Reposting Saratoga In Decline in May 2011 – A Real Eye Opener

Keith Raniere with his followers in the heyday of Nxivm. [Photo courtersy Barbara Bouchey].

Frank Report is planning on republishing some of the old Saratoga in Decline [] posts.

It is timely since its founder, John Tighe, has been telling his story on Frank Report.

See links to those stories:

NXIVM Target, Blogger John Tighe, Finally Breaks Silence to Tell Story After Five Years in Prison

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John Tighe: Albany DA David Soares Indicted NXIVM Enemies, Protected Cuomo, and Other Corrupt and Cowardly Deeds

I will add occasional clarifications [in brackets and bold.]

Saratoga in Decline 

May 22, 2011

By John Tighe

Well, first to the ethical humanitarian who put the roofing nails behind my car tire in my home parking lot. Nice try, but you missed. Trained from my days in Northern Ireland to sweep for car bombs, a few carefully placed nails are easy to spot. I guess you’ll have to try something else. Can’t you be a little creative? Fucking Philistines.

Anyway, a battle of information has been raging over at Wikipedia as NXIVM-related websites have been flooded with sugar coated platitudes praising NXIVM and Keith and the wonderful world of child experimentation, brainwashing and group sex. It began when someone called U21980 started posting edits about Bouchey and extortion letters and other nonsense. Then someone calling themselves Keyser Sözetigho got into the fray posting his own links and comments.

Since that time, it’s been a battle of the edits as complaints have been filed by both sides to Wikipedia staff. Generally, I like the concept of Wikipedia but in the case of a cult like NXIVM with legions of brain dead but computer literate zombies posting edits without people like Mr. Keyser Sözetigho to add some balance and perspective, hundreds of people who turn to Wikipedia for info can be misled into a dangerous situation.

So, I would urge all of you, open your own wiki account and join the fray. The only thing it will cost you is time.

You can read them:

Well, the Canadian newspaper The National Post [the Bronfmans are Canadian white trash] made light of the divorce of Charles and Bonnie Bronfman in

Your presence is requested as we celebrate our divorce.


But the Brats made honorable mention next to their convicted French felon brother [what a fucked-up family]

“Mr. Bronfman’s son Edgar Bronfman Jr. was convicted of insider trading this year and has had other business problems in the past. His nieces Sara and Clare have been involved with controversial self-help hypnosis group NXIVM (pronounced Nex-ee-um), which has a decidedly cultish appeal.”

[Tighe’s posts were short and sweet. It elicited 20 comments. The ones that are pertinent are republished below. Keep in mind this post was published in May of 2011. The Times Union did not publish their shocking “Secrets of NXIVM, which came out with Tighe’s help, until nine months later in February 2012. Daniela was still confined in a room at her parents’ townhouse in Knox Woods for her ethical breach.

[Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones and seven others – The NXIVM-9 – had left more than a year before and Bouchey and Dones were engaged in legal battles with NXIVM, funded by Bronfman money. Camila was 21 and having a secret affair with Raniere. Kristin Keeffe was living two doors from Raniere with her four-year-old son. Raniere was living at 3 Flintlock Lane with Karen, Pam Cafritz, and Mariana. Barb Jeske was still alive. Nancy Salzman was Prefect but Clare Bronfman had taken over the management of the company. Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne were celebrity members. Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt were running NXIVM Mexico. These were the glory days for Raniere. And DOS would not start for another four years.]

Here are some of the comments:

Bad taste said:

Most people don’t celebrate failure. Would Bronfman have a party to celebrate a bankruptcy?

The parasites like DivorceMag, so called Divorce consultants and Lawyers would like it as it puts more money in their pockets and raises, in their own small minds, the stature of a couples failure to stay together.

