#MeToo Hollywood Screenwriter Philip Levens Rumored to Have Beaten Wife Into Miscarriage 

Who is the real criminal - Philip Levens of his wife Kassandra?

Frank Report is writing a series on Philip David Levens, the pro-woman, Hollywood screenwriter who wrote the first three seasons of Smallville.  He also has written for many other TV shows and pilots for shows.

Steroid using bodybuilder and #metoo supporting Hollywood screenwriter, Philip David Levens recently married actress Carolyn Stotesbery.

Levens recently married actress Carolyn Stotesbery, a staunch supporter and close friend of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and an advocate for women’s rights.

Carolyn Stotesbery

Prior to that, Levens was married to Kassandra Levens – who he successfully railroaded into jail.

Since Kassandra has been released from jail [2013], Philip has been successful in keeping Kassandra from seeing their two children, ages 12 and 10. She has not seen them in person for more than 5 years.

By court order, Kassandra is only permitted to speak to her two children three times a week for 10 minutes each time on Skype. But Philip often makes the children unavailable via Skype so that the mother, Kassandra, is often deprived of even seeing the children in that manner.

I have long suspected that Philip is the guilty one here.  I am keeping an open mind, of course, and have invited Philip to comment on the record – something which he has steadfastly declined to do so far.

But he certainly won round one with his wife – Kassandra.

After he allegedly beat the ever-living daylights out of Kassandra for years, she ran away in 2012 to hide in a domestic shelter. She claimed not only that Philp beat her up but that he was also molesting their daughter. There is a social worker’s report that suggest he did do it, but he was never criminally charged.

That may be because Philip hired a man named Gary Mazel to get Kassandra to agree to “murder’ him.  Of course, it was a ruse, a plot, Philip devised to get his wife and mother of his children arrested.

It worked – not that Kassandra actually ever solicited Mazel to murder Philip – but it worked well enough to get her – a possibly innocent woman – arrested.

Philip wanted Mazel to tape her, but Kassandra never said she wanted to harm Philip on tape even once.  Maybe it did not matter.

Philip was close friends with the creator of the TV show, the Closer – James Duff – whose police connections in Los Angeles are legendary.

In Los Angeles, if James Duff wants you to be in trouble with the law, he certainly has the connections to make that happen.

Duff’s show is said to hire – and for big bucks – LA police detectives as consultants.  And LA detectives making that kind of money are not ungrateful, it is said.

Philip had his own connections too.  His long-time attorney and close friend, Marci Levine, has a brother who happens to be the Deputy LA County DA in charge of target crimes.

Marci Levine helped Philip take care of his problems with Kassandra and has worked with Philip for years to ensure Kassandra never sees her children.


All in the family? Marci’s brother happens to be Darren Levine, an aspiring actor and martial artist who just happens to be the Deputy District Attorney in charge of target crimes – the kind of crime Kassandra was [set up?] to commit.
Then there is Philip’s other buddy, LA Police Detective Barry Tellis, who went to Philip’s wedding to Carolyn. He also handled the arrest of Philip’s former wife – Kassandra.  [That’s what friends are for.]

Det. Tellis, Philip’s friend, interrogated Kassandra. While she did not confess to soliciting Gary Mazel to harm Philip, Det. Tellis decided he had enough to arrest her, separate her from her children, and get her locked up in jail without being able to make bail. And then he went to work on ensuring Mazel testified the way he needed. And if a friend cannot do that for a friend – destroy his problematic wife – what good is he as a friend anyway?

Between Duff, the Levine siblings and Det. Tellis – Philip did not need a tape recording of Kassandra. All he needed was the guy he hired – Mazel – to say Kassandra solicited him to murder Philip.

Even that was not easy.

Mazel had to be beaten up himself, he said, plus paid handsomely and also threatened with another crime for which he would go to prison – before he was ready and willing to testify [perjure?] against Kasandra. But the jury did not know all this.

At Kassandra’s trial, the jury never found out the facts – that Philip hired Mazel and that Philip was not at all afraid of Mazel murdering him [How could he be? He hired Mazel].

