NXIVM Target, Blogger John Tighe, Finally Breaks Silence to Tell Story After Five Years in Prison

John Tighe,

There are some who think John Tighe was framed by Nxivm, whose expertise at hacking and planting viruses on computers was proven at trial against their founder, Keith Raniere.

Tighe was a blogger, based in Saratoga Springs, who began publishing stories about NXIVM – like a meeting on Necker Island – with photos. He showed up at Vanguard Week to take pictures.  He published a list of properties NXIVM bought, a list of tax liens involving members of NXIVM, and a list of NXIVM coaches, which was a closely guarded secret.  He exposed Rainbow Cultural Garden as an unlicensed daycare operation and an unlicensed school. He revealed that some of the nannies were in the U.S. illegally. He wrote about fake marriages NXIVM set up and other illegal immigration activities.

Curiously, local law enforcement chose to do nothing about it. Instead, they went after John.

On the early morning of October 23, 2013, John’s residence was raided by New York State Troopers led by Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp.

Rodger Kirsopp 

At the same time, troopers were raiding two other NXIVM critics’ homes: Toni Natalie and Joe O’Hara. Fifteen State Troopers conducted an early-morning raid in three different locations throughout New York State to seize the computers of three people who allegedly accessed NXIVM’s website.  Tighe, Natalie and O’Hara did not steal anything. They did not destroy anything. They allegedly went on the password-protected website.

Several months after his computers were seized, Tighe was arrested. They “found” child porn on one of his computers, but never said which one.  Shortly thereafter, John was charged – along with Natalie, O’Hara, and Barbara Bouchey – with illegally accessing NXIVM’s website.

Faced with a 20-year sentence – while trying to deal with a life-threatening medical issue – John took a plea deal that resulted in a 5-year term at a federal medical facility.  John received excellent medical care while in federal custody. He was released from federal custody cancer-free.

Aside from the fact that there was never another computer trespass case investigated with this kind of manpower by the NYSP before, a few curious things came out of the matter. First, Kirsopp arranged to have John’s computers destroyed as soon as he had entered a guilty plea. How many other cases of possession of child pornography that have been investigated by the NYSP only involved only one downloaded e-file on one of the alleged perpetrator’s computers that was accessed only once? [It would seem logical that a perverted child porn viewer creates many files, downloads more than one, and accesses them more than once.] How many other cases of possession of child pornography that have been investigated by the NYSP involved no file-sharing by the alleged perpetrator?

Without further ado, let us hear it right from the words of John Tighe.

 Blogging Dangerously: A Story of Betrayal, Survival and Homecoming.

John Tighe at Uncommon Grounds

My name is John Tighe. I was the creator, owner and main writer for the now-defunct blog Saratoga in Decline.

In October 2013, my home was raided by four State Troopers under the explicit direction of the Bronfman sisters of NXIVM fame. The raid was led by Rodger Kirsopp, a Senior Investigator for the New York State Police and a man I had considered a friend and an honest cop. But let’s begin with some background.

Rodger Kirsopp – he seemed to be after Nxivm crimes but instead arrested Nxivm enemies.

I am writing this now for two reasons. I am now a three-time cancer survivor with just some benign cysts left in my pancreas. I’m fine right now but if things follow their natural course, this four-part series will possibly be my testament.

Also: I was recently threatened by a steroid-fueled bodybuilder. I’m not sure if he was a self-appointed vigilante or a NXIVM goon but if things follow an unnatural course, this will still be my testament

I had been a lifelong Saratogian, homeowner and Democrat.  I was appalled by the blatant corruption, runaway spending and gentrification in my beloved hometown. I tried working from the inside as a Democratic Committeeman but was primaried by my own party and voted off the committee. A friend was writing a blog called “Saratoga Dystopia”. I was a frequent contributor until he was shut down by a mysterious group called NXIVM. He had been writing disparaging stories about them and their operations in Saratoga.