There is a huge difference between being civilized and throwing a celebratory party.


ghostdog said:

I am so wretched and tired of this shit… can someone please make them all go away, like in a Calgon bath commercial? PLEASE!! Ughhhh..the humanity. I was sincerely hoping some rapture geek would just cart them all out to some field and “induce” (through an intensive??) their much needed enlightenment, but no such luck…


Anonymous said:

From the NXIVM Wikipedia description:

“On April 24, 2009, A letter was sent to the Bronfmans in which it was “signed by several women, [The NXIVM 9] including the sisters’ financial planner, [Bouchey] a masseuse, and a hairstylist, [Angela Ucci] and demanded that ‘they be paid $2.1 million by midnight.” In a sworn declaration Clare Bronfman stated that the letter also included the threat, “‘or else they would go to the press with information they deemed harmful to my sister and I.'”[20]”

BEWARE WHAT LIES in this post and the quote from Clare’s sworn declaration. The letter, regardless of how one views it, was NOT sent to “the Bronfmans” and did NOT threaten to reveal information to the press about Sara and/or Clare Bronfman. The letter was addressed to Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

This is yet another fine example of Vantwit and Vantwat recklessly using the Bronfman girls as human shields and money shields over criticisms (or threats, as one may perceive it) levied at themselves not their followers.

Raniere owed the author of this letter  [Bouchey] 1.7 million dollars in a loan for monies he lost in a failed commodities trading scam. He’d also put the author, one of his girlfriends, up to managing the Bronfman girls finances and procuring loans from the Bronfman girls and others, to continue his investment schemes and illegal mlm companies, principally NXIVM. It’s called a “Ponzi Scheme” overall.

Raniere had also just made a videotaped confession regarding having “people killed,” on the eve of the letter being written. [the video is still available on YouTube]

Keith Raniere appears in an April 2009 video, telling Barbara Bouchey, who is challenging his leadership, “I’ve been shot at because of my beliefs. I’ve had to make choices, should I have bodyguards? Should I have them armed or not? I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs and because of their beliefs, and because of things that I’ve said, and I’m mindful of that and I’m leading an organization that’s doing something very good…. you know this is an old Christian adage which I think is very true “The brighter the light, the more the bugs.” 

So, how does it feel, Sara and Clare to be using the last of your current inheritance …LONG LIVE EDGAR…to protect a potential murderer, swindler and I might add PEDOPHILE?


Who’s a PEDOPHILE said:

There has been a lot of rumors about someone being a pedophile.

Why are those who are making these claims not showing their proof?

Maybe they cannot say anything really because it is under investigation.

[This is an interesting comment indeed. It is not clear if the commenter means Raniere or a teenage son of one of the leaders of NXIVM who was investigated for molesting an underage girl he watched. The lad was never charged. It is my understanding that Rodger Kirsopp handled the investigation.]


Anonymous said:

The amount of comments on this site decreased when the verdict of the Plyam case came out.

{Yuri Plyam was a civil case. The Bronfmans sued him and his wife for fraud and conversion. They won a $10.2 million award, but by the time they won it, the Plyams had no money so they spent millions in legal fees to collect zero.] 

Comments dropped off even more after Bouchey’s case was thrown out of court.

What’s up with that?

Are they and their supporters resting up for the next round of legal battles. It’s never over with Raniere, but you already knew that.


Anonymous said:

The only thing that will stop Raniere is the government. He is too powerful with this malicious mind and the Bronfman money.

God be with those Raniere has identified as his enemy’s when Edgar [Bronfman Sr.] dies. [When the girls come [into] his money no one who has spoken out against him [Raniere] will be safe from his wrath.

Even Edgar’s girls might not be safe with Salzman as the sole beneficiary of their fortune.

Yes, long live Edgar [He died on Dec. 21, 2013, about one year and seven months later. Clare was at his bedside. The two daughters inherited an estimated $500 million each.]


Anonymous said:

With so much going on with your car, break in’s, nails, etc is there a way you can put a camera on it to identify the thugs who are doing this?


Ben lives on said:

Its like a little game. They think they can faze me, they can’t. One of these night I will unleash Bruno and see if NXIVM is the other white meat


Anonymous said:

Raniere is a PEDOPHILE, Among, perhaps, his less more despicable traits. And, yes, we’re not offering proof on here yet because of certain constraints that will soon be revealed.

{At this time, Heidi Hutchinson, Gina Melita and Rhiannon were already speaking to Jim Odato for the Times Union and possible Tighe. The Times Union story In Raniere’s Shadows came out Feb. 18, 2012. It was thought by all who participated in the story that it would end Raniere and NXIVM. Instead law enforcement in the Albany area redoubled its efforts to indict NXIVM enemies. According to one source who was in close contact with Raniere at the time, when the Times Union stories came out — Raniere arranged to encourage Daniela to leave her room and go to Mexico. He was afraid that law enforcement – normally so compliant – might find this problematic.]


