The Ambrose Papers Part 1: ‘Secrets and Lies’: TV Writer Chris Ambrose and the Connecticut Family Court Puts Children in Danger

This is part one of a series on Chris Ambrose, Hollywood TV writer, and plagiarist, alleged sex abuser, who got full custody of three adopted children, as the mother was denied contact. As you shall see, there is far more to this story of a very strange custody decision in the Connecticut Family Court. Ambrose declined to respond to requests for an interview.

Child Abuse. That’s what this is.

A trial brief in Connecticut Family Court in connection with the custody of three children was filed on July 21, 2021, by attorney Nickola Cunha in which she alleges, “three children have been held captive and isolated from what they knew and understood life to be prior to April 24, 2020.”

Attorney Cunha added, “all three children [are isolated] from their mother…. are presently in crisis and said crisis for each child occurred while the children have been in the [father, Chris Ambrose’s] sole care and custody. This is supported by the evidence that two of the children have in engaged in self harming behavior that includes cutting to the extent by one of the children that it necessitated immediate medical intervention. One of the children experienced flareups of uncontrollable tics due to failure to ensure that child was receiving medication that he had been prescribed by a provider discharged immediately upon the transfer of custody from mother to father.”

The child was diagnosed with major depression after she was removed from her mother’s custody and placed with her father.
The child kept cutting herself after she was removed from her mother’s care and placed with her father.

The case is Ambrose versus Riordan, the venue Connecticut Family Court, in Middletown and Bridgeport.  The two, Chris Ambrose and Karen Riordan, are getting a divorce and they have been disputing custody.

The date, April 24, 2020, was the day they were removed from their mother and placed with their father.

Three children, on this date, then ages 13, 13, and 9, were taken away from their mother who raised them from infancy, by order of the Connecticut Family Court and placed with a man who they claim abuses and isolates them, not only from their mother, but from every other family member and friend they ever knew.

Meet the Children

Karen Riordan and her husband Chris Ambrose adopted M in Guatemala. Karen raised the child from infancy, mostly in Connecticut, while Chris worked 2500 miles away in Los Angeles. A Connecticut Family Court judge ordered M out of the home of her mother in 2020.


Karen and Chris adopted Mathew when he was six months old. Karen took care of the child from his infancy, to up until April 24, 2020, when he was ordered to live with his father.
S was adopted by Karen and Chris. Karen was there when S was born in Utah. She remained day and night with the premature baby until he was released from the newborn intensive care unit. Because of Karen’s experience as an adoptive mother and special needs teacher, S was released to Karen when he was 11 days old. She raised him every day of her life, while her husband worked mainly away from home. S was removed from his mother’s home when he was nine and placed in the home of his father.

M, just before she was removed from her home with her mother in 2020

The three children have complained to anyone who would listen that they did not wish to live with their father.

The Multi Disciplinary Task Force at Yale New Haven Hospital on Jan. 26, 2021 found that the children made disclosures of sexual abuse by their father. At the Connecticut Children’s Hospital, on Dec. 2, 2020, the children also made disturbing disclosures.

These were ignored by the Connecticut Family Court.

S told Connecticut Children’s Hospital, “dad has been sexually abusing me for the last 7 months”.

New Haven Yale Hospital said S “Reports that for ‘months’ dad has touched him inappropriately in his private parts….  Reports that last time he was touched inappropriately was one week ago.” 

M told Children’s Hospital  that “he touches my brother [S] and he really scares us. …[and] cuts us off [from seeing anyone.”

New Haven Yale reports M: “feels unsafe at home around dad, states dad fondling her breast.” and reported “youngest brother (10 yo) reported inappropriate touching (fondling penis) by dad. M says dad ‘tried to touch me’ but ‘I ran away’.  Also found concerning messages on dad’s phone, including: ‘dating apps’ where dad was ‘pretending to be someone else’…  Verbalizes being frightened that dad was going to cut off communication with others by ‘turning off internet.'”

Dr. Dorothy Stubbe

Psychiatrist Dorothy Stubbe wrote about M to the children’s Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney Jocelyn B. Hurwitz, of Cohen and Wolf, P.C.

“In my work with M and his family, I have continuously noted that M  feels more connected and bonded with his mother. He has expressed that he feels that his mother takes his feelings and wishes more seriously. I believe that it is in his best interest psychologically to have a say in his custody arrangement.

