Lauren Salzman Names Inner Circle and Keith’s Relationships With Them

Lauren Salzman

By George Frobisher

This is Part 13 of Frank Report’s series on Lauren Salzman. She is to be sentenced soon – although a date has not been set. Our readers are divided on how severe her sentence should be.

Some think she should get leniency because she had been so coopted by Keith Raniere that she was nothing more than a human-robot – while others feel she was a critical enabler of Keith Raniere. According to numerous readers, Lauren – next to Keith, her mother, Nancy, Clare Bronfman, Pam Cafritz and possibly Kristin Keeffe  – did the most harm to the most individuals.

Like Keeffe, who escaped in 2014, Lauren Salzman did try to help the feds and gave evidence against Keith Raniere. Lauren was a star witness for the prosecution at Raniere’s trial earlier this year.

In this post, Lauren names the people that made up the core group of mostly women enablers of the monster Raniere. It seems she helped create the list of inner circle members for the feds.

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Lauren is on the witness stand in the trial against Keith Alan Raniere. The date is May 17, 2019. Lauren is being examined by Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar.


Q. Ms. Salzman, based on your own firsthand observations over the 20 years you’ve known the defendant [Keith Raniere], did the defendant have a special relationship of trust with certain individuals?

A   Yes.

Q   Did the defendant rely on those individuals to run organizations he created, like NXIVM or DOS?

A   Yes.

Q   Were you a member of this group?

A   Yes.

Q   Was this an informal group?

A   Yes, informal.

Q   And at times was this group referred to as the “inner circle”?

A   Yes.

Q   Who were some of the individuals in the defendant’s inner circle?

A   Pam Cafritz.


Q Who else?

Lauren named off the following:

Barbara Jeske

Karen Unterreiner

Kristin Keeffe

Dawn Morrison

“My mother, Nancy Salzman”

Barbara Bouchey

Kathy Russell




Loreta Garza,

Ivy  Navares.

Clare Bronfman.

Jim Del Negro.

Mark Vicente.

Emiliano Salinas.

Rosa Laura Junco.

Nicki Clyne.

Allison Mack.

Daniella Padilla.

Alex Betancourt.


[Editor’s note: I think it is amazing that people like [redacted] are named as part of Raniere’s inner circle but not Sara Bronfman]


Q   Miss Salzman, what distinguishes the members of this group from others in the NXIVM community?

A I think their relationship with Keith, their belief in him, and their commitment to him and to helping him and his objectives.

Q   How did the defendant gauge that?

A   I think by, in some ways, what the people were willing to do. In some cases, by what they were willing to give up. I think there’s different ways of gauging their commitment and their shared values.

Q   How did he gauge your loyalty, your commitment?

A   I think there are different ways, but I mean, there were times where he would come to me and ask like “If I ever came to you and asked you to do something and I … couldn’t tell you why, would you do it?”

And he asked me that on several different occasions. Like “Would you be willing to just do what I ask you and no questions?” And I would say, ‘Yes’.

Q   Was that true?

A   Yes. It was true.

Q   Now, did the members of this group change over time?

A   Yes.

Q   Is there some significance to the order of individuals

A   Yeah. General time frame.

Q   What do you mean “general time frame”?

A   Like as you — as you — if you start at top with Pam, as you go clockwise, those were the people who were Keith’s friends and, I guess, people who were loyal to him and committed to him when I first met him.  And then, in time, there are people who — and it’s not necessarily exact, but became closer, became more trusted then over time.

Q   So the individuals that are listed in the top left corner of Government Exhibit 362, those were latecomers to this group?

A   Yes.

Q  Relatively speaking.

A  Yeah.

Q  Did some of the individuals in this group have sexual relationships with the defendant?

A   Yes. Most of them.

Q  Can you identify the rank in the context of ESP, of the individuals depicted in Government Exhibit 362?

