Danielle Roberts Loses Appeal to Restore Medical License

Danielle Roberts in a recent DOSsier Project video.

The New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, affirmed an earlier decision by the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct [OPMC] to revoke the medical license of physician Danielle Roberts.

Roberts, licensed to practice medicine in New York in 2009, was charged with committing 47 specifications of professional misconduct by the Bureau of Professional Medical Conduct.

The charges related primarily to Roberts’ involvement in a master-slave sorority secretly headed by a man, called Dominus Obsequious Soroium (DOS).

Membership in DOS involved a lifetime commitment to a “master/slave relationship” between a “master” and a “slave.”
An enrollee would give a “vow of obedience” backed by damaging collateral and undergo an initiation ceremony that involved receiving a specific branding in the pelvic region that included the DOS founder’s initials.

Using an electrocautery device, Roberts performed the video-recorded branding of 17 women, most of whom were nude and held down by other DOS members.

When branding the women, Roberts did not disclose the brand formed the initials of the secret leader of the sorority, Keith Raniere.

One can easily see the “KR” when viewing the brand tilted 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Following an extensive hearing, a hearing committee of OPMC found Roberts was engaged in medicine, sustained all 47 charges, and revoked her license to practice medicine in 2021.

Roberts then commenced a CPLR article 78 proceeding, seeking to annul the Committee’s determination.

However, the appellate court supported the Committee’s determination to sustain the specifications of professional misconduct related to the branding of DOS members, ruling that the record established Roberts acknowledged she relied on her medical background and education as a physician.

Her status as a physician was well-known within the NXIVM community. Consequently, higher-ranking DOS members approached her to perform the branding.

Although DOS leaders considered several non-physician members to perform the branding, they chose Roberts.

Several branded DOS members testified they were relieved or comforted knowing that a physician would perform the branding.
The court also found substantial evidence supporting the Medical Malpractice Committee’s determination of professional misconduct related to Roberts’ failure to report the outbreak at a 2016 10 day long NXIVM corporate retreat called Vanguard Week, where the participants celebrate the nativity of the founder, Raniere.

Roberts attended the retreat, which she testified was a “working vacation” for her. She taught free workouts each morning, which one witness described as “very much leaning on her credentials as a doctor” during the class and in the instructional material.

Other witnesses testified about the extent and symptoms of the outbreak, which mirrored norovirus and rapidly spread to Vanguard Week attendees – including vulnerable members who were pregnant and cancer patients.

Based on these statements and other evidence, the Bureau’s expert testified that there was “no question” that the illness constituted an infectious disease outbreak, triggering Roberts’ duty to report the incident.

The court confirmed the Committee’s determination and dismissed Roberts’ petition.

So, again, for all those who continue to follow Raniere, know that the same kind of ignominious and disastrous end awaits you and, of course, to all Raniere’s remaining followers, Viva Executive Success.

Read the decision here:

One final word: I believe if there is any path to Roberts getting a medical license again, it would require her to renounce Raniere.

She would need to assure any licensing body that if there was a conflict between her professional medical conduct and her former grandmaster’s instructions, she would adhere to the Osteopathic Oath, not the Vow of DOS.


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  • “… Andrew Tate @Cobratate
    You face war Emotionally Physically and Spiritually.

    These must all be supported by your closest.


    Stop for a second.

    Put your dick away.

    Then answer.

    What does she actually DO for you?

    Andrew Tate @Cobratate
    I am experiencing brutal nightmares.

    God is preparing me, to ensure I am not surprised on the battlefield. …”

  • “The controversial influencer, 36, who has amassed millions of followers, is currently on house arrest on suspicion of organised crime and human trafficking. … Andrew Tate and his team are determined to clear his name and restore his reputation and will take immediate and decisive legal actions against defamation, slander and perverting the course of justice.”

  • A travesty. What’s next, arresting teenage girls across the country for piercing their girlfriends without a piercing license.

  • “… New rape and abuse allegations have been made by three women in the UK against self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate, as the controversial influencer remains under house arrest in Romania on rape, trafficking and organized crime charges …

    … At least six victims have come forward alleging “acts of physical violence and mental coercion” and sexual exploitation. …”


  • Roberts had said publicly that she would address and rebut each of the 47 charges against her. She never did. You can understand it’s hard to deal with the substance of the charges when you live in an alternate reality.

