Atty Gen William Tong Deaf, Dumb and Blind to Corruption at CT Family Court

People ask, incredulously, why CT Family Court judges go along with the recommendations of guardians ad litem to terminate parental rights and, in effect, rob children of one of their parents.

The answer may be more straightforward than anyone thinks. The GALs are lawyers who lawyers for the divorcing spouses refer.  Lawyers needing lawyers are the luckiest lawyers in the world.

The CT state legislature is made up of part-time elected members. Many are attorneys. More importantly, the Judiciary Committee recommends judges. Their members are often lawyers.

Just as part-time legislators are attorneys who depend on judges for favorable rulings, in CT, judges need these attorneys for their reappointment.

And attorneys know attorneys.

This all leads to family court judges like Adelman, Grossman, Diana, Tindall, etc., having to play ball with well-connected attorneys.

Nancy Aldrich

For instance, Nancy Aldrich, who represents Chris Ambrose, who took three children away from their stay-at-home mother, essentially terminating her parental rights, has more power than Judge Jane Grossman. The latter ruled to take the children away.


Because Jane Grossman was coming up for reappointment and Aldrich’s son, State Senator Will Haskell, is a member of the Judiciary Committee.  He votes on whether Judge Grossman’s reappointment gets out of committee.

His recommendation carries a lot of weight. If there were a few dozen mothers who lost their children and tried to block her reappointment, Haskell could do a lot to stop any negative momentum working against the ‘make-them-motherless’ Judge Grossman.

Judge Jane Grossman finds parental alienation occurs whenever stay-at-home mothers allege an affluent father is abusive. And she resolves it by removing the mother and placing the children with the allegedly abusive father.

Who was Judge Grossman going to believe in 2020, the mother, Karen Riordan, who has no political connections whatsoever, and whose marital assets were confiscated by her husband –  or her husband, Chris Ambrose, who snatched millions from their joint accounts and could afford to pay Nancy Aldrich’s $600 hourly fee?

The mother-stealer judge trembled when Aldrich’s hulking presence entered the courtroom and began her icy stare at little Jane. She knew that she better give Big Nancy just what she wants, or just maybe her son, State Senator Will, one of the non-lawyers on the Judicial Committee [he did not get there by accident], might choose not to vote for her reappointment in 2022. Grossman might wind up like old lady Emons – a judge who never made it to the floor for a vote.

Former judge Jane B. Emons

So who would Judge Grossman side with in her ruling? The lawyer with the son who could support her retainment or the mother who the children wanted to be with but has no clout and no money?

That’s what they call a no-brainer.

Judge Grossman ruled that the children should have no contact with their mother. And plunged them into a misery which, to this day, they are experiencing.

The good news is that Aldrich’s boy Will supported Grossman and ensured she got her reappointment.

She will be on the bench another eight years, thanks in part to Nancy Aldrich’s boy Will.

In CT, that is called one hand greasing the other.

Always remember:


Before we get to the op-ed of our distinguished guest writer, Peter Szymonik, I want to say two things.

First:  Whoever did the photoshop of Jessica Biren-Caverly’s face on a hog should be severely chastised. It is an insult to one of the most intelligent and important farm animals. If I find out who did it, I will report them to PETA.

Secondly, the investigation into Biren-Caverly is going better than expected. Several new victims of the faux parental alienator have contacted me, and the results seem promising. I wish I could tell all, but I can only hint — that Caverly is under scrutiny along with Judge Gerard Adelman and others for something that promises well for the public but not so well for them.

I will report more, but I assure our faithful readers that it will be a merry day in CT when this deplorable person is stopped. That day is coming.

Now, without further ado, let us hear from the man who actually stopped a family court judge from arresting him for not paying a GAL who was working to steal his children from him. It took a camera crew from a major TV network to put the skids on it, but such is life.

He is one of the sterling advocates for CT Family Court reform, Peter T. Szymonik. He further explains to those skeptical about the events behind the scenes in that RICO enterprise called CT Family Court.

