The Shocking Story of John Tighe: ‘In My Own Words’ – Part 2: Raid, Arrest & Plea Deal

John Tighe in handcuffs, arrested for possession of child porn found on computers he did not own.

This is part #2 of John Tighe’s absolutely gripping account of his incredible tangle with NXIVM and their associates in law enforcement. Part #1: NXIVM Target, Blogger John Tighe, Finally Breaks Silence to Tell Story After Five Years in Prison 

John Tighe

By John Tighe

One of my biggest mistakes was never taking NXIVM very seriously. Instead, I really felt pity for the wealth-privileged, lost souls who fell for its shit. A dirty little fat man in filthy sweatpants spewing schizophasia phrases in an unintelligible mixture of bullshit and balderdash. I was wrong. They were extremely dangerous!

Keith Raniere displays erudite wisdom and his legs during a discourse at volleyball.

I had fallen asleep in my office in the basement still dressed from the night before. I did not hear the pounding on the door at 5:00 AM. My wife, who was already up and getting ready for a day of work at Skidmore College, answered the door.

When she opened the door, she was confronted by Rodger Kirsopp – along with three more heavily armed New York State troopers – with a search warrant in his hand charging through the door.  I heard my wife yell – and ran up the stairs. Seeing the grim-faced Kirsopp and his friends, I knew this was not a joke.

New York State Trooper Rodger Kirsopp – he seemed to be after Nxivm but was actually after Nxivm enemies.

Just so you know, I had never been arrested in my life. I was and am a law-abiding citizen. At this time, I had a New York State Pistol Permit along with numerous guns in a safe in the basement and a loaded shotgun in the upstairs bedroom.

I knew things could go downhill quickly. So, I threw my arms into the air, got down on my knees, and yelled “I am unarmed.” Kirsopp searched me and told me to sit. He knew I had recently had an attempted home invasion by armed goons. A loaded pistol along with my permit was in a locked box next to my chair. I pointed it out to him. My wife was crying and terrified. Kirsopp told me to relax – and I regained my composure.


At that moment, I realized everything I had believed about law and justice was bullshit. Talk about privilege. I do not mean white privilege (though that is a real thing). I mean wealth privilege. No matter how debased and warped Raniere and his perverted gibberish was, it was backed by the Bronfman sisters’ money. I had been played.

Clare and Sara Bronfman meant business when they wielded their wealth at someone.

As reality set in and Kirsopp’s squad searched my house, I sat back in my chair. I was tired, thirsty, and being a diabetic who had not eaten recently, I was becoming hypoglycemic. At the time, I had three computers – and my wife had one of her own. Kirsopp and his guys packed up all four computers, my files, my password books, and anything else they wanted.  I was forced to sit in a chair unable to make phone calls or to eat or drink.

At this point I just wanted them to leave my house. This is when I made a large mistake. Kirsopp showed me a piece of paper and said: “Just sign this and I will have your computers back to you in a week or two. I was rattled, tired and hypoglycemic. I signed it. He gave me a copy of what I had signed – and he and his buddies left. Little did I know the long string of numbers on the paper was for more than my computers; it also included serial numbers for four HP computers and one MacBook Pro – none of which were mine.

There is a certain irony in the “MacBook Pro.” Anyone who knows me knows I hate Apple products. Never owned one or wanted one. And what the fuck would I do with four HP computers? But I did sign for them and that haunts me to this day.

Why did state police investigator Rodger Kirsopp want John Tighe to sign for an Apple computer he did not possess?


I had done work as a volunteer for Lee Kindlon, an attorney in Albany who ran against Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares, a NXIVM-loving, ass-kissing POS. Lee lost that race, but I thought of him as a friend. I called his law office – and, because he was in court, I talked to his father, Terry. He told me to bring a checkbook and a copy of the search warrant to his office in Albany. At this same time, I was learning about the other raids against Joe O’Hara and Toni Foley.

Lee Kindlon had run against DA David Soares and had put Soares’ support of NXIVM as an issue in the campaign. Kindlon lost.

