Hollywood Screenwriter Philip Levens May Beat His Wife – But Got Full Custody of Children – Barbara Streisand Berated Him at Party for Being a Bully

Barbara Streisand reportedly attended a party that Philip Levens and his wife Kassandra attended. Streisand boldly berated Levens for being a public bully to his wife.

Philip David Levens is smart. Yes, he’s smart.

The Hollywood screenwriter – [he wrote the TV series Smallville] – married to beautiful actress, Carolyn Stotesbery – with two beautiful kids from a previous marriage  – has it all.  How he got it shows how smart he is. Especially, how he got full custody of his kids.

Their mother, Kassandra, has not seen them in five years. The kids are 12 and 11.

It took a lot of smarts for Philip to block the mother from seeing her children. Brains, and connections.

Here is one version of what happened. It happens to be the version I think is true. In fairness, Philip has an entirely different version. I would be happy to tell Philip’s version, but he chooses not to talk to me. I have invited him to speak on the record. We spoke once – but it was not on the record. But I can assure you, Philip disputes almost every word of what is to follow.

I will try to insert Philip’s version wherever possible into this narrative about how a man got full custody of his children.

Philip David Levens with his latest wife Carolyn Stotesbery.

Once again, what follows is the version of the story of how Philip got custody of his children that I suspect is the truth.  I want to make it clear that some or all of it may not be the truth – and that my sources – and I have spoken to many other than just the mother – are sympathetic to her and not fans of Philip.

Kassandra Left Philip, Not Vice Versa

Philip married, and might have continued in his marriage to Kassandra – a tall, blonde model who gave up her career to be a housewife and mother.

Kassandra turned over her life savings to him – even bought the house for them –  which Philip put in his name – for Philip claimed he had spent one million dollars getting out of his last marriage to a woman named Paulina.

Kassandra and Philip Levens

Kassandra got pregnant three times. The first occurred before they were married. That one did not work out well.

Philip found out – before they got married – that Kassandra lied about her age; she said she was 29, when she was actually 31.

According to the version I believe is true, Philip was so angry about the lie that he punched Kassandra in her stomach and broke up with her.

She had a miscarriage.

Philip later changed his mind about the breakup and promised Kassandra the physical violence would never happen again. Sure, Kassandra was stupid to go back but, then again, she blamed herself. She thought she was stupid to lie to him in the first place.

Besides, Philip assured her, it would never happen again.

They got married and Kassandra got pregnant twice more.  And to his credit, Philip did not punch Kassandra when she was pregnant. Both times the children were born healthy – a girl and a boy.

Philip owned a collection of guns – some of them reportedly are illegal.

Philip was big on self-defense. But he could not carry machine guns in California – in fact, many of his guns were illegal. He started bodybuilding. And with Philip – he’s smart – whatever he did, he did the best.

He seems to have found that certain pharmaceuticals helped enhance his muscular strength and he began to take them. Philip went from modestly built to a hulk.

Philip, before he bulked up – with his then-wife Kassandra.


Philip David Levens bulked up.

This had side effects. Whatever he was taking seemed to make him need to satisfy his sexual urges on a frequent basis. He also developed what appeared to be uncontrollable fits of rage at times. Once he, allegedly, beat up a much smaller, brown-skinned man who was a parking lot attendant. Afterward, he said maybe that will teach the man to go back where he belongs.

On another occasion, he swore at and threatened a well known black woman – who drove in a manner that was inconsistent with Philip’s ideals of good driving. A witness saw this and said the woman was terrified at his screaming and the look in his eye and the threatening way Philip appeared to be ready to get out of his car and teach the lady to know her place, both as a matter of her race and her gender.

Philip, I suspect, would deny these events ever happened.

Matching the growing bulk of his chest, neck, and arms, Philip was a very good provider. He was a successful showrunner and screenwriter, often hired to write pilots for shows producers wanted to get on the air.

