The Ambrose Papers #8: Art Reveals Life: Hurwitz, Caverly & Grossman, the Money-Driven Monsters of CT Family Court

This is part #8 of the Ambrose Papers, the story of former TV screenwriter, lawyer, and make believe barber, Chris Ambrose, of how he got custody of three children and how their mother, Karen Riordan, was prevented from seeing them.

It provides a chance for us to tell a story with art, which enables us to realize the truth of what is a quiet, endless tragedy.

This is a story about Connecticut Family Court and three characters who make their living from it. Women who think that money does everything and wound up doing everything for money.

These are an example of the adage, “three women in a room,” making decisions effecting other people, without mercy, justice, or joy, without scrutiny.  Until Frank Report arrived to attempt to get justice for the defenseless and for the right to triumph finally.

The three women are Judge Jane Grossman, a family court judge, who ruled that children may not see the mother who raised them every day of their lives from infancy until her ruling on April 24, 2020, some 18 months ago, when the children were 13, 13 and 9.

Her ruling ripped three out of their home and placed them with their father, against their wishes, in contravention to any semblance of common sense but not in contravention to common cents and corrupt dollars.

Next, of the three female rogues, is a wolf in guardian clothing. Anyone who dares, with vain hope, to enter Connecticut Family Court ought to be afraid, unless they have money. She is the court-appointed guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, a lawyer with the law firm of Cohen and Wolf, the ravenous firm fit for the rapacious and monstrous.

She illustrates for the world, may her image be known throughout all time, that there is no torrent like greed.

Yes, she is a grim one, who fats the children to fatten her, and fats herself for the maggots.

This remarkable lady has billed an astonishing $180,000 to act in the best interest of the children as their court appointed guardian. She is far from done. As long as the dispute rages between the millionaire father [with the money] and the stay at home mother [who hasn’t a dime] but raised the children and wants their best interest, will fight to get them back where they want to be, the father will continue to pay the guardian to ward off the mother. At $400 per hour.

It’s fair to say the guardian is not the children’s guardian as much as Ambrose’s guardian, which is only fair since he pays her.

Which brings us to number three.

Any smart, money-driven guardian ad litem who wants to ensure her best interests, needs a good custody evaluator who will ensure the results that will lead to the most billings. Both must take care of their own best interests, for, after all, this is their living.

In this case there is only one way to go: recommend the father, who has the money and pays them.

I know this narrative sounds one-sided, though not as one-sided as the custody evaluator or her custody evaluation report.

I am referring to Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly. Her slanted report [at $12,000] was used in the divorce trial of Ambrose and Riordan, which, along with her testimony [at $5,000], justified Judge Grossman’s decision to take the children away from their mother.

She is the third in the triangle. Paid by the father, whom she happened to decide was the right parent to be with the children. Just as he wanted.

Dr. Caverly slants the way the guardian leans, while pretending to be perpendicular.

I’m not saying these are born grifters…

I’m not saying they are vultures….

Perhaps you can find a better word to describe them, these two varmints, whose lamentable tyranny created the theft of happiness of three formerly happy children, while they profit.

Finally, this is a story about the devil’s agent, Chris Ambrose, former TV writer [fired for plagiarism], lawyer [inactive], millionaire [through the theft of his wife’s share of the marital assets], and make believe barber. Make believe because he trolls online, pretending to be a barber, to find men.

A little art work and a bit of background, like sherbet between courses. It sets the stage for our next series of posts, where we will get down to serious business, of proving corruption, conspiracy and fraud, crimes of passion and crimes of logic, as we dive into the bowels of Connecticut Family Court, as we examine for the public and help prepare law enforcement – let’s call it “a case in a box”– of what transpired here.

We’ve only just begun.

In our next post we will examine the role of Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly in the divorce and custody dispute of Chris Ambrose and Karen Riordan.

In the meantime, let us not forget the children, of how their young hearts are cracked and the mother who aches with sorrow. May these children walk soon again with their mother, let them see the joyous inseparable unity. This concludes part #8 of the Ambrose Papers.

“I want Judge Grossman. She needs to be reappointed by the governor next year. Yes, I will pay for Dr. Caverly — did you hear me, Hurwitz? Get it done now, or you won’t see a dime!”





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  • It’s amazing when normies hear the TRUTH, they squirm and make up excuses. This is only the TIP of the ICEBERG. Put on your seatbelts. Frank is a hero in this world of sickos and criminals – who are ALL in on it. It’s a club. If you scratch my beard, I’ll scratch yours. God bless the children. May GOD keep them safe.

  • Stop writing about CT Family Court asshole or some unlucky accident will befall you. This is business. Nothing personal.

    Right now you’re background noise but don’t fuck with us. We’re ain’t no fucking cross-eyed leader of some sex cult. Yeah, we heard about that story

    if you were to be shot in the head by Mossad or found hung dead in a jail cell or if you should be struck by a bolt of lightning – then don’t blame some of the people who run CT courtrooms. Blame yourself, you dago wop with your olive oil voice and your smooth guinea charm.

    You’re Sicilian ass don’t mean nothing to us.

    We run our business and you’re not coming here sticking your nose into our business. This we do not forgive.

    This is the business that we’ve chosen. Don’t fuck with us. Stop writing about CT Family Court.

