More Evidence Points to Kassandra Levens’ Innocence — Did Her Smallville Screenwriter Husband Beat Her up and Set Her up?

Kassandra and Philip Levens

Kassandra Levens is a mother who has not seen her children in five years. Her children are now 12 and 10, a girl and a boy.

She raised them at first, when she was married to her husband, Hollywood screenwriter Philip Levens.

But Philip bested her. Totally got her out of the kids’ lives. He has sole custody and she can only see them on Skype – three times per week for 10 minutes each – when Philip does not cancel the calls.

I have written about this strange case before and, as far as the law is concerned, Philip is the victim and Kassandra is the criminal.

Smallville Screenwriter Got Wife Sent to Prison – But Was He a Wife-Beating Scoundrel and a Criminal?  

Did Kamala Harris Help Alleged Wife Beater Philip Levens Put His Wife Unjustly in Jail?. 

In Case of Hollywood Screenwriter Philip Levens Against His Wife, the Critical Witness Was Secretly Working With Husband

Secret Recordings Between Philip Levens and Mazel Withheld from Defense Might Have Changed Outcome of Case Against Kassandra Levens

In 2013, Kassandra was convicted at trial of soliciting a thug named Gary Mazel to do grave bodily harm to Philip. She served 13 months in jail for her ‘crime.’  Mazel and Philip were the chief witnesses against Kassandra.

Throughout my investigation of this case, I have always felt there was a chance that this was a miscarriage of justice.

I began to suspect that Philip might be the real criminal and Kassandra was set up.

I have invited Philip to comment on these stories but so far, he has declined to do so.

Philip Levens

I always felt that Kassandra may have been set up by Philip to take the fall. He had the financial resources and the law enforcement connections.

His big law enforcement connection, it seems, is the producer of the TV show The Closer, James Duff, whose law enforcement connections in Hollywood is legendary. Duff and Philip are so close that Philip considers Duff to be the children’s godfather.

Don’t mess around with this man in Los Angeles – or you might find yourself in trouble with the law — He is James Duff, creator of The Closer.

Kassandra was a stay at home mom. She took care of her little children she had with Philip – until she was arrested.

Philip earned the money – big money – – he wrote for Smallville and other TV shows

And, on top of Duff and perhaps thanks to Duff, Philip had strong law enforcement connections.

What seems to have happened was that Philip – according to sources – used to beat the hell out of Kassandra. I mean really beat her up.  One time he beat her so savagely, it is alleged, that her eyeball had to be removed out of its socket and replaced back again.

Philip said Kassandra’s eye ran into a doorknob.

On another occasion, Philip punched Kassandra in the stomach so hard – it seems to have caused a miscarriage.  Philip said he was justified because Kassandra had lied to him about a matter he felt was important.

Philip Levens a muscular and powerful man – at 6’2″ and more than 200 lbs could easily overpower Kassandra who weighed 130 lbs.

Philip is also accused of regularly forcing his wife to have sex.

“Sate me” he would allegedly say, and Kassandra had to obey or be beaten, it is alleged. {Philip’s beating Kassandra did come out in trial to a limited degree.]

Now maybe none of this is true, or maybe it is all true. One thing we do know is that Philip paid Gary Mazel to set up Kassandra.  That is not in dispute. The guy Kassandra was convicted of soliciting to hurt Philip was not paid by Kassandra. He was paid by Philip.

So Philip was never in any danger at any time. Whether Kassandra was in danger because of Philip’s alleged severe beatings or not is not known. But it is known that Philip was not in danger. The so-called hitman for Philip – actually worked secretly for Philip.

His job was to set Kassandra up.

At the time – 2012 – Kassandra was in hiding with the children and was threatening to file a complaint against Philip, not only for beating the daylights out of her but also against Philip for allegedly sexually molesting their daughter.

Now, whether it is true or not, or whether Kassandra was just making up this allegation [like some women do], is unknown. There is a report filed by a social worker who interviewed the child and Kassandra that suggest Philip may have sexually molested his child – but Philip was never criminally charged.

That may be because he is innocent or it may be because he got Kassandra arrested within days.

Kassandra, a former model, appears in a video as a nurse.

The facts are simple.

Kassandra was in a domestic violence shelter having fled from the home with her children after repeated beatings by Philip, she claimed.

Mazel befriended her.  And said he would help her out.  He played upon her vulnerability – hiding as she was with her two children from the man she said beat the crap out of her anytime he chose.


Screenshots of police reports on Philip’s alleged beating of Kassandra


A social worker’s report suggests Philip engaged in overt acts of aggression and child abuse. The couple has two children. Philip has sole custody of both.


But Mazel was secretly in touch with Philip. He was working for Philip; being paid by him to set her up. His job was to trick her into agreeing to let him hurt Philip. Philip was never in any danger. Mazel was simply setting Kassandra up.

Now it is unclear if Kassandra ever agreed or consented that Mazel should ever physically hurt Philip.  There is no recording of it. There is only Mazel’s word. And Mazel was in legal hot water when he testified.  He got immunity and relief from other pending charges provided he testified against Kassandra – the way the prosecution wanted.