This time he gives us a peek at one of the top conspirators — Attorney General William Tong [when was the last time an attorney general was forced out of office? Why it was our good friend Eric Schneiderman who attacked our friends – then was caught beating and starving his girlfriends. And surprise, justice came to him, as it must to Tong. So sayeth the soothsayers on this April eve.]

By Peter T. Szymonik

Attorney General William Tong has failed to protect civil and constitutional rights in this state. Both when he was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and now as Attorney General.

Tong has failed thousands of parents, children, and families who have suffered abusive family court judges, who flagrantly ignore and violate civil and parental rights in their courtrooms – every day.

Tong and his Judiciary Committee failed the people. He turned a deaf ear, and blind eye to mountains of testimony heard and submitted to his committee from hundreds of parents and attorneys who testified about the abuses they and their families suffered.

Judges who deliberately separate children from their parents and family members for no valid reason or cause and without regard for the lifelong trauma this causes. Judges who jail parents for no crime to extort and funnel money into the hands of a small number of well-connected divorce attorneys and state family court vendors.

Judges who enable, promote, and reward domestic violence and the abuse and neglect of children.

All documented yet ignored by attorney-legislators on the Judiciary Committee.

Attorney-legislators who enrich themselves by these abuses of power, violations of civil and fundamental rights, and law violations. Attorney-legislators whose livelihoods depend on their votes for the judges they appear before.

Is it any wonder that these attorney-legislators will go to great lengths to protect even the worst judges they appear before and appear before them for reappointment, no matter how awful their offenses are?

There is perhaps no other legislative committee where the victims of abuse (victims of government and judicial abuses of power) are openly and personally attacked and disparaged for daring to come forward to testify and share their stories.

While people stand up for parents, children, and families of this state and take a stand against judicial misconduct and abuses of authority and power, they have the courage to do what the Judicial Review Board, Judiciary Committee, and Tong did not.

Attorney General William Tong.

If Attorney General Tong, or any of the attorney-legislators on the Judiciary Committee, ever stepped foot inside a family
courthouse, they would observe firsthand what happens in family courts and what parents and children are subjected to and suffering.

Perhaps then he would understand the comments of a Marine veteran who watched his daughter’s proceedings when he stood up and told the judge that the American flag had no business hanging in the judge’s courtroom.

Countless parents are working to bring social media and legislative attention to the problem of family court corruption and the devastation that the $50B divorce industry is causing our families, our country, and our society.

There are atrocities, and lifelong damage is inflicted on countless children and families.

Skeptical people should come to a family courthouse to observe these judges in action and how they flagrantly violate the civil and fundamental rights of parents who come before them.

Judges enjoy immunity no matter how troubling or unlawful their acts may be. Judges should be held accountable when they violate the rights of litigants who appear before them, break their oaths to protect the Constitution, violate our laws, and harm children and families.

Instead, everything is geared toward protecting the judge. But judges are not the ones who need their rights protected.

The Constitution and civil rights laws exist to protect citizens from government and judicial abuses of power.

We continue to wait for the Judiciary to police itself and adhere to Judicial Canons. We continue to wait for our Judiciary Committee to act and vote in the interests of parents, families, and children rather than in the interests of the $50B divorce industry and the divorce attorneys.

The State Capitol

We wait for fundamental and civil rights to mean something in the ironically-named “Constitution State.”

Some 20 plus million children have been separated from parents and families by our nation’s family courts over the past ten years for no reason other than profit and greed.

These numbers are unprecedented in our nation’s history and is the root cause of many of our social ills. From mass shootings to substance abuse to the dramatic increase in teen and adult suicides.

This must change. And it starts by removing judges who violate the rights of parents and our laws.

Szymonik is a Polish immigrant whose family suffered the horrors of the Nazis and Stalin and escaped communism only to come to the State of Connecticut and find that children are taken from parents with less justice and conscienceless ease than in the old communist lands.


Quiz Time:

Which symbols represents the government stealing children from parents? 