And he had a beautiful wife, Kassandra.  She was there to have babies for him, and satisfy him.  He had a word for the latter  – which was for her to “sate” him.

Kassandra Levens at the beach.

It became his habit to call his wife to the bedroom or his home office, any time, day or night, and utter two words, “Sate me.”

Kassandra understood what he meant and tried to oblige.  She never was sated herself – not once – but she did her best to “sate” Philip each time he commanded.

This is not to suggest she never enjoyed a moment of their sex life together. She never was sated, true. But she tried to enjoy pleasing her husband.

Sometimes, Philip could not restrain his need for sating, even when the children were awake or nearby. They were toddlers and Kassandra could not leave them alone for long.

When Philip Levens required sating, this faithful husband looked to his obedient wife to do the needful.

Sometimes, she was ill, or tired, from taking care of the babies – even the most obedient wife sometimes cannot get in the mood to sate a husband when children are crying, sick or hungry.

This annoyed Philip.  He had no time to romance her every time he needed sating. This was not something that could wait until evening – with candles and wine and soft music – after the children went to bed.

When he required sating, even if the kids’ diapers needed to be changed, or the kids needed to be fed, or were running around crying in the other room – a wife – according to Philip – must oblige  – that’s the law – moral and legal law – God’s law.

He would come in a room and tell his wife – who was often with the children at the time – and utter the words, “sate me.”

If she did not oblige – for women are capricious and do not always find such invitations appealing even from a specimen as wondrous as Philip – and would to tell him “no”  – he became insistent.

If she, in turn, insisted, he had an efficacious remedy – one that seemed to whet his amorous propensities.  When she would not sate him at the height of need, he would scream. When that did not work, he beat her.

Sometimes she would fight back. One time she bit his hand when his fist met her mouth.  It was a good thing for Philip that he was physically stronger than Kassandra – for she always wound up losing – and, if she was not too bruised or shaken – she would do the needful.

Kassandra – sometimes holding back tears, sometimes crying, sometimes with a black eye – would sate him.

In time, Philip’s need to be sated was so frequent that sometimes the kids could not be kept out of sight or in range of hearing.

Kassandra was repulsed. She wept instead of feeling passion. This enraged Philip – and he would – as head of household – correct her.

He was glad he was physically stronger. He was a mesomorph – muscular, athletic – and he liked to mix it up.  Philip would never back down. He would secure Kassandra, then get himself sated.

Philip David Levens had needs like other men.

For his part, Philip denies he ever laid a hand on Kassandra, or any woman. He would, I am sure, if he spoke on the record, [which he will not] deny he ever required anyone to sate him.

He would likely say my version of the story is a tissue of lies; and I am informed by Kassandra, her attorney, her friends, her family, some members of his own family who don’t like him, and other witnesses friendly to her. They are lying in unison – and though several independently said Philip beat the living crap out of Kassandra, I think he would say they are lying or misinformed.

But he doesn’t say anything, because he won’t speak on the record.  Why should he? He has the children.

Kassandra is out of the children’s life.

He has the successful career.

Why respond to a stupid blog?

Public records and Sources Suggest the Opposite

In court, under oath, Philip admitted he may have lightly tapped Kassandra once or twice – maybe thrice – a little tap.  But it was only to defend against her. She was aggressive. Punching, scratching, spitting, kicking, pushing.

One time he allegedly punched Kassandra so hard in the head, surgeons had to remove her eyeball and place it back in the socket.

Philip said her eye ran into a doorknob.

Some beatings the neighbors heard – as Kassandra ran out into the street crying. Police were called at least once, but Philip fled the scene.

Kassandra did not press charges. She didn’t want her husband arrested. That could be ruinous to the family. Besides, the beatings were not every day.  Sometimes weeks would go by without a beating. Sometimes months.

And it is not that they did not have a life. There was tenderness sometimes – and life with the children. Philip made good money; they lived in a lovely home in Los Angeles. Kassandra was reluctant to leave.

