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[Editor’s Note: The following is a submission from a reader of the Frank Report.]

By Faris Rauf

Hi Frank,
Hope you’re well.  I am a longtime reader of the Frank Report ever since you first broke the NXIVM story nearly three years ago.
I read your page about Nancy Salzman being a trained hypnotist. I certainly agree with the fact that she and Keith used some form of hypnosis on all the other NXIVM members, with those in his inner circle being the most affected. I think Nancy first taught Keith about hypnotherapy because the perfect time to have practiced the hypnotherapy would have been on those who attended the classes. We’ve seen famous hypnotists on TV, like Paul McKenna, get an entire audience of people to do whatever they say, but it’s really one of those things where you don’t know if it’s true unless it’s happened to you. I firmly believe that Nancy Salzman even hypnotized her own daughter and herself to some extent — to obey Keith.
We can use Allison Mack as an example here. She went from being a sweet, innocent, bubbly, charming kind of girl to a complete sadist who enjoyed inflicting pain on others physically and mentally. If you watch that video from The Vow where she first met Raniere at the volleyball game in 2006, as she begins to talk to him, her eyes become wider and wider and she just blindly stares at him as if she’s in a motionless trance.
Allison Mack meets Keith Raniere
Allison Mack meets Keith Raniere
I noticed that Keith and Nancy both sound nearly identical when they’re speaking, and they use the same kind of facial expressions/hand movements. The year 2006 would have been the peak of Allison’s career — the 6th season of “Smallville” was underway. I found it strange why she seemed so upset and lost in the video when at the time her career was skyrocketing and she may have been at her very peak.
On comedian Theo Von’s “This Past Weekend” podcast, Michael Rosenbaum mentioned that while he never hung out with Allison during their Smallville days, Allison was always a lovely girl to him and never seemed like the type of person who was into some sex cult stuff. She did mention to Michael that she was in a self-help group and tried to get him to join, but Michael turned it down by stating “No thanks, this sounds a bit culty.”
Michael Rosenbaum
Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luther
Her personality would later change years after Smallville ended [as illustrated by] the day she showed up with some friends at Rosenbaum’s house and immediately started to cook in his kitchen as if it were her own house (at this point Allison was already a Raniere slave and 1st line dos master). I do believe that her two friends who were with her at the time were also NXIVM members who were hypnotized by Nancy and Keith, which was why they were all kind of rude and cold to Rosenbaum when he questioned their presence. Michael was the only one not with NXIVM or under any form of their mind control.
As well as Allison, we can also consider Sarah Edmonson. A few years ago, she did an interview with ABC News about her experiences being branded. When the interviewer asked her why she didn’t escape at the time, she couldn’t really give a straight answer other than it didn’t seem like a choice. It’s worth pointing out that as well as Keith using hypnosis on other people to obey him and have sexual relations with him, hypnosis could have also been used for coercing the women to be branded and make them forget about the pain only until the branding process occurs on their flesh.
Sarah Edmondson and her DOS brand (inset)
We have always seen Keith Raniere as a fat, middle-aged conman, whilst NXIVM saw him as some sort of god. If you think about it, no organization asks for collateral from their employees or from those affiliated with them. That should have been an instant red flag — any normal person like you or me would have gotten away from those lunatics as soon as possible. However, the hypnotherapy would have made them all stay with the organization and agree to provide them with the made-up collateral, which would, in hindsight, sign their lives away to Nancy and Keith. Fast forward a few years later where all the key members, including those two, are arrested and awaiting their prison sentences, the other inner circle members have only just started to speak against NXIVM and degrade the Vanguard and the Prefect.
Why? Because they’re all separated and no longer under either of their mind control. The Bronfman sisters must have been under it too so they could continuously financially support the organization. Edgar Bronfman was the only reason why Clare and Sara inherited the vast fortune, so for them to suddenly turn their backs on their father who gave them their inheritance and use it to side with Raniere??
The Nxivm 5, L-R Suneel Chakravorty, Nicki Clune, Eduardo Asunsolo, Michele Hatchette, and Marc Elliot.
Extensive hypnotherapy must have been applied to the NXIVM 5 since they still strongly obey him to this day as well as the other NXIVM supporters. They were all still in contact with Raniere up to the final sentencing. Our brains work differently, so while the hypnosis worked for the majority of the NXIVM members in the long term, for others, such as Barbara Bouchet, Kristin Keefe, Toni Natalie and Sarah Edmonson, it must have worn off a lot quicker, which is why they all left NXIVM on their own accord. Kristin Kreuk must have felt that she too was being hypnotized and decided to leave before anything bad happened. Maybe she even tried to get Allison to leave with her, but she refused? Michael Rosenbaum does have a couple of his former Smallville co-stars on his “Inside of You” podcast from time to time, but they wisely avoid talking about Allison or NXIVM.
I don’t know if there is any proper way to tell if somebody is under some form of mind control or hypnosis, but people like Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere — who have the ability to control others and change them to be how they want them to be — should never see the light of day. Hypnotherapy will always be a mystery as it works in many different ways.
Thank you for helping bring Keith and Nancy to justice Frank.
Video links
(Michael Rosenbaum & Theo Von on Allison Mack)
(Sarah Edmonson on ABC News)

(Sarah Edmonson on Inside of You podcast)

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  • It’s well documented that Salzman studied, and practiced, Ericksonian hypnosis, as well as its derivative NLP, which focuses on more subtle influence techniques including covert suggestion/hypnosis.

    Most of what went on in NXIVM can be attributed to ages-old techniques of thought reform and social control – though those include elements that overlap with suggestion/hypnosis, such as sleep and food deprivation, which leave people more susceptible to manipulation.

    However, my observation from experience with the techniques themselves, and observing multiple groups, is that susceptible individuals, who I think these sorts of groups effectively select for, can indeed be unduly influenced and even start to lose control over their own lives. I agree with experts that what makes groups like NXIVM, and Scientology from which it drew ideas and methods, among the most extreme cults, is their combination of multiple techniques. Suggestion/hypnosis, even if only marginally effective, on top of other things as well, can create a powerful and dangerous mix.

    And there is accumulating evidence that humans are at least more subtly suggestible and even manipulable than we’d like to admit – something advertisers, and scammers, have known for ages. Plenty of studies show that peoples’ perceptions and even decisions, can be affected and altered by subtle cues fed to them, such as in “push polling.” The research into how, for instance, many people can fairly easily be lead to ‘remember’ something like having punch spilled on them at a wedding, that never actually happened, is startling – and unsettling.

    Even if hypnosis is not what it is sometimes imagined to be, it definitely involves potentially powerful phenomenon that can be used to influence and manipulate people, at least in some situations and cases.

    The Wikipedia article is actually a pretty good, relatively brief, introduction to the subject of suggestibility:


  • Great article!

    Hypnotherapy is much more powerful an instrument than the public understands it to be and the Hypnosis community will admit to.

    I don’t believe in God, ghosts, aliens, or supernatural phenomena; I do believe that hypnosis is very real. I have been hypnotized and I know people who have been hypnotized.

    Once a hypnotist hypnotizes an individual, the hypnotist can put that individual under hypnosis at any point the hypnotist wants afterward, even a year or two later.

  • Infobae

    Domingo 21 de Marzo de 2021

    El asesinato de Enrique Salinas de Gortari: la sombra del narco y el ocaso del imperio de su poderoso hermano

    La Fiscalía aseguró que Enrique Salinas de Gortari murió asesinado por asfixia con una bolsa de plástico, pero una entrevista el ex presidente Miguel de la Madrid afirmó que tenía nexos con el crimen organizado

    28 de Febrero de 2021

    El cuerpo sin vida de Enrique Salinas de Gortari fue encontrado el 5 de diciembre de 2004 al interior de un coche aparcado en un barrio del municipio de Huixquilucan, Estado de México, según confirmó la Procuraduría General de Justicia (hoy Fiscalía) de ese estado.

    Veinticuatro horas después el procurador mexiquense, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, afirmó que contaban con indicios de que la víctima había ido a buscar a los homicidas y dijo que la hipótesis más fuerte apuntaba a que la reunión tuvo que ver con un intento de extorsión, o una extorsión ya en proceso, por personas que tenían información que podía dañar a Salinas.

    Incluso se aventuró a especular que quizá la intención de los homicidas no había sido el asesinato, puesto que cuando se utiliza una bolsa de plástico para asfixiar a la víctima generalmente lo que se busca es prolongar la agonía, según el propio Navarrete, para hacerlos sufrir o para obtener información de algo que se está exigiendo.

    Según el procurador, el hermano del ex presidente de México atravesaba por “momentos muy malos”, debido a que recientemente se había divorciado y la situación derivó en varias disputas por sus propiedades, deudas, hipotecas y pagos que debió enfrentar después de la separación.

    Después de haber platicado con parientes -ex esposa e hijos- y otras personas allegadas a la víctima, el procurador dedujo que Enrique Salinas había pasado las dos últimas semanas muy preocupado y “de un humor muy difícil”.

    Conforme fue avanzando la investigación y pasando los días, se fueron sabiendo más detalles de las últimas horas de Salinas de Gortari.

    Se supo que había ido con su familia a Cuernavaca a pasar el fin de semana, en busca de un poco de tranquilidad. Sin embargo, el domingo, poco antes de la comida, salió a la calle, según dijeron sus familiares, porque tenía que ir a ver a “unas personas”. No dio más detalles. Calcularon que salió alrededor de las 2 de la tarde; en su teléfono celular quedaron registradas varias llamadas telefónicas hasta casi las tres.

    El celular estaba en el mismo coche donde fue hallado el cadáver. Los peritos que examinaron el Passat de Gortari y la posición del cuerpo en el asiento derecho delantero, explicaron que probablemente el crimen se había cometido en otro lugar y lo abandonaron a bordo del carro en la colonia Empresarios, en Huixquilucan.

    Navarrete informó que tres cámaras de video de la zona habían captado al Passat en movimiento, aunque dijo que las tomas eran poco claras:

    “Cerca del Passat se ve a una camioneta negra y a una persona, pero no se ve bien el color, ni las placas”, dijo.

    El 13 de febrero de 2009 se transmitió en el programa de radio MVS Noticias una entrevista que días antes la periodista Carmen Aristegui realizó al ex presidente Miguel de la Madrid para un libro que ella estaba escribiendo: Transición (Grijalbo). En la conversación, De la Madrid no dudó en señalar diversos delitos y actos de corrupción por parte de la familia Salinas de Gortari. Incluso acusó al ex mandatario de favorecer a su familia y permitirles la realización de diversos delitos:

    -Usted creía que Salinas era estudioso, inteligente, honesto, buen muchacho. Y resultó que cometió errores muy serios. El peor, la corrupción.

    -Sí y sobre todo la corrupción de su hermano. Conseguía contratos del gobierno, se comunicaba con los narcotraficantes…

    –¿Con quiénes?

    -No sé exactamente, los que le dieron el dinero para llevárselo a Suiza.

    –Acuérdese que un grupo de empresarios reconocieron una parte de ese dinero.

    -Por complicidad.

    -¿Era dinero del narco?

    -Es posible, sí.

    En la misma entrevista, De la Madrid confirmó que el asesinato de Enrique estaba relacionado con el narcotráfico.

    –¿Qué dice de la muerte de Enrique Salinas?

    –No sé llegó a saber nada, pero a lo mejor estuvo ligado a dinero del narcotráfico

    –¿Pudo haber sido la muerte producto de litigios de hermanos por la fortuna de la familia?

    –No lo creo

    –¿Su propia fortuna ligada al narcotráfico?


    La Fiscalía aseguró que Enrique Salinas de Gortari murió asesinado por asfixia con una bolsa de plástico.

    El hermano menor del ex gobernante tenía abierta una investigación en Francia desde 1996 para determinar su supuesta complicidad en un delito de lavado de dinero con su hermano Raúl. Fiscalías extranjeras encontraron cuentas en Suiza con 120 millones de dólares -presuntamente provenientes del narco-controladas por Raúl Salinas.

    Al menos tres de los cinco hermanos se han visto involucrados en diversos escándalos de corrupción, homicidios, tráfico de influencias, evasión fiscal y lavado de dinero, y hasta han sido investigados por las autoridades mexicanas y la Interpol.

    Del matrimonio entre Raúl Salinas Lozano, senador extitular de la Secretaría de Industria y Comercio en el sexenio de Adolfo López Mateos (1958-1964), y Margarita de Gortari Carvajal, una profesora perteneciente a una familia de buen prestigio en el ámbito cultural de la época, nacieron cinco hijos: Raúl, Carlos, Enrique, Sergio y Adriana.

    Carlos Salinas de Gortari fue presidente de México en el período de 1988 a 1994. Su mandato estuvo marcado por la sombra de un fraude electoral en los comicios de 1998, cuando resultó ganador tras un polémico “fallo en el sistema” que impidió dar a conocer los resultados en la fecha que se había previsto, despertando así todo tipo de especulaciones que continúan vigentes.


    The murder of Enrique Salinas de Gortari: the shadow of the narco and the decline of his powerful brother’s empire.The Attorney General’s Office assured that Enrique Salinas de Gortari died murdered by asphyxiation with a plastic bag, but an interview former President Miguel de la Madrid claimed he had ties to organized crime
    February 28, 2021

    The lifeless body of Enrique Salinas de Gortari was found on December 5, 2004 inside a car parked in a neighborhood in the municipality of Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, as confirmed by the Attorney General’s Office (now the Prosecutor General’s Office) of that state.

    Twenty-four hours later, Mexico State Attorney General Alfonso Navarrete Prida stated that they had evidence that the victim had gone to look for the murderers and said that the strongest hypothesis was that the meeting had to do with an extortion attempt, or an extortion already in process, by people who had information that could harm Salinas.

    He even ventured to speculate that perhaps the intention of the murderers had not been murder, since when a plastic bag is used to asphyxiate the victim generally what is sought is to prolong the agony, according to Navarrete himself, to make them suffer or to obtain information about something that is being demanded.

    According to the prosecutor, the brother of the former president of Mexico was going through “very bad times”, due to the fact that he had recently divorced and the situation derived in several disputes over his properties, debts, mortgages and payments that he had to face after the separation.

    After talking to relatives -ex-wife and children- and other people close to the victim, the prosecutor deduced that Enrique Salinas had spent the last two weeks very worried and “in a very difficult mood”.

    As the investigation progressed and the days went by, more details of Salinas de Gortari’s last hours became known.

    It was learned that he had gone with his family to Cuernavaca to spend the weekend, in search of some peace and quiet. However, on Sunday, shortly before lunch, he went out to the street, according to what his relatives said, because he had to go to see “some people”. He gave no further details. They estimated that he left around 2 p.m.; several phone calls were recorded on his cell phone until almost three o’clock.

    The cell phone was in the same car where the body was found. The experts who examined Gortari’s Passat and the position of the body in the front right seat, explained that the crime had probably been committed elsewhere and he was abandoned on board the car in the Empresarios neighborhood, in Huixquilucan.

    Navarrete reported that three video cameras in the area had captured the Passat in motion, although he said the footage was unclear:

    “Near the Passat you can see a black van and a person, but you can’t see the color well, nor the license plates,” he said.

    On February 13, 2009, the radio program MVS Noticias aired an interview that days before journalist Carmen Aristegui had conducted with former president Miguel de la Madrid for a book she was writing: Transición (Grijalbo). In the conversation, De la Madrid did not hesitate to point out various crimes and acts of corruption by the Salinas de Gortari family. He even accused the former president of favoring his family and allowing them to commit various crimes:

    -You thought Salinas was studious, intelligent, honest, a good guy. And it turned out that he made very serious mistakes. The worst, corruption.

    -Yes, and especially his brother’s corruption. He got government contracts, he communicated with drug traffickers?

    -With whom?

    -I don’t know exactly, those who gave him the money to take it to Switzerland.

    -Remember that a group of businessmen recognized a part of that money.

    -For complicity.

    -Was it drug money?

    -It is possible, yes.

    In the same interview, De la Madrid confirmed that Enrique’s murder was related to drug trafficking.

    -What does he say about the death of Enrique Salinas?

    -I don’t know anything about it, but maybe it was linked to drug money.

    -Could the death have been the product of sibling disputes over the family fortune?

    -I don’t think so.

    -His own fortune linked to drug trafficking?


