Ct Family Court Darling, Chris Ambrose Threatens to Sue, Have Me Arrested, and Commit Suicide

Chris Ambrose

Christopher Ambrose has finally spoken on the record. 

Readers may recall Ambrose from a series of stories in Frank Report about his divorce and custody case in Connecticut Family Court.

The father of three children showed great skill in removing the mother from their lives, keeping all the marital assets, and absconding with their mother’s inheritance.

He admits all of this in an astonishing 10-page letter to me and, in the process, proves everything I have written about him is true. We will get to his letter in a subsequent post and review it line-by-line.

I expected this kind of letter – a projection-laden masterpiece, blaming me for what he has done to himself.

When I heard that he admitted he might consider suicide, I was surprised.

Naturally, he blames me.

Keep in mind Ambrose is a good writer. For years, he made big bucks writing fictional screenplays for TV shows such as Family Law, Judging Amy, Harry’s Law, NCIS New Orleans, Law and Order, Bones, and others.

On his last TV show, Instinct, in 2018, he was accused of plagiarism, upending his career abruptly.

Ambrose wrote to me: You…  claim I admitted I stole intellectual property and was fired for being a plagiarist. None of this is true, which is why there was never legal action, and contrary to your claims, my agents didn’t drop me. There were, however, a few erroneous reports in the press, and since you have told so many other, wholly unsupported lies, disputing this falsehood is not necessary here.

We do not need to dispute it. But Ambrose did tell Dr. Jessica Biren-Caveely, and it appears in her custody report:

“Ambrose stated that ‘I did a stupid thing.’ He explained that he had written some episodes of Bones that were ‘shelved,’ and he believed they were never used.

“Mr. Ambrose stated that he combined two episodes for Instinct using the Bones scripts as a template for the new episode of Instinct, stating, ‘I didn’t think anything of it.’. After the show aired, fans noticed the similarity with episodes of Bones.

“He explained that it was ‘shameful’ and ‘hugely embarrassing.’ Mr. Ambrose stated that there were articles written about him plagiarizing, but there was ‘no blowback.'”

According to Ambrose, TV Guide, Plagiarism Today, QZ Independent, and TV Line got it wrong.

Now I want to address his threat or call it a cry for help, of suicide.

Here is what he wrote to me:

Chris Ambrose

Ambrose: Your life-altering lies have exposed me to public hatred, contempt, and ridicule. Your lies have pulled apart my extended family and destroyed relationships. The psychological damage done by defamation is severe and can cause suicide and attempted suicide; for me, it has resulted in a diagnosis and need for treatment.

Ambrose says he is suicidal or at least considering suicide. If someone can help him, I hope you will do it.

I would advise him that if he wants to be happy, he should make peace with his wife, whom he has injured, and let his children be happy again by being with their mother, whom they miss deeply.

He has presided over a no-contact order that he purchased from CT Family Court and kept his children apart from their mother for two years. But I cannot contact him, though he has written to me, for he claims I am defaming him to the point that it rises to a crime.

Ambrose wrote: I recently discovered that defamation is a crime in Florida, FL Stat. §836.04, and it has been confirmed that your conduct also constitutes cyberstalking, another crime, FL Stat. §784.048. Both of these crimes are punishable by incarceration, FL Stat. §775.082 and 775.083.

So, of course, he is threatening me with criminal complaints because I have written about him.

He wrote:

Ambrose: I will… file a criminal complaint reporting your defamation and cyberstalking to the Monroe County Sheriff and State Attorney in Key West. Both are very familiar with you.

Ambrose was a lawyer, but his license appears to have expired in 2006. As a result, his grasp of the law is vague. First, let’s look at the criminal defamation statute he cites.

Ambrose: Defamation is a crime in Florida, FL Stat. §836.04,

Here is FL statute: 836.04Defamation.Whoever speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.”

This law was passed in 1883 and has not been prosecuted this century and possibly not during the last century.

There are several reasons why Ambrose probably won’t succeed in this criminal prosecution of me based on this law.

  1. The First Amendment, ratified in 1791, supersedes it.
  2. The US Supreme Court, in New York Times v. Sullivan, reconciled state defamation with the protection of public discourse afforded by the First Amendment.
  3. After Sullivan, a jurisprudence of “constitutional defamation” arose, limiting liability in cases involving public figures and limited-purpose public figures.
  4. Truth is a complete defense to a charge of defamation.
  5. Ambrose is not a woman.

Now let’s look at the cyberstalking law.

Ambrose: Your conduct also constitutes cyberstalking, another crime, FL Stat. §784.048.

The state of Florida defines cyberstalking.

}1. To engage in a course of conduct to communicate, or to cause to be communicated, directly or indirectly, words, images, or language by or through the use of electronic mail or electronic communication, directed at or pertaining to a specific person; or
“2. To access, or attempt to access, the online accounts or Internet-connected home electronic systems of another person without that person’s permission, causing substantial emotional distress to that person and serving no legitimate purpose.”

There are several reasons why my conduct is not cyberstalking: 

  1. Cyberstalking must involve electronic communication. I never emailed Ambrose.
  2. I attempted to reach him once by phone and three times by text over seven months to seek his comments on my stories. He did not reply.
  3. I did not try to contact him again.
  4.  Publishing Frank Report is not sending electronic communications.
  5. Frank Report exists in cyberspace and is accessed only by those who choose to view it.
  6. The First Amendment protects speech even when it is uncomfortable and challenges conventional beliefs, attitudes, or standards of good taste. United States v. Stevens is emotionally distressing or outrageous, upsetting, or arouses contempt. Boos v. Barry.
  7. Under the First Amendment, online speech is protected Reno v. Am. Civil Liberties Union.

