The Ambrose Papers #14: History of Father’s Abuse of Children, But No One in Connecticut Family Court Will Listen

This is #14 of the Ambrose Papers, a series that covers an amazing injustice, an extraordinary caper of the ruthless kind, one that’s apparently common in Connecticut Family Court.  And the courtrooms of Judges Gerald Adelman and Jane Grossman.

I am talking about the gross and unwholesome decision to deny children access to their mother when the father pays enough money.

In the Ambrose case, based on nothing more than a report by psychologist, Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, Judge Grossman decided that Karen Riordan must be separated from her children and full and exclusive custody be awarded to the long-absent father, Chris Ambrose, the subject of the series.

Karen Riordan was a stay at home mother until April 24, 2020, when Judge Jane Grossman, taking the advice of the guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, and the recommendation of the custody evaluator, Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, took three children away from her and place them with the father, Chris Ambrose.

Chris Ambrose

There was never any allegation of abuse against the mother. She has no criminal record and no diagnosis of any kind of any mental or physical unfitness. That is, not until she met Dr. Biren Caverly for a brief interview as part of a court ordered custody evaluation.

Dr. Caverly diagnosed Karen with an unspecified personality disorder and recommended that she should be denied all contact with her children, a decision the father, who paid Dr. Caverly, completely agreed with.

The children, Mia, 14, Matthew 14, and Sawyer, 11, all three adopted, all three Latino, and all three cared for all of their lives by their mother, Karen, want to live with her.

They hate living with their callous, conniving father, as they have told anyone who will listen. But no one listens.

The children claim that Ambrose abuses them. He calls them liars. However, the children say he is a liar. They refer to him not as dad or father, but as “P,” which does not stand for papa.

It stands for Pinocchio.

It doesn’t matter what they think. Not in Connecticut. Not in family court, not in the courtrooms of Grossman or Adelman.

The father has the money. He got it the easy way. After being fired from his high-paying work as a Hollywood screenwriter, because of plagiarism, he returned from Los Angeles to Connecticut where his wife and children lived for years without him.

He quietly transferred all the marital assets, and even Karen’s inheritance from her late mother, into accounts he controlled — more than $2 million. Then he filed for divorce.

On April 24, 2020, more than 18 months ago, Judge Grossman – accepting the recommendation of Dr. Biren Caverly, and seconded by the guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, also paid by the father – decided that the father should have complete custody of the children, children he did not raise and barely knew, and the mother, who raised them every day of their lives, was ordered not to have contact with them.

In broad daylight, the father stole the marital assets, retained a well connected lawyer, Nancy Aldrich, who in turn secured Hurwitz, and Caverly, who then opined that the mother should be prohibited from contact with her children. Judge Grossman approved it.

In the simplest, most blatant language: The father bought custody of the children.

Of course he had to pay. He paid Caverly around $20,000 for her report and testimony that the mother should never see her children.

Jessica Biren-Caverly is so good at diagnoses that even though she is not a medical doctor, she can detect mental illness simply by meeting people for a couple of hours.

He paid the wolf Hurwitz more than $185,000 – at $400 per hour – to recommend to the court that the mother should not see the children.

The guardian ad litem, assigned by the court and paid by the father, Chris Ambrose, to look after the children’s best interests.

Ambrose paid his attorney, Aldrich, an estimated $400,000.

Nancy Aldrich

All told Ambrose paid about $600,000 to purchase custody of his children. In so doing he avoided child support and alimony.

Because he was a high income earner, the cost is reasonable. He plans to take it out of his wife’s share of the marital assets anyway.

To date the court has never made him produce an accounting of how he has spent the marital assets or how much is left.

Ironically his lawyer, Aldrich, does not think a stay at home mother is entitled to any of the marital assets from a marriage of 14 years duration anyway.

She wrote to Karen’s attorney on June 4, 2020, “since she contributed zero dollars during the marriage from income, how does she think any money is set aside for her?”