    • I believe she documented all this and spoke to it separately when Raising money towards her appeal.
      It was NOT part of the dossier channel. It was her perception as she made an attempt for the record to speak about it.
      I saw a few and I thought what she said about perceived 2nd degree burns made a LOT of sense., especially as a doctors point of view.

  • This argument between the separation of private and public life doesn’t work because even though she didn’t get charged for anything illegal, the group she belonged to did. Despite this emphasis on a public/private dichotomy, in all governed societies, private behavior is still regulated, especially when it involves other people. That is the point of social law. Otherwise, you would just have “vigilante justice” imposed all over the place. Danielle lost her license not because she made a mistake, but because she doubled down in her support of Raniere and this invalid reasoning instead accepting her wrongful, unethical behavior (especially in the context of her profession), showing remorse for it, and rectifying it. Like Raniere who is a narcissist, thinks he’s better than everyone else, and is innocent of all charges, it seems like this cult imposed such a way of thinking on its adherents, some more so than others.

    It doesn’t matter what Sarah did. It doesn’t matter what Lauren did. Even if you think Sarah is an opportunist and find Lauren more unethical and responsible for the wrongful acts committed in this entire story, Danielle was judged on her own merits by the board for what she did within that context.

    • Mr. Sanctimonious Coward,
      You’re such an ass! We all know if it were your amor you’d feel differently. You are a misogynist! I thought you were a better man. I stuck up for you. You are like a man. She’ll never give you the time of day you, misogynist jerk.

  • According to local news reports, the Committee found that because she had more than 40 violations, she is not eligible to have her medical license restored.

    • Assuming that’s true: she gave up her career for VANTURD!?!?!?!??

      Danielle, seriously, how do you feel? To become a doctor. All the college, training, knowledge, experience, hours of research, etc. You gave it all up for one dipshit, dingbat, fucking pitch-man, con-man little ghoul like Vanturd? Tf is wrong with you??

  • Osteopaths can only be viewed as medical doctors in a deeply ignorant, deeply racist, deeply religious and fundamentally backward society.

      • Harvard Medical School in fact has no College of Osteopathic Medicine.

        Medical schools that do have one are of the caliber of the A.T. Still University of Health Sciences in Kirksville MO. Which is in fact rated number 3 in the 10 Best listing of osteopathy colleges.

        Osteopaths are akin to chiropractors. Both “sciences” are based on bogus 19th century quackery straight out of the traveling medicine show circuits of that era. Chiropractic is in fact a descendent of the “laying on of hands” rituals of faith healing.

        Harvard Medical School did have a brief fling of enthusiasm for Chinese acupuncture in its quest to be multicultural and diverse. It has since dropped the practice, since acupuncture, being based in Chinese astrology, doesn’t fucking work.

        • As a child I had debilitating back issues on and off. I was taken to an osteopath who, after two sessions, sorted this problem out and I’ve never had an issue since. I’m now 36. There’s a place for these whether you call it medicine, scientific or not. Particularly when the healthcare system is completely fucked and you can’t see the specifialists without convincing doctors that can’t see you due to their being a shortage. I don’t know why people are so narrow minded.

      • ” you’re ”

        If you’re going to call people deeply ignorant.

        People on here constantly move the target.

        A commenter said that Harvard had an Osteopath department. A different commenter clarified that they do not.

        Big deal. Accept that you were wrong and move on.

        That’s a helpful lesson in other situation. Say…. if you’re following the most ethical man in the world and he turns out to be a child predator. Admit your mistake, and move on.

        • The reference was made on acupuncture.
          The NYU reference was adding another school to the list.
          PS Never met the guy.
          “You’re” not the only one entitled to an opinion here.

          • You protest too much about meeting Vanguard nobody said that you had met Keith.

            Of course everyone is here expressing their opinion but only one person is calling people ignorant with incorrect grammar. You’re changing the topic again!

          • 11:04.
            Get the Grammer police on it
            Maybe they can take away my ability to write , fine me , take my driver’s license, raid my domicile & tax me extra whilst they’re at it!