Image result for barbra streisand

Reportedly, Barbara Streisand overheard Philip bullying his wife and she berated him at a party.

There was glamour also.

Maybe that’s what kept Kassandra hanging on. They would go to big Hollywood parties and Philip would show off his beautiful wife.  Sometimes, he had to scold her too.

There was one party – which Barbara Streisand attended – and she overheard the way Philip spoke to Kassandra and came over and bluntly told him he was not even a man.

Kassandra had her little girl at the party – and Streisand overheard him scolding Kassandra.

She walked over to him, looked him the eye and pointing to the little girl, Streisand said, “Maybe one day, that little girl will teach you how to become a man.”

Philip was so starstruck that all he could say to his wife at the moment was, “Did you see who that was? That was Barbara Streisand!”

His wife thought Philip missed the whole point of why Streisand bothered to come over to speak to him, but she didn’t dare say it.

Kassandra Became More Disobedient

Then came another problem. It appeared there was a chance Philip was sexually molesting their daughter. A social worker filed a report.

Philip was in more of a ‘beating up Kassandra’ mood than usual – for she was more disobedient than ever – maybe because of her suspicions about the daughter.

One day, he gave her a good shellacking. Kassandra fled the home with her kids and went to a domestic safe house.

Philip was furious, but he may have also been scared.  What if he was charged with domestic battery – what if he was charged with child abuse?

Happily, Philip had wealth and law enforcement connections – and was willing to use them. Kassandra had no money of her own and she was reluctant to use the law against Philip. Besides, she wasn’t sure if Philip was really abusing her daughter. She would never want him falsely accused. She thought the best thing was to escape the beatings and sort this out – and stay away for a while.

Good thing she did not press for charges. I have seen the social workers’ report.  It certainly is suspicious – but little girls might be confused about why and how a father plays with them when they are naked.

Philip might be in prison today – or registered as a sex offender if Kassandra was smart like Philip.

But even though Philip is smart, smarter than Kassandra, he did not know if Kassandra would press charges. He knew he beat the hell out of her many times. [Only he knows if he molested his daughter.] So he was scared.

He consulted his law enforcement friends. They set up a plan.

Philip hired a thug named Gary Mazel to spend time with her – to pretend to be her protector – and to get a recording of Kassandra asking Mazel to hurt Philip.

Gary Mazel was hired by Philip to put a ‘hit’ on himself.

Solicitation to murder. That was the plan.

Mazel was to set up Kassandra – to act as a friend [while secretly working for Philip] and induce Kassandra to say on tape she wanted Philip killed. Of course, Mazel had no intention of hurting Philip.  He was being paid by him.

They had it figured: Even if Mazel asked Kassandra 1000 times – telling her it was the only way to protect her children – and Kassandra refused 999 times – all she had to do was say “yes” once and they got her for solicitation to murder.

Kassandra would go to prison and Philip would be safe from prosecution and get the children.

Philip had his good friend, Los Angeles Homicide Detective Barry Tellis on standby, waiting to make the arrest.

LA Homicide Det. Barry Tellis, a friend of Philip Levens, arrested his wife.

Tellis is such a good friend that he went to Philip’s July 2019 wedding to Carolyn Stotesbery – a star-studded gathering of Hollywood’s beautiful people.

Philip not only had Det. Tellis waiting in the wings, he had his lawyer, Marci Levine, advising him. Her brother, Darren Levine, was in charge of target crimes for the Los Angeles DA office.

Philip Leven’s attorney’s brother – Darren Levine – as Deputy DA – oversaw the trial against Philip’s wife.

It was a smart plan – especially since in cases of solicitation to do bodily harm or murder, a battered wife defense cannot be used at trial.

Philip’s years of allegedly beating his wife could not be introduced as evidence or as a defense. Any attempt Kassandra might make to get him arrested after they arrested her for solicitation would be rejected by dint of her more serious crime – solicitation to murder.

