How Lauren Salzman Was Cheated Out of Motherhood by Keith Raniere and DOS

MK10ART's painting of Lauren Salzman sans motherhood.

This could be entitled “How Keith Raniere stole motherhood from Lauren Salzman.”

For yes he robbed her of that golden dream. She is now 42 and probably headed off to prison soon. Needless to say she never had a child with Keith and won’t be having a child with him – unless the feds change the rules and allow conjugal visits and they get married.

At 42, what are her chances, after getting out of prison, two or five years from now, of finding another man and getting pregnant?

It is also interesting to see how, as we shall see below, after some 12 years of Keith promising her a child, he finally told her in 2015 that he was thinking of having a child with Mariana Fernandez.

Lauren freaked out. He got Rosa Laura Junco [who had five children with two different men] to talk her into staying.

Then after Raniere got Mariana pregnant, he did not tell Lauren. He got Rosa Laura to enroll her into DOS and got her branded first. [With an extra large brand – 3 inches by 3 inches – which I now suspect may not been a mistake but deliberately made large.]

Then only after she was branded and gave collateral and made a lifetime vow to stay as Raniere’s slave for life, did Raniere dare tell her that he got Mariana pregnant.

While Lauren was insane to have stayed with Raniere [and with her mother, Nancy] – and while Lauren may have done many foul deeds in his name – I think she deserves some leniency. If I were the sentencing judge, I might consider a suspended sentence. And add what she would have gotten to Raniere’s sentence.

You be the judge.

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Assistant Us Attorney Tanya Hajjar is examining the witness Lauren Salzman in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

Lauren Slazman was nicknamed by Keith Raniere as ‘Forlorn” or just plain ‘Lorn” because she was sad so often.

Q   Did you ever discuss having children with the defendant?

A   Yes.

Q   Did you want a child with the defendant?

A   Yes.

Q   Can you explain those discussions? What discussions you had with him?

A   Well, we started — I mean, I think I started talking about having children … within the first five years of our relationship. I had expressed that I wanted to have children.

And when I starting getting closer to 30, I started pushing that I thought I wanted to do it sooner. And he had always said that we would do that, that that could be something that we could do.

And then I told you about what happened in 2011 [she jumped on another man at volleyball], so it was put off. [Keith was outraged and told her he planned to suspend having children with her] And then I wanted to leave in 2013, and he said we would do it if I stayed, and then I stayed, and we weren’t doing it. And it was just this never-ending thing that got put off and put off and put off.

Q  Did there come a time where the defendant told you he was considering having a child with someone else?

A   Yes. In 2015 he told me he was considering having a child with Marianna. And asked me if I would … commit to staying with him, even with no relationship and no children.

Q   Did he say anything else in that conversation?

A   Yeah. Well, yes. He … shared with me that …. Marianna had had abortions.


Q   Miss Salzman, when the defendant said that he was considering having a child with Marianna, how did you react?

A  I was very upset. It felt very hurtful and confusing to me.

Q   What did you do?

A   I had a complete meltdown …  but then my emotional reaction became the — you know, the reason that I am making things harder and creating more problems, and why there are so many difficulties with Marianna is a direct result of the fact that I behaved this way, and so then ultimately I went and apologized for my immaturity and bad behavior.

Q   To who?

A   To Keith.

Q   Did you —

A   And committed to stay with nothing. No relationship and no children.

Q   Did you — were you permitted to speak to anyone else about this?

A   Yes. But he asked me to please not to speak to my mother about it. And I asked who I can speak to about it, and he wanted — he suggested Dani Padilla, and I didn’t want to.  And I asked if I could have permission to speak to Rosa Laura and he said, Yes. And so I spoke to Rosa Laura

Q   What’s Rosa Laura’s last name?

A   Junco.

Rosa Laura Junco had five children and it was her role to counsel Lauren on having or not having children with Keith.


Fast forward a little bit to 2014. 2013 I wanted to leave the relationship [with Keith]. We weren’t having a relationship any more in that way [sexual]. But I was told I might be able to have it. He asked me if I would stay. He said he would invest in our relationship if I did stay and we would have children within five years.