    The Prosecutor’s Office assured that Enrique Salinas de Gortari died murdered by asphyxiation with a plastic bag.

    The younger brother of the former governor had been under investigation in France since 1996 to determine his alleged complicity in a money laundering crime with his brother Raul. Foreign prosecutors found accounts in Switzerland with 120 million dollars -allegedly coming from drug trafficking- controlled by Raul Salinas.

    At least three of the five brothers have been involved in various corruption scandals, homicides, influence peddling, tax evasion and money laundering, and have even been investigated by Mexican authorities and Interpol.

    The marriage between Raúl Salinas Lozano, a senator and former head of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce during the six-year term of Adolfo López Mateos (1958-1964), and Margarita de Gortari Carvajal, a professor who belonged to a prestigious family in the cultural sphere of the time, gave birth to five children: Raúl, Carlos, Enrique, Sergio and Adriana.

    Carlos Salinas de Gortari was president of Mexico from 1988 to 1994. His mandate was marked by the shadow of electoral fraud in the 1998 elections, when he was the winner after a controversial “system failure” that prevented the results from being announced on the date they had been scheduled, thus awakening all kinds of speculations that continue to this day.]

  • Contralí

    La “Partida Secreta” que se robó Salinas de Gortari

    El Senado de la República tardó dos años en aprobar la eliminación de la llamada “Partida Secreta”, esto a petición del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador, en donde dicho gasto no era otra cosa más que el mandatario en turno (priístas y panistas) podía disponer de dinero público del presupuesto a su antojo y conveniencia, así como distribuirlo entre sus subalternos más leales, regalarlo a sus familiares y amigos, pagar favores a empresarios, comprar conciencias de políticos, sobornar a dueños de medios de comunicación y premiar a intelectuales y columnistas bien portados con el régimen.

    Finalmente, los senadores reformaron el artículo 74 de la Constitución, en el cual establecieron que “no habrá partidas secretas en el Presupuesto de Egresos de la Federación”, con lo cual se avanza en la lucha en contra de la corrupción y se evita que próximos presidentes de la República vuelvan a utilizar esa figura legal para continuar con el dispendio discrecional del dinero público, tal como hicieron los últimos cinco mandatarios: Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Ernesto Zedillo, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderón y Enrique Peña.

    En esta columna se ha documentado ampliamente el uso de esa “Partida Secreta” utilizada por la Presidencia de la República como una “caja chica”, y el caso más concreto de ese abuso de poder lo ejemplifica Carlos Salinas de Gortari, quien durante su sexenio (1988-1994) disponía mensualmente del equivalente de 200 millones de dólares (4 mil millones de pesos al tipo de cambio actual) para repartirlos entre sus hermanos –Raúl principalmente– y sus amigos, compadres, burócratas, empresarios, legisladores, escritores, periodistas, dueños de periódicos y concesionarios de radio y televisión.

    En aquel sexenio, esa “Partida Secreta” la manejaban por instrucciones de Salinas de Gortari el administrador de la Presidencia, Octavio Sentíes Hoyos; el secretario particular del presidente, Justo Ceja, y los hermanos Francisco y Araceli Vázquez Alanís, ambos funcionarios de la Presidencia y a quienes se encomendó abrir la cuenta bancaria número 6300-0-005 en Banco Mexicano Somex, de donde Salinas de Gortari disponía mensualmente de 652 millones 30 mil 799.49 pesos (que al tipo de cambio de ese año equivalían a 200 millones de dólares) para distribuirlos a su antojo y sin rendir cuentas ni ser auditada por nadie.

    Una vieja copia que aún guardo en mis archivos de un estado de la cuenta 6300-0-005, correspondiente a noviembre de 1994, confirma que en el último mes del gobierno de Carlos Salinas se realizaron 41 movimientos bancarios por un total de 652 millones 38 mil 799.49 pesos.

    De acuerdo con funcionarios que trabajaron en la Presidencia que despachaba en aquellos años en la residencia oficial de Los Pinos, el director de Finanzas era Francisco Vázquez Alanís y su hermana Araceli era secretaria particular del director general de Administración de la Presidencia, el contador público Ernesto Sentíes Hoyos.

    Uno de los cheques expedidos de esa cuenta bancaria millonaria, el número 183, era por un monto de 98 millones 811 mil 689 pesos, con fecha del 3 de noviembre de 1994; otro cheque, el número 171 y de fecha 4 de noviembre, por un monto de 95 millones 847 mil 505 pesos; el cheque número 26537000, con fecha del 7 de noviembre, por 57 millones 58 mil pesos, y el cheque número 163, por 37 millones 94 mil 547 pesos. El cheque 170, por 31 millones 620 mil 518 pesos; el cheque 165, por 25 millones 399 mil pesos, y el cheque 177, por 22 millones 737 mil 260 pesos, entre otros.

    De acuerdo con el estado de cuenta bancario correspondiente al mes de noviembre, la dirección que dieron a Banco Mexicano los hermanos Vázquez Alanís para recibir la documentación financiera fue la de Hacienda de la Condesa (número ilegible), colonia Prados del Rosario.

    El descubrimiento de dicha cuenta bancaria secreta que sólo unos cuantos sabían de ella, ocurrió cuando en la administración de Ernesto Zedillo, quien había roto con Salinas, se ordenó a la Secretaría de Hacienda investigar al exsubprocurador Mario Ruiz Massieu por los delitos de narcotráfico y lavado de dinero, y fue una sorpresa para los auditores encontrar que uno de los cheques, el número 24537001 por 300 mil pesos, le había sido entregado a Ruiz Massieu por órdenes del presidente Salinas y correspondía a la cuenta 6300-0-005 de Banco Mexicano, pero la investigación se detuvo cuando descubrieron que la chequera se manejaba desde la residencia oficial de Los Pinos y los hermanos Vázquez Alanís servían sólo de prestanombres para el manejo de la chequera utilizada para premiar lealtades al presidente en turno. Por supuesto que después Zedillo también hizo uso de esa “Partida Secreta” que no tenía límite presupuestal.

    Así, los beneficiarios con ese dinero, que según las primeras investigaciones de aquellos años habría sido desviado del presupuesto federal por instrucciones presidenciales, eran algunos secretarios de Estado, subsecretarios, procuradores, subprocuradores, directores de paraestatales y fideicomisos, empresarios salinistas y, por supuesto, la familia directa y los hermanos de Carlos Salinas de Gortari, principalmente Raúl.

    El mismo Raúl Salinas confirmó que parte del dinero que depositó en cuentas bancarias de Suiza, Londres, Estados Unidos, México e Islas Caimán, se lo entregó su hermano cuando fungió como presidente de la República.

    En los registros fiscales de los hermanos Vázquez Alanís aparecen así: Araceli Vázquez Alanís tiene dos RFC: VAAA510507QW8 y VAAA5105074X9, con domicilios en Camino a Porres PV Santa Anita, Jiutepec, Morelos, y en la Unidad Habitacional Barrio de Santiago, en la Reforma Iztaccíhuatl, Iztacalco.

    Esta mujer de 49 años de edad aparecía como asalariada desde 1983 en el gobierno federal y sólo a partir del 13 de febrero de 1992 fue dada de alta en la Secretaría de Hacienda. Por lo que respecta a su hermano Francisco Vázquez Alanís, con el registro VAAF540803HD8, también ingresó al gobierno desde 1983.

    En gobiernos posteriores, durante los mandatos de Ernesto Zedillo y Vicente Fox, la entonces Procuraduría General de la República abrió sendas investigaciones sobre el uso de esos fondos públicos que el entonces presidente Salinas repartía, como si se tratara de un patrimonio propio, pero ninguno de los dos mandatarios logró encarcelarlo.

    El presidente que estuvo más cerca de enviar a prisión a Salinas fue su sucesor Ernesto Zedillo, quien permitió que la PGR, en ese entonces controlada por el procurador panista Antonio Lozano Gracia, integrara un expediente penal por el delito de peculado al desviar dinero público con la llamada “Partida Secreta”, pero en el Poder Judicial se consideró que esos recursos del pueblo mal empleados sí tenían origen, pero no tenían destino que estuviera explícitamente marcado dentro del presupuesto público federal, de tal manera que los mandatarios en turno podían entregarle el dinero a quien ellos quisieran, según dictaminó el Tribunal judicial, incluida a la familia, amigos y políticos. Fue con ese dictamen judicial como se cerró el proceso penal y Salinas de Gortari volvió a pasear tranquilo por Irlanda en donde aún disfruta de su mansión adquirida con dinero público.

    Como comenté en otra columna, ahora es demasiado tarde para que la Fiscalía General de la República, a cargo del doctor Alejandro Gertz Manero, pueda procesar a Salinas de Gortari por el mal uso de dinero público con la “Partida Secreta”, porque se trata de un caso juzgado, además de que ya habría prescrito por tantos años que han transcurrido, pero como dice el presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador, por lo menos que el juicio social y el juicio de la historia declaren como culpable a quien primero se robó la Presidencia en las elecciones de 1988 y después abusó del presupuesto público durante los seis años de su gobierno.

    La copia de cheques que Aguilar Camín recibió de Los Pinos
    Otro de los beneficiarios de esos cheques ordenados por Carlos Salinas desde Los Pinos, es el escritor e historiador Héctor Aguilar Camín, cuyas copias de cheques entregados, así como contratos firmados y mensajes enviados por este intelectual al entonces presidente priista aún conservo y hoy publico algunos de ellos.

    Se trata de una serie de cheques por la suma de 3 mil 424 millones 450 mil 200 pesos de aquella época, antes de que le quitaran los tres ceros a la moneda mexicana y con las respectivas devaluaciones correspondientes a unos 30 años.

    Los contratos firmados con la Presidencia salinista corresponden al Centro de Investigación Cultural y Científica (CICC) y la empresa Nexos-Sociedad, Ciencia y Literatura, SA de CV, propiedad de Aguilar Camín.

    Uno de los muchos recibos demuestra el pago de facturas por adelantado y cobros adicionales por el retraso en la entrega de los trabajados encargados a dicho Centro y a Nexos.

    Desde que Salinas de Gortari asumió la Presidencia, Aguilar Camín empezó a sentir los beneficios de su amigo que había llegado a Los Pinos. El 7 de abril de 1989, este intelectual envió un “recibo provisional”, firmado por él mismo, para que los administradores de la “Partida Secreta” le entregaran un cheque por 250 millones de pesos como primer pago “por adelantado”, del estudio “El desafío educativo”, el cual sería realizado en el segundo semestre de ese año por el CICC y la empresa Nexos.

    El 27 de agosto de 1990, Aguilar Camín dirige una factura complementaria por 248 millones 220 mil viejos pesos y en una carta le explica a “Don Carlos” porque le pide más dinero. Se trata, dice, que es a causa de la complejidad del propio estudio y por diversos compromisos del Inegi, los investigadores incurrieron en un retraso de seis meses, eventualidad que, según él, le generó costos adicionales por 115 millones 920 mil pesos.

    Apenas 10 días después, 6 de septiembre de 1990, Salinas de Gortari usaba dinero público para tener contento a su amigo escritor y a través de la cuenta de Banco Mexicano Somex se ordenaba emitir un cheque por 364 millones 140 mil pesos, más de lo que pedía Aguilar Camín.

    El 18 de octubre del mismo año, el intelectual recibía a nombre del CICC otro cheque por 795 millones 880 mil 500 viejos pesos, a cuenta de nuevas investigaciones que, aunque no se habían realizado, ya se las estaban pagando. El recibo respectivo esta firmado por Aguilar Camín y fechado en Los Pinos, Distrito Federal, y lleva el membrete de la Secretaría Privada de la Presidencia de la República, a cargo de Justo Ceja Martínez, el hombre de confianza de los hermanos Carlos y Raúl Salinas.

    Un año después, el 5 de septiembre de 1991, le entregaban otro cheque a Nexos por 682 millones 145 mil 500 pesos, como pago complementario de las investigaciones que se habían acordado un año antes. Ese mismo día se presentaba otra factura correspondiente al 50 por ciento del costo de un estudio intitulado “América del Norte: evaluación del desempeño educativo”, por un monto de 150 millones 103 mil 750 pesos.

    El 1 de julio de 1992, Nexos entregaba otra factura complementaria por el 50 por ciento adicional, por un monto de 143 millones 577 mil 500 viejos pesos, y 12 días después presentaba una factura más, con la leyenda de “anticipo”, para la supuesta ejecución de un proyecto similar sobre América del Norte, pero esta vez el monto aumentaba a 496 millones 422 mil 500 pesos.

    Las facturas y los cheques iban y venían entre Carlos Salinas y Aguilar Camín, y en una tarjeta informativa que enviaba el escritor al presidente el 3 de septiembre de 1993, éste mostraba su abyección: “Presidente, se que no hemos terminado, pero nuestras finanzas, por la misma demora, andan mal. Si pudieras anticiparnos el saldo de la investigación, será una gran ayuda (solidaria)”, y de su puño y letra agregaba: “Un abrazo”.

    Como respuesta financiera salvadora para su amigo intelectual, a quien le gustaba tenerlo cerca y contento, el 20 de septiembre de 1993, a un año de terminar su gobierno, Salinas entregaba un nuevo cheque por 542 mil 180.45 pesos, éstos si ya de los nuevos porque para entonces se habían quitado los tres ceros a la moneda.

    Te puede interesar: “Somos amigos… me perjudicas”: pedía Aguilar Camín a Scherer frenar reportaje de Proceso


    The “Secret Party” stolen by Salinas de Gortari

    The Senate of the Republic took two years to approve the elimination of the so-called “Partida Secreta”, this at the request of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, where such expenditure was nothing more than that the incumbent president (PRI and PAN) could dispose of public money from the budget at will and convenience, and distribute it among his most loyal subordinates, give it to his family and friends, pay favors to businessmen, buy the consciences of politicians, bribe owners of the media and reward intellectuals and columnists who were well behaved with the regime.

    Finally, the senators reformed Article 74 of the Constitution, in which they established that “there will be no secret items in the Federal Expenditure Budget”, thus advancing in the fight against corruption and preventing future presidents of the Republic from using this legal figure to continue with the discretionary spending of public money, as the last five presidents did: Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Ernesto Zedillo, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña.

    This column has extensively documented the use of this “Secret Fund” used by the Presidency of the Republic as a “petty cash”, and the most concrete case of this abuse of power is exemplified by Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who during his six-year term (1988-1994) had the monthly equivalent of 200 million dollars (4 billion pesos at the current exchange rate) to distribute among his brothers -mainly Raul- and his friends, cronies, bureaucrats, businessmen, legislators, writers, journalists, newspaper owners and radio and television concessionaires.

    During that six-year term, this “Secret Fund” was managed on Salinas de Gortari’s instructions by the administrator of the Presidency, Octavio Sentíes Hoyos; the President’s private secretary, Justo Ceja, and the brothers Francisco and Araceli Vázquez Alanís, both officials of the Presidency, who were entrusted with opening bank account number 6300-0-005 at Banco Mexicano Somex, from which Salinas de Gortari had 652 million, 30,799. 49 pesos (which at that year’s exchange rate was equivalent to 200 million dollars) to be distributed at will and without being accountable or audited by anyone.

    An old copy that I still keep in my files of a statement of account 6300-0-005, corresponding to November 1994, confirms that in the last month of Carlos Salinas’ government, 41 bank movements were made for a total of 652 million 38 thousand 799.49 pesos.

    According to officials who worked in the Presidency and who worked in the official residence of Los Pinos during those years, the Director of Finance was Francisco Vázquez Alanís and his sister Araceli was the private secretary of the General Director of Administration of the Presidency, public accountant Ernesto Sentíes Hoyos.

    One of the checks issued from that millionaire bank account, number 183, was for 98 million 811 thousand 689 pesos, dated November 3, 1994; another check, number 171 and dated November 4, for 95 million 847 thousand 505 pesos; check number 26537000, dated November 7, for 57 million 58 thousand pesos, and check number 163, for 37 million 94 thousand 547 pesos. Check 170, for 31 million 620 thousand 518 pesos; check 165, for 25 million 399 thousand pesos, and check 177, for 22 million 737 thousand 260 pesos, among others.

    According to the bank statement for the month of November, the address given to Banco Mexicano by the Vázquez Alanís brothers to receive the financial documentation was Hacienda de la Condesa (illegible number), Colonia Prados del Rosario.

