Did Los Angeles DA Inform Jury About ‘Hit Man’s’ History in Solicitation to Murder Philip Levens’ Case?

Who is the real criminal - Philip Levens of his wife Kassandra?

Frank Report is investigating a crime story that may have resulted in the real criminals getting off scot-free and an innocent woman going to prison, then losing the right to see her children.

I am referring to the case of Philip David Levens and his former wife and mother of his children, Kassandra Levens.

In January, it will be six years since she has seen her children, a girl, 12, and a boy, 11.

Readers know the story.

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In brief, Philip hired a thug named Gary Mazel to trick his wife into asking him to do a hit on Philip – which Kassandra never asked for. Kassandra had fled from their home with their children because she alleged Philip often beat her and may have been molesting their daughter.

With the help of Philip’s law enforcement friends, they managed to get Kassandra arrested anyway and charged with solicitation to murder and solicitation to do grave bodily harm to Philip.  She went to trial and was convicted of soliciting Mazel to do grave bodily harm to Philip.

Of course, Philip was never harmed. He was the one who hired Mazel in the first place.

Kassandra was convicted largely on Mazel’s likely perjurious testimony and by Philip testifying how frightened he was of being murdered by Mazel, the man he had secretly hired. Though Mazel was a criminal and was the true instigator of the ruse, he was given immunity,

Much was not told to the jury including that Mazel wanted to testify that Kassandra was innocent – but was then charged with a felony and told by the prosecutors that he was going to prison for three years himself if he did not change his testimony.

Now we learn that Mazel was facing more than one felony charge when he was persuaded by Philip [and law enforcement friends of Philip’s] to put on the bogus act of trying to persuade Kassandra to kill Philip. Both of Mazel’s felonies were dropped in return for his testimony against Kassandra and the court sentenced him to take anger management classes.

A reader of Frank Report, who seems to have more than just a passing acquaintance with the case, offered this on the subject:

Guest View by Olga Jeezabel

So just look up Gary Mazel in Orange County court system. He was arrested and going to court for beating a guy up (NAMED PHILIP) and had a jury trial scheduled in the Orange County courts, that was scheduled to begin before Kassandra was arrested and that would have lasted well after she went to jail.

It is public record and mapped out quite nicely on the court viewer docket computer system (It may disappear very soon, I suspect).

Then Gary just NEVER showed up for his OWN jury trial hearing in Orange County two days before Kassandra’s arrest and then POOF no jury trial.

Gary changed his plea to not guilty in Orange County for assault on a man named Philip, and all charges were dismissed against Gary (the judge and DA and all attorneys knew Gary couldn’t testify and have his testimony as evidence per the LAW, but that would be too trivial for the judge and jury to wrestle with so it was simply kept quiet).

And get this: the guy Gary is on TRIAL for beating up is named…..(Drumroll Pleeeeze): PHILIP.

Could it possibly be that the very guy Gary beat up and was scheduled to have a jury trial against solicited Gary to help him out with his own domestic nightmare?

I mean, come on, Philip was SUBSTANTIATED for child abuse in the DCFS courts just before this happened.

Can anyone say California Public records request for the LAPD to simply request the initial call or complaint that was phoned in or walked in to target crimes division to Darren Levine (Philip’s attorney’s brother] who ALSO NEVER INFORMED THE JURY OR JUDGE of THIS LITTLE FACT AND AGAIN IS THERE A STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR FRAUD UPON THE COURT?

Truly, I write here that the answer is no.

What event triggered a very delicate process to utilize taxpayer money and resources to arrest a mother? (and don’ even get me started on warrantless arrests and removals…..those nasty little buggers cost LA DA and sheriff department billions of dollars in settlement of civil rights cases each and every year) whose ex’s (Philip’s) attorney’s (Marci Levine) brother (Darren Levine) just happened to run the whole division of target crimes for LA DA office that diverted a ton of resources to arrest this woman.

Oh yeah and get this:

Detective Barry Tellis gave Gary Mazel his own personally issued work cell phone as an LA police detective and said, “Go get some evidence for me to help close this case for us” and used this as evidence in her trial and the JUDGE allowed it.

