Homeless Mother Moves for Mistrial Because CT Family Court Sanctioned Theft of $2M by Husband – and Most of It Went to Lawyers

Karen Riordan and Chris Ambrose

I’ve written a lot about CT Family Court and the case of Ambrose v Ambrose. It is the story of disgraced Hollywood TV writer Chris Ambrose who used the CT Family Court to buy custody of his children and terminate his wife’s parental rights. It cost him about a million dollars in legal and other professional fees.

The three children haven’t seen their mother in almost two years.

Karen Riordan and Chris Ambrose

The mother, Karen Riordan Ambrose, filed a motion today to clarify a few things. It seems Ambrose did buy custody in that marketplace called CT Family Court, but with stolen money — her money, money that he stole from the marital funds, and her inheritance, just before filing for divorce.

CT Family Court judges and the attorneys all understand. Attorneys have great understanding that they have to get paid after all.

What’s clear and convincing from Karen’s powerful motion is that permission to loot the marital assets and steal his wife’s inheritance was granted early on to Ambrose, by the lawyers and one particular lady lawyer, Jocelyn Hurwitz, the Guardian ad Litem, who is supposed to represent the children’s best interest and has billed to date, $200,000.

Riordan seeks a mistrial, and when you read her motion, you will wonder how in hell she won’t get it unless, of course, there is corruption in CT Family Court.

I will make the occasional comment in brackets and bold and add some pictures with captions, which were not included in the original motion, but here it is.

I know you will think this is all too unbelievable, that these kinds of things cannot happen. But I assure you they do happen. They just aren’t spoken about.



The undersigned moves for mistrial based on the fundamental unfairness and abuse of process shown in the conditions and history listed herein: 

Karen Riordan Ambrose is now homeless though she was a millionaire.


1-  I am indigent, homeless, and living with friends outside the state of CT. I do not have the funds to travel to CT. 

2-  I have been denied access to joint marital funds since 2019, when the plaintiff, [husband] Christopher Ambrose, commenced this action. 

3-  Judge Thomas Moukawsher suspended my trial for well over a month to admonish former attorney Nickola Cunha after she advocated for the recusal of Judge Gerard Adelman. 

Attorney Nickola Cunha [center] walks into court with Karen Riordan. Investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino, who has been covering the case, is on their left.
4 – I am without counsel since Jan. 2022, when CT Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher disbarred my attorney, Nickola Cunha, based on conduct demonstrated as legal counsel in my case. 

Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher did not like that Attorney Cunha challenged the process of CT Family CT. He disbarred her.

5- I cannot afford new counsel. 

6-  On May 6, 2021, This Court [Judge Gerard Adelman] ordered Mr. Ambrose to make monthly ‘spousal payments’ every month during the pendency of this case.  

7-  Mr. Ambrose made four payments, then without evidence of change in circumstance, stopped, leaving me without funds. 

8- The Court was noticed about financial deprivation/failure of duty to disclose on March 31, 2021. 

9- The Court was noticed again on financial coercive control on August 23,  2021. 

10- The Court was noticed again in October 2021. 

11- In February 2022, this Court ordered Mr. Ambrose to make reduced spousal payments beginning in March. 

12- Mr. Ambrose has not made his spousal payment for March. Unilaterally closed account on Feb 8, 2022. 

13- He has not made any spousal payments since September 2021. 

14- For these reasons: that I am without an attorney due to the findings of, that I cannot afford to retain an attorney, that this Court has not required Mr. Ambrose to pay spousal support despite being repeatedly put on notice, I have no funds to travel to CT and no means to get legal counsel. 

15- There is no money to obtain all transcripts covering 36 days of trial; Mr. Ambrose has yet to rest his case. How any attorney would be able to get caught up on nearly three years of prolonged litigation. Adelman, J  states, “I haven’t even heard your case.” 

Judge Gerard Adelman is presiding in the trial of Ambrose v Riordan — now in its third year and its third judge.


1- Mr. Ambrose and I married on June 4, 2004. 

2- We have been wed for almost 18-years. 

3- In 2007, we adopted two children. 

4- In 2010, we adopted a third child.  

5- At Mr. Ambrose’s insistence, after 17 years as a CT Public School teacher, I left a tenured teaching position as a special education teacher employed by the Greenwich School District.

While Chris Ambrose, to disguise his theft of more than $2 million from his wife, has advanced the false and putrid narrative that his wife is mentally ill, the school district she worked at thought differently: She was awarded the Distinguished Teacher Award for her groundbreaking work in special education.  https://www.greenwichschools.org/departments/communications/awardsrecognition-programs/distinguished-teachers-awards

6- After we adopted, at Mr. Ambrose’s insistence, I became a full-time, stay-at-home mother. 

7-  For 13 years, as Mr. Ambrose was largely absent from his children’s lives, I was the children’s primary caretaker and primary attachment figure.  

8- His insistence that I remain home with the children full-time persisted even when he was fired, unemployed, and home full-time in 2016. He was adamant I decline even part-time teaching opportunities because I was needed and valuable to our three children.  