“He is 13-years of age—an adolescent who is beginning to differentiate and try to find his own sense of identity. Being forced into a living situation that he feels is invalidating will be detrimental and, I believe, rather than facilitating a closer relationship, will only cause more animosity towards his father. I have had no reason to believe that Ms. Riordan, M’s mother, is not “an adult who wants the child, who has had a continuous and affectionate relationship with him, and who is capable of raising him.”…

“M is confused about why he ‘needs to stay with his dad’ ….  M has reported panic attacks….   He said that his younger brother is even more frightened….  He has been very upset that his father was tape recording him and his siblings at the house. He described feeling that he has no privacy at his father’s house. His father removed the door knobs from the bedrooms so that the children could not lock the doors….

“He noted that his father worked a lot when he was younger and he has always been closer to his mother. He also worries about his youngest brother, whom he described as quite frightened by the sudden decision by the Court to have the children go live at his father’s house, without even being able to contact his mother to say goodnight.”

M wrote to the court appointed psychologist, Jessica Biren-Caverly, about his dad, writing that “M, S and I tried to tell him what he has been doing, and he said that our facts were fake. He also ridiculed S when S didn’t want him to keep following him up the stairs.”

New Haven Yale reports “M reports that he was brought to the ED because him and his siblings do not feel safe with their father.”

Children’s reports that M told them “I’ve just been going through a lot for the past 220 days, that’s the time I’ve been with my Dad.”

“When asked if patient feels safe at home with Dad, ~he replies no.  When asked if he feels safe at home with Mom, he reports yes, denies having concerns about going home with Mom. When he is asked to tell us more about why he does not feel safe with Dad, he explains…  that M has been touched, ‘he will grab her thigh and squeeze” and M has told him about such as well. He describes witnessing Dad grabbing, hugging, and squeezing S in a way that seems ‘over excessive’ and ‘a little weird.'”

Judge Grossman Rules Children Must Go With Their Father


Family Court Judge Jane Grossman ordered the removal of three children living with their mother, to go to the home of their father, Chris Ambrose. She also ruled that the mother can have no contact with her children.

This is an astonishing ruling. And one seemingly quite contrary to the welfare of the children.

There is no allegations from the children or anyone else that the mother ever abused the children.  There is no credible evidence that the mother, who raised the children almost singlehandedly from infancy, is unfit to care for them.

There is the diagnosis of the Court Appointed Psychologist, who spent about four hours with Karen interviewing her for the custody evaluation. Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly wrote that Karen has an “unspecified personality disorder.”

There is a hostile divorce and custody dispute with the wealthier and famous father faring much better than the mother who left her job as a teacher 14 years ago to become a stay at home mom.

The father controls the marital assets which still total more than $1 million.

His career took a nosedive after he was caught plagiarizing two scripts from the TV show Bones to create one episode of Instinct called “Secrets and Lies”. He was immediately fired and has not worked since.

Ambrose admitted to Dr. Caverly in the custody evaluation report that “I did a stupid thing” and that it was “shameful” and “hugely
embarrassing” but Ambrose denies his agents dropped him because of this indiscretion.

After being unable to find work, Ambrose decided to be a stay at home dad and divorce Karen in 2019. He suggested Karen go back to work with the inference that she could pay him child support and alimony.


All three children were adopted when they were infants. M at five months, M at 6 months, and S, a preemie, adopted at birth.

All three were placed in their adoptive mother, Karen’s loving care. She was the primary caretaker. She raised them, leaving her job of 17 years as a special education teacher in the Connecticut public schools to become a fulltime mother.

By order of Judge Grossman, the mother is not permitted to speak to her children.  The judge seemed to be working with the Guardian Ad Litem [GAL] for the children, Jocelyn Hurwitz Esq., and Jessica Biren-Caverly, the court-appointed psychologist, and Ambrose’s lawyer, Nancy Aldrich to get the result.

Jocelyn Hurwitz, the Guardian Ad Litem [GAL] who recommends to the court the fate of children she is appointed to oversee. She has billed $175,000 for her work on this case but has only met the children four times for a total of about four hours.
The GAL, Hurwitz, an attorney for the law firm of Cohen and Wolfe, has billed more than $175,000 for her work on the case. It may not be a coincidence that Ambrose controls the marital assets, and Hurwitz has consistently sided with him.