Frank Report posts about Ambrose may inflict emotional distress, though not nearly as much as he caused his children when he deprived them of their mother, their primary attachment figure for their entire lives.

Unlike his children, who cannot see their mother because of him, Ambrose can protect his emotional distress by simply averting his eyes from Frank Report.

He can also contact his wife, the mother of his children, and seek a path to heal the terrible things he has done. He will be far less suicidal the moment he does that. 

I do understand he may be mentally unstable and becoming unhinged. He sees things at the end of his driveway and hears from imaginary callers who he thinks are Frank Report readers.

Ambrose: It’s likely your readers are making the anonymous phone calls and sitting in idling cars at the end of our driveway late at night.

Are people making anonymous phone calls to Ambrose and coming over to his home in rural Connecticut, sitting in idling cars at the end of his driveway? Are these my readers? If so, I ask all of you not to go over to his house and sit at the end of his driveway for reasons unknown and let your car idle late at night. However, I wonder why he would not call the police if vehicles were at the end of his driveway.

But really, this sounds like an unstable man.

He secretly records his children, puts bells on their doors, or removes their doorknobs. A store reportedly threw him out because of his temper.

He seems to think I made up stories about his sex life. His children, who wish to be back with their mother, posted information about him on social media. In my next post, I will show what the children and others have revealed about his unusual predilections. For now, he blames it on me.

Ambrose: You falsely say of me… that I “admit to viewing what can only described [sic] as gay Latino child porn.” You claim I said this to the custody evaluator, but none of it is in her report or her testimony. I have never said these things to anyone.

I beg to differ. The custody evaluation report reads: Chris Ambrose stated, “as an adult, [I am] allowed to look at porn.

“Mr. Ambrose stated that Ms. Riordan had showed the teacher a website called Latino Boiz, [which she said was found on Ambrose’s computer] which he stated does not include children.”

If Ambrose never viewed Latino Boiz, how does he know it does not include children? There is much more to write about this. But Ambrose goes on with his extraordinary exaggerations.

Ambrose: You intentionally and maliciously causing [sic] me severe emotional distress… You have also deliberately set out to ruin every aspect of my life and reputation. Your intent is so malicious, your misconduct so inartfully aggressive… maliciously, intentionally publish[ing] in a scorched-earth smear campaign….deliberately telling lies to utterly ruin the life of someone you never met.

So, he thinks I have ruined his life to the point of suicide. On the contrary, I submit he destroyed his life when he decided to steal his wife’s share of the marital assets and her inheritance. This theft enabled him to buy the custody evaluator and the guardian ad litem.

I will get into this more in my next post on his fantastic letter. Finally, he concludes his letter with a respectful, or so he calls it, advice.

Ambrose: I respectfully suggest that you find a good therapist with whom you can explore your motivation, your hubris and your cruelty.

I could only offer him the same advice.

In our next post, I will discuss his specific claims of lies and what he wants me to do about them. But here’s a hint: He said if I publish another word about him, he will come after me like all hellfire.

He wants me to apologize to him.

Ambrose has begun to think of me as the devil who’s ruined his life, and he thinks he will stop me.

So many men like him have tried to silence me, and never a soul succeeded.

He might get burned even more.

Like it or not, his road to peace is to stop the bullshit, stop threatening others, and let his children see their mother.

I will respect him when he does that, but not until then.


Stay tuned for my next post on this topic.

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  • Someone told the Mad Spanker that Kreuk lives at that address. That’s him at the end of the driveway at night spanking his monkey.

    • We have not heard a word from Sultan in a very long time. Do you know if he ever got together with Kristin Kreuk?

    • Oh no 🙈! The Mad Spanker Strikes Again! Thank you, Mad Spanker, may I have another?

  • WTF, Sherrizy and wait for it…’FR reader’s aren’t stupid…’

    No were not, which is why when we see a concerted effort to derail FR’s purpose — we see it!! — Amazing right?!!

  • If Ambrose wants this all to stop, simply fix the problem and walk away. Close the case, give the children back their Mom; give his wife back her money; sign the divorce papers, and walk away from their lives and never return. Let them all heal (and hope they can), while he can go restart his life far away, never to be seen or heard from again! Keep up the great work, Frank!

  • What’s his new diagnosis?

    This should be good. Did Caverly give it to him?

    Cry baby syndrome. Always someone else’s fault. Your kids, your wife, your father, the fans that outed you for plagiarism, and now Frank Report.

  • Congratulations Chris Ambrose! Tomorrow it will be two years since you took your children on a fabricated affidavit and fraudulent custody evaluation!

    You did your homework, executed the plan and traumatized your own children.

    Interesting – you haven’t secured employment since getting fired for plagiarism in April 2018. Instinct was your last job.

    Why is that? And now you blame others for your career failure? Because you’re a thief, liar and conman?

    You lied to your colleagues, your supervisors, actors and showrunner. Hmm. But let’s blame FR instead!

    And you blame the judge fir no-contact when you could have settled this years ago.

  • This story is getting some major traction.

    Look 👀at the interest in the comment count.