9- While I did not work outside the home, I contributed valuable efforts in advancing Mr. Ambrose’s career, supporting his ailing parents, and provided substantial assistance in projects that enhanced our marital assets, in addition to caring for our children in CT, while Mr. Ambrose worked as a writer in Los Angeles and NYC. 

10- Through his unfortunate but considered actions, Mr. Ambrose’s career came to a sudden end in 2018. 

The unfortunate career-killing move by Chris Ambrose was plagiarizing.

11- He returned to CT. 

12- During our marriage, we accumulated substantial marital savings and investments, which totaled approximately $2 million. 

13- Mr. Ambrose managed our joint assets, which were invested in various investment funds. 

14- Mr. Ambrose also managed my maternal inheritance of $150,000, which I received before our marriage.

15- My trust in him as a loyal spouse permitted him to manage our funds without my questioning him about the details of his management of our investments and my inheritance.

16- In April 2018, I informed Amy Wrobel, a marriage counselor, as well as Mr. Ambrose, that our marriage was over, and I wanted a divorce.  

17- Mr. Ambrose refused to discuss my decision and immediately locked me out of all financial accounts, changed passcodes to deny me access to our phone records, and blocked me from health insurance records. 

18- After his return to CT, and now without work, but with substantial savings, Mr. Ambrose sought a divorce. 

19- He filed for divorce on July 19, 2019. 

20- Prior to filing for divorce, Mr. Ambrose changed passwords and otherwise took possession of all our accounts, refused to disclose where and if he was moved filed for divorce that he had taken full  control of all marital assets and my inheritance, and refused to allow me access to any of our assets or even my maternal inheritance. 

21- Since the commencement of the case in July 2019, I have been denied full, fair, and frank disclosures of our marital assets by Mr. Ambrose. 

22- Mr. Ambrose has failed to file accurate financial affidavits with the court. 

23- I have repeatedly objected in court to Mr. Ambrose’s failure to file financial affidavits and his depriving me of access to our marital assets.  

24- Since Mr. Ambrose seized all our marital funds and my inheritance; I was left without funds for my three children and myself.  

25- At my counsel’s direction, I made motions on Aug 5, 2019, to secure alimony and child support docket [106] and for the contribution of expenses, [107]  

26 The Court failed to act on these motions before Mr. Ambrose filed a Financial Affidavit, and on August 22, 2019, Judge Eddie Rodriguez ordered Mr. Ambrose to file a financial affidavit by Sept. 5, 2019. 

27- At that hearing, Mr. Ambrose admitted he had full control of our joint marital assets and my inheritance. 

28- He stated that since he managed the marital assets with my consent before his commencement of the divorce action, he was justified in controlling the marital assets, without my consent, during the divorce proceedings. 

The relevant testimony:  

ATTY CALLAHAN: Mrs. Ambrose at one point asked you for access  to the financial accounts, your marital, financial accounts, right? 

AMBROSE: Uh-hum. 

ATTY CALLAHAN: And she wanted that information to have an adult conversation with you about what was possible for your children in the midst of this divorce— 

AMBROSE: Uh-hum.  

ATTY CALLAHAN: That you just started, correct? 

AMBROSE: Uh-hum. 



AMBROSE: Yes. I’m sorry. Yes. 

ATTY CALLAHAN: And you didn’t give it to her? 

AMBROSE: I told her. I said what– I said that it’s the same as before. The mutual fund is the same as it was before. I was not going to give Karen the password to our investment portfolio. 


AMBROSE: Because I don’t trust her. 

ATTY CALLAHAN: Okay. Even though you know that there is  $150,000 of money that she received from her mother’s estate that you are in control of? 

AMBROSE: And the rest of it is– she never had a problem with that.  She never asked for access before. And I don’t trust her to have access… And when she started asking for the passwords to the  Fidelity account, it was the same kind of dynamic. And I was worried that Karen– if I gave her the passwords, she could go in, she could sell stock, she could deplete the whole thing, she could lock me out of the account…. 

ATTY CALLAHAN: So, you have control over that? 

AMBROSE: I — I have– well, control, as I have the entire marriage, and she’s never asked once before this year to see the accounts. 

29- Mr. Ambrose’s argument that he had the right to lock me out of our joint marital assets account because he did not trust that I would take control of the money, lock him out, and deplete the account is a textbook example of projection. 

30- It is precisely what he did to me: Lock me out, take control of the money, and according to testimony in court, he has depleted almost all of the money. 

31- His argument that he took my share of the money because he thought I would take his share of the money may pass muster in Family Court, where the law is made up as they go, but nowhere else. 

32- If two people owned a pot of money equally and one stole the entire pot, saying I am justified in stealing because I was afraid you will steal from me, this would not be defensible in criminal court in any courtroom in the USA. 

33- If one business partner took control of the joint assets of his partner on the theory that the partner would otherwise take the assets, it would be dubbed a hostile takeover, and it would not be defensible in civil court. 

34- Chris Ambrose took money that did belong to him, but to both of us, 50  -50, in July 2019, and to this date, I have been denied access to any of it, in addition to his denying me $150,000, which is my maternal inheritance. 

35- Having complete control of our marital assets, he can retain attorneys and other professionals to help him prevail in this case, without having to disclose if the money he pays these professionals [is] for his own benefit, is coming out of his share, my share, or both. 