When you see more of the evidence against the father, you might conclude that money talks in Connecticut Family Court, in the courtroom of Judge Grossman.

The court-appointed psychologist, Dr. Biren-Caverly, works closely with the GAL. She has dismissed allegations of sexual abuse by the children and ignored the desires of the children to live with their mother.

Surprisingly, in her custody evaluation report, the father Chris Ambrose admits to viewing what can be only described as gay Latino child porn, though Ambrose assured Dr. Caverly that “Latino Boiz” does not include children.

[One computer expert, who forensically analyzed Ambrose’s two laptops stated that there was so much gay porn deleted from the computers that it is possible that he is creating or distributing porn.]

Still, this might be concerning to some, for the children are Latino, but not for Dr. Caverly.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, psychologist, custody evaluator, recommends the fate of children based on typically two meetings with the family members. The children wrote letters to her asking to be placed with their mother. Dr. Caverly ignored their request.

A judge, who never met the children, a high priced GAL, a psychologist who seems to tailor reports to the desires of the GAL, and their colleague, the father’s lawyer – these four women – made the arrangement and determination that the children should be deprived of their mother.

Meet the Father

Christopher Alwin Ambrose, 59, is a lawyer who became a successful television producer and screenwriter with more than 100 credits on shows such as Law and Order, Harry’s Law, Judging Amy, Bones, Instinct, NCIS New Orleans, and more.

While Ambrose was pursuing his career, working in LA and NYC, the children were raised mostly in Connecticut, by their mother.

It was Karen who wanted to adopt children after Chris Ambrose married her under false pretenses.
Chris Ambrose claimed he was heterosexual and wanted to marry Karen. After they married, he could not or would not consummate the marriage. By his own confession, he duped his wife. His true sexual desires, he admitted, are for anything but a woman. He prefers Latino “Boiz” and, it seems, young men who will submit to forced haircuts.

In a subsequent article we will explore more fully the allegations of pedophilia disclosed by the children against their father.

S alleged his father touched his penis and got in bed with him,. M said her father told her to commit suicide and touched her breasts. Mathew disclosed that his father secretly tape records him.

On Christmas day, when the children were confined to rooms without doorknobs.

After taking off the doorknobs, he promised the children that if they did not behave as desired, he would remove the doors.

Chris Ambrose has a hair fetish and adores selfies. He sometimes poses online as a barber, which he is not, sending sexually suggestive messages to young men about how he could improve their “lettuce” his name for their hair.

Bizarrely, Hollywood TV writer and lawyer, Chris Ambrose, trolls the internet pretending to be a barber.

He also enjoys gay porn websites, especially if they are related to the Military or Latinos.

His computer was forensically evaluated and it revealed he has a propensity to visit gay porn sites featuring young Latino and Latino boys.

Here is a list of websites found on Ambrose’s two laptop computers by Computer IT Forensic Expert Donna Eno, of D. Eno Forensics:

When you read them, consider that his children are Latino.







He also likes the military. And loves to give the forced haircut.

dirtypaco/blogsorg/boimages/*/civilians-massive-cock-bangs-military- hunks-throat-and-tight-ass.jpg

boimages/*/ex-military-hunks-still-fucking-hard-like-a- marine.jpg

boimages/*/fireman-beau-shows-how-military-hunks- suck-cock.jpg


boimages/*/civilians-massive-cock-bangs-military- hunks-throat-and-tight-ass.jpg


boimages/*/military-hunks-jack-off-session-with-fat- cock-and-gushing-loads-of-cum.jpg

boimages/*/straight-military-hunks-first-gay-experience- as-they-suck-cock-and-69-each-other.jpg

boimages/*/straight-military-hunks-getting-first-guy-on- guy-blow-job.jpg

boimages/*/stud-with-cash-gets-to-suck-straight-military- hunks-fat-cock.jpg

boimages/*/tanner-sucks-military-hunks-big-cock-and- gets-faceload-of-cum.jpg*/dudesinuniform.gif*/All-American%20Heroes.gif*/200804030952550.LSM_160X460_3.gif


There are many facets to this story. In telling it, in our multi part series, we may do more than shock your conscience. We may do more than gut-wrenchingly upset your sense of justice.  We will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Connecticut Family Court system, in the hands of a monster, can be played like a fiddle.

But the tune is macabre.