I met Terry and after examining the warrant, he gave me a quick price list. He said it was a “weak warrant” – and that the price to have it thrown out would be $20,000 cash. To hire Lee to represent me would be another $5,000 cash. So much for friends. Later, I talked to Lee. He told me he had already talked to Kirsopp and told him he was representing me. Lee advised me to save the 20k, give him 5k and I would have my computers back in a week or two. So, I coughed up five grand. Then I went out and brought a Chromebook and, per the advice of Lee, took down my website. At the time, I thought it would be just for a little while.

Life went on.


Before I go any further, let me straighten out a few things.

I was told there was some confusion about who “the NXIVM Mayor” was. That was Val Keehn, a one-term disaster.

Valerie Keehn.

The story I was working on at the time of the raid was about the mayoral campaign of Joann Yepsen.  As far as I know, Yepsen herself had never been a member of NXIVM or taken NXIVM courses. But her Executive Assistant was a NXIVM coach and a life coach – and bragged about her completion of Executive Success Program (ESP) classes on her personal website. That story was never published – and Yepsen was elected as Mayor of Saratoga Springs by less than 200 votes. Yepsen went on to become the only Saratoga Springs Mayor to be censored by her own ethics committee – and was later rebuked by the entire city council. I still believe that if I had published the story, it might have flipped the election.

Darryl Mount – an investigation is now expected by a grand jury looking into Mount’s death. Police say he fell off a scaffold. John Tighe was investigating it back in 2013. His arrest ended the pursuit of justice until 2021.

Prior to the raid, I was also working on a story about Darryl Mount, a young Black man who had supposedly fallen from an elevated platform while being chased by Saratoga Springs police. Nine years later, Mount’s death has become the biggest issue in the city – a situation that could have been avoided if Saratoga Springs had conducted a fair and independent investigation back in 2013.


After forking over 5k to Kindlon, I stopped blogging but was still involved in local issues. I became rattled again when Kyle York, my good friend and a fellow blogger and NXIVM critic, fell out his fifth-floor window to his death just days after the raid on my house. I still miss Kyle and wonder about his fall that was labeled an “accident”

Kyle York died suddenly at the age of 59. His death was ruled accidental.

I worked to set up a Code Blue program in Saratoga Springs after the death of Nancy Pitts who froze to death on the loading dock of the Senior Center. The local police tried to cover up her death up by simply listing it on the blotter as an “unattended death.” I tipped off Caitlin Morris, a young, smart aggressive reporter at The Saratogian who dug up the truth. She won an award for her work – and was then fired. A real testament to the state of journalism today

The New Year came and went. My wife and I traveled to NYC a few times.

Lee told me not to worry. Every time I called Lee, it cost more money – which is why we rarely spoke.

Months went by until one day there was pounding on our front door. I opened it and saw a grim-faced Kirsopp and another detective. They said they had a warrant for my arrest for possession of child pornography.

Talk about a gutshot. I almost passed out. At this point, Kirsopp showed some compassion. He let me sit down and catch my breath. He asked if I was all right – and I responded by saying that I wanted to talk to my attorney and then shut the fuck up. I was taken to the State Police substation in Clifton Park where I was met by Mark Vicente and a NXIVM film crew.

Mark Vicente showed up to film John Tighe being hauled into custody.

Kirsopp had obviously given them a heads-up – no doubt for the viewing pleasure of Keith Raniere. and his sycophants. Once inside, I was allowed to call my wife. She called Lee and he and my wife and family rushed down only to be greeted by the POS Mark Vicente and his goons.

I was arraigned and released. That was my first and last appearance on state child porn charges.

When we left, I was greeted by full media coverage. I was on the news and in the papers. No doubt, my enemies were already dancing on my grave. Fortunately, my close friends and wife never once believed the charges. That was a long sad night.

The next day, I talked to Lee and found out he wanted another 20k on top of the 5k I had already given him. I was still free to come and go. Lee never seemed very concerned. He rarely called me back – and when he did, he just kept telling me not to worry.