    The discovery of such secret bank account that only a few knew about it, occurred when in the administration of Ernesto Zedillo, who had broken with Salinas, the Treasury Department was ordered to investigate former Deputy Attorney General Mario Ruiz Massieu for the crimes of drug trafficking and money laundering, and it was a surprise for the auditors to find that one of the checks, number 24537001 for 300 thousand pesos, had been given to Ruiz Massieu by orders of President Salinas and corresponded to account 6300-0-005 of Banco Mexicano, but the investigation stopped when they discovered that the checkbook was managed from the official residence of Los Pinos and the Vázquez Alanís brothers served only as loan sharks for the management of the checkbook used to reward loyalties to the president in office. Of course, later Zedillo also made use of this “Secret Fund” which had no budgetary limit.

    Thus, the beneficiaries of that money, which according to the first investigations of those years would have been diverted from the federal budget by presidential instructions, were some secretaries of state, undersecretaries, prosecutors, deputy prosecutors, directors of state-owned companies and trusts, Salinas businessmen and, of course, the direct family and brothers of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, mainly Raul Salinas.

    Raul Salinas himself confirmed that part of the money he deposited in bank accounts in Switzerland, London, the United States, Mexico and the Cayman Islands, was given to him by his brother when he was President of Mexico.

    In the tax records of the Vázquez Alanís siblings they appear as follows: Araceli Vázquez Alanís has two RFC: VAAA51050507QW8 and VAAA5105074X9, with addresses in Camino a Porres PV Santa Anita, Jiutepec, Morelos, and in Unidad Habitacional Barrio de Santiago, in Reforma Iztaccíhuatl, Iztacalco.

    This 49-year-old woman was listed as a salaried employee since 1983 in the federal government and only on February 13, 1992 was she registered with the Ministry of Finance. As for her brother Francisco Vázquez Alanís, with registration number VAAF540803HD8, he also joined the government in 1983.

    In subsequent administrations, during the terms of Ernesto Zedillo and Vicente Fox, the then Attorney General’s Office opened investigations into the use of these public funds that then President Salinas distributed, as if they were his own patrimony, but neither of the two presidents managed to imprison him.

    The president who came closest to sending Salinas to prison was his successor Ernesto Zedillo, who allowed the PGR, at that time controlled by PAN attorney Antonio Lozano Gracia, to file a criminal case for the crime of embezzlement by diverting public money with the so-called “Partida Secreta”, However, the Judicial Power considered that these misused resources of the people did have an origin, but they did not have a destination explicitly marked within the federal public budget, in such a way that the incumbent presidents could give the money to whomever they wished, as ruled by the Judicial Court, including their family, friends and politicians. It was with this judicial ruling that the criminal process was closed and Salinas de Gortari returned to stroll peacefully through Ireland, where he still enjoys his mansion acquired with public money.

    As I commented in another column, it is now too late for the Attorney General’s Office, headed by Dr. Alejandro Gertz Manero, to prosecute Salinas de Gortari for the misuse of public money with the “Partida Secreta”, because it is a judged case, in addition to the fact that the statute of limitations would have already expired for so many years that have passed, but as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says, at least let the social judgment and the judgment of history declare as guilty the one who first stole the Presidency in the 1988 elections and then abused the public budget during the six years of his government.

    The copy of checks that Aguilar Camín received from Los Pinos
    Another of the beneficiaries of those checks ordered by Carlos Salinas from Los Pinos, is the writer and historian Héctor Aguilar Camín, whose copies of checks delivered, as well as signed contracts and messages sent by this intellectual to the then PRI president I still keep and today I am publishing some of them.

    They are a series of checks for the amount of 3,424 million 450,200 pesos of that time, before the three zeros were removed from the Mexican currency and with the respective devaluations corresponding to some 30 years.

    The contracts signed with the Salinas Presidency correspond to the Center for Cultural and Scientific Research (CICC) and the company Nexos-Sociedad, Ciencia y Literatura, SA de CV, owned by Aguilar Camín.

    One of the many receipts shows the payment of invoices in advance and additional charges for the delay in the delivery of the work ordered to said Center and Nexos.

    Since Salinas de Gortari assumed the Presidency, Aguilar Camín began to feel the benefits of his friend who had arrived at Los Pinos. On April 7, 1989, this intellectual sent a “provisional receipt”, signed by himself, so that the administrators of the “Partida Secreta” would give him a check for 250 million pesos as a first payment “in advance” for the study “El desafío educativo”, which would be carried out in the second semester of that year by the CICC and the company Nexos.

    On August 27, 1990, Aguilar Camín addresses a complementary invoice for 248 million 220 thousand old pesos and in a letter he explains to “Don Carlos” why he is asking for more money. He says that because of the complexity of the study itself and due to various Inegi commitments, the researchers incurred a delay of six months, an eventuality which, according to him, generated additional costs of 115 million 920 thousand pesos.

    Just 10 days later, on September 6, 1990, Salinas de Gortari used public money to keep his writer friend happy and through the Banco Mexicano Somex account he ordered the issuance of a check for 364 million 140 thousand pesos, more than what Aguilar Camín was asking for.

    On October 18 of the same year, the intellectual received another check on behalf of the CICC for 795 million 880 thousand 500 old pesos, on account of new research which, although it had not been carried out, was already being paid. The respective receipt is signed by Aguilar Camín and dated in Los Pinos, Mexico City, and bears the letterhead of the Private Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, in charge of Justo Ceja Martínez, the man trusted by the brothers Carlos and Raúl Salinas.

    A year later, on September 5, 1991, another check was given to Nexos for 682 million 145,500 pesos, as a complementary payment for the investigations that had been agreed upon a year before. That same day another invoice was presented corresponding to 50 percent of the cost of a study entitled “North America: evaluation of educational performance”, for an amount of 150 million 103,750 pesos.

    On July 1, 1992, Nexos submitted another complementary invoice for an additional 50 percent, in the amount of 143 million 577,500 pesos, and 12 days later, another invoice was presented, with the legend “advance payment”, for the supposed execution of a similar project on North America, but this time the amount increased to 496 million 422,500 pesos.

    Invoices and checks came and went between Carlos Salinas and Aguilar Camín, and in an informative card sent by the writer to the President on September 3, 1993, the latter showed his abjection: “President, I know we have not finished, but our finances, due to the same delay, are in bad shape. If you could advance us the balance of the investigation, it will be a great help”, and in his own handwriting he added: “A hug”.

    As a saving financial response for his intellectual friend, who liked to keep him close and happy, on September 20, 1993, a year before the end of his government, Salinas handed over a new check for 542,180.45 pesos, this time the new ones because by then the three zeros had been removed from the currency.

    You may be interested in: “We are friends… you are hurting me”: Aguilar Camín asked Scherer to stop Proceso’s report.]

  • It appears hard for people to accept Raniere’s values, morality and practices truly became the tenets of his followers.

    I firmly believe that it is not a disbelief in Cami and her story of what Keith did to her, that the Nxivm dead-enders hold.

    I think they just don’t care. They feel Keith and Cami had an “ethical” relationship.

    They argue that child pornography cannot be proven. Same with the start date of Keith and Cami’s sexual relationship. And by that I mean, child rape. Never do they say, “If this happened as Cami details, that is horrible. And criminal”.

    They simply Do. Not. Care.

    The Nxivm dead-enders just don’t have the internal fortitude to flat out say it. They are fine with the financial crimes. The spurious lawsuits. The under-oath lying. The young woman kept in a room. Group blow jobs. Lying to women while burning a disfiguring brand into their flesh. Pimping out friends to Keith. Deception about a man being grandmaster. And tricking women into sending that man graphic pornography. They are fine with lying about their families. Pressuring their friends to do the same. The immigration fraud. Tax evasion. All the bizarre punitive ass paddling. Snow standing. Starving. Cold showers. Sleeping on the floor. Marriage for immigration purposes. Building a dungeon. HPV. Lying about Keith’s son. The harem.

    Does no one catch the irony that DOS asked women to lie about child molestation, only to now accuse Cami of lying about child molestation?

    They are so quick to accuse the DOS defectors of lying. But aren’t they the liars? Over and over again? Nicki’s whole faux stance is that “Women lie. Victims may be lying”.

    Yeah. She would know. They were the biggest group of liars and fake victims (deliberately and without any cause) by their own admission. Making up damaging information as collateral (blackmail) about OTHER people. Husbands. Uncles. Fathers.

    You know, men. Innocent men.

    Why does no one call them out on it?

    They as a group systematically and intentionally curated a catalog of false accusations from some 105 women. To be used as “collateral”.

    Now they are advocates for a man whom they say was lied about. By women.

    DOS last-gaspers are now saying, “Women lie. Not us. Other women”.

    The same women who asked women to lie about men. And lied about men themselves. Recorded it. Kept it. Asked for more and more lies.

    The Nxivm die-hards believe the ends justify the means. They think they were on a save the world mission they were uniquely qualified to carry out.

    When Nicki says, “I’m not brainwashed”.

    I believe her.

    These are their beliefs. These are their “ethics”.

    This is who they are; however, they got there. This is who they have become.

    • Good post. I implied the same but with far less potent words many comments ago when Frank called the remaining dead/enders “good” people. They’re just crappy people who support the behavior of a crappy person.

      Nicki’s shtick is to repetitively point out and over-exaggerate the flaws of the justice system, appealing to pity (an ironic “innocent by association” which is just as fallacious as guilty by association) by retweeting stories about those who were wrongfully convicted and proven to be so, just because the “lover” she shared with at least a dozen other women sits in prison, effectively complaining that the vast majority of prosecutors are corrupt while pretending her lover did nothing wrong. Her entire Twitter feed is one giant red herring.

      • Glad to hear that I am not alone in this perspective. Never forget the “collateral” had to be approved. And deemed “damaging enough”. Blackmail-worthy material about OTHER people.

        Where were these DOS fighters for poor victimized men like Vanguard, who has allegedly been falsely accused of false crimes, back then?

        They were right there. Running the false allegation factory. Making their own false accusations against men. Dads. Husbands. Sons. Male friends. Male Teachers. Coaches. Grandfathers. Brothers. Male Employers. Uncles.

        And influencing others to do the same. Always demanding more, more, more. “Just make it up”. Put it in the dropbox. The pressure on the slaves. Create more blackmail. More. More. More.

        Compiling a virtual war chest of false allegations and blackmail.

        So, yeah… Not buying what these women of DOS, who are the absolute worst offenders of false accusations, are selling.

        And their arrogance and self-righteousness around this issue are both nauseating and hard to take seriously.

      • And I agree with you about the red herring.

        Nxivm dead-enders are trying to hitch their rickety, weevil-ridden wagon to the star of those who have truly suffered false convictions.

        And it’s disgusting.

    • Excellent post.

      People appealing to whether someone is a “good person inside” or not is pointless.

      Everyone thinks what they are doing is the “right” thing, regardless of what it is.

      Evil is as evil does. The dead-enders are habituated to evil actions.

      • Good people act good. The more good you are, the more effortlessly your actions reflect that. If I use a term “The Vanguard” often used, then it could be said that a person’s authenticity shines through.

        ==Everyone thinks what they are doing is the “right” thing, regardless of what it is.

        Kind of. Everyone acts for what they see as their own “good”. This is a foundational axiom of natural law ethics. Whether what they see as good actually conforms to an objective standard of goodness that is rationally justifiable is what matters.

        Sleeping around is not virtuous. Pretending that you’re a celibate monk to gain followers is not virtuous. Hiding a child you fathered and not supporting him is not virtuous. Manipulation is not virtuous. Deceiving, lying, and thieving are not virtuous. None of these acts have ever been considered virtuous. The problem (among many) with the Vanguard is that he tried to “ethicize” his objectively bad behavior–to make what a clear conscience recognizes as bad seem virtuous–and that is a large part of why he sits in prison today as a requital from “Karma”. Even porn stars won’t pretend that what they do is virtuous.

    • “True Believer,” my own brother, Eric, was arrested and jailed due to a false accusation of assault made against him at Keith’s direction by one of Keith’s early acolytes and, initially, Keith convinced my now deceased sister, Gina, to make a false witness statement about the alleged incident against Eric, as well. (FR published this account last year.)

      Gina later changed her statement to reflect the truth about the incident otherwise Eric – who was completely innocent, was in fact the victim of a dirty trick – would have been wrongly prosecuted.

      It all played out like “The Crucible” with the high drama attributed mostly to the talents of Eric’s accuser who was being directed by Keith all along.

      You make a very good, oft overlooked point that the “collateral” worked against the accused as much as the accusers. It also worked to cause “rifts” in families that Keith & Cohorts took full advantage of.

      Eric, Gina and her friend’s relationship, our entire family dynamic, became more and more fractured as Gina, unfortunately, continued to associate with KAR and his earliest acolytes – Gina among them.

      This took place back in the 80’s, early ‘90’s – note how Keith was already deviously plotting and rehearsing the same barbaric role he re-enacted time and again, gleefully leaving a trail of devastation on everyone but him. …Until now.

      • Heidi H.

        I am so sorry that was done to your brother. What an absolute nightmare for your family. Thank you for sharing such a painful memory.

        Your experience really illuminates how long this particular manner of twisted evil was perpetuated by Keith Raniere. And it has obviously continued on through the history of Nxium. Then the false accusations were maniacally ramped up even further by DOS.

  • Why would you publish such garbage? This person has no clue of hypnosis. Just a hint- Hypnotherapy is HELPING people, not fucking with there head for selfish reasons. Sure you can use hypnosis in a positive or negative (which is actually more powerful) manner, however using it for a negative result is obviously not therapy.

  • New York Post

    Cuomo accuser Lindsey Boylan leads NYC impeachment rally — as fans gather to support him
    By Georgett Roberts, Sam Raskin and Mary Kay LingeMarch 20, 2021 | 5:28pm | Updated

    Protesters came to bury Gov. Andrew Cuomo — and to praise him — at dueling Manhattan rallies Saturday.

    Lindsey Boylan, the first female accuser whose allegations of sexual harassment while a member of Cuomo’s staff lit the fuse on the ongoing effort to oust him, led demands for his impeachment in Washington Square Park.

    “Abuse does not confine itself to one person or one area,” Boylan told a crowd of about 100 activists. “Someone who abuses their power doesn’t just do it to one woman or one community. They do it on some level to every person and every community.”
    [ … ]

    • Frank, I thought you discouraged political posts. Please reinforce this policy. This is a blog about NXIVM, not a forum for Trumpers to dump on Biden and democrats. They can go to Qanon for that nonsense. I know you don’t like to censor people, but these posts are really off point to say the least and they tend to hijack the comment section.

      • I agree, Sherrizy. Why not at least put the political rants under a separate post? How ‘bout a QAnon corner?

      • Strongly agree. Total non-sequiturs. So boring. Slows down the feed with completely off-topic political opinion spam. There are plenty of other places for that stuff. Doesn’t work here at all. Turns potential readers off the Frank Report. It’s also so four years ago. Move on.


    [VIDEO] No sé qué sea NXIVM; sólo asistí a un curso de superación personal: Clara Luz Flores (nota de Francisco Félix)
    marzo 10, 2021

    Francisco Félix |

    En entrevista para Astillero Informa, la candidata de la coalición Juntos Haremos Historia a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores, dijo no saber qué es NXIVM y aunque reconoció que sí asistió a los cursos de dicha agrupación cuyo líder está preso acusado de tener una secta de esclavas sexuales, señaló que se trató de un curso “de superación personal”, al que asistió con el fin de recuperarse tras experiencias traumáticas luego de los 13 atentados que vivió como presidenta municipal.

    La candidata señaló que, en una de las ocasiones en que dejó de ser alcaldesa de Escobedo, de inmediato soltaron a quienes habían atentado contra ella, por lo que dejó de tener confianza incluso para salir de su casa, lo cual la llevó a asistir a los mencionados cursos, que ayudan a superar procesos traumáticos relacionados con hechos de violencia.

    Reacia a responder de manera directa, la política neoleonesa, quien ahora contiende por MORENA y otros partidos minoritarios, luego de militar 22 años en el PRI, al cual renunció hace poco más de un año, negó que en los cursos de NXIVM a los que acudió haya conocido a Mario Delgado, quien la semana pasada fue señalado por el portal Animal Político de formar parte de dicha secta, algo que el dirigente morenista salió a desmentir, señalando que únicamente asistió a “programas de liderazgo y éxito corporativo”.