This was alarming to me and so I began my own blog, Saratoga in Decline. I was a prolific writer. From Michele Riggi ripping down a 19th century home for a dog run to the then-Mayor being a card-carrying member of NXIVM, I wrote all the ugly truths.  I was brutal but always honest. I soon came to realize that most people prefer to live in their own bubbles rather than hear the sometimes-disturbing truth. Seems Saratoga Springs is more than a quaint upstate town –  it’s a brand. Many people make their living off that brand and don’t appreciate anyone who might tannish that carefully crafted image. That’s why I made enemies with my blog postings.

NXIVM began as a footnote to me. But after writing a few stories about them, all hell broke loose. I was haunted by Steve Coffey, their main attorney at the time – and my wife and I quickly became victims of “Cause Stalking”.

Stephen R, Coffey, attorney for NXIVM.

Our cars and homes were broken into. We were served with cease-and-desist letters. My car was driven off the road. A man was caught going through my bag and phone at Victoria Pool and when caught, began to masturbate in front of my wife. Before the peanut gallery chimes in, I went to multiple police agencies and was always told the same thing.

“Stop writing about NXIVM”.

My writing caught the attention of the anti-NXIVM forces. I was approached by Joe O’Hara and Toni Foley. At first, they thought I might be a NXIVM plant, and I had to convince them I was the real deal. With their encouragement, I went on the attack. I showed up at NXIVM events. I went to the County Clerk’s office –  and did deep research. After finding numerous tax liens and mechanic’s liens on NXIVM-related individuals and NXIVM-related properties – and a variety of NXIVM-related lawsuits – it became clear to me that “Vanguard” was simply a con-man.

I published it all.

Was Keith Raniere really a conman? Here Vanguard is flanked by Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman with Mark Vicente standing behind him.

Documents, pictures, videos. I went toe-to-toe with NXIVM attorney Steve Coffey on Talk1300 radio. I taped those conversations and put them up on YouTube. You can still find my YouTube Channel today. More and more people reached out to me with NXIVM horror stories. I published them all. Giving a voice to the voiceless. Over and over, I was harassed and warned to stop. I showed up at V-Week only to be accused of trying to poison the drinking water at Silver Bay [I will come back to this later]. The police always sided with NXIVM. Telling me to stop my anti-NXIVM activities even though I was within my rights.

In addition to writing about NXIVM, I simultaneously continued to write about local issues in Saratoga Springs. I was slapped with a “No Trespassing Order” by the Saratoga Housing Authority for fighting for bed bug removal and fiscal transparency. Years went by. I made a lot more enemies.

MK10ART’s painting of ‘The Rat.”

In 2011, a mysterious figure called “The Rat” began to contact me. He wrote to me about a boy named “Fluffy” who, on Raniere’s orders, was forced to film the repeated rape of his little sister. She was about 15 at the time. He told me “Fluffy” was an unwilling accomplice in this production of Child Porn [I will also come back to this later]. I was told Fluffy was traumatized and a wreck – and that his young sister worshiped Raniere as a god.

I called Jim Odato at the Times Union and Joe O’Hara. Both gave me the name of their police contact, Rodger Kirsopp. I called him and brought my laptop to the State Police building in Clifton Park. I made a taped interview. I showed him the messages I had received from “The Rat” – and gave him the passwords to my website [All of this was on video]. He sold me a bill of goods about how he wanted Raniere worse than me. I trusted him. I showed him the death threats I was receiving [Also more on that later]. I felt better. I believed I finally had met a good cop. Someone I could trust.

As soon as I left, he called NXIVM attorney Steve Coffey to tell him “We have a problem”.

Of course, I knew none of this at the time. Kirsopp offered to have an unmarked NYSP car park in the parking lot at my home to protect my wife and me. I later learned he did that because he wanted to see who was coming by to feed me info. This entire time Rodger was working for NXIVM as documented by the Times Union.

But I didn’t know that then, so I continued to feed him info.

