Smallville Writer Arrested – Mental Illness Forced Philip Levens to Beat 3rd Wife

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office filed charges against Hollywood screenwriter Philip D. Levens, 54, for beating his wife, Carolyn Stotesbery-Levens, 39.

Stotesbery is the daughter of wealthy Napa Valley vintners Patrick and Anna Stotesbery, owners of Ladera Vineyards.
Carolyn Stotesbery-Levens
As a result of an incident in Santa Monica on October 25, 2020, Levens was charged with “willfully and unlawfully inflicting corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition upon his spouse.”

Levens was released on $50,000 bail.

Levens is known for writing the TV show Smallville. Levens also wrote for CBS’s “Wolf Lake,” Fox’s “Night Visions,” and NBC’s “Knight Rider.”

Levens is also known for accusing his previous wife, Kassandra Levens, of solicitation of murder in 2012. A jury acquitted Kassandra of the solicitation of murder charges, but found her guilty of soliciting to cause Levens bodily harm. She spent 13 months in jail.

Philip Levens has had marital problems in the past.
A serious weightlifter, ready for action.
Levens with current wife Carolyn Stotesbery.

This time Levens is on the receiving end of criminal charges.

Levens’ lawyers sought a mental health diversion program that allows dismissal of the charges and sealing the record “as if it never happened,” if certain conditions are met.

Among the mental illnesses permitted for diversion, Levens had to be diagnosed with either bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD].

It took six months and two therapists to find that Levens had PTSD and qualified for diversion.

Levens completed psychotherapy treatment, took all medications as prescribed, completed a 52-week domestic violence treatment program, and paid all fees to the court-approved therapists.

The program director for the Batterers’ Intervention Program, Jim Gordon, Ph.D., wrote of Levens:

Very involved, taking good ownership of what happened and how to NOT have it happen again. Good interaction. Our program is geared toward the perpetrator learning improved communication skills and ways of dealing with conflict and interaction.

Levens also completed a PTSD treatment program.

Samantha Persoff, LCSW, SEP, wrote:

Philip has been receiving weekly sessions every week since October 6, 2021, and has attended diligently and punctually. He has completed nearly six months of weekly sessions during which he is exceptionally engaged and actively participating in treatment.
During the course of treatment, using the modalities of Somatic Experiencing, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and Psychoeducation, we have addressed issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He has made significant and measurable progress and seems to have developed effective tools to cope with his PTSD, both now and should other symptoms emerge in the future. There has been a reduction of PTSD symptoms, and he has been able to implement these tools as other life stressors have been encountered.

Leven’s diversion termination and dismissal hearing are set for September 13, 2022, before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Burghart.

A protective order is still in place to safeguard his wife.

According to the protective order, Levens may not “harass, strike, threaten, assault (sexually or otherwise), follow, stalk, molest, destroy or damage personal or real property, disturb the peace, keep under surveillance or block movements of” Stotesbery-Levens.

The court required Levens to surrender his guns.

During the pendency of this case, Stotesbery gave birth to the couple’s first child. The couple live together.

Carolyn Stotesbery poses during her pregnancy.

After completing the treatments, Leven’s attorneys asked his case be sealed.

They argued Levens’ records “contain sensitive mental health and medical information that should not be part of the public record.”

The Assistant DA prosecuting the case, Heather L. Meyers, is not opposed to sealing the records, despite Levens’ history of domestic incidents with his previous wives.

Wife #1 Urzula – 1998

Urzula Modica first claimed Philip Levens beat her, then said she lied.

Levens was arrested for beating his first wife, Urzula Modica, on January 25, 1998.

The charges were dismissed after Modica, who was then his girlfriend, claimed she lied to police about the beating.

Wife #2 Kassandra – 2012

Kassandra and Philip Levens

On March 16, 2012, neighbors called 911 when they heard Levens threaten to kill his second wife, Kassandra.
Levens fled the scene before police arrived.

Police photographed Kassandra with a swollen eye and bruised face.

Levens said Kassandra fell into a doorknob.

A surgeon’s record shows Kassandra’s eye had to be removed from its socket and reset.

In 2012, the Children’s Dependency Court determined Levens was “substantiated” for domestic violence and child abuse.

Similar to his incident with Stotesbery, Levens avoided jail by taking anger management classes and therapy in 2012.

As a condition of the restraining order issued on February 12, 2012, for the protection of his 2nd wife Kassandra, the Superior Court in Santa Monica ordered Levens to surrender his guns.