A   Sure. So the rank in ESP, Keith is the high — was the highest rank, and then my mom was second. So, that’s my mom, and Keith were the two honorary ranks. They fell outside the ranking system because they created the ranking system.

Nancy Salzman, with Mark Vicente [now out of NXIVM] Alex Betancourt, Karen U., Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, and Emiliano Salinas – all wearing colored sashes indicating their rank in Nxivm.
Then the next highest rank, and they wore purple sashes. They were the senior counselors. That was Pamela Cafritz and Barbara Jeske.

Early harem members and purple stripes Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz. Both dead before age 60.

And then the next wore the greens. They were senior proctors. That was Dawn. Myself. Barbara Bouchey. Loreta. Emiliano. Mark and Alex.

And then were the proctors. Karen, at one point Kristin, Kathy, Monica, Ivy,  Clare, Jim, Nicki, Rosa Laura, Daniella, Allison, And Jack.

And then Marianna was a coach. I think at one time Dani was a coach. And then Cami was a student.

Q   Now, Pamela Cafritz. What was her background?

A   Pam came from a well-to-do family from DC. Her dad, I think, was a builder. And I think they were socialites.

Q   And Clare Bronfman, what was her background?

A   Clare’s family is independently wealthy. Her — her family is the Seagram’s — Seagram’s family. So also independent, you know, well-to-do.

Q   And based on your observations, what role did Clare Bronfman play in the defendant’s life?

A   I think that Clare is — was a supporter of Keith, and I think she felt responsible for some of the bad media surrounding our organization and …felt that part of rectifying that was to try to make that right; financially, legally.

Clare Bronfman was told that she was at fault for the bad publicity Keith Raniere had gotten – starting with this cover story in Forbes in 2003.

Q   What does that mean, try to make that right financially?

A   I think she felt responsible, like she caused the bad effects and like she could fix it somehow by pursuing different legal initiatives and covered some of the costs that were incurred from that negative press or publicity.

Q   Did she cover some of the costs?

A   I believe so.

Q   And when you say “legal initiatives,” do you mean on behalf of NXIVM or the defendant?

A   Yes.

Q   Now, Daniella and Marianna and Camila, the individuals on the lower right corner of Government Exhibit 362, were these individuals related?

A   Yes, they’re sisters.

Q   Where are they from?

A   From Mexico.

Q   Can you tell the jury generally when they joined the NXIVM community?

A   They didn’t all join at the same time, but generally probably between 2001 and 2002 or ‘3.

Q   Did the defendant have nicknames for any members of this group that you’re aware of?

Q   Can you give the jury some examples?

A   Like Marianna was Monkey, or Dani was Bobo.

Q   When you say “Dani,” do you mean Daniella, or do you mean Daniella Padilla Bergeron?

A   Daniella.  Kathy, we called Miss Kathy.

Q   And these nicknames you just mentioned, were they used not only by the defendant but by the community?

A   Yes.

Q   Were there other private nicknames the defendant had for members in this group?

A   Yes.

Q   Did you have one?

A   Yes.

Q   What was it?

A   Lorn. Forlorn.

Q   Can you spell that?

A   F-O-R-L-O-R-N.

Q   And Lorn?

A   Lorn, L-O-R-N.

Q   As a pun on your name?

A   Yes.

Q   Why did the defendant call you Forlorn?

A   Because I was sad and suffering.

Q   Does suffering have a specific meaning in the NXIVM ESP community?

A   Yeah.

Q   A different meaning than how you would usually use the word?

A   Well, yes, to some degree. Like that suffering is like a pity party, or like it’s when you’re generating an upset over something, it was seen as — suffering was seen as being indulging in sadness to make yourself feel better about something that shouldn’t feel good, or to get attention or something, or to get off the hook for something.

Q   Suffering was something indulgent.

A   Yes.

Q   Did there come a time when members of this group were excluded or pushed out of the inner circle?

A   Yeah.

Q   Can you give some examples of that?

A   Well, Keith stopped speaking to Daniella and to Ivy.