    Cuestionada respecto a la denuncia de violencia política que presentó en contra del comediante Marco Polo, Clara Luz Flores negó que se tratara de un acto de censura. Manifestó que se trató de un acto “en defensa de las mujeres” porque, dijo, “no es un acto contra Clara, es un acto contra todas las mujeres”. La candidata señaló que inclusive le gusta mucho “todo lo que hace Marco Polo”, pero se tiene que cuidar que no se atente contra las mujeres.

    En un par de ocasiones se le inquirió a la candidata respecto a cuál había sido ese atentado contra las mujeres en el video aludido por ella, a lo cual sólo respondió que un video de Marco Polo en particular, el guionista “dijo algunas cosas que tienen que ver con violencia contra las mujeres”, sin especificar a qué se refería en concreto.

    Para concluir, Clara Luz Flores reiteró que su postura es “siempre a favor de la libre expresión justa, honesta y válida” y “siempre en contra de cualquier tipo de violencia contra las mujeres”.


    In an interview for Astillero Informa, Clara Luz Flores, candidate of the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia for the governorship of Nuevo León, said she does not know what NXIVM is and although she acknowledged that she did attend the courses of such group whose leader is imprisoned accused of having a sex slaves sect, she pointed out that it was a course “for personal improvement”, which she attended in order to recover after traumatic experiences after the 13 attacks she lived through as municipal president.

    The candidate pointed out that, in one of the occasions in which she ceased to be mayor of Escobedo, they immediately released those who had attacked her, so that she no longer had confidence even to leave her house, which led her to attend the mentioned courses, which help to overcome traumatic processes related to violent events.

    Reluctant to answer directly, the politician from Nuevo Leon, who is now running for MORENA and other minority parties, after 22 years in the PRI, from which she resigned a little over a year ago, denied that she had met Mario Delgado in the NXIVM courses she attended, who last week was accused by the portal Animal Político of being part of said sect, something that the Moreno leader denied, stating that he only attended “leadership and corporate success programs”.

    When questioned about the complaint of political violence filed against the comedian Marco Polo, Clara Luz Flores denied that it was an act of censorship. She stated that it was an act “in defense of women” because, she said, “it is not an act against Clara, it is an act against all women”. The candidate pointed out that she even likes “everything Marco Polo does”, but she has to be careful not to attack women.

    On a couple of occasions, the candidate was asked about the attack against women in the video she alluded to, to which she only answered that in a particular video of Marco Polo, the scriptwriter “said some things that have to do with violence against women”, without specifying what she was referring to in particular.

    To conclude, Clara Luz Flores reiterated that her position is “always in favor of fair, honest and valid free expression” and “always against any type of violence against women”.]


    Mario Delgado admitió haber tomado cursos de NXIVM bajo engaños
    Viernes, Marzo 5, 2021 – 13:57
    Pero descartó haber participado en una red criminal.

    CDMX.- Por medio de un comunicado en su cuenta de Twitter, Mario Delgado Carrillo, afiliado y actual presidente del Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (Morena), aceptó haber asistido a los cursos impartidos por una organización en México asociada a NXIVM, secta de esclavas sexuales del estadounidense Keith Raniere. Aunque, de acuerdo con el documento, en ese momento desconocía los hechos que tiempo después saldrían a la luz.

    Esta mañana, el portal web Animal Político publicó una nota donde aseguran que el dirigente nacional del partido en el poder realizó depósitos de 50 dólares a lo largo de seis meses a la Sociedad de Protectores (SOP). La finalidad habría sido cumplir con un acuerdo por pertenecer a un órgano alterno de Executive Success Program (ESP), nombre en México de la secta NXIVM.

    Luego de su publicación, en el perfil de @mario_delgado se difundió un mensaje donde reconoció la labor periodística del medio citado en trabajos de investigación como “La Estafa Maestra”, mismos que “han tenido efectos positivos en nuestra democracia”.

    No obstante, dudó de la veracidad del más reciente trabajo y dijo que “La nota en la que se refieren hoy a mi persona carece de la más mínima rigurosidad periodística”.

    Minutos más tarde, difundió el documento en el cual acepta haber asistido a los cursos impartidos por el ESP. Aunque se escudó diciendo que “en la búsqueda de mi desarrollo personal y profesional he asistido diversos seminarios y programas de capacitación en distintas instituciones académicas público y privadas”.

    Aclaró que su asistencia fue impulsada por la recomendación de “políticos, famosos periodistas y líderes de opinión” que ya habían asistido con anterioridad. Además, según Delgado, asistían miles de personas de todo el mundo.

    En su caso, cuando acudió “de buena fe y en busca de la mejora de mi capacitación personal”, aseguró ser víctima de estafa, pues desconocía “cualquier implicación ilegal de esta institución o sus directivos en los hechos que posteriormente salieron a la luz”.

    De acuerdo con el medio, una de las principales evidencias con las que cuentan para afirmar la participación de Mario Delgado es la copia de los recibos emitidos por las transferencias. Sin embargo, alumnos que formaron parte de NXIVM confirmaron su presencia en alguno de los cursos organizados por el ESP. En ese entonces, la alcaldesa de Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores, era coach estola amarilla.

    Dicho color corresponde al segundo grado jerárquico, por encima del blanco y detrás del naranja, azul, verde y morado. Además, el color cambiaba de acuerdo con los cursos que cada una de las persona afiliadas había tomado.

    A pesar de su amplia trayectoria como militante del Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), el pasado 13 de diciembre, Flores fue designada como la candidata para contender por la gubernatura del estado de Nuevo León en las elecciones del próximo 6 de junio. En esta ocasión lo hará bajo los colores de Morena.

    Según indica un testimonio recabado por la fiscal Moira Kim Pensa, una testigo identificada como “Sylvie” señaló que fue obligada a tomar un curso intensivo con costo de 5 mil dólares. El contenido del mismo era basado en discursos misóginos y patriarcales, pues en las lecciones se argumentaban ideas como que los varones deben mantener relaciones sexuales múltiples para garantizar su salud, mientras las mujeres deberían ser leales a un sólo hombre.

    Otras de las ideas impartidas por Raniere en sus cursos eran que “cuanto más fuerte es el hombre, más mujeres puede controlar”, “las mujeres se convierten en bebés histéricos que no pueden controlar la verdad” y “los hombres controlan al mundo y las mujeres están subordinadas a los hombres”.

    Emiliano Salinas Occeli, hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari, fue uno de los personajes más visibles de NXIVM en México. Además se congratuló al decir que, al menos, la mitad de los 18 mil alumnos que se inscribieron a los cursos durante 20 años lo hicieron en México. Incluso, debido a su activo papel, llegó a estar al interior del círculo social de Raniere y participar en alguna actividad ilícita.

    Fue tal la cercanía entre Salinas y Keith Raniere que, de acuerdo con la columna de Dolia Estévez en el medio Sin embargo, basándose en las declaraciones de Catherine Oxenberg, ex miembro de la secta y madre de una de las esclavas sexuales, el estadounidense buscó que México fuera la primera República NXIVM a nivel mundial. Para ello, buscaba que el hijo del político ganara las elecciones en 2018.


    Mario Delgado admitted taking NXIVM courses under false pretenses
    Friday, March 5, 2021 – 13:57
    But he ruled out having participated in a criminal network.

    CDMX.- Through a statement on his Twitter account, Mario Delgado Carrillo, affiliate and current president of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), accepted having attended courses given by an organization in Mexico associated with NXIVM, sex slaves sect of the American Keith Raniere. Although, according to the document, at that time he was unaware of the facts that would later come to light.

    This morning, the web portal Animal Político published a note where they assure that the national leader of the ruling party made deposits of 50 dollars over six months to the Society of Protectors (SOP). The purpose would have been to comply with an agreement for belonging to an alternate body of the Executive Success Program (ESP), the name in Mexico of the NXIVM sect.

    After its publication, @mario_delgado’s profile published a message in which he acknowledged the journalistic work of the mentioned media in investigative works such as “La Estafa Maestra”, which “have had positive effects on our democracy”.

    However, he doubted the veracity of the most recent work and said that “The article in which they refer to me today lacks the slightest journalistic rigor”.

    Minutes later, he released the document in which he accepts having attended the courses given by the ESP. Although he shielded himself by saying that “in the search for my personal and professional development I have attended several seminars and training programs in different public and private academic institutions”.

    He clarified that his attendance was prompted by the recommendation of “politicians, famous journalists and opinion leaders” who had previously attended. In addition, according to Delgado, thousands of people from all over the world attended.

    In his case, when he attended “in good faith and in search of improving my personal training”, he claimed to be a victim of fraud, as he was unaware of “any illegal involvement of this institution or its directors in the events that subsequently came to light”.

    According to the media, one of the main evidences they have to affirm Mario Delgado’s participation is the copy of the receipts issued for the transfers. However, students who were part of NXIVM confirmed their presence in some of the courses organized by the ESP. At that time, the mayor of Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores, was a yellow coach.

    This color corresponds to the second hierarchical grade, above white and behind orange, blue, green and purple. In addition, the color changed according to the courses that each of the affiliated persons had taken.

    In spite of her extensive trajectory as a militant of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), last December 13, Flores was designated as the candidate to run for the governorship of the state of Nuevo Leon in the elections of June 6. This time she will do so under the colors of Morena.

    According to a testimony gathered by prosecutor Moira Kim Pensa, a witness identified as “Sylvie” stated that she was forced to take an intensive course at a cost of 5 thousand dollars. The content of the course was based on misogynist and patriarchal discourses, since the lessons included ideas such as that men should have multiple sexual relations to guarantee their health, while women should be loyal to only one man.

    Other ideas taught by Raniere in his courses were that “the stronger the man, the more women he can control”, “women become hysterical babies who cannot control the truth” and “men control the world and women are subordinate to men”.

    Emiliano Salinas Occeli, son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, was one of the most visible figures of NXIVM in Mexico. He was also pleased to say that at least half of the 18,000 students who enrolled in the courses over 20 years did so in Mexico. Due to his active role, he even became part of Raniere’s social circle and participated in some illicit activity.

    Such was the closeness between Salinas and Keith Raniere that, according to Dolia Estévez’s column in Sin embargo, based on the statements of Catherine Oxenberg, former member of the sect and mother of one of the sex slaves, the American wanted Mexico to be the first NXIVM Republic worldwide. To do so, he wanted the politician’s son to win the elections in 2018.]

    E104: NXIVM Parte 1
    E104: NXIVM Parte 1
    March 11, 2021
    1 hr 33 min
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    CATEGORY: Society & Culture
    Keith Raniere es un hombre con complejo de mesías que asegura ser una de las personas más inteligentes del mundo. Manipuló a personas vendiéndoles la idea de la superación personal y cimentó las bases para uno de los cultos de abuso sexual más infames de la historia. Síguenos y visita nuestro sitio oficial: Apóyanos en Patreon: Patreon:

    E105: NXIVM Parte 2
    E105: NXIVM Parte 2
    March 11, 2021
    1 hr 25 min
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    CATEGORY: Society & Culture
    Los “cursos” y el método ESP de NXIVM fueron creciendo en popularidad, atrayendo a celebridades, ejecutivos y personas adineradas. Mientras tanto, Keith fue ampliando sus técnicas de manipulación para llevarla a extremos que muchos consideran impensables. Síguenos y visita nuestro sitio oficial: Apóyanos en Patreon: Patreon:

  • RNZ

    LIFE AND SOCIETY 27 Feb 2021

    Janja Lalich: how normal people end up in cults like NXIVM

    From Saturday Morning, 11:05 am on 27 February 2021

    It’s a myth that only “stupid weird crazy people” get tied up with cults, says cult expert Dr Janja Lalich.

    Idealism is what these people have in common, she tells Kim Hill.

    Dr Lalich knows from experience. In the ’70s and ’80s, she herself was a senior member of what she now calls a cult – the radical Marxist-Leninist group Democratic Workers Party, led by sociology professor Marlene Dixon.

    Like other members, Dr Lalich was forbidden from seeing outsiders – unless trying to recruit them, forced to live in share houses with other members, work every day to the point of exhaustion and turn over all of her income.

    Since leaving the organisation – which she helped to dissolve – Dr Lalich has spent decades helping people escape and recover from such manipulative groups.

    Dr Janja LalichDr Janja Lalich Photo: Supplied
    The idea of ‘bounded choice’ can help people understand the thinking of a cult member, she says.

    “You internalise the ideologies, the beliefs, the goals and wishes of the leader and you take on total devotion to the leader. Once you have internalised all that you in a sense becomes a little microcosm of the cult … you know exactly what you’re doing and how you’re supposed to behave.”

    At that point life outside the cult seems impossible and your choices are bounded’, Dr Lalich says.

    “Your choices are constrained and limited by the will of the group and the will of the leader, so in a sense, your free will is altered.”

    In this way cults are unlike religions, she says.

    “A healthy religion has you worshipping some type of higher being … you’re not expected to worship this human being standing in front of you.”

    When it comes to cult leaders, charisma trumps good looks and is bestowed upon the leader, not something they inherently have, Dr Lalich says.

    “You may look at some guru and say ‘my god, he’s the be-all and end-all’ and your best friend may say what? That goofy-looking guy?'”

    The hook of a cult is usually “some kind of emotional tug” and a message that strongly resonates with you personally, she says.

    “It has to be something that in that moment of your life seems like something that would bring some good to you.”

    Dr Lalich warns people to thoroughly check out any spiritual practice or self-development course before diving in.

    Don’t sign your life away, she warns.

    “If you’re being asked to sign a waiver that if something happens to you you’re not going to hold that group or organisation responsible – that right there should be a red flag. Why are they asking you to sign that unless there’s a possibility something might happen?”

    If you have a loved one involved in a cult group, don’t give up on them, Dr Lalich says. Remind them of good times they’ve had outside of the cult rather than criticising their beliefs.

    “Tug at their emotional heartstrings [which] have been pushed back because of the cult training.”

    When someone emerges from a cult it is really important that they first unpack the power of the system they were in. This will give them some relief and allow them to process emotions, she says.

    “Until they can see the enormity of what they’ve been entrapped in they’re often living with a lot of shame and guilt, [i.e.] ‘Why didn’t I leave sooner? How could I have participated in that?'”

    Cult survivors support groups are another critical part of recovery, Dr Lalich says.

    “There’s comfort in discovering you’re not the only one and people share tips that help them handle their triggers.

    “Every week when I finish [my support group session] I’m just in awe of people and how much they’re able to help each other.”

    Cult research is a tough field as it’s full of horror stories, she says.

    “I guess the only positive is the help I’ve been able to provide to peoples recovery and doing this kind of education of the public. Hopefully, fewer people will end up joining a group because of something I said one day.”

    While not all cults are explicitly harmful, Dr Lalich struggles to see any such group as benign.

    “Part of being in a cult is you give yourself up to that group. And I personally don’t think its ever good to lose your sense of autonomy, to lose your sense of self-control or decision-making.”

    Dr Janja Lalich is a professor emeritus in sociology who specialises in cults, extremism, and coercive influence and control. She’s the author of several books including Bounded Choice, Take Back Your Life: Recovering from cults and abusive relationships, and Escaping Utopia: Growing Up in a Cult, Getting Out, and Starting Over. She is the founder and director of The Centre for Research on Influence and Control.


    Zeta Libre Como El Viento

    21 de Marzo del 2021

    Mario Delgado sí tomó curso de secta NXIVM, pero “de buena fe”, confirma
    Foto: Cuartoscuro
    Destacados Carlos Álvarezjueves, 4 marzo, 2021 3:53 PM

    Mario Delgado Carrillo aceptó este jueves 4 de marzo, que sí participó en un curso organizado por la secta NXIVM (Nexium) -cuyo líder, Keith Raniere, fue hallado culpable de tráfico sexual, extorsión, delincuencia organizada, amenazas y abuso a menores, asociación delictiva, conspiración, y posesión de pornografía infantil-, tal como lo informó horas antes el medio digital Animal Político, pero fue “de buena fe y en busca de la mejora de capacitación personal”.

    El actual presidente del Comité Ejecutivo Nacional (CEN) del partido político Morena, publicó una nota aclaratoria en su cuenta de la red social Twitter, donde aseguró que, “en la búsqueda de su desarrollo personal y profesional”, ha asistido a seminarios y programas de capacitación en instituciones públicas y privadas, como el Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), además de la británica Essex, así como las estadounidenses Yale y Harvard, “entre otras”.