    This awful situation in the mainstream public eye in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


  • OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!! this is same guy that was kicked out of the Guliford Planet Fitness for taking photos of men in the locker room!!!!! I can’t believe it. EW, thank you, Frank!!! Now it all makes sense!! I going to run to planet fitness right now and tell them what that are dealing with. EwWWWWWW@WW

    • Frank, don’t let these lying fools steer the course of your blog. Most of your readers are actually too intelligent to buy this crap. It might work in an echo chamber of a blog that is only read by people angry with family courts because they’ve lost custody themselves. It doesn’t work in forums where people mostly don’t have an emotional bias and can look at facts, or lack thereof, somewhat objectively. Your blog and writing have garnered mainstream international attention and praise. Don’t throw it away pandering to low IQ folks with not-so-hidden agendas. Or maybe start a separate blog for that. Just my opinion that you are doing yourself and the credibility you have built a disservice. Of course, you are welcome to disagree.

      • Wtf at 2:36
        This is part of Frank’s illness though. These delusions of grandeur. He legitimately believes he can take down CT family court using the one-sided stories from a woman who is also very mentally ill.

        Frank is making a mockery of himself and, more importantly, really causing damage to these three children. They will forever know that it was their mother feeding this false information to Frank, thus making things very difficult for them in school, with peers, etc. I can’t help but think about the college application process and how this will impact it. One can only hope that perhaps these children will get full rides because of what has been done to them on the internet. That will be the only silver lining here.

    • Anonymous at 10:01,

      First, stop spreading rumors.
      Second, wtf does that have to do with anything, you homophobic pos!

      Read Ambrose’s cease and desist letter – NONE of Riordan’s accusations were substantiated. And they were thoroughly investigated. NONE. In fact, Ambrose states that he has texts that Riordan sent to one of the kids instructing him to accuse Ambrose of abuse and not tell anyone that she told him to lie to hurt his dad, not even his therapist. The child refused to do it so she barraged him with texts. He didn’t want to do it and he showed it to Ambrose. What a great mom Riordan is!

      I started out supporting Riordan because all I read was what Frank wrote, which came from Riordan. The more I read and researched this case and related cases with Riordan, I realized that she has lied about everything. I also realized that she is very much like Elizabeth Barnes-Weinstein. Look up her related cases, suing Caverly and the governor. She tells the judge he is incompetent and has a mental defect when she is the one who does not understand the law or the legal issues in her cases. Put simply, she’s batshit crazy!

      Thankfully, it seems like the kids are finally starting to see Riordan for who she really is. They all have phones and iPods and they use them outside of Ambrose’s view. If they wanted to call her, they would. But, they don’t.

      If Riordan just stopped doing crazy shit to try to harm Ambrose, she could have a nice relationship with her kids. But, it appears she can’t control herself. Shane on her!

      You probably won’t print this Frank, but I think it’s important that you recognize the truth and take a step back and look at who you are supporting. You are undermining your entire claim about the CT courts when you chose cases where the mother deserves to lose custody and is fully responsible for the position she is in. You need to properly get these people and do your due diligence.

      Ambrose has a very strong defamation case against you. He has actual evidence while you only have Riordan’s self-serving, unsupported and uncorroborated accusations. I hope he wins!

      • Sherizzy wrote “If Riordan just stopped doing crazy shit to try to harm Ambrose, she could have a nice relationship with her kids.”

        Exactly. The great news for Karen is that she does not have to bring down the entire government and judiciary of the state of CT in order to get some custody of her kids. She just has to look in the mirror and stop her self-sabotaging, counter-productive behavior.

        • This is what every narcissistic sociopath abuser would says “ If Riordan just stopped doing crazy shit to try to harm Ambrose, she could have a nice relationship with her kids.” They are always the victim.

  • How about if, instead of delivering Easter bags, the godmother delivered the expensive hearing aid Karen refuses to return to her own hearing-impaired child out of spite against the dad?

    • This story has me puzzled. if it is true that Karen has withheld a hearing aid for two years, why doesn’t the father, who has sole legal and physical custody just go buy one.

      He has spent more than $600,000 on his attorney to crush the mother. He is admitting neglect in not buying her a hearing aid.

      I am told that Chris was told that she does not have a hearing aid. But even if she did, and won’t give it up, the father has permitted his daughter to be without one it seems for two years. Who is being spiteful?

      • Karen is clearly a liar. Just wait until she starts telling everyone fictional stories about how you “abused” her. Why put your neck on the chopping block for these unhinged lunatics?

      • I’m also puzzled. If Karen wants custody of her kids so bad, what has she done over the past two years besides vent on the internet, try to plant evidence on her ex, and file what proved to be meritless motions?

        She sued the governor of CT??? I think she prob needs to up her ADHD meds to stay focused. She hasn’t even shown up in court! Has she gotten a job, a place to live where the kids can potentially stay overnight with her? Why not start supervised visitation? What does she have to lose when she hasn’t seen the kids in two years? I’d love to see a list of all the things she has done to try to regain custody. Sounds to me like she just wants to scream “I want em I want em!” and people should just hand them over. Time to act like a grownup! This infantilization of women has got to stop!

        Yeah, it’s horrifically stressful to lose custody of kids, so get therapy, join a support group, take prescribed meds, get stable…and then take it step by step LEGALLY. It seems to me Chris has stated from day 1 he wants the kids to have their mother in their life because that is what’s best for children. Imo, Karen needs to snap out of this vengeful mania and come back down to planet earth if she wants some custody of her kids again.