36- Meantime, without access to our joint accounts, I cannot afford a lawyer. 

37- Mr. Ambrose had not worked since 2018 when he was caught in an act which he described to the custody evaluator as “shameful” and “hugely  embarrassing.”  

38- He is dependent on our life savings. 

39- Only Mr. Ambrose has access to our life savings.  

40- In addition, Mr. Ambrose converted my inheritance bequeathed to me before our marriage simply because I entrusted him with its management.  

Karen inherited $150,000 from her mother Adele before marrying Chris Ambrose. After they married, she turned it over to him to manage for her. He stole every last dime.

41- To this date, he refuses to return my inheritance or even disclose where the money is. 

42- He admitted this in his August 22, 2019 testimony: 

ATTY CALLAHAN: Okay. Even though you know that there is  $150,000 of money that she received from her mother’s estate that you are in control of? 

AMBROSE: And the rest of it is– she never had a problem with that.  She never asked for access before. And I don’t trust her to have access…  

ATTY CALLAHAN: So, you have control over that? 

AMBROSE: I — I have– well, control, as I have the entire marriage, and she’s never asked once before this year to see the accounts. 

43- Not only did Mr. Ambrose admit he locked me out of our marital accounts, essentially converting all marital assets to his exclusive control, but he would not disclose where the marital assets were or how much he was spending. 

44- His outlandish testimony that since I consented for him to manage my inheritance while we were married, prior to his filing for divorce, he was somehow entitled to keep my inheritance without my consent, once he filed for divorce, should not pass muster in any courtroom. 

45- After his testimony admitting he had seized our marital assets and my inheritance, on Aug. 22, 2019, Judge Rodriquez ordered Mr. Ambrose to file a FA. “All right. The date I’m picking is September 5th.” 

46- In violation of Judge Rodriquez’s order, Mr. Ambrose did not file a financial affidavit by Sept 5 or any other date.  

47- Attorney Aldrich secured GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz at $400/hr. and insisted on the sale of our Westport home in August 2020 while failing her duty to [require Ambrose to] disclose financial assets.  

48- The case was transferred to Judge Jane Grossman in September 2019. 

Judge Jane Grossman

49- During the next 12 months, Mr. Ambrose had full access to our entire marital assets and my inheritance and did not file a financial affidavit. 

50- Judge Rodriquez ordered primary physical custody of our three children to me with shared legal custody, and still, my motions for child support, alimony, and contribution of expenses were ignored by the court, leaving me with no access to a life savings we shared.  

51- On April 24, 2020, Judge Grossman “temporarily” terminated my parental rights and awarded full custody of our children to Mr. Ambrose, based on a singular report of a custody evaluator, endorsed by GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz, both of whom were paid by Mr. Ambrose, from our marital funds.  

52- Both the GAL and custody evaluator were aware that Mr. Ambrose controlled the money and that I had none. 

53- GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz, custody evaluator Dr. Biren-Caverly, family, ‘reunification therapist’ Dr. Robert Horwitz, psychologist Bill Horn, social worker Alison Kravitz, psychologist Deborah Gruen, and psychiatrist Paul El-Fishawy, have each been paid solely by Mr. Ambrose with money from our joint marital funds. Each of these providers has denied me copies of contracts, records, and billings since entering litigation in July 2019. Each has received full funding from Mr. Ambrose.  

54- A full year after Judge Rodriquez ordered Mr. Ambrose to file a FA, he had not filed a FA. 

55- In August 2020, Judge Jane Grossman confirmed Mr. Ambrose had not filed a financial affidavit with the court. Excerpt from transcript: August  31, 2020: Bridgeport, CT. Courtroom of Judge Jane Grossman: 

ATTY CUNHA: I would like the court to note that there are no financial affidavits that have been filed in this matter… I see absolutely no financial affidavit. How that is the status, being that this case is as old as it is, I don’t understand. However, I would indicate to this court, in absolutely no way, shape, or form could you enter orders without financial affidavits indicating what the party’s financial statuses are…. 

GROSSMAN, J: I will note that there is a financial affidavit for the defendant filed item number 131. Attorney Cunha’s right; I don’t see a financial affidavit filed with the court for the plaintiff… it looks like we need one. I’m certainly capable of asking for one.  

56- While Judge Grossman said she was capable of asking for a Financial  Affidavit from Mr. Ambrose, she never did.  

57- Mr. Ambrose did not file a financial affidavit, avoiding the filing a financial affidavit disclosing what he has done with our marital assets for the second year in litigation.  

58- Yet, in August 2020, our marital house was sold. Judge Jane Grossman concurred with [Ambrose’s] Attorney [Nancy] Aldrich that the house needed to be sold because our family was running out of money and attorneys needed to be paid. My half of the equity was ordered to go to pay attorney fees and the GAL’s fees while I had no access to our marital assets or my inheritance.  

59- The court ordered that Mr. Ambrose and I pay the GAL’s fees on a 50-50 basis.  

60- Mr. Ambrose was given 100 percent credit for all payments made to the GAL with our marital assets. None of it was applied to my share of the bill.  