I have no idea how of how a kangaroo court operates, but it must be somewhere in the vicinity of the travesty draped upon this whole mess.
Are you kidding me? This couldn’t get any worse than a rehabbed script for a second go-round of Knight Rider (I will Always LOVE David Hasselhoff.)

However, forensic electronic paper trails never disappear and yet not one simple subpoena or California records request was ever made to force the DA and LA police department to disclose the initial electronic response checklist that started this whole sad story and the following events that triggered the process flow (and trust me to max out on state money you want to embezzle from, you follow every process to the letter and check every box and not one jot nor tittle is wasted to GET THAT MONEY.)

It’s truly a marvel – with an electronic audit subpoena and ID log-in list, you can just see who logs on and off government systems and adds or removes information. This is known as altering government records. This is considered a felony and then you have no immunity to protect you from legal action taken against you when you were an official acting in your official capacity as a DA, as a detective, as a sheriff, as a judge, etc. if it is found you altered the record to withhold exculpatory evidence.

You get the idea right? (Maybe just a little too progressive, although I have a feeling maybe the Closer [James Duff] will steal my case planning strategy for next season.

Was the jury informed about Gary’s ongoing jury trial in Orange County for assault of a man named Philip and that it was just suddenly dismissed after he testified against Kassandra?

Does that make him even eligible to be considered as a man that can provide testimony in a criminal hearing?

Was the jury made aware, or did the DA disclose this vital piece of information?

Rumor has it there is no statute of limitations for perpetrating FRAUD upon the courts.

Somebody better get Kamala Harris on the horn.  Orange County DA – Los Angeles PD-  Los Angeles DA -Hollywood- oh yeah and get this,
The Gambino crime family is involved…(not kidding) it’s a great, great, great script.

You can’t make this stuff up….not one bit .. facts are the facts and all are recorded in the eyes of our Lord.

And it literally takes 30 minutes on Google to piece it together like a 3+ year and up child’s jigsaw puzzle.

Ignorance is not a defense.

We will all answer to the God of Isaac Jacob and Abraham. And the satanic pedophile circus running around convicting mothers and stealing innocent children understands exactly this and that their time is short and they are already a defeated foe.

Eyes to see and ears to hear.

In Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s mighty name, I pray.


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  • The message at church was spot on for this situation.

    Philip teaching children immorality – Mark 9:42 “If anyone causes one of these little ones —those who believe in me — to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.

    Philip makes his kids dishonor their mother by making them call her by her name instead of calling her Mom. He has also taught them all kinds of lies about her – telling them she wants to kill them – Deuteronomy 5:16 “Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

    Matthew 15:4 For God said, ‘Honor your father and mother’ and ‘Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death.’

    What she disclosed is that the court trains the judges, DCFS attorneys and DCFS Case and Social Workers that IF A CHILD REPORTS MOLESTATION AFTER, AFTER, AFTER THE CHILD MOLESTER MOVES OUT – DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT BELIEVE THE CHILD – NO MATTER WHAT!
    Seven children in this situation were ask why they did not report the molestation, while the child molester was still in the home. Every one of them said they were afraid to speak up. The child molester told them terrible things would happen if they told anyone. They are told things like, “I love you, Its our little secret. If you tell Mommy she will kill me, than I will be dead and Mommy will go to jail and you will be all alone. ”
    Imagine you SCOTT JOHNSON are 4 yrs old and the person you are told you must obey (in this case your father) who is also the person you think loves you, starts being in appropriate with you. They will tell you not to tell mom “Its our little secret.” You are confused and terrified. Your world is exploding. what do you do. You suffer in silence UNTIL all hell breaks loose and the molester is kicked out. The child hears that Daddy will not be allowed here anymore because Mommy got a Restraining Order. Now you feel safe from reprisal so you tell your mommy what daddy has been doing to you. She calls authorities, a case is open and guess what? THE COURT CALLS THE CHILD A LIAR AND ACCUSES THE MOTHER OF TELLING THE CHILD TO MAKE UP THE STORY just because the child reported AFTER the child molester moved out. In the case of the seven children the mothers took a lie detector test and passed of course. But it did not matter the Court has their rules and that’s that. If you were one of these children Scott, how would you feel, being returned to the molester, after you let DCFS video you giving an account of the molestation. YOU’D WANT TO DIE. No wonder child suicide is up. One of the seven kids interviewed, at just 5 years old, after being returned to the child molester for just two weeks, tried to hang himself at school.
    it’s conservatively believed that in today’s society 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys WILL BE sexually molested before they are 18 years old — which means 1 in 5 of America’s youth, or fully 20% to 25% of the population !! A fraction report the abuse when they are children.
    Toss a tennis ball in any direction and you will hit someone who was molested as a child. They will tell you why they did not report. Don’t be a wuss. Ask some victims. You will feel like a fool when they explain why they did not report or what happened if they did report. Have you seen the two men who told how they were groomed and molested by Michael Jackson? That is a detailed history of how it happens. Here a psychologist explains how it happened to them and how it happens to others.