        • Sorry about your childhood and bitterness toward motherhood. Here’s hoping you get some therapy, or at the very least

          ‘…don’t have any kids yourself’

        • Because she, like Elizabeth Harding Weinstein, doesn’t actually want to see or be with the kids. They want to punish the ex. And they’ve created this whole “victim of the courts” identity for themselves and don’t want to give it up by doing what normal people do to be in their children’s lives.

    • Remember Chris- you were the one that permitted Westport Public Schools to say she had NO hearing disability on her IEP.

      And then you pocketed the money instead of making sure your child’s chronic, severe hearing loss was honored under IDEA.

      What hearing disability are you talking about? You agreed she didn’t have one.

      Refer to caverly report where you state Mia wasn’t hearing as well as you were led to believe.

      In reality she could hear nothing. But you spin it anyway that suits your narrative.

      To the detriment of your children as usual.

  • Maybe Ambrose should see a psychiatrist instead of entering a dual relationship with his own child’s counselor after child abuse at the hands of Ambrose was confirmed.

    Huge payday for Dr William Horn, Stamford, CT – Stay away. No integrity. Money taken to detriment of child.

  • Chris is indeed a darling. He pretends to be a woman online and waits to hits from Latino, military men. I believe he is 24 in his online profile. One of them anyway.

    So darling is appropriate for several reasons.

    Since he poses as a woman online, does the Florida criminal charge apply?

  • Chrus- according to Caverly report your father bullied, best, and abused you. Seems like you’re following right in his footsteps.

    Have the brothers – Neil Ambrose, CT attorney living in Glastonbury and Colin Ambrose, living in Westport – have they confirmed the severe abuse to chris Ambrose by his father? Or is this more storytelling by failed TV writer?

    Did Neil Ambrose and Colin Ambrose get beaten and abused by the father -alwin Ambrose, as well?

    Colin is a bully. The bully brothers.

  • Christopher, Can you share your new diagnosis and treatment plan?

    Is it PTSD like you inflicted in your wife and kids?

    Depression snd anxiety like you inflicted in your wife and kids?

    Panic attacks like experienced by your wife and kids?

    Are your cutting? Engaging in self harm like your kids as a result of your abuse and isolation?

    What is your new diagnosis and treatment plan? Is it prescribed by a real medical doctor or more quackery psychologists in consult with the gal? Those known in the cabal of child traffickers?

    Please explain your diagnosis.

  • What’s your goal Ambrose? End game? It’s two years you’ve destroyed your wife and broken her heart and your kids cry themselves to sleep.

    You think they’re gonna forget their mom? They know she’s not bad and crazy. You’re the batshit crazy one if you believe they’ll ever buy what you’re selling.

    Kids love their mom. Give them what they want and they may still find a way to forgive you.

    Did you hate your mom or something? Fucked up. Stop fucking over your kids.

  • Chris- End this before it gets worse. Your children have suffered long enough as has your wife. Three years in court and still married. You were fleeced by the system with the promise of full custody, no alimony and your wife would pay you child support. That was your agreement. Your choice after careful research.

    But now, after paying the heavy hitters to deliver your kids, your attorney Nancy Aldrich has bailed on you after taking over half a million. Dr. Horwitz is hiding so he doesn’t enter the spotlight for his child abuse. Jocelyn Hurwitz has moved along because she’s now famous for the Bugsy MacVicar theft of two girls, the homocide and suicide of her Westport mom client, and the theft and abuse of your three children.

    Make peace with your wife and stop threatening and controlling your children.

    You can’t live with yourself when you have taken the mother they love from them. It’s you Chris. Not the courts. Do what’s right “our third wheel”.

  • Ambrose bought power which fueled his need to dominate, control and abuse.

    The courts made this man far worse than he ever would have been by giving him total control instead of the help he needed to stop his pathological lying.

    He cannot face the truth of who he is and will destroy anyone that threatens his false storyline. This is why everyone who loves these kids have been cut off from seeing them.

    He needs help. The courts should have protected the kids and given him the help he needs.

  • Chris is obviously unhinged and should never be a primary parent. This guy is an angry person and should never be solely in charge of parenting children. He has manipulated the courts to rule in his favor, but he is not the parent the courts thought he would be. The kids belong with their mother in a loving environment

    • Karen is obviously unhinged and should never be a primary parent. This woman is an angry person and should never be solely in charge of parenting children. She has manipulated the blogs to write in her favor, but she is not the parent the blogs think she would be. The kids belong with their father in a loving environment.

      • False equivalency is by now a well-worn old chestnut –

        Didn’t the plagiarism scandal teach you anything, Chris?

        Your disinfo game, like your parenting, is well below par.

          • Statistics: 87.23 percent of statistics quoted by anonymous commenters citing percentages and claiming not to be Chris are made up and meant to discredit Karen, and of these, Chris writes 94.783 percent of them. Additionally, 83.095 percent of comments that begin with “I’m not Chris” are written by a person whose first name happens to be Chris.

            These are the statistics.

          • Whoever you are its clear that you are very defensive of Mr. Ambrose and somewhat hostile toward Karen Riordan and Frank Parlato. I don’t share your views or your delusion that all who post here are the same person.

          • “Whoever you are its clear that you are very defensive of Mr. Ambrose and somewhat hostile toward Karen Riordan and Frank Parlato. I don’t share your views or your delusion that all who post here are the same person.”

            I’m hostile only to Karen’s lies presented as truth. You can see the facts in the documentation. I’m not at all hostile toward Frank Parlato, in fact, I like the guy.