The summer of 2013 was very busy. Along with writing NXIVM stories, a young black man, Darryl Mount, was critically hurt while fleeing from the Saratoga Springs police on August 30th.  The events surrounding the chase were hazy. But the injuries were not hazy – they were horrific. I began looking into the circumstances of the injuries. I became friends with his family. They were only asking for an independent inquiry. That seemed quite reasonable under the circumstances. The city refused to budge. I led the protest and I filmed speakers at City Council meetings. This was all before the BLM movement. Darryl Mount’s condition never improved, and he was in a coma. Fundraisers were held to help with his medical expenses. He was never able to tell his side of events.

Darryl Mount – an investigation is being requested by Saratoga Councilmembers into Mount’s death. Police say he fell off a scaffold while trying to elude them.

At the same time all this was going on, a city election was being held in Saratoga Springs. I was told that the Democrat candidate for Mayor had ties to NXIVM. But I needed proof.

In late October 2013, I was running my ass off. I was able to confirm that the Campaign Manager of the Democrat running for Mayor was a NXIVM coach. That same night, I met the girlfriend of Darryl Mount in a traditional Black church in Saratoga. She met me accompanied by the Black Minister of the church. The SSPD’s justification for their chase of Darryl Mount was based on the premise that he had assaulted his girlfriend on Caroline Street. She disputed that and went on to say the police never spoke to her and later when she tried to figure out where Darryl was at the Police Station, they refused to tell her. I went home late to write that story while uploading the video of my meeting with Darryl Mount’s girlfriend to YouTube [You can still find it there]. I also began writing the story about the campaign manager of the Democrat candidate for Mayor and her ties to NXIVM. I eventually fell asleep at my computer.

Unfortunately, neither story would see the light of day. At 5:00 AM, Rodger Kirsopp and three other NYS troopers arrived with a search warrant – and both my wife and my life would never be the same again.

This is Part One of a four-part series.

I would like to thank Frank for letting me tell my story. Without Frank, NXIVM would still be operating today.




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  • You’re way off on Mount. Read the sworn deposition transcripts. Mounts girlfriend admits that she was hit by mount and had a large bruise and that she lied about it because she was scared of Mounts family. Also, the family is arguing that mount fell, the idea that it was a beating was refuted long ago by the video evidence.

    Also, which mayor was the nxium member? Yepsen? Isn’t she active in Kim’s administration?

  • John. Your story is very compelling and I don’t mean that lightly. I very much understand it is your real life.

    Have you considered contacting a group called,” Make Justice blind”?

    They are very big supporters of men who have been wrongly accused and convicted.

    If you can get ahold of Nicki Clyne on Twitter I am sure that she would take on your cause.

    Nicki is not an experienced or licensed litigator. But she was on a TV show about 10 years ago. So… Same thing. Right?

    There is also another justice reform group, “We Are As You”. They host dance parties outside men’s detention centers. A male by the name of Suneel could bring attention to your case by dancing in booty shorts with a glow stick.

    Please consider these 2 organizations in your fight for accountability.

  • THRILLED to hear from you directly, John. I’m very happy you’re well. I followed Saratogaindecline for years, and was very impressed with your unfailing courage.

  • John, please explain what you meant in your Necker Island article when you wrote: “After pleasantries, cocktails, and sex, attendees got down to the business at hand.”

    And sex? Does that mean the Nx coaches merely had private time with their significant others, or that they had an orgy?

    You are too honest a writer to just toss in a provocative word like “sex” unless your source told you it happened…but WHAT happened? Are we to infer that the coaches at this summit engaged in swapping or threesomes or orgies or group blowjobs or…..?

    Blast from the past: John Tighe reports on the new NXIVM board named in Necker Island 2010 – Frank Report

  • michelehatchette.com

    I’m a naturally private person, yet in recent years, my private life became public in ways I did not authorize. My likeness, story and being have been used to further destructive narratives in the global media, resulting in the wrongful incarceration of innocent friends and the destruction of a peaceful, international community.