Police removed his guns

Among the guns removed were:

Remington 770.  Hunting rifle. 

Marlin 60 22 caliber

The Ruger 10/22
Mossberg 590
Mossberg .500

In addition to the alleged beating above, there were other reports of domestic violence.


In another alleged incident, Kassandra said Levens beat her when she was pregnant, punching her in the stomach, causing a miscarriage. Levens admitted in his diary that he was angry that Kassandra lied about her age.

The story of Leven’s second wife, Kassandra, ended badly for her. Her arrest and trial have been reported in the Frank Report. She served 13 months in jail.

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Former Girlfriend

Levens, with the former girlfriend, who says he beat her.

The stories in FR about Levens prompted Levens’ former girlfriend, Cynthia, to call. She alleges Levens beat her on the street after confessing to him that she had been with another man.

Her story will be told in a separate post.

Levens’ career seems to have taken a downward slide in recent years.  Public records show Levens has multiple government liens on his home and appears to have transferred the property to his wife, Stotersbery’s trust account.

Stotesbery attended the retirement party of LA Detective Barry Telllis, the man who arrested her predecessor, Kassandra.

Unlike his previous wives, Stotesbery is public about their relationship.


Stotesbery released a video with a man who looks like, but is not Levens, who appears to engage in a lascivious adventure with her.

Image result for carolyn stotesbery
Stotesbery poses on social media.

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  • What on earth? How can Mr Phillip Levines do this and never get in trouble? He seems to show a pattern of abusing women but the police and the courts just let it continue to happen?! This makes me feel uncomfortable. Barry Tellis ? One of the most celebrated detectives in America? He tried to get his wife behind bars with the help of Darren Levine , Marcie Levine , James Duff and finally Kamala Harris cashed in on her conviction. Ok . No. This is a sticky oily story .China town
    La confidential
    Well and Disney’s Beauty and the beast . STOCKHOLM syndrome. Wait does she leave him? She stays and denials all the way

    Isn’t everyone so cute and omg wow

  • reckless injustice What happened at the hearing Nothing seems right about this even the protective allowed them continuing on living together people let him continue why would he stop

  • He should be incarcerated, in general population.. If loose, other females are in danger from this psychopath.

  • Education and knowledge:

    Peace Over Violence organization.

    Red flags mean


  • National Domestic Violence Hotline

    « Everyone deserves relationships free from violence. »


  • That’s crazy he was arrested…what happened with his former girlfriend? Did he go to jail for beating her up? Cynthia? What is her last name? Why not tell the whole scoop? How many other people has he abused?

  • What about Cynthia? She screwed around on him and he gave it to her, but Carolyn can sex it up cuz she’s rich ?

  • Why two pump shotguns?

    Why not a gas powered Mosenberg/Kinetic semi? Or Benelli M3 pump/kinetic of a
    M4 gas powered
    The recoil on a M4 00 ain’t bad.

    The rifle selection is strange too except for the 770.

    I guarantee this asshole has 45 acp Nothin says dick head like a 45 handgun. Good luck on all consecutive shots.

  • Wonder if “Kevin” who claims to have worked at Warner Brothers when he was 14 -16v years old and still in high school ever met this guy?

    Kevin said he started working at Warner Brothers in like 2000? And he was no older than 14 (but probably 2-3 years younger).in 1998.. “Kevin” might have some interesting stories about how this man interacts with someone so young working on production.

  • This story seems to me just a tale of horrible people being horrible to each other.

    Levens seems like an asshole but this Carolyn Stotesbery seems a nasty piece of work too. I’m just glad I’ll never meet either of them.

    The picture of Stotesbery with the big gun piqued my curiosity. That picture from her Instagram account was taken at a place called Machine Guns Vegas (the kind of place that gives gun ownership a bad name) and the gun she’s brandishing looks like a SAW, an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, the light machine gun used by the US Army.

    What kind of person wants to go to a gun range and blast a military weapon in full auto?

    The kind of person who poses with an AR-15 next to a human-shaped paper target. And poses at the gun range firing her semiautomatic pistol at a scary clown target. Which Stotesbery does.

    I guess this is supposed to be cute because she’s a girl. Me, I find it disturbing when anyone fantasizes about shooting at people. Even if those people are scary clowns.

    Levens is (was) a gun owner. He had a couple of pea-shooter .22 rifles, a simple bolt-action hunting rifle, and a pair of shotguns. The kind of firearms that are allowed even in heavily gun controlled European countries. Yet his guns have been referred to in the comments as an “arsenal”. He’s seen as violent because of them.