I had been arrested in February and never had another state court date. In July, Lee called and informed me that the state charge had been dropped but that it had been picked up by the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York.

So, now I was facing federal charges with mandatory sentences and a 98% conviction rate. My head wanted to explode. I had to go to Federal Court where I was once again released on my own recognizance with an ankle bracelet and placed under house arrest. Lee could not make it that day, so his father Terry appeared (He forgot my file). He also wanted another 5k. And so, it began…a long slow walk to the gallows.

Next, I was indicted by a grand jury led by Special District Attorney Holly A. Trexler in Albany County Court on a felony count of Computer Trespassing. The hits just kept on coming. Lee said that it would take another 5k for him to defend me on that charge.

Holly Trexler was special prosecutor for NXIVM enemies.

This is when it got sad. I told Lee I refused to plead guilty to any of the charges against me. But the more I read, I realized the Federal Government had a higher conviction rate than the Soviet show trials led by Joseph Stalin in the great purge of the 1930s.

When I still resisted pleading guilty, Lee laid out the reality of my situation. In order to represent me if I wanted to go to trial on the federal charge, he would need a 100k retainer to start. He asked about the MacBook – which was the first I heard of it. Well, I signed for it. Same for the 4HPs. I was defeated.

Then came the kicker…I could plead guilty to two federal counts of possession of child porn and one of receipt – and one count of computer trespass to satisfy the state charge – or they would indict my wife.

John Tighe and his wife, Joyce.

You read that right. My wonderful, gentle, kind wife who never hurt a fly in her life. I bet that was Raniere’s idea. That is how fucking low these scumbags will go to get a conviction at any cost. Oh, and Lee wanted another 5k.

CHECKMATE. Lee said I would most likely get one year and a day on the federal charge and one year on the state charge – and that the sentences would run concurrently. I was so tired and worn. I had lost everything I had believed in. The government I loved and that my father fought for was bought and paid for by a couple of nitwit sisters who happened to have inherited almost a billion dollars

They took my computers in October 2013. It was now 2015. I had been out on home arrest all this time. I had gotten fat – and felt beat down. Guilt or innocence was not even discussed. The minute I signed for a MacBook and four mystery HPs, I was doomed.

My final option was to have a public defender appointed for me in both cases – and face 20 years in federal prison if I lost at trial. Lee advised me to plead out – and told me that a sentence of one year and a day was a strong possibility with three years the max. Oh, and he needed 5k more. Reluctantly, I agreed.

In June 2015, I went to state court in the morning and was sentenced to one year to run concurrently with whatever sentence I received when I appeared in federal court that afternoon. So far, so good. I went to lunch with my wife and family – and after that, we all went to federal court. Lee was late and forgot my file. His sentencing memo was a cut-and-paste job – but he spoke nicely about what a wonderful person I was. I asked for mercy but there was no mercy in the court that day. Just the black cloud of NXIVM.

Stephen R. Coffey, attorney for NXIVM

In the back of the courtroom were Val Keehn, Steve Coffey, and a bunch of NXIVM harlots, all having a grand old time. The judge sentenced me to 70 months (about 6 years)  in federal prison – and told me to report to prison on July 20th. I spoke up and pointed out that July 20th was my birthday – which caused him to change my report date to the 21st. I walked out of the courtroom arm and arm with my wife – and stared at my enemies in the back of the courtroom. Outside, Mark Vicente was there to film me as I walked to my car.

We went home and I slumped into my chair. We had a lot to do. Joyce had to shut down our three-story, 1,200 square foot townhouse and put my antique furniture in storage. She found a small apartment outside of town – which is where she would live until I returned. I became determined to get through this and be free again.

And then my report date finally came. I drove to Devens Federal Prison with my wife and my family on the day after my birthday and turned myself in.


End of Part 2


Next: Welcome To Prison. 