Ivy Nevares 2016 at V Week. She did not attend V-Week 2017.

Q   When was that, approximately?

A   Somewhere between 2008 and 2010. I’m not exactly sure when. I think similar timing on both, but I can’t be sure.

Q   Did anyone else in this group voluntarily leave the group?

A   A number of people did, yes.

Q   Like who?

A   Kristin left.

Q  Kristin Keeffe?

A   Yes.

Q   When was that, approximately?

A  Somewhere near 2014, I think.  And then Barbara Bouchey left, I think, close to 2011 [actually 2009]; somewhere in there, 2010, 2011, I think.  And Mark Vicente left in 2017.

Q   Now, over the period of time that you were a member of this group, what were some of the ways in which you communicated?

A   We communicated [by] phone. Email. In-person. You know, in the early days there weren’t texts or anything, so, you know, we spent more time together in person. And then over the later years, through phone apps, group chats, that type of thing.


We will have more on this subject in our next post. Stay tuned…


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  • Its hard not to pity Lauren Salzman a little…She is so delusional, and, as Village Diane pointed out, and still in love with Raniere.

    • I agree but I also think any one of the DOS slaves could have fashioned themselves as a victim and generate some genuine pity for themselves if given the chance to testify as Lauren was. I’m confident that Allison Mack (an actress after all) could have done the same thing if given the chance by prosecution. Also, the prosecution likely wanted her testimony to have that effect on the public-and more importantly- the jury, so they designed their questioning as such. On some level, all of these people are crazy and partially a victim of Keith, with the possible exceptions of Clare and Nancy who seem like 100% vermin to me

  • Love the comments on this thread. It’s obvious to me that some were duped, some well knew and took advantage or remained silent, some even deliberately covered up for Keith.

    Who lost, who gained or sought to, for how long seems like a good way sort the true perps out —

    Nancy Salzman’s bed was not only “feathered” but readied as her escape hatch in pesos, Russian rubbles (wtf?) and greenbacks.

  • The Vancouver Center was a major recruiting site and presumably a cash cow. Sarah Edmondson was a Proctor/Green, ranking as high as Vicente and even Lauren.

    So why is she not on the list ?

    I believe it is true that Sarah never moved to Clifton Park for more than the length of an Intensive or Level 2. While Vicente, at equal rank and head of the LA center, did. And he is on Lauren’s list.

    Is that the reason Sarah isn’t “inner circle?”

    • I believe her status as the major whistleblower on the DOS branding and the substantial evidence she must have provided to the government helped her avoid any accusations of misbehavior by the prosecution (and also possibly by the defense, who knew she was regarded as a victim thus it would not help their case to bash her in questions in court). I do wonder by Mark Vicente was pictured though, given his role in the investigation. Also of note is that his wife Bonnie is both rarely mentioned in the trial nor pictured in the inner circle even though they both likely were inner circle members (as was Sarah). Perhaps Mark “took one for the team” (his wife and his friend Sarah) by agreeing to testify so the prosecution was forced to explain his significance to increase his credibility as a government witness against NXIVM.

      I see why people like Keeffe were included, as she almost certainly has committed numerous felonies throughout her adult life with KR. Not sure why Barbara was mentioned as she was an early whistleblower. Maybe her love of the NXIVM tech and vision gave the prosecution no choice but to include her. Sara Bronfman is the biggest missing puzzle piece in the NXIVM gallery (really they included some woman named Tracy Christopher who I’ve never heard of in my life but not one half of the 65 million Bronfman fortune that contributed to NXIVM lasting as long as it did?). She was barely even mentioned in the trial. Then again, maybe heiress money can buy you out of anything if you’re the attractive sister. She was, after all, the sister who began fucking KR first, then moved on to affairs with a fucking Lama, Emiliano and some Muslim millionaire (Her father, an esteemed member of the World Jewish Congress is no doubt rolling over in his grave).Clare, meanwhile lusts after KR and his “wet kisses” while taking pleasure in destroying other humans who cross her path. Class acts, those Bronfmans. You know what they say: Money can pay for school (or a 2 million dollar bribe to the Dalai Lama) but it can’t buy class…

      Happy New Year folks

      • All great points, Austin. The prosecution’s tact strikes me as sexist and racist and elitist — God Bless America.