    Judging purely by their guns, I’d say she’s the crazy one.

    Women can be crazy and women can be violent. Before instinctively blaming Levens for everything, before assuming no woman would hire a hit on her husband, I’d have a good hard look at Stotesbery brandishing that SAW.

  • I wish Tom O’Neill would post a comment to let us know what he thinks of what’s happening there.

    Does he think the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office is more honest now than it was in the 60s and 70s? Are the same old private networks with new drug traffickers sending fuel to those “drug-fueled sex parties“? How many once-young-and-hopefuls did those old private networks weaken, compromise and destroy since the 1950s?

    Does Tom ever wonder if the mafia-drug-runner types had anything to do with “the long march through the institutions” to destroy America? Most Americans prefer pop culture to reality — and for some reason, Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd marched from DC politics to Hollywood and back to DC politics. Hollywood must be important — and sure enough, Los Angeles today is what a “America, Captured Nation” movie set would look like.

    Anyone and everyone who sees the real big picture screen and knows what happened: Please tell us what you know. We need eye-witnesses accounts, whistleblowers, prayers and Tom O’Neill in conversations like this.

    • Well Barry Telis also was lead detective on Simpson case. Everyone knows the Yakuza took Nicole out because OJ stopped paying her drug bills so the yakuza set him up.

      LAPD set it up and helped cover it all up…

      • Tom ONeill’s book CHAOS mentions something about someone saying something about the Manson murders being a set up to start a race war in America (after Hollywood’s drug-fueled sex orgies in the 1960s set the spark).

        In the late 1990s, news/entertainment told us the OJ Simpson trial was all about race, not Hollywood’s drug-fueled sex orgies.

        In the 2020s, will Hollywood drug-fueled sex orgies somehow eventually serve a major political agenda? Or, do they just contribute to the general CHAOS for our now normal, everyday ordo ab chao?

  • Nice Guy has been unable to leave the Frank Report because NiceGuy is bored shitless because NiceGuy has Omicron. This Covid shit makes me nuts.

    Don’t worry Alonso I’m not gonna die. 😉

    Frank when I post a bunch of shit can you just pick the best one in that post all of them. Thanks!

    • On September 10th. Masquerade Couples therapy on September 10 at B.C.
      No ice Queens wanted.
      This place is fire.
      No need to apply unless you are seriously committed to unleash your beast.

      • These brown nosers love the sex club, kinky rabbit.. everyone knows that they have no boundaries. They are both narcissistic and completely addicted to power. They don’t feel ok in their skin

  • Yeah, sad. They flooded their social media with pathetic mediocrity, desperate for attention.

    This guy didn’t finally seek help. He was forced get to psych treatment by big brother, or he’d go to JAIL.

    • “Yeah, sad. They flooded their social media with pathetic mediocrity, desperate for attention.”

      Them and about 90% of people age 30 and under.

      • “Them and about 90 % of the people age 30 and under”

        So the other 30% represents who? The middle aged (check) and then the elderly?

        So in a decade, how will you categorize ma & pat’s slithery exploits?

        Social media for strange silver swingers?


    • Wow…
      I think someone can step in a file for guardianship role one it gets to this point. However because he isn’t worth the paper the money is printed on no one would even be Interested

  • DV crimes, booze, drugs, sex addiction and guns. Cover it up with a Diversion Program.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  • If Philip Levens ‘owned up’ to what he did, he’d have a criminal record. He filed for an exparte diversion program in July, 2022 under Cal. Pen. Code 1001.3. ADMISSION OF GUILT NOT REQUIRED. ‘ At no time shall a defendant ( PHILIP LEVENS) be required to make an admission of guilt as a prerequisite for placement in a pre-trial diversion program.

  • This is just sad. To his credit, at least he is owning up to what he did (finally) and getting help.

    His current wife is a victim of abuse and I think it’s really cruel to post all those photos of her here, including her pregnancy photo, along with the story about what happened to her. Granted, maybe she won’t care since she seems to be an exhibitionist, but idk. It kinda seems heartless and comes off that FR has a personal grudge against this guy that has nothing to do with concern for his victims.

    • “Some experts take issue with the use of diversion in domestic violence cases because they have high rates of recidivism.”

      Tax payers paid for endless court hearings during the last two years on the case The People Vs. Philip Levens. That includes the cost of the bailiff, the court reporter, the clerks, the judges, the DA, the security, secretaries, parking, electricity, water etc. just to walk a criminal into a SEALED AND DESTROYED record? Who is the victim? Not only the victim of the crime, but so is the next woman that the perpetrator might attack. And we have to pay for that?