Editor’s Note:  After reading this, I think some may agree that a public corruption investigation is warranted into law enforcement and various lawyers in the Albany area, and that efforts should be made to exonerate John Tighe. 

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  • Thanks for writing again, John.
    Your story is brutal but wonderful.
    In the end, you, O’Hara, Bouchey, Parlato and the other people who faced NXIVM, Raniere and the millions of dollars the Bronfmans made available to them are the ones who have earned the respect and admiration of thousands, including myself.

  • John

    You’re real crime was that you OFFENDED SARATOGA’S BRAND. Smaller, gentrified, tourist focused towns value their highly crafted public image as pure, safe, protected, white bread havens from urban chaos, complex and difficult to solve problems, cultural diversity, freaks and the general insecurity of contemporary life in America. You smacked Saratoga in the face by serving up all the hypocrisy and deceit behind the scenes. Just the name of you blog alone, “Saratoga in Decline” rings out like a song from Sex Pistols.

    People in towns like Saratoga don’t like trouble makers. You are a trouble maker and your only crime is that you picked out the wrong place to make trouble. You woiud have been okay in Albany. Albany has been synonymous with corruption since the early days of Mayor Corning. You could have been a celebrity in New York City. New York loves trouble makers and gives them awards.

    Anyway, trouble needed to be made and you made it. Congratulations on that. Probably, Nxivm doesn’t get proper attention and eventually get brought down without people like you. You were the sacrificial lamb. T’hanks again, for that.

    I’m not sure where it all goes from here for you but you can hold your head up high knowing you fought the good fight. I hope you keep fighting. We need you. Best, Tom Gargiulo.

  • It makes sense that the cops and David Soares would destroy all of John’s computers (even the ones that were really not his that Rodger added into being at John’s house).
    This way there could be no investigation into these computers at a later date.

    How does Rodger live with himself?
    What did NXIVM and Keith Raniere have over his head? Was it money they paid him?
    What about the other officers involved in the raid at John’s house that day? They would have to know how many computers were taken out of the house.
    Has anyone seen the police report from when Rodger was at John’s house and questioned the other officers? They would have to be in on this or were they?

    We want to know…

  • The Mark Vicente part seems to have struck everyone the same way. For a man…well, bipedal entity…so devoted to Raniere’s beliefs, it’s a pity he wasn’t one of those who died for them. Still, there’s always hope!

    • There are many holes in Scott Johnson and he wants them filled with my strap-on, but he grosses me out.

    • Scott Johnson-

      Lordy. Lordy!

      You’re still alive. I thought you’d gone to the big Trailer Park in the sky.

      Congratulations! You finally found another job and can afford internet access.

      Hope all is well you [redacted]. 😉

  • How many people brag about having people killed for their beliefs?
    How many people fall out of their window and die?
    How many people vanish after committing suicide by kayak?
    How many women commit suicide with a shotgun?
    Let’s not forget that John almost died from being poisoned.

    Like I’ve thrown out here in the past, I think Keith had a “fixer”.

    • Keith and the Bronfman sisters had a slew of “Fixers” in the Albany area. That’s why no investigation was ever undertaken – and no legal action was ever filed – by any law enforcement agency regarding NXIVM’s numerous criminal activities.

      • Do you think Keith secretly had a hitman, or access to different hitmen? For example, someone he trusted enough to fly out to Alaska, or to throw an enemy out a window?

          • I doubt it, but who knows. He attracted foofoo students who wanted to change/save the world, and improve their lives.

            If it was something he relied on, the connections probably preceded ESP. He was warning people that he’s had people killed for his beliefs as early as 1998.

      • This is why law enforcement and the justice system is “corrupt” according to them, because they got away with manipulating it in their neck of the woods. Unfortunately for them, it is not corrupt IN PRINCIPLE, and that is why Keith and Clare are now behind bars and Sarah should be.

        By the way, Nicki should be on the first flight out of the U.S.A. into Canada due to the way she maligns the U.S. justice system which she deceived when she engaged in a sham marriage to Allison Mack to stay in the country under Keith’s orders. What a hypocrite.