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  • Frank you are beyond right about what is going on in Connecticut. Most people would be completely flabbergasted at the stuff going on in the courts. The state of Connecticut should be ashamed of the judicial system. I got a up close veiw being a survivor myself. You are spot on!!!!! Please keep up what you are doing.

  • Aldrich and Chris Ambrose got in a fight. Aldrich knew Abrose is a liar about financial matters, so she could not represent him in today’s hearing before Adelman. Ambrose and Aldrich broke up, now Ambrose will prove to the world that he can lie under oath. Aldrich will sue Ambrose for his unpaid bill.

  • The wrath of the courts. Mothers and fathers are currently being threatened and punished by GALs, attorneys and judges for providing information to FR!

    Luigi better be prepared because Laliberte is one of the GALs and attorneys that criminalizes free speech— but only when it tells of courtroom racketeering.

  • Nancy Aldrich just quit representing Christopher Ambrose. Too much truth to handle for son State Senator Will Haskell and Nancy Aldrich.

  • Did AG Tong miss the low-grade video by Family Court leader Michael Albis?

    Albis says the majority of families are pleased with their Family Court experience. Frank, can you please add Judge Michael Albis so he is the second of the three monkeys along with AG Tong? Based on his lies in the video, he’s earned the money suit.

    • This is not true. The Connecticut department of public health is overwhelmed with complaints in regards to clinical psychologist involved in court cases. The complaints are being ignored and swept under the table.

      • Problem with DPH is that the scam of ‘forensic custody evaluation’ is not the licensed practice of psychology. The judges scam the public by stating the evaluation, which is merely an opinion done by a ‘licensed’ psychologist, but it is not a regulated service. Anyone can make an opinion about other people’s kids. Commissioner of DPH has no say in the matter. Again, the public is duped by judges. Family Court is a STING, the parents are the marks, the kids the pawns, the end goal is cash in a judicial pocket.

  • This is THE very long pattern and the Family Court has a well choreographed and orchestrated extortion, laundering and trafficking of families finances and children while supporting the sad Patriarchal claim of women who have the nerve to leave and practice their constitutional rights are “alienating” these abusive father’s from their children.

    Where court evaluators, attorney’s, judges and extended supporting systems (police, DCF, schools) play their role for grants, education programs (the shiniest program is “emotional intelligence “ curriculum) and domestic violence resources supporting father’s rights while again degrading and oppressing woman and contributing to violation of civil rights and the severe mental health crisis.

    I never in my life thought I would experience the separation of my child from me. I’m not crossing the border or in a foreign country…. Or are we?! Our country is under attack and the most crucial part of our legal system Family Court is at war with its citizens. Squeezing every penny and destroying the God given rights to raise our children in our beliefs and care. It is genius and evil. We must fight for our freedoms and reform the laws like our previous Patriots. We must take a stand to these bullies stealing our lunch money and crushing our souls.

  • Our state capitol is a perfect reflection of our state. The golden eye candy and impressive architecture gives the illusion of all that is good and ethical and refined.

    In reality, the capitol building is a haven to corruption, exploitation, ill-will and evil that runs rampant throughout CT government.

    Lamont, the people if CT need you.

  • Big Nan Aldrich. Biggest liar. She’s no advocate for women’s rights. She abuses women and children. Wait until the transcripts are released identifying every lie out of Nancy Aldrich’s mouth.

    She lied to Judge Rodriquez, Judge Grossman, and Judge Adelman. Line by line, we will go Nancy Aldrich – a catty, malicious, child abusing thief. You are a disgrace to all women.

    Say goodbye to your bullshit image. Exposure is easy. Money, money, money, money, money… that’s what Nancy Aldrich is about.

      • This would be no surprise as she was merely a mouthpiece for Lawyer/writer Ambrose.

        Mom wanted to divorce Dad. Dad finds out and starts researching…comes up with “parental alienation” and assembles his crooked team to do his bidding…for a high price tag of course.