    • Why is this so getting overblown here. He just needed to be sated? Olga I ask you what right did Kasandra have to NOT sate her husband when he commanded? I don’t know if he beat her. That’s a way of slanting. He gave her corporeal punishment to discipline her. Spare the rod and spoil the wife it says in the Bible. And how did Kasandra react? She bit Philip in the hand (the hand that fed her) when he was trying to correct her. Another time she ran away from his discipline and her eye ran into a doorknob. Guess who had to pay for eye surgery ? Philip. Again and again he was a victim. Even if Philip hired Gary Mazel to get Kasandra in prison – even if she did not want Philip hurt. She hurt him worse by disobedience and not sating him. I mean justice was done. She only got 13 months. She should have got at least 2. years for not doing wifely obligations. I think we need a Philip’s Law that criminalize a wife’s refusal to honor her marriage requirements.

      • Gary could not “get” someone into prison. It was James Duff playing mak8e believe with Philip and it seemed to work out ok for a bit.
        Yeah she got 13 months in prison however……

        there is a certain specific number issued to each prisoner …you know ….to track from beginning to end and allows the prison to receive the funding for each prisoner from government money (same as each kid that attends public school has a number and if they are absent from school they dont get the money associated with that child for the days they are absent).

        HOWEVER …
        Technically Kassandra was never issued this number to track for funding purposes when she was sent to jail (just never got one issued seems hard to believe doesn’t it)…

        This is EXACTLY the same time as Attorney General KAMALA HARRIS was pulled in front of a judge repeatedly and over the course of these same years to FIX AND CLEAN UP AND GET BUDGET AND CROWDING FIXED at the Jailhouse etc….

        So what better way to reflect that the overcrowding operating expenses etc. Are all cleaned up in a report to the State of California than to simply. Not issue this specific number to. Certain amount of prisoners to make it look as if there are not as many people in jail than there ACTUALLY ARE?
        This would explain the overcrowding the human rights violations etc….
        But with no assigned number (a SPECIFIC number correlated to GET THAT MONEY for each inmate and an easy way to erase the number if jail is over capacity but they simply dont want to address basic human rights which is so trivial these days (just ask husbands and police detectives) it’s an easy way to pad the numbers for a jail system ran into the ground by Kamala Harris in between acting as a mistress for the Mayor of San Fran while marrying her jewish hubby at the local CHABAD….

        I may be reaching, but not any further than the LAPD did to arrest this woman and then send her to jail but never issue her an official number to actually BE an inmate?

        Someone better get Kamala Harris on the horn again. It may not be 1 of her precious satanic M13 pedophile murdering gang member she had released from jail almost immediately, but from 1 ‘sating” sister to another she cant just not give Lassandra the inmate number Kassandra should have been issued in the course of business can she?

        maybe that should be Phillip law

        (and I did not include the s on the end of Philip’s name because it sounds way more awesome just as philip law)

        Rumor has it his new wife is into a lifestyle that the bible states is a sin, but seems to be really accepted in the female prison community …
        James Duff must be salivating harder than Pavlov’s brainwashed doggie right about now….


        Francis Young the attorney who (mis) handled Kassandra’s trial as DA is also listed as the training and head supervisor of the CLERKS for the courthouses.