And stupid Kassandra. She kept holding back on pressing charges. She did not want the father of her children barred from seeing his children. She did not want to ruin his life.  She was willing to share custody – or, if by chance, Philip would stop beating her – she might consider going back.

So she waited – and Mazel kept coming around, telling her stories, trying to get her to agree – while he secretly recorded – to let him, or someone he could hire, kill Philip.

She wouldn’t agree.  Mazel could not get a recording of Kassandra agreeing to let Mazel do a hit on Philip.

Time was passing. Philip was nervous. Kassandra might go to authorities any time. In fact, every time Mazel suggested murdering Philip, Kassandra said no, she should go file a criminal complaint against Philip.

Even with his law enforcement connections, Philip might not be able to quash a child abuse or domestic abuse charge.

Philip consulted with Mazel repeatedly. And funny, Philip, smart as he is, did not know Mazel was secretly recording him. [That’s how we know Philip hired Mazel.]

Finally, they decided – perhaps with a little help from Philip’s law enforcement friends – to just go ahead and get her arrested – with or without a recording.

Mazel came to Kassandra and said he sent somebody over to talk to Philip and things escalated – and it was tragic – but Philip was dead. He was killed by the man Mazel sent. Philip was not dead of course; this was merely a story made up by Mazel.

Kassandra did not believe him. This they had expected. They had Det. Tellis waiting by the phone – in order to pretend he was from the city morgue.  Mazel called Tellis. He gave the phone to Kassandra. She asked if her husband was dead.

Tellis lied to her. He said he was from the morgue and yes, Philip was dead; his body was in the morgue. Kassandra was shocked.

She said he had not asked for this.  But they told her to come down to the police department. The first thing they did was to take her kids away while they interrogated her for hours.

I have read the transcripts of the police interrogating this woman – who had fled her home – living in a domestic shelter – after having been beaten.  Nowhere does she admit she wanted Mazel to hurt Philip.  But they arrested her anyway. Charged her with solicitation to murder.

What was their evidence? Gary Mazel. The man who was being paid by Philip. He told police Kassandra solicited him to kill Philip and that was enough. He was promised immunity for his [perjured] testimony.

Because she had no money and the charge was so serious, they knew she wouldn’t make bail. And if you can’t make bail – you’re done. You will take a plea deal. Philip won.

But Kassandra was stubborn. She would not take a plea deal. She rotted in jail for 13 months awaiting trial. The kids went to Philip – who repeatedly told them their mother was evil and was going away. He was the only one who loved them.

Kassandra with her daughter and son – on the day her son was born. She said she has – in the five years she has been bereft of her children  -looked at this picture “one million times.”

Mazel would later testify in court – without any recording to back it up  – with nothing more than his word – that Kassandra wanted Philip killed.

Philip’s friends, Homicide Detective Barry Tellis and Deputy DA Darren Levine – [his attorney’s brother] – were on hand to ensure justice was done every inch of the way.

The jury convicted Kassandra of the lesser offense of soliciting Mazel to do Philip bodily harm but did not believe Mazel that she wanted Philip murdered.

The jury acquitted her of the more serious offense of soliciting Mazel to murder Philip. [She’d be in prison today if they convicted her of that.]  She was released right after trial – with time served – 13 months.

But the trial was rife with injustice.

An innocent woman might have been convicted

Somehow, the jury never understood this was a setup, that Philip hired Mazel.

The jury never got to hear the tape recordings Mazel made, making financial deals with Philip – which would have proven that Philip was not in the least afraid of Mazel [as he testified he was]. Mazel was working for Philip to set up Kassandra.

The jury also never heard how Mazel called – it was recorded – Kassandra’s attorney, Mark Overland, and tried to come clean – to tell him that Philip set up Kassandra and she was innocent. [And that Philip was a child abuser.]