      There is a history of behavior based on court filings that are relevant and should be evaluated on this case.

      In 2014, Philip Levens was arrested for having a concealed weapon in his car. Under Penal Code 25400PC, California law makes it a CRIME to carry a concealed firearm on your person or in a vehicle. As a misdemeanor, the charge carries a penalty of up to 1 year in jail. If charged with a felony, the sentence is up to 3 years in jail. We don’t know why, but it is true that the case was DISMISSED.

      From February to March of 2012 there were several police reports that indicated that Philip Levens’ last wife, Kassandra Levens was too afraid to press charges because she “feared retaliation”

      There was a police report that stated Philip Levens was arrested for “punching Urszula Modica with an open fist”. According to the police report, she quickly recanted. That was back in 1998. Fast forward into 2014, soon after Kassandra Levens was released from jail and sought reunification with their children, Philip Levens wrote Attorney General, Kamala Harris, seeking to seal and destroy the record.

      The issue at hand is if it is in the interest of PUBLIC SAFETY to SEAL and DESTROY Philip Levens criminal charges on September 13, 2022.

      Philip Levens was arrested on October 25, 2020 for violating Section 273.5 (a) of the California Penal Code, who willfully and unlawfully inflicted corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition upon his spouse, Carolyn Stoesbery Levens.

      Soon after the arrest, Philip Levens and Carolyn Stotesbery Levens house was listed under the Stotesbery-Levens trust.

      Research has shown that 99 % of all domestic violence cases involve financial abuse.

      I think it is reasonable to question if this case could be a mockery of the courts time and resources. I.e. our tax dollars.

      It took months after the arrest for this man to shop around and yes, pay a therapist to treat an alleged PTSD condition.

      What we do know is that the courts did not assign Levens therapist.

      Case filings stated that defendant Philip Levens requested he be permitted to file the Petition for Misdemeanor Mental Health Diversion Under Penal Code Section 1001.36.

      Later it states pre-trial diversion may be granted if all the following criteria are met:

      (A) The court is satisfied that the defendant suffers from a mental disorder as identified in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Orders, INCLUDING but NOT limited to, BIPOLAR DISORDER, SCHIZOPHRENIA, SCHIZOAFFECTIVE DISORDER, OR POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, BUT EXCLUDING ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER, AND PEDOPHILIA.

      Do the courts challenge and investigate every domestic violence criminal who is given a Diversion Program? Some may argue we don’t have the funds and resources. Some experts may argue that domestic violence cases have very high risks of recidivism, which ends up costing more in the long run.

      “When diversion programs fail, individuals suffer, tax dollars are wasted, victimization is increased, and in some cases diversion can actually be more expensive than possible incarceration.”

      Stopping domestic violence against women is not only a moral necessity, evidence shows that it can help the economy.

    • I think it’s balanced. She is who she is. Even if those photos are public, it doesn’t give him license to put his hands on her. It’s an honest portrayal of both sides.

      Those photos are the norm for her. You can see them all over social media.

  • Just do a background check on Philip Levens. It says that he was arrested for having a gun in his car and they dismissed it. Lesson learned, have a Barry Tellis in your back pocket, and you can have it all. Helps to be friends with the supervisor of the DA that prosecuted your wife. Darren Levine.

    In comes his family lawyer, Marcie Levine, HIS SISTER? Why didn’t the lawyer who handled the criminal trial bring this up in court? Liars and thieves who protect their own no matter what.

    Is this even possible? I read all the articles. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad. The Man seems to have a certain immunity to the legal standards us mere mortals face. Wife number 1’s police records were sealed up in 2014. Who do you think okayed that? Think think think…

    • And speculation is that Barry Telis (LAPD DETECTIVE who colluded to arrest kassandra)
      is on yakuza (Japanese mafia) payroll…hence the screw-up in evidence collection in the OJ Simpson case….everyone knows OJ didn’t do it…
      OJ was paying off Nicole Simpsons drug bills to the Yakuza and he didn’t want to pay anymore so yakuza took her out….

      You don’t think the LAPD and telis knew that?!?!?! Telis had to clean it up for his real bosses (yakuza ) so it didn’t point towards them…is telis compromised AND demonized…yes!
      Word on the street is he has .re-emergence of cancer.
      Better repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness and believe it is for EVERY person…
      There are no deals to get out of sheoul….

      Cmon folks….
      It’s gettin’ hot in here…..