Anonymous said:

I’ve been hearing a lot of info on this forum about Raniere finally getting what he deserves……but it’s been a long time and nothing has happened.

This fucking cult is screwing up many lives but nothing and no one seems to do anything about it. I guess we will have to wait another 20 years for the bronfmans to run out of money before anything happens…sucks big time

[Actually, it was seven years later when Raniere was arrested.]


Anonymous said:

The Wikipedia battle is on and we need more editors on our side. C’mon people people. Get involved!


Anonymous said:

One day Raniere and his gang with wake up in a five by eight cell with bubba doing to him what he’s been doing to everyone else for the last twenty five years.


SFMPE said:

Many things have changed during the last month.

Now people can’t say they don’t know about NXIVM and its core gang.

Everyday, people lose themselves in well known and bad famed cults. They have their own motivations and they are free.

The most important is that as much innocent people as possible are safe from the cults crap, NXIVM or any other, thanks to information.

I think that the one of the pillar of the enrolment is the quest for power. Being a part of a group is sharing its power … and its pride. Some are ready to give all they get to be a part of such ‘organization’.

That’s sad, but it’s a part of the human nature !

It’s sad that it’s always the same they pay the price : Parents, children, friends, etc.

People they are deifying Raniere’s intelligence are perhaps unconfident with their own? They believe that life has to be solved, that it’s a problem… Well, I don’t think so!

Life is not a problem ! You can’t solve it ! You’ve got to live it your own way, or it’s not living, it’s survival under someone else’s will !

Sometimes power is pure illusion and the only power is the power that is makin a tool, a thing from you.

You can’t live your life as a puppet, it’s not living, it’s survival. When you resist, even passively, you still nourrish the little flame in you : That even makes your life relevant.

Forgive Yourself ! Your life as a real value, just as is. Your contemplatively is priceless, your capacity to love makes you powerful and unique.

NXIVM shall not fall. Their creators will find their punishment in it’s entrails, they are feeding the machine and it’s fucking hungry.

Wait, see and enjoy !


Anonymous said:

He deserves prison time for the fraud he has committed for decades. My parents lost everything in CBI and never fully recovered their lives.

[CBI is Consumers’ Buyline, an MLM Raniere created in the 1990s that closed down leaving a number of people holding the financial bag.]

There is too much exposed and too many who will back up the truth. The new AG is on to you boy wonder.

Hope you look good in orange

[Ironically, the New York Attorney General was Eric Schneiderman who resigned two months after Raniere was arrested – May 2018.  The New Yorker reported that four women had accused him of physical abuse, including keeping women on near starvation diets.]


SFMPE said:
@5:00 -> Exactly : Wait, see and enjoy.


Anonymous said:

I watched Oprah’s last show yesterday. She and all the guest who gave her tribute were inspiring.

Oprah and the people like her are the change I want to see in the world.

What a truly powerful and graceful woman. She has inspired millions and done many wonderful things in the world.

Maybe some people we know should consider taking a lesson or two from a truly great soul.

You don’t see her running to court every time someone says something negative about her. Why, she said it cost too much, not just in money but to the human spirit.

She has nothing to prove to anyone. Her results speak for her.

Oprah restores my faith in humanity – GO OPRAH


We are a nation of zombies said:

Oprah? You must be kidding, right?

If not, then you must be a recovering Espian, then — replacing one guru with another to fill your emotional void?


[This next comment may the most interesting of comments I’ve read on Saratoga in Decline other than the Rat.]

Hey, Keith, do you remember me said:
I am the girl in the office…..

I am the girl you were teaching…..

I am the girl at the townhouse….

I am the girl who had a baby, you made it go away….

I am the girl you made so many promises to ….

I am the women who grew up….

I am the women who learned the truth about you…

I am the women who now has a child……

I am the women who has found the “others”……so many “others”

I, are we……..

We are the women who are going to show the world what your truly made of…

and free the girls…the women….the people.. oh, and “the child” from your control……

So Keith, for now, and just a short time longer…… you may have some control…..