      • Fixers is right on the nail, chaps. Nxivm was all about breaking things, people’s livelihoods, their self-esteem, their family bonds, their reputations, their balance of mind, their spirits, their hearts, their souls — and of course, the law.

        Always a pleasure, and somewhat of a miracle, to hear from John. I’d happily pre-order a book titled ‘Saratoga In Decline’
        I truly rate the Author!

        Happy New Year, John, Joe and Nutjob, to you and yours.

  • The fact that Mark Vicente was there to start filming speaks volumes. What John and Joyce endured makes me so angry! 😠

  • Clare Bronfman was after John Tighe for years. It was simply a matter of time and money to take John off the board.

  • Another Hit Job by Mark Vicente. What a CREEP.

    Anything for a buck. And get this, he brags about hating the USA. Even though he is not a US Citizen and love$ the Almighty American Dollar and hi$ life$tyle of grooming and sexually abusing NXIVM students.

    What a $cmuck

  • This sounds like an absolutely unbelievably horrible ordeal. I think I am missing one element so please forgive me. I’m wondering how an investigation was ever opened against you and authorizing a search warrant?

    In my experience, you cannot just call and report another person and set this kind of situation in motion. For the exact reason you have laid out. People would do it to each other all the time out of just personal vengeance. It usually takes more than just someone saying hey I think this guy is doing a fill-in-the-blank kind of vague accusation.

    Again, please excuse me if I somehow missed that part I totally understand the motivation to go after you I’m just trying to understand how a legal entity or law enforcement could justify going after you with such force based on a vague or random tip? Thank you so much

    • If I recall correctly, an inside source had given the password to a private NXIVM members-only website to John and others and that password was used to log into the site, which prompted the investigation into computer trespassing and resulted in the search warrant to obtain John’s computers to confirm whether or not he was guilty of computer trespassing.

      • Ahhh. Thank you.
        That still seems like something most law enforcement would blow off without more. Or I guess lots of lawyers & pressure from Bronfmans.

        • Rodger Kirsopp detailed the numerous meetings and telephone calls he had with NXIVM’s lawyers – Steve Coffey, Mike McDermott and Pam Nichols – in his “Incident Report” regarding the alleged computer trespass by John Tighe, Toni Natalie and me (Barbara Bouchey was added as a defendant in the case after, for some unknown reason, she independently accessed the NXIVM website several months after the NYS Police had conducted the early morning raids that John described). Perhaps Frank can add a link to that “Incident Report” to this post or John can do so in his next post.

          Needless to say, I think Rodger Kirsopp is a “dirty cop”. But since he lives in the Northern District of New York State, he need not fret about ever being investigated for his many NXIVM-related transgressions.

          • Thank you so much for your response to my question. Again, I want to say how awful all of this is and how wrong that you had to go through it. It makes more sense to know that Nxivm had that kind of pressure on law enforcement to bring a case against you. Because even looking on their stupid computer site just does not merit this kind of action. I mean it’s absolutely ridiculous and I do agree it is very Albany area specific. Because most of the large cities I’ve lived in law enforcement would have laughed that kind of complaint right out of the police department. They would never ever have showed up at your house like that over some self-help group alleging that you looked at their precious secrets online without authorization. They would have probably said that it sounded like a civil matter and blown them off in most other jurisdictions.

  • I am so glad you are free, John! Your blog was the only way I was able to know what was going on with a family member who was in Nxivm. Of course, the story I received from the person was very contrary to what you were reporting. And once you were arrested, this person kept basking in the fact that you were this “horrible person”.. which I knew was not true. But to see how incredibly evil the members of Nxivm were and probably still are, and the power they had, is more than alarming. Of course this family member stopped speaking to me because how dare I follow someone like John who would say such terrible things, all the while they had sold their soul, and their very being to Keith. How ironic.