    “En ese contexto, asistí a programas de gestión de liderazgo y éxito corporativo de una institución [Sociedad de Protectores (SOP), una organización alterna de Executive Success Program -nombre de NXIVM en México-] a la que asistían miles de personas en todo el mundo. En México, antes de mi participación, ya habían asistido y recomendaban dicho programa políticos famosos periodistas y líderes de opinión”, señaló Delgado Carrillo.

    El presidente nacional de Morena explicó que cuando acudió “de buena fe y en busca de la mejora de capacitación personal”, como 15 mil mexicanos y mexicanas víctimas de la estafa, se desconocía cualquier implicación ilegal de esa institución o sus directivos en los hechos que posteriormente salieron a la luz.

    “En medio de la guerra sucia de la derecha no es casualidad que surja esta nota, misma que asegura que no hay evidencias en un tema tan delicado. Existe una enorme diferencia entre haber sido engañado para tomar un curso y haber participado en una red criminal. ‘No investigan, calumnian’, decía hoy el presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador sobre algunos medios de comunicación y sus ataques contra la transformación”, finalizó Delgado Carillo.

    “Siempre he considerado a Animal Político como un medio serio, sus trabajos periodísticos como ‘La estafa maestra’, han tenido efectos positivos en nuestra democracia” tuiteó Delgado Carrillo, antes de la nota aclaratoria.

    “La nota en la que se refieren hoy a mi persona carece de la más mínima rigurosidad periodística y el encabezado utilizado para la misma contradice la información de la nota. Espero que por ética puedan rectificar”, dijo el presidente nacional de Morena en otro tuit.

    Al mensaje adjuntó una imagen donde se lee un fragmento de la nota de Animal Político: “No hay constancia de que Mario Delgado estuviera dentro de este selecto grupo, aunque la Sociedad en la que participaba impartía ‘enseñanzas’ que fueron denunciadas en el juicio contra Raniere”.

    Animal Político le respondió con otros mensajes en Twitter y cuestionó a Delgado Carrillo que no hiciera referencia a los recibos de pagos que existen sobre su participación en NXIVM, además de que no precisó si estuvo en la sede de Albany, capital del estado de Nueva York, Estados Unidos.

    Además, el medio digital afirmó que tienen copia de los depósitos que hizo Delgado Carrillo para pertenecer a la llamada Sociedad de Protectores. Asimismo, recordó que el pasado 17 de febrero buscaron al presidente nacional de Morena para que ofreciera su versión.

    Animal Político detalló que el pasado 22 de febrero, a petición del propio Delgado Carrillo, se envió a su equipo de prensa las preguntas que querían que respondiera, pero nadie contestó. “Mario Delgado, a través de su equipo, ofreció explicar hoy su participación en NXIVM. Apenas tengamos el texto, lo compartiremos con nuestros lectores”, abundó el medio digital.

    Este mismo día, Animal Político dio a conocer que durante 6 meses del 2016, Delgado Carrillo, realizó depósitos por un total de 300 dólares, a la secta NXIVM (Nexium), cuyo líder, Keith Raniere, fue hallado culpable, en octubre del 2020, por un jurado de la Corte Federal del Distrito Este de Nueva York.

    Ello por delitos como tráfico sexual, extorsión, delincuencia organizada, amenazas y abuso a menores, asociación delictiva, conspiración, y posesión de pornografía infantil, por lo Raniere fue condenado el 27 de octubre del 2020, juez federal Nicholas Garaufis, a pasar 120 años de prisión.

    Animal Político afirmó que el político originario de Colima, de 48 años de edad, en ese entonces senador de la República, realizó depósitos de 50 dólares durante seis meses en el 2016. Ello como parte del acuerdo para pertenecer a la Sociedad de Protectores (SOP), una organización alterna de Executive Success Program (nombre de NXIVM en México), que en su plan de estudios resumía las enseñanzas de Raniere en torno a la virilidad y el control sobre las mujeres.

    Siempre según el mismo medio digital, en el sitio web de esa Sociedad de Protectores -actualmente dado de baja- podía leerse que ayudaba a los “hombres a convertirse en miembros más poderosos e influyentes de la sociedad al brindarles herramientas y una red de hombres honorables para que los apoyen”.

    Algunas de las ideas que Raniere impartía en SOP eran que “cuanto más fuerte es el hombre, más mujeres puede controlar […] los hombres controlan al mundo y las mujeres están subordinadas a los hombres”, o “las mujeres actúan como princesas, pero cuando no escuchan lo que les gusta se convierten en bebes histéricos que no pueden manejar la verdad”.

    “Muchas de estas ideas Raniere las soltaba mientras ‘daba cátedra’, se pueden ver en los documentales ‘The Vow’ y ‘Seduce’ que transmitieron los canales HBO y Starz en la segunda mitad del 2020”, detalló Animal Político.

    “Alumnos que pertenecieron a NXIVM confirmaron que Delgado, quien fue Secretario de Finanzas y luego de Educación de la Ciudad de México (entre 2006 y 2012), tomó alguno de los cursos de Executive Success Program (ESP), en los tiempos en que la alcaldesa de Escobedo, Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores [Carrales], era coach estola amarilla en dicha empresa”, agregó el medio digital.

    “Flores, que durante buena parte de su vida militó en el Partido Revolucionario Institucional, fue ungida por Delgado el pasado 13 de diciembre como la candidata de Morena para la gubernatura de Nuevo León en las elecciones que se celebrarán el 6 de junio del 2021”, abundó Animal Político.

    “Delgado, quien hoy enfrenta serios cuestionamientos por su intento de imponer como candidato del partido que dirige al gobierno de Guerrero, a Félix Salgado Macedonio, fue cuestionado sobre este tema, pero prefirió no dar declaraciones”, señaló el medio digital.

    “Emiliano Salinas Occeli, la cara más visible de NXIVM en México, presumía que de los 18 mil alumnos de todo el mundo que se inscribieron durante los 20 años que operó la empresa, al menos la mitad lo habían hecho en México. La mayor parte de ellos fueron empresarios y políticos que buscaban mejorar su vida bajo la creencia de que NXIVM ofrecía ‘las herramientas para alcanzar la felicidad’”, detalló Animal Político.

    “Incluso, un puñado de ellos, el mismo Salinas incluido, alcanzaron la punta de la pirámide donde reposaba Raniere y participaron en algunas de las actividades ilícitas a que obligaba la cercanía con el líder. Emiliano Salinas y su socio Alejandro Betancourt fueron señalados en la Corte Federal del distrito este de Nueva York donde se juzgó a Raniere, como coconspiradores en dichas actividades”, insistió el medio digital.

    “No hay constancia de que Mario Delgado estuviera dentro de este selecto grupo, aunque la Sociedad en la que participaba impartía ‘enseñanzas’ que fueron denunciadas en el juicio contra Raniere”, finalizó Animal Político.


    El 27 de octubre del 2020, el juez Nicholas Garaufis, de la Corte Federal del Distrito Este de Nueva York, dictó cadena perpetua a Keith Raniere, líder y fundador en 2003 de la secta NXIVM (Nexium), quien fue hallado culpable por un jurado, de delitos como tráfico sexual, extorsión, delincuencia organizada, amenazas y abuso a menores, asociación delictiva, conspiración, y posesión de pornografía infantil.

    Raniere, de 60 años de edad, fue arrestado en marzo del 2018, en una lujosa villa del municipio de Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, en México, y posteriormente fue extraditado a Estados Unidos, donde se declaró inocente de los delitos antes mencionados.

    La primera sentenciada por el caso fue Clare Bronfman, heredera del imperio de destilerías Seagram, quien fue condenada a seis años y nueve meses de prisión, luego de ser encontrada culpable de delitos de conspiración para ocultar y albergar a personas que se encontraban en EE.UU. de forma ilegal con fines de lucro, así como el uso de una identificación falsa.

    Según lo declarado por las víctimas, NXIVM contaba con un sub grupo secreto y exclusivo llamado DOS, que presuntamente vendía empoderamiento femenino, a la vez que chantajeaba a las mujeres con información sensible para someterlas a voluntad de Raniere, quien se presume, les tatuó sus iniciales, con fuego y en carne viva, antes de ser convertidas en esclavas sexuales.

    Días antes, Raniere se declaró “inocente” en una entrevista transmitida por la cadena NBC dada al periodista Frank Parlato, desde el Centro de Detección Metropolitano de Brooklyn, donde el líder de la secta NXIVM se hallaba recluido y ofreció “disculpas por el dolor que pudo haber causado a su comunidad”.

    “La gente puede odiarme y pensar que soy un tipo de personaje odioso, ya sabes, horrible en realidad. Pero tanto el diablo como un santo deberían poder recibir exactamente el mismo trato bajo nuestro sistema de justicia”, le dijo Raniere a Parlato.

    Moira Kim Penza, asistente de la Fiscalía, aseveró a mediados de junio del 2019, que el acusado era el jefe de una banda criminal que obligaba a sus presuntas esclavas a realizar dietas estrictas, enviar fotos de desnudos como “garantía” y a ser marcadas con las iniciales de Raniere.

    La asistente de la Fiscalía, por ejemplo, interrogó a la testigo “Sylvie” respecto a las enseñanzas de la Sociedad de Protectores, un curso intensivo de 6 días que, dijo, le obligaron a tomar con un costó aproximado de 5 mil dólares.

    “Tuvimos diferentes grupos de discusión”, aclaró la testigo, quien abundó que ahí se ve que “los hombres eran muy obsesivos con el sexo, todo lo que pensaban y querían era sexo y que las mujeres éramos materialistas, ensimismadas, narcisistas y que todo lo que queríamos eran cosas y que nos cuidaran para no hacernos responsables de nada”.

    La testigo “Sylvie” también recordó que otra de las lecciones fue que los hombres deberían tener relaciones sexuales con varias personas o múltiples parejas para ser sanos, mientras que las mujeres deberían ser leales a un solo hombre.


    A finales de mayo del 2019, Penza afirmó que Carlos Emiliano Salinas Occelli, hijo del expresidente de México Carlos Salinas de Gortari, era un “co-conspirador” que ayudó a Raniere a consolidar la secta NXIVM (Nexium), que se presentaba como una organización de superación personal, pero que en realidad sometía a mujeres, quienes eran marcadas con un cautín y obligadas a ser esclavas sexuales.

    Durante una audiencia judicial, Penza mostró a un juez de la Corte del Distrito Este de Nueva York, un organigrama del círculo más cercano de Raniere, entre ellas Loreta, Jimena y Carola Garza Dávila, hermanas y ciudadanas mexicanas, originarias de Sabinas, Coahuila, pero radicadas en San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León.

    Además de Salinas Ocelli y las hermanas Garza Dávila, en el organigrama que presentó la fiscal Penza, se encuentran los ciudadanos mexicanos: Mónica Durán, Daniel Padilla, Camila Fernández, y Rosa Laura Junco, esta última hija del empresario Alejandro Junco de la Vega, dueño del Grupo Reforma, que edita el diario homónimo.

    Esta última integrante del primer círculo de Raniere, llegó a dirigir el medio digital de la secta, denominado The Knife Media (El Cuchillo, en español), actualmente desaparecido, pero que tenía la pretensión de “analizar la distorsión periodística de los medios de comunicación”.

    Por su parte, la mexicana Carola Garza Dávila dirigía Rainbow Multicultural Garden en la filial de Nexium en México, un programa que enseñaba a niños de preescolar hasta siete idiomas. Estas mujeres eran “maestras” de la secta, ordenadas por Raniere, quien también tenía en como esclavas sexuales a las actrices Alisson Mack y Nicky Clyne.

    El líder de la secta fue arrestado en Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, en marzo de 2018, y, según el diario The New York Times, durante los primeros interrogatorios con las autoridades, reveló que las mexicanas lo escondieron en sus casas de Monterrey y Puerto Vallarta.

    Los cargos que afrontaba Raniere en la Corte de Brooklyn son tráfico sexual, lavado de dinero y otros delitos. El acusado tenía filiales de su organización de esclavitud sexual en México, en asociación con Salinas Occeli, según la fiscal Penza, quien llevaba el caso.

    “Lo que usted ve en esta cadena de correos y en los correos que están en las cajas […] es que hubo esfuerzos de los conconspiradores incluyendo Kristin Keeffe, incluyendo Emiliano Salinas, dirigidos por el acusado en relación a qué individuos debían ser objetivos”, explicó la fiscal Penza al juez.

    Los correos fueron encontrados en un allanamiento en la residencia de Nancy Salzman, cofundadora de Nexium y pareja de Raniere desde hace casi 21 años. También hallaron carpetas de los “enemigos” jurídicos de la secta NXIVM, entre ellos fiscales y jueces.

    Según la cadena Univisón, Salinas Occelli aún no cuenta con cargos criminales en EE.UU, y sólo ha sido citado como amigo de Raniere. En el sistema judicial de Estados Unidos, recordó el medio, una persona puede ser identificada como cómplice sin haber sido acusada.

    Tras la detención de Raniere en marzo del 2018, sus principales socios en México, Emiliano Salinas Occelli y Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma, anunciaron el fin de su relación con ESP, empresa creada por su antiguo mentor y líder de la secta.

    A través de un breve comunicado publicado en la página web de ESP México, el hijo del ex presidente Salinas también anunció que abandonaría la dirección de la empresa Executive Success Programs, tras 15 años de operación en la misma.

    Según lo investigado por las autoridades estadounidenses, había dos niveles en esa agrupación al servicio de Keith Raniere: el de las esclavas principales, a quienes marcaban cerca de la pelvis con las iniciales K y R, a quienes llamaban Raniere Master, y el de las esclavas de las esclavas, que llamaban Grandmaster.

    Con sede cerca de Albany, la secta se autoproclamó como una organización de autoayuda que ofrecía talleres que prometían la realización personal. Además, ofrecían clases adicionales de los denominados Programas de Éxito Ejecutivo (PEE), que eran dirigidos a profesionales del negocio.

    Lauren Salzman -hija de Nancy- declaró en la Corte neoyorquina que, con cierta periodicidad, ella y las otras seis integrantes de Dominant Over Submissive (DOS) -organización creada a finales del 2016-, se desnudaban y posaban juntas frente a una cámara, se les fotografiaba -tenía que vérseles el tatuaje cerca de la pelvis- y las imágenes eran enviadas a Raniere.

    También declaró como testigo, Sean Welch, encargado del área de Tecnología de XR (Extreme Restraint LLC), empresa que vende juguetes sexuales sadomasoquistas vía web, quien dijo que en unos pedidos hechos por Daniela Padilla, una de las esclavas del primer círculo, se solicitó una celda inmovilizadora colgante.

    Además de un collar de choques eléctricos a control remoto para perros y unas ataduras de pared para suspenderse de las muñecas. Además, se ordenó un grillete para el tobillo y un tapón que se coloca en el trasero adaptado con una cola de perro, que puede emitir también descargas eléctricas a control remoto.

    Las autoridades de EE.UU. iniciaron la investigación de la organización luego de el rotativo NYT publicó un reportaje a finales del 2017, que detallaba cómo las mujeres tenían que proporcionar secretos personales como “garantía” para unirse a la “hermandad de Raniere”, bajo la advertencia de que la información dañina o vergonzosa se haría pública si revelaban la existencia de la misma o por traición.

    Salinas Ocelli, de 45 años de edad, Salinas es Licenciado en Economía por el Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) y doctor en la misma materia por la Universidad de Harvard. Trabajó como analista financiero para el banco de inversión neoyorquino Lazard Freres S.A.

    Además, el hijo del ex presidente Salinas de Gortari -quien gobernó México entre los años 1988 y 1994-, fungió como vicepresidente de Prorsus Capital. En la actualidad es coordinador general de movimiento EN LAK’ECH y está casado con la actriz de origen polaco Ludwika Paleta Paciorek.

    A pesar de que Salinas Ocelli reconoció la existencia de DOS, rechazaba que se cometieran abusos contra mujeres, al dar por hecho que las marcas a mujeres y la entrega de material íntimo eran acciones consensuadas. Y dijo que si un grupo de hombres perteneciente a un grupo secreto decide “tatuarse el chile”, en referencia a los genitales masculinos, nadie “pensaría en rescatarlos”.