The jury also never got to know that shortly after Mazel made the call to her attorney – and was prepared to change his earlier statement to police – and testify that Kassandra was innocent –that police [Barry Tellis] and the DA [Levine] charged Mazel with a felony – threatening him with three years in prison if his story did not go back to the original and jibe with what Philip needed to get the conviction.

Gary Mazel told Kassandra’s attorney that James Duff – creator of The Closer – was involved in setting up Kassandra. Duff is Philip’s close friend and perhaps Hollywood’s best-connected man to law enforcement.  In Los Angeles, you don’t want to mess around with James Duff.

And saving three years of prison time – which the jury never heard about – Mazel testified that Kassandra wanted Philip killed. He testified to that – a gigantic – life-ruining perjury. But Mazel did not go to prison – not for a day.

The man hired by Philip to set up his wife perjured himself – and ruined a mother’s life – so he could walk free.

Because it was a solicitation charge, Kassandra’s attorney could not introduce evidence of how Philip had beaten her for years.

And so Philip got the kids and Kassandra cannot see them.

She is allowed to speak to her children three times a week via Skype for 10 minutes each call – and, to show you how strict Philip is, he often cancels calls without notice.

What can she do? She’s the felon.

On their son’s birthday, Philip chose not to allow Kassandra to speak to her son. He does that.

But what can she do?

I think the story I have told is a true story. I invite Philip Levens to comment. But why should he – he has it all. And he’s smart.

Anything he says, if it is untrue, might be used against him.


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2 years ago

So sorry honey.


[…] Hollywood Screenwriter Philip Levens May Beat His Wife – But Got Full Custody of Children &#82… […]

God help us
God help us
4 years ago

Frank, you have discovered the truth. My heart breaks and I pray for you and YOUR children Kassandra!

Thank you Barbara Streisand
Thank you Barbara Streisand
4 years ago

Anybody else find it kinda creepy that he chose a bride that looks a lot like the one he “put away”? As if he could just wipe out her existence and swap for another pawn…psychopath’s game.

Zilla bae
Zilla bae
4 years ago

Psychopath would simply imply some measure of intelligence with no consicious, as if it had been seared as with a hot iron…
Philip’s mind is not his own anymore. He has agreed with the doctrine of demons and drug use and unimaginable sin of forcing woman and children to walk through the fire have propped the gates WIDE OPEN for demonic indwelling so vile not even a Napa wine vineyard heiress could press a seasonal batch that would numb his mind and cleanse his belly of the foul residue of sheoul that coats the back of his throat and delivers a consistent never ending slick of black film that coates his eyes….
PHILIP is driven by demons who entered him when he was a youth and his father was raising him in a satanic cult in Texas.
It’s TRUE.
At any given time you can go to the admiralty workout club in Marina del Rey and find his father swimming laps, absent mindedly bragging to anyone who will listen how some agreements with a few lower level baby satanist gave Philip a shot in Hollywood (Philip will explain on his professional “expert” panel curriculum vitae elevator speech about his background that “he won a writing contest”
Are those still real? Is the entry stapled to a circa 1970’s archie comic book back page where you can draw a turtle and win some gum? I won 1 of those contests too).

Philip has no real power and no real talent however it is not his fault. With a traumatic childhood and repeated child trauma every time he emotionally disassociated it allowed another demon to enter him creating multiple personality disorder (which is just code word for demonic in dwelling). The elite satanist know all about it including the City under the Sea that runs fashion and Hollywood. (Google it). Googling makes everything real and makes alot of money.

(Just ask Kamala, they sure contribute alot to her presidential campaign and there are a few very concerning stories about Kamala that have just disappeared and are NOT coming up in the Wayback machine…good thing I got screen shots and a ton of time on my hands….)