He did.

What did not come out at the trial were certain secret recordings Mazel made with Philip setting the whole scheme up.  That’s right, husband Philip and Mazel were in constant contact trying to get Kassandra to just once say – “go hit Philip.”.

Mazel was supposed to record it, but he never had a recording. That may be because Kassandra never told him to hurt Philip.  No recording was ever made – and this was a guy who recorded everything.

The reason there is no recording is that most likely Kassandra is innocent.

But Kassandra was convicted by Mazel’s testimony.

Philip had it all in terms of connections.

Besides his friend who created the Closer – which regularly hired LA Detectives as consultants – Philip had his own contacts too.

His longtime attorney and close friend, Marci Levine, had a brother who just happened to be the Deputy DA in LA County who handled target crimes. And who was ready to prosecute the case.

Image result for marci levine
Philip Leven’s longtime attorney and friend Marci Levine. Her brother is Deputy DA in charge of target crimes. He oversaw the case against Kassandra which was incredibly convenient for Philip.

A lot of effort was made by Philip and Mazel to make sure the crime they were setting up on Kassandra fit the targeted crime definitions.

Image result for darren levine martial artist
Marci Levine’s brother, Darren, is not only the Deputy DA in charge of target crimes but he is a performer and martial artist. In a town like Hollywood, it is a lot better to be friends with a powerful well-connected screenwriter like Philip Levens than worry about some hapless mother like Kassandra.

It was important that Kassandra solicit Mazel so that she could not use the battered wife defense.

Deputy DA Levine seems to have been on standby – just waiting for Mazel and Philip to set the caper up.

The LA police detective – Barry Tellis – who handled the whole case – and arrested Kassandra – is such a good friend of Philip’s that he actually accepted an invitation to attend Philip‘s most recent marriage to actress Carolyn Stotesbery.

Image result for carolyn stotesbery
Philip married actress Carolyn Stotesbery in July this year.


Image result for gary mazel los angeles
LAPD Det. Barry Tellis attended Philip Leven’s July wedding to actress Carolyn Stotesbery.

How many homicide detectives that handle a case of a husband setting up his wife – go to the husband’s next wedding? This was clearly more than a mere professional relationship.

So Philip had the DA and the police lined up. All he had to do was get Mazel, who was pretending to be Kassandra’s friend, to get some evidence.

They could not get her on a recording, so Mazel does the next best thing.  He comes to Kassandra and tells her that Philip was killed. A plan he had hatched led to a mistake and Philip had died.

Kassandra does not believe him. She never asked Mazel to hurt Philip. But Mazel – having it all set up with Philip’s friend at the LAPD – [Det. Tellis] hands her the phone and tells Kassandra that he has called the country morgue.

Kassandra gets on the phone and thinks she is talking to the morgue trying to find out if the man [her husband] who savagely beat her [she alleges] the man she ran away from with her kids – is really dead.

She does not know she is talking to Philip’s friend, LAPD Det. Barry Tellis. Det. Tellis is pretending he is from the morgue and he lies to her and tells her Philip is dead – has been murdered.

She expressed shock and loses her composure. Police interrogate her. She never admits she asked for Philip to be harmed. But her fearful and confused reactions under interrogation – her near stupor – her fear – her concern about her children – who have been suddenly taken away – made her answers confused.  She never admitted she tried to hurt Philip but her confused answers and Mazel’s [lying?] statement that she asked him to kill Philip are enough to arrest her.

[Mazel claims he was beaten by police to ensure his cooperation in aiding Philip.]

Kassandra is arrested and placed in jail and cannot make bail.

The man making the arrest, of course, is Det. Barry Tellis [the man who attended Philip’s wedding].

The DA overseeing the prosecution is Philip‘s lawyer’s brother.

Duff, from The Closer, seems to be in the background, seemingly handling the entire matter for Philip, [his ‘godson’ and friend].

Kassandra is a gone goose.

What did not come out at trial was that Philip and Mazel were working hand in hand. That Philip paid Mazel and the extent of their relationship was hidden from the jury.

It was Mazel’s testimony that sunk Kassandra.

That and Philip saying he was so afraid of Kassandra killing him – when in reality he could not have been afraid since he was paying Mazel to trick Kassandra into soliciting him to hurt him.

What was not told at trial was that Mazel did indeed later threaten to kill Philip [while Kassandra was in jail] and Mazel was arrested for it. Kassandra had nothing to do with that.

It seems that Mazel, after sandbagging Kassandra for Philip, wanted more money from Philip and when Philip would not pay him, he threatened to kill Philip.

At some point, Philip seems to have threatened Mazel with using his police contacts to take Mazel’s son away from him.

After Mazel lashed back at Philip, he got his old friend Det. Tellis to arrest Mazel and threaten him with reportedly three years of prison – if he did not testify for Philip and destroy Kassandra at trial.

Mazel did as he was instructed and said that Kassandra solicited him to kill Philip and when he came back and [lyingly] said Philip was dead, Kassandra gave him a blow job and then took the kids to Disney World. That was what Mazel testified in court.