[Stay tuned for part 2]

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  • In response to the unfounded comment below, which includes, “To the best of my knowledge….” Right, to the best of YOUR knowledge. But we have much more facts to back up all the statements here. I can tell you, from first hand knowledge, without the disclaimer you provide – that Mr. Ambrose is a monster and the children are suffering terribly. I have heard these messages from the CHILDREN DIRECTLY as well. Can you, “Anonymous” say the same thing, that you have contacted the children and you know these claims are unfounded? No, you cannot. This is an awful travesty of justice.

  • Ms. Riordan appears to stop at nothing, including sacrificing her daughter’s privacy, in her concerted efforts to perpetuate the belief that she is, once again, a victim. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Ambrose has not been convicted or proven in court to be guilty of Ms. Riordan’s lawyer’s laundry list of heinous crimes. At this juncture, these are alleged.

    With regards to Ms. Riordan’s daughter Mia, we only have Ms. Riordan’s lawyer’s opinion of what may have led to why she cut herself on the day the picture was taken. What we do have, owing to Ms. Riordan and her lawyer’s concerted efforts, is a picture of an arm they claim to Mia’s, showing the result of a cutting episode. This is such a breach of confidentiality that I am at a loss for words. This young woman clearly is suffering, but we will never know the ramifications that will follow Mia as she has been identified as a cutter by her own mother! Should this not be kept private? We all know stories of how children are bullied over social media. Now all and sundry can google the names of Ms. Riordan, her husband, and even Mia, and view this picture.

    At the very least, this picture and the arm being identified as Mia’s should be taken down from this article. Perhaps Ms. Riordan should reacquaint herself with the word fiduciary and act in a manner more fitting of such.

    • Ya. Anyone who was not this girl could say this. Sure, Mia herself might even be pissed off at her mom someday! Maybe it’s even questionable, except?

      This is cutting.

      This is evidence of serious psychological disturbance in a child.

      If the authorities aren’t acting in the children’s best interest and this is what’s going on?

      I think it’s time to break a few rules.

  • Ambrose should be able to piddle his own kids. After all they aren’t his biological children.

    The Connecticut family court is pedo friendly.

  • Karen is my good friend and fellow Mama in the fight to bring our children back home to our safety. She is strong and an inspiration. I haven’t been allowed to hold my twin daughters (7) for 7 months now. I reported psychological abuse etc and instead of protection in family court, I was removed from my children’s lives. I was painted as a liar who was making repeated claims of “abuse”. One of my attorneys made unbelievable sexual advances and the judge brought this up in my case as a negative, suggesting this was another false accusation. I was never asked for the details, how I was… there was no sympathy what’s so ever for me or my children. All this is done under the non existent “best interest” standard. “Family court” has no business making family decisions. They are ruining the lives of safe parents, children and abuse victims everywhere. When a victim wishes she stayed with her abuser because family court is re-victimizing her and her children, that says a lot.

  • To Frank Report Staff:

    I hope the future of the Frank Report lies in hard-hitting criminal investigations and investigations into courtroom in-injustices similar to this article.

  • I don’t see how enjoying porn featuring grown Latino men means that the man is likely to be sexually attracted to his own (or any) Latino children. That’s like saying a man who likes looking at blonde women in porn is likely to be molesting his blonde children. Gimmie a break. This is an ugly prejudicial smear campaign. Sounds like this woman Karen aka Anna Mercury is trying to embarrass her ex husband into making a deal.

    • Maybe you’re right but when you add that his Latino adopted son accused him of touching his penis and when he takes the doorknobs off all the doors and puts hidden cameras and recording devices in his home, he begins to look suspect. I wonder if you would trust your own children to his tender care?

      • This horrible excuse for a ‘father’ should have been permanently banned from ever seeing his children the moment the fondling was reported by the children. A ten year old BOY knows right from wrong and the fact that he reported this deplorable behavior being perpetrated on him by his ‘father’ indicates he knows it to be wrong and the adults, professionals involved likewise should have recognized this behavior as WRONG. HORRIBLY WRONG

        If he’s molesting his male Latino child and watching porn of similar theme, it is definitely relevant.

        Smear campaign? More like a FACT campaign, all of these facts seem to be very well documented in court filings and medical records.

      • If he is really molesting the kids, of course, fry the bastard!