  • Good !Best news I’ve heard yet ,you took the hippocratic oath tobecame a Doctor. I bet the Dr.
    abbreviation is on your Drivers license, passport,social security card, checking account, you never stop being Dr. Danielle Roberts you let KR convince you that laying a Hot cauterizing pen on the flesh of these 17 women had nothing to do with being a Dr. I would bet the house that before you preformed the first brand you introduced yourself as Dr. Danielle Roberts and after the last of the 17 brands that you preformed you still introduced yourself as Dr.Danielle Roberts. If you wanted to be a cult member then the medical license should have been dropped you could have gone back to being Danielle Roberts but that’s not what you did, very sad to see a bright young woman throw away a promising career away with both hands, you lost the honor and privilege of being called Dr.Danielle Roberts. I hope Keith was worth it!

  • The first and most important step in reversing a decision which revoked a professional license for unprofessional conduct is demonstrating remorse for your conduct. Roberts’ only path to recovering her medical license starts with renouncing Raniere and showing she is genuinely sorry for her actions. That alone won’t get her license back, but without it she never will.

    • You’d think that Attorney Scher would’ve advised his client as much. There’s no evidence of contrition anywhere in the public record.

      “Although considered incidental by the Hearing Committee in deciding central issues in this case, the Hearing Committee believes it is worth noting the Respondent’s evasiveness, defiance, and inconsistencies on various points.” (NYS Department of Health Hearing Record, p.10)

  • More good news!

    Hardly unexpected, it’s still good to hear that the appellate court upheld the perfectly correct decision of the medical board to revoke the wicked witch’s medical license. Justice once again is served!

    Branding blackmailed women on their nethers with a sex cult leader’s initials as part of a slave ring. How could this not be a violation of professional ethics?

    I believe that people should get what they deserve. Not everyone in this this world are good people. That’s why I say Roberts and Porter both deserve to live the rest of their lives in in poverty and ignominy.

  • A woman who did not commit a crime, and who was never accused of one or charged with one, lost not one, but two professional licenses due to her involvement in something that did not involve her profession, and did not require either of her licenses that were revoked.

    All because a woman who was significantly more involved in the parent company, who owned a center, who likely benefited from the forced labor that she alleges in her own civil lawsuit, who recruited for DOS and had slaves in DOS, something Danielle never did or had, needed a punching bag and a scapegoat to keep people from asking questions about her level of involvement.

    And the people celebrating this can’t see the bigger picture, which is that this ruling can be applied to any person, anywhere in the country, who is involved in anything considered weird, different or outside the norm.

    She didn’t lose her license because of the brand; she lost her license because she refused to renounce an association she had with an unpopular group.

    If it wasn’t the brand or failing to report a sniffles outbreak at an event where she was an attendee, it would have been for being left-handed, or liking the color purple.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses? Scientologists? Unificationists? The Amish? Mormons? Watch who you share your business with.

    **Please note, I cannot confirm if she is left-handed or if she likes purple.

    • The argument that this could happen to any of us is getting old. It’s not happening to everyone, just these morons. The government and the medical boards do not have time to railroad the whole country.

      • It doesn’t have to be the Government or a medical board. What a person does in their private life should not factor into a person’s employment unless the two are directly related.

        The whole “she’s the weirdo, not me, I have nothing to worry about” argument only works until whatever you’re into is considered weird.

        • By that logic you should be carrying a lot about the women who were sexually abused and exploited by Vanguard not just the ones who weren’t. It’s the same kind of tactic being used on women who were violated as children like Camilla. Because what you up here to be arguing is that just because it’s not happening to you personally doesn’t mean it’s not happening to another human being correct? So we must care about how all different human beings are treated. Like if you are a young girl who is brought to a foreign country by your parents and you do not have the proper paperwork and you are kept in a room for 2 years it doesn’t matter if that didn’t happen to someone else it’s terrible that it happened to you correct? And you should be really worried about the person who did it because there could be other people doing such atrocities and it could happen to you someday right?

          • When did I make a comment condoning sexual abuse or child abuse? If these things happened, the person or people who participated in them need to be held accountable.

            Which is the irony of the whole thing: that people who claim to care so much about these victims have made themselves the lead plaintiffs in the civil case, while removing the very defendants who did have knowledge of such abuse.

            If people care so much for these victims, why no outrage that the two biggest enablers in the abuse have been dropped from the civil suit?

            And why so much hate for a woman who never participated in any abuse, sexual or otherwise, never benefited or profited from it, had no knowledge of it, and was not in a leadership position in the company where she should have had knowledge of it?

          • There’s no “if.”