But did Kassandra really solicit Mazel to harm Philip?

Secret recordings, that were never played for the jury, but were in the possession of the police the entire time – but not shared with the defense – show Mazel thought Philip was a child molester and was only seeking money from Philip. He all but admits that he set Kassandra up for money.

We have published these transcripts of the secret recordings that were only made available after the trial.

But now new evidence – even more shocking – has come into our hands that show that Mazel knew that Kassandra was innocent and told her lawyer that she was innocent.

He contacted – prior to the trial – Kassandra’s attorney, Mark Overland – to try to tell him that Philip had set the whole thing up and that Kassandra did not solicit him to harm Philip.

He says Kassandra is innocent.

Before we get to the transcript of this call to Kassandra’s attorney, let me remind readers that shortly after Mazel made this call and threatened to tell the truth – Mazel was savagely beaten – possibly by police – then arrested for threatening Philip.

Facing three years in prison, Mazel quickly changed his story – from Kassandra is innocent to she was guilty. He testified [with immunity] that Kassandra solicited him to kill Philip.

Now listen to Mazel in his call to Kassandra’s attorney and his position just prior to his beating and his being threatened with years in prison.

Sure, Mazel is a shit bird, a low-level drug user and a con artist.  Hardly anything he says ever can be taken as truth.  But this conversation casts doubt about the conviction of Kassandra Levens as much as anything does, and it has never before been published.


Mark E. Overland
Kassandra Levens’ attorney Mark Eric Overland.

1/14/13 – Recording of voicemail and telephone call between Gary Mazel Jr. and Defense Attorney Mark Overland

(Voicemail received at 11:30 am from 310-531-6570)

“Hey Mark, my name is Gary Mazel Jr.  I understand you’ve been given my dad’s phone number to contact me.  I would like to speak with you directly if you could give me a call back at this number.  Thank you very much.”

(Return call to Gary Mazel from Mark Overland)

Gary Mazel (GM): This is Gary may I help you?

Mark Overland (MO): Ya, Gary it’s Mark Overland returning your call.

GM: Attorney Overland, how you doing sir?

MO: I’m alright, how are you?

GM: Oh average, just an average day here.

MO: Okay, how can I help you?

GM: I understand you’re going to be representing Mrs. Levi. Miss Levi?

MO: Levens?

GM: Ya.

MO: Ya, I am representing her.

GM: Okay. Uh, I need to have a sit down with you. If you’re okay with that.

MO: Uh, no, I’d rather if we’re gonna talk, that you talk to my investigator.

GM: Who would your investigator be?

MO: Laurette Lavin.

GM: Lavin?

MO: L-A-V-I-N.

GM: [unintelligible]…it would be Laurette Lavin?

MO: Right.

GM: And is what I say to her confidential…or…?

MO: Uh, no, and what you say to me is not confidential either, since you’re not my client.

GM: And what if I hired you?

MO: For what?

GM: Uh…I’ve been put together on this thing…Kassandra was put together on this thing. It’s a fricking joke.

MO: Well, I mean, I’m not sure what you mean, but from what I’ve read, Uh, you’re the reason she’s in custody.

GM: I’m not the reason she’s in custody, Philip’s the reason she’s in custody.

MO: Philip is?

GM: Yes…[unintelligible].  I didn’t go to the fucking cops…are you kidding me? I had a sit down with Philip, and he told the godfather to the children.

MO: No that I know, that you had a sit down with –

GM: Just ask him how his children were. And now he threatens me today, with my son? Get my son taken from me? [Unintelligible] Do you know what I mean?  [Unintelligible]. This guy is done. His friend ‘the Closer’…how do you think – let me ask you one question really quick and you can quote me on this or whatever, how do I talk her into walking into the Pacific Division, and that piece of [unintelligible] detective tells me to get the fuck out of there, and take her with me, because she’s fucking crazy – one.  Two, how is it that Philip contacts the precinct [unintelligible] 3 hours after I meet with Philip?

MO: Well, I mean, the thing that I don’t understand is that you went to Philip.

GM: (laughter). That’s the great part.

MO: I’m sorry?

GM: Kassandra’s innocent.

MO: I’m sorry?

GM: I will risk my reputation, I will risk my sanity I will risk for you, to make sure she gets back with her kids.  And it’s with your help or without your help. [unintelligible]. I will do what’s right, and I will try to come to you, because I spoke with [unintelligible] who says you’re a standup guy. What are ya gonna do? Fuck the DA, fuck the detective, fuck Philip. And if you, I mean, I can basically get this thing kicked. But if you’re gonna treat me like a fucking mole, like I’m a straight fucking crack-head or whatever.  I mean, I have evidence. I have shit that I haven’t even turned into the DA, that they turned it down.

MO: Like what? Like what? I’m very interested in it.

GM: [Unintelligible] fucking thing.  I’ve had Dateline contacting me. Susan, you know Susan?

MO: Ya I know her.