61- After two years of litigation, on May 6, 2021, Your Honor [Judge Adelman] ordered spousal payments (coming out of our joint assets since Mr. Ambrose did not work but was living off marital assets, which he alone had and any payments he made to me were coming from our money, not his) of $4500/month.  

62- On May 6, 2021, Your Honor ordered Mr. Ambrose to pay my outstanding bills and debts, evidencing that the Court understood he had access to marital funds. Mr. Ambrose has paid nothing.  

63- During the entire pendency of this divorce, now in its 33rd month, Mr.  Ambrose, while having access to our marital assets and my inheritance, made only FOUR spousal payments totaling $18,000. 

64- Without Mr. Ambrose making court-ordered spousal payments, I was evicted from my apartment (see MMX-CV-22-6033227-S)  

65- Though he did not make his court-ordered spousal payments, he was nonetheless able, without any financial disclosures, to persuade this court to reduce spousal payments [which he had not been paying], from $4500 to $3100, by falsely representing to the court that my rent had been reduced to $2100. Here’s the copy of my rental agreement to show that it was $2,800, as previously reported to the court (HTTPS:// civilinquiry.jud.ct.gov/DocumentInquiry/DocumentInquiry.aspx? DocumentNo=21992324). 

66- It is a cruel irony that while this court permitted the Guardian ad Litem to attend every day of court, billing at $3,200 per day, half of which is ordered by the court to be paid by me, the court has reduced my monthly payment to $3,100 per month.  

The guardian ad litem, assigned by the court and paid by the father, Chris Ambrose, to look after “the children’s best interests.”

67- Attorney Cunha took issue with daily attendance of the GAL attending all trial dates. I pointed out to Your Honor that GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz had not spoken to me since November 5, 2019, and had only seen my children two times before ripping them from my care. Your Honor said it was judicial discretion [to allow the GAL Hurwitz to sit in on every hour of trial — a $100,000 cost] and indeed, Jocelyn Hurwitz has now sat through 36 days of trial at $400/hour, and the plaintiff has yet to rest his case.  

68- In addition, Your Honor ordered that I sign documents liquidating mutual funds, part of our joint marital accounts, known as the Bruce Funds,  which Mr. Ambrose could not convert to his sole use and custody because it required both his and my signature. 

69- Absent full and frank financial disclosure affidavit, and based solely on the word of Mr. Ambrose that these funds were the “only remaining funds” remaining from our entire marital assets, this Court ordered me to sign over to him the Bruce Funds for his exclusive control and use. 

70- Without requiring financial disclosure, Your Honor ordered that I sign a  document permitting Mr. Ambrose to liquidate the account of approximately $50,000. Out of this amount, Your Honor ordered Mr.  Ambrose to pay one month of my past-due rent and one month of current rent, totaling $9,000.  

71- Mr. Ambrose was free to do whatever he pleased with the remaining $41,000 – despite these funds being equally mine and Mr. Ambrose’s.  

72- In addition to this, Mr. Ambrose, if he is telling the truth that there are no other remaining funds, either depleted all our marital assets – or he has secreted them – more than a million dollars, in two and half years, while I have received only $18,000.  

73- Under this court, I have been denied the accounting of life savings accrued throughout an 18-year marriage. 

74- I have been denied the right to be informed and participate in financial decisions regarding liquidating a lifetime of savings.  

75- The court permitted Mr. Ambrose to liquidate assets make transactions and payments to whomever he chose, in whatever amount he determines, without my consent and without financial disclosure of his actions. 

Nancy Aldrich works closely with the GAL.

76- While Mr. Ambrose’s attorney, Nancy Aldrich, opined that a stay at home mother is not entitled to martial assets, and who wrote to my former attorney in an email [Thursday, June 4, 2020] “Why does your client believe she is entitled to any funds when she has contributed nothing throughout the marriage,” marital property laws in CT do not support her view. 

77- Your Honor ordered that I sign joint federal tax returns prepared by Mr. Ambrose.  

78- I refused to sign these federal tax returns because these must be signed under oath and under penalty of perjury.  

79- I could not swear to their truthfulness when there has been no full disclosure of marital assets, including the liquidation of more than a million dollars of marital funds by Mr. Ambrose since 2018. 

80- Mr. Ambrose admitted in this Court that he dissolved a marital property company, Eyes Above Productions, between 2019 and 2021. He did so without my informed consent. This company was created during our marriage in 2006. 

81- Mr. Ambrose disclosed no further information, and Your Honor has not required him to do so.  

82- Yet your Honor ordered me to sign sworn federal tax returns based on earnings filtered or possibly laundered [I have no way of knowing] through Eyes Above Productions. 

83- Your Honor then eliminated the need for my signature on the Bruce funds, terminating my interest in our shared marital assets.  

84- Your Honor made these rulings with full knowledge that Mr. Ambrose fraudulently signed my name on tax returns in 2019 and fraudulently signed my name to a financial agreement with the Westport Public School System and kept the money amounting to more than $100,000.  

85- Since I have been deprived of marital assets that Mr. Ambrose has had 100% access to, while he can afford his lawyer to appear in the case at the next hearing, I am not financially able to retain a lawyer. 

86- I’m not in a position to represent myself.  

