Julia Answers Vicious Theft of Three Ambrose Children By Obscene CT Monsters

By Julia Donovan

Readers are familiar with the Ambrose versus Riordan divorce and custody case. Chris Ambrose, the father, won it all. The children and their mother lost it all.

Now a gent, who posts anonymously on Frank Report, is taking up the father’s side.

Since we do not know his name, we will dub him Peter Filius. He quotes from the Custody Evaluation report paid for by the father and written by parental alienation advocate Jessica Biren Caverly.


Just an itsy-bitsy tiny sampling from the custody evaluation shared here at the FR:

“It is believed that Ms. Riordan is intentionally telling the children things about the divorce that they should not know, such as her concerns that Mr. Ambrose is gay, that he enjoys or is involved with child pornography, and the allegations of plagiarism.”

Hi “Anonymous”.

If Mr. Ambrose is gay, is that an embarrassing fact to be hidden from the children? Since when do Puritans run Connecticut family courts?

If he “is involved with child pornography”, did law enforcement say that should be kept a secret?

How did the evaluator expect Ms. Riordan to respond to the children’s many disclosures?

The custody report: ‘As an adult, [I am] allowed to look at porn.’ Mr. Ambrose stated… a website called Latino Boiz… does not include children.”

Ambrose says, despite the name that implies otherwise, Latino Boiz does not have naked Latino models under 18. They use models who are over 18, but look like they are underage.  Ambrose’s boys are Latino. 

Peter: “From conversations with the various school administrators, it is perceived that Ms. Riordan’s interventions often exacerbate the problems, and she does not give the schools time to try to resolve matters.”

Julia: Why were “matters” related to the disturbing disclosures to be “resolved” at school instead of in family court?

Peter: “Ms. Riordan is not meeting the children’s psychological and emotional needs. It is believed that Ms. Riordan has limited insight and judgment into how her behaviors can negatively impact the children.”

Julia: Do public schools or family courts now mandate how parents should “meet children’s psychological and emotional needs”? Why are teachers and family court evaluators deciding which insight, judgment and behaviors are to “impact the children” instead of parents?

Peter: “It is the evaluator’s opinion that sole legal custody be given to Mr. Ambrose as Ms. Riordan’s personality has impacted her ability to communicate effectively with the children’s school, therapist, and pediatrician.”

Julia: See where this is going?

“The evaluator’s opinion” is just that: her opinion

It was the evaluator’s opinion that “sole legal custody” should be given to a man who poses online as a barber to lure teenage boys and young men. Why?

Chris Ambrose trolls as a barber online in what appears to be an attempt to connect with men who need a haircut.  Ambrose is not known to hold a barber’s license in CT or any other state.

Karen Riordan raised her three children from their infancy primarily as a single mother. Then when the children were 13, 13 and nine, a custody evaluator decided that because the children claimed their father Ambrose abused them, the mother alienated the children. She said the children were lying and recommended the mother have no contact with the children she raised. The children were deeply traumatized and have called out to the public to help them. 

Julia: Why did Ms. Riordan’s “personality” raise those three beautiful children and then stop?

Did a change in her personality occur for no reason?

Or, was it that Ms. Riordan’s “personality” was able to raise those three beautiful children until she felt the need to protect them from:

Harm Christopher Ambrose did to the children;

Harm Judge Gerard Adelman did to the children;

Harm attorney Edward Nussbaum did to the children;

Harm attorney Nancy Aldrich did to the children;

Harm Jocelyn Hurwitz did to the children;

Harm therapist Robert Horwitz did to the children.

Harm Judge Jane Grossman did to the children; and,

Harm custody evaluater Jessica Biren- Caverly did to the children?

Every parent would have all the patience in the world, and possess a “personality impacting communication effectively with schools, therapists, and pediatricians,” if that parent was gifted with the time, money, and hope that Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Adelman, Mr. Nussbaum, Ms. Aldrich, Ms. Hurwitz, Mr. Horowitz, Ms. Grossman and Ms. Biren-Caverly stole from Karen Riordan and her three beautiful children.

Or said another way: Many parents who lost their children in Family Court were accused of having a personality disorder.

They would not present as having personality disorders if they did not have their children stolen.

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  • Once again, the powers that be are 💯 wrong. I have known Karen Riordan for the past 45 years and the only thing she could be accused of is having a heart of gold. Although her children were adopted, she could not love or care for them more than she has. Of course when the powers that be (courts/lawyers) are paid off to paint you as a unfit lunatic, there is little you can do. When the courts decide to give full custody to a father that masquerades on the internet to attract young Latino homosexuals, that says it all.
    Divorce is a horrible thing for children as they are stuck in the middle. However to alienate them from the primary care giver they have even known and forced to live with an angry and disturbed Father is both cruel and ludicrous. Obviously, people were paid off along the way to get to a point where something like this has happened. They expect when a Mother has her children ripped away from her to just accept it and go on with her life without them. If this was the case, she would be an unfit Mother. The fact that she has fought back, shows how much she loves and misses them!!!!