GM: Okay.  She has nothing but the highest regard for you.  She says lovely things about you and your daughter.  Okay.  I check it out.  What are you gonna do?  You’re a standup fucking guy. Do you know [unintelligible]?

MO: No.

GM: No?

MO: No. Is that where you are?

GM: No. I’m in LA right now.

MO: Oh, you’re in LA.

GM: I’m in LA, [unintelligible], no, I’m in LA.

MO: Well, you know I’d like to get together with you, with the investigator.

GM: Okay, I’m not gonna step to another fucking ex-police officer, to anyone in fucking law enforcement.

MO: She’s not a police officer.

GM: I don’t care who she is. I’m willing to throw my balls on the line, out of respect for you, okay?

MO: Uh huh.

GM: Okay, I was told to.  I was ordered to.  If you get my meaning, okay.

MO: Uh huh.

GM: It came down, not from the LA fucking PD, they are pig fuckers, okay. I don’t like cops. I don’t fucking like them period. I don’t like doing business with them, I don’t do business with them. Okay. They were gonna come to my son’s house, and take my son.  They threatened me, okay.

MO: Whose “they?”

GM: That’s the beauty of it.  Just ask Kassandra, when you see her in prison or jail next time…ask her who her children’s godfather is.  That will open everything – how LAPD, robbery homicide a 3rd grade division, special investigations unit, and all there other fucking jack-off titles did this fucking case.  The only way they get fucking cases is if you know someone or it’s a fucking high profile thing or it’s a fucking [unintelligible].  Okay. Am I right or wrong?

MO: No, I know what you’re talking about.

GM: Okay, it’s a fucking setup. It’s a fucking [unintelligible] of a fucking thing.  What are ya gonna do?

MO: Gary…Gary…

GM: I’ll meet with you, face to face, I’m not meeting with no investigators, no more fucking people, every time I do, I get it up the ass and I take the come coming out my throat without a proper reach around or a thank you.

MO: Okay, well, give me a chance to look through the reports.

GM: Let me tell you about the report.  Your report, the police report, all the other reports, the DA’s report, Philip’s report, Kassandra’s medical records all that – it’s all flop, it’s nothing. If you’re gonna represent her and be a standup fucking guy like I know you are, and get her fucking off, you can fucking do it, I can help you fucking do it.  But sure as fuck, I’m not meeting with no fucking nobody, no soldiers of you, or anybody’s soldiers. I will have a sit down with you and only you, and that is, that’s it.  If they want to throw me in a hole for 90 days, I get too [unintelligible] I’ll do the time on my head, I’ve done it in Mexico, literally, I got it in Brazil, LA’s no different, you know what I mean?

MO: Uh huh.

GM: I will meet with you. I’ll have a sit down with you.

MO: Okay.

GM: But not them.  No investigator, your daughter can be there, that is fine, because I hear she’s a stand-up person.

MO: Okay.

GM: But, I will bring my attorney with me.  I can bring Mayor [unintelligible] or someone from [unintelligible] office.

MO: You can bring whoever you want.

GM: That’s what I’m saying.  I want to do that.  Do you think I want to spend more money on this thing? You know Philip’s molesting his kids right now? Do you know that?

MO: I’m sorry, say it again?

GM: Do you know Philip’s allegedly molesting his children right now? Do you know…

MO: That I didn’t know, but I know about Adelaide.

GM: You don’t know because you know what, you have, what the police have manifested.  And what your client, now, which is under a mental medication through the fucking sheriff’s department, who we know they don’t give you the right fucking drugs when you’re [unintelligible] in that fucking place, right? You and I both know that. They give you whatever the fucking state is getting kickbacks of.  It’s all about kickbacks.  Just like this case.  It’s all about kickbacks.  [Unintelligible].  What happened to Alec Rose? What happened to that prick?

MO: I have no clue.

GM: Okay, he calls me.  Threatens me.  They fucking get pulled into fucking court. They ordered me not to call him.  I showed the detectives my phone – that he contacted me, that he texted me, that he threatened me, and I get ordered not to talk to him. So if you want the same thing happening with this situation, that happened with Alec Rose, keep on your same path.  I know you’ve been, a long time you’ve been in business – you did the Farmer’s Market, you’ve done a lot of people, okay.  You’ve gotten a lot of people off.  But, Kassandra will get fucked, literally, by Philip and the rest of those cock suckers if you allow it.

MO: Well, I’m not gonna allow it, that’s the reason I took the case.

GM: Well you know what, they have all the evidence right? You’ve gone through the evidence.  You just told me you’re the one who went to the police, you’re the one who went to Philip. You’re the one…

MO: No, I didn’t say that. I didn’t say you went to the police.

GM: I went to Philip, and Philip called the police.

MO: Gary, I didn’t say you went to the police.  I said, you went to Philip.

GM: But Philip didn’t go to the police.  He went to his friend, “the Closer.”

MO: Okay, whoever.  But it was you who went to Philip with whatever tapes there were.

GM: Kassandra made calls.  No, there was no tape, there was never a tape.

MO: Well, there was a voicemail recording.

GM: Did you hear it?  Did you hear it?

