CT Family Court: Ambrose Knows the Game

Chris Ambrose is obsessed with hair. Painting by Marie Whtre.

They are good lawyers, the family court lawyers of CT.

They deliver the result – custody of children to the high bidder, in this case, Christopher Ambrose, who is a lawyer himself.

Attorney Nancy Aldrich works with the GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz, enjoying high conflict cases that drag on for years.

Ambrose is wise to the game. He was willing to pay lawyers, the guardian ad litem, and the therapists. He knows money makes CT Family Court go round.

Because he controls the marital assets, he controls the spending. His wife is responsible for half of those expenses, without any say in the matter. Is there any question why the professionals favor him in every dispute between the couple?

Welcome to CT Family Court.

Christopher Ambrose has a fetish for forced haircuts. He trolls online pretending to be a barber. His children allege he has abused them. He admitted he visits  Latinoboyz/younghotlatinos. His children are Latino.

The wife legally owns half of marital property but he controls it. He knows the high conflict game better than the professionals.

When Christopher Ambrose stopped practicing law 25 years ago, he got into TV. Screenwriting. His first show was Family Court, about a manipulative law firm in the high conflict divorce and custody game.

He wrote for Queen’s Supreme about manipulative judges in Queens, New York. He wrote for Judging Amy, which was about CT Family Court.

He knows the game. He is a life member of the club.

Wisely, he never asks for a discount – he knows better than that – from the professionals who will arrange custody for him. And he never refuses to authorize any spending they want or need.

He made it clear he understands the business, all the terms and conditions, what they mean, including “children’s best interest,” a euphemism for the professionals’ best interest.

Unhappily for the profession, the custody evaluation report in the Ambrose v Riordan case fell into the public domain thanks to the GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz.

The normally secretive document is available to study, to learn how the high conflict business is run.

Of course, GAL Hurwitz was not trying to spoil a good business. When Hurwitz was trying to quell the desperate mother after the children accused the father of abuse, Hurwitz was forced to hand out the custody evaluation report to discredit the mother – handed it out like candy, to stop the investigation into the father – since the report put the mother in bad light, which was what the Custody Evaluator was instructed to do in the first place.

GAL Hurwitz gave the custody evaluation report out and used it as a weapon against the mother and her children, to the Department of Children and Families, to hospital professionals, and to the police who were called to investigate the father’s alleged abuse.

Because of that, the custody evaluation report entered the public domain, and it proves fraud, conspiracy and racketeering.  A custody evaluation report decided in advance, written to order, to favor the parent with money – Chris Ambrose.

Ambrose knew that by confiscating his wife’s share of the marital assets, he could outspend her, spend her share to pay professionals and keep his half.

He was clever in who he hired; he never had to file a financial affidavit, though it is required by CT law, because the professionals he hired made sure, by hopping from judge to judge, that he did not have to file.  He stole the marital assets but never had to admit it.

Today, Ambrose, the father, has had ‘temporary custody’ for two years. The mother has been made penniless. The children haven’t seen their mother in two years.

The mother has never been adjudicated unfit, never diagnosed with mental illness, has no criminal record, and no complaints or allegations were ever filed against her by any agency. Her children never made any complaints against her; just the opposite – all three children have pleaded to be returned to her care.

None of this matters. This is Connecticut Family Court, where custody is sold to the high bidder – which, in this case, is Ambrose.

Yes, they are good lawyers. They deliver the result to the high bidder, to Ambrose, the lawyer.

There is no justice in this court of CT, for mothers not wise in the Family Court conceit always lose.

Ambrose, wise in the high conflict game, willing to pay, knowing that, since he controls the marital assets – he spends only his wife’s half, who has no say in the matter – that he would win the high conflict game.

She owns half of the property. He controls it all. He knows the game better than the professionals.

He got custody of three unhappy children. They lost their mother, and the professionals got rich off the fat of the land.

CT Family Court Delenda Est.

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  • Karen is a fantastic mom, was teacher of the year, has no mental illness or substance abuse issues, and she loves her children. She deserves her kids back. This is inexcusable and has gone on long enough. So sad for the children.

  • The children in this case are old enough to decide who they want to live with. This has been suggested to the father but he wants no part of that because he knows he already paid for the outcome. Talk about child abuse! Children have the right to see both parents.

    • It is actually a law in Connecticut, 46b-56(b), enacted in 2005 which requires active and consistent involvement of both parents in the lives of the children. The monsters in black have ignored this statutory requirement set down by the legislature on behalf of a sovereign people. These judges are above the law. Connecticut’s dirty secret: laws don’t matter.

  • I find it interesting that “Hate the Game” is concerned for Dads who are only following the legal process – but the legal process is FLAWED and obviously designed to reward the party with money…whether it’s the Mom or Dad. Concerned for children having their lives online? Ah…probably better than having them locked up with an abusive parent and not allowed to see the other parent.

  • All state family(divorce) courts are incompetent. Judge Judy summed it up best:

    “Where to you put all the moron political appointees, you hide them in family court, where there are no eyes watching.”