        Some of it may have to do with the failure to prosecute crimes that occurred outside the EDNY district but that’s no excuse as it appears those COULD be taken up by any Federal district.

        Instead of taking those crimes on, however, EDNY referred some of those — the underage sexploitation, at least — to the Northern District where it does not appear any action is being taken other than to cover ass as usual.

        • I don’t really understand the whole jurisdiction issue as, to my knowledge, a fair amount of the crimes that were prosecuted by the EDNY were committed in or around Albany (NDNY)—the trafficking of Nicole and Attempted trafficking of Jaye for instance) and they were not dismissed. What gives? Is it the technicality surrounding the “collateral” for the DOS defendants since that could be transported virtually anywhere as it was electronic? Also, I’m fairly new to the blog so this may have been explained in a previous story but why has the NDNY looked the other direction for literally a decade of NXIVM bullshittery? Does someone have blackmail on the AUSA? Did Sara Bronfman take him to bed? I can’t think of any reason that they would be essentially bowing before the Vanguard. As you said, God bless America.

    • Vicente was on NXIVM’s board of directors and lived in Clifton Park at one point, or at least used it as a second home, so he seems to have been more involved that Edmondson – though she claims to have recruited more people than anyone else, and hardly gets a pass given her role running the Vancouver center.

  • Does anyone know if the brand design was trademarked? I’m poking around on the government site, but KAR had so many different companies set up, I need search ideas.

  • [Editor’s note: I think it is amazing that people like [redacted] are named as part of Raniere sinner circle but not Sara Bronfman]

    Excellent point, Frank! It’s becoming obvious “the fix” was in long before Keith was cuffed.

    I shoulda guessed back when they were dropping Simone du Bouvier and Allison Mack bombs on my FB Page (and somehow Keith Raniere “accepted” my friend request — I never made —about then, too) that a fair heiress over in France just may have set up there to finance any war Raniere and Salzman might predict or plan — ideological or, as Sara’s hubby apparently prefers, actual.

    Maybe Mexico did foil Raniere’s pedophile world domination plans when, apparently, Emiliano sic.’d the Federales on him at last. (With all due cred to Frank, FR and Mr. Stone, of course for “being there” when Nicki Clyne conquered her fear of heights online.).

    One question, please: Is Monica Duran related to the Duran law firm who first owned NXIVM in Mexico?

    • Heidi, I haven’t heard accusations to the effect that Emiliano blew the whistle to the feds on Raniere’s hideout – that is fascinating and I’d love to hear more details. Do you think Clyne deliberately posted the Instagram picture in tandem with law enforcement and the Salinas’? If that is true, what do you make of the allegations she remains a recruiter for whatever is left of the DOS sorority? A front for the NXIVM loyalists who would be after her or an effort to begin a new cult with Emiliano’s (and maybe Sara B’s) support ($$$)?

      • That’s a bit of informed speculation on Frank’s part, Austin, but not sure if he published it or it was raised in conversation.

        The general sentiment about the Salinas’ in Mexico is that no one of Keith’s standing with the former first family would ever be arrested without Emiliano’s father’s blessing. They don’t call Emi’s old man the “boss of bosses” for nothing.

        As for Nicki, I wouldn’t rule out that she didn’t give up their location intentionally — and that goes for any one or all of the harem including Mariana (Kemar baby mama).

        I’m sure there was more plotting, scheming and back-stabbing in that harem than a Greek Tragedy.

        Plus, who held the camera? I don’t see Nicki OR Lauren in the video of anyone chasing after Keith in the paddy wagon.