87- He has put on his case for 36 days. The trial is not half over. Plaintiff has not even finished his case. 

88- The family house was sold without Mr. Ambrose filing a financial with the court.

The family house in Westport, CT, was sold to pay lawyers and the GAL out of Karen’s share.

89-  Mr. Ambrose was granted temporary custody of the children without a  financial affidavit. 

90- Your Honor’s ruling of February 15, 2022, that whether Mr. Ambrose converted our marital assets, spent them, secreted them, or stole them, is to be left to Mr. Ambrose’s cross-examination, is an outlandish ruling and a very dangerous one as a precedent. 

91- I am now destitute. Mr. Ambrose has all our marital money which [if] he has [not] depleted [it] and my inheritance if he has not converted it and he has full custody of our children. 

92- He has demonstrated that if you seize possession of your spouse’s share of the assets, in CT Family Court, “possession is all 10 points of the law.” 

93- For these reasons, I request that this trial be suspended until Mr. Ambrose pays to me 50% of our marital assets as of the time he converted the assets into his control, in July 2019, and that Mr.  Ambrose pays me my maternal inheritance, which he admitted under oath is $150,000, and that he has full possession of. 

94- Once Mr. Ambrose pays me my share of the marital assets that he confiscated and my mother’s inheritance, I will retain an attorney and continue the case, or if your honor declares a mistrial, I can start anew with a new a new judge and receive a fair trial.  

95- On March 31, 2021, the first day of trial, Your Honor stated, “Anytime,  anytime children are in the case for almost 600 days, it’s a disaster.”  You did not disagree with the grounds presented for a motion for mistrial but used judicial discretion and told me it was not in my or my children’s best interest.  

96- By October 2021, the plaintiff had utilized 30+ days of trial. Limited court time requests for vacations and holidays has prolonged litigation.  Your Honor pointed out 15 continuances were granted to Attorney  Cunha however, not one continuance was requested on my behalf.  Your Honor acknowledged continuances favor of the Plaintiff, and indeed they have, which is why the ‘temporary order due to Covid’ on  April 24, 2020, which has now persisted for two years, is so problematic.  

97- Twice in October 2021, without any motion for recusal filed, Your Honor stated you were declaring a mistrial. This would have been a  reasonable outcome, as confirmed at the same time by Attorney  Aldrich. Your Honor also stated you had not yet heard my case.  

98- Since October, Your Honor canceled all trial dates, and then Attorney  Moukawsher suspended my trial indefinitely. My attorney was disbarred for conduct demonstrated while acting as my legal counsel throughout  18 months of representation. Judge Moukawsher and friend of the court, Leanne Larson, made harsh conclusions on public record—listed on my family court docket and disbarred my attorney for life.  

99- These factors preclude my attending a hearing on March 16, 2022.  With my share of the marital assets and my inheritance, I will be able to defend myself on equal footing as the plaintiff has, something I have been denied since entering litigation in July 2019. 

100- WHEREFORE, mistrial be declared on cause of fundamental unfairness and abuse of process. 


Karen Riordan, Pro S 


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  • I have the same exact story. I’ve been trying to get my story out to the media. My story is to the T as Karen Riordan. I know the hell she has gone through and is still going through. I’ve been pro se because I can no longer afford an attorney.

  • Hm, in addition to Cunha, I think Frank is part of the conspiracy to keep Karen away from her children. Ambrose is probably paying him to keep Karen making all of these stupid moves. The fact is courts do care about parental alienation, you can’t just wish it away. By the time any changes to that have happened, (if they ever do) those kids will be grandparents.

    • I believe Frank believes what Karen is selling and has lost all objectivity. (He even tried to insert himself in the case by filing an appeal in the Ambrose divorce).
      Frank- at this juncture, does your cause du jour want a mistrial declared in her case?

  • Shame on you State of Connecticut, you have destroyed and tortured this poor woman! I can tell you this would never happen in the great State of TEXAS. Our governor would not stand for this widespread perversion of justice. I would hope LULAC or another civil rights organization, would help her get kids. Karen TEXAS is here for you! God Bless you! Stay the course and fight for your rights.

  • Is there any status on this motion Frank??

    I personally cannot wait for Chris to be held accountable and for his fit that will follow here in the comments. Why? For the simple fact that this is one of the most shameful ways for a man to behave, to make his wife indigent and separate the children from her? and then mock her for her status due to his deplorable actions on a public forum? Stole her inheritance on top of it all ?

    All of it so jaw dropping that there is no conceivable way the ‘Judge’ won’t grant a mistrial.

  • Karen seems to be an idiot. Karen, stop freeloading with your friends out of state. Go back to Connecticut and get yourself into public housing if you are unable to work. Why the fuck wouldn’t you at least be there to fight for your children in person, you moron?

    Or are you being held captive by a wannabe cult leader who won’t let you go back to Connecticut?

      • Not everyone who holds a different opinion than you is Chris, Frank. Read the room- there a few readers here, albeit a minority, who doubt Karen’s version of reality. It’s nice that you’re an advocate for her but your support of her may be misplaced.