Soon ….

We will be your… .>>>>>>>

[Who this woman is is unknown. But it has the ring of truth. Townhouse – at 8 Hale, abortion, promises of avatar children, being the only one, or grand business success: sounds like it could be any number of women. If Raniere had read this message, it is altogether possible that he might not have known who it was. After all, it might have been any one of dozens of women.]


Anonymous said:
Hey, woman, we are behind you, girl. You go!


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  • Re “I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs and because of their beliefs, and because of things that I’ve said, and I’m mindful of that and I’m leading an organization that’s doing something very good…. you know this is an old Christian adage which I think is very true “The brighter the light, the more the bugs.” making the comment”

    Isn’t it rather the case that bugs shy away from light and hide when it is bright? And isn’t it the case that when bugs are “surprised” by sudden bright light, they don’t have time to hide, and therefore you are more likely to detect the bugs that are present? In any case, it is the case that bugs never seek out bright light.

  • Saratoga in Decline isn’t journalism. This is hateful, biased name calling by a man who was convicted of possessing kiddie porn.

    If a man is accused of sexual impropriety who is labeled as leading a “cult,” he’s guilty and everyone is ready to give him a life sentence. If a man is accused of the same thing but he’s a member of a “church,” he’s automatically a victim of a “cult” conspiracy.


    • Tighe was never convicted. He plead guilty for the reasons he stated numerous times.

      Raniere — on the other hand — was convicted in a court of law, with multimillion dollar lawyers representing him, beyond a reasonable doubt, in a jury deliberation of approximately three hours (That is quite short by court standards).

      By the way, you forgot the “N” in front of Ex along with the “ium” after it.

      What you write is really boring and repetitive. Raniere is never getting out of prison. You should move on instead of getting angry on this blog which will result in nothing.

      • The point you make about the difference between a defendant who takes a plea deal and a defendant who is convicted by a jury — or by a judge in those cases where the defendants has opted to have a bench trial — is an important one. Unfortunately, our society generally does make any distinction between those two types of defendants.

          • Yes, they are. You can plead guilty without actually believing you’re guilty or actually being guilty. Being found guilty by a jury signifies being convinced of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. And last of all, like Raniere, you can be guilty as hell and still believe you’re innocent and you committed no crimes.

          • I disagree with that as a blanket statement. Some people who plead guilty did, in fact, commit all the crimes they were charged with. Others, however, did not commit all the crimes they were charged with – or did not commit any crimes at all.

            I’ve been through this discussion many times with people who have been charged with multiple crimes – and, given the disparities that exist in our current justice system, it sometimes makes sense for a person to take a plea deal that carries with it a few years in prison rather than risk going to trial and ending up with a 20-year sentence. Unfortunately, the so-called “trial penalty” is very real – and it is a significant factor as to why many defendants choose to take a plea deal.

      • Raniere wasn’t just convicted of child porn. He was found guilty of other crimes. All those crimes and sub-crimes added up to his 120 years.

        Keith Raniere could have had a sweet plea deal.

        Raniere was too proud to take it. His ego wouldn’t let him admit to the FACT WE ALL KNOW IS TRUE. He is GUILTY.

        I’m sure someone can refresh what that deal was or you can search Frank Report for it.

        Raniere had a chance to get out of prison while he was young enough to still be alive.

        Nope, not Mr. Ego. He thought his highly paid legal team could get him found Not GUILTY and the jury would be stupid, which is what the NXIVM leadership called most people.

        The joke is on him.

        John Tighe, on the other hand, was smart and took a plea deal knowing he wasn’t guilty in the face of a bad mistake on his part.

    • Your crew did their criminal utmost to ensure that John Tighe would always be known as you wishfully and wrongfully state.

      Given the paucity of your written defence of this cretinous cult, you have nothing to offer the world on the subject of what might be considered good journalism.

      You are a bore without any understanding of what it is you come here to bore us over. All that effort for such an ineffectual outcome.

  • In the top pic in the post are 12 women and only 5 men…or 6 if you count Van as a man.

    That’s two women for every man…so are two women enough for a “group” blowjob for each man…or do all 12 do Van, then the other men get his slurpee seconds?