      • Yakuza? Yeah and we believe in Bigfoot too. Public forums force us to deal with the “public “.
        Here’s what’s real. At first glance, Levens looks like the “old guy at the bar.” Closer look, zoom in on the crooked eyes. He looks a little inbred. Maybe he should stop writing B level horror shows and start moonlighting as an actor. Cast him. He’d play a decent serial killer.
        Stotes is already working as an acting coach. Maybe she can give him some tips.
        All kidding aside, this couple seem perfectly matched for one another. That’s more than most people can say.
        Let them be.
        They have a huge following of swingers and masquerade sex clubs.
        So what if they are swingers?
        At least someone’s gettin some. Better than 50 dollar hookers.
        Levens is almost 60. Soon he’ll be a senior citizen. What’s wrong with trying to live a little on your last leg?
        And Stotes likes it. They might gets freaky. Maybe even rough like animals. Jungle love. Role playing and groups.

        Life is short.
        Who cares? The haters.

  • This guy is sick. Met him and his new wife on a nude beach. Tried to get me and my boyfriend to go be swingers with them.

    Said he would give us the best molly and it’s ok his kids aren’t home. I’m just an average young no name girl. The guy still tries to contact me today. Very very creepy feeling from him and Carolyn… the way he could talk about sex then his kids the next sentence was really weird. Now that I know his ex wife accused him of messing with his daughter… I could definitely see that being true. God be with those children and Carolyn.

    • THESE DIRTBAGS are child abusers!! It’s considered child abuse to hear and see domestic violence. No doubt this was not one isolated incident of domestic violence between these perverts. Carolyn might get her kicks off by acting like a skank and then fighting and who knows what, but children don’t want to see their parents act like this. Carolyn is a handler. She bragged about being by Epstein’s Island. She brags about her step daughter modeling. She probably brings nasty men around her to make herself look good since she’s no longer a spring chicken. Just look on their social media !

      It’s all there. Carolyn already post photos off her new born baby as a model. She post her « Bae » half naked in his underwear, with his legs open «  holding » his baby with closed fists instead of paternally with his hands.Carolyn posted Philip is sexy. How is sexy and fatherhood synonymous? In what world? Oh right, I almost forgot. In Hollywood.

      These children need help fast.

    • Ask Phil’s bro who wrote hush little baby with him all about dating under aged chicks. Crazy creatures like them only get carte blanche in a town like Hollywood. Just follow the oil spill. Grease balls.

  • Wtf this guy tried to hook up with me in a nude beach. I’m also small chested. Would talk about sex one minute then his kids the next. He is sick. Oh and Carolyn was there too. She is brainwashed.

    • What beach were you on? Where are naked beaches? Had you seen him before? Was Carolyn all in or a zombie? Were his kids nearby if not home? Scandalous people.

    • Levens wrote a movie about Edward Allen Poe for Michael Jackson. Poe, Jackson and Levens all were obsessed horror stories and death. Both Jackson and Poe apparently had a thing for much younger girls and were addicted to drugs .

      It was noted levens spent time on Jackson s ranch while developing the story but who knows the truth.They always say people write about what they know. Philip always is posting quotes about Nietzsche, nihilistic philosopher who wrote about the ubermensch. Super human. Later on transformed into Superman. He knows all about the once villain then commercialized American hunk because he wrote about and produced smallville. Odd duck.

      • Wanna get even more loco? Phil the thrills r a satanic cult).
        Maybe we should start listening to Trump’s recent words regarding the satanic ritual abuse victims….
        This prolly has a soft white underbelly of a story we know nothing about…

      • Jeremy. I think you mean Edgar? Look this guy sounds like a total dick and a creep. But do you really want people to start monitoring creativity and art and freedom of expression? Are we going to start pulling up people’s High School essays and Prosecuting them based on what they wrote? Think You Are going down the wrong road with this line of attack. That is literally what they do in communist and dictator ruled countries. I mean where does that kind of judging and monitoring creativity and art stop? Just because something is too dark for you it doesn’t mean that it’s not just good fun for someone else. To make it crystal clear not talking about real life talking about art talking about make believe Darkness. Should Halloween not be allowed if it’s too scary for some people? Just focus on the actual guy and the actual crimes he committed.

        • Anonymous, thank you, I STAND CORRECTED. YES yes yes of course. Edgar.