        • What a multi-layered clusterfuck. I can imagine the harem members must’ve been a shifty, jealous bunch. Interesting point as far as the video prior to the infamous chase-very plausible Nicki was holding the camera and was just acting (she may have given up the career but not the craft) for her slave sisters. That would make more sense as to why the prosecution glanced over her when she was alleged to have done the same crimes as Mack (and remains in NY as a legal citizen even though it was a fraud which made this possible).

          As far as Salinas, I wonder if Carlos had enough of the bad publicity involving his children’s cult activity (although, with his alleged drug cartel connections, I don’t see why he would have much concern with the exploitation of women) and ratted Raniere out himself without his son’s knowledge. If Emiliano was a cooperating force in the operation, I am truly amazed as he was a glazed over true believer as far as I’ve heard. He was Harvard educated though, so maybe some sense (or good old fashioned fear of his father) smacked some a sense into him.

          Maybe at the end of it all, all of these people ended up looking out for #1 when they realized the EDNY wasn’t going to follow the NDNY’s memo (look the other way and maybe throw in a fraudulent indictment on those who speak out against the Vanguard) re: NXIVM

  • I’m curious: what was Vanguard’s demeanor in the courtroom when testimony was going on. Did he glare at Lauren?

    • If I remember correctly, he was constantly writing questions on Post-Its to his attorney during cross-examination for him to badger her with. I know he was visibly embarrassed at times during other victims’ testimony – such as when one woman explained she called “bullshit” on his smartest man claims, and also when his erectile dysfunction was discussed…

  • Also, I don’t know if this has been discussed here before but there was recently an article in the Rolling Stone about the NXIVM trial which dared to state what I had been thinking all along about this organization:

    “By far the most popular topic of discussion, however, was how these women could have possibly convinced themselves they were signing up for a female-oriented wellness and empowerment group in the first place. No one went so far as to blame the women or accuse them of perpetuating their trauma — as journalists covering sensitive subjects like abuse and consent, we ostensibly knew better than that. Yet on days when the testimony was particularly brutal, the tenor of the discussions would come uncomfortably close. The branding, the nude photos, the seduction tasks, the sexually explicit collateral: Why would they agree to do these things? How could they have not suspected that the man they were being tasked to seduce, ostensibly as a sort of Abrahamic test of faith, was the one pulling the strings all along? How could this endless parade of smart, attractive, accomplished women so easily have given up their freedom and their bodies to this hairy, middle-aged guy who looked like an extra on the set of Rushmore? How could they not have known?”!

    • Great points. I personally believe the women suffered from Battered Women’s Syndrome, and am surprised this wasn’t raised as a defense.

      • Not sure that is an actual medical diagnosis, but I do believe many of these women were severely depressed or possibly severely mentally ill to begin with. I do not know any woman, even those who have stayed in abusive relationships, who I could plausibly think would agree to these scenarios. The world is truly a bizarre place.

        • Battered Women’s Syndrome is a viable defense. However, in my opinion, it may not have been brought up, because it was just one ingredient of the cake.

          I agree: everyone is baffled as to how so many attractive, educated and talented women could have fallen for this, right down to the ” I can change weather patterns” baloney.

          But they were victims of a long, slow process: bowing to his picture, calling him Vanguard, the sash system — he didn’t even need one–, sneak glimpses on Friday at Volley Ball.

          I equate this with Hitler’s parades. It’s the same thing. KAR was glorified. He was the brand. His initials were the trademark. A human MLM scam, with him at the top.

          The architect of the pomp and circumstance is, in my opinion, just as guilty.

