Albany City Court in the Third Judicial District of New York by Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan in 2017.

Almost funny, isn’t it? All one big club.

Putting 2-and-2 together, I think the fix was in from the very start. Cuomo was never really going to be prosecuted – it was all a sham. Apple and Soares played their parts. And then Trexler played her part – and dismissed the charges against Cuomo.

Judge Holly Trexler: Willing to do anything she’s asked to do by the Albany Political Machine

Only poor Commisso wasn’t in on it.

“I think it’s deterring women from coming forward,” she said about Soares’ decision not to pursue charges against Cuomo. “The DA’s choice means Cuomo, and potentially other alleged sexual abusers, will not face repercussions for bad behavior. I don’t think that it’s teaching anyone anything,” she complained. “It’s not showing or proving a good message”.

You think?

I really feel sorry for Commisso. She believed that the justice system is fair and unbiased – just as I once did. Instead, she found out that the Albany Machine always looks after its own.

In my opinion, the real threat to American Democracy is political corruption. And that goes for both parties.

As far as Soares goes, there is zero chance that he will ever become part of the solution. He simply doesn’t have any interest in going after the real bad guys – especially when he’s got so many homeless crackheads to round up.

The politicians who work or live in Albany County continue to do what they want – knowing full well that Soares will never do anything about it.

Something stinks in Albany and it ain’t the Hudson


Back soon with Part 3.



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  • Message To David Soares: If you ever run for Attorney General of New York, I will move back to New York State, establish a new PAC, and raise enough money to blanket the state with ads that reveal some of the sleazy things you’ve done since you became the Albany County District Attorney. I’m sure that several law enforcement agencies outside of the Northern District of New York have files on you – and I’ll bet the contents of those files will also be released to the media if you ever try to crawl of that cesspool called Albany County.

    • What gets me about the whole NXIVM story is (1) how complicit the USDC for the Northern District of New York and the Albany County DA’s office were in NXIVM’s criminal operation, and (2) how little anyone has had to say about it other than The Frank Report. The most we hear are rhetorical questions as to how this could have escaped the notice of the authorities, like Judge Garaufis posed at the conclusion of the Raniere proceedings, but no one goes beyond this. The most disappointing part of Moira Penza’s appearance on Toni Natalie’s podcast was her answer to this very question. The real answer is obvious: the criminal activities of NXIVM didn’t escape the notice of authorities; the authorities were an integral part of those criminal activities. Penza, however, gave the most evasive, non-committal non-answer imaginable, not much better than, “Golly gee, I have no idea.” It was clear that Penza could see that stating the real answer would mean the sudden end of a rapidly rising career, so she played the Code of Silence card. So much for reform.

      • Agree. But you can’t blame Penza. There may be an ongoing corruption investigation. She could be accountable legally in various ways for saying things in a definitive manner publicly, etc.

  • John Tighe is the goddamn MAN and I LOVE reading his work again.

    To me, one of the most important aspects of John’s NXIVM work was his relentless public mockery of Raniere. NOBODY had the guts to publicly humiliate Vanguard back then.

    By ruthlessly posting snarky memes about Raniere, calling him sarcastic nicknames, poking fun at his appearance and his hypocrisy and his word salad bullshit, TIghe helped a lot of NXIANS at least BEGIN to subconsciously question their own reverence for, and fear of, their tubby, stinky leader.

    Back then, at least in the Capital Region, both NXIANS and non-NXIANS were literally afraid to talk shit about Raniere, because his Bronfman Brats-funded legal team would ruin your life, not to mention stalk and harass you at home, at work, and elsewhere.

    Obviously, Frank has never shied away from publicly humiliating Raniere, so for Frank Report readers who never followed Saratoga in Decline might assume that Keith has always been a target for mockery online. But that’s not the case at all…John Tighe was the first, and he paid dearly for it.

    • You actually have no clue, do you Ex?

      I think you just sealed your reputation as a sock puppet— and one in dire need of darning at that.

  • I contacted Suneel on Twitter and asked him:

    What do you think about John Tighe’s story? Doesn’t it look like almost identical tampering [to Raniere’s]?

    He answered:

    “Based on what I read on Frank Report, it seems plausible, and if so, a sad and ugly miscarriage of justice.”

    I would think that if you are for due process for Keith Raniere, you’ve got to also be for due process for John Tighe.