The jury never heard secretly recorded tapes made by Mazel of he and Philip [suppressed by the prosecution] that would have shown the jury that Mazel was trying hard [and failing] to set up Kassandra.

The jury never heard the conversation between Mazel and Kassandra’s attorney, Mark Overland, where Mazel claims Kassandra is innocent and was set up by her brutal, but well-connected husband, Philip.

The reason for this was that Mazel was facing another felony crime [also being handled by Det. Tellis] and the plea deal Mazel got from the LA DA [under Darren Levine] seemed to have been tied to the condition that Mazel [perjure?] testify that Kassandra solicited him to murder Philip.

He perjured himself [or testified] that it was so.

The jury did not believe Mazel entirely. They did not believe that Kassandra actually solicited Mazel to murder Philip.  But – because perhaps so much evidence was withheld from them – they did convict Kassandra on solicitation of Mazel to do Philip bodily harm.

The entire case hinged on Mazel testifying [perjuring himself?] that she solicited him to do so. [There was no other evidence.]

Mazel got off with no prison time for his felony and Kassandra served 13 months in jail.  [By the time the trial ended, she was released with time served. She did not make bail thanks to the solicitation to murder charges.]

Had the jury heard the entire evidence – including how Philip had hired Mazel and how Mazel claimed Kassandra was innocent until he was threatened by the DA to go to prison for three years himself – they might have thought differently about the case.

Also, what was not allowed into evidence was the extent of Philip’s alleged beatings of his wife.

It was brilliant. Philip is no dummy. He seems to have carefully set up the solicitation charge [with his friends in law enforcement?] so that, as in all cases of solicitation, a battered wife syndrome defense cannot be used.

The fact that Philip may have beat the living crap out of Kassandra 50 times or more could not be introduced as evidence – because this was solicitation – a premeditated offense.

Philip did his homework – before he hired Mazel to set up his wife Kassandra.

Of course, Kassandra may still be guilty.  Even if Mazel tried to trick her into saying “hurt Philip.” While he was on Philip’s payroll, Mazel may have tried and failed 1000 times to get the dazed and beaten wife and mother to say it, but if she said it just once – “hurt Philip. Go ahead, ” then she is guilty as sin.

There is no evidence of this other than Mazel’s [perjured?] testimony. Just his word [and Philip claiming he was scared.] That was all the jury had to go on.

Right or wrong, Kassandra’s attorney advised her not to testify. And she did not.  And the jury, with their limited information – said she was guilty of at least soliciting Mazel to beat up Philip. Not murder him, but beat him up.

Again, the entire evidence was just Mazel, his word. And the drama of Philip testifying how scared he was of Mazel and of his wife.

Of course, Philip was never in any danger. The jury clearly did not understand Philip was paying Mazel.

As for Kassandra, she thought Mazel was a new friend trying to help her escape Philip’s beatings and his sexually molesting their daughter, she said. As for the beatings – which never quite made it into the trial – there is evidence that Philip was a regular wife beater.

One time Kassandra got punched in the eye so hard that her eyeball had to be removed and replaced properly in the socket.

Philip said her eye ran into a doorknob.

On another occasion, police were called to the house because Kassandra claimed he beat her up.

But she did not press charges.

Philip said he was innocent and never touched his wife.

Once he was arrested for beating up his previous wife, Urdzula Paulina Levens – but after he was arrested for beating her up, she withdrew the charges.  So none of this is evidence that Philip’s fists ever landed on his wives. And none of it made it into court.

Perhaps he never laid a hand on any woman.

The Story of Kassandra’s Big Lie

Kassandra and Philip Levens

But there is a rather ugly story about Kassandra.  Let us tell it – and let the reader decide if it could be true.

I cannot verify the truth of the story – I can only tell you it was said and repeated a number of times by sources.

It goes back to when the ill-fated couple first met. When Kassandra first met Philip, she lied about her age.  Yes, she lied.

She was a model – an aging one – and she and several models met Philip and his friend. They were going to a Los Angeles Lakers game.