        But maybe he put the recording devices there so he can have evidence as to whether or not he is actually making threats to the children as they are accusing him of doing and to show proof that he is not abusing them?

        You know, it’s not unheard of for the parent who loses custody – in this case, the mother – to accuse the custodial parent of abuse and to coach the children on what to say. Maybe dad removed the doorknobs so they can’t stay locked in their room on their phones listening to an endless stream of anti-dad propaganda from mom? Or so that the kids who self-harm can’t lock themselves into their rooms and he wouldn’t be able to get in to help them? As for the alleged penis-touching, hell yes it should be fully investigated. But again, coaching by the non-custodial parent often happens. I think that the children should be removed from the dad and mom while this is being investigated.

        But I’m just wondering why — if this is a strong case of abuse — then why weaken it with unrelated commentary about what type of ADULT male porn he views and his unholy passion for the tonsorial arts? IMO that just weakens the case and makes it look like mom is more interested in embarrassing her ex to get her way than in the actual welfare of her children.

        As for marrying under false pretenses, it seems to me like mom and dad cut a deal to marry each other so it would be easier for them to adopt children than it would be for them to do so as single parents.

        If dad is being fully exposed here, I’d like fair play — let’s see all the details about why mom lost custody.

        But above all, I pray it works out for the best of the children.

        • To medical professionals at three different hospitals, none of their quotes from three different institutions sound coached whatsoever, Gimme a Break and, in fact, all sounds very much like what children of their age would report. Here it is again in case you glossed over it in the article:

          Sawyer told Connecticut Children’s Hospital, “dad has been sexually abusing me for the last 7 months”.

          New Haven Yale Hospital said Sawyer “Reports that for ‘months’ dad has touched him inappropriately in his private parts…. Reports that last time he was touched inappropriately was one week ago.”

          Mia told Children’s Hospital that “he touches my brother [Sawyer] and he really scares us. …[and] cuts us off [from seeing anyone.”

          New Haven Yale reports Mia: “feels unsafe at home around dad, states dad fondling her breast.” and reported “youngest brother (10 yo) reported inappropriate touching (fondling penis) by dad. Mia says dad ‘tried to touch me’ but ‘I ran away’.

        • Yes, gimme a break. Let’s hear about mom, too. Absolutely.

          But also do not dismiss offhand, the allegations about this man’s sexuality.

          Absolutely not a crime to be gay or watch porn or even have a fetish for Latin people. But? If it’s true that he enjoys lying and non-consensual activities, this could also be an indicator of a bigger problem.

      • Frank & Gimme a Break:

        I hope you both are cognizant of the fact that the “father” had no interest in child custody until he found out the amount of child support he’ll be paying.

        Remember he lived on the west coast and left the “mother” alone with the children? Mother wasn’t a problem back then.

        I took the time to look up the case. I don’t think you are both right or wrong. I believe the children are screwed either way. At this point, the kids seem better off with their mother aside from the parental alienation issue. Cameras and removed doorknobs are OCD control issues for sure.

        Oddly enough, there is nothing odd about this case. Sadly it’s close to par.

        The children are screwed either way, but still better than foster care or an orphanage where they’d likely be physically, sexually, and/or verbally abused.

    • Mr. Gimme a Break,


      If a young girl accused her father of molesting her and it was uncovered during a criminal investigation that the father in question watched “barely legal” type pornography (young looking 18-year-olds), you wouldn’t find it highly suspicious?

      Mr. Ambrose’s son accuses Ambrose of molestation. During an investigation by authorities, it was uncovered that Mr. Ambrose searches for and watches “Latino Boiz”.

      I dare you to Google “Latino Boiz”. You seem to believe “Latino Boiz” porn is the stuff “normal adults watch” — then you should have no fear of googling it!!!

      Go on Google it!

      I rest my case!

      • BTW a divorce attorney, I know sees this kind of scenario with some frequency, and the attorney finds the case, at least on the surface, to be unusual.

        Sorry, Nut Job, I know when I mention on my legal acquaintance, it offends your sensibilities.

      • @nice guy – How many dads look at porn sites with the word “girls” or “girlz” in the URL? Are they all molesting their kids? I guess anyone who watched “girls gone wild” back in the day is a pedophile too. I read the psychological report and it was interesting that it said the mother seems prone to narcissism hysteria and dishonesty and is very controlling of the daughter. Seems like a classic case of parental alienation which is very abusive and harmful to children. I completely disapprove of the highly biased angle of this Frank Report article. Sorry.