  • My very good friend and the best life mentor I have ever had who is Matthews godmother went to drop off Easter baskets and he threatened the kids to get back into the house, told her to get off property and even when she left he called the Madison cops. I’m so very upset over this.

    • It probably violated a court order. Besides, when he didn’t reply to her Easter invite, she should have gotten the message. Chris is in a high conflict divorce and being attacked online with threats against him on that vile circus blog. Obviously she is aware because of that because this Easter story showed up immediately on the circus blog
      What the hell would possess this woman to show up unannounced at his house on Easter? She could have called him or texted him and asked him if it was OK if she dropped them off. Oh, I’m sorry, is she “butt hurt” that he doesn’t want random people to show up at his house uninvited on a major holiday??? She’s not even a relative!!!!!!! Quit pretending you’re so stupid. And stop insulting the intelligence of Frank Report readers.

  • I don’t see any suicide threat in that statement. That statement is only meant to underscore the extreme potential detrimental effects of defamation. If you do a quick Google search into the psychological effects of defamation, suicide ideation and attempts is actually most common in teenagers who are victims of it.

    I personally believe that the kids’ names and pictures should be completely removed from this blog’s content for their safety and well-being. P.S. I’m not Chris, don’t know him, etc

      • That’s nice you have that opinion. My opinion is that high conflict cases like this one should be decided by courts and not by blogs.

        • Corrupt courts are driven by money. They decided so far. Free speech is the checks and balances of corrupt courts.

          • And bloggers are motivated by clicks, money, attention, perceived power, meeting desperate vulnerable divorcees, etc.

        • The attorneys create the conflict and need for court appointed strangers paid for solely by one parent. RICO. It’s known.

          See In the Worst Interest if the Child: trafficking children through family courts.

          Jocelyn Hurwitz and Adelman are both the stars from CT- it’s child trafficking- moving children for money.

          They were moved to Ambrose for money. He’s had total control of all money fir three years. The judges you want to rule- allow one parent to have total control, to hide the money trail lining the pockets of attorneys, frauds like caverly, smith, Horwitz and others.

          • Funny cuz it seems Karen had about $300,000+ at her disposal. She is a liar.

        • The truth doesn’t come out when it’s a bought court. Ambrose bought custody.

          He shows he’s abusive by denying the children their mother.

          The state holds no interest in denying any of these parents the right to parent their children. There’s no abuse. It’s all $$$

          • you got that right, B…All you need to keep in mind is that the children have been kept from their mother for more than a year…She’s not a danger to herself nor to others….No, that would be Chris Ambrose

      • Frank, you really are only making matters worse with your refusal to stop involving the children. Like the previous poster- not Chris, don’t know him. I’ve just followed this story. There are two sides to every story which you have failed to provide. Your “journalism” is only hurting the children at this point.

        I’ve read up on you and I hope the kids’ reprieve comes when justice is served and you are put behind bars later this year.

        • I wouldn’t count on it. I think that it is more likely that Chris will be behind bars than I. But time will tell. We shall see what happens, won’t we?

        • Thank you for the fresh voice of reason, it’s not commonly seeing here at the Frank report especially not from “the truth is always fair” author. Please stay.

    • Let the children speak. These children were suicidal when they were separated from their mother. Not bc of any report.

      See the hospital records. Let the children speak and see their mother. Separation from mother places kids at risk of suicide!!

  • He wants his reputation back? Here’s a thought: Give your ex back her money and her children for whom you do not give a rip for anyway. You know, be a DECENT human being…Do something selfless for once in your life. C’mon Chris, I’m sure you’ve seen pictures

  • Chris
    Don’t you know the FR is a source of unbiased, objective information, just like FOX NEWS! It’s my go to source for truth and objective reporting.

      • This is the fear. Jocelyn Hurwitz is involved in this case. A mother (her client) killed her child abd then killer herself. All under Jocelyn Hurwitzs watch.

        Great that she’s crested the same situation here.

    • I have been worrying about the kids from the beginning. I am a family friend who has known all 3 children since birth. I had invited them to my home for Easter and when I did not hear anything back decided to drop off their Easter bags. Chris threw me off his property and threatened to call the police. I was confused as to his irate and irrational behavior as I was telling him from the driveway that I had Easter bags for the kids. Chris and I had always had a good relationship before the divorce, and I could not understand where the anger was coming from.

      He did end up calling the police as I was visited at my home by the local police (I live 45 minutes away) who stated that they were called by his local police and asked to deliver a message to me in person that if I go to the house again, I could be arrested. I was shocked and dismayed as I love these children and have always been a part of their lives until Chris took over custody.

      Please know that I have reached out, through the proper channels, to people that I hoped would look out for them – DCF, school counselors and the police – and it always seems to fall on deaf ears. After yesterday, I am even more concerned…

      • “DCF, school counselors and the police – and it always seems to fall on deaf ears.”

        Is there a decent person who holds any tiny bit of power/influence in the entire State?

      • A Family Friend,

        Do you think maybe he did not want you in his home because you called DCF, the school and police?

        I certainly would not want someone in my home who had done that to me! Especially when there is no evidence that the kids were ever abused!

        It’s clear you were there for more than an Easter basket drop off!

        • Theres plenty of evidence. The kids provided it all themselves, multiple times. The hospitals made proper access Kent’s and referrals but then the GAL and custody evaluator came in, says moms crazy, kids have no credibility, and shut it down.