        • Exactly. I’m not Chris. I come to this blog for the Nxivm news. These articles about Karen makes me absolutely sick and not because of what “happened” to her but because of the completely counterproductive way she is going about supposedly trying to get some custody of her children.

          I feel really bad for her because she will never get custody of those children if she continues as she is. I can only conclude that she is either a complete moron or she doesn’t really care about getting the kids back — she just wants the money and to hurt her ex. I am a child of divorce and unfortunately I have also been close to many people who have gone through high-conflict divorce and custody cases, And anyone with a shred of common sense can see that the way she is going about this is only hurting herself and her chances of having any custody of the kids. It really is sickening.

          • As much as she loves her children, her hate of her husband and the need to destroy him is much, much stronger. She receives $3,100 a month for support (court docket shows he’s one month behind as of March 2022) and has a car and yet she lives with friends and can’t get a ride to court? Very fishy.

          • Her husband took the entire marital assets and stole her inheritance and in three years paid four spousal payments – out of her own marital funds – while he kept millions. Yeah, she’s doing fine.

    • Btw, if the logic applies that since Karen was with her kids unsupervised for 13 years she should not “suddenly” need supervised visitation, then I guess it’s also logical that since Chris controlled the money for 13 years, he should not suddenly be required to share that control. Right??? (I’m being sarcastic)

      Karen needs to grow up and get some common sense! She is flopping with friends out of state like a 20-something with no responsibilities? Get back to CT and get a job and housing, and show up in court and for visitation, for yourself and your kids sake, you dummy.

      So I guess she was lying that she couldn’t show up in court due to Covid? It was because she was broke and out of state with buddies? So so so stupid. And probably an indication she is truly not competent to care for those children. She can’t even take care of herself!

      Oh boo hoo Big Daddy Chris won’t pay her rent. So she leaves the state and abandons the kids? Get a job and grow up.

      Sorry, I’m not buying any of her story. I think she needs a Pinocchio nose photoshopped over her picture too.

  • I like how this article is laid out with the facts! Hoping Karen gets justice. Thanks, Frank, for helping.

  • One has to blame the CT court system for this atrocity. I believe the federal department of the IRS would not approve of a state government official forcing an individual to sign a federal form without forcing the “administrator” of the financial assets to divulge the status of the assets, backed my verifiable financial records.

    These judges allow the GAL and lawyers to put up delays and smoke screens, without keeping them in check, while uncontrolled fees and financial assets keep changing hands The judges are not doing their jobs, and have allowed some orders to go unchecked, while forcing other orders that go against federal policy.

    Through all of this, the words “what’s best for the children”, have gotten tossed to the floor, swept out the door, and tossed out with the rest of CT garbage. Why haven’t the children’s input been considered???? Why have ordered spousal payments not been enforced????

    Why have ordered FAs not been enforced??? The judges have made improper and faulty choices at every turn in this case. It has mistrial written all over it!

    Thank you, Frank, for bringing all this to light.

  • This is not a one-off situation, in which a court made a mistake that needs to be corrected. Her case is all of us right now. The family court has no accountability, starting most importantly with the corrupt judges that are presiding.

    This lack of accountability has led to a situation in which an abusive spouse can lie, refuse to follow court orders, steal, abuse children, intentionally sever the other parent’s place in the children’s lives, and these corrupt judges create a false cover to allow it to happen.

    They do this by

    (a) delaying hearing and trials (for years even);

    (b) bordering lengthy, unscientific and error-prone “forensics” or “mental health” evaluations, when all the evidence needed is actually already there or discovery would be more appropriate next step;

    (c) refusing to place decisions in writing,

    (d) creating paper trails that make it hard to understand what is actually happening;

    (e) fabricating evidence with “specialists” or simply ignoring expert opinions not in line with their corrupt intentions; and

    (f) many other such actions. Even if a judge is removed, the new judge does not process the full case and its extremely bloated record (probably due to the time that would require). Instead, they merely continue the previous judge’s path of action, under the weak but allowed legal justification that it was so ordered.

    The GALs, the corrupt lawyers–they are allowed to exist by these judges and are without a doubt out to get theirs in this corrupted system. And such behavior obviously makes things much, much worse. But in the end, it is the judge that has the final say on these matters. It is the judge that allows these GALs and corrupt lawyers to act as they do. And it is the judges that are ultimately responsible.

    These judges are at best are not properly doing their job of evidence-based fact finding and decision making that adheres to due process and court rules–as they are required under oath. But that is not only too generous of a conclusion, it is illogical.

    Given the extreme pattern that now exists in matrimonial cases, it would be delusional for us all to pretend that it is merely incompetence in these cases. It is far worse than that. The judges that are making these outlandish decisions are either corrupted by money, or clearly and *unmistakably* do not possess the morality or mental health to serve in the roles they are in. The time to remove corrupt judges is now.

  • I don’t understand why the court can allow a toddler to continue running the show “I don’t trust her with our money!” Isn’t Chris Ambrose embarrassed?? Who gives a f* who this whining abuser trusts? He is a sick puppy!

    The kids need their mom NOW, everyone needs to heal. And get those kids out of that hornets’ nest. Ambrose sounds mentally immature and too demented to care for children. He owes that poor woman her money and damages. And yes, I will be there to support Cunha when she files and succeeds in getting her license back.