        Ambrose will whine to anyone who will listen that he wanted “50/50” custody. What a crock! If that were the case the Ambrose children would be with their loving mother RIGHT NOW.

        Keep up the hard core press Frank. The children of CT need you!

      • Too much publicity for Nancy Aldrich? The public continues to find out she shieded Chris Ambrose from filing a financial affidavit for years while she, Hurwitz, Caverly, and Horwitz took all of the mother’s assets? And when Ambrose did submit the financial affidavit, it is blatant fraud– It’s time for a mistrial– or they’ll get it on appeal. Total corruption, brazen–thieves.

        Nancy Aldrich is on the Alex Kassner case now– Suggesting she cares for mothers, after she abused Karen Riordan and Paige Styvan– brutally, for years in court, and abused all the children as well. Paige Styvan has not seen her daughter, who was STOLEN at age 12, by team “ADELMAN AND ALDRICH”– ever since. Job well done Nancy Aldrich! And at the hearing to remove Adelman, Nancy Aldrich said, “I can’t remember the last time I was before Judge Adelman”– Guess you forget Nanc when you steal children– and abuse mothers and children everyday. I’ve heard she’s brutalized fathers as well– all for the money.

        Like Paige’s daughter of 12, who should have had a voice– Ambrose-Riordan case the kids are even older– 15, 15 and 12. And they are BURIED and controlled by GAL Hurwitz and hired gun therapists. Robert Horwitz is the leader in the AFCC. All known. Time to pay for their crimes.

  • Once again, I’m home alone, without my children because they’ve been stolen by this awful and corrupt family court system. Judge Grossman, judge Rodriguez, Janice LaLiberte, Jessica Biron Caverly and several others all have blood money for stealing children from a protective mother to their abuser.

    These fathers are much more interested in punishing their ex spouse for escaping abuse than they are about loving their children and they will pay, steal or collude as much as needed to keep the mom away .. it’s heartbreaking. I hope that anyone who’s reading this starts to really see what’s happening within CT courts. You or someone that you love may be next

  • The permanent damage being done to children is hard to digest. And for what? Money and political power. One of the scariest aspects is that none of this is hidden. It’s all being done in open court, as if these predators know they can’t be touched. Thank you, Frank, for continuing to shine a light.

  • King Tong better be wary of the laws passing in other states like Kentucky where all parents spilt custody 50-50.

    You say it ain’t perfect well neither is this CT system – and it’s fair since both are parents to get 50-50.

    Only sad thing – divorce lawyer revenue went down hugely and therapist who did custody stealing had to find other work.

    • Well, CT is a 50-50 state! Hard to tell. CT earned an F on shared parenting outcomes. Where are the stats that show sole legal and physical custody to one parent for the state of Ct?

      I’d that listed anywhere or buried along with evidence of abuse and the GALs Billings? Are those stats under seal along with the fraudulent custody reports of Biren Caverly and her predecessor, Linda Smith?

      • CT may be a 50/50 state but if a parent cannot adequately care for their children, then what?? The other parent is supposed to just sit back and accept that their child/ren is/are subjected to less than ideal conditions half the week/month/year? Um, I don’t think so.
        The 50/50 mindset is selfish.

        • Better than a group of conniving lawyers, GAL, and therapists decide what’s best? When it’s 50-50, at least it conforms with natural law.

          • I truly believe that in contested “high conflict” cases, an outsider is needed to determine the best interests of the children. This 3rd party is tasked to interview school personnel, pediatricians, coaches, outside therapists, babysitters, tutors- anyone who has regular contact with the children. THIS “testimony” is what is truly valuable, and in my case, this is the information that was used to modify custody. Not the GAL, not a custody evaluator, not a judge.

        • The whole point is that these parents have not been found to be unfit or abusive. It’s absurd. You go for a divorce and custody hearing and without findings of abuse or any report to DCF, they take your child/children from you.

          They are violating all laws and traumatizing children and at least one parent.