          • I agree with you, and there have been plenty of shady God-complex guru figures throughout history (Jim Jones, Manson, etc.) but these people seemed like they would know better. And they weren’t cut off from society or technology the way the former cultists were. It’s fascinating the amount of control he has over these people, some of whom were well to do and conventionally successful. I get how the immigrants from Mexico (Fernandez family) and the low-income followers (Kristin Keeffe was a waitress I believe) got trapped but the Bronfmans? The Oxenbergs? The television stars? The son of a president-so blindly loyal that he changes his sexuality because this bozo told him to? Perhaps the Rolling Stone writer was onto something, at least when it came to the women: “Keith Raniere was wrong about a lot of things. He was right about one: Women are raised to believe that their ability to solve all of their problems is directly correlated with their proximity to a man. And when you are raised to believe that men carry with them the solutions to all of your problems, it isn’t so much of a stretch to conclude that this could mean any man: that one with the ring, or that one with the job offer, or that one with the soft patient voice and the floppy hair and seemingly endless supply of crewneck sweaters, who looks at you like you are his breakfast and tells you, in a soft, patient voice, that breaking you down is the only way to make you stronger”

  • Before I say what I am about to say, I want to make clear that I think that Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack both knowingly, deliberately and somewhat enthusiastically engaged in criminal behavior in relation to their roles as “First-Line DOS Masters”. There is not a doubt in my mind that they are guilty as sin and likely deserve prison sentences for their crimes against their lower-level “slaves” and others in the NXIVM community. HOWEVER, I cannot think of a single reason why they were chosen specifically to take the fall, so to speak, as co-conspirators for the DOS organization, when their actions were arguably not any different from the other 6 “First-Lines” and many of the down-line slaves as well. This was shown in court testimony. For example, Ms. Mack was originally charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit that act against two different women. Specifically, she was alleged to have given an “assignment” to two of her down-line slaves to “seduce” Raniere. Ms. Salzman testified under oath that she herself agreed with her “master” that her slave Sarah Edmondson could similarly be ordered to do the exact same thing. It likely would have been tasked to Lauren to assign Sarah this “seduction task” (thus making Lauren plausibly culpable in sex trafficking conspiracy as well, although she was not charged with that crime). Arguably, she shouldn’t have been charged because the task was never alleged to be assigned to any of her slaves. On the other hand, at least four other DOS “masters” (Camilla, Rosa Laura, Nicki, and Monica) and at least 3 other DOS down-line “slaves” (India, Michele Hatchette, and Dr. Danielle) were shown in court testimony to be culpable in racketeering, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and other crimes. Camilla actually committed sexual assault on DOS victim Nicole by giving oral sex to her while she was tied down by Raniere. For the life of me, I do not know why she was not charged. Similarly, Lauren Salzman testified that Nicki Clyne also ordered her slaves to “seduce” Raniere. This was actually admitted by the US attorney questioning her. Why they did not charge her like they did Mack, I do not know. Not to mention she is alleged to still be a loyal DOS master. And Rosa Laura Junco, the Mexican heiress and DOS master OFFERED HER TEENAGE DAUGHTER to Ramire for his sexual pleasure. Why she was not charged with ANYTHING is, to me, unexplainable. Monica Duran was alleged by DOS victim Sylvia to have ordered her to perform a seduction task (no charges for Ms. Duran). And as for the down-line, India Oxenberg was shown in testimony to have encouraged her slave, another DOS victim, Jaye, to seduce Raniere, even describing sex with him as a pleasant experience to get her to go along with it. At least there is some evidence she cooperated with authorities (also her mother went on a nationwide tour claiming, with credible evidence, her daughter as a victim) so perhaps I could understand the government’s leniency towards her. Michele Hatchette was revealed to have been the one to set up DOS victim Sylvie to be branded (racketeering in my opinion) with Raniere’s initials. She also is alleged to still be a NXIAN (also still charged with nothing). Finally, Dr. Danielle, THE ACTUAL BRANDER got off scot-free. It is strange to me that the government was so selective about their indictments and I can only hope that some (hopefully most) of these women cooperated in some fashion with the investigation because I am truly stumped.

    • Question: couldn’t we argue that Camilla was trafficked and forced to give oral sex?
      The text messages show the threat Keith gave her. Since she was in the country illegally, she would be homeless and likely sent to prison if he outed her. Why is that not considered that she was forced by Keith to do the sex act?