    Does that also mean that if you’re for due process of John Tighe, you’ve got to also be for due process of Keith Raniere?

    hmmmm…. One for the tribalists to ponder.


    • Alanzo, you previously claimed to have spoken to Suneel, so why didn’t you call him up rather than messaging him on Twitter?

      Is he refusing to answer your calls and messages?

      Did you lie about having spoken to him previously?

      Keith got – and is getting – due process. That’s why he’s in jail and will remain there for the rest of his life among his child-raping kind.

      Nothing upsets Alanzo more than watching rapists get taken out of circulation.

          • I’ve never had a restraining order filed on me. If I had, you would’ve smeared it all over the Frank Report by now along with my bankruptcy papers, my late property tax payment, and the dissolution of my LLC in 2006.

            You are lying again, Chris, and using another anonymous account to hide how obsessed you are.

            Get help, man. You’re loopy.


          • Hi, Alanzo! 👋

            One might think you’d be less obvious when you pull out your sock puppets here on the Frank Report.

            However, subtlety of any sort has never been your strong suit.

    • 1. I acknowledge your point, but am a little offended to see John compared to Keith – in any way, shape, or form.

      2. While we’re doing this due process activity, let’s make a side list of alleged crimes we’d like to see Keith charged with.

      I’ll start with a couple of the low hanging fruit:
      – Conspiring to frame John Tighe for kiddie porn possession, and stealing 5 yrs of John’s life.
      – Murdering Kristin Snyder because she was pregnant with his child and yapping about it.

      Let’s let due process take its course and see if these allegations can be proven. It will give Keith another chance at his allusive due process, and it will give John and Kim some well deserved vengeance.

      This list will get very long, very quickly and could make 120 look like the deal of the century.

      • All agreed.

        Not comparing Tighe to Raniere except within the context of all citizens’ rights to a fair trial and to due process of law.

        And yes, if conspiracy to frame Tighe can at all be tacked on to Raniere’s indictments, it should most definitely be done.

        With rigor.


    • ATTENTION!!!

      To Alonzo & Everyone,
      RE Educating Alonzo as to the NXIVM Conspiracy Against John Tighe:

      Alonzo, John Tighe was framed by your pals Keith Raniere and crew. They’re the ones who bribed law enforcement and bureaucrats to frame Tighe.

      John Tighe was the first person to publish anti-Raniere and anti-NXIVM articles. John’s reporting of NXIVM’s criminality put him in NXIVM’s crosshairs.

      At one point, Raniere and crew were trying to intimidate John at every turn…If memory serves me correct, the Nxivm cultists even showed up at John’s church, sitting in the pews, in concert, all around him. In addition, NXIVM members waited outside his home, and place of work. They even followed him into coffee shops and other retail businesses. This all went on for months. The NXiVM cultists stalked John. At some point, John was possibly poisoned by NXIVM members.


      Alonzo, you have no clue what you’re talking about, not one iota.

      You say I don’t mention anything about NXIVM. – I just did.

      You have no real idea who Suneel, Nicki, and the rest of the NXIVM crew are…

      You asked Suneel his opinion. Suneel’s answer was a disinterested four sentence paragraph. LMAO! His words are more worthless than manure. BTW, Suneel is not your friend. He’s a stranger. “Suneel said”, LOL. Suneel answered your question so you’d go away. I read his reply on Twitter. What weight do the words of brainwashed cultist carry? Christ, you are such a gullible, cult groupie.


      At the end of the day, you only say and repeat two meaninglessness things, “you are anti-cultists”, or “you guys are tribal ninnies.” Those words coming from you have become a cliché. They’re worthless kudos. It’s the one thing, you’ve accomplished on the Frank Report; your two phrase vocabulary is a cliché.

      The only reason you are on the Frank Report is simply to gain attention for yourself. You are known throughout web forums as a drama queen. You hate women, gay people, and anyone who has a counter opinion to your own. Guess what, we’re all anti-cultists and you’re an asshole.
      What is going on with your oblongata?


      In summary:
      Alonzo, according to you, there are two conspiracies at hand: one that Keith Raniere was framed by the DOJ – and a second that John Tighe was also framed…BUT, Alonzo your logic is fundamentally flawed….