          There’s no evidence that these parents cannot adequately take care of their children. If that were the case, DCF would have to be called (psychologists are mandated reporters) and in NONE of these cases did any psychologist contact DCF with concerns about the parent who the GAL and court took custody from/put in no-contact order– which doesn’t even exist.

          Why not a restraining order that they can appeal after 6 months? It’s a sham. It’s money. It’s racketeering.

  • I served as a US Marine, let us just say for quite a few years, and witnessed corruption throughout many areas of the world.

    It is now evident however that the Connecticut politicians, Judges, GALs, Custody Evaluators and some attorneys within the Connecticut Family Court system hold PhDs in corruption and are the Caiaphas’ of innocent women and children.

    It is not only disheartening, but disgusting watching how the Connecticut Family Court system and their evil minions make money off of destroying so many childrens’ and mothers’ lives.

    Your reporting on this corruption is certainly gaining attention. Thank you for all you do!! One day this house of pedophile and abuser protection will collapse upon itself. Kenny G.

  • CT court and all aspects of its judicial branch and bar is a knock down. Nothing should be salvaged with the rotting garbage contaminating any kind of change.

    • Family court is the bottom feeders. They give a bad rep to all judges. You would think decent judges would get a backbone, unite and stand up rather than cover up.

      Judge Rodriquez is a good judge who has his cases moved by scoundrels. He had the Ambrose kids – three Latinos and ruled to give parenting time to both parents, while keeping them protected. Then Judge shopping occurred… and off they went with Hurwitz and Aldrich …. Off to see Grossman.

      Today, he returned the favor- and will “undo” some of the severe abuse done by Jessica Biren-Caverly – the fraud of frauds.

      Caverly lies to every court and delivers fraudulent “evaluations” in exchange for money. She assists the GALs laliberte, Hurwitz, Fay and so many others – for profit
      And delivers children to abusers. No justification to sever relationships with the healthy parent.

      Payback is here.

  • Tong is not blind to the predatory nature of Connecticut Family Court, he is part of it. He is a democrat from Stamford, he is a puppet of the chosen elite. His agenda includes gender confusion, deviant sexual behaviour, pederasty, lowering age of consent, child trafficking, shredding of parental rights. Tong claims his AG priority is families first, but he is just part of the ring to promote and normalize paedophilia.

    There is a common belief among the monsters of family court, Tong is a puppet of the masters of New Haven. Heller, Epstein, Adelman, Schofield, Grossman, Emons, Abery, Wetstone, Solomon, Munro, Dranginis, Gruendel, Katz, Borden, Stewart, Peters, Dembo, Aldrich, Hurwitz, Caverly, Laliberte, Ficcarro, …. notice a pattern here?

  • Read my law review article which supports these claims. Richard Ducote, Guardians ad Litem in Private Custody Litigation: The Case for Abolition, 3 Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law 106 (2003).

    • Thank you- Your work alone should have put an end to this. There is so much evidence and the conduct of judges, gals, psychologists and others is brazen—

      They’ve operated with little of no fear, but that time is now past.

  • Tong just may be overpowered. Who is strong enough in CT to take on this world if corruption? Why don’t the judges in criminal and civil court take a stand? It’s killing their reputations.

  • This is totally fucked up. Family court judges give a bad name to all CT judges. We all know family court judges are the bottom of the barrel. Dumbest in their class. Live by theft and immorality. Karma’s coming to these child Rapists and the parent who takes them from their mother.

  • Tong is a criminal. I’ve had my children taken and at least twenty advocates contacted Tongs office on my case alone.

    Tong, DCF- Ken Mysolgland— they are in it together. Praying Lamont will have some integrity and clean out the cesspool that is CT family court.

  • It’s disgusting. Any parent involved in removing their spouse from their children’s lives needs to realize your children will ultimately resent you for it – and you’re hurting them daily in the process.

    The government is corrupt but it takes a sick parent to play into such atrocities. Parents can’t hide behind a judge’s no-contact order. Parents who stop their spouses from seeing the children they raised need to get their head examined.

    Children are being stolen from their parents, but the spouse is participating in the abuse.

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