  • I suggest all of the “adults” involved submit to a poly-graph test. I would bet that you will find that all of them (except Christopher and Karen) accepted, whatever opinions gave them the most money, and applied some flawed CT Family Court laws, using precedences based on similar cases, exploiting the same flawed laws. The children…never considered as all.
    As far as Christopher goes, I’d bet his poly would show a “no holds barred” attempt to save his reputation, whatever the cost (including to the kids), and not let anyone “beat him in court”.
    As for Karen, or any conscientious mother, I’d bet her results would show…above and beyond anything else…the desire for the safety and proper care of her 3 children.
    Julia asks formidable questions…are the adults and the State of CT, brave enough to let the truth be know???

  • Ambrose is sly and sadistic. He set up this entire storyline. Typical psychopath. The bigger the con the greater the payoff.
    Ambrose worked with Bruce Freedman – known parental alienation and fathers rights promoter who works deeply with the AFCC and barbaric pals Adelman and horwitz.

    Freedman and Aldrich follow the same formula in every case. It’s a playbook. It’s an army against one parent – usually the mother, and the stay at home mothers, who are most bonded with the children are most at risk- for the father has taken full financial control and the court and attorneys ignore the law and allow the father to maintain total control – giving the mother no access to finances, records, retainer agreements or payments made to court appointed guns.

    Same pattern. No due process. The court orders are all lies. The gals are rarely under oath and they work with the judge to get lies onto the record without being sworn in.

    The gals control the therapists. Anyone advocating for the mother or children are eliminated, threatened or discredited.

    The psychological abuse and torment by attorneys toward the non-monied parent is life altering and vicious.

    These people are ruthless criminals abusing our children, stealing our property and life savings, without much time or effort whatsoever.

    It is so lucrative a scam, they all protect each other.

    Postings and analysis of Jocelyn hurwitzs invoices and Edward nusbaum’s invoices coming soon.

    Analysis of the illegal contracts of these two practiced scammers will be reviewed as well.

    It all takes times, but the public must be warned and see the evidence first hand. There will be no one, except Ambrose, who will defend their conduct, and billing practices. Fraud is everywhere.

    It’s blatant because these conspirators are so well protected by CT courts, they don’t even try to hide the abuse of power.

    The public needs to see what’s been successfully hidden for decades using the debunked theory of parental alienation of Richard Gardner to silence children who are abused.

    Tick tock… it’s all coming out. It just takes time.

    Ambrose will have to show his financial statements and his “business” Eyes Above Productions, will be subject to discovery. Something the court has an interest in keeping buried. Chris Ambrose has been a con man for 60 years.

    He’s not changing. Those kids need protection. He’s a lunatic.

  • What’s amusing is adelmans court found no mental illness or personality disorder but grossman used a “potential bipolar episode” as the reason for a no-contact order with the children.

    Riordan has never had any personality disorder diagnosed period. Yet judge grossman adds personal commentary to the record to justify (against ADA laws) isolation of Ambrose kids from the mom they love and who raised them.

    It’s all coming out. Just wait. You’ll see.

  • Jessica Caverly is a sadistic, perverse monster.

    Ct courts can protect her but public exposure will put her out of business and prevent the abuse of children.

    She’s one sick fuck.

  • Peter- When you’re ready to be schooled on a valid custody evaluation or psychological evaluation, please let me know.

    You are a perfect example of blindly following statements which are void of merit and zero evidence or fact checking.

    Custody Evaluator Caverly’s fraud is so blatant – please Peter- find a credible psychiatrist who will support the quality, findings and recommendations of Caverly.

    There’s the challenge for you. You won’t find any who will publicly endorse the report.

  • It’s insane that this sordid cast of characters was permitted to act against the best interests of the children for so long and in seemingly such a coordinated manner.

    Everyone who was supposed to be looking out for the children failed them while undermining any semblance of justice for the mother and her rights. The children have expressed a consistent desire to be with their mother. Why have they been ignored? They’re all old enough to speak cogently on the topic, and they all have said they want to be with their mother.

    And it’s taken this village of bad actors to make sure that doesn’t happen. Thank you, Julia Donovan, for giving a voice to the children.

  • Frank – I don’t understand or get the gist of what is being said in this part of the above CT report you wrote:

    Every parent would have all the patience in the world, and possess a “personality impacting communication effectively with schools, therapists, and pediatricians,”

    Can you restate what you are implying in the (( personality impacting communication effectively with schools, therapists, and pediatricians)) portion of the above statement?