    A mediados de junio del 2019 se filtró un video en el que se observa a Emiliano Salinas Occelli, y a su hermana, Cecilia, bailando en una celebración en honor de Keith Raniere. En la grabación, presuntamente captada en la fiesta de cumpleaños del líder de la secta NXIVM, los hijos del ex presidente mexicano aparecen con playera verde, color distintivo dentro de la organización para las personas de mayor rango.

    “Este es el equipo de la Ciudad de México que celebrará a Vanguard (apodo con el que se le conoce al líder de la secta) con una versión de Happy birthday”, se escucha decir a un orador en el video de tres minutos de duración, divulgado por la revista Proceso.



    Mario Delgado did take NXIVM sect course, but “in good faith,” he confirms.
    Photo: Cuartoscuro
    Highlights Carlos ÁlvarezThursday, March 4, 2021 3:53 PM

    Mario Delgado Carrillo accepted this Thursday, March 4, that he did participate in a course organized by the NXIVM (Nexium) sect -whose leader, Keith Raniere, was found guilty of sex trafficking, extortion, organized crime, threats and abuse of minors, criminal association, conspiracy, and possession of child pornography-, as reported hours before by the digital media Animal Político, but it was “in good faith and in search of improving personal training”.

    The current president of the National Executive Committee (CEN) of the political party Morena, published a clarifying note on his Twitter social network account, where he assured that, “in the search for his personal and professional development”, he has attended seminars and training programs in public and private institutions, such as the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), in addition to the British Essex, as well as the American Yale and Harvard, “among others”.

    “In that context, I attended leadership and corporate success management programs of an institution [Society of Protectors (SOP), an alternate organization of Executive Success Program -the name of NXIVM in Mexico-] attended by thousands of people around the world. In Mexico, before my participation, famous journalists and opinion leaders had already attended and recommended the program,” said Delgado Carrillo.

    The national president of Morena explained that when he attended “in good faith and in search of personal training improvement”, like 15 thousand Mexican victims of the scam, he was unaware of any illegal involvement of that institution or its directors in the events that later came to light.

    “In the midst of the dirty war of the right wing, it is no coincidence that this article appears, which assures that there is no evidence in such a delicate matter. There is a huge difference between having been tricked into taking a course and having participated in a criminal network. They don’t investigate, they slander’, said today President Andrés Manuel López Obrador about some media and their attacks against the transformation”, concluded Delgado Carillo.

    “I have always considered Animal Político as a serious media, their journalistic works such as ‘La estafa maestra’, have had positive effects in our democracy” tweeted Delgado Carrillo, before the clarifying note.

    “The note in which they refer to me today lacks the slightest journalistic rigor and the headline used for it contradicts the information in the note. I hope they can ethically rectify it,” said the national president of Morena in another tweet.

    To the message he attached an image where a fragment of Animal Político’s article reads: “There is no record that Mario Delgado was within this select group, although the Society in which he participated imparted ‘teachings’ that were denounced in the trial against Raniere”.

    Animal Político responded with other messages on Twitter and questioned Delgado Carrillo for not making reference to the payment receipts that exist regarding his participation in NXIVM, in addition to the fact that he did not specify whether he was at the headquarters in Albany, capital of the state of New York, United States.

    In addition, the digital media affirmed that they have a copy of the deposits made by Delgado Carrillo to belong to the so-called Society of Protectors. Likewise, it recalled that last February 17 they sought the national president of Morena to offer his version.

    Animal Político detailed that last February 22, at the request of Delgado Carrillo himself, they sent to his press team the questions they wanted him to answer, but no one answered. “Mario Delgado, through his team, offered to explain today his participation in NXIVM. As soon as we have the text, we will share it with our readers,” the digital media outlet added.

    This same day, Animal Político made known that during 6 months of 2016, Delgado Carrillo, made deposits for a total of 300 dollars, to the sect NXIVM (Nexium), whose leader, Keith Raniere, was found guilty, in October 2020, by a jury of the Federal Court of the Eastern District of New York.

    This for crimes such as sex trafficking, extortion, organized crime, threats and child abuse, criminal association, conspiracy, and possession of child pornography, for which Raniere was sentenced on October 27, 2020, federal judge Nicholas Garaufis, to spend 120 years in prison.

    Animal Político stated that the 48-year-old politician from Colima, at the time a senator of the Republic, made deposits of $50 for six months in 2016. This was part of the agreement to belong to the Society of Protectors (SOP), an alternative organization of the Executive Success Program (the name of NXIVM in Mexico), which in its curriculum summarized Raniere’s teachings on virility and control over women.

    According to the same digital media, on the website of the Society of Protectors – now defunct – it could be read that it helped “men to become more powerful and influential members of society by providing them with tools and a network of honorable men to support them”.

    Some of the ideas Raniere imparted at SOP were that “the stronger the man, the more women he can control […] men control the world and women are subservient to men,” or “women act like princesses, but when they don’t listen to what they like they become hysterical babies who can’t handle the truth.”

    “Many of these ideas Raniere was spouting while ‘lecturing’ can be seen in the documentaries ‘The Vow’ and ‘Seduce’ that were broadcast by HBO and Starz channels in the second half of 2020,” detailed Animal Político.

    “Alumni who belonged to NXIVM confirmed that Delgado, who was Secretary of Finance and then Secretary of Education of Mexico City (between 2006 and 2012), took some of the Executive Success Program (ESP) courses, during the times when the mayor of Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores [Carrales], was a yellow stole coach in that company,” added the digital media outlet.

    “Flores, who for a good part of her life was a militant in the Institutional Revolutionary Party, was anointed by Delgado last December 13 as Morena’s candidate for the governorship of Nuevo Leon in the elections to be held on June 6, 2021,” Animal Politico added.

    “Delgado, who today faces serious questioning for his attempt to impose Felix Salgado Macedonio as the candidate of the party he leads for the government of Guerrero, was questioned on this issue, but preferred not to give statements,” the digital media outlet pointed out.

    “Emiliano Salinas Occeli, the most visible face of NXIVM in Mexico, boasted that of the 18 thousand students from all over the world who enrolled during the 20 years that the company operated, at least half had done so in Mexico. Most of them were businessmen and politicians seeking to improve their lives under the belief that NXIVM offered ‘the tools to achieve happiness’,” reported Animal Político.

    “Even a handful of them, including Salinas himself, reached the top of the pyramid where Raniere rested and participated in some of the illicit activities that the proximity to the leader forced. Emiliano Salinas and his partner Alejandro Betancourt were pointed out in the Federal Court of the Eastern District of New York, where Raniere was tried, as co-conspirators in such activities”, insisted the digital media.

    “There is no record that Mario Delgado was within this select group, although the Society in which he participated imparted ‘teachings’ that were denounced in the trial against Raniere”, concluded Animal Político.


    On October 27, 2020, Judge Nicholas Garaufis, of the Federal Court of the Eastern District of New York, sentenced Keith Raniere, leader and founder in 2003 of the NXIVM (Nexium) sect, who was found guilty by a jury of crimes such as sex trafficking, extortion, organized crime, threats and abuse of minors, criminal association, conspiracy, and possession of child pornography, to life imprisonment.

    Raniere, 60, was arrested in March 2018, in a luxury villa in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, in Mexico, and was subsequently extradited to the United States, where he pleaded not guilty to the aforementioned crimes.

    The first sentenced for the case was Clare Bronfman, heiress of the Seagram’s distillery empire, who was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison, after being found guilty of crimes of conspiracy to conceal and harbor persons who were in the U.S. illegally for profit, as well as the use of false identification.

    According to the victims’ statements, NXIVM had a secret and exclusive sub-group called DOS, which allegedly sold female empowerment, while blackmailing women with sensitive information in order to subject them to the will of Raniere, who allegedly tattooed his initials on them, with fire and in the flesh, before they were turned into sex slaves.

    Days earlier, Raniere declared his “innocence” in an interview broadcast by the NBC network given to journalist Frank Parlato, from the Metropolitan Screening Center in Brooklyn, where the leader of the NXIVM sect was being held, and offered “apologies for the pain he may have caused his community”.

    “People may hate me and think I’m kind of a hateful character, you know, horrible really. But both the devil and a saint should be able to get exactly the same treatment under our justice system,” Raniere told Parlato.

    Moira Kim Penza, assistant U.S. attorney, asserted in mid-June 2019, that the defendant was the head of a criminal gang that forced its alleged slaves to perform strict diets, send nude photos as “collateral” and to be branded with Raniere’s initials.

    The Assistant District Attorney, for example, questioned the witness “Sylvie” regarding the teachings of the Society of Protectors, a 6-day intensive course that, she said, she was forced to take at a cost of approximately 5 thousand dollars.

    “We had different discussion groups,” clarified the witness, who abounded that there it is seen that “men were very obsessive about sex, all they thought and wanted was sex and that we women were materialistic, self-absorbed, narcissistic and that all we wanted were things and to be taken care of so that we would not be responsible for anything.”

    Witness “Sylvie” also recalled that another lesson was that men should have sex with several people or multiple partners to be healthy, while women should be loyal to one man.


    In late May 2019, Penza claimed that Carlos Emiliano Salinas Occelli, son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, was a “co-conspirator” who helped Raniere consolidate the NXIVM (Nexium) sect, which presented itself as a self-improvement organization, but in reality subjugated women, who were branded with a caution and forced to be sex slaves.

    During a court hearing, Penza showed a judge of the Eastern District Court of New York an organizational chart of Raniere’s inner circle, including Loreta, Jimena and Carola Garza Davila, sisters and Mexican citizens, originally from Sabinas, Coahuila, but based in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon.

    In addition to Salinas Ocelli and the Garza Dávila sisters, the organization chart presented by prosecutor Penza includes the following Mexican citizens: Mónica Durán, Daniel Padilla, Camila Fernández, and Rosa Laura Junco, the latter daughter of businessman Alejandro Junco de la Vega, owner of Grupo Reforma, which publishes the newspaper of the same name.

    The latter, a member of Raniere’s first circle, came to direct the sect’s digital media, called The Knife Media (El Cuchillo, in Spanish), now defunct, but which was intended to “analyze the journalistic distortion of the media”.

    Carola Garza Davila, a Mexican woman, directed Rainbow Multicultural Garden at Nexium’s Mexico subsidiary, a program that taught preschool children up to seven languages. These women were “teachers” of the cult, ordered by Raniere, who also had actresses Alisson Mack and Nicky Clyne as sex slaves.

    The leader of the sect was arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, in March 2018, and, according to The New York Times, during the first interrogations with the authorities, he revealed that the Mexican women hid him in their homes in Monterrey and Puerto Vallarta.

    The charges Raniere faced in Brooklyn court are sex trafficking, money laundering and other crimes. The defendant had branches of his sex slavery organization in Mexico, in partnership with Salinas Occeli, according to prosecutor Penza, who was handling the case.

    “What you see in this chain of emails and in the emails that are in the boxes […] is that there were efforts by co-conspirators including Kristin Keeffe, including Emiliano Salinas, directed by the defendant as to which individuals to target,” prosecutor Penza explained to the judge.

    The emails were found in a raid on the residence of Nancy Salzman, co-founder of Nexium and Raniere’s partner of nearly 21 years. They also found folders of the legal “enemies” of the NXIVM sect, among them prosecutors and judges.

    According to the Univison network, Salinas Occelli still has no criminal charges in the U.S., and has only been cited as a friend of Raniere. In the US judicial system, the media outlet recalled, a person can be identified as an accomplice without having been charged.

    Following Raniere’s arrest in March 2018, his main partners in Mexico, Emiliano Salinas Occelli and Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma, announced the end of their relationship with ESP, a company created by their former mentor and leader of the sect.

    Through a brief statement published on ESP Mexico’s website, the son of former President Salinas also announced that he would be stepping down from the management of Executive Success Programs, after 15 years of operating the company.

    According to what was investigated by the U.S. authorities, there were two levels in this group at the service of Keith Raniere: the main slaves, who were marked near the pelvis with the initials K and R, who were called Raniere Master, and the slaves of the slaves, who were called Grandmaster.

    Based near Albany, the cult billed itself as a self-help organization that offered workshops promising self-realization. In addition, they offered additional classes called Executive Success Programs (ESPs), which were geared toward business professionals.

    Lauren Salzman – Nancy’s daughter – testified in the New York Court that, with certain periodicity, she and the other six members of Dominant Over Submissive (DOS) – an organization created at the end of 2016 – would undress and pose together in front of a camera, they would be photographed – their tattoo near the pelvis had to be seen – and the images would be sent to Raniere.

    Also testified as a witness, Sean Welch, in charge of the Technology area of XR (Extreme Restraint LLC), a company that sells sadomasochistic sex toys via web, who said that in some orders placed by Daniela Padilla, one of the slaves of the first circle, a hanging immobilizer cell was requested.

    In addition to a remote-controlled electric shock collar for dogs and wall ties to suspend from the wrists. In addition, an ankle shackle and a butt plug fitted with a dog’s tail, which can also deliver remote-controlled electric shocks, were ordered.

    U.S. authorities launched the investigation into the organization after the NYT news outlet published a story in late 2017 detailing how women had to provide personal secrets as “collateral” to join Raniere’s “sisterhood,” under the warning that damaging or embarrassing information would be made public if they revealed the existence of the same or for treason.

    Salinas Ocelli, 45, holds a degree in Economics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) and a PhD in the same subject from Harvard University. He has worked as a financial analyst for the New York investment bank Lazard Freres S.A.

    In addition, the son of former President Salinas de Gortari, who governed Mexico from 1988 to 1994, served as Vice President of Prorsus Capital. He is currently the general coordinator of the EN LAK’ECH movement and is married to Polish-born actress Ludwika Paleta Paciorek.

    Although Salinas Ocelli acknowledged the existence of DOS, he denied that abuses were committed against women, assuming that the branding of women and the delivery of intimate material were consensual actions. And he said that if a group of men belonging to a secret group decided to “tattoo their chili”, in reference to the male genitals, nobody would “think of rescuing them”.


    In mid-June 2019, a video was leaked in which Emiliano Salinas Occelli, and his sister, Cecilia, are seen dancing at a celebration in honor of Keith Raniere. In the recording, allegedly captured at the birthday party of the leader of the NXIVM sect, the children of the former Mexican president appear wearing green shirts, a distinctive color within the organization for people of higher rank.

    “This is the Mexico City team that will celebrate Vanguard (nickname by which the sect leader is known) with a version of Happy birthday,” a speaker is heard saying in the three-minute video, disclosed by Proceso magazine.]

  • Cheesecake Photo from Dr. Danielle Roberts

    “Looking back at my experience of DOS there were many benefits I experienced and that still positively impact my life today. However, there are 2 notable and life changing gifts I received specifically;

    1. I had no idea my body could reach (and run so well) at a lower weight. I always wanted to be more elegant in appearance, lighter and more efficient. However, I had fears, around deeply experiencing my physical weakness and vulnerability that prevented me from reaching those goals. DOS helped give me the structure, support, belief and permission to find out what it took for me to do this. There are still times I struggle to not use food to cover up my emotional or physical vulnerabilities but I am much better at being able to sit with these feels, and the truth of how vulnerable it truly is to be human. This not only has transformed what is possible with my body, but has allowed for more real, raw, unfiltered humanity in my relationships and experience of life. It has made me more empathetic and compassionate towards others and more relentless in my pursuit to stand for human rights and those who have been wronged.

    2. It helped me get in touch with my fears and get honest with who I really am. I had struggled most of my life, unconsciously, to allow myself to honestly feel my fears and insecurities. I was very strong, capable, accomplished and attractive and could cover up most of my vulnerability with these things. (Continued in comments) …
    thedossierproject’s profile picture
    (Continued from caption) … However, I couldn’t allow myself to honestly see my weaknesses, failures or shortcomings. I struggled to take in and utilize constructive feedback, as I felt it an affront to my personhood and it often devastated me. Without outside feedback I was run by my blind spots and limited from growing into the highest version of myself. DOS helped me feel secure enough to get past my veneer of pride and pretending, and learn to love myself despite my failures, the way the women around me did. They saw my shortcomings, pointed them out, and continued to love and support me so that I can grow. I am continuing to learn how to do that for myself now on a daily basis, and I am much better for it. I see others who can’t take in feedback about their shortcomings, they protect themselves or block information… they can stay stuck in the same place for a lifetime. I am so grateful that will not be my life and that I will be able to ever evolve and grow as an effect of this.