        I went ahead and googled LatinoBoiz and saw adults in the images. *shrugs* I don’t see how this guy’s choice of adult porn has anything to do with whether or not he touched the children. It also says he squeezed the daughter’s thigh. I guess by your logic that is false since he never looked at any website called

        I support Investigating the child abuse allegations, but I think the unrelated attempt at character assassination on the ex-husband is uncalled for and shows it might be more about a personal vendetta the mom has against him than it is about her concern for the children’s welfare.

        • Don’t you think, Gimme a Break? From what I’ve read, it sounds like the child abuse has already been investigated and thoroughly documented. What more investigation would need to transpire? Catching this sicko in the act? A ten-year-old boy reporting his penis repeatedly being touched by his father (which no 10 y/o boy would report about his father if not true) and backed up by his sister who’s also been abused and is now self-mutilating seems to be pretty solid proof/manifestations that this happened. You claim this fact-based article is too biased but YOU are the one who seems biased in favor of the father. Why is that? You also seem too eager to explain away that which cannot be explained away. Gimme a break indeed!

          • How is referring to one of the parties involved in this custody battle as a “monster” in any way unbiased?

        • Gimme-A-Break,

          I snapped to judgement! You are correct.
          I definitely rush to judgements when the words pedophile and rapist come up. The sole exception being John Tighe. His case is united, because his story fits non of the typical patterns of a pedo.

          A few things:

          1. didn’t look up “Latino boyz” because I don’t want that in my searching history or hard-drive.

          2. I did say it appeared on the surface. I should have looked up the case docket. Like you!

          3. It is “parental alienating” and therefore a form of child abuse. All lay people and some attorneys don’t understand “parental alienation” is against the law. My wife, hypothetically, had to explain to somebody from the legal field they were in fact breathing the law and would be punished by a jury. This person didn’t believe my wife. Even though they are in practice.

          4. Gay porn is not evidence of anything. I agree.

          5. I jumped in with both feet.

          6. The wife must be a little crazy because this Ambrose is disgusting looking. In fact he is disturbing to look at.
          Totally shallow to say — but I can’t image dating the female equivalent of Ambrose.

          Here’s one compliment to Alonzo and Nancy — Ambrose makes Alonzo or Nancy Salzman look handsome and beautiful. 😉


    How many lives must be sacrificed and destroyed at the hands of judges who use ‘judicial discretion’ as a weapon.

    Please show the world how many brave parents came forward to the Judiciary Committee to no avail! They protect each other. Even well intended people are threatened, and coerced into turning a blind eye to Family Court Atrocities.

    Please share far and wide. He is known as a misogynist and several moms were there to testify against him and he took their children away.

  • Karen! You are a strong woman with a beautiful heart! No one deserves what has happened to you …. especially NOT YOU! Your children are being led by the best example possible = YOU … I want to be there when you are vindicated and your beautiful children are back where they belong (with you)!

  • Please let these children return home to their mom. This is surely a despicable abuse of power by the father and the courts.

    Thanks to Frank they are accountable here, if nowhere else.

  • Jocelyn Hurwitz is a known predator. See her debut: In the Worst Interest of the Child: Trafficking Children Through the Family Court System by Keith Harmon Snow.

    “Keith Harmon Snow’s meticulously documented investigation into sex-trafficking of children by American judges is not to be missed. This scandal is one of the most important censored stories in our country today. I might not believe what Mr. Snow has written if I had not independently investigated two dozen cases not discussed in his article, and found ample evidence of the precise dynamics he lays out for us here. Anyone who says they care about child welfare needs to learn what is happening in family courts and take action until it is stopped. Once you start reading this exposé, you won’t be able to put it down.”

    Even with clear evidence, GAL’s like Jocelyn Hurwitz and her cadre of leeches violate laws, prolong litigation, conceal evidence of abuse, and deliver full custody to one parent in exchange for lucrative money streams.

    Our government has betrayed all of us– it’s the dirty secret of the family courts throughout the US. Please fight for us. Our children are sacrificed daily. There is nowhere to turn within the system and the abuse of power and process is rampant.

    These people are animals who play God with children’s lives. Slay them.