            The allegations against Keith are no longer allegations. They are now convictions.

            They were proven in a court of law and upheld multiple times.

            Keith is a convicted sex offender and he’s never getting out of prison.

            That you refuse to acknowledge reality and are still saying “if” Camilla was sexually abused and exploited in child sexual abuse materials is quite disturbing.

        • I didn’t say weirdo, I said moron. Doctors never stop being doctors. My family is LITERALLY full of doctors, they literally refer to their training for everything they can because they spent so much time perfecting it; and it feeds into their superiority complexes. Which Ms. Roberts still looks like she has.
          She has shown just exceedingly poor judgement just in being in the cult, without the medicine. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my doctor taking commands from a sociopath like Keith.

          • You mean the NOW cult that was advertised to her as executive success by Sarah and others and that she paid a fortune for as well.?

          • Nope, it was always A CULT. Just because people finally figured it out didn’t it mean it wasn’t always. Rick Ross had been deprogramming people from it for years.

          • Nailed it. Agree 100%. I believe that her poor judgment was a major factor in the decision to revoke her license. She chose a profession that is overseen by the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct. She knew the rules. She broke them at the behest of a cult leader. I would not go to a “doctor” controlled by a narcissistic sociopath if I had a choice.

            The brands were horribly done. She did not have any idea how to do it properly. She practiced on a few oranges. She knowingly burned the cult leader’s initials onto the ground of women who were held down on a massage table. Wtf.

      • Right, CultObsessed?

        Additionally, there has been a literal doctor shortage in the recent past. Not too long ago hospitals were using previously retired doctors and current medical students to staff. No one is looking to unfairly target doctors. Quite the opposite.

        Historically, the complaints have been along the lines of ‘doctors can get away with actual murder.’ And they can. And they do.

        Malpractice suits are very challenging. Even when fully merited.

        As always the dead-enders overstate their case, try to make everything a conspiracy and use the same old, tired rah rah fake fear tactics.

        So boring. So ineffective. So misplaced.

        Contact the governing body and the medical boards that you wish to reverse this doctor’s decision, no one commenting on this blog is responsible for that ðeccison or can directly affect your misguided cause. Save your lectures for those responsible.

    • “A woman who did not commit a crime, and who was never accused of one or charged with one, lost not one, but two professional licenses”
      No one’s accused her of committing a crime. She’s breached her professional ethical code and has been sanctioned by a regulatory body. Moreover, she has shown no remorse whatsoever for this breach, and continues to support Raniere. It’s really not that surprising. It was fortunate that no one got sepsis. Imagine if somebody had died.

    • Worse decision ever, saved my life more than once.
      S.C A.P E.G.O.A.T.

      All those higher ups & trust fund pieces of shit , Your conscience should be reeling for how you took advantage of this womans knowledge and trust.

      • Did you learn to call members of your former community and Old Friends pieces of s*** from the most ethical man in the world? If anyone had any doubt that ESP and the cult where anything more than a sexual feeder group for Keith the creator of child sexual abuse materials look no further than how they behave to each other. Supposedly they learned how to be in stressful situations and not react emotionally clearly the tech doesn’t work

    • “she lost her license because she refused to renounce an association she had with an unpopular group.”
      No prizes for knowing why the group is so unpopular; it’s really something of a branding issue

        • How many involved broke laws — and which of those “are being held accountable”?

          The branding harmed. The collateral harmed. Doctors aren’t supposed to do harm.

          Jim Jones’ followers drank the Kool Aid. A few guys in an office in Albany said everything was fine with ESP and NXIVM for about twenty years.

          “… According to the San Francisco Chronicle, while he investigated, the United States Department of State “repeatedly stonewalled Ryan’s attempts to find out what was going on in Jonestown” and told him that ‘everything was fine’ …”


        • Compare notes.

          “… the Temple forged ties with many left-wing political figures and claimed to have 20,000 members (though 3,000–5,000 is more likely) …”

          “Historians are divided over whether Jones actually believed his own teachings, or was just using them to manipulate people. Jeff Guinn said, “It is impossible to know whether Jones gradually came to think he was God’s earthly vessel, or whether he came to that convenient conclusion” to enhance his authority over his followers. In a 1976 phone conversation with John Maher, Jones admitted to be an agnostic and an atheist. Marceline admitted in a 1977 New York Times interview that Jones was trying to promote Marxism in the U.S. by mobilizing people through religion, citing Mao Zedong as his inspiration: “Jim used religion to try to get some people out of the opiate of religion. She told the reporter that Jones had once slammed the Bible on the table yelling “I’ve got to destroy this paper idol!” Jones taught his followers that the ends justify the means and authorized them to achieve his vision by any means necessary.”