        Very interesting considering the CLERKS are the empmoyees that enter the minute orders into the docket and courthouse computer software system and are severly underpaid for such a powerful position with oversight or notice.

        Did I mention Gary Mazel had a warrant out for his arrest after NOT showing up to his own hearing which was the final hearing that would have taken away his felony because if the immunity deal he got for testifying against Kassandra and he just never showed up to complete his own immunity deal and got the felony anyway?
        WELL, the judge signed the warrant and it SAT (not sate, Just sat) on the clerks desk (according to the clerk and yeah I have her recorded stating this) “oh yeah it is an active warrant for Gary Mazel signed 4 years ago, it’s just been sitting here on my desk.” Whoopsie:
        THE NEXT DAY IT WAS ENTERED INTO THE COURT SYSTEM AND OUT IN CLETS SYSTEM FOR THE POLICE TO ARREST GARY. (This was just about 7-8 months ago) after sitting on the clerks desk for 4 years!!!!
        the quiet innocent almost unnoticed little mousy clerk in the corner cleaning her whiskers and glaring bleary eyed through deep black pools of onyx sunken just a little too deep into her head revealing a demonic manifestation rooted in bitterness, rejection and pride that will ultimately lead to her downfall if she doesn’t repent quick!

        Remember: God is good ya’ll!

        So are the clerks involved in all of this nonsense and completely overlooked and I am guessing they like it that way? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

        especially when the head DA on Kassandra case, Francis Young, that prosecuted her at trial is the Head of all Clerks for the court system in LA? It takes 2 minutes to find this out on transparent California website, literally another 3+ yr and up puzzle solved by the Google machine!

        Of course I have an AWESOME ELECTRONIC subpeona that include a trace audit report for the electronic court records system (scrub scrub scrub LA court IT dept the clock is ticking)

        I plead the blood of Jesus between our Eyes and what we see and ears and what we hear.

        Forgive us all for our sins for we know not what we do.

        In Jesus Christ our Saviours mighty name I pray and bless these words.

        Oh, sorry @husbandsarepeopletoo, what were you saying?????

  • I have a question. How long after Kassandra was arrested did Gary Mazel decide he no longer wanted to frame Kassandra? I would love to know how the bad actors found out. WE NEED AN INVESTIGATOR TO ASK GARY ALL THESE QUESTIONS. OK PEEPS – LIST QUESTIONS YOU WOULD LIKE A JOURNALIST TO ASK GARY MAZEL

    • How did you meet Kasdandra Levens?
      Who did you beat up named Philip and why did you change your plea?
      Your ALLEGED previous girlfriend who expertly introduced you to Kassandra via telephone one day for no apparent reason, were you aware she owed Kassandra and Philip thousands of dollars?
      Were you aware that her REAL boyfriend/husband was Gambino crime family?
      Were you aware that another key witness who testified against Kassandra on behalf of the state and Philip Levens and the state was an illegal immigrant (who could not speak English and there was NO interpreter present, again with her ILLEGAL status was her testimony even be able to be considered a witness and her testimony considered if she lied about entering our country and Philip paid her a SUBSTATIAL amount of money for a witness fee). Did you know her?
      Why does a linke on page have your description listed as the fixer?
      Who threatened to have your child taken from you if you didn’t testify against Kassandra?
      Are you still struggling with drug addiction?
      Would you like to go to church and seek a few deliverance sessions and repent for your sins? It’s the most precious gift you could offer your child.
      Can you please turn in your recording of Detective Tellis?
      You do know that are tracking you remotely right? (Nanobots…..can be fixed with prayer)..
      Anyways hope you decide to speak up. Glad you still have your kid, really sad phillip still has his

    • Anonymous,

      Asking a man like Gary Mazel questions and expecting an honest answer is like asking Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, or Jeffrey Epstein if they ever sexually assaulted anyone… …….And expecting an honest answer…..

      Gary Mazel is a degenerate sociopath.

      If he is claiming he will now come forward to tell the truth…

      ….It’s only because he sees an opportunity to score money by scamming honest inquirers.