And when one of the models [right in front of Philip] asked Kassandra how old she was, Kassandra lied and said she was 29 when she was really 33. This was back in 2004.

She lied because she did not want to appear to be over 30.  This was a dreadful lie.  And poor Philip, thinking that Kassandra was only 29, started dating this 33-year-old woman.

She was living in New York and he was in Hollywood and they began a long-distance romance.  Then he came to NYC.

Now Philip had lied too – but, unlike Kassandra, he had a good reason.  He lied about not being married. He was actually married.

When Kassandra found he lied about his marriage, she was quite upset. She was not going to date a married man. She broke up with him.

Philip called her from Mexico and said he would leave his wife for her.  He went off to work on a TV show called South Beach – in Miami.

He explained to Kassandra that his wife, Paulina [AKA Urdzula] was actually a brutal woman and he was afraid of Paulina who he said used to beat him up.

Paulina Urdzula Levens – said to be very dangerous and brutal by Philip Levens, her former husband.

Philip said he was worried that Paulina would solicit someone to kill him. He was terrified and sometimes he cried openly about his fear of Paulina.

Kassandra believed him and did not know that Paulina was about 100 lbs.  Philip was over 200 pounds and a steroid-using muscle man.

Philip, a man of his word, left his wife Paulina when she took a trip to Poland. While she was gone, Philip moved out of their house and Paulina was devastated to come home and found he moved out and the relationship was over.

Philip explained his sneaking out of the house was due to Paulina being so violent. She would beat him up and he was afraid, he said, and fearful that Paulina planned to solicit someone to beat him up or maybe kill him.

Philip’s alleged diary, which came into the hands of Frank Report, shows Philip wrote of how he was glad he was physically stronger than Paulina and that he had the ability to beat her up.  Philip wrote in this alleged diary that he enjoyed beating her up. He said it was like an aphrodisiac to beat her up. [Frank Report has not confirmed that this diary was actually written by Philip.]

Kassandra knew nothing of this at the time. She believed Philip was in mortal fear of his wife Paulina.

It is curious that Philip claimed the same set up – that Paulina was going to solicit someone to beat him up – or kill him – that he would later actually use on Kassandra.

But that is all water under the dam, so to say. Kassandra was convicted, not Philip or Paulina. And the law is the law – and most Americans know, or think they know, that the law cannot err.

After all, Kassandra had a trial and she was convicted, so she must be guilty. In America, innocent people are never convicted. And guilty people, even those with law enforcement connections, never succeed at putting their innocent spouses away. To believe otherwise, would be to tear at the very fabric of our society and we must not do that. We must believe in law enforcement – if for no other reason than they assure us themselves of their sanctimony.

Things like the Innocence Project are cutting away at the fabric of society; for every time an innocent person who was convicted goes free because of DNA evidence – it lessens our faith in the perfection of our justice system.

Nevertheless, our little story continues – with Philip leaving Paulina, and dating Kassandra.

Kassandra truly believed Philip that Paulina was a monster. And so they began to be together and one thing led to another and Kassandra got pregnant.  Philip was happy Kassandra was pregnant.

But here is the egregious thing Kassandra did.

Kassandra Levens in a video playing a nurse.

Kassandra never corrected the lie she told her model friends in front of Philip – that she was 29.  This woman was living a lie and poor Philip thought he had gotten a 29-year-old woman pregnant when, in reality, he had gotten a 33-year-old woman pregnant.

They went to Austin together on a trip – with Kassandra living this horrible lie.

Philip rented a speed boat and took Kassandra and another couple and their daughter out for a speedy ride.  Philip drove the speed boat so fast that the little girl was reportedly in danger of falling off.  At least that was Kassandra’s perception.  Her body was so light that Kassandra felt scared and warned Philip she might fly overboard as the boat leaped and jumped at 80 mph.

She asked Philip to slow down.

Philip refused. He was having fun.

Kassandra, trying to protect the girl from falling off the boat, grabbed her and in so doing Kassandra hit her head against the dashboard of the boat. Kassandra thought she had a concussion and Philip reluctantly slowed the boat down.