          • When I watched the documentary, I had the distinct impression that all of those people were on drugs. Because some of the things he was saying from the pulpit that they were cheering was completely bonkers. He was like, “I’m out here sleeping with women AND MEN, for y’all!” What??? Wtf…
            After I saw the doc, I asked my grandmother about it because she lives in the Bay Area. She was like, not only do I remember it, but me and the principal of the school I was teaching at spent 2 days trying to convince on of the teacher’s aids not to go with him. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and she was one of the ones who died. She had been a former Quaker, so take from that what you will…

        • It’s a beautiful Spring Saturday!

          Shouldn’t you be fantasizing about shitting in Sarah Edmondson’s coffee mug whilst trying to steal her mail?

          • I live in Japan. It rained on Saturday, but is nice today. I swam with the beautiful sea turtles, which come in a variety of colors.

            All I want from Sarah is for her to leave these people alone.

          • Kevin, it’s easy to check out Japanese weather on Google. Attenborough’s great on sea turtles. Sarah might be more inclined to “leave these people alone” if they had the temerity to admit they fucked up and show a little remorse. Think about that.

      • Personally never thought Kevin was Nicki. The writing style points otherwise.

        But a person on a Blog saying they are in Japan isn’t proof of anything.

        Someone could just as easily claim to be an actual turtle. LOL

        • Sigh, the proof is Nicki changed her position & Kevin still writes his original perspectives of the case!

          • That’s not quite accurate. Kevin’s verbiage doesn’t seem out of line with Nicki Clyne’s current position at all.

            But it’s irrelevant, because, never thought they were the same person.

            The writing is very recognizable.

            And “sigh” yourself commenter who feels they must take up on behalf of Kevin. If your self-appointed policing job on this blog is too taxing, you could always give it a rest and let other commenters interact without you running interference.

            Or not. Either way. No matter.

            Hope you have a great evening!

          • 8:44
            The comment wasn’t specifically to You, are you a narcissist?
            Unless of course , thats the agenda You were pushing, then it was meant for You!

        • Familiar with Nicki’s writing style are you? And I bet you’re an expert on syntactic and lexical analysis. There are also a ton of things that Kevin has said that only Nicki would know.

  • Is it safe to say Sarah Edmonson single-handedly is responsible for getting Danielle’s license removed?. I think Sarah went out of her way to ruin this woman’s life. While Danielle performed the branding, she wasn’t the one who manipulated and coerced Sarah into getting the brand. That person was Lauren. Meanwhile, Sarah forgave Lauren, wrote a letter to the judge asking for leniency. And Lauren did things to Sarah 10 times worse than Danielle. And Danielle’s life is ruined by Sarah. And, Lauren is living happily ever after as a dog groomer.

    • AI-

      Sarah Edmondson did not revoke the medical license of Danielle Roberts. The medical board took Roberts’ license.

      I repeat the medical board revoked Roberts’ license not Sarah.

      Roberts has no one else to blame than herself.

      • Except they first agreed it WASN’T the practice of medicine , so many mixed messages!
        I will never understand Sarah’s displaced forgiveness to Lauren

        • On that we can agree. Sarah forgiving Lauren, especially if she was in any way involved in the leak of her branding ceremony is incredulous.

      • Disagree. Sarah admitted she was “proud of the brand” when she first got it. She had no issue with Danielle giving her the brand., It wasn’t until later that Mark convinced her it was no good. If Sarah doesn’t write the letter to the medical board to get her license revoked, Danielle is still a doctor. This is all Sarah’s doing. And as noted, the person who manipulated her into getting the brand was Lauren, who she has forgiven completely. Lauren constantly lied and coerced her. Telling Sarah KR had nothing to do with the brand. Danielle just did the procedure.. Sarah went after the wrong person. Lauren should be spending time in prison. Lauren was involved in keeping a young girl as a slave in a room for 2 years. She knew about it and helped KR keep the young girl in the room. And Sarah thinks Lauren should be given forgiveness? But ruined Danielle’s life?
        Who thinks this is right?