      Mazel is a lowly grifter bottom feeder.

      The only question Gary will ever answer honestly is if you ask him if he wants or needs money.

      • It’s drugs. He loves opium. I guess they still sell it. He was recently arrested for possessing paraphernalia to smoke it with. His court hearing for that was August of 2019.
        NOT KIDDING. Guess who arrested him this (and every) time?
        Yup…..BARRY TELLIS.
        The busies,t most important detective in all LA seems to be Johnny on the spot at every Mazel arrest…
        SIDENOTE:(Google Jeffrey Wenninger the LAPD who sued Elton John FOR SEXUAL HARASSMENT and then the case magically disappeared. Between him and Tellis I have enough compiled recordings and evidence to take down LAPD and Pasadena PD (and GET THIS: that many police are terrified of Barry Tellis and Jeffrey Wenninger and there are over a dozen internal restraining orders filed by other police officers with internal affairs to keep Barry Tellis and Jeffrey Wenninger away from them …..too bad Mazel can’t file a restraining order to keep Tellis away so he can keep doing drugs without being constantly harassed…..

        This case is stupid.

        MAZEL loves drugs and loves that MONEY…

        • Oh my goodness…Barry Tellis must be investigated; this is too strange! Great job Olga – keep bringing the light.

  • Look it is simple. This woman Kasandra refused him sex when he needed it. This is her wifely duty. She had two jobs. Take care of the babies and sate her husband. He did the rest. How many women would have traded places with Kasandra? He worked hard. She loafed around and couldn’t even take care of his basic needs. Why did she marry him? Take him for the money. Even if he needed sating four times a day —at 15 minutes per – that is only an hour out of 24. Even if twice as much only two hours. Even the average hooker has to work that much and she don’t get to live in mansion. What’s wrong with this woman? She blew it all. Im sorry but Philip has rights too.

    • Surely you do not mean this sickness: that a “husband” has “a right to RAPE”? “A right” to abuse children? (And let’s be clear, even if he did not molest the kids, forcing their mom to have sex when they are around is also child/sex abuse). Utterly vile.

      • Actually, if 2 people are married, the husband can NEVER be arrested or convicted of rape. It does not exist in our modern legal system in amy court or law book in the United States. Also, just a sidenote: If you feel safe and comfortable as a woman, please be aware that the equal rights amendment was NEVER RATIFIED. That means that a legal description in eye eyes of the law is defined as the following: property of a man or, in other words, CHATTEL and so are children.

        This is true and it is the law. If a wife takes out a restraining order on a man to protect her from future assault or violence, the law enforcement representatives that get paid government money to enforce the law do NOT have to enforce any protective order filed and signed by a judge to protect a woman because she has no rights to be protected under the law.

        And there is Supreme Court case law defining this rampant problem. So legally and in the spirit of the law that concerning post above is true and correct.
        It’s a perverted system in a perverted world run by Satan. …
        Jesus was made manifest to destroy the works of the devil and set the captives free…

        Praise Jesus Christ our Saviour and King.

          • Ratification stalled at 35 states—three short of the three-fourths majority required. In 1978, Congress passed a new resolution extending the deadline to June 30, 1982—but no new states ratified.

            I hope that we all are very sure. The greatest achievement the devil ever accomplished is making people believe he doesn’t exist.

            Welk how can a whole nation of women (INCLUDING THE POLICE CHIEF OF LAPD) Not know the law which they are commissioned to enforce?

            Eyes to see and ears to hear.
            Follow the money and the devil appears…

            In Jesus Chist of Nazareths mighty name.

          • The status of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a lot more complicated than that. Some of the unresolved issues are:
            (1) Can Congress set a deadline for the passage of an amendment to the Constitution (It had never been done before this one)?
            (2) Can states revoke their ratification of an amendment to the Constitution (Five states have done so with regard to the ERA)?
            (3) Can states ratify an amendment to the Constitution after the established deadline for its passage (Two states have done so with respect to the ERA: Nevada in 2017 and Illinois in 2018)?

            At some point, another state will ratify the ERA – and then all of these unresolved matters will end up in the Supreme Court.