His 2 valuable items: His beautiful daughter and handsome son. Satan loves innocent youth, just look at what satan has done to Philip.
You can find his daughter being pimped out by the same modeling and no-talent agency his current wife is associated with…his daughter is 11.
Her pictures can be found openly on the internet approved and posted by substantiated child abuser and father Philip Levens ( sidenote: a few friends following his daughter’s social media that are connected to the Epstein cartel and its Babylonian downfall and his swift execution, and you should check out his new wife’s friends and accounts especially on Tumber before they are taken down) anyways….his father approved photos of his daughter are just as disturbing as her stepmom dog collar “xmarks the spots” picture she so happily defends with an analogy of an abuse riddled life growing up on 10 mile in Detroit …..oh wait that was Eminem….
She grew up in private schools on a 19th century French wine vineyard in Napa… shake them tatas girl!
That’s exactly what the devil demands and you are right on point!
How much money you can squeeze out of Babylon by forcing your children to walk through the fire before they throw YOU out LONG before the bath water gets cold….and the flames of the Holy SPIRIT disintegrate the evil shell around you and then as you stand before the white Throne of Judgement you life your chin high, out your hands on your hips, just your chil out and contend “it’s not my fault, I didn’t know satan was real. The devil made me do it”
(and the REAL powers that be KNOW this
Check out photos. Check out Philip’s wife’s photos. Check out Philip’s wife’s family. …check out Philips family…check out scripts written…check out Google…check out PUBLIC records. (kamala Harris made 2 special appearances at Kassandra appellate hearings . I wonder if she was making sure everyone was behaving because Hollywood was tweeting in her ear “presidency- child trsfficking-money-power-fame-you will obey…” probably not….probably just mafia that exist far beyond HBO
When talent doesn’t exist you gotta get THAT MONEY…
Female trafficking and abusive coercion ….

Until the demons flee from him when he becomes toobphysically damaged to use any longer. Then they will find another warm body as they hate the DRY places… and fear punishment of the Evil One.
Philip should seek out a deliverance ministry as soon as possible, repent for his sins and ask God to forgive him . GOD IS FAITHFUL
Our Lord saves us by Grace alone…
Let’s see if Phikip is a chosen one. His demonoia are no match for Christ our Lord.
Resist the devil and he will flee…

I speak peace to your mind Phillip, for those thoughts are truly not yours….

Blessing in Christ Jesus of Nazareth to you and your family…

1 year ago
Reply to  Zilla bae

I met this guy and carolyn once… very weird people. Your statement is true

Olga jeezabel
Olga jeezabel
4 years ago

So just look up Gary Mazel in Orange County court system. He was arrested and going to court for beating a guy up (NAMED PHILIP) and had a jury trial scheduled in the Orange County courts, that began before Kassandra was arrested and lasted well after she went to jail
It is public record and mapped out quite nicely on the courtviwer docket computer system (it may disappear very soon I suspect).

Then Gary, just NEVER showed up for his OWN jury trial hearing in Orange County 2 days before Lassandras arrest and then POOF no jury trial, gary changes his plea to not guilty in Orange County for assault on a man. Amed Philip, and all charges are dismissed against Gary (thebjudge and DA and all attorneys knew Gary couldn’t testify and have his testimony as evidence per the LAW but that would be too trivial for the judge and jury to wrestle with so it was simply kept Quiet …

And get this: the guy Gary is on TRIAL for beating up is named…..(Drumroll Pleeeeze)
could it possibly be that the very guy Gary beat up and was scheduled to have a jury trial against solicited Gary to help him out with his own domestic nightmare.
I mean come on Philip was SUBSTSNTIATED for child abuse in the DCFS courts just before this happened…