    Frank B.

    • Many parents who lost their children in Family Court were accused of having a personality disorder.

      They would not present as having personality disorders if they did not have their children stolen.

  • The evidence against all of the players will be shared. CT courts won’t allow it on the record. All due process violated.

    Racketeering. Welcome to CT family court.

  • Dr. Robert Horowitz forced my children and I into sessions with my ex, who was diagnosed sociopathic.

    What I witnessed was so sickening, I cannot even refer to him as a doctor. Rather, I will refer to him as Horwitz.

    As the children and I tried to speak, my ex twisted our words and got louder and louder. He was talking circles around us. Refusing to let us say a word.

    Horowitz allowed this to go on. In fact he seemed to enjoy it. My children were crying. I was begging him to make it stop. It was absolutely traumatizing. I have never experienced anything like it in my life.

    Horowitz also told me things behind closed doors that he refused to put into writing. Such as, the best thing that could ever happen to my children would be if their ‘father moved away’.

    Horowitz was aware that my ex’s second wife was physically assaulted during a ride home from one of his appointments, because she didn’t say what my ex wanted.

    Knowing The danger involved, Horwitz forced my children to get into the car with their father after a traumatic and heated session. They were kicking and screaming, yet Horwitz felt it was in their best interest.

    I don’t know what the deal is with this system but it is absolutely disgusting. And this man has been mentioned more than once. I have first-hand experience. I also audio taped one or two sessions because I was so blown away with what he allowed. If I wasn’t so scared of retaliation, I would happily make those public to stop him from doing this to anyone else.

  • Oh, and also there is not a single shred of evidence that he has any involvement nor ever has had with child pornography it was a vicious lie the mother was creating to upset the children. That is abuse.

    What disclosures? The kids didn’t have any disclosures.

    Also Julia I am pretty sure that you are not a parent of the Ambrose children. Are you? So why do you keep discussing them? you believe that family courts cannot make a decision about what is best for these children, but you, some random person with an opinion on the Internet, knows what’s best for these kids? You are a hypocrite.

    • No vicious lie. And there is zero evidence presented by Biren Caverly that the mother told the children anything. No worries. The truth ultimately comes out.

      Ambrose is a sociopath with no empathy. He’s a gifted writer and liar and he has millions.

      Who does this to children? It’s laughable if these weren’t real childhoods.

    • He was on a site called Latino BOIZ. Seems like fairly concrete evidence to me. Would you allow someone like that to be with your kids? I don’t think so.

      • Nope Karen had stolen his computer and had it in her possession. the odds are very high she is the one who went to latinoboys.com

        • You are forgetting that Ambrose admitted he to the custody evaluator that Latino Boiz did not have any children on the website. The implication is that the Boiz were over 18.

          • If I were in his shoes I would point that out too whether I had ever visited that website or not.
            because since it is not child porn, it is moot.

    • Dear Anonymous,

      My above comments were originally posted months ago in response to others. You seem upset and I hope my comments didn’t upset you. If you think there aren’t any problems with the above case, I simply disagree. It’s my opinion that the children’s disclosures occurred and the case was mishandled.

      Whether I’m right or wrong, I’m allowed to think my own thoughts and write comments while hoping to help vulnerable children who were victims of Connecticut’s horrible family courts.

      My focus isn’t on one case or another as much as it’s on the discussion about the court’s obligation to protect vulnerable children from harmful behaviors and dangerous crimes.

      A discussion about the obvious problems with allowing that general trend will help far more than comments about one case or another.

      If the court allows the mother’s attorney to practice law again — or if the mother is allowed and able to present her evidence some other way, it will be easier for the public to better understand what happened in that case and provide much needed oversight for Connecticut’s rogue courts.

      • Julia wrote: “…or if the mother is allowed and able to present her evidence some other way, it will be easier for the public to better understand what happened in that case”

        It seems to me that the mother has presented all of her evidence and then some at this blog. She has nothing to back up her allegations. It’s all fabricated bullshit.

  • “ If Mr. Ambrose is gay, is that an embarrassing fact to be hidden from the children?”

    Mr. Ambrose states that he is not gay. And there seems to be zero evidence that he was ever in a same-sex relationship or is attracted
    to men to contradict his statements. So the issue is that Karen Ambrose was lying to her children about their father’s sexual orientation. in an attempt to upset them and make them believe that their father was living a lie.

  • “Why are teachers and family court evaluators deciding which insight, judgment and behaviors are to “impact the children” instead of parents?”

    Why? Because the parents brought their custody case to Family Court, you idiot.

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