          This is how it works in CT family court.
          This team is stacked: Hurwitz was paid over $200,000 by Ambrose. Robert Horwitz and Caverly are known in the cabal – paid guns for hire. Child abusers.

          • The kids provided evidence that Riordan was trying to force them to accuse Ambrose of abuse he never committed. That’s the only documented evidence coming from the children.

            Anything Riordan claims came from the children, like the ludicrous cross-dressing nonsense, I firmly believe came directly from her. Riordan is a proven liar. Ask the police, DCF, the courts.

            The children won’t speak to her even though they are able to if they wanted. That speaks volumes. Her blatant disregard for their anonymity is proof that this has never been about her love for her children.

          • If anybody ever got things ass-backward, Sherizzy, you have on this case. Wait till the full evidence comes out.

          • So, Sherizzy is a GAL? Or a victim of parental alienation? Or does she just hate Frank so much her vengeful emotions have got the better of her? Interesting.

      • A godmother is more than a family friend. More invested than a family friend, wouldn’t you say?

        Did u call before you came? Who arrives unannounced? Just because you’re emotionally invested does not mean you’re allowed to invade somebody else’s property, no matter how crazy they are, or you think they are. It’s flat out rude, and it doesn’t have to be allowed by the property owner, just because you want what is inside. I don’t care if there’s a dog inside, a hamster or your godchild.

        That’s not the way to approach it, seems to me you might have more sense to realize that before you headed over there. It was a highly toxic volatile situation which you already knew, It was only going to induce drama and I think that’s what you were going for. Easter baskets my ass.

        • How do I get in touch with you Mrs M Schmidt?? I feel like we have a lot we could probably talk about! Based on our similar responses to these comments, I think we both know more than anyone here.

          • Of course, Frank, as you know, I am always honest and forthcoming.

            Novel concept for you, I know.

  • How about we all [redacted] and have a barbecue in the street. His comment the cops know you. I’m sure the cops know him. In Madison Ct. Officer Steven [redacted] is a punk he was growing up in West Haven Ct. history of shady stuff

  • Chris needs a safe space I guess he should give everyone the creeps. Besides script stealing. Their are other HR claims

    Against him. So where does he get money to pay lawyers his hospital exec brother who is no stranger to marital issues either. He’s pumped the pride parade is upcoming. He failed the bar three times anyway

  • poor chris…maybe we should [redacted] what a great guy he is? [redacted] [redacted] the man some love

  • Wow Frank – Right On! I have so many questions and now so many things I want to say about his letter to you. Instead I will be brief.
    – Will his new “diagnosis” and “therapist” help him to realize that he needs to reunite the children with their mom ASAP?
    – Why now after all this time did he make contact with you? I wonder what finally sparked that letter?
    – In what world does a person of sound mind dangle their suicidal thoughts and blame a stranger? I know the answer to that. OH and he better not kill himself he needs to live and be aware of the harm he has done.

    Thank you for detailing why his citing of those legal statutes are not scary.

  • I remember Ambrose from California. I met him briefly and he gave me the creeps and I stayed away from him. He gave the impression of someone putting up a facade. We had a mutual acquaintance, Donna, who found him skeevy as well. We laughed our asses off when he got fired. Still, we never imagined he was this diabolical and disgusting. His poor kids!!!

  • Honestly Frank, it’s getting to the point where a closet homosexual living a lie in a fraudulent lavender marriage cannot pay off the courts and the lawyers and GAL and steal his wife’s money anymore. Next thing you know, they’ll find fault with his child molestation and kiddie porn. What’s a sociopath to do?

    • What if this guy gets an “Ex FBI employee” to ALLEGE tampering in his kiddie porn allegations, Frank? Will you then make dozens of posts defending him with zero proof to back up the ridiculous and unfounded claims he makes as you have for child predator, child pornographer and child rapist Keith Alan Raniere?

      If so, it’s like saying that having money (or access to Clare Bronfman’s fortune) to hire an “expert witness” makes you more deserving of an ongoing defense on this blog. While at the same time saying that moneyed fathers get favored court treatment. Interesting…

      Been wondering how all your concerned moms going thru divorce court would view your ardent support of pedophile Keith Alan Raniere. It’s not a good look for you, Frank.

  • Chris Ambrose was let go by his agents in July 2018 following confirmation of plagiarism and theft of intellectual properties. This can be confirmed with CAA.

  • I knew Ambrose in California…NONE of this surprises me. YES he was fired for plagiarism and YES he loves to play the victim and blame everyone but himself.. There is no question in my mind that he is a sociopath…NONE…Nor does it surprise me that he loves Latino boys

  • Chris has been diagnosed with an unspecified mental disorder which makes him a danger to himself and threat to others. There is no known treatment to remedy the defect that drives his behavior, but heavy sedative medication and confinement to a psyche ward may help in the short term. Suicide would be a permanent remedy.

  • Unfortunately, this is the behavior that will manifest when a human being tells lie after lie. Chris Ambrose forgets what reality is and is becoming unglued. The reflection that Chris Ambrose sees in the mirror is the abuse his poor wife and children have endured. I pray that Chris Ambrose makes the decision to take care of his demons and give the poor children their mother back.

  • Jocelyn Hurwitz is the attorney in this case. She was the attorney for the mother in Westport which resulted in a murder suicide. The mother – Jocelyn Hurwitz’s client – killed her child and then killed herself.

    Get these children out of harm’s way. They are 12,15, and 15- this needs to be in juvenile court. Give them their own attorneys and protect them!!!!

