Clare Bronfman Transferred Back to Philadelphia FDC

MK10ART's Clare Bronfman

According to the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website, Clare Bronfman has again been transferred to Philadelphia FDC. This move will have significant consequences for the Seagram’s heiress, who is now set to be released on June 29, 2025.

Bronfman previously left the administrative detention federal lockup early last year when she was assigned to FCI-Danbury.

Clare Bronfman Transferred to Philadelphia FDC
According to the BOP website, Clare Bronfman has been transferred back to Philadelphia FDC.

The most significant change is the heightened security protocols Bronfman must now face.

Bronfman was previously at FCI Danbury’s satellite low-security prison. Philadelphia FDC is primarily a pre-trial holding facility and a transit hub. The security level in the administrative detention center mirrors that of a US Penitentiary. Bronfman will be locked in her cell every night and be subject to additional security measures.

If Philadelphia FDC is her final destination, Bronfman may return as a cadre inmate. This means she will provide labor for the facility under the supervision of correctional officers. This was her status before she was previously moved to FCI Danbury.

However, Philadelphia FDC is a harsh place compared to her previous residence at FCI Danbury, which provided programming to teach inmates new skills for re-entry to society. If she remains at FDC Philadelphia, she will have minimal access to programming.

Philadelphia FDC

The BOP settled a lawsuit with Bronfman last year by agreeing to remove her “public safety factor” designation of “sex offender” from her file. With this designation removed, Bronfman would qualify for the First Step Act or the CARES Act, which could reduce her incarceration time.

However, the limited programming available at Philadelphia FDC may not qualify for sentence reduction. Additionally, the BOP still seems to consider Bronfman a sex offender, which subjects her to longer in-prison time and less halfway house placement, and prohibits her from having prison phone or email privileges.

Clare Bronfman is staring at multiple legal and administrative landmines.

The time cuts rely heavily on finishing the approved and executed BOP programs. Philly FDC lacks extensive programming, being an admin lockup and not a reformative facility. Even the meager educational programming they offer may not count towards shortening a sentence.

The BOP is under fire because they have been dragging its feet in implementing Earned Time Credit to inmates who deserve it. After a fiery letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee, the BOP changed course and issued a First Step Act Time Credits Policy last November. The BOP “continues to make progress in fully implementing the historic First Step Act,” which means the time credit regime still has not been fully implemented, so don’t hold your breath.

Another significant issue Bronfman has is that the BOP still considers her a sex offender [SO].

Last November, Bronfman dropped a habeas corpus petition against the BOP when they apparently agreed to remove her “public safety factor” designation as a sex offender from her file.

Sex Offenders are generally subjected to longer in-prison time, less halfway house placement, and a tougher bid while they are on the inside. SOs of every type are universally disdained by prison staff and fellow inmates alike.

Woman in a prison cell

Bronfman recently tried to re-open her habeas corpus case against the BOP and FCI-Danbury, claiming they welched on their promise to remove her sex offender label.

“Though BOP did remove the sex offender label from her file, Ms. Bronfman continues to be treated as though she has been convicted of a sex offense: a case worker recently informed her that, because of her ‘offense status’ as a sex offender, the warden would not grant her any CARES Act / FIRST STEP Act time credits,” read Bronfman’s papers filed in Connecticut federal court.

Bronfman was also told that her “offense status” as a sex offender prohibited her re-classification into a camp, where she would have been housed but for the erroneous sex offender tag.

In their court papers, the BOP said the petition was settled. Bronfman needed to restart the administrative remedy process under the Prisoner Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) (which takes six months or more) and then bring a new petition. Bronfman’s lawyers argued the District Court could resolve the issue without the “procedural gymnastics.”

Now we will never know. By moving Bronfman to Philadelphia FDC, the habeas corpus case is now moot because Clare is no longer imprisoned within the District of Connecticut. The BOP has effectively done an end-run around the Connecticut stipulation.