    History, its said, is always written by the victors. Well, good thing I’m in the business of winning. So welcome in. Feel free to take off your shoes, stay awhile and join me for some real talk.

    My life’s work
    Is rooted in service and inspired by my background in education, agriculture, community organizing and hospitality. As a native New Yorker, born and raised in Harlem, it is my desire, through writing, conversations, and breaking bread, to bring people together in supporting the growth of innovative initiatives that better all of humanity.


  • Very interesting to hear from John himself, after having read about him, mostly written by Parlato. There is so much in this first part of John’s “testament”.

    The thing about Adrian bothers me. “The Rat” told John that Adrian had to film the abuse of his sister Camila. This is really awfull if it happened. I might have missed something, but I don’t recall Adrian mentioning this in his victim impact statement at Rainiere’s sentencing. If it is true, then the prosecutors would have put Adrian on the stand and let him testify about it, don’t you think?

    NXIVM diehards are accusing the police of having planted child-porn on Rainiere’s computer/camera.

    Anti-NXIVM journalists are accusing the police to have planted child-porn on John’s computer.

    Both parties agree that the police are corrupt in the investigation into them. Both parties say the police investigation into the opposite party is totally uncorrupted….

    I don’t know the truth of all these allegations. What I do know is that it’s confusing to me.

    • — Both parties agree that the police are corrupt in the investigation into them. Both parties say the police investigation into the opposite party is totally uncorrupted….—

      Good points, StevenJ

    • Great point about Adrian and the rat. I’ve wondered around that same angle. Could the rat have been a fake?

      • What if the rat WAS Adrian?

        The filming may have happened. May not

        But I would not fault Adrian for never admitting it publicly. Just his parents finding out about it… would be soul crushing. Let alone court.

        Plus, at the time of trial prep Camilla was still in Raniere’s thrall. It would have been Adrian’s word against his sister’s word. And his parents were wanting to believe Keith and their daughter

        The important issue is that most people believe Keith was capable of having one minor child film his own minor child sister having sex with Keith.

        That really says it all…

        Viva Executive Success!

        • Good point. The timeline would have excluded Adrian from testifying. But he still could have mentioned it at Rainiere’s sentencing. He didn’t. But Rainiere would be capable of such evil, no doubt.

    • Raniere wasn’t investigated by the police. He was investigated by the FBI.

      You are equivocating.

      Its not at all confusing.

      • Yes, I know Raniere was investigated by the FBI. I used “police” as a general term because Tighe was arrested by the police.

        The point I tried to make is that everybody involved, both sides, are making these very serious accusations: law enforcement planting child porn. It gets a bit overwhelming, at least for me…..

        • He literally admitted in court to having 400 videos and 40,000 pictures. Also, why would they plant that much? They could plant half or a 1/16th of that and have the same charge. Think about it for two seconds.

  • John – Ever since I read about your case, the whole thing seemed like a set-up. I’m glad to see the story in your own words and I hope you can write regularly here. So happy that you’re cancer-free! 🌈

  • I’m looking forward to hearing more. I’ve always been suspicious of the kiddie porn conviction.

    Those knee cap tattoos, though… those are criminally bad.

  • I wish people would stop calling Adrian “Fluffy”. As John points out, he was forced to videotape his sisters getting raped. It’s clearly a derogatory term that keith made up as a reference to what happens in porn (fluffers – go look it up on your own, you sick motherfuckers!).

    And keith loves to humiliate people, all of those nicknames people had were designed by keith to humiliate.