  • I am so glad John is free and still the fighter. He is a very good writer and I suggest he write a book to detail his entire history of the NXIVM war. He might even get Jim Odato to be his co-author. Jim is a class act and I fondly recall spending some time with him during the “last” Schroon River Ramble.

  • A very sad story. If all of it is true. By now, all parties are accusing each other of planting child porn on their computers. What is the truth? It’s impossible for a reader of the FR to know.

    I would like to believe the whole story of John. And if he is indeed telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, at least he got his sweet revenge with Raniere serving a life sentence, Clare Bronfman serving a 6-year sentence, and Nancy to report to prison next week.

      • John’s story would include a police officer downloading childporn on a computer and then have John sign for possession of that computer. Conspiracies don’t get any crazier then that. Not impossible, but what are the odds?

        I read some prior post about John on the FR. Among them police reports from lots of NXIVM people saying that John was short of stalking them. According to the testimonies (might not be 100% true, considering who complained) he showed up at houses, rang Nancy’s doorbell for 10 minutes, made pictures of members when leaving buildings/restaurants, made pictures during Vanguard week, had his wife involved in this. Together with the computer trespassing charge, which was true (albeit conveniently used to indict him), there may be more to John’s story the he presents here. But he paid the price, regardless…..

        • I see where you are coming from, but I totally believe John. To clarify, when I wrote “looking at the whole picture”, I was referring to Keith’s patterns of action with everyone he deemed an enemy – not just John.

          • You are right. But both could be true: relentless harassment by NXIVM and a blogger that crossed the line in search of a NXIVM story……

            But the criminal investigation into a minor computer trespass incident (just for viewing the NXIVM members-only website) is totally disproportionate and smells like a too close relationship between authorities and NXIVM. A warning would have been enough…..

        • — John’s story would include a police officer downloading childporn on a computer and then have John sign for possession of that computer.

          Not really. If Joe O’Hara is to be believed and Kirsopp really is a dirty cop, then all the latter needs to do is accept computers from NXIVM acolytes and they could have downloaded such material. All Kirsopp needed to do was get John to trust him and sign the papers that those computers were his which he successfully did according to this story.

          • “ Not really. If Joe O’Hara is to be believed and Kirsopp really is a dirty cop, then all the latter needs to do is accept computers from NXIVM acolytes and they could have downloaded such material. ”

            Good point. You are right. Then it must have come to no surprise for Kirsopp that the forensic police informed him they found contraband on the computer. Perhaps that’s the reason Kirsopp was compassionate when he broke this bad news to John, as John told us in his story.

            Still, I find it hard to believe that a police officer can be that dirty…..but you can call me naive…..

  • This is total madness. Keith Raniere spending the rest of his life in prison is his karma for doing this kind of shit to John and the countless other things he did to others.

    The road of destruction Raniere left in his wake of enjoyment while he was chasing money, power and sex is beyond comprehension for most people to understand.

    Having John sign for computers that were not in his possession!!! Who does that? Raniere would come up with such a plan.

    What the f*#k did they give or have over Rodger the bad cop that he would play in Raniere’s games?

    I agree this should be investigated. David Soares needs to be run out of town tired and feathered.

    Mark Vicente should come forward if he truly is healing himself.

    • I agree there is a real Poetic Justice in Keith getting taken down for actual child pornography. It also adds some anecdotal evidence to the widely-held theory that people accuse others of crimes they are committing themselves. A form of criminal projection if you will

      • That is exactly Raniere’s modus operandi. When I confronted him with suspicions about his behavior, it was always turned back on me. As in, expressing suspicion of him doing X must mean I was doing or considering X myself. Just an expansion of his usual abusive crap taken to the point of criminality. He’s a human version of the Big Bang theory – a constant expansion of his abusive universe. Hopefully, iron bars and concrete walls have contained that permanently now.

  • This is so sad!

    Mark Vicente could do so much by verifying and explaining how he knew where to be and when with his film crew.

    How can you buy state influence and corrupt the federal government? This story seems to be a road map. What a billion dollars of influence can buy.