  • RE Chris Ambrose & “Latino Boiz”:

    What exactly would motivate an adult man to, allegedly, type into his Google search bar Latino Boiz (Latino Boys).

    Chris is intelligent if nothing else, he knows how to spell “boys” or the Ebonics/phonetic “boiz”.

    Chris, care to answer or maybe elaborate?

    I wonder if Chris can offer a believable explanation.

    Right now, the only person that would believe Chris is someone (Caverly) he pays.

    • Re: Latino Boyz:

      We only have the mother’s hired gun’s word on that.

      Did it ever occur to you that when Karen stole Chris’ laptop, she might have visited those “incriminating” websites herself before she gave the laptop to the supposed expert to examine?

      Not Chris, Don’t Know Chris, Don’t Want to Know Chris

      • For someone who does not know Chris you know a lot about his defense. But the custody evaluation report suggests he did visit that website. And then his children released his pervy communications and published it on social media. Why? Because they were desperate to be saved from this abusive man.

        • Why? Because Karen prob told them to do it. What a great, protective mom. Not!

          Do you wanna know how I know “a lot” about this case? Because I am not lazy. I actually read the documents that FR and the family court circus link to so I could see for myself whether the claims are true. I am a regular reader of your blog and when I had first gone to look at the documents I was expecting everything to be backed up there, and actually, I found that it was not.

          Was that Chris’ defense that Karen had gone to those websites herself? I did not know that. To me it is just common sense that it’s a huge possibility. Especially a url so ludicrous as “latinoboiz.” Let’s face it, she had the computer in her possession for a period of time. She is motivated to plant evidence before giving the computer to the expert.. It is very likely she did so. At least to the extent that you cannot conclude Chris is the one who visited those websites. You don’t need to hire an ex-FBI expert to explain that.

          • The children posted on social media some pretty damning porn material about Chris. Now, why would they do that if they adored being with him so much?

          • Frank wrote: “The children posted on social media some pretty damning porn material about Chris. Now, why would they do that if they adored being with him so much?”

            If it wasn’t child porn, it’s not damning.

            Kids get angry with their parents, especially ones who actually act like parents. Kids often try to please the other emotionally unstable and needy parent, in this case, Karen, who grownups have good reason to suspect is not capable of primary custody at this time due to her instability. That could be what you saw being acted out there.

            To be a total devil’s advocate, lots of kids wanted to be with Michael Jackson…doesn’t mean the guy was good for them if it’s true he was an abuser. Abusers dangle candy and good times to kids. Kids often think of abusers as their best friends (I’m not saying Karen is a pedo abuser, I don’t believe she is, I’m just using an extreme example) ….so just cuz kids want to be with one parent over the other does not mean that’s the best choice.

            When I was a kid I’d have much rathered been with a total negligent parent who let me do whatever the fuck I wanted instead of one who enforced some standards and had some rules. So, if a court looked at the facts, they should give me to the parent who let me skip school, not do homework, stay up all night, drink beer in my room, smoke pot, just because I said the other parent who didn’t allow it is a meanie? I don’t think so, personally.

      • —Not Chris, Don’t Know Chris, Don’t Want to Know Chris

        Isn’t that what exactly what Chris, the lettuce cutter, would say?

      • FR- can you post the information found in the computers so readers can see the truth?

        If they are tech savvy they can discover more than is known already.

      • Hi Chris(WTF),

        You cut lettuce, but do you cut Cabbage?

        Not NiceGuy, Don’t Know NiceGuy, Don’t Want to Know NiceGuy

    • Re Chris Ambrose & Latino Boiz:

      If a heterosexual man looked up
      “Latino little girls”, what would people say?

      I’m sure a few readers believe it’s homophobic to imply Ambrose of pedophilia or other impropriety, because he searched for a homosexual website.

      There are plenty of people who have fantasies about weird crap…..
      However, what kind of man fantasies about boiz, boyz, and boys?

      Please explain it to me!

          • Why do you take his bait every single time? You guys need to start your own blog, the” nice guy and Alonso sandbox.com” You are both so childish and annoying, maybe take you r show on the road to Tick Tok?

          • Alanzo shows up to insult Nice Guy on an article thread about a pedo-dad and Alanzo suggests Nice Guy should dress as
            “Little Lord Fauntlero”.

            Alanzo possesses a sick sense of humor.

          • —Mrs. M. Schmidt
            April 23, 2022 at 9:48 am

            I’m complimenting Alanzo on his latest insult. He’s come a longways from his old piss poor insults.

            Poor Alanzo was tortured in middle school because his insults suck. The only thing Alonzo fears about reincarnation is repeating middle school.

            If a compliment is “taking the bait,” then lock me up and throw me in jail. TeeHee!

      • the issue of his homosexuality is that he is living a lie, pretending to be heterosexual in a lavender marriage

        • He’s too drunk to know what he’s doing. Hopefully, he’ll wake up from his gin fueled, lettuce cutting coma, and let the poor kids walk. It’s not worth it, Chris. Move on and let the kids go home.

  • WOW. I saw this unstable man yesterday at a store inside the Trumbull Mall. He was kicked out of the store for yelling and screaming at the employees for having to wait in line. Outside of the store, this man continued to verbally abuse a teenage girl which I believe might be his daughter! I felt gravely concerned for the young girl and felt the need to report the incident to the mall security.