That’s not how it works in law or in equity in most places. But it is how it works in Connecticut Family Court.

Family Court Judge Jane Grossman ordered the removal of three happy children living with their mother, where they wanted to live, to the home of their estranged father.

Judge Grossman never met the children. She relied on the advice of their guardian, Jocelyn Hurwitz, who was paid by the father.

Jocelyn ‘Wolf’ Hurwitz

Jocelyn Hurwitz, GAL. Attorney from Cohen & Wolfe.

Downhill for the Children

After Ambrose got full custody on April 24, 2020, the children’s lives took a downward spiral.

For example, on Sept. 1, 2020, Mia and Sawyer reported sexual abuse by their father to medical professionals at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Mia said he touched her breast. Sawyer said his father touched his penis.

The guardian ad litem made extraordinary efforts to describe the children as liars and got them returned to the father without a forensic examination which was recommended by the hospital.

On December 2, 2020, Sawyer again disclosed that his father sexually abused him, this time to medical professionals at Connecticut Children’s Hospital. He also told his court-ordered therapist, Dr. Paul El-Fishawy about his father’s sexual abuse. Dr. El-FIshawy filed a report with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families [DCF].

At Children’s Hospital, all three children were found to have suicidal ideations. It was recommended they not be returned to the father.

The guardian ad litem, Hurwitz, made further, extraordinary efforts to describe the children as liars and got a court order to return the children to their father, without a forensic examination or any further psychological testing.

Hurwitz was paid $400 per hour by Ambrose for this outstanding work and for keeping the court misinformed about details of the matter.

Hurwitz told the court that the hospital did not order a psychological evaluation. She lied by omission by not telling the court that DCF had recommended the children not go home with their father, but with their mother, or that the hospital ordered a forensic examination to determine the extent of the children’s sexual abuse.

Hurwitz, who may be disbarred when this is all said and done, through outright deception and multiple lies by omission, got the judge to sign an order requiring the children to go home to their father – immediately after they had reported sexual abuse.

The children were flabbergasted that, despite repeated cries for help, and candid disclosures that their father was sexually abusing them, that the father kept getting them back, punishing them for their disclosures and, evidently continuing to abuse them.

On January 26, 2021, Mia and Sawyer made yet another disclosure of sexual abuse to the Multidisciplinary Task Force – a task force comprised of members of the Madison Police Dept., DCF and Yale New Haven Hospital.

The guardian ad litem again made extraordinary efforts to keep the children with the man who was paying her. As a guardian ad litem, Hurwitz managed to get on the task force as a member. She also described the children as liars who lied so they could get home to their mother and once again she managed to keep the children with their father.

Sawyer also told his court appointed family therapist, Dr. Robert Horwitz and Dr. Biren Caverly, the custody evaluator, that his father would get into bed with him, despite his protests.  DCF recommended custody be taken from the father. DCF also reported that Sawyer began to engage in self-harm/cutting behaviors.

Mia Suffers Intensely

Mia, while with her mother.

Mia experienced unusual weight gain and was diagnosed with depression in August 2020, four months after being removed from her mother’s care. She did not attend school from February through June, 2021 because of depression.

Mia had been a good student when she lived with her mother. After living with her father, she failed classes in the 2nd trimester and failed every class for the 3rd trimester. She did not attend the summer school program.

For a time, out of sheer depression, Mia stopped showering. She wore the same, extra large blanket size pullover every day. She began cutting herself in July 2020. She continued to cut through January 2021.

Mia’s journals reveal suicidal ideations.

In August 2021, after more than a year away from her mother, she ran away, leaving a note for her father that said, “I can’t take it anymore.”

She came to her mothers house.

Madison Police soon arrived. Mia told police that her father had told her, when she had expressed to him how depressed she was that she should “just kill herself.”

Police returned her to her father.

And so it stands today: All three children want to go home, home being wherever their mother is.


Karen with Mia.