Bronfman must seek relief from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania’s federal court. Clare must restart the PLRA process to complain about Philly FDC’s BOP personnel, none of whom were involved in the Connecticut lawsuit. Philly FDC officials may remove the SO tag, but it isn’t very likely, as they didn’t before.

Bronfman might just be passing through Philly in transit to another prison. It could take weeks for her to be transported, and maybe even more than a month if she’s headed far away.

There aren’t many BOP facilities for female prisoners nearby, except Hazelton FCI in West Virginia, south of Pittsburgh. Clare might be bound for that place or someplace else entirely.

Clare Bronfman Going to Hazelton
Is Clare Bronfman Going to Hazelton?

Usually, the BOP designates inmates within 500 miles of their release residence. Bronfman’s residence is Manhattan.

If Bronfman were moved to another FCI, Hazelton would fit the bill.

Unlike Connecticut, New York, or Philadelphia, West Virginia is not crawling with lawyers. If she’s moved there or to another, more rural facility, Clare will have slimmer pickings to bring local lawyers in to meet with her. And the heiress won’t have to worry about the temperature in the attorney meeting rooms.

This is especially important if she wants to bring another habeas corpus petition against the BOP if they continue to apply the SO tag. She would have to file in federal court, where she is then located.

But then again all the BOP would have to do if she started to win is transfer her to another prison and she’d have to start all over again

But maybe new lawyers and a new court will do Clare Bronfman some good. It seems the only thing her current lawyers are doing well right now is billing.

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  • “If your homeless just buy a house or move in with your in-laws. I did the later.”
    -Scott Johnson

    Wise Words!

    • As if I would write something that full of errors. Let’s count them, shall we?

      1. The word is “you’re,” not “your.”
      2. I’ve never been homeless.
      3. I have never lived with my in-laws.
      4. My in-laws are dead.
      5. The word is “latter,” not “later.”
      6. I bought a house.

      Nice try, NiceGuy666. LOL

  • Will you or Frank be in New York tomorrow to report on Trump’s arraignment? You should have the press credentials to get access I would think.

  • I asked this before with no reply, I’ll try again:
    Did Raniere sleep with both Bronfman sisters? I heard he slept with Clare?

    Clare Bear will be wreaking havok on the world upon her release. Every minute that closes in on her release date is terrifying for her impending targets. I think Frank is too high profile now for her to go after. It would too obvious it’s dubious, it’s the victims without a platform. I worry about. I hope Frank Report stays on this beat. It can be called the “Horseface Beat”. Sound good?

  • Will this be Allison Mack’s next performance?
    Laser Pointers Up Their Butts “Drag Show” Is Coming To Your Library

  • When will Nicki Clyne start dancing for Clare in Philadelphia?
    A song for Nicki Clyne to dance to for Clare?
    Philadelphia Freedom

  • According to ABC News, this transfer to Philadelphia happened despite the BOP receiving an active petition, already signed by over 5,000 local residents, fellow prisoners, local fentanyl dealers and skid row addicts, all deeply concerned with Clare’s presence potentially tarnishing their city reputation.

    • Nutjob-

      I didn’t take any bets on Alanzo posting. It was an all but a guaranteed thing – like the Sun rising or the Red Sox finishing in last place again….

      ….The fat bastard must’ve finally died of diabetes…..

      I guess those welfare checks won’t be cashed this month…..

      • There really was an article Alanzo wrote that was up Sat morning and randomly disappeared. It was awesome and immediately drawing outrage from readers being butthurt for being called out.

        (Unless he stops turtling and practicing nondisclosure that would make Vanguard proud, I’m blaming it on Richard.)

    • Poor Alanzo… first Twitter kicked him off… now the FR.

      He’s run out of options.

      Buy Ring Dings stock!

      • (Just a joke and not meant maliciously towards Alanzo.) Ring Dings could soon become the new future world reserve currency for the whole world. Alanzo must have a large supply of Ring Dings stored somewhere in his house. He is certainly a made man and accordingly will soon be filthy rich, if he hasn’t eaten up his supply of Ring Dings by now.