    • Gee… it’s Mr. Pathological liar Chris Ambrose trashing his wife of 18 years again. Evidence confirms it is you, Chris, who shared blog information with Karen’s children. Why would you involve Mia, Matthew and Sawyer, Chris? There’s a Dad-of the-Year move. And why do you continue to threaten your children with the police?

      You accuse your own father of beating you throughout your childhood. You accused your innocent children of assaulting you!

      You blame your failure as a father, as a writer, and as a husband on your wife.

      Chris – you’ve taken the children away from all they know and love — so many of us who have been a part of their lives have been denied access because of your sick need to control. Do you think your kids don’t yearn for their mother? For their grandparents, aunts and cousins?

      The kids know who you are. We all do. All of us outside of the circle of thieves you pay to guard Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer.

      By the way, does anyone confirm your father, Alwyn Ambrose, physically “beat” you as a child? Did Caverly get confirmation of that? Does attorney Neil Ambrose state you were beaten as a child? Does financier Colin Ambrose confirm you were beaten as a child?

      You will trash anyone to play the victim – even your own father.

      • I’m not Chris. I’ve been following this case for a couple of months now and believe Karen is batshit crazy. A fit mother would never lose temporary custody or visitation- no matter how much money the husband has.

    • Hi Chris- You’ve lived a secreted life for 20 years- indulging in affairs, your erotic forced haircuts, head shaving fettishes, sadistic homosexual porn, enjoyment of “twinks” (barely 18 but immature features to look like children), and young Latino boys.

      And now you accuse a wife who was loyal to you for 18 years of forced celibacy – of writing a vulgar blog that has been in existence under one name or another years before your divorce.

      Find a guy, shave his head, and let your children have the mother they love and adore. Such a little man to be so threatened that you have to malign your wife and deprive the children you use to protect your image.

  • The marital assets were ordered to be held in trust by Chris with oversight by the Court.

    Karen- your three prior attorneys must have sucked. Was a motion for attorney fees pendente lite even filed?

    A motion for contempt for his failure to pay you alimony penente lite? You lacked aggressive representation (unless your directions to your attorneys were batshit crazy.)

    The orders in place right now are all temporary orders. You are your own worst enemy. Get your shit together so you can get supervised visitation, then unsupervised visitation, and then shared custody. (This really just addresses the youngest child. The two older ones will be 16 within the year and can seek emancipation through the Probate Court. If you have a stable residence and source of income – that will go a long way with the Probate Court in deciding whether to emancipate them – presuming they want to live with you, that is.)

    • Her first 2 lawyers were in with the other side. Cunha was a one-woman show up against the corrupt team that Ambrose put together through his control of the money.

      Why should she have supervised visits when she is mentally stable and has done nothing wrong?????

      • Quite the conspiracy theory you’re spinning there. Seems to me Cunha purposely got herself tossed from the case, raving madly about a Jewish conspiracy. She accomplished nothing for Karen, so perhaps she’s part of the conspiracy for Karen to lose her children. A double agent perhaps?

      • Why supervised visitation? Because the court ordered it. Unfortunately, citizens are not able to appoint themselves Judge of their own cases.

  • “Ambrose did buy custody in that marketplace called CT Family Court” – this sums up perfectly what is happening everyday in family courts across America. Divorce is a “corporation” with a $50billion+ market cap, and where there is that much money to be had, it is a breeding pool for corruption and collusion amongst the “employees.”

    WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND A MISTRIAL AND A FULL STATE AND FEDERAL INVESTIGATION INTO ALL PLAYERS IN THE KAREN RIORDAN CASE: Judges, attorneys, custody evaluators, GALs, Court Appointed Therapists and Parent Coordinators

  • Shame on you all. Chris and your enablers Nancy, Jessica, Gerard, Jocelyn at al. You know you’re doing great damage with the outsized power you hold and the impunity you enjoy. You know you are destroying not only a mother’s life but also the future of the children. And yet the only thing you care about is winning, a hollow victory.

  • The fact that the courts ruled that their children should remain solely with Chris is criminal and disturbing. Every one of these judges and counselors that barred a mother from living with their mother, let alone having visits should lose their job for incompetence.

    Paying these professionals off to gain control of a divorce settlement or child custody is by no means what family court is about and should be researched inside and out and heads should roll. The psychological damage that has been done to these children and their mother is irreparable.

  • I will remind you that today’s proceeding is a public proceeding, Judge. Please be guided accordingly.

        • I would swim across the ocean to be with my children. This loon can’t even get a ride to attend the hearing? Actions/inactions have consequences and now it’s even more likely she’ll lose custody & visitation with her kids permanently by default.

          • It is so easy to throw out labels like”loon” and profess that you yourself would “swim across an ocean to be with your children.” Have your children been taken from you without due process?

            Has your spouse paid for mental health “professionals” to dole out fraudulent diagnoses against you while burying credible documentation to the contrary? Doubtful.

            Karen is truly one of the strongest people I know. Most others would crack under the pressure. That, no doubt, is what Chris hoped for. She is persevering for one reason and one reason only. For the love of her children.