MO: No I didn’t hear it.  I saw the tape recording.

GM: Let me tell you something.  I come from a family of [unintelligible], look at Johnny [unintelligible] anybody, okay, [unintelligible], okay, I will go to whatever it takes to keep my word and [unintelligible], that’s what I got, that’s all I got.  Philip threatened my son, so you know what, I’m coming to you, to help you get Kassandra off.  I’ll take care of Philip in my own way. That’s one of the things I do. Okay. But, I’m willing to come to you, talk to you, anywhere, okay.

MEO: Okay.

GM: But nobody fucking else. Because I’ve been fucked enough, and now my son is being brought into this.  And I will throw Kassandra away, I will throw Philip away, I will throw their kids away, I will throw [unintelligible].  I will throw myself away to protect my son.

MEO: Okay.

GM:  You don’t fuck with family. Right?

MO: Absolutely right.

GM: Okay, well that’s [unintelligible].

MO: Gary but –

GM: I want to have a sit-down.  You call me, you have my number, you don’t have to call my father.

MO: Okay, I got your number, but Gary I have one question for you.

GM: I have one answer.

MO: Okay, did you have any contact with Phil before you went to see him?

GM: Quick question.  Can I still have a sit down with you? Let me have a sit down with you – talking to nobody about nothing – unless I have a sit-down.  You know what I mean?  You’re a smart guy.  You were in Munich, or Germany, right?

MO: I’m sorry?

GM: You were in Germany, correct?

MO: Ya, for a year.

GM: Ya, okay.  These things I know.  Okay.  People know things, my people know things.  Okay.  And that’s why I’m calling you.

MO: Okay.

GM: Because if I get a call from a detective, if I get a call from the fucking DA, which I know you guys are okay, you know what I mean, you guys got your thing and it is what it is, but I get a call from anybody, other than you –

MO: Uh-huh –

GM: You know, anybody, I’m done. This evidence I have, gone. Me – I can disappear in a heartbeat.  I can disappear so quick, people will say what the fu – they’ll forget my name.  The border is only an hour and half, I can make it in an hour and fifteen.  Okay.

MO: Okay, well if you got something that’s gonna help Kassandra, there’s no way in the world I would do anything to threaten that.  Why would I do that? She is my main concern.

GM: Okay, but your job is to do her wishes, correct?

MO: No, my job is to do the best I can to represent her.

GM: Okay, well, have I spoke to her since she’s been arrested?  Do you know they fucked up in the arrest, in the actual takedown?  Do you know they fucked up in that?  [unintelligible].

MEO: No, what?

GM: Ya, they did. Unlawful arrest.  There’s a video recording of the arrest – of the bullshit.  Me getting hit in the fucking head with a fucking gun.  Me getting pushed the fuck down.  What are ya gonna do?  I’m used to it.  But those kids – those poor fucking kids. Ya know what I mean.  What are ya gonna do?

MO: Okay, well Gary give me a couple of weeks so I –

GM: A couple of weeks.  I’m gonna be gone by then. I’m gonna be long gone.  Long gone.  So, I reached out, just so I can tell what I need to tell.  I reached out to you.  And you’re telling me a few weeks – correct? [Unintelligible].  There’s no more sitting around, waiting for the fucking people…okay.  There’s no more of this.  This has gone on a fucking year.  Kassandra should have been out fucking six months ago if Alec had any kind of fucking…

MO: Gary, I was not around six months ago. I just got in on this case.

GM: Okay, well I’m telling you.  You wanna get in on the case current with what the fucking evidence is, or do you want the truth? Behind everything there’s a truth, correct? You’re an attorney – you’ve been an attorney how long?  I’m only 38 years old.

MO: I’ve been an attorney longer than you were born.

GM: Okay. Before a twinkle in my fucking daddy’s eyes.  Let me tell you this – am I smarter than you to know that behind everything there’s something?  [Unintelligible].  Correct?

MO: Gary what you have to understand, and I’m sorry if you don’t…

GM: I’ll call your client then.  Can I contact your client?

MO: No.

GM: I’m not allowed to go to the jail and visit her, correct?

MO: No.

GM: That’s against the law?

MO: Plus, they record everything that you say.

GM: [Unintelligible]. But there’s no way I can talk to her, right?  It’s against the law for me to contact her?

MO: Right, you cannot contact her.

GM: And what law is that?

MO: There’s no law, it’s I’m saying you can’t contact her.

GM: Because what, it will get me arrested?

MO: Because I don’t want you contacting her.

GM: Bada bing, you see what I’m saying? Now you’re getting the picture.  You see I’m being told what to fucking do again.  Don’t tell me what to fucking do.  Do don’t tell me to wait around for weeks.  You’ll do your best for your client.  There’s no way with Philip’s connections.  Okay, listen, Philip’s connections to the LAPD.  Okay.  Look at their godfather look at the children’s godfather. Okay, look what he does.  I’ll tell you what he does to save you the time, he’s the creator of “The Closer.”  Who hires more detectives, consultants than anyone fucking else in Hollywood?  The Closer did.  Okay?  Am I right or wrong?  What are you gonna fucking do? It’s fucking Hollywood, a bunch of bullshit.  It is what it is, okay.