  • The Ambrose case is so typical of what is happening to mothers all across the United States for federal funding! (AFCC 1961). Access visitation centers hand over custody to economic abusers for federal funding that gets channeled into the state!
    This case is horrific. We need reform in this country bad! The children are coming out losers!

  • Sacrificing children and destroying parent-child bonds for endless money streams is a silent epidemic in family courts. There is no due process. People enter family court for a simple divorce and custody; those with money are targeted by family court predators who masquerade as professionals with ethics and integrity. High net worth families are deemed “high conflict” divorce– and the vultures move in. The appointment of a GAL is the first red flag. Once a GAL is appointed, the case is over. The GAL is a leech who coordinates and controls which buddies will be brought on to join her in profit and deliver children to the parent with the bank account. The GAL cannot be shaken loose and is unrelenting in her efforts to increase conflict, prolong litigation, and hire as many needless ‘professionals’ to endorse her position, while draining marital funds and retirements. The children’s suffering is unconscionable.

    All of us need Frank and his team of investigators to bring down these criminals– and that’s what they are.

    Contact CT Protective Moms– Betsy Keller has dedicated years to raising awareness. Lives are destroyed. Custody is taken from perfectly healthy parents– under the guise of “judicial discretion” and “best interest” of the child.

    There is no accountability nor oversight. Exposure is the ONLY WAY change will come. Please expose the CT family court system. IT’s throughout the US, but if CT falls, others will follow.

  • Karen! You are a strong woman with a beautiful heart! No one deserves what has happened to you …. especially NOT YOU! Your children are being lead by the best example possible = YOU … I want to be there when you are vindicated and your beautiful children are back where they belong (with you)!

  • This story is remarkably disturbing. The three innocent children need immediate help! How can all of this evidence be presented and dismissed by a GAL & psychologist!? The public needs to expose the facts of this case and get justice for all of the victims. Amazing story, Frank!

  • We don’t want attention or revenge, all we want is to protect our children from an abuser. Why does no one want to listen to the children? The system doesn’t make any sense. We are not talking about big-screen TVs but human beings!

    Thank you, Frank, for helping us be heard!

  • Ann Mercury,

    This is an incredibly sad and shocking story. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get the story out to the public and motivate the politicians and bureaucrats to take action.

    Excellent writing!

  • Will Suneel be doing his own research as to whether the child porn in this case was planted? Or is it only Keith’s case Suneel cares about?

  • Never ever ever will nor shall there be any GREY area when it comes to abusing children.

    Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the worthless pleasures of evil and darkness, but instead, rebuke and expose them.”

    For if any person who does NOTHING and does not take up ARMS against any being -like this sick creep – doing HARM to children is PART of the darkness, is part of the evil, is part of the sin, is part of the crime, is part of the deceit. God will punish all evil doers and all who aid and abet evil.

  • .

    Never ever ever will nor shall there be any GREY area when it comes to abusing children.

    Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the worthless pleasures of evil and darkness, but instead, rebuke and expose them.”

    For if any person who does NOTHING and does not take up ARMS against any being -like this sick creep – doing HARM to children is PART of the darkness, is part of the evil, is part of the sin, is part of the crime, is part of the deceit. God will punish all evil doers and all who aid and abet evil.

    God knows all. God sees all.

    This evil being can hide no more.

    FREE THE CHILDREN. SAVE the CHILDREN. Save what is of their youth, their innocence, their lives.

    The town of Westport – take up arms against these evil people. Show no mercy before God strikes you all.

  • The CT family court system did the same exact thing to me. Placed me in the care of a publicly abusive parent because his financial status had influence. I wonder how the judge in this case looks in the mirror and calls herself a parent. But hey, as long as the pockets are full right?

  • Family courts are largely lawless; children are commodities to be exploited by the greed of GAL’s, evaluators, and attorneys. There is a fact pattern– a game if you will, which serves to generate money streams to benefit court appointed evaluators, reunification therapists, guardian ad litems, court appointed supervisors, and psychologists. Where did all these “specialty” practices come from? Why, for a divorce, is an army of high cost strangers necessary?

    The game is for court appointed strangers to promote conflict, and keep families in litigation as long as possible; the trials being the most lucrative. The predators of family court drain lifelong savings accounts, and prolong suffering. Children are sacrificed for financial gain. Psychologists who work alone and are accountable to no medical standard or hospital board, are secured to work in lockstep to deliver the outcome sought by the GAL. Follow the money.