          • My guess is that fighting to get your children back from a sociopath of a father who is paying for a cess pool of corrupt judges and court players is a full time job.

  • This abuse of family court is a normal everyday thing. Just because you are finally opening your eyes on this case doesn’t mean that you know or understand the hell that we have all gone through. This kind of thing happens every day all over the country, children being sold to the one with the highest money. This whole country is corrupt selling children every day.

  • Judge Adelman, this Office is in receipt of various complaints alleging gross judicial misconduct. After having been debriefed on the particulars of this case, I canceled engagements to personally oversee the proceedings today.

    When we take an Oath, we are duty-bound. I am doing my part today. It is my hope that you intend to do yours and restore justice and order to your Courtroom. This State is not in the practice of throwing impoverished women into the street and separating children from their mothers. Good day, Sir.

  • Adelman, Grossman, Hurwitz, Aldrich and Caverly: you are on the top of our list. Consequences are coming. You thought you were untouchable?? A cold, harsh reality is about to descend upon you. Brace yourself and wonder, “How will I do spending the rest of my life in jail?”

  • So thankful that this is being posted considering this mom HAS NOT HAD A CJANCE TO SPEAK IN COURT to date. It is hard to believe that in this country your children can be ripped from you without a chance to defend yourself.

    These court players obviously know how to play the game and have been able to do so without any sort of oversight. Hopefully your posts and continued investigation will shed some light Frank on this “dirty little secret.”

  • What’s happening to my friend Karen is a disgusting abuse of power. The court has allowed her husband to steal her children and her inheritance leaving her completely powerless.

    I’ve known Karen since middle school and she’s never been anything but kind and caring. I was friends with her children on Instagram and watched them go from happy, and healthy to miserable, and suicidal.

    My dear friend deserves justice and her children deserve their mother back!

  • Lots of eyes have been following this nightmare for Karen and her children. Frank, great work on making sure the truth is told. Justice is not far away!

  • How can this remotely be considered justice? Karen Riordan and her children have been systematically destroyed by a family court system that is supposed to be concerned with the best interests of the children. What she and her children have endured is no less than criminal. Thank you, Frank, for continuing to shine a light.

    • Let’s just say that all judges, lawyers, therapists, evaluators, guardians, do not celebrate xmas or easter.

    • Shame on you State of Connecticut, you have destroyed and tortured this poor woman! I can tell you this would never happen in the great State of TEXAS. Our governor would not stand for this widespread perversion of justice. I would hope LULAC or another civil rights organization, would help her get kids. Karen TEXAS is here for you! God Bless you! Stay the course and fight for youre rights.

  • These despicable court actors make it possible for your horrible husband to treat you this way. I am so sorry for what you are going through. My heart goes out to you and your beautiful children.

    I will keep Chris Ambrose in my prayers, may God take him soon; hopefully, a heart attack in his sleep.

    Keep up the fight, we are all here for you! #mothers revolution #the mommies are coming !!!

  • I only know two Connecticut moms who went through this who weren’t rendered homeless as a tactic by the court

    • And your point is? They don’t crush all their targets in the exact same way. You smell like a shill and a guy.

    • Thank you for sharing. Thats exactly why this is criminal and needs to end. Riordan case is an example to what is an epidemic in CT family courts. Please contact frsnk report with names of anyone who had Biren. Caverly or same players. There are several people who had a weapon Ed custody eval by Jessica Biren Caverly.

      Going for class action fraud. It has to stop. Child abuse!!

  • Wow! The numbers are different yet the ideas of being locked out of joint marital accounts, having children “temporarily ” taken away and gross misconduct of both my GAL and psychological evaluator are eerily the same

  • Thank you for telling stories that are rarely told even more rarely believed. Connecticut mothers lose custody because Connecticut has accepted billions of funding from HHS specifically to remove custody from mothers- sex discrimination against women is legal, except in Connecticut.

    Yeah let that sink in- then know Weee Wittle Connecticut gets as much money as big ole Texas, electoral power house of California, Illinois (where it started) Pennsylvania. See how big those states are and how little Connecticut is?

    They don’t have as many moms in CT so more moms per capita feel the second American Holocaust – first happened to Indigenous then mothers and their children. AG office knows all about it- kicked off the Bench Lynda Munro had her daughter who wasn’t living here at the time the doled of funds in name-

  • How many times do we have to tell you to STOP PUBLISHING THESE KIND OF STUPID ARTICLES, GINZO?!

    Stay in your damn lane, Ginzo! Even though that lane is rapidly fading thin!

    • Nothing can stop what is coming. Frank is providing an invaluable service to law enforcement right now. Does that make you nervous? It should make a lot of folks very, very nervous.

      • It doesn’t “make [me] nervous”! I support the police (except the colored ones)!

        Ginzo is NOT doing anything except stepping out of his lane to publish boring monotonous soap operas for clicks with beta males!

        He needs to stay on NXIVM and stop being a girl!

        The only “loser” here are the ones who want to read this garbage! People like you!

        So why don’t you follow your own advice and “hit the road”, loser! Unless you want a visit from the patriots be sure you don’t seem like you’re white and perhaps this needs to be investigated what you’re doing in this country if you’re not?!

    • All hail Patriot God!

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