      Either John Tigh is innocent or Keith Raniere is innocent; both things can’t be true. There’re ‘mutually exclusive’.

      FYI: John Tighe believes Raniere and his acolytes framed him along with the aid of law enforcement.

      Is John Tighe now an anti-cultist?

      Oh sweet Alonzo, I hope you reply.

      This is the III and final act. Hope you enjoyed it, Alonzo. Now go stuff your head into a box of RingDings®️.

      • Alonzo,

        Once again, you are running away from discourse, Alonzo…

        Alonzo, do you remember my outline regarding the generic structure of cults on 12/2/21? You ran away from truth….

        You claimed cults are not definable.

        You were completely wrong. Organizations that are labeled as cults always share the same overall structure.

        In case you can’t recall the outline, here it is again:

        Cult Structure and Tactics:
        • Love bombing
        • Thought reform
        • Induced dependency
        • Impenetrable logic
        • The leader may punish doubt or insubordination with physical or emotional trauma, exactly like DOS or Sea Org.
        • Bootcamp like structure
        • Psychological/Enlightenment — offering expensive “enlightenment” workshops
        Cat got your tongue or are you busy pontificating on Reddit, using the handle CattBut? 😉


      • Valiant Alonzo,

        I’ve waited for you to reply all day. You must be busy fighting the anti-cultist denizens on another web forum. Tribal-ninnies beware!

    • Alonzo,

      I will drop my, as you say “crusade” if you do the following:

      1. Issue a public apology to the following people:
      Sherrizy, EraSend, AnonyMaker, gay men and women, special people, blind people, Ice-9, Mitch Garrity, NFW, Kim, Mexican Lady, Pyriel,
      StevenJ, EraSend, Maury, Rich, NutJob, and Aristotle Sausage.

      2. Never use the following words again: tribal ninnies, and anticultist.

      3. Act civilly to people and debate them in an adult manner unless they call you names (You have a right to defend yourself).

      Big Bonus: If you do those three things: I swear on my father’s grave I (and my aliases) will never again post any kind of comment again on the Frank Report under any circumstances. I mean it! I will ask Frank to keep me at my word.

      I swear I will keep my word to you. I am 100% serious!

      Alonzo, I am not asking for a lot.

      • Alanzo-

        I’m not asking for much. My only request is for you to act mature (not like me) and be civil.

        You’re an adult.

        A while back, I shared with you an article from the FBI regarding cult stereotypes. The article’s point was that organizations that fall outside conventional religions are not “evil cults”.

        The point of the article was to encourage FBI agents NOT TO be anti-cultists.
        This article changed my perspective! I sincerely sought out “anti-cultist” articles.

        I sincerely questioned my own beliefs.

        We should all question our beliefs to reach the truth.

        Raniere and NXIVM are not worthy of your time. Spend your time defending other organizations.

        I’ve extended the olive branch.

      • While I really do appreciate that you are campaigning for me Nice Guy, it’s not necessary. I don’t want that dumb mother fucker mentioning my name for any reason, which includes an apology. Besides, his attempts to denigrate Ice-nine were too lame to warrant any type of response from me anyway.

        As for “tribal ninnies” and “anti-cultists”, I personally for one don’t care if he keeps using them. Those terms are stupid and nobody really even knows what the hell he is talking about. Every time he uses them, he makes himself out to be stupider and stupider. I’d say let him keep doing it.

  • The chickens have come home to roost!
    In all of the hogwash of ‘cancel culture’ and the lateral like…
    It’s still great to see justice served.
    Bravo, Frank.

  • “It’s hard to know where I should start in writing about this steroid-fueled, fat bag of wind.”

    Now THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is classic John Tighe. It’s wonderful to read your words again, and their cogent, relentless unmasking of corruption. No wonder they feared you.

  • In my opinion, the real threat to American Democracy is political corruption. And that goes for both parties. On that we can both agree.

  • Wowza, John you’re not just back, you’re BACK & dropping truth bombs like it ain’t no thang! Love it! Albany stinks to high hell…keep it coming and hold their feet to the fire 🔥

    • Agree, John knows how to get to the meat of a story. He doesn’t hold back playing both sides.
      He isn’t trying to make nice with NXIVM followers either. I like that about him.
      Thats what has changed about the FR. Once Frank started playing in the same sandbox with Raniere’s children, the Frank Report has gone downhill.

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