    • Really glad to read this story, John
      John is a big Anti NXIVM hero and it was a big blow when he was arrested
      We thought Roger was a good guy working to take down NXIVM.
      We were fooled along with you John
      I still wonder to this day what and how NXIVM got to Roger, as well as others who never held Keith Raniere, Nany Salzman, and others in NXIVM accountable all those years.
      Your blog was a breath of fresh air and saved a lot of people from joining NXIVM as did Frank and the Frank Report
      I never have believed the child pron charges filed against you know how hard you have worked to help people and fight for what is the right and moral things.
      I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your story. Welcome back John, your one of my HEROES
      Susan Dones

  • I met John many years ago at Saratoga Spa Pool. He has never waivered from his mission. I hope to see him back at UnCommon Grounds and hope his health stays stable.

    • Absolute evidence of nothing there for an appeal. So much talking. Zero evidence of cause for a new trial.

      It’s an attempted PR campaign. A really piss poor one.

      If a person were actually wrongly convicted, it would be:

      Bullet point
      (Then detailed actual proof)
      Bullet point


      It would be handled by a legal team.

      It would be brief and to the point.

      Not outsourced as a prize money contest.

      But it was worth listening to a tiny bit of it to have Keith’s empty monologue interrupted with a recording:

      “This call is coming from a federal prison”

  • He also blew open the doors on the vile personnel policies in Saratoga County and saved the Animal Shelter. Boy, does the county need you now.

  • Great to hear from you, John!!!

    The second I read about the child porn, I knew it was a set-up. Can’t wait to read the next three parts of the series.

  • Dang, Krisopp appears to live in the biggest and nicest home in his neighborhood. Not many of his other neighbors have a pool. And he has a big one. Thought his wife might be a doctor, but could not find anything online about her professional interests. And his house looks like additions have been added to it.

    Strange rumors of corruption and home renovations go hand in hand. Guess some government employees always have a bunch of cash to invest and improve their homes.

    And second jobs working for attorneys, or sweetheart deals just happen for New York law enforcement agents. It couldn’t be a conflict of interest or corruption.

    Funny what a satellite picture suggests.

    • Interestingly, he lives a stone’s throw away from the Bronfman sister’s (former) mansion/home on Taymor Trail. Literally: a stone’s throw…

      • Wasn’t there a Nx-er woman who was a real estate agent?

        And him buying that house means Nxivm paid Kirsopp in cash, and not Kook sex.

        • You’d like to think so, wouldn’t you Spanky. But only one thing is for sure. No Asian takeout for you, oh mad one.

  • John – there are many allies for you now in law enforcement and the civil sector. I hope that you decide to reach out to them and that they agree help to avenge you. What happened to you just makes me angry. Congratulations on your recovery and thank you for all that you have sacrificed to get to the point where we are today. You are truly extraordinary.

    Who is the coach that ran for mayor? And I hope we get to know the identity of The Rat and that you are able to tell more about him.

  • Where is Trooper Kirsopp today? Time to haul his butt in for aiding and abetting NXIVM. AG needs to get on this one pronto. We have evidence a trooper ignored the investigating of Keith producing child porn films and Soares is busy investigating a Cuomo bogus forcible touching an adult woman ??

    Letitia James needs to get her sharp investigative sex team reconvened and start looking into what really stinks in the Capital District!

      • John, I’m happy that you’re putting this up on the computer so everybody knows the story. I know a lot about it – especially the part when you were talking about the Vanderbilt show and the attorney from Albany who constantly tried to put you down. You’re the best!

    • As of the end of 2020, he was a Tech Lieutentant in the State Police bringing home over $161,000 that year (which was nearly $40,000 more than his base salary for that year). Skidmore College in Saratoga still has him listed as the contact for the New York State Police Campus Sexual Assault Victims Unit (CSAVU) and as a Sr. Investigator (“Senior investigator Rodger Kirsopp 518-464-7137”). It is not clear whether he retired in 2021.

  • It’s good to finally hear John Tighe’s story. His blog Saratoga In Decline was a wonderful early expose of the weird Nxivm cult.

    I believe he got railroaded by the criminal justice system. This happens to people without the resources (wealth) to mount a proper legal defense. Not applicable to well-funded cult leaders like Raniere or millionaire actresses like Mack.