      • We have identified the store and will be publishing the incident – which was another sad example of Ambrose’s instability and I think endangerment of the children.

        • Oh please. The Frank Report is not The NY Times. What are the chances that anyone shopping in the Trumbull Mall even know this blog exists. The lengths you imbeciles go to is comical. Frank, you are only important in your own mind.

  • I don’t understand why FR and most of the commenters here seem to believe they know this case better than the judge who has heard all the evidence available from both sides and that Mr. Ambrose MUST follow their (FR’s and his readers) orders. How the f@ck do any of us, who don’t know the parties involved from Adam, know what is best for those kids? Respectfully, unless he is keeping his credentials hidden, Mr. Parlato has no expertise in child/family psychology.

    Btw, every allegation of abuse Karen made against her ex-husband was investigated and determined to be unfounded.

    P.S. I’m not Chris, don’t know Chris, don’t want to know Chris. I come to this blog for NXIVM news and am sincerely perplexed about the bizarre, public, judgmental take on this divorce/custody case. Personally, I believe it is wrong to run this smear campaign against the husband and to publish private info about and name the children, never mind that this blog didn’t even glance sideways at the role the wife played in it all. Totally the opposite of fair and balanced.

      • “ because the judge was paid off. We’re not.”

        I don’t recall seeing any accusations that the judge was paid off. Nobody has paid me anything, and I personally have the impression that Karen is prob a narcissist with delusions of grandeur who thinks she is above the law.

        There is no vast conspiracy against this random middle-aged ex schoolteacher from CT. She seems to think she’s some grand dame that docs, cops, lawyers psychs and judges all feel motivated to oppress?

        Take a sigh of relief Karen, people are just not that into you—just like they aren’t that interested in most everyday people. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s your own foolish behavior that has done this to you.

        I sincerely hope she does some soul-searching and gets some intensive therapy so she can be reunited with her kids, IF that is what she actually wants. It almost seems like she is only interested in inflicting harm on her ex via attempts at online defamation.

        Not Chris, Don’t know Chris, Don’t Want to Know Chris

    • Ambrose can settle with his wife anytime. He wanted the trial because the outcome was paid for.

      There was no evidence. Just like Cobie Jane case- no evidence- monied father.
      Classic ct corruption

    • Adelman is a child predator. Ambrose hides behind or under the judges robe given his sexual preferences.

  • Oh dear, Frank. If the odious Ambrose tries to sue you, his dirty washing will be aired in a wider audience and could bring the CT Family Court System more scrutiny. I wonder if he considered that.

  • For everyone’s sake, I hope he follows through with ending his life as it will end misery for mother and children. He doesn’t contribute anything to the world that is beautiful or good. Maybe all of these abusive men who purchase kids to hurt the mother will pick it up and it will become a fad until they are all gone

  • Just like I told the stupid fuck after the first article about what he did to his wife and kids, I’ll give him simple advice:

    Let mom have the kids and do the right thing. Why dig your high heels in on something you know you’re wrong about? You can’t win. Cut your overwhelming losses. You’ll actually regain a little respect by slinking away.

  • It doesn’t make much sense that Ambrose is blaming you for the state of his life which is a culmination of all of HIS best decisions. I do hate to hear that he regrets those decisions to the point of being suicidal.

    None of this is worth his life and I do hope that he seeks help for those feelings. That said, FR reporting on his divorce proceedings much of which was already in the public domain, shouldn’t be grounds for a lawsuit.

  • Wow! I’m surprised that he wrote to you. However, I’m not at all surprised that he’s threatening you with legal action. All these narcissistic men feel the need to puff their chest and “protect” their image by way of lawsuit.

    If they only understood that they brought this on themselves by their actions and life choices. That’s far too much introspection for a narcissist.

    I’m looking forward to the next segment and seeing what happens in court.

    I’ve never met him, yet I’m concerned over his suicidal idolization and the effects it could have on his children.

    I’m always hopeful that these types of men will wake up and do what’s right by their former wife and the children that they’re punishing, but I’m always disappointed.

  • Dude, if he commits suicide, it’s on you. You killed him. You ruined this man. He is a victim.

    • Power and control. This is what happens when psychopaths manipulate and lie- they use the courts to abuse

      Now he’s threatening the world like he threatens his wife and children behind closed doors.

      Now there are cars watching his house? He’s paranoid and delusional. This is a dangerous place for those kids.

    • Hey WTF,

      Why’d Chris adopt so many children with a woman who he clearly didn’t love “fully” because he’s gay?

      Why does Chris Ambrose want fully keep the children away from mother if the ONLY thing allegedly do was parental alienation?
      Chris never cared about the kids when he lived in LA! He only cares now because he doesn’t want to pay child support.

      • To: Anonymous, April 22, 2022 at 4:35 pm

        Question 1: You’d have to ask him why. Then ask Karen the exact same question, since she states that the marriage was never “consummated.” It’s not known whether Chris is gay. His ex wife is throwing that one around. Did anyone ever ask Karen if she is gay or asexual since she was supposedly happy with no sex for 13+ years (she said in custody eval she was ok with it)? No, because IT’S IRRELEVANT.

        Question 2: Because parental alienation is NOT the only thing alleged. There is much more in the cease-and-desist letter, including that Karen had a 4-hour standoff with DCF and police when she held the kids illegally in a hotel.

        Comment 1: Chris flew home cross-country every single weekend to be with the kids when he was in L.A., per his cease-and-desist letter. you can also find it referenced in the custody eval if you read through it.

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