    • Yeah, Kasandra could not leave the kids’ room to go to her husband’s bedroom for sex? Someone said it was a mansion. Surely there are TWO ROOMS, LOL

      • Perhaps the invitation to be raped was not formally designated to any particular room, and pedophiles/rapists/abusers don’t necessarily observe this “common etiquette” you assume. Sicko.

    • Not sure, Scott. Maybe ask him? After eating through $150,000k (and never filing 1 RFO, not 1) and her attornies meeting with Philip and his attorneys for whiskey sours without Kassandra present? Did I mention the 3 attorneys and a judge all have something called GIFT MORTgAGES in their names or law firm’s names? (Always through Wells Fargo fyi)?
      It’s a great way to bribe officials; however, that drug is about to be pulled out.
      I wrote the subpoena to electronically track those gift mortgages for a separate Federal case with the likes of never to have been seen in the US.
      Screenshot this post for later…
      You will love what happens next

      • And Amen again, again. I hope this obnoxious creep of a man gets his comeuppance and that Kassandra gets her children back. I trust the FR to make this happen, but probably not before he beats seven shades of sh*t out of his latest for some entirely spurious reason. God protect her.

        Thanks Frank.

          • Not to defend Scott, but this is one of those rare times Scott is being self deprecating by making fun of his past mistakes.

          • I didn’t have a strong opinion about Amway before we joined, and the internets didn’t exist for the public 1993 when we joined, so it was not nearly as easy to determine that Amway was a scam.

          • I would venture that without a solid foundation then the prerequisite to be potentially scammed or wind up in a cult is LACK of opinion (and the earnest wanting to be filled up with something other than booze, alkeehall, and lust which are all “Mulholland drives” just waiting to be driven down.) ..

            The righteous can walk incredibly upright with almost no trouble at all and I would venture that their strong foundation has been misconstrued time and again as a strong opinion
            And supernaturally it is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth whom by grace saved those who believe that they might stand firm in the Lord.

            Bless the Lord o my soul…

          • Amway and many other MLM scams are very pro “Christian,” they attract many good Christians into their scams. Been there, saw that. You don’t have the first clue how it works.

          • Scott
            I am sorry you were scammed. People use cloaks of many colors and the bible specifically warns of wolf’s in sheeps clothing.
            Coaches use their position to gain access to abuse children, uncles and pastors use positions of power to gain access to abuse children and take advantage of adults by taking money and declaring it all in the name if the Lord.
            Unfortuately 83% of all child molestations are perpetrated by men and uncles and grandpas and domestic violence is heavily vweighted towards the Male gender. This is not to ever discount or excuse that women all do foul things but for the most part if an issue comes up of domestic violence physical abuse and molestation it is going g to be true. Mothers even the really bad ones would never ever want any child to go through this.
            On the flip side if it is in the environment of dealing with satanic cults then it is MOSTLY the women that coordinate and abuse and organize or equal to the men and this is almost never seen in the courts and then high level illuminat-nazii is another level completely….which this case is NOT. Philip just doesn’t have the blood line for it no matter how many social media he posts shooting guns dancing in the middle of the vineyards or professing illuminati hand signs or begging Kamala Harris for help, he is not worth the backlash that is coming from his fathers stupidty
            That is not the God if Isaac Abraham and Israel and it doesn’t meant that every person that believes Jeses of Nazareth came in the flesh is bad.
            The gates are narrow.
            The words you choose seem like that of a man who has been hurt in the deepest parts of his soul.
            I speak blessing to you in the name of our Father who created Heaven and Earth and I mean that truly with all my heart and all my soul and all my strength.
            This world is truly wicked.
            Pedophilia and money are the root of all evil. It’s not hard it’s not complicated and it is very real. Jesus was made made manifest to destroy the works of the devil who is very real and this is his playground

          • That video is a perfect example of the flawed #metoo movement. The judges were not being trained to outright reject womens’ claims, but to consider the possibility that they are lying. That’s what judges are supposed to do, and they don’t always get it right. That’s why they are called judges, because they are using their judgment. It’s the nature of sexual abuse claims, as there is often little to no physical evidence available.

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