          Wasn’t taking it al that seriously, but why not twiddle my thumbs a little before I go take a massive…

          Psychology says there is a “very fine line, and writers should remember this:

          “Fear Pushed Too Far: Recent news have noted the experiences of Actor Alex Wolff, who. Is convinced that he is suffering severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD ) due to filming the horror movie Heredity. (Source: Vice)

          What happens when the concept of horror gets pushed too far-can it induce symptom of PTSD and depression in its viewers, readers and writers?

          Psychology says yes.

          “Interestingly enough, some research shows that ‘non-real’ experiences such as imagination and dreams processed by the same circuits in the brain that processes reality.” says Maria.

          “In other words, seeing a monster activates the same neurons in my visual cortex that get triggered when I imagine it or dream about it.”

          Seems like you might have had too many shots of Kool-Aid today. Might wanna cut down, at least substitute it with Mountain Dew, at least that pop might wake ya up.

        • Hypocrisie
          You tell Jeremy what to write what to think and focus on but tell him he can’t do the same

          Must be an inspiring politician

    • Emma,

      That’s what I am thinking. Carolyn has more than just a few loose screws to be attracted to him. I think it’s the allure of big muscles eclipsing the requirement (from a girl’s perspective) to be highly educated, that clinched the deal for Carolyn. Speaks volumes of her education level! 🤮

      Why would they “swing” for heaven’s sake? That’s beyond me… probably because I don’t smoke either… and don’t watch TV… just another way to kill some time before ending in a coffin 🙄

    • Emma, do you think Philip is mind controlling Carolyn? Is he a part of a cult like NXVIUM? Did he ever mention any involvement with Alison Mack and Keith R.? Smallville was about mind control. Did you feel hypnotized? Look at Levens IMBD. All the stories he wrote about have to do with children tormented by scary clowns or women possessed by evil ghosts etc. His mind seems whacked out. Did he seem dangerous?

  • Mr. Parlato,

    I have sent Mr. Patriot God his Q/A sheet three times already on the other article to answer and you still haven’t released it!

    What gives?! Are you just spinning our wheels here?! Why are you acting like this?!

  • It’s amazing how well connected, rich people can get away with anything. It’s modern nobility.

    Regarding Leven

    The obvious:
    We all know what battered wife syndrome is and we are watching it play out.

    I can’t imagine how terrified his current wife is.

    Leven is on steroids, has an arsenal of guns, and has
    law enforcement in his corner. Intimating to say the least.

    We can only hope he doesn’t abuse the kids.

    • He absolutely abused the kids. He has isolated them from their mother Kassandra. What father takes their children’s mother out of their lives completely?

      Philip the abuser has sole custody where Kassandra served time, wasn’t permitted to bring domestic violence into her criminal case, and is eliminated from the kids lives forever. This is child abuse.

      Let Philips kids see their mother! How is a serial wife beater a good parent?

  • Why isn’t anyone outraged that Carolyn was at Barry Tellis party?
    This was one of America’s leading homicide detectives. This should not only be a conflict of interest, but it shows that Telllis is friends with a serial abuser. Anyone who advocates for wife beaters should not have been in his position of power. He’s probably great friends with former Sheriff BACA who was responsible for covering up and instigating violent crimes against the prisoners he oversaw.

    • Barry Telis sued LAPD October 2020 . Filed the paperwork about 2 weeks before levens was arrested for assaulting current wife (october 2020). I guess maybe that’s why he could not count on telis to call in a favor? I think after chief Hahn retired early becaue of an anonymous complaint (from telis to IA) telis then sued lapd.
      Went AGAINST HIS OWN?!?!
      WHO DOES THAT?!?!
      how would that make any fellow lapd officer or detective feel? Speculation is that telis even had judge joseph, the judge handling Phillips current domestic assault case against his current wife Carolyn stotsbery, hold a bench warrant for a one GARY MAZEL (star witness for levens and telis that put kassandra levens behind bars even though mazel.could not have testified because he was in the middle of HIS OWN FELONY ASSAULT TRIAL for beating up a “phillip” ?!?!?). Judge Joseph held mazels bench warrant for 4 YEARS ON HIS CLERKS DESK? WHO ASKED JUDGE JOSEPH TO DO THIS? and now Judge Joseph is presiding over Levens current case? Is this a big conflict of Interest?
      What would lapd chief or supervising inspector generals think of this whole situation?
      Should judge Joseph recuse himself? Does the DA know of Telis betrayal to his own LAPD?

      Please get me some popcorn…..

  • People are making fun of a very serious problem. Domestic violence is something that we need to take very seriously. Children need to be taught about the serious ramifications that not only cause problems in the family, but on society at large.