        • What a stupid misogynistic take. Sarah didn’t know the brand was Keith’s initials when she first got it. Changing your mind based on receiving new information is actually a sign of a rational and intelligent person. You could be really happy with the meal at a restaurant and then find out you were given food poisoning by the way it was prepared and guess what? You could change your mind about the meal.

          • Well maybe her best friend/ bridesmaid & mutually VERY WELL PAID coach/ recruiter should have told her then , huh?

            But blame the woman after the fact that you were proud of receiving something at the time. and make sure to take her license, reputation, and future while your at it.

            Lauren & Sarah were pros at this for years on end. Danielle didn’t even arrive on the scene till 2013.

          • Danielle also knew and also withheld that information. As a physician she had an ethical obligation to disclose as much as possible. Which is why she shouldn’t have even been involved with DOS.

        • Ah Mark, I should of known , that weasel, who put his WIFE in a dog bed, who didn’t know any better even after his money grab at Ramtha, such a lovely soul, bless his heart!

          • Why do you guys keep saying Mark put her in the dog bed??? She put her dumbass in that dog bed. She was doing some stupid fucking penance and let someone convince her that it would build character or something. Mark just said ok, if that’s what you gotta do, do it.

        • Lauren was also an essential witness for the government. When the chips were down she sided with Sarah and helped her bring Raniere and NXIVM down. She was also Sarah’s best friend for years and years. Yes, she lied to Sarah initially and deceived her, but she was infatuated with Raniere and indoctrinated with his and her mother’s BS. In the end she joined the right side and that’s why she’s not on the defendants’ list. That simple.

          • Wonder if Daniela thinks its that simple? 2 YEARS in a room is a looong time , almost like Sarah doesn’t care about these poor abused young Mexican women who ACTUALLY represent the ACTUAL Pedophilia in the first place!! Then there’s her sister Camilla, who named Nancy Saltzman as her groomer yet, Nancy also was dropped from the suit.
            Viva the Saltzman! President of the company.

          • That’s too intelligent and nuanced for them to understand anonymous @6:25 am.

            And no one has to, “wonder” what Daniella thinks about Lauren.

            Daniela wrote the court about Lauren and it’s publicly available. It’s also been posted and reported on Frank report. She asked for leniency

          • ANON @ 1:37

            Thats commendable of Daniella, I didn’t see that letter however thats too intelligent & nuanced for them to understand???
            Are you joking? Frank went on and on how intelligent these girl /women were , the colleges that extended scholarships for Camilla, how Daniella knew how to hack computers, how they grew up privileged 🙄 I sincerely doubt its too intelligent & nuanced for these women of the world!!
            Also doesn’t explain Nancy, as groomer, President of company being dropped. More than meets the eye here in my opinion.

      • Nice Guy,

        Makes one wonder how someone who believes S. Edmondson revoked D. Roberts’ working licence, perceives their surrounding environment… really…

        Do they use some of the nearest lane space when driving on the highway?

        Do they hold the conviction Jesus has a big cock hence he’s a saint? 🤔

        All sorts of stuff… bet it’d be entertaining to know!

        • Anonymous @ 7:42 pm

          Wasn’t talking about any of the sisters or any of the women in the cult at all.( You’re sort of proving the point if that’s helpful to understanding the comment LOL) the response was intended for another anonymous commenter @the time specified who made a great comment and it was falling on deaf ears as it has the hundred other times people have made similar comments.

          Frank has posted about Daniella and her letter regarding Lauren you could probably find it on this blog.

    • Its even safer to say that, Roberts has no one to blame but herself, Raniere and her DOS sisters.

      Branding a married woman without telling her that, you brand her with another man’s initials next to her private parts, was a mind blowing stupid decision.
      What did they think would happen, when Sarah eventually found out?
      Well, now they know. Sarah’s so called sisters betrayed and lie to her from the very first seconds. That means that everything DOS expected from Sarah, concerning Sarah’s ethical behaviour towards her DOS sisters, was no longer valid.
      The fact that the remaining DOS/Keith adepts still dismiss the simple logical flaws in their own statements. Leaves them with no other choice, then to point fingers at everyone they think is responsible for the current state of affaires.