      • Good point and probably was a contributing factor in her not being charged. As for the others, especially Rosa Laura and Dr. Danielle, they would be my primary targets if I was the prosecution.

    • “Before I say what I am about to say, I want to make clear that I think that Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack both knowingly, deliberately and somewhat enthusiastically engaged in criminal behavior in relation to their roles as “First-Line DOS Masters”. ”
      While it was true for Lauren, Allison was not aware of detail (this is clearly stated by Cami, the real leader by the side of Raniere) so knowingly…not really!
      Also, Allison was coerced herself for a long time (and under influence of mental manipulation thru starvation and sleep deprivation, factually damaging the ability to make decisions)
      And enthusiastically, once again, it’s not true unless you believe the BS posted over here…for instance, the “branding” conversation sounds like Allison is just forced to accept it…”ok” is hardly a sign of enthusiasm.
      When you read Allison’s messages (like the threesome mail), It doesn’t sound enthusiastic but forced.
      Which is fitting with her coercion.

      “she was alleged to have given an “assignment” to two of her down-line slaves to “seduce” Raniere.”
      No…She was alleged by one unproved and not believable (chronologically) person to have asked this while actually, it was India who probably asked…

      During the trial, the only real moment Allison could have been asking for this was with Nicole and she didn’t.
      Raniere asked her himself and when Nicole shared the event to Allison, she was shocked (I think she said “upset” and she was sorry that she got thru this…the way Allison reacted showed she was not aware it would happen)

      There isn’t any sex trafficking in this case…it’s just an absurd way to present the situation.
      The fact is that if you consider the sex trafficking as true, Allison was a victim of it herself.

      It’s not disputed except over here!

      “Michele Hatchette was revealed to have been the one to set up DOS victim Sylvie to be branded (racketeering in my opinion)”
      you would do a nice Moira Penza but a terrible attorney…to be racketeering, it would need to have been under blackmail but that would mean to ignore also the fact that Hatchette is under coercion herself.

      It’s like saying that someone who shot another person while forced with a gun on her head is fully responsible.

      Redeeming circumstances, you know them?
      When someone is herself in a no position of decision because of the coercion/blackmail they are suffering, how can they be accused fully?

      The only persons who should be in this story, as the real monsters they are, are the Salzmans (both, as there is no excuse for Lauren), Raniere and a couple of other long term members.

      People like Allison, Michelle, and many other DOS members are just victims forced to do criminal actions under coercion.

      Most of them were “brainwashed” by an extreme diet that made any of their decision senseless…it’s not a fable, it’s a fact! Starvation is perfectly viable as an “excuse” as the impact is quite real!

      And can you say Allison was not starved? because many witnesses say the opposite (Vicente even talk about Allison’s health being disturbing).
      She was semi-starved since at least 2013…
      The level of this diet made it that she probably will always have damage to herself (possibly the brain too because, at one point, the body start to cannibalize itself and particularly the grey cells)

      God knows who else was a victim of this diet!

      And once again, enthusiastically and willingly is just showing ignorance because Allison isn’t the one who jumped happily into everything (contrary to Lauren…20 years of criminal life! Allison started AFTER she was coerced and long after the diet started)

      The crime Allison is accused (and pleaded) is also far from what really happened…
      First, she did commit crime, she collected the material used as collateral damage by Raniere…it’s not disputable but the circumstances are that Allison was herself coerced and weakened by Raniere

      Then the alleged but unproved crime:
      She didn’t force labor anyone…Nicole, the only real “victim of Allison”(it’s more victim of Raniere) said she was a friend of Allison back then.
      Allison didn’t use blackmailing against Nicole at any point (or else, it would have been said in the trial)
      Allison helped many times with services Nicole and when asked by defendant if she doesn’t consider the fact that Allison should have been paid for her services, she said “no”…