MO: Can we go back to our meeting?

GM: Ya, I’m not doing it in a few weeks, I’m gonna be gone. I’ve spent a year on this thing.

MO: Okay, well, I’m not gonna be ready before then, I got –

GM: Okay, if you don’t want to have a sit-down, that’s cool.  If you don’t want to have a sit-down out of respect, for you, what are ya gonna do?

MO: Gary, Gary that’s not what I said.

GM: You said a few weeks, you think I have a few more weeks to sit on this mother fucking thing? Have my son threatened again? You think I’m that dumb? My attorney, never fucking been arrested. Look at my record – I’ve never been arrested, because I’ve never committed a crime.  I’ve never talked to nobody about nothing.  How do they have all this information that I allegedly said?  Did I record it?

MO: The only thing that I can tell you is that I’m in trial on another case and I won’t be done for a couple weeks, and I don’t have the time, but I’m certainly willing to meet with you afterwards. If you can’t do it –

GM: January 22nd you’re in court, right?

MO: Right, January 22nd is the next court date, right.

GM: I’ll be there.  I’m gonna be there with bells on.  My evidence in hand. Whoever wants to fucking play ball, can play ball.  Whoever doesn’t can go fuck themselves. I’m doing this for Kassandra.  I don’t care about you, I don’t care about Philip, I don’t care about LAPD, I don’t care about the DA, I don’t care about nobody except those kids and Kassandra.

MO: Okay.

GM: That’s as far as I can tell you.

MO: Okay.

GM: Alright. I’ll see you then.

(Hang up)


Before Mazel could ever meet with Overland, he was beaten and threatened by police – that if he did not testify that Kassandra solicited him to murder Philip – that he was going to prison, instead of Kassandra.

Mazel testified as instructed and was never charged with the felony.

Today, Philip has custody of his children and recently married a wealthy actress, Carolyn Stotesbery.

Mazel is a free man.

Det. Tellis enjoyed Philip’s wedding. And Kassandra Levens lives alone unable to even see her children.

We will have more to say on this topic.














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  • WHAT! THIS IS HUGE! Has an attorney jumped on to sort this out? – 1. Clear her of the charges 2. Get the kids back with their mommy

  • Just finished binge watching on Netflix SURVIVING R. KELLY. So alarming that it took so much and so long to put him in jail.


    The link above reveals the toxic spread of corruption in the LA District Attorney’s office to the LAPD to even those polluted, exclusive shores of Malibu where many a fine-robed denizen still cannot fathom how any sordid monkey business East of La Cienega — much less a fire and now MS 13 gangs and their god-awful graffiti — eked it’s way beyond the gates of his Pacific palace.

    I know this all-too-well. My son Dylan and I are friendly supporters of our former hometown Malibu Mayor, Jay Wagner, and his partner, Candace — who were humiliatingly dragged from their own, modest canyon abode, barely clad during an LAPD search raid last year conducted
    at the behest of Jay’s billionaire political opponents. They who, ironically, propose to make Malibu an untouchable, safe haven where none but deigned feet dare tread.

    Plus, to a far lesser extent — at least I hope our story shall not surpass Jay or Cassandra Levens’ or any of the tales of LAPD’s widening sphere of corruption I’m hearing of lately — Dylan and I are living it.

    This piece of Cassandra’s so-far tragic story is most telling in terms of laying the anatomy of this plague bare in its detail.

    One point that struck me was how the momentum seems to have turned and built quickly against Cassandra and her kids when Mazel threatened to reveal the sting operation in progress, along with the sickening degree of deception and brutality used to force Mazel to cooperate in the plot.

    Perhaps for those officials who weren’t directly involved but silently allowed this travesty of justice to occur among their ranks — as I optimistically imagine — it became a matter of protecting the reputation of “the force” long under fire and, in fact, now finally FBI investigation (one commentor asked) over a rising number of incidents not to mention dead body count that’s sharply increased as a, possible, direct result of law enforcement activities on behalf of West Side property owners and powerful or power-seeking Hollywood players.

    The only recourse I can think of to protect ALL and ANY of us (and our children) who choose to let freedom and goodness reign unpunished is to share Cassandra’s story on social media and with as many national media outlets as possible and just maybe some brave souls with some moral conscience will be emboldened take up her cause for not only the sake of her kids but ourselves and our own.

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    Bangkok will be posting shortly. He is very busy with Community College and posting dick pics on Instagram.

    • We were all wondering exactly what brings Bangkok back to FR so often but if this site is the best your nephew can do for Gilf porn, he’s got some serious problems even beyond what’s already abundantly evident by “his” posts here.

    • Stotesbury is preggers which caused two little hormones to pop her flat chest out. This is probably a big TURN OFF to Philip who choose her because she looked like a prepubescent kid.

      • Wtf this guy tried to hook up with me in a nude bech… I’m also small chested. Would talk about sex one minute then his kids the next. He is sick. Oh and Carolyn was there too. She is brainwashed.