    • Danielle abused her status as a physician. “First do no harm.” She swung her title around as doctor to legitimize the farce of knowingly branding KR into unknowing people. She has shown a real lack of medical ethics in doing so and continues to do so by not taking responsibility for her actions. They took a different doctor’s license away for etching his initials into a patient he was operating on. That was one person with no coercion, so medical boards already had a precedent of doing this, which I’m certain she knew. And if she didn’t know, she should have done some research before she put her license on the line for those fools. (As any good medical provider should.)
      As far as her acting like she wasn’t acting in the capacity of a doctor, she was! Because of the secrecy, she was the only doctor they were allowed to consult about the healing of these second degree burns (not “scrapes” as apparently her “expert” tried to testify). So Sarah didn’t “ruin her life.” There are no ultimate victims, and she is “at cause.”

        • Would you want someone who has shown and continuously defended such poor and over-reaching bad judgement to administer your healthcare? Would you want your doctor to be so malnourished and sleep deprived that they can’t recognize obvious blackmail to be writing your prescriptions???
          The medical board wasn’t the only want to sanction her, the hospital she was working at fired her. She had her privilege pulled from other ones. The medical board didn’t have to pull her license really, she was never going to work anywhere unless she opened her own practice, which would mean she would have NO OVERSIGHT. This is what you want in your DOS slave doctor???

          • Not due to patient complaints though, due to article meant to blindside her

            It doesn’t matter, she accepts it and moves on with her life

            K sera sera
            ( K Sarah, Sarah)

    • Kevin.

      Why don’t you leave Sarah alone? Practice what you preach.

      Sarah recently participated in a round table and it seems to have helped at least one dead-end cult member move on.

      Sarah helped lock up the abusive and predatory cult leader through her bravery.

      If Keith were free, Nicki would not be free of Keith.

      Sarah has done a lot of good you are too blinded by your own hatred and agenda to see it.

  • ‘But all I did was repeatedly break the Hippocratic Oath repeatedly’ *slap* Wake up. You helped harm people by performing an unusual and harmful procedure misusing a tool for another purpose. You can’t be a doctor and hurt people, then ask everyone to trust you again.

  • “Although the Committee also heard conflicting testimony from petitioner’s expert, who testified that branding does not constitute the practice of medicine because it is more like a “scrape” and not a burn, this is belied by the record; images of the complainant’s branding depicted second-degree burns.“

  • Paging Dr. Roberts:

    Sorry to hear about your appeals loss. You can come to my place and “play doctor” anytime. I have an eight inch tongue-depressor in my pants we can practice with. Oh, I almost forgot: My testicles have been very tender lately. Think you could give them a thorough examination and we discuss some holistic therapeutics?

    Danielle, HMU on Frank Report.

    ~ Pilgrim

      • Ha ha ha. So funny I almost forgot to laugh…

        But seriously: I am packing heat in my trousers that would make Tom Jones jealous.

        • Tom Jones. Now that’s an up-to-date reference in 2023. More likely you have a 100-year-old penis that doesn’t work at all except for excreting a near constant stream of urine

          • Ask your mother (sister) how “up-to-date” my reference is. The nine months worth of diarrhea that formed your brain was conceived in a trailer-park by meth-sniffing siblings. Go talk to a therapist about your internalized anger towards your “parents”. Lol.

    • Pilgrim,

      You forgot to ask if she has private medical insurance accreditation. What if you can partially pay her via your private health insurance?

      Don’t be a fool Pilgrim!


      • Alex, good point. I’ll figure out the details when we finish up. Maybe I’ll just put on a Vanturd mask, then she will waive fees I’m sure.

  • I feel really bad for her, because I’m sure she’s an amazing doctor, but I called it: she was chosen BECAUSE she’s a doctor, and she’d lose the appeal.

    Wow, very unfortunate. But squawking online in the current group certainly doesn’t help.

    My opinion.

    • She’s a “doctor”, yeh?
      It’s interesting how very intelligent and highly educated people take for granted certain forms of packaged garbage.


    • This is the only decently written remark. ALL Tthe rest is a Gloat Boat , as you tout cults and suicide , never once an introspection of what the consequences of mass bullying
      have caused in our schools & online
      Shame on all of you.

      • I heard this quote recently and I think it applies: People are going to judge you from the day you are born, until the day you die.

        Get over it and make good decisions.