    Mark Vicente may actually have a real movie. Can he produce it for himself and his family? Funny how a good woman can put a man in a position to be a man of substance and do some good.

    • I’m wondering if Mark Vicente has reached out to John Tighe to let him know what he was told to do, and by whom in NXIVM, and where the video went after he took it, and how it was used.

      Mark should also help Tighe in any future legal action.

      Will he?

      We should all be watching the great anticult warrior, Mark Vicente.


      • I agree that Mark should reach out to John, and try to help him in different ways.

        It seems you believe John’s testimony. If what John typed is true, can you see why people like Mark would decide to leave NXIVM and become whistleblowers? Keith couldn’t figure out how to infinitely compartmentalize the truth from the Marks and Nippys of NXIVM. While easy for you to come down hard on them for flipping and being too anti-cult, I’m more flabbergasted by your pro-cult dead-ender buddies who continue to defend Raniere.

        • Nutjob –

          As I’m pretty sure you know, my ‘pro-cult dead ender buddies’ are not me. I have enough experience to able to step back and see both sides, and the whole 3 ring circus, of “cults vs anticults”.

          I do believe John Tighe’s testimony. And I do see why people like Mark and Nippy would leave and become whistleblowers after enough of these bestial tasks. It’s the arc of a real human being who became a member of a group where he was unable to see everything that was being hidden from him.

          The moral crisis, the test of character, comes once you get to a point where you can see what was being hidden from you.

          You’ve built your life on this ideology. You’ve used it to make sense of your whole world, your whole life and everyone in it. You have social status and income in the group now. Yet, because of where you have gotten yourself to, you also see it was all based on lies.

          This is a test of your character.

          It doesn’t just happen in “cults”.

          So, as an Ex, what do you do with a guy like John Tighe?

          People at the top of cults like Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmonson and Nippy Ames know way more than others below them. What they do AFTER they leave their cult is yet another test of character.

          Do they blame it all on Keith?

          Do they hide behind the excuse of “I was BRAINWASHED!”

          It’s hard.

          But let’s not hide the real moral issues here with “heroes” and “villains”.

          Let’s watch.


          • Great comments.

            “The moral crisis, the test of character, comes once you get to a point where you can see what was being hidden from you.” One of the main reasons I started commenting on FR, was to try and help some of the inner circle people I knew, get to this point. I don’t think I was very successful. However, I’m convinced that people like Nancy and Ed Kinum would have made different “test of character” choices if they weren’t scared of being implicated in crimes/bad deeds.

            I’m impressed that people like Kristin Keeffe and Mark Vicente were able to eventually deal with the moral crisis (rather than pretending it wasn’t there, or failing the test). I cut them more slack than most of the others who played ostrich.

            As for the dead-enders – I sincerely don’t get them. There are enough facts to prove Keith is a horny, insecure, conman. I’d say it is pretty close to being indisputable that he is a narcissistic psychopath. To me, it is sad that they are still devoting so much of their lives to him.

          • In these jailhouse podcasts, Keith is currently defending what he was found guilty of. He is trying to get his loyalists – and everyone else – to only focus on what he was found guilty of. This is an easy slip of the hand for Keith, and the loyalists have swallowed the hook and sinker. What Keith doesn’t want anyone to focus on is the damage he caused that didn’t show up in his trial. The trial shit was a 1 out of 10 compared to things like what he did to John. Not that I’m saying it is right, but the 120 years was a lifetime achievement award – like OJ’s Vegas sentence.

      • Leave it to Alanzo to twist this example of NXIVM cult evil into another stupid tale about the imaginary “anti-cult.”

        To a carpenter with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

        To a fat ass, blind idiot with a big mouth, everything looks like a Ring Ding® cut into pieces by his home health care nurse who is spying on him for Mossad because Scientology is out to get him.

      • So, Alanzo, by elementary deduction you now confess the pious Keith Raniere is not so pious.

        I find it very big of you to change your opinion. It shows true character.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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