Can anyone say California Public records request for the LAPD to simply request the initial call or complaint that was phoned in or walked in to target crimes division to Darren Levine (philip attornie’s brother who ALSO NEVER INFORMED THE JURY OR JUDGE of THIS LITTLE FACT AND AGAIN IS THERE A STAUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR FRAUD UPON THE COURT?
Truly I write here that the answer is no.
What event triggerd a very delicate process to utilize tax payer money and resources to arrest a mother (and dont even get me started on warrantless arrests and removals…..those nasty little buggers cost LA DA and sheriff department billions of dollars in settlement of civil rights cases each and every year) whose ex’s (philip) attornies (Marci levine) brother (Darren Levine) just happened to run the whole division of target crimes for LA DA office hat diverted a ton of resources to arrest this woman .
Oh yeah and get this:
Detective Tellis gave Gary Mazel his own personally issued work cell phone as an LA police detective and said “go get some evidence for me to help close this case for us” and used this is evidence in her trial and the JUDGR allowed it. I have no idea how bor what a kangaroo court is, but it must be somewhere in the vicinity of the travesty draped upon this whole mess
are you kidding me? This couldn’t get any worse than a rehabbed script for a second go round of knightrider (I will Always LOVE David Hasselhoff)
( however forensic electronic paper trails never disappear and yet not one simple subeona or california records request was ever made request was made to force the DA and police department to disclose the initial electronic response checklist that started this whole sad story and the following events that triggered the process flow (and trust me to max out on state money you want to embezzle from you follow every process to the letter and check every box and not one jot nor tittle is wasted to GET THAT MONEY.
It’s truly a Marvel…with an electronic audit subpeona and ID log in list you can just see who logs on and off government systems and adds or removes information. This is known as altering government records. This is considered a felony and then you have no immunity to protect you from legal action taken against you when you were an official acting in your official capacity as a DA, as a detective, as a sheriff, as a judge etc if it is found you altered the record to withhold exculpatory evidence let’s say…. You get the idea right? (Maybe just a little too progressive although I have a feeling maybe the Closer will steal my case planning strategy for next season )

Was the jury informed about Gary’s ongoing jury trial in Orange county for assault of a man named Philip and that it was just suddenly dismissed after he testified against Kassandra?
Does that make him even eligible to be considered as a man that can provide testimony in a criminal hearing? Was the jury made aware or did the DA disclose this vital piece of information? It seems probably in this Whole scenario the only person without anything to hide and. Clean record

Rumor has it there is no statute of limitations for perpetrating FRAUD upon the courts….

Somebody better get Kamala on the horn,…Orange County DA-Los Angeles PD- Los Angeles DA -Hollywood- oh yeah and get this,
The Gambino crime family is involved…(not kidding) it’s a great great great script..

You can’t make this stuff up….not one bit .. facts are the facts and all are recorded in the eyes of our Lord

And it literally takes 30 minutes on Google to piece it together like a 3+ yr and up child’s jigsaw puzzle….

Ignorance is not a defense…

We will all answer to the God of Isaac Jacob and Abraham….
And the satanic pedophile circus running around convicting mothers and stealing innocent children understands exactly this and that their time is short and they are already a defeated foe….

Eyes to see and ears to hear..

In Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s mighty name I pray….

4 years ago

May God pour blessings on Barbara Streisand today and always. What a courageous women.

Gastone Hiram
Gastone Hiram
4 years ago

The woman, Kasandra, needed to sate Philip when he asked her. Period. The whole moral of the story is that if she would have sated him when he asked none of this would have happened. She would still have her children and have a happy husband. She brought this on herself. I bet she is all alone. I would not want to touch her. Mothers tell your daughters not to do what Kasandra has done. Sate your man = keep your man.

Shan Roarty Brown
Shan Roarty Brown
4 years ago
Reply to  Gastone Hiram

You are obviously a delusional idiot.

Dominique Green
Dominique Green
1 year ago
Reply to  Gastone Hiram


4 years ago

Can not wait for the follow up to this story. Hope the husband gets busted for abusing his daughter. Disgusting. Shame on anyone who does business with this man.

Gastone H. Porter
Gastone H. Porter
4 years ago

If Philip beat up this wench I think she had it coming. Besides it is the law. A wife has to be available to he husband or it becomes a sexless marriage and he can divorce her. I think overall she got what she deserved. If she gets a man again she ought to do what he tells her to do.