    In Massachusetts, there are family court judges who don’t keep up on court decisions or understand basic taxes and accounting issues, math, etc.

  • Why the attempt to smear the fathers who are only following proper legal process? Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”? I think it’s unfair to try to hurt these fathers online when they are abiding by all the rules. They didn’t invent the way that the courts work in C, and, in my opinion, should not be punished for it by having their names smeared online. It will also negatively impact the children because, for one, their friends/classmates/future employers can find them online with a Google search and read all this highly personal stuff.

    • AGREE!! These poor children being plastered all over the internet. It’s one thing to “report” on the adult parties in this case, but to drag in minor children is irresponsible, unethical, and just plain disgusting. It’s just as bad as the corruption purportedly occurring. FCC, FR are also not putting the best interest of the children at the forefront. Shame on you all.

      • The children want to be heard. They’re 15,15 and 11. Why won’t the court allow them their own counsel? Why when they are against the opinion of the GAL do they not get a say? Their opinions and experiences matter and they are silenced. This is child abuse. They get a parent removed from their lives- as if she’s dead? This is the US? And we separate children from parents when there is no finding of being unfit and no evidence of harm to children? Frightening that this occurs throughout the country.

        • They are children; hence, they don’t yet get to make their own decisions. That’s also why we have statutory rape laws.

          Apparently, Karen has been awarded supervised visitation but she refuses to do it…so it is her choice to not be involved in her children’s lives “as if she were dead.”

          • For 13 years she raised the children alone, unsupervised – while the father was away most of the time and now suddenly she needs to be supervised? After the husband stole the money, and had the GAL gunning for her.

          • Frank wrote, “…and now suddenly she needs to be supervised?”

            Most (probably all) parents who are ordered to have supervised visitation previously went many years raising the kids without any supervision. That argument/rationalization means nothing.

          • Why she needed to pay for expensive supervision and reunification therapists is the dirty little secret – it is not about her– it’s about the money.

          • ^^^this is what infuriates me. FCC/FR both FAIL to mention that it had been Karen’s CHOICE not to see her children.

          • “it is not about her– it’s about the money.”-Frank

            So, what is more important to Karen? Proving a point that the courts have money as a motive or being involved in her children’s lives? it seems like she’s more interested in complaining about lawyers, etc. being swayed by money (duh) than in being involved in her children’s lives. She needs to get her priorities straight.

  • What are Suneel’s thoughts on THIS illegal activity being carried out by THESE bad actors ? The whole saga is truly jaw dropping and with a tad more visibility the all seeing eye would likely cast its eyes in the direction of this travesty. What say you, Suneel ?

  • I was wondering, why hasn’t there been any negative press about how awful this mom was (such as the dad’s creepy lettuce head trolling)?

    This Chris Ambrose guy seems to follow these posts pretty religiously, so why doesn’t he fire back with a list of all the terrible things this mom must have done to deserve to be deleted from her kids lives??

    There seems to be an endless parade of disparaging points to raise about this dad fellow, but no evidence or allegations about the mom at all? Nothing? Nada?? Zilch??

    I invite all the people who know Karen Riordan to tell me the worst thing you know about her. Chris, you too, give us something to help us believe this is in the best interest of the kids. Whatcha got??

  • Frank, Connecticut has new court procedures (effective 12/2021) that encourage/facilitate parties to co-parent with shared custody and eliminate/reduce the need (and substantial costs) for attoneys and other professionals. See https://www.jud.ct.gov/HomePDFs/PathwaysProcess.pdf The new process applies when neither party is an unfit parent.
    Great strides and long overdue!

  • It’s great that you weren’t intimidated when this schmuck threatened you with a law suit in an effort to intimidate you. These family court players earn a living by abuse of women and their children

  • You’ve written essentially the same opinion piece several times now- this time with pictures! Why not counter what you claim is a flawed custody evaluation? Interview Karen’s father, siblings, co-workers, etc. to change the narrative for the many who believe she is batshit crazy.

    • Props to you, Frank, for publishing a post that puts you in a favorable light. I appreciate your integrity in not cherry picking posts. (I still think you are fundamentally wrong though about Karen Ambrose/Riordan though!)

  • Pretty strong accusations you’re making here regarding RICO. Pretty ironic coming from someone who has been under investigation for fraud against the IRS.

  • Custody evaluator Biren Caverly uses her fraudulent report once again before Judge Jane Grossman. They ripped another good, loving mother away from her child – the 6 year old son that Joriz Tiberi raised as a stay-at-home mother. And suddenly this mother is toxic, mentally ill, dangerous, and can’t think clearly to raise her son. But no one ever called DCF. Not one of these professionals made the mandatory call their profession requires to report abuse. Because the child was and is not at risk with Joriz Tiberi. But they’ll steal her child anyway, and get paid by the wealthy dentist Frank Tiberi.

    No contact order again. Same sick story. It’s a silent epidemic throughout our country. Frank – please pound these child abusers. They’re criminals. Our children suffer. Public outrage is the only way to change this game. Bring these kids home where they belong and where they want to be. Kids need to be heard.

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