She asked to go to the hospital. But Philip decided against it. He realized, he said, that Kasandra was just a drama queen. She had already ruined a fun boat ride.

Sure, she had a bump on her head the size of an egg. But he thought she was only 29 and young women that age can get easily get over such head injuries without being a nuisance and spoiling a vacation with a lengthy visit to an emergency room – which in Austin, Texas can take hours. [She had already ruined the boat ride.]

It turned out Philip was right. It was just her delusion. Kassandra was fine the next day.

But then more trouble hit the unlucky couple. The next day, Kassandra was in the shower and Philip chanced to go through her purse.  He found her ID and looked at her license. Imagine the poor man’s shock when he looked at her DOB and discovered she had lied about her age. She lied. She was not 29. She was 33!

Imagine how horrified he was. The woman who was carrying his first child – his precious seed – was not 29 but a much older 33 – an age when women can have a miscarriage, an age when a woman can give birth potentially to children with various health issues.

It was bitter. It was devastating. Poor Philip, who was 35 at the time, realized this woman he was with was not in her 20s but in her 30s!

And she was a liar.

Worse, so deceptive was she that she did not tell Philip – even while she was pregnant with his child – that she was a much older woman.

He took the ID and put it on the bed. Kassandra emerged from the shower. He pointed out the license. He called her a liar, a cunt and a bitch – names he felt she truly deserved for her awful deception.

Kassandra immediately knew she was the horrible one.  She said she was sorry.  She cried.

Philip realized words alone were not enough to undo the horror that had been done to him.  He threw Kassandra across the room. She hit the wall and begged for forgiveness. She tried to hug him and while holding him tightly and weeping, she said she was so sorry.

Being held tight like this Philip knew just what to do. He punched her in the kidneys.  He had a quick short punch that was effective. She fell right down and cried and begged him to stop. She knew she was wrong.

He knew she was pregnant.

He punched her again and again on the kidneys – good swift kidney punches. She remained for a time crouched on the floor.  He lifted her up and pushed her across the room, then pulled her down on the floor wrestling with her.

He had certain advantages. He was 200 plus pounds and she – she was a model – even though she lied about her age – and weighed 128 pounds.  Philip easily pinned her down.  Then he let her get up.

She cried and begged his forgiveness.  But he was too upset to forgive. This poor man had lost everything he dreamed of – a truthful woman who would carry his child.  She was just another terrible woman like his wife Paulina.

Kassandra realized she was entirely in the wrong, She kept begging him to forgive her for lying.  Lying – as if this crime could ever be forgiven.

Philip looked hard at Kassandra. Looked at the belly of the beast and with deadly accuracy, Philip punched Kassandra hard right smack in the stomach. One good swift powerful punch right to her belly.  She crumpled over and fell to the floor.

It was over. He taught her a lesson.  Philip sent her home. She went right to the airport, beaten and dazed, but realizing it was her own fault.

She went home regretful that she had lied. And a few days later, she had terrible cramps in her stomach. She went to the hospital. Before she did, she called Philip and said she was feeling vulnerable and that she was going to the hospital.

Philip said he could not be bothered. He had broken up with the little liar.  She went alone and the doctors informed her she had lost the baby.

About a week later, Philip showed up at her door. He was crying, saying he was sorry about her miscarriage – but those things do happen.  He decided he would forgive her and wanted to get back together again.

Generous Philip was willing to let her back and forgive her for her terrible lie.

Kassandra believed everything was indeed her fault. And the woman – who would later go to jail, thanks to Philip  – went back with him and later they married.  About three years after her beating that led to her miscarriage, Kassandra had the first of their two children, a daughter. Then two years after that, she had a son.

Philip, it is said, [and it may not be true] was careful, when he beat her when she was pregnant, not to punch her in the stomach, which [if true] shows the discreteness and intelligence of this successful Hollywood writer and women’s rights advocate.

Now, some of you might ask why Kassandra – why any woman – would stay with a man who beats her? I cannot answer that. But it is no secret that many women do. They blame themselves or they overlook it and take the bad with the good.