4 years ago

Frank…I guess you stopped screening the comments.

4 years ago

Thank you, Bangkok, for your lovely thoughts.
Delightful, as always.

4 years ago
Reply to  Flowers


Bangkok has slightly more class than that…….slightly. 😉

4 years ago

If this is you form of satire it’s working. That being said why would you want to bring more harm on this woman? I imagine your as pathetic as your dollar store underware and have a smelly cat that needs it’s litter changed.

4 years ago
Reply to  Peaches

Peaches, are you talking to “Doc” Porter or to Frank?

4 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

Doc Porter my friend. I like and respect mr. Parlato.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Just like NXIVM, Kassandra is another example of someone who didn’t go to the police when she should have reported the problems, immediately after they occurred. While she may not have been able to bring up the beatings, her daughter’s rape, etc., during her trial, she should have done it before and should do it now. How can a mother be so selfish to not protect her daughter using law enforcement and courts for what they were designed to do? Better late than never. She should also be able to get the court to order her limited phone visitations with her kids, that rule cuts both ways.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson


After sharing your usual perfunctory callous opinion; You do offer one salient tidbit……

“She should also be able to get the court to order her limited phone visitations with her kids, that rule cuts both ways”, Scott Johnson.

Your consistent callousness leads me to conclude you are the byproduct of a hard life.

I pity you and am envious of you at the same time. You will never know what real pain is and you will never know true love.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy

There were several salient “tidbits,” try reading it again. And again. And again. LOL

My life is quite easy compared to yours. It’s easy to do the right things, it’s hard to be a soy-boy snowflake. I’m not even afraid of the telephone! LOL

I’m very familiar with real pain, I feel it every time I read your comments. LOL

True love is helping others not get scammed by Amway and other MLM scams, people who hate other people don’t want to get involved. Take YOU, for example. LOL

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Scott, blaming an abuse victim isnt helpful…she may have been too scared to report him to police if he had threatened her. And we don’t even know the exact story, and neither does Frank.

Instead of only asking how a mother can let her child be abused, why don’t you also ask how a father can abuse his child?

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

It’s only helpful if you’re interested in stopping the abuse. But if you’re a bleeding-heart soy boy type, it makes perfect sense to not learn from past mistakes. LOL

I don’t think Frank needs any help from me to beat up on the father, he did a very good job all by himself, and it may even be true.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson


Frank beats up the husband …So you then will beat up the wife(victim)?

Well, Scott, that would seem logical to a retard like yourself.

4 years ago

This is a story (if it is all true) of more than just one extremely misogynistic abusive man- it’s a story of how several such men worked together in a conspiracy to abuse a woman and her 2 young children.
Hard to believe that anyone could be as vile and repulsive as Mr. Levens and his friends appear to be.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

It’s easy to believe in Hollyweird. Law enforcement doesn’t pay nearly as well as Hollyweird does. What better way to make a few (or much more) bucks?

4 years ago

I enjoyed reading this article and anticipate the follow-up article around the corner is going to be a smash.

Thanks for providing a clear picture of Gary Mazel.

Shan Brown
Shan Brown
4 years ago

More Hollywood cowardice scum who are so pathetic they beat up women. He and Mazel sound like 2 closet cases that hate women.

Robert jr.
Robert jr.
4 years ago

I see Marie is dabbling in some poetry. “read me the pages of your soul one night at a time”

4 years ago

A little liquor on the lips
A natural sway to her hips
He climb inside her body
Held her captive by his grips
She’s the violence in the pouring rain

The wandress empath
A goddess of the one night stand
She belongs to no city
She belongs to no man
His love is the violence
Mental torment they say she’s insane

Sit tight little lady daddies on his way
No more liquor no more sweet kiss
No more fat lips just the sway to her hips
don’t breath a word
But there is no God
Only your daddy with force of a lightning rod

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