  • Frank & Everyone else,

    This story is pure LA noir……

    This story would make one hell of a screenplay!!!!

    Phil could write the screenplay if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s the alleged villain in the story.

    We all know Phil’s attorney and other insiders are telling Philip to “just ignore the Frankreport and Frank Parlato”…..

    …. “And Frank Parlato will eventually go away”…….

    …….Unfortunately, for Philip Levens, Frank Parlato is a justice seeking tenacious motherf*cker and it ain’t going to be that easy.

    It definitely sucks to be Philip Levens right now…..

    Ain’t that so Phillip?

  • I wonder if Kasandra was was paid/forced to sign a confidentiality agreement by fabulous Phil Leven out of desperation for cash when she got out of prison?

    Phil wouldn’t stoop that low….. Would he?

  • Ok, so Mazel was hired by Philip to frame Kassandra. Since the police AND the DA are dirty – who can they go to for help?

  • Thank you for staying on this case. Is there someone we can email to get this opened up again? Why isn’t the mainstream press covering this? Can we send your articles to someone? This is shocking and the right person needs to go to prison, and more importantly the right person need to regain custody.

    • Send a link to EVERY SINGLE NEWS OUTLET. All the tv, newspapers, online news. Ask everyone if anyone can help. Someone has to rescue those kids. I thought the new wife would appease Philip because she was built like a child but now something has changed. Boob implant? Pregnant? Now she has a nickles worth of tits so she splashes a naked pic. Again, too bad for the kids.

      • Actually…. if you look at her instagram page it appears she recycles old pics of herself; her most recent wedding pics show her (almost alarmingly) thin with no sign of enhancement. Breast size aside, what is more telling is her over-the-top public professions of adoration in the posts. Revealing 1) the fairy tale is not at all what it appears to be 2) she took the submissive “I will worship you” vow (as someone like Phil would demand…. bad signs.) Hope her friends are looking out for her, and she is strong enough to at least protect the kids!


    ‘Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li’

    Career Damaged: Kristin Kreuk
    So, how bad was this movie? It made people look at the Jean-Claude Van Damme ‘Street Fighter’ and say, “You know, in comparison, this is pretty good.”

    Kristin Kreuk was nowhere near a standout performer while being on ‘Smallville’, but she decided to leave the show to try her hand at Hollywood. Her first, and only, leading role was in a new Street Fighter movie, focusing on Chun Li. The movie had almost nothing to do with the beloved fighting game franchise and effectively ended the Hollywood aspirations of Kreuk who hasn’t appeared in a major Hollywood film since and ended up on another CW series, ‘Beauty and the Beast’.


    Being in the NXIVM cult promoting a noted pedophile can’t be good for you either…

    • Kristin Crook(ed) didn’t have much of a career to destroy. It was more like they decided to give her a chance because she was hot and semi-Oriental. But the movie was made a full decade ago, so her hotness has pretty much expired. Now she’s just an older, semi-Oriental with little talent.

        • Liberals don’t get to decide what words people can and can’t use. There is absolutely nothing offensive about the word “oriental”. Political correctness is being told what you can and can’t say by assholes, as to not offend said assholes. Not all Asians are East Asian Orientals. They don’t mind calling people “Nazi” and “facist” for simply disagreeing, so fuck them all.

          • Anonymous,

            It’s a joke you…. liberal this and liberal that….LOL….

            Liberalism and conservatism are two sides of the same coin…….


            You’re trapped in a retarded argument/debate going nowhere…

            Focus on making fucking money moron…..

        • No. Conservative is someone who won’t join the crazy splinter group that is a cancer to society. People were “conservative” before the name existed. The left just can’t help themselves by making enemies by pissing everyone off.

          • Anonymous,

            Good trolling you got me!


            BTW why do you think Liberals and Conservatives exist everywhere in the world?

            Even in fascist, communist, and theocratic societies Liberal and Conservative people exist in close to equal percentages of the population. Primitive small hunter-gather tribal societies have the same makeup.

            It’s part of evolutionary social engineering.

        • If you think “liberals” are equal in number to non liberals in Africa, Pakistan and the Middle East, someone poisoned your morning Joe. In those countries, none of them beg for outsiders to come in and take over, calling their own race “racist”. You know this is true. None of them go on about “gender fluid bathrooms”, affirmative action and the like. None of them have any guilt for their booming slave trades. It’s kinda funny that in South Africa, foreigners, ie, other blacks are having their properties and businesses targeted by locals, being burnt down, looted etc. Will the left call them “racist, privileged, straight black male supremacists”!? Or is that only for anyone with any European blood, irregardless of nation or national history?

    • Career killing movie, sure, but on the plus side—Kristin got placed in the same category as John Travolta, Mike Myers and Justin Timberlake.

      Viva Executive Sucks

  • Why isn’t Kassandra providing information to the Frank Report, or is she the source of some of the information? If Kassandra loves her kids so much, why isn’t she appealing her conviction and speaking out? Isn’t there Brady evidence that would support an appeal? Did her lawyer try to get this conversation entered as evidence, or was it deemed inadmissable? The facts are not simple, because we don’t know who is telling the truth.