They sometimes are stuck in circumstances they cannot escape. But in Kassandra’s case – if the stories of Philip’s numerous beatings are true – she had a way out in the beginning. Even though he beat her up and possibly caused a miscarriage [if the story is true], she went back to him.

Maybe she is to blame. Maybe she is partially guilty.

Still, there are some who will say that, despite a woman coming back again and again for the masochistic torture of domestic violence, it still does not justify the sadistic beating of a woman.

I cannot explain why, if Kassandra was really beaten by Philip, why she came back for more. But, if the story is true, she did.

I will leave it for experts in this field to explain how such a thing can happen if it could happen.

But come back she did and they had two children, which Kassandra cannot now see except on Skype – three times a week for 10 minutes – when Philip lets her.

A lot of times he just reportedly cancels these Skype “meetings” at the last minute.

Now, I firmly believe that a man cannot have good luck if he deprives the mother of his children the right to see her own children. Something bad is going to happen to that man.  I don’t mean someone like Gary Mazel will go out and beat his ass up.  No, nothing like that.

Philip David Levens has created a seemingly successful life. He is married to a beautiful actress. He has big paying jobs to write for TV. He lives in an expensive home in Los Angeles and seems to be living the life that most Americans can only dream of.

For those who know about the case with his wife, he can tell them he was a victim of a very dangerous and scary wife, but he is, after all, he can say, a survivor. So he has it all. He even has custody of his two children and the mother of his children cannot see her children – because of what she did, he can say.

He has the law on his side – man-made law. But I submit there is another law – a greater law – one that no one can break – not even Philip with all his connections.

It is law that, I submit, we all must face in its perfection.  Philip won easily with man-made law.  But who knows if karma [the simple inevitable result of our actions] is going to call on him sometime.  Perhaps karma is calling through the telling of his story with Kassandra on this website. Who knows?

I have no malice toward Philip. I am sorry for him. He is living a life where the mother of his children has no right to see them – when he seems to have crafted the whole deceptive story that stole the children away from her in the first place.

If that is true, he is a monster.

But on the other hand, maybe Philip is totally innocent and has nothing to worry about because Kassandra is the liar.

After all, she did lie about her age.

The man who won’t let the mother of his children see them – Philip Levens – what does the future have in store for him?

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4 years ago


1) Menace in Venice is already a scooby doo episode

2) Fremantle productions (and Austin Film Festival) should be aware of who they are promoting

4 years ago

Re the big alleged Diary reveal:

Frank, well-played big reveal……. nicely done, keeping your cards close to your chest until this latest article to drop the news you may have an alleged diary.

Masterfully done, “alleged” serves 2 purposes.

…. And to think Philip Levens thought the biggest mistake of his life up until now was trying to reboot Knight Rider……


4 years ago

In no way shape or form is it ever okay to get physically violent over a lie. Especially one like this. He needed to cause death. If it’s not working for you for whatever reason–walk away. This would have been better. Instead, he needed to go back in and fuck everything up. He needed to “win” to show he was the big man.

I’m sure he never lied about his “height”.

4 years ago


Excellent reporting!!!!!

4 years ago

No more sleep for you Philip Levens.

Everyone who knows you is talking, reflecting on the signs they might have missed,

The thing they always felt was ‘Off’ about you.

How they won’t break bread with wife-beating scum.

Then there’s the hatred your children will feel for you once aware of the pain you caused their beloved mother.

The journey to hell is long and winding.

Thanks, Frank Parlato, for your certain knack of sending the loons to Hades.

4 years ago
Reply to  IMO

Off, yes…. psychopathic hollowness.

4 years ago
Reply to  Signs

It’s awful, but I’d rather his third matrimonial victim is a hopelessly naive romantic, who will sadly discover the truth about her spouse the hard way, than that she is a conscious, fully complicit fellow ‘hollow psychopath’ – for the sake of those poor children.

In the US – who keeps an eye on the children’s welfare in a situation like this, where the father is on record for violent abuse?