2014 he started Ultima, which was a new company, and that new company had a series of companies within it. And he took the ethics curriculum. And I was the head of the ethics board in NXIVM and one of only two people who taught that curriculum as it had existed prior. He took it and put it in the new company, Ultima. And he made …. Daniella Padilla, the head of this new ethics curriculum.

So he took the ethics curriculum out of ESP, out of where I taught, and put it in the new thing and now Daniella was the head of it.

So by the time — Pam got sick in 2015, and around this time, you know, we took two trips to Fiji [Wakaya Island] and –because Pam wanted to see Fiji before she died and those trips were very Marianna centric. It was whatever Marianna wanted. The trip centered around Marianna.

Mariana Fernandez

And he told me on the trip that he was … thinking of having a child with Marianna to balance things out.

And to me this was like completely crazy because so much was centering around Marianna and I didn’t understand how giving Marianna more was going to balance everything out.

And in those two years that Pam was sick, I found myself very much on the outside. And when he told me ….  he [was] thinking of having a child with Marianna, on that same trip he asked me to agree to stay with no child and no relationship.

So I have now been 12 years waiting for a relationship and a child …. that never came. I had been cut out of several leadership roles in the organization. And in the two years Pam was sick, all of a sudden Keith was surrounded by a new group of people and had this new inner circle.

And in January, at New Years … we did this New Year’s process where we would get together and share all of our goals… like what were the highs and lows of the last year. And I was in a group with Monica, Daniella Padilla and Loreta Garza and I shared that [about Keith and her and her demotion]. At some point — and I don’t know when it happened, all of a sudden I found myself on the outside of my group of friends. …. everything changed and now I wasn’t part of the inner group anymore.

And there had also been this vacation… in December, so I’m going back — I’m sort of jumping around a little, just a lot of things happened to inform why I think it’s significant.

Keith and Marianna rented a house in Woodstock at Christmastime and they invited a bunch of us to go. And it was the most bizarre trip to me. It was like the coming out in a public forum of Keith and Marianna’s relationships.

So it was like Keith and Marianna sharing a bedroom. Her dad was there. Her brother and his wife were there. And a bunch of my girlfriends, me and my mom, and Jim [Del Negro] and Esther [Chiappone Carlson]. It was such a weird group of people. But the whole thing was like Keith and Marianna as a couple, and everybody else there happy about it. But I didn’t feel happy about it. And it was confusing to me. And it was upsetting to me, and I didn’t understand it.

And then later — so then he tells me all of a sudden, after 12 years, all of sudden, [Keith says] I want to bring our relationship closer, [then] gets me in a collateralized vow for like committed to growth.

I’m the head of the growth program of ESP, now I’m in a collateralized life vow backing my word for growth, and ten days later he tells me Marianna’s pregnant, which he had known for three months.

And so I was — I was like this — oh, my God, like there’s no way — like he got me to stay because he thought I would leave if Marianna was pregnant. And he stole from me and himself the ability to know if I would have stayed no matter what without being a hundred percent collateralized vow.

Q   How did he get you to stay?

A  By getting me to promise that through a collateralized vow [DOS] — my entire life was collateralized in this. And also I was — I’m the head of the growth program of ESP. I said I would do anything for growth. I’m a hundred percent committed to growth. I collateralized my entire life and now all of a sudden I’m saying I don’t want to do this with you because Marianna’s pregnant?

My life couldn’t have existed intact anymore. It couldn’t — it couldn’t have. I couldn’t have maintained the integrity of my whole life if I all  sudden gone I don’t want to do this.  And I hundred percent think that the timing on it [getting her branded etc.] is because of that [Mariana being pregnant. Keep in mind that Lauren was the last first line DOS slave master, coming in about a year after the others].

Q  Any significance to the fact that Rosa Laura Junco was the one that approached you [to join DOS]?

A   Hundred percent significance. Because when he told me when we were in Fiji a year prior, and he told me …  that he was thinking of having a baby with Marianna and I was incredibly upset and distressed over it …  he told me he didn’t want me to speak to my mom about it. And I didn’t know who to talk to about it. And he said how about Daniella Padilla? And I did not want to talk Daniella Padilla about it. And he said who do you want to talk? And I said Rosa Laura.

