Decision time: Marc Elliott recruits for Raniere in Brooklyn

Recruiting new members is how NXIVM employees pay their bills and pay for more classes in the endless curriculum. Marc Elliot is a NXIVM salesperson. It is his job and he needs fresh blood to feed the vampire-like organization that tries to teach people how to be successful but somehow never succeeds at anything but sucking their money away.

With bad branding and blackmail stories all over the internet making it worse, the sales people are hurting badly. Charmel Bowden, who teaches Level 1 courses, is said to be utterly exasperated that people are believing the lies in the media and not rushing to learn the exalted and truthful teachings of the Vanguard.

Marc Elliot is made of cleverer stuff. He is now recruiting under the guise of curing Tourette’s Syndrome – without mentioning the google-odious name of Keith Raniere. Elliot’s last known recruitment effort seems to have occurred in a warehouse in Brooklyn. The date was December 14, 2017.  The address was 258 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

On Dec 14, 2017, Marc was scheduled to make recruitment presentations at 258 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206.
It is not known how many attended, but if any had access to google they may have discovered Marc’s relationship with the google-ominous Keith Raniere and fled from him faster than Raniere fled to Mexico.
If anyone attended, Frank Report would be glad to hear – and publish –  your story.

Here is his advertising spiel straight from his website:

For nearly 20 years Marc Elliot lived with Tourette’s Syndrome, a disorder deemed by most in the medical community as involuntary and incurable. It’s estimated he ticced around 25 million times over that time period. He traveled extensively around the nation to deliver a message of compassion and tolerance that ultimately earned him national speaking awards by the age of 26. Astonishingly, with the help of Executive Success Programs and human potential innovators, Marc completely overcame his Tourette’s in 2013 using only mind over body and now lives tic-free.  Today, as an executive coach and inspirational speaker, Marc presents, “How To Change Your Life In One Decision.” Join him as he takes you on his journey of overcoming Tourette’s and discover for yourself the power of a single decision and how it can change your life and the world.
The interior of 258 Johnson looks like a perfect spot to recruit for NXIVM under a disguised name and purpose.

After the presentation, Marc was to host a Q & A followed by a social.

That single decision to change your life Marc is referring to is perhaps the decision to start paying money to take ESP classes – which will indeed change your life, for the rest of your life, or until Keith Raniere goes to jail for an exceedingly long time – whichever comes first.

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  • Has anyone looked into a Tourette’s organization that can put out the word about this guy and what he’s selling? News can travel fast throughout these communities that this guy is selling a bad program that comes with some extras that the bonus might not be worth the price of admission.

  • I reached out to over 60 people who showed interest in Marc’s recruitment.

    It gave me much “joy” to hear the responses on those who had no idea and were swayed from going. It was bittersweet to educate those who have looked up to Marc all these years to learn that his “mentor” is a narcissistic sociopath.

    I also gives me much “joy” to know that a man who takes great pleasure being in control, is hiding in Mexico feeling totally out of control.

    It’s been a great ending to a year I’ll never forget.

    Cheers 🥂Keith…. Happy New Year’s!!! Hope Everyone enjoys the bubbly at Apropos tomorrow!

  • Using Tourette’s as the hook is just super cynical. It’s a fairly rare condition, thank God. So, it’s creepier than most ploys used to attract people to Keith’s Bullshit. This is a new low. Instead of reaching out to people with garden variety self-esteem, situational issues, Keith’s vampires are now targeting people who, through no fault of their own or their family’s, have inherited a genetic condition that can be terribly disabling depending on it’s severity. Aside from the Tourettes these people can come from very stable and loving homes and be in happy, healthy relationships and in general are on good terms with society as a whole. Something which, if left to Keith, will be utterly destroyed.

  • Perhaps, the weirdest part is, they charge $25 to hear a sales pitch. Think about it. That’s like having to buy a ticket to have a car salesman give you a hard sell.

    • There are now too many people who read Frank Report and who might come and heckle and tell the truth about ESP.

      Charging a bit of money deters them from doing that.



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