4 years ago
Reply to  IMO

(Assuming the better case scenario:) Carolyn, please pay attention to the red flags, whispers of intuition, and cognitive dissonance you are likely to be experiencing. Be willing to let go of this fairy tale to become a true advocate for women and children. You are stronger than you realize. When you see through his mask, have courage to act!

Thomas A. Batons
Thomas A. Batons
4 years ago

Isn’t it obvious that she lied? She lied about her age. What else did she lie about? Philip was deceived. He had to do something. He terminated the pregnancy. He administered the abortion and he had the right to do so. I would agree if she hadn’t lied it would be different. But he had the right to terminate a pregnancy that was entered into through deception. This Kassandra chick is pretty vile. The fact that she did not press charges shows she knew she was the guilty one. Gheez stop picking on Philip. He’s a real man who leads the pack. Fuck Kassandra she broke his heart with her cruel lie.

4 years ago

Thank you, Thomas for revealing that there are men like you and Philip that think that hitting a women is perfectly Ok. Men deny they would EVER hit a women but here you admit that some men, like psychopath, narcissist Philip find it easy to punch a women. I will use your quote often. Again, thank you.

4 years ago
Reply to  Beth

I took Thomas’ post as ironic and extreme dark humor, no? Can he possibly mean this???!


[…] #MeToo Hollywood Screenwriter Philip Levens Rumored to Have Beaten Wife Into Miscarriage  […]

4 years ago

I love the tenor of this article, fair and balanced. Heh

I think Phillip is as guilty as sin. His powerful circle of friends must be reconsidering their relationships with the Phill after reading these posts. Reminds me of the saying my grandmother used to say…., “when you play with shit, you’re going to get it on you”. His powerful friends are playing with shit… TickTock.

Another thing my grandmother used to say….”be sure your sins will find you out”. And thanks to FP, that is happening and I hope he doesn’t stop until Kassandra sees her kids, at the least.

After reading this, makes my realize how much I miss my wise grandmother.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

It’s encouraging that some FR readers, myself included, are asking what we can do to help overturn this travesty of justice, protect Kassandra’s children from further harm and reunite them with their mother.

Even WERE Kassandra guilty of allegedly asking Mazel to harm Levens as convicted, even if no one wants to believe otherwise — that our justice system might just run on cronyism, catering to the cleverest, connected criminals while condemning the most hapless innocents — Kassandra served the time and neither she nor her children need suffer any further.

What, pray tell, is the excuse for this on-going separation of parent and children? Especially when Kassandra’s alleged offense had nothing to do with her kids except that she sought to protect them by leaving Levens to begin with? (Yes, she should have done so sooner but who can judge without knowing the particulars of their lives and relationship. Look at how many people were suckered in and stayed with Keith Alan Raniere?).

There’s a layer of Karma in this that may affect any and, ultimately, will affect every one of us when we allow corrupt officials to get away with not only staging convictions to curry friendly favors but to mete out punishment to the victims of their follies for years thereafter to, perhaps, cover their tracks.

Smallville connection?
Smallville connection?
4 years ago


—he wrote the first three seasons of Smallville—

Actually, he wrote two seasons FOR Smallville–nine episodes in 2002 and 2003 then left, three or four years before Kreuk and Mack joined Nx.

He didn’t meet Kassandra till 2004, in Los Angeles.

4 years ago

A lot of the Smallville staff were in NXIVM. This guy might have recruited slaves for the cult.

"A lot of the Smallville staff were in NXIVM"
"A lot of the Smallville staff were in NXIVM"
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Who on Smallville was in NXIVM before 2003 when he left the show and Vancouver?

Eligibility Results confirmed
Eligibility Results confirmed
4 years ago

There’s no “Smallville connection threshold” a story has to meet for validity…. (but if there was, this level of evil crashed right through it!). How it was discovered is perhaps a lucky mistake or karmic inevitable…. but it’s out and Bigville now.

(Does make one wonder though… is it only a coincidence that this much unconnected darkness clustered together?)

Either way, staying tuned and active for justice. Well done Frank!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

What difference does it make? By your “logic,” every writer who never wrote for Smallville should beat the crap out of their girlfriends and wives and nobody should care.

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