    • What happened to you? Dennis, u’r [you were] once a [sic]topknots agent. The best of the best of ATF …I was your blood-brother and a [sic]Eskimo-Brother.
      I remember our first Eiffel Tower and the last one with my wife. She got herpes from you. Irregardless, [sic] your still a friend, you need to help and I’m here for you.

  • Frank-

    RE Sexual Abuse & Cutting

    I don’t know if you have covered “cutting” as a sign of sexual abuse and/or general abuse.
    This series of articles is difficult to read.

    If memory serves me correct, one of the children in this child custody battle has a cutting issue. Below are two articles that indicate cutting is a sign of sexual abuse. The first one deals with cutting and sexual abuse directly. The second one covers cutting as a sign of general abuse and sex abuse.

    Ambrose is likely bisexual. He lived and worked in Hollywood, LA, where homosexuality is celebrated. Marrying a woman was unnecessary. He didn’t need a beard as they say.

    • Thank you for posting the information on cutting. Two of the three children – the same two who have alleged sexual abuse for over a year – have engaged in cutting.

      The “professionals” are burying the evidence and reports. The GAL brings nothing to the court.

      She’s well-practiced at abusing her wards. Investigative journalist Keith Harmon Snow included Jocelyn Hurwitz in his book: In the Worst Interest of the Child: Trafficking Children through the Family Court System.

  • This is a boring story. Don’t write about it anymore. Who cares if he piddled with his sons and the mother got no contact with the kids. Why the hell is that your business ?

      • What are you yapping about? This asshole Parlato is butting in on another guy’s family. The court decided the father was supposed to have the kids. If the court knows about him piddling why is it your business or mine or Parlato?

        The father has money. He can take better care of the kids than the broke mother. The kids are adopted so it’s not incest. The guardian knew all about the piddling and she was not concerned. She got the kids back when the hospital wanted the child tested. Why is this your concern? You think you know better than the guardian. She is the top lawyer at Cohen and Wolf, look her up Jocelyn Hurwitz.

        Man/boy love has been given a foothold in this court and may set a new precedent. It’s about time. Chris Ambrose is a hero to a lot of people in the community.

        • Excusing this ‘man’ for piddling (as you put it) his children as acceptable because they are not his biological children is beyond infuriating. Hurwitz has no credibility either, given she seems to have a consistent track record with siding with money. I guarantee your sick ass that Parlato will make sure this wrong is righted.

        • Yikes, I see you are abnft1—or Nicki Clyne as Shadow proved time ago.

          You are also a sad chick to be peddling that Lolita schtick, pushing 40. You may be into playing little girl to a string of old men – that’s your dusty old kink and good luck to you. But you cross a line of legality as well as decency by proselytizing for pedophilia — and in a situation like this.

          You craven-hearted sick old girl. Hell mend you. Since common human decency appears to be having absolutely zilch effect.

          • Shadowstate followed the poster abnft1 over a long time it was clearly a nxivm sock puppet and highly likely to be Nicki Clyne, I think he might be right.

      • One of my seven year old twins began self harming last year. I had suspected that my ex husband was sexually abuse my daughters for some time. Couldn’t “allow” myself to something so horrible. That was really one of the moments that snapped me out of denial. Too many signs indicating it is true. I finally escaped taking my children yo live with my family. Ultimately family Court gave our abuser sole custody because I refused to “recant” my abuse suspicions. The court literally tried coercing me to “recant”, when I refused, my visitation was ripped away even though at the time it was 30-45 minutes I’m Sunday video visit. What the court is doing to out lives is beyond criminal. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and I’ve been through hell before. I have two hour video contact per week now. My daughters are upset and want to come home to Me. I Pray theater the Lord sends them home to me safely and soon.

        • Kidnapping your children because you suspect your husband did something wrong is illegal.

          I’m glad justice was done.

  • How are these women held accountable for this misconduct, for completely brushing aside the welfare of these children solely for financial gain ?

    Why on earth would Chris Ambrose want these children if he wasn’t much a part of their life prior to now? It can’t be just to save on alimony and child support – there must be more to it. He seems very, very selfish so to me it doesn’t make sense that he wouldn’t want to be free of his family and have all the time in the world to play barber and cruise for men.

    Has the divorce been finalized? Or is it still in progress? (Apologies I am not clear on this point despite having read at length about this case – in this article it says the dispute ‘still rages on’ so I have to assume still in progress? I have never heard of an in progress divorce where there isn’t shared custody and spousal support as an interim order of the Court until finalized. The simple fact that this mother has been given zero in way of custody/visitation and spousal support should raise a lot of eyebrows and speaks volumes to the Judge, GAL and PhD being in cahoots with Ambrose. Or is this just a nuance of CT Law / Family Court?)

    Lastly, what has come of the Notice to Act filed with the Court by the mother’s attorney?

    • That is why Frank is bringing this story into the light so those disgusting women will be held accountable as well as the father. You’re right, I do believe there is a reason he wants the kids besides saving money. The biggest weapon in an abuser’s arsenal is power. He has complete power over those children, he can do whatever he wants without anyone making a fuss. It’s watching his kids and ex suffer that he loves the most.

  • Chris Ambrose loves to toss “Latino boiz” salad.. Chris, I’m a female and your man boobs are bigger than mine. #chrisambrosepedophile

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