  • Hi Richard! In the last Episode of The Vow, it stated Nancy Salzman is doing her time at Hazelton. Knowing that now do you still feel Clare will be transferred there????

    • That’s really the only choice within the 500 mile radius in the BOP Program Statement.

      Clare might stay at Philly FDC.

      I think she could still go to Hazelton. The NXIVM segregation order only applies to supervised release. In the BOP, their rules control, and there usually aren’t segs. The BOP actually removed my segs with my co-defendants as soon as I got to Allenwood Low. One of my co-defendants also went there after me. I think we may have overlapped, but I didn’t see him because of Covid.

      The only ones that really care about segs are AUSAs for pretrial defendants. They don’t want them getting together, getting their story straight, and beating the case.

      Originally, I believe they wanted to send Clare to FCI Tallahassee. If that’s still on the table, I’d take that if I were her. A compound, no matter where it is, is far better than Philly FDC.

      • Thanks for the info and insight. Allison will be released the first week of August at this point, so this question may be moot, as she might be gone by the time Clare shows up.

  • I can’t stand Clare but the BOP manipulation is disgusting. Having said this, Clare seems to have short term memory issues- She was lucky enough to get to Danbury and should have left well enough alone.

    Didn’t she learn from Raniere who had a similar approach and has permanent residence in the Shu?

  • Mr. Luthmann-

    Will the inmates “actually” treat Clare any better because the
    sex predator moniker has been lifted?

    She’s paying the protection money- but that doesn’t stop the inmates from treating you like shit. It simply means you won’t get beat.


    I do find your over the top bombastic ego entertaining.

    It the false conspiracy angle you lose me on. Bernie Boys claim secret conspiracies are everywhere too. Why are yours any different?

    • I’m trying to find my voice. Thank you for the feedback.

      My personal view is once a CHOMO, always a CHOMO. And many prisoners share that view.

      I don’t think the run of the mill inmate will differentiate between her no longer having an SO tag on her papers or her not being convicted of SO crimes. Once they get the word she was in a “sex cult,” she’ll get labeled.

      The guards are going to treat her like shit no matter what.

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    • Word on the street, she is in Portugal. If judgements are made against her regarding money, not sure how it can be enforced. I’d like to see her lose her entire fortune.

  • Luv the fact that the poor little, spoiled rich girl is getting her just desserts, well-deserved treatment far below her silver spoon standards.

  • I think Clare Bear is only good at one thing: paying lawyers. It seems she just has all these lawyers to have people around and so she appears important. We all know someone who says “I’m going to call my lawyer”, but they don’t really “have a lawyer”. They just feel it makes them sound important. If Clare Bear just lived a good life, she would not need any lawyers. Obviously, with the complexities of a fortune her size, I am sure she and the Bronfman’s needs some lawyers to help manage family affairs.

    I just get a really bad feeling about Clare. She just comes off as cold and mean. Sara comes off to me as a bubbly airhead. Kinda harmless but dumb as a box of rocks. I mean, both of them acquiesced a big portion of their life to Keith. They can never get it back. It’s just all up in smoke. And for what? A “sash” that costs $7? Basically, Keith charged them $150 million for a piece of fabric he probably bought on Amazon Prime.

    Clare and Sara, I have some land for sale on Mars. Any interest? I’ll settle for $1 thousand per acre. I’ll even throw in a sash for every acre you buy.

    Will Clare Bear ever snap out of her NXIVM trance?

      • Clare Bear is an asshole. Her face actually resembles an unwiped, stank, asshole. I wonder when Suneel and the Dead-Enders will start dancing in front of her jail? They all want their “piece” of the filthy Bronfman money. That money is evil, dirty and obtained off illegal bootlegging and exploiting people’s alcoholism. Truly disgusting people.

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