  • This will be my final post until sometime in 2023. 🙂

    No, there’s no chance I’ll break my word again and be back earlier.

    Until then, I’d like to bid you all a big FUCK YOU —- cuz most of you are liberal ASSHOLES just looking to reinforce what you already believe.


  • Angelina Jolie sued the FBI for not giving access to public records. RE: the infamous «  fight » that allegedly ensued on an airplane that according to Jolie, involved her and ex-husband Brad Pitt.

    Angelina Jolie’s lawyer argued «  Victims and survivors should be able to access federal records of crimes they experienced of reported, as is common at the state level, so they can advocate for health and trauma care and legal protection for their children and themselves. »

    Who knows what really occurred on that flight, but it is agree that these sorts of records should not be sealed and destroyed.

    Wonder if the judge on the case knows how serious this is?

    Regardless of what Urzala, Kassandra, Cynthia or Carolyn did or didn’t do, Philip commited a crime and the public deserves to know to the truth.

    Certainly the next victim deserves to know.

    Not having his abuse on the record is extremely dangerous.

    What the system is doing is destroying Levens bread crumb trail.

    The next victim won’t be able to bring to the court Philip’s pattern of abuse.

    Judging by the looks of this couple’s lascivious photos, it’s more than likely they both are going to have extramarital activity.

    I just hope that the next woman doesn’t recant like all these other women.

    Who was the judge on this case?

  • How many tax dollars did this couples true romance cost the people? Two years of court hearings, just to baby sit a serial abuser so they can stay together until he finds another victim? And seal and destroy the evidence ? How many people get hurt until someone is murdered? Then will they seal and destroy the case?

    • Exactly and how much money did Carolyn and Phillip pay the lady lawyer he got to defend him so they could sweep it under the carpet and party on? Freaks come out at night.

  • It says Carolyn was a member of Beyond and beautiful, the dating site? That dating site allegedly matches actresses with billionaires.

    Gina director of beyond and beautiful states that she creates «  Power Couple ».

    Can Carolyn get her money back ?
    Or is this her way of getting her kink on? Probably some s & m thing.

    Wormy couple.

    • “That dating site allegedly matches actresses with billionaires.

      Melania got her “billionaire” through a similar site.

      • Whats the Melania with ya?
        Just another grotesque story about power and subterfuge. If you look up when Carolyn Stotesbery was last registered with that dating service, it was 2012.
        Isn’t that when all that marital strife first started with Phil and second wife Kasandra?
        What if that’s why they got rid of that second wife? Maybe it’s all a beard? Carolyn looks pretty power crazed with the guns. Not a good look.
        This power couple hired a wedding publicist to cover their wedding. Probably costs a ridiculous amount of cash dollars to pay for all the hype. Levens does seem like he loves to over dramatize everything he does since he can’t get any real work.
        Maybe he should make a show about this called The Man.

    • Does Gina work with Carolyn’s best friend Bec Doyle, the founder of her on line magazine, M.CITIZEN? I just looked at Carolyn’s social media where she posted Philip and her featuring themselves as a Power Couple. Is this what desperate aged out Hollywood Power Couples do in their spare time? Drink, party, get jealous, fight then have make up sex and have babies?

      Spoiled, bored brats.

  • Roid rage is real and exacerbates diagnosis like bipolar disorder. Levens’ physique suggests heavy steroid use. The violence will continue if steroid use is involved.

    • Also HGH could be a factor in the evident muscle fiber overgrowth and vein dilation and protrusion from under the dermis of the temple area of his head (vein is bulging). This raises definite health concerns regarding unpredictable stroke risk? Anywho, moving on….

      The real concern is that 2 separate docs licensed by the Board of Behavioral Health for the state of Cali signed their name under penalty of perjury to a report submitted to the court, that their current diagnosis is true and correct.
      However, did Phillip in accordance with the law, disclose all past incidences of violence with multiple ex’s, as well as any significant drug and alchol use so that they would have a clear foundation for treatment, and correct and true diagnosis without putting their own license to practice behavioral health in jeopardy?

      Is this considered serial abusive behaviour? Is the state of Cali conspiring to keep his record clear for some unknown reason (RICOH)? Should the public be informed that while our tax dollars are paying for this shitshow, he refuses to pay his own taxes and hides behind his wealthy wife’s family trust?
      This would drive anyone toanifest defi ge trust issues regarding our legal system and the star if California judicial system and best practices…

    • Retired-

      Roid rage is 99.9% media sensationalism.