    Who would think a GAL would take your children? Who would think you would be forced to accept a GAL as a permanent member of your family system– a LEECH in fancy clothes; unrelenting in their determination dominate, control, and isolate children from fit parents? Follow the money. Look at the court dockets where GAL’s like Jocelyn Hurwitz, remain on cases for years– long after the divorce is finalized.

    Where are the statistics on the number of cases where sole custody is awarded?
    Why do parents who have functioned for decades suddenly need psychological evaluations?
    Why are psychiatric evaluations not sought?
    Why do less credentialed psychologists override highly credentialed psychiatrists?
    Why, when there is no finding of being an unfit parent, do judges and GAL abuse their power and eviscerate parent-child bonds.

    This is an EPIDEMIC. There is no oversight. Our state governments have betrayed us and are endorsing the rampant abuse of
    “Judicial Discretion” + “Best Interest of the Child” = CHILD ABUSE– severing of healthy child-parent bonds.

    Frank Parlato and his team must be diligent, determined and unrelenting to expose the unconscionable reality of family courts.
    The people need to take back the power and rights afforded to us under the constitution.

  • This is so disturbing, how can the state fail these children and their mother?

    Someone, please tell me what we can do to protect these kids. How can this monster man be given the power to hurt and abuse. Disgusting.. absolutely horrid.

  • Look. This guy Ambrose has money. He has talent. He is a Hollywood screenwriter. Man-boy love is very acceptable in many cultures and societies. The kids are way better off with Ambrose, than the dumb mother who was just a stay-at-home mom and before that a stupid teacher.

    She was not even smart enough to manage the rigged Family Court system.

    Even if Ambrose has occasional sex with his kids, they will learn more about life from him in one month than with his mother for ten years. The judge realized that and that’s why she removed them from the mother after they had been with her all their lives.

    The judge ain’t stupid.

    • LEUNGKWANPANG, Backpacker extroadinaire — Alcibiades you are most certainly not. Accept your overwhelming limitations.

      I do hope when you grow up and have children of your own that your other half (Betty,is it?) doesnt decide to stay at home to take care of your children, or indeed, become a teacher to take care of others, while you, the stay at home [famous, wealthy] writer dad has ‘occasional sex’ with your own issue. I further hope you don’t end up in a family court fighting Betty because she wants to be a decent mom and can’t quite get with your careless, almost cretinous lazy morality.

      Did your Dad do you? I hope not. And if such a thing did shape your consciousness, I hope when you grow up and the penny drops that your life isn’t too devastated.

  • and the judge, GAL and psych. This story made my stomach turn. The children should be listened to regarding the abuse they are enduring, especially considering their ‘father’ is clearly a liar (gay and married any way) and pervert (the oodles of porn / posing as a barber texting with young men). It is disgraceful that the court has allowed this to go on and they are complicit in the abuse of these children. Shameful, disgusting and must be remedied

  • I am seeing a very grime pattern emerge in the family court systems throughout the U.S.. Something that converts the good parent into the bad parent, uses the kids as collateral, then fleeces them both. The family courts need immediate investigation and probably a sizable purge.

  • Frank! This is incredible! You are truly amazing … you have beautifully surmised what has happened to Karen and her children! After reading multiple court motions and viewing with my own eyes the level of nefarious actions taken against Karen and her children by the court system as well as her ex-husband’s false front, I am literally crying happy tears seeing you are exposing Karen’s story! This should NEVER happen to anyone! Thank You for ALL THE GOOD YOU DO! You ‘Frank’ change lives when everyone else looks the other way or chooses to work against the victim!

    • This was not written by Frank but by a new writer named Anna Mercury; possibly a relative of Freddie Mercury?

  • It is heartening to see that the courts are finally acting in favor of fathers’ rights to intimacy with their children, rather than always defaulting to believing mothers. The lack of father/child intimacy is a central cause of many social problems today.

    DOSA JISM is at the forefront of advocating for legal change in this area.

    We are more than willing to provide funding so that Two Lawyers, Esq. can offer pro bono services to any aggrieved fathers.

  • If they had no sex after they were married, presumably they had no sex before marriage. I wonder why the mom married him, and subsequently stayed in the marriage. Maybe it became an arrangement.
    I hope the children are returned to the mom.

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