      Then the sex trafficking…First off, if you consider the fact, only Nicole could be considered in the accusation but it doesn’t fit.
      Allison didn’t asked Nicole to have sex (she was upset when she discovered the fact), Allison didn’t gain anything material or others from that situation either (she had no power, no possibility of decision, it’s also alleged by several witnesses (Raniere himself make it clear in Cami’s text)

      Technically, Raniere himself didn’t do sex trafficking as he was the sole person to use his “sex toys”…
      At best, it’s sexual agression or sexual harrasement…

      • Anonymous, I find several things wrong with your statement: “there was no sex trafficking”-there literally was a sex trafficking conviction, so even if you don’t agree with the verdict, your statement is factually incorrect.

        Regarding Allison “not knowing” i believe that statement was proven false in court. She admitted to Lauren that she gave out seduction assignments and that at least two-“Nicole and Soukie” (and she mentioned two more she “wanted to start working with-India and Jaye- and it seems India indeed begin “working” with Raniere aka fucking aka sex-which was brought upon by the seduction assignment she gave out). Even if she wasn’t aware at first, she knew for at least a year before she was arrested that these seduction assignments led to sex. And she coerced them to “seduce” him. Sex trafficking may well be an overreach but a crime or at least horrible judgement of character was committed by her. She told a traumatized childhood rape victim sex with Raniere would help her get over the trauma. Being a childhood victim of sexual molestation myself, I find that repulsive and unforgivable. She surely was manipulated by others but at a certain point accountability has to be taken. Also, I don’t know why your equating coercive sexual encounters with “harassment”. This isn’t a workplace ass grab- it was an assignment she knew could lead to unwilling sex. And she demanded fealty from her slaves. I’m sorry, I’m trying to understand your point, but I honestly couldn’t agree less.

    • Mack seems to have had a unique role as Raniere’s right-hand henchwoman – it’s testified to by Vicente who spoke about her being on a sort of separate stripe path, and exemplified for instance by the fact that she ran the DropBox account for all the slaves’ “collateral.”

    • Yep. I agree with almost all of what you have said. The only exception being Cami. This was a child who was handed over by her own mother for the sexual gratification of KR( so we could go into how the mother was also under the influence of KR but really l cannot be bothered to defend her as she gave all her kids to him). Cami, in my humble opinion had no chance/ has no chance of continuing through life undamaged. The layers of betrayal and abuse from her own parents on top of what she suffered at the hands of the nxivm abusers is surely punishment enough.

  • Lauren Salzman identified and confirmed Mark Vicente was an inner circle member. It seems impossible that he had no idea whatsoever of any illegal activity. Be it money laundering, tax evasion, immigration fraud etc.

    • Keith was careful about who knew what. For example, it’s well documented how Keith would keep illegal activity or shady things away from Barbara Bouchey. He kept Nancy in the dark on things. When it came to illegal activity, I’m sure Keith felt “the less who know, the better.” I doubt memos were sent out about money laundering plans. That being said, for Mark to be in the inner circle, he would have known that Keith was all about not paying taxes (tax evasion and money laundering). I’m sure he also would have known that Keith rationalized (made ok) immigration fraud. If I had to make an educated guess, I’d say Mark had an idea that this stuff was going on, but he wasn’t directly assisting in any of it.

      • There was a recorded phone call between Kristin Keeffe (?) and someone else where they said that the inner circle members did not all know what the others knew. That they all knew and did bad stuff, but did not know what others knew about and did. Mark Vicente almost certainly as a minimum knew about bad things. His mother was exposed by John Tighe on his Saratoga In Decline blog for being involved with the Mexican money laundering operation and both mother and son were named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit as “likely future defendants”.

  • I found this patent of Keith’s about sleep:

    He was very aware that by interrupting sleep, he could get people confused. I think that was his goal with the readiness drills also. Have his slaves confused so they could not escape,

    His patent is ridiculous crap.

    He also has a patent for his stashes… haha

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