      I have known many friends and acquaintances to have used Terabol along with other steroids in high school and college and none of them have ever had “roid rage”.
      It’s BS!

      The vast majority of “roid rage” is CTE.

      Side note: Nearly everyone is in division 1 sports in college is on something. The athletes have to because everybody else is taking something.

      My friends were in D1 wrestling programs and it’s impossible to keep in that level without taking
      something. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

    • Maybe Carolyn should go on anti-depressants to help her through the occasional beating. She does not deserve to be removed from an environment she willingly chose!!!

  • Yup, messy divorces sure are messy. Neanderthals pairing off with blond spokesmodels rarely make for domestic bliss.

    Of particular interest is the one who married the guy after first filing domestic assault charges against him. People really are strange…

    Question though: what is a “war rifle”? One of apeman’s rightfully confiscated guns, the Remington 770, is captioned as a “war rifle”. The 770 is an inexpensive ordinary hunting rifle, bolt-action and with a meager 4 round capacity magazine. It’s a purely civilian gun.

    • These aren’t messy divorces. They are court driven corruption where domestic abuse and violence against women are not taken seriously.

      The second wife had her eye knocked out of its socket.

      She was not permitted to bring the domestic violence into her criminal case!

      The abuse of power and manipulation of court appointed experts destroys mothers and children.

      Philip has two children from his prior marriage. Where is the restraining order to protect them. The kids aren’t even mentioned by the court!!!

      • Exactly. The kids didn’t ask for any of this insanity. Who is protecting them? Phil the thrill? His pals ? The dynamic duo, Darren and Marcie Leven- The head DA and his sis, Phil’s family lawyer? Barry Tellis? Look at Barry s art gallery of demonic naked women in his man cave. Demented shit. Do the drunken wannabe models care at all about those kids?? WTF?!? Contact Drew Barrymore. She knows what Hollyweird is like for a kid.

    • He’s not supposed to have guns after his assault and battery from 2012.

      They cover it all up. And now they’re trying to seal his record again. What if Frank report hadn’t discovered this? There’s a motion to seal within weeks.

      Kassandra Levens has been painted the hysteric, when she and her children were threatened and Kassandra was beaten. Multiple police reports.

      He’s dangerous. The $50,000 bond indicates it.

  • Ugh. I really hate how PTSD diagnosis is being handed out so easily these days. Like, in what way did this abusive man ever fear for his life?

    • That is the million-dollar question. I intend to examine that in a subsequent story. Quick answer – he could claim he was traumatized by his second wife, whom he claims solicited someone to murder him.

      The problem with that claim is that the so-called hit man did not traumatize him, since he hired him to set his wife up.

        • Kassandra Levens’ case needs to be reopened. I believe she was falsely convicted. Philip Levens beat her until she ran to a domestic violence shelter. Then he hired a guy to set her up. Used his detective friend to arrest her, and he took her kids and everything else.

          Total inversion of justice.

  • There’s probably nothing wrong with these people except:

    – the Los Angeles rat race (for what?)
    – steroids for muscles (probably caused the aggression)
    – sensational selfies for attention in lame attempts to get noticed in the Official Los Angeles Rat Race (for what?)

    One Muslim’s opinion:

    “It’s a world filled with hypocritical and intriguing characters as dubious as what they portray in the movies, full of female manipulation, where every human value, from beauty to friendship to truth, are compromised.”

  • How dare you expose this poor man when the court was just about to seal his case.

    Now with the internet story what’s the point of sealing his record?

    You’re the one who probably caused his ptsd you and the witch Kasandra.

  • This is a perfect example of why court records must NOT be sealed! How many women is this man going to attack before he is stopped?

    And he has PTSD? From what exactly? Beating Kassandra or Carolyn?

    Philip Levens beat a woman’s eye to the point it had to be reset, but Kassandra, the 2nd victim, went to jail?

    • No! If the women voluntarily choose him, the US Constitution surely upholds their right. It’s their business. To interfere would mean implicitly to categorise them as retarded. Unless you are a medical doctor specialised in the field of medicine assessing such associated medical conditions, you have no right to stop any woman from exercising her free will!!

      How do you know that amongst other character traits she’s a sadomasochist?? Until you eliminate that (with qualified help), you must concern yourself with with your own life and that of animals featured in Nat Geo documentaries.

      • Alex, Carolyn Stotes. She models for excercis videos and voice over not only model fun. They swing around and she with macho party man .At least you know the photos speak the tru. 1 foto say 10 words. You only words He only hurt her one times and probably no the true she lie because she party she say she love him

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