    Why are we so concerned about a Hollyweird couple rather than the two year old girl (who is merely one example of millions of kids) who was used as a sex slave and f*cked by several men every day, had to have a series of reconstructive surgeries and will never be able to have kids of her own?

    • People (*who are not sociopaths) do not have to conserve compassion credits in some erroneous economy of moral scarcity. We CAN and DO exercise concern for the two year old….AND the ten and twelve year old, the mother whose children and freedom were taken from her, police corruption, domestic abuse, sexual violence, abuse of power, gross miscarriage of justice, and the very ideals we value as citizens of this country and humanity. Not in any way mutually exclusive. Dressing down evil and its implications as mere “weirdness” holds no manipulative power over those of us inclined to care.

      Good instincts and great work, Frank!

      • Everybody has only 24 hours in a day, so it has nothing to do with “conserving compassion credits,” it has to do with spending your limited time and energy most efficiently and effectively. Unlike massive child sex slavery and MLM scams, in this single-family Hollyweird story it is far from clear who the real perps are, which is why I choose to spend the bulk of my limited time on known and much larger issues. But if this is how you get your jollies, it is a free country, and you’re free to make stupid decisions on how to spend your limited time and energy as well.

        • You’re spending an awful lot of time trying to convince people not to care (which actually takes much more time than caring) – didn’t your Sunday school teacher tell you it takes more muscles to frown than smile, Scott? But you are right – time’s up on abusers like this!

    • Scott,

      I am speechless….

      How does this case not resonate with you on some emotional level?

      Are you trolling or are you so devoid of empathy?

      • Scott, your repetitive “Hollyweird” minimizations are tired (see it does take energy not to care!!) and grossly out of proportion to the crimes and corruption of this case (although the fact that you continue to follow so closely suggests it does interest you significantly)…. corrupt police and justice officials tear at the very fabric of freedom for us all – including you. Even in your cold economics equation, it would make more sense for a brilliant investigative journalist to devote a greater part of his 24 hours and power to the next story to solve, rather than staying seated on one that’s broke open wide. Go Frank!!!!

    • Exactly the point. This world IS so corrupted and the hope is that we will never really see that bad stuff and do something about it because it is so much easier to think hey this really only affects others… #notme…
      Satan’s greatest deceit is making the world believe he isn’t real….

      Someone should take a look at the docket and pull the hearings and look at the judge’s rulings. The judge ruled Kassandra cannot see her children until she had a psych evaluation done by a specific doctor all chosen by the JUDGE. (NO APPEARANCE OF BIAS HERE). the judge shortly after was REMOVED from the bench after a short 9 month stint as a judge. Unfortunately not one ruling was reviewed…

      Most people commenting seem to ask the right questions:
      1. Didn’t her attorney know this or do that…?
      2. How come she hasn’t appealed…?
      3. Was this evidence inadmissible?


      1. Yes her attorneys know everything however they are officers of the court (no matter what you pay them) and their loyalty is to the Judge who will rule in their favor on less STICKY cases and they abide by what they are told to do

      2.She has appealed, requested new trials, new evidentiary hearings EVERY TIME. the simple response from the court has been to take the whole case OFF COURT CALENDAR. (LITERALLY STILL NO HEARING SCHEDULED …ITS INSANE)

      3. HER evidence can all be admitted into the record by a aime statement requesting “please lodge for the appellate record.” Her attorneys refused to say this in court on the record. ((EVERYONE REPEAT AFTER ME: I WOULD LIKE TO LODGE THIS EVIDENCE WITH THE COURT FOR THE APPELLATE RECORD))). This will inform the courts you know the law and they suck at practicing it (oh yeah they are just practicing…. so when is rehearsal over?????

      Until there is judicial oversight there is no law of the land land. NO one is immune from corruption. We are all sinners baby…..but the more we think that BAD STUFF only happens to others then truly I say to you “the lion is crouching outside your door waiting to devour its next victim….and if you live and breathe in this world then you will eventually be one and probably already are”

      • Yo Ursula/—

        “Satan’s greatest deceit is making the world believe he isn’t real” wrong!!!!

        The correct quote is,
        “The Devil’s greatest trick was getting people to believe he didn’t exist.”

        BTW the Devil prefers the less formal Devil over the more formal Lucifer or Satan. He actually a laid back dude.

      • What a twisted real life psychological thriller! Trying to flee a violent narcissistic psychopath, your life in peril for nothing more than your ability to deny and expose him, caught in a sick trap, everything precious taken from you, labeled mad and murderous because you are in overwhelming anguish – and more simply because you are an inconvenience. A 19th century asylum-style diagnosis of a powerful husband who wants you to disappear. Even if you have no empathy for the actual characters, you can feel the helpless terror of having an enemy with the power of his friends to remove you from your life and manipulate the justice system. At the very least, titillate your brain with creating a good ending for this show. Spread the story and get the real handmaids out of Gilead!!!

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