      • Anonymous, I agree. There is cyber bullying going on here, which is horrendous. It reminds me of the Salem witch trials. I don’t know Dr Roberts, but my hunch is she’s an intelligent, hard working woman who has a lot to offer the world if her critics would stop throwing stones.

        • You are ridiculous comparing Danielle Roberts to the Salem Witch trials. Thank you though for the laugh.

          There are consequences for actions and people are going to have opinions. You’re on this blog and you are commenting. You are expressing opinions about other commenters is that cyberbullying?

          You may have a hunch about Dr danielle. But the facts are she participated in branding a man’s initials on a bunch of unsuspecting women.

          A different group of people than the ones you are criticizing on this blog decided to take away her license. If you have a problem with that you should contact the responsible entity.

          All of the dossier Project women have participated in critiquing total strangers as well as their former friends on YouTube. If Danielle can not handle the heat of honest feedback she should stop giving unsolicited opinions on other people. Or participating in such takedowns.

          • I never saw them critique, I did see them ask for opinions though., we are living in a very polarized time frame right now.

          • You’re completely full of s*** Anonymous at 11:30 a.m.. they posted memes saying that people are liars they have made all sorts of very derogatory comments even not too long ago a Defector posted that women were getting value through being snitches and b******. Threatening to expose their identities. For which they had to answer in a court of law. They harassed Jane Doe’s online. This is just a very abbreviated list of the Dead Enders crappy Behavior since Keith’s arrest

    • No Doubt Keith had Danielle do the brands because she was a doctor. Many of the women had trepidation about getting a brand and knowing a doctor was doing it was meant to assuage their fears and instill some kind of confidence in the validity of the procedure. They are so lucky somebody didn’t get a massive infection and die it’s not a sterile thing to do in a random room in someone’s condo in Albany with a bunch of people physically touching the person being branded while everyone is nude. It was about as unsanitary as it could be and there was no true after care.

      • Yes there’s doubt since OTHERS were branded by a TECHNICIAN
        nobody looking to cancel his life.

        Personally, they may have hoped

        knowing she was a caring compassionate person with skills, that does NOT mean ( especially based on All the others before her) that they knew or were told a doctor would do their scarification.

        • The reports of people being canceled are highly exaggerated it’s called consequences. Only you can cancel your life. But people have a right to have opinions and you will have consequences for your actions. Same as it always has been. It’s fun to blame other people for your problems and try to escape responsibility for your actions but it doesn’t make you some persecuted victim it just makes you like everybody else who’s trying not to be held accountable for their behavior.

      • Yeah she has true skills. Bet the gloves were helpful when touching as well, huh?

        Not ONE infection & Sarah delivered a perfectly healthy baby to boot, Imagine that….

        • It wasn’t a sterile environment. And it was recorded for Keith’s pleasure making sure women were naked and their legs slightly spread no one knew thatwas happening either.


          Please don’t bring up people’s babies. It’s really inappropriate. This is an adult discussion about sex trafficking and a man who created child sexual abuse materials. Let’s leave innocent children out of it, okay? No matter how much it suits your agenda it’s really low to bring babies into the discussion.

          • No agenda just read initially here that brand was meant to render women unable to have children. It may even have been something Sarah said in one of her podcasts, not sure. Thats what I’m addressing, it, . No names been used. , just addressing another misguided accusation.

            PS I hate to break it to you but when give birth your legs are slightly spread too which a plethora of doctor, nurses, staff all huddled around you.

          • What are you going on about?

            A man covertly recording blackmailed women while they are nude “held down like a sacrifice…” while being branded with his initials to be his slave unbeknownst to them has nothing to do with people giving birth.

            I’m sure you think that you were being clever but you just sound crazy.

  • Her failure to renounce Raniere set against her continued support for him has sealed her fate. This decision sends out a clear message to any other medical practitioner who fails to uphold the ethics of their profession. Job done.

  • Up next:

    All healthcare providers who need to apologize for forcing, selling and promoting lab-grown mRNA injections.
    It’s one thing to make mistakes. It’s another thing to not be sorry.

  • That Roberts actually thought, after the atrociousness of her professional violations, that she could get her license reinstated – unbelievable delusional hubris.

    • And you write on shame and the power of self compassion , & cohearson, what cult got you turned around?

    • *************************************
      irony of the whole thing: that people who claim to care so much about these victims have made themselves the lead plaintiffs in the civil case, while removing the very defendants who did have knowledge of such abuse.

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