    What are the rules?

  • Why are they all wearing colored chokers on their necks in that photo with the hobbit cult leader in the middle?

    Was this necklace thing a hierarchy delineator pre stupid colored sash?

    That photo is worth a 1000 gross words!

    • At V-Week in Silver Bay Y-Camp, there were name badges that hung from your neck. The color of the neck band was the color of your rank: white, yellow, orange, green, blue. Probably the photographer told them to put their badges behind their backs, and you just see the neck band across their throats.

      • Thank you so much. I was honestly very curious! And it does appear that the colors correspond to what we know of the stash holders photographed.

  • I have a person close to me who took Executive Success Program classes very early when it was just ESP. I thought about making a comment many times to say THANK YOU but never did. The paranoia is real! I read Saratoga in Decline religiously and Frank Report picked up the mantle albeit with way less snark.

    This person got out and had it rough for a while but recovered. I became obsessed and angry for decades over ESP. This was before there was any press but eventually there was and Jim Odato, Rick Ross and especially John Tighe gave me a lot of comfort, that someone else got it…this is evil. We were not alone.

    This took a while to realize but all the others who stood up and told their story made me realize this person was lucky they only lost a few months and a few grand. I hope all victims can now find some peace.

    • Thanks for sharing. I’m hoping you can expand about how the ESP experience negatively impacted your friend. Was it a mental breakdown? Financial? Bullying/ostracizing?

      The time your friend was involved was around the time I was around, and I’m just curious.

        • I’m not sure. But your friend definitely wasn’t alone. I don’t think they knew what they were doing, and didn’t care that the therapies they were practicing were dangerous to some people.

      • Nutjob, why are you asking another commenter to talk about the specifics of their NIXVM past when you haven’t said anything much at all about yours?

        • Miss Anon – Yes, I have. Who are you and where have you been over the last 5 years? Either catch up on old articles or continue to show your ignorance.

  • They knew back then, but nothing could be done. Not until Raniere stepped over the line with branding, and someone in another jurisdiction got an opening.

  • “A wise man once said: “Nobody joins a cult, they join a good thing.” A Little Bit Culty kicks off Season 3 with the wise man himself, Mark Vicente.’

    ” The epic whistleblower and stone-cold silver fox joins Sarah and Nippy to get the band back together in the first of two episodes. The trio catches up on life after making headlines and what it was really like to see the whole shitshow play out on HBO’s “The Vow.”

    “Expect a metric fuck ton of ass chapping anecdotes, and to love Mark even more than you already did.”

    • Thanks for the link. Very interesting to listen to a first hand account of the people involved in this affair. And a bonus joke as well (from Nippy I believe):
      “To the people who are saying Keith’s sentencing to a 120 years in prison is excessive, I say: well, he’s not going to serve all of it…..”

      • I still think the funniest part of Keith’s sentence is the 5-years of post-release supervision. All I can picture is different probation officers taking shifts — and watching Keith’s grave 24/7 for 5 straight years.

        • Jokingly:

          What if Raniere’s grave was in a foreign country, or if he were cremated and his ashes scattered in the ocean or elsewhere. Where would his parolees be positioned in such a situation?

          Or bizarrely, he would be cryotechnically interred, perhaps just his head, and there would be no knowing where or in what liquid nitrogen-filled tank Raniere’s head or body would be stored. But if Raniere were under parole, he would not be allowed to leave the country, not even his dead body, and he would always have to report his whereabouts.

        • K.R.

          What happens to the remains of a person that dies in prison? Are the remains released to family for a funeral? Is there a prison cemetery? Cremation?

  • How can we get Patriot God back on here?

    He’s been gone from Frank Report for so long and I’m sad and depressed every single day I don’t get to hear from him on here and I don’t know where else to find him! 🥺😢😭😔

      • Hey Frank,

        Are you going to stop being a pussy and give an account of why you lied to everybody about giving Patriot God his free speech back and then openly confessing that you’ve still been secretly not posting his or his friend’s comments?…….

    • I’m a big fan of Patriot God. I hope he/she/they/ze is okay.

      Maybe Patriot God should speak to Alonzo. Alonzo knows all about [redacted].

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