    Thank you, DOS, and all of the deeply committed women I have been privileged to meet on this journey.”

    — Danielle Roberts

  • Here’s a great article from the National Review that specifically mentions Nxivm, cults, and the myth of “brainwashing”

    It demolishes the idea of hypnosis as anything other than role-playing: “hypnosis does not exist, either. There is no scientific evidence that a hypnotic state exists. To the extent that the word ‘hypnosis’ refers to an actual phenomenon, it is simply role-playing.”

    The main thrust of the article is that all this psychological game-playing, this desire to believe in some mysterious “brainwashing” or “cult control”, is merely a way of avoiding responsibility for one’s actions. It’s pseudoscience serving to make people unaccountable for their own actions. Quote:

    “The intelligent reader will detect a theme in the fictions above: They are all devices for relieving the individual of responsibility for his actions. Uncle Joe isn’t a kook, he’s the victim of a cult. He was programmed. He was brainwashed. He was suffering from repressed trauma”.

    In the old days, when people were caught doing weird and evil things, it was blamed on demonic possession. Nowadays we blame it on trauma, “brainwashing”, “neurolinguistic programming”. Whereas the simple fact is people just sometimes get up o some weird and destructive stuff.

    They need to be held responsible, not have excuses made for them.

    • I disagree.

      I recommend watching Derren Brown’s “The Heist”. It is fascinating. He is a well-known British hypnotist. In Heist, he gradually, I believe over a month or two, conditions a group of people with certain audio, visual and tactile cues. The objective is to see who will be so conditioned by these cues that will rob a security truck. He makes a strong point that not everyone is suggestible to the point where they can be “hypnotized” to commit the act.

      He has other shows, as well. There is one with the same concept but the objective is to push someone off of a building. He’s a very interesting fellow. Not at all the stereotypical hypnotist.

      • A Derren Brown TV show is your reference for solid evidence on hypnotism?

        You might consider the difference between science and entertainment.

        Regardless, Garaufis isn’t going to pay any attention to this when he sentences the remaining guilty NXdiots.

      • TV hypnotists are fakes. Like stage magicians, it’s pure entertainment. There is no scientific proof that a “hypnotic state” even exists.

        Hypnotism is generally accepted as a therapeutic tool for such things as weight loss and pain relief and smoking cessation. It has shown modest success in these areas, as have other therapeutic approaches- they’re all about as effective as placebos: that is, if the therapist thinks it works, and the patient thinks it works, then the treatment “works”.

        If the patient reports less pain or loses a little weight, who’s gonna call them a liar?

        • To Anonymous at 2:17 and 8:28

          I was not talking about a hypnotic state. I was talking about our susceptibility to suggestion. I think it is quite arrogant to believe your mind is an impenetrable fortress.

          And while Derren Brown is not a scientist, his work deserves to be studied especially since he has spent decades learning about and practicing the psychology of the human mind, albeit not in an office.

          It is all too easy to discount what he does as mindless entertainment when his work makes a strong point that our actions are influenced each day by what we see, hear and touch. Yes, it sounds simplistic, because it is. How can we deny that feeling we have all had when a certain smell or feel to the air brings us back to a certain memory? The mind collects information and makes associations. New associations are made each day. Why is it so hard to believe that someone could help create certain associations which would, in turn, lead to specific actions?

          Brown’s Heist is like Pavlov’s Dog for humans. Believing that your behavior can be influenced is honest. And, if you do ever watch the program, you will see that not everyone goes through with the act. We are all suggestible to differing degrees but to say we are not suggestible at all is ignorant. Perhaps, if you could provide a scientific study proving that hypothesis, I might believe you.

          • Sherizzy is spot on. I’m a little surprised it’s even up for debate…

            Keith played the long game with his women. He used every trick in the book. It worked on some, not as well on others. Keith didn’t go Gilligan’s Island or Three Stooges or Stage Hypnotist on his marks. He played it differently.

            Nobody is trying to absolve the women of blame. But to claim they aren’t victims is equally as eye-rolling. As usual, the answer is somewhere in the middle.

  • “Kristin Kreuk must have felt that she too was being hypnotized and decided to leave before anything bad happened”


    “Maybe she even tried to get Allison to leave with her, but she refused?”

    Nope again.

    May 5th 2015 and Kreuk was still supporting NXIVM.

    A year later in 2016, Kreuk was still a member of NXIVM, then a year later, 2017, the branding was exposed.

    She supposedly stopped coaching in 2013, due to moving to Toronto for filming and breaking up with Mark Hildreth, but continued on as a student and member and clearly still a supporter for the next three years.

    She was most likely less involved in those three years as she was in Toronto and filming a television show there, but was still a NXIVM member. Sad.

    May 7, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    There is a great debate on this thread about Kristin Kreuk. As I recall Kristin took a TV series in Toronto in 2012 and didn’t leave the group. She was just not in Vancouver anymore or anywhere there was a centre. People in NXIVM in Vancouver said that she was still in the group but was very busy on her TV series between 2012 and 2014. Can anyone speak to this? Did she in fact leave the group or was she just away on a TV series? Was she involved in any intensives in these years? I was there and I asked people who owned centers. That’s what I mean. The official word was she was just away for her TV series but still active. Whether that was true or a lie, I can’t say. But that was the stance at NXIVM.”

    • It is odd that the whereabouts of the most recognizable celeb in Nx seems to be unknown.

      “Did anyone see Kristin lately?”

      “Isn’t she coaching…somewhere?”

      “I heard she left the cult, didn’t she?”

      “I just saw her last week…or maybe it was last year…or a couple of years ago.”

    • As Sultan replied: “How sad are you that you have to follow me around and call me out on a blog”

      Yes, very sad you are, Sultan Stalker.

  • Any NX-ers past or present care or dare to comment on the unshod, barefoot state of these ladies? Also, were the dudes also required to bare their feet during IM’s? What was the reason for this practice?

  • Isn’t the Internet wonderful? (Sarcasm)

    Lafayette man charged with hate crime used Grindr as ‘hunting ground’ before attack, documents say

    A Lafayette man used a dating app as a “hunting ground” and lured a man he met on the app to a home where he planned on killing him to keep parts of his body as “trophies” and “food,” according to court documents.

  • Contrary to popular legend, subjects don’t lose control of their will under hypnosis. It’s not a “mind whammy”.

    In fact, it’s debatable if hypnosis is much of anything at all. Sure it’s used as therapy-but so are acupuncture and aromatherapy. The placebo effect can easily account for the supposed effectiveness of all three. As well as the “healing power” of crystals.

    The idea that Nxians were hypnotized into doing Raniere’s will is risible. So is the idea that they were brainwashed. There’s no such thing as brainwashing.

    I find it curious that when it comes to the convicted felon Mack especially, there are so many excuses invented for her outrages. I guess she’s too cute and blonde to be the nasty piece of work that she so obviously is.

    She’s a felon. A racketeer. She was Raniere’s trusted lieutenant for years. She knew what he was up to and she eagerly aided his criminal enterprise.


    Destacados Politica
    27/10/2020 acierto
    Aunque ella lo ha negado en cuanta entrevista le han hecho, la alcaldesa de Escobedo y fuerte aspirante a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, ha sido mencionada reiteradamente como miembro de la secta NXIVM, cuyo dirigente fue condenado hoy a cadena perpetua en los Estados Unidos.

    Clara Luz está considerada como parte de las bandas amarillas de la secta, junto a Cecilia Occelli González, exesposa del expresidente de México, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, quien fungía principalmente como manager de muchos de los miembros de esta agrupación y también se encargaba de reclutar bandas blancas o principiantes.

    En el último escalafón de las bandas amarillas aparece Clara Luz Flores Carrales, la alcaldesa priista del municipio de Escobedo, Nuevo León, quien fue recomendada por la banda verde, Jimena Garza Dávila.

    No obstante estos señalamientos, la alcaldesa de Escobedo se ha concretado a afirmar que ella sólo participó en uno de los cursos impartidos por el líder de la secta, Keith Raniere.

    Clara Luz es esposa de Abel Guerra, un importante político priista, quien por cierto ha sido dos veces alcalde de Escobedo y su coto de poder se ha ampliado a otras esferas, como en el ramo de la construcción y del transporte.

    Actualmente, Clara Luz es considerada una seria precandidata a la gubernatura de Nuevo León como candidata independiente o encabezando cualquier coalición que se pudiera integrar.



    Featured Politics
    10/27/2020 right
    Although she has denied it in every interview she has been given, the mayor of Escobedo and strong aspirant to the governorship of Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, has been repeatedly mentioned as a member of the NXIVM sect, whose leader was sentenced today to life imprisonment in the United States.

    Clara Luz is considered to be part of the yellow gangs of the sect, along with Cecilia Occelli González, ex-wife of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who served mainly as manager of many of the members of this group and was also in charge of recruiting white gangs or beginners.

    In the last rung of the yellow gangs appears Clara Luz Flores Carrales, the PRI mayor of the municipality of Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, who was recommended by the green gang, Jimena Garza Davila.

    Notwithstanding these accusations, the mayor of Escobedo has only stated that she only participated in one of the courses given by the leader of the sect, Keith Raniere.

    Clara Luz is the wife of Abel Guerra, an important PRI politician, who has been twice mayor of Escobedo and whose power has extended to other spheres, such as the construction and transportation industries.

    Currently, Clara Luz is considered a serious pre-candidate for the governorship of Nuevo Leon as an independent candidate or heading any coalition that could be integrated.]

    Clara Luz Flores se distrae en pleitos legales con sus críticos mientras su campaña sufre las consecuencias: hay encuestas que ya la ubican por debajo del priísta Adrián de la Garza

    Por Redacción EMEEQUIS
    10 mar 2021

    Clara Luz Flores y sus pleitos legales rumbo a la gubernatura de Nuevo León.
    Clara Luz Flores se quejó de una parodia del comediante Marco Polo. Fotos: Especial.
    EMEEQUIS.– Entre pleitos legales contra sus críticos y revelaciones sobre sus presuntos vínculos con la secta sexual NXIVM, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, candidata de Morena a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, ha perdido la atmósfera favorable que parecía rodear su nominación.

    La morenista presentó dos demandas por violencia política de género ante la autoridad electoral. En una de ellas pidió la censura de un spot del candidato de Movimiento Ciudadano, Samuel García, en el cual recuerda a Clara Luz sus relaciones políticas de las últimas décadas.

    La otra fue contra el comediante Marco Polo, que en una parodia aludió a la morenista como subordinada a su esposo, el exdirigente estatal del PRI, Abel Guerra Garza. Obtuvo una disculpa del comediante.


    Pero el tema disparó la reproducción de un video que ya circulaba en redes en el que el propio Abel Guerra desestima el arrastre electoral de la morenista: “Votan por Clara Luz porque es mi esposa”.

    Para colmo, ha salido a flote el presunto vínculo de Clara Luz con la secta sexual NXIVM, donde habría tenido la categoría de “faja amarilla”.

    Tal es la situación, que ya hasta hay encuestas que la ponen más de dos puntos debajo del priísta Adrián de la Garza en las preferencias electorales.


    En el spot denunciado por la exalcaldesa del municipio de Escobedo, Samuel García dice: “La vieja política sí cumple. Te va a mentir, te va a robar, te va a traicionar. La vieja política es Clara Luz y su esposo Abel. Salieron del PRI para irse a Morena a seguirse enriqueciendo. Es el PRI de Adrián de la Garza, Cienfuegos, los Medina, que atacan a Colosio y a su familia. son lo mismo. Juntos podemos sacar a la vieja política y juntos construir un nuevo Nuevo León”.

    El INE declaró improcedente la queja por violencia política en razón de género que presentó la exalcaldesa de Escobedo.

    La otra demanda emprendida por Flores Carrales fue contra el comediante Marco Polo, quien realizó un sketch en el que, sin mencionarla, alude a la candidata de Morena como subordinada a su esposo, el también exalcalde de Escobedo y exdirigente estatal del PRI, Abel Guerra Garza.

    En la parodia, un actor interpreta al que parece el esposo de una hipotética candidata, a la cual supuestamente dirige en la grabación de un promocional. Ella enfrenta dificultades para pronunciar las palabras que supuestamente debe pronunciar en el guión del anuncio.

    El cómico debió asistir varias semanas a declarar ante la Fiscalía Especializada en Delitos Electorales. Al final ofreció una disculpa:

    “Como creativo y generador de contenido de entretenimiento he tratado de parodiar y llevar mi visión personal de lo que pasa en el estado. En mi afán de comunicar mi universo, hemos fallado de manera inconsciente y el mensaje que hemos querido dar se ha tergiversado, por lo cual quiero ofrecer disculpas a título personal y a nombre de todo mi equipo de trabajo a la candidata a la gubernatura del estado por Morena, Clara Luz Flores”.

    Pero el tema disparó la difusión, en redes sociales, de un video que circulaba desde diciembre de 2019. En la grabación, aparece el propio Abel Guerra desestimando el arrastre electoral de su esposa:

    “Si Clara no está en primer lugar 10 puntos arriba del que le sigue –arenga a un grupo de políticos sentados en su derredor–, no va a ser candidata, y apoyamos al que esté. Pero si está arriba y no la quieren postular, pues entonces no va a ser, porque ustedes no la van a postular. Voy a ser yo, por Morena o por el PAN, estoy invitado por los dos. Y en Escobedo, no se confundan, perdónenme, estoy diciendo muchas babosadas pero ustedes son gente muy discreta… En Escobedo la gente vota por Clara porque es mi esposa”.


    Para mayor infortunio, la semana pasada se difundió la versión de que Flores Carrales perteneció a NXIVM, una secta que promovía intercambios sexuales como instrumento de ascenso social a la que han estado ligados varios políticos mexicanos, incluido el presidente nacional de Morena, Mario Delgado, quien dijo que fue víctima de un engaño.


    En dicha secta, cuyo fundador fue procesado ante una corte de Nueva York por tráfico sexual, Clara Luz Flores habría sido instructora de categoría “faja amarilla”.

    Tal es la situación de la candidata morenista al gobierno de Nuevo León, que ya hasta hay encuestas que la ponen más de cinco puntos por debajo del priísta Adrián de la Garza.

    Esta semana se difundieron los resultados de uno de esos estudios de opinión (Demoscopía Digital) que coloca Adríán de la Garza (PRI-PRD) con 23.7% de las preferencias electorales, frente a 21.2% de Clara Luz. La encuesta de Massive Caller de hoy también la coloca, por primera vez, por debajo del priísta.

    Y el problema no son los 2.5 puntos de ventaja, sino la máxima de los apostadores: “Caballo que alcanza, gana”.



    Clara Luz Flores is distracted in legal disputes with her critics while her campaign suffers the consequences: there are polls that already place her below PRI candidate Adrián de la Garza.

    By Redacción EMEEQUIS
    10 Mar 2021

    Clara Luz Flores and her legal fights for the governorship of Nuevo Leon.
    Clara Luz Flores complained about a parody of comedian Marco Polo. Photos: Special.
    Between legal suits against her critics and revelations about her alleged links with the sexual sect NXIVM, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, Morena’s candidate for the governorship of Nuevo Leon, has lost the favorable atmosphere that seemed to surround her nomination.

    The Morenista filed two lawsuits for political gender violence before the electoral authority. In one of them she requested the censorship of a spot of the candidate of Movimiento Ciudadano, Samuel García, in which she reminds Clara Luz of her political relationships of the last decades.

    The other one was against the comedian Marco Polo, who in a parody alluded to Clara Luz as subordinate to her husband, the former state leader of the PRI, Abel Guerra Garza. He got an apology from the comedian.


    In the spot denounced by the ex-mayor of the municipality of Escobedo, Samuel García says: “The old politics does deliver. She will lie to you, she will steal from you, she will betray you. The old politics is Clara Luz and her husband Abel. They left the PRI to go to Morena to continue enriching themselves. It is the PRI of Adrián de la Garza, Cienfuegos, the Medina family, who attack Colosio and his family. Together we can get rid of the old politics and together we can build a new Nuevo León”.

    The INE declared the complaint filed by the former mayor of Escobedo for gender-based political violence inadmissible.