I have a poem of my own to offer:

The Worm Has Turned…


Mia and the boys can best believe

We will not stop till justice’s done

and their voices heard

and they are returned to their mother

away from their abusive father.


If I have to write one thousand stories

this injustice will not stand. It can’t

for all natural law is against it

and no amount of manmade law

or paid officials pocketing their filthy lucre

can prevent truth from coming out.


These children are abused and prevented

from seeing their mother for no good no

natural nor earthly reason.


The time of justice is coming.

The worm has turned and


it is not merely a worm

not lowly worm

but a fire-breathing dragon.

(He only looked like a worm until he turned….)


In time he will consume

every corrupt official in all of Connecticut Family Court.

And the father, the villainous one, too

He only looked like a worm until he turned….

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  • If memory serves correctly, there isn’t one is that still the case? Did Ambrose ever pay spousal support ? Were there any consequences levied against him for withholding support? How does this case move forward or perhaps it doesn’t and that’s everyone intent (but the mothers)? These children won’t be children anymore once this is finally resolved at this pace. Two of the children are old enough to be emancipated, are they not?

  • Chris Ambrose touched his 9 year old son’s penis over his clothing not naked. That means it was not pedophilia.

    Give the guy a break. He needs some relief. His wife left him. He has three kids to take care of that the court handed to him.

    He needs a little stimulation from his Latino boy and then he can go to his computer and find child porn and beat the meat.

    Remember the child said his dad always touched his penis with his clothes on.

    Give Ambrose a break. And let him touch his own adopted child. Jocelyn Hurwitz needs the money.

  • If Hurwitz was able to squash things with DCF previously via lies of omission to the Court, it seems to me that these children’s circumstances should be reported to DCF again.

    I’ll go first.

    CT DCF Main: 860-550-6300

    I am extremely concerned for the welfare of the Ambrose children

    1.They are being intentionally kept out of school
    2. In an isolated, rural area and lack contact with anyone outside their home. No phone (or internet) available to them in the event of an emergency
    3. Reporting psychological, physical and sexual abuse which has never been fully investigated by DCF due to interference and lies of omission by their GAL
    4. They are self mutilating by cutting and their overall physical health in general is poor

    Pretty certain that they have to follow up on all reporting even when anonymous. Just imagine if a dozen folks file a complaint with them on a random Tuesday. One day soon they’ll have to show up for a home visit/inspection and interview the children about the abuse they’ve reported and check on their overall well being and welfare.

    Who knows perhaps the choose not to be complicit in this ongoing child enderagement and immediately take them for forensic evaluation and psychiatric counseling.

    Could be a significant catalyst in getting them out of the sad and abusive situation they are in now.

    • They’re still cutting. These kids need out. Public outcry is the only way.
      Hearing Dec 1st to have judge adelman recused. Ambrose, Hurwitz, caverly and Aldrich ran this scam from the start. Attorney Richard Callahan and Edward Nusbaum never worked fir the mother. They worked with Aldrich and Hurwirz- same play every time.

      In the Worst Interest of the Child:Trafficking Children Through Family Courts.

      Look it up – Jocelyn hurwitz stole two girls in 2010 in the Bugsy vs MacVicar case. She’s been doing it since.

      Adelman’s made a career out of taking children from innocent parents. It’s all about the money.

  • Here is my wonky attempt at a concrete poem. I know these brave Riordan children can do a whole lot better!!

    It’s supposed to be an apple, but it looks more like an ameoba or a grapey thing to me, Never mind. What I like about concrete poems is they make you focus on the image your aiming for and in poems it is always best to show more than you tell. Love and courage to the Riordans:
    Mom Karen, Mia, Mathew and Sawyer.

    siblings are the apple of
    mom’s eye. In there we can see
    our lives unfolding, all the things we
    love to do the things we love to play,
    sing and dance to. I especially love it
    when we in our best dressed swag, go
    down town to see the sights, shop a bit,
    take our time, together like fruits on a
    vine, sat round a table on a rainy day
    trying to agree on a game we can all
    play. Succeeding in life is just lthis
    so tired at bed time a story and a
    goodnight kiss, peace + bliss
    and yawns and sighs, best
    we can be in Mom’s

    [Frank, if this comes through a non apple/ameoba/grapey-thing mess. Dont print, thanks]

    • I think it will result in a documentary and perhaps a big budget film. The only thing is that Chris Ambrose won’t be writing it. Not this time.