And Rosa Laura was the person who a year earlier reenrolled me in staying in a relationship with him when he was choosing to have a baby with a Marianna and telling me I was going to stay with nothing.

So she had already been the one I wanted to go to, and the one I trusted and the one who had successfully reconvinced me that this was the best path for me because of my growth, because of the opportunity to be able to gain things through having her as my mentor and my teacher, staying in this relationship with him. That I would never be able to have him the whole rest of my life ever if I left.

And so she was hundred percent, I think related to — a hundred percent related to why she was chosen to be to the one to ask me [to join DOS], and at the time when Marianna actually was pregnant.

The Beast.

Q  At the time you learned of Marianna’s pregnancy, did you question the defendant’s motives in enrolling you into DOS?

A   Yes.  And that I couldn’t handle it. I was like there’s no way he could have done that. And I stuffed it, I compartmentalized it, and hundred percent went full force forward with my conviction that DOS was not bad, that it was a growth program, that it was amazing, that this was for women, and for me to get through my issues, and I just did that.

Q   You did tie your continued employment, your work with ESP, to staying committed to the defendant?

A   I did, yes.

Q   Can you explain that?

A  Because I gave my word, which is a huge thing in our company [but not to Raniere], that I would be a hundred percent committed to my growth, and my growth was this collateralized vow of obedience.

So I left it [alone], I would be breaking my word to commit to growth. How could I stay in the position I was in as the head of the growth program that taught the concept of collateral — of discipline, of word, of all these things if I was the person who didn’t do it?

Q   Looking back now, do you see significance about when DOS was created as to — as related to Pam Cafritz, the woman you were describing earlier?

A   Yeah, I do.

Q   Can you explain that?

Pam Cafritz the evil enabler of Keith Alan Raniere. She awaits in hell for his coming again.

A  Because I think Pam facilitated all Keith’s objectives. Whatever Keith wanted in many of his personal relationships, and especially my relationship with Keith was facilitated by Pam….  She reenrolled me in my relationship with Keith time and time again throughout the duration of my relationship with Keith. And at the time she died, I think she left, from her illness and her subsequent death, left a big hole of people who were that and would do that for him and DOS was doing that.


Lauren Salzman never had children but had hairless cats.

As I wrote in the past, DOS was the replacement for Pam Cafritz. Raniere could do by force, extortion and blackmail what Pam did for him with the help of Nancy Salzman, Barbara Jeske, Kristin Keeffe.  Keeffe left and Cafritz died and DOS was created.

You have read Lauren’s testimony about the deception Raniere used to ultimately deprive her of a child. He was helped by senior women like Rosa Laura Junco and Pam Cafrtiz. Maybe it was best that Lauren in her mental condition did not have children.

But it would have been far better if Raniere’s mother had followed the same course.


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    • Thanks for that, it’s a very good piece, particularly how they introduce renowned cult expert Steve Hassan’s take on undue influence (more subtle than “brainwashing”) and his BITE model of group mind control.

      MLMs also exploit many of the same human weaknesses as high control groups or cults, including cognitive biases. One major one is “sunk costs,” in which individuals end up unable to objectively re-evaluate their continued participation, once they are invested psychologically and emotionally, even though the group is not actually paying off for them financially (or in terms of true personal and spiritual growth, in a cult).

  • Lauren knew early on she was not KAR’s #1.

    She was bellyaching about “someone” not paying enough attention to her her as early as 2002 in the early level 2 trainings.

    It didn’t take the third smartest man in the world to know who she was talking about.

    So 15 years later she still is playing the victim card. Bullshit

  • Lauren kinda sorta testifies about Raniere playing with her head, “…gets me in a collateralized vow for like committed to growth.” What? Whatchu say here, Lauren 40-something year-old Salzman? “For like committed to growth.”

    Hah? Huh? ●《⊙□£》>$’. like EX%>♤~¥○○?

    Marmaduke wanna a cookie is all I got.

    But first old