    The other complaint filed by Flores Carrales was against the comedian Marco Polo, who performed a sketch in which, without mentioning her, he alludes to the Morena candidate as subordinate to her husband, the also former mayor of Escobedo and former state leader of the PRI, Abel Guerra Garza.

    In the parody, an actor plays what appears to be the husband of a hypothetical candidate, whom he supposedly directs in the recording of a promotional. She faces difficulties in pronouncing the words she is supposed to pronounce in the script of the advertisement.

    The comedian had to attend several weeks to testify before the Fiscalía Especializada en Delitos Electorales (Special Prosecutor’s Office for Electoral Crimes). In the end she offered an apology:

    “As a creative and generator of entertainment content I have tried to parody and bring my personal vision of what happens in the state. In my eagerness to communicate my universe, we have failed in an unconscious way and the message we wanted to give has been distorted, for which I want to offer apologies in a personal capacity and on behalf of my entire team to the candidate for governor of the state for Morena, Clara Luz Flores”.

    But the issue triggered the dissemination, in social networks, of a video that had been circulating since December 2019. In the recording, Abel Guerra himself appears dismissing the electoral drag of his wife:

    “If Clara is not in first place 10 points above the one who follows her -arenga to a group of politicians sitting around her-, she is not going to be a candidate, and we support the one who is. But if she is on top and you do not want to nominate her, then she will not be, because you are not going to nominate her. It will be me, for Morena or for the PAN, I am invited by both. And in Escobedo, do not get confused, forgive me, I am saying a lot of nonsense but you are very discreet people… In Escobedo people vote for Clara because she is my wife”.


    To make matters worse, last week the version spread that Flores Carrales belonged to NXIVM, a sect that promoted sexual exchanges as an instrument of social ascent to which several Mexican politicians have been linked, including the national president of Morena, Mario Delgado, who said he was the victim of a hoax.


    In that sect, whose founder was prosecuted before a New York court for sex trafficking, Clara Luz Flores would have been an instructor of the “yellow girdle” category.

    Such is the situation of the Morenista candidate for the government of Nuevo León, that she has even

    Clara Luz Flores is distracted in legal disputes with her critics while her campaign suffers the consequences: there are polls that already place her below PRI candidate Adrián de la Garza.

    By Redacción EMEEQUIS
    10 Mar 2021

    Clara Luz Flores and her legal fights for the governorship of Nuevo Leon.
    Clara Luz Flores complained about a parody of comedian Marco Polo. Photos: Special.
    Between legal suits against her critics and revelations about her alleged links with the sexual sect NXIVM, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, Morena’s candidate for the governorship of Nuevo Leon, has lost the favorable atmosphere that seemed to surround her nomination.

    The Morenista filed two lawsuits for political gender violence before the electoral authority. In one of them she requested the censorship of a spot of the candidate of Movimiento Ciudadano, Samuel García, in which she reminds Clara Luz of her political relationships of the last decades.

    The other one was against the comedian Marco Polo, who in a parody alluded to Clara Luz as subordinate to her husband, the former state leader of the PRI, Abel Guerra Garza. He got an apology from the comedian.


    But the issue triggered the reproduction of a video that was already circulating in networks in which Abel Guerra himself dismisses the electoral drag of the Morenista: “They vote for Clara Luz because she is my wife”.

    To top it all, Clara Luz’s alleged link with the sexual sect NXIVM, where she would have had the category of “yellow sash”, has come to light.

    Such is the situation, that there are even polls that put her more than two points below PRI candidate Adrián de la Garza in the electoral preferences.


    In the spot denounced by the ex-mayor of the municipality of Escobedo, Samuel García says: “The old politics does deliver. She will lie to you, she will steal from you, she will betray you. The old politics is Clara Luz and her husband Abel. They left the PRI to go to Morena to continue enriching themselves. It is the PRI of Adrián de la Garza, Cienfuegos, the Medina family, who attack Colosio and his family. Together we can get rid of the old politics and together we can build a new Nuevo León”.

    The INE declared the complaint filed by the former mayor of Escobedo for gender-based political violence inadmissible.

    The other complaint filed by Flores Carrales was against the comedian Marco Polo, who performed a sketch in which, without mentioning her, he alludes to the Morena candidate as subordinate to her husband, the also former mayor of Escobedo and former state leader of the PRI, Abel Guerra Garza.

    In the parody, an actor plays what appears to be the husband of a hypothetical candidate, whom he supposedly directs in the recording of a promotional. She faces difficulties in pronouncing the words she is supposed to pronounce in the script of the advertisement.

    The comedian had to attend several weeks to testify before the Fiscalía Especializada en Delitos Electorales (Special Prosecutor’s Office for Electoral Crimes). In the end she offered an apology:

    “As a creative and generator of entertainment content I have tried to parody and bring my personal vision of what happens in the state. In my eagerness to communicate my universe, we have failed in an unconscious way and the message we wanted to give has been distorted, for which I want to offer apologies in a personal capacity and on behalf of my entire team to the candidate for governor of the state for Morena, Clara Luz Flores”.

    But the issue triggered the dissemination, in social networks, of a video that had been circulating since December 2019. In the recording, Abel Guerra himself appears dismissing the electoral drag of his wife:

    “If Clara is not in first place 10 points above the one who follows her -arenga to a group of politicians sitting around her-, she is not going to be a candidate, and we support the one who is. But if she is on top and you do not want to nominate her, then she will not be, because you are not going to nominate her. It will be me, for Morena or for the PAN, I am invited by both. And in Escobedo, do not get confused, forgive me, I am saying a lot of nonsense but you are very discreet people… In Escobedo people vote for Clara because she is my wife”.


    To make matters worse, last week the version spread that Flores Carrales belonged to NXIVM, a sect that promoted sexual exchanges as an instrument of social ascent to which several Mexican politicians have been linked, including the national president of Morena, Mario Delgado, who said he was the victim of a hoax.


    In that sect, whose founder was prosecuted before a New York court for sex trafficking, Clara Luz Flores would have been an instructor of the “yellow girdle” category.

    Such is the situation of the Morenista candidate for the government of Nuevo Leon, that there are even polls that put her more than five points below the PRI candidate Adrian de la Garza.

    This week the results of one of these opinion polls (Demoscopía Digital) were released, which places Adrián de la Garza (PRI-PRD) with 23.7% of the electoral preferences, against 21.2% for Clara Luz. Today’s Massive Caller poll also places her, for the first time, below the PRI candidate.

    And the problem is not the 2.5 points of advantage, but the bettors’ maxim: “Caballo que alcanza, gana” (the horse that catches up, wins).



    Por José Juan Treviño Actualizado Feb 8, 2021

    Clara Luz Flores Y La Secta Que Marca Mujeres NXIVM
    se enmascaraba como una hermandad de mujeres y operaba como un esquema piramidal de abuso, donde el “Maestro” tendría control mental y físico sobre un número de “Esclavas”.
    Las mujeres de NXIVM recibían una marca, en su pelvis, de las iniciales de Raniere. Ese sería solamente el comienzo de una serie de actos de degradación.

    En los medios de comunicación se menciono que la alcaldesa de Escobedo, Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, habria participado en los rituales de la secta donde se marcaban a las mujeres como si fueran ganado y en entrevista con ‘Milenio’ aceptó haber tomado el curso.
    La alcaldesa Clara Luz Flores reconoció en televisión nacional haber participado con los integrantes de la secta NXIVM en donde adquirió la bufanda amarilla que es para ser Coaching en la Secta.


    Clara Luz Flores And The Sect That Marks Women NXIVM
    masqueraded as a sisterhood of women and operated as a pyramid scheme of abuse, where the “Master” would have mental and physical control over a number of “Slaves”.
    The women of NXIVM would receive a mark, on their pelvis, of Raniere’s initials. This would be only the beginning of a series of degrading acts.

    In the media it was mentioned that the mayor of Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, had participated in the rituals of the sect where women were branded as if they were cattle and in an interview with ‘Milenio’ she accepted to have taken the course.
    Mayor Clara Luz Flores acknowledged on national television to have participated with the members of the NXIVM sect where she acquired the yellow scarf that is to be Coaching in the sect.]

  • Some people say Raniere’s co-defendants were brainwashed.

    Others say they were hypnotized.

    I say they are criminally insane like the character Renfield from “Dracula.”

      • Look at all of the photos where Allison Mack is grinning like a Cheshire cat.
        Or the photo where Mack is dancing like a loon with Sarah Bronfman.
        I distrust a person who is always happy, that is why I am a conservative.

        A person who is always happy is either ignorant, insane or up to something.

        A conservative is a person who has been mugged by reality.

    • Yep! Just look at Nancy Salzmans’ smile on the cover of this article. Definitely Renfield material.

  • Allison Mack was driven by an insatiable need for attention and her own deep-rooted insecurity. Plenty of actors have similar feelings. However, letting it get to the point where you’re enjoying torturing and abusing people to feel a sense of power and control means that you’re officially a sociopath.

    • “Allison Mack was driven by an insatiable need for attention and her own deep-rooted insecurity”

      Mack was in the shadow of Kreuk at Smallville, and again in NXIVM. Mack saw her chance to “star” when Kreuk left the cult.

      • Kreuk was the first actor picked and a lead for Smallville. Every other character besides the main (Welling) and other lead (Rosenbaum) would’ve been in her shadow. Kreuk was also less involved in NXIVM by choice than the other actresses, e.g., Mack, Edmondson, Clyne, etc. She was unwilling to forgo or halt her career like Mack and Clyne were and move to Albany, nor was her primary source of income like Edmondson’s dependent upon it. In fact her participation in it probably negatively impacted her self-esteem and stunted her career more than it ever was a positive because cults like this one use all sorts of social, psychological, economic, and other mechanisms to keep their members from leaving. And any supposed positive effects were either likely due to the placebo effect, social bonding people can obtain elsewhere without forking over money, and/or dopamine withdrawal and stimulatory manipulation of induced lows to create a feeling of higher highs (tear someone down and then bring them back up) so it only seemed like there was a method to the madness when you can get the same type of effects from exercise, dancing, meditation, or other free activities that don’t cost you thousands of dollars.

  • Vanguard has determined that the key to winning his freedom is to refer to all his opponents as sexists, racists and members of the anti-cult cult. Be sure to keep repeating that opponents treat women as people who cannot think for themselves and must be held to a lesser standard. Also, anyone who testifies against NXIVM is only doing it for the money.

    That is all.

    Return to your commenting and social media posting.

    • Sounds like a cover-up to me!

      Why is the American government still protecting the hound dog Bill Clinton?

      And Hillary Clinton?

      And former Maine Senator George Mitchell?

      And former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson?

      And Bill Gates?

      And the elitists in the media like George Stephanopoulos?
      (Little George dined with Epstein in his Manhattan mansion.)

      • Shadow, mate, who do you think is pulling the strings here? The Reptilians? UFO Bigfoot? Troll people living in the hollow Earth? Is Keith secretly running this whole thing from “prison”? How do we KNOW Keith is actually in prison? Maybe that’s an elaborate ruse and he’s running the show alongside Trump in a military bunker in Tahiti while robots and holograms are used to fake that Trump is in Mar-a-Lago? So many unanswered questions.

        • “Shadow, mate, who do you think is pulling the strings here?”

          How about Joe Biden?
          His priest at the inauguration is under investigation for being a pervert.
          Don’t drop the soap in the shower, when Father O’Brien is around!

          “Biden’s Inaugural Priest Is Under Investigation For ‘Adult’ Misconduct, Has Been Placed on Administrative Leave”

          On January 20, the corporate media heaped praise on Father Kevin O’Brien, the priest who presided over an inaugural mass for Democrat President Joe Biden. Almost exactly two months later, O’Brien has been placed on administrative leave from his post as president of Santa Clara University and is under investigation for inappropriate behavior.
          “I have been informed by the Provincial of the USA West Province that the Jesuit Provincial Office recently received accounts that Father O’Brien exhibited behaviors in adult settings, consisting primarily of conversations, which may be inconsistent with established Jesuit protocols and boundaries,” a statement from Santa Clara board of trustees chairman John M. Sobrato said Friday.

          “An independent investigation into these accounts is being conducted on behalf of the USA West Province and the conclusions of the Province’s process will be shared with the Santa Clara University Board of Trustees,” the statement continued. “Father O’Brien was placed on leave from his position as University President for the duration of the investigation by the USA West Province consistent with its protocols.”

          Neither O’Brien nor Biden have commented publicly on the investigation. O’Brien described Biden as a “friend of 15 years” in a January Twitter post.

          Biden described O’Brien as an “American treasure” in 2016.

          Neither O’Brien nor Biden have commented publicly on the investigation. O’Brien described Biden as a “friend of 15 years” in a January Twitter post.

          Biden described O’Brien as an “American treasure” in 2016.

          Picture of Biden with the perverted priest.

  • If hypnotherapy is a mystery, how does this guest dude know so much about it? This wins the award for most simplistic explanation of NXIVM. I’ll be nice and call the article a load of shit. Sorry, Faris.

    • I’m not an expert but I’ve taken an introductory course from an accredited hypnotherapy training program in the US and you are absolutely right. Hypnosis is not mind control. They make that clear in the first five minutes of instruction.

      Real hypnosis isn’t nearly as exciting or salacious as movies and TV make it out to be. Much of the stage “hypnotism” you see is totally fake. The “hypnotized” people are just acting.

      Anyone who thinks there’s even the slightest hint of reality in the film “The Manchurian Candidate” is deluded.

      Keith was a master manipulator and effectively used standard tactics of coercive thought reform to carefully, slowly and subtly bend some people to follow him blindly (though only a small percentage of people who initially took a class). Mystical, mysterious powers had nothing to do with it.

    • Forgot to add… anyone who has actually studied hypnotism will see that Allison Mack is not in a “hypnotic trance” when she was filmed meeting stinky Keith for the first time.

      • Anyone who has studied hypnosis would know a person is in trance all day every day, Part of hypnosis is putting your target/subject into a trace that is most beneficial for you to get what you desire from them.

        By the way, Hypnotherapy HELPS people. This author doesn’t have a clue. If I have the desire, I will submit an article to the skank report explaining hypnotic basics to end this stream of bullshit spread in these posts and articles.

        Frank, perhaps educating yourself on hypnosis would allow you to make informed decisions before publishing this garbage.

  • –Kristin Kreuk must have felt that she too was being hypnotized and decided to leave before anything bad happened.–

    I wonder if this post’s author thinks Kreuk was stronger that Mack, or was it her alleged shyness that stopped her from joining the harem or DOS?

      • No. Kreuk was still coaching up until 2013 and continued on as a member of NXIVM up until 2016 or 2017.

    • “Keith Raniere ravaged Krueks body” a quote from Nxivm promoter Pea Onyu.

      This doesn’t sound like she is any stronger to me, and didn’t leave soon enough. No doubt, Keith was surely tapping that like he was tapping everything else.

      No wonder Kruek won’t talk.

      • I don’t know if Kreuk and Keith ever had sex, but it seems strange that in all the videos I’ve seen about the sex cult plus all the photos, I’ve never seen Kreuk and Keith in the same frame. Or with Nancy either I think.

        Kreuk seemed always to be around the edges of scenes like some movie extra, instead of the so-called famous face of the sex cult. Odd.

        Is that because there was some rule never to shoot Kreuk with them? Or some pressure never to show any that do exist?

        • “Is that because there was some rule never to shoot Kreuk with them? Or some pressure never to show any that do exist?”

          Or maybe she just wasn’t as involved as people claim she was. That is the least complex possibility out of all of them.

        • Well, you know what it is said about rumors: “Always remember…Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”

          Keith is too much of a coward to have had a chance. He sent Lauren to take on the Mexican police as he hid in a closet in Puerto Vallarta. At least that was somewhat understandably excusable since they had guns. But the poor guy couldn’t even stand up to (the intrinsically weak female according to him) Dani when she confronted him. He ran away like a little bitch only to cower and lock himself in a bathroom. His bravery reminds me of the commenters here and the NXIVM supporters who were too afraid to take a stand in his defense when it mattered, just like he was.

          But lucky for him and them, the only thing Keith will be doing is 120 years. Perhaps others will be doing him though.

  • No one can be hypnotized into committing an act they do not want to do.

    This is merely an excuse to absolve Raniere’s weak minded followers of responsibility.

    Hypnotism makes for a funny gag on the Three Stooges and little else.
    Hypno 03 “The Three Stooges”

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