    The court system, like health care and housing, is unfortunately treated like a commodity. Until glaring wealth disparity is addressed, the justice system will not be really just.

      • A.S.??? Actaeon??? Dat you? Or really just an enamored Alex?

        Question for Aristotle – Has your opinion on John changed over the years?

    • “I believe he got railroaded by the criminal justice system.”

      Until today, I did not believe a person could be this blinded by his own tribalism.

      Until today.


      • To Everyone & Alanzo,

        Someone sounds like a broken-record:

        “Anticultists are total tool bags!
        Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!
        Anticultists ARE jocular humans.
        Anti-cultists HATE RingDings®️.
        NANA, nana, boo, boo, anticultists!”

        Alanzo do you have anything NEW to share besides:
        “You are all villainous, venomous, and vile anticultists!”

        That’s your one brilliant observation/summation you repeat and paraphrase ad nauseam….. Don’t you have anything more to say?
        Alonzo, everyone on the Frank Report has already acknowledged that they hate cults.
        Surprise, surprise! The Frank Report took down a cult. Who do you expect to find in the comment section – a bunch of people like you? 😉

        Did you miss me Alanzo? Because I missed you.😘

        • He’s too mature to engage in silly playground taunts like the rest of us.

          He’s all enlightened as shit. Just look at his avatar. He’s a Bodhisattva.

          • Bodhisattva? I had to look up the definition. Alanzo is definitely saving people from suffering and abstaining from death much like he abstains from sex.

          • Certain elements within the Frank Report community have been contacting me. I’ve been informed Alanzno is ‘running roughshod’ all over the Frank Report. I shall restore the natural balance.

  • Law & Crime

    Court Inquiry Requested After Ghislaine Maxwell Juror Goes Public as Survivor of Sexual Abuse
    Adam Klasfeld, Jan 5th, 2022, 2:45 pm

    Shortly after the government’s request, Maxwell’s attorney Christian Everdell claimed that the revelation regarding the juror “presents incontrovertible grounds for a new trial.”

    In a separate letter, his co-counsel Jeffrey Pagliuca argued that further investigation was unwarranted, and the court “can and should order a new trial without any evidentiary hearing.”

    “The Supreme Court has held that to be entitled to a new trial, ‘a party must first demonstrate that a juror failed to answer honestly a material question on voir dire, and then further show that a correct response would have provided a valid basis for a challenge for cause,’” Pagliuca’s letter states. “This standard applies even if the juror’s conduct was merely inadvertent and not intentional.”

    Before the end of the day on Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan set a briefing schedule on Maxwell’s request for a new trial. The defense motion is due on Jan. 19. The government must reply by Feb. 2, and Maxwell will have an opportunity to respond a week later. The judge reserved decision on whether a formal court inquiry will be necessary.

    [ … ]


    • It’s bad news that will provide Jizzlaine with a glimmer of hope. If there is a new trial, it means that all 4 victims have to testify again. Go through this terrible experience again. I read that victim no. 1 (Jane)collapsed in the courthouse after testifying and that victim no. 3 (Carolyn) had a nervous breakdown and is unable to take care of her 4 children now (Her mother is taking care of that). It remains to be seen if they are able to handle another trial. What a mess……and all because of this dumb-dumb juror…..

      • The juror is a total jackhole.

        I do not relish the idea of any victim testifying twice.

        I do enjoy that the sexual predator jizzlane will have hope. Only to be crushed by justice yet again.

        That creep could be destroyed daily and it would never equal what she did to those children.

        Also wouldn’t mind watching Raniere lose twice.

        But no question that juror is a fuckwad of epic proportion.

  • Welcome back, John. I, like many of us, are eager to hear your story. And I’m glad you are in good health today and for many days to come.

  • As moronic (because he insists on ignoring experts over his own made up opinion) GOP Missouri Governor Mike Parson has proven, people do not really know what hacking is.

    So just for clarification, what hacking did John Tighe engage in?

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