    • The feds in Connecticut are part of the state pedo ring who protect child rapists and traffickers, they will never interfere with the pedophile culture of the state. William Hughes is the chief child rapist in the office of the US Attorney. Stop thinking that the feds are guardian angels of children, the feds ram child arse harder than all. Leonard C Boyle is the US Attorney for Connecticut. He was previously the Deputy State’s Attorney protecting pedophiles for the State of Connecticut. He is a home grown deviant who started life as a corrupt cop in East Hartford protecting pimps and pedophiles. Got the picture?

  • CT Family court has gone unchecked for decades. Based on Tong’s endorsement of Judge Adelman in 2017– the corruption reaches the highest levels in the state. Parents came forward and gave compelling evidence of corruption and child abuse– Adelman STOLE children from healthy parents– when the parents bravely went public, Tong and other failed their constituents miserably and participated in child abuse when they voted to endorse the reappointment of Gerard Adelman.

    Tong was not concerned with blatant constitutional violations, due process or abuse of judicial discretion– He voted him through and now he has even more power as CT attorney general.

    Eyes are on Frank now to see his next move. Many RICO participants are now scurrying to the shadows and looking for cause to distance themselves. Keep the pressure going Frank. Hundreds of thousands of children across our country suffer—
    Truth matters– thank you for all you do–

    • Tong is part of the state pedophile ring. His rise to power as AG is designed to use him to protect those who rape children. It is a Connecticut pastime to rape children. People in power are placed there to ensure the rapists are protected. Connecticut is where screams of children cannot be heard.

  • This one answered why The School has not intervened. Kids are not attending school. Can’t believe that school district has not stepped in and helped in this case. Can’t imagine they haven’t called DCF! But is apparent DCF is in on this as well!

    • DCF knows all about the abuse of Mia, Matthew and Sawyer. DCF does exactly what Jocelyn Hurwitz tells them to do. Don’t think for a minute that DCF is a benevolent organization. DCF traffics kids every day. Pedophilia is a Connecticut delicacy.

    • The Madison Public Schools are well aware of the drama with the three students. It is the official policy of the pedo town of Madison and its pedo police chief Jack Dunn that pedo Christopher Ambrose abuse the children at will. The principal of the children’s school Kathy Hart is a long time child rapist and pedo supporter. Read about her here.

    • Regrettably the tentacles of Jocelyn Hurwitz served to influence all outcomes. She’s protected. Hope Frank can get all the puzzle pieces sorted out — zero accountability to date. Change will come–

  • I find it beyond frightening that any governmental agency can unilaterally make a decision with regards to children welfare without any sort of oversight. The courts are supposed to be a trusted venue and now it seems the agents of the court can also be bought and paid for. Disgusting. Where can our children turn? What can be done to help these and all kids going through the already painful process of divorce? And why don’t these children at ages 14 and 11 have a voice in the courtroom that is HEARD?

    • Some people will never recognize that the courts are corrupt, there is no law, money is the goal, children don’t matter, nor do the people of Connecticut.

    • With you, Scorpio girl. This story is truly horrifying. When I see the pictures of Karen and her kids, they all look so genuinely happy and well cared for. I really hope Frank is able to bring the feds in on this case. Perhaps it’s better for the children to be with a devil they know than one that they don’t but I really believe they should actually be with their mom. Hopefully, this will only last a short time. I too wonder how there is so little oversight. These kids are living a nightmare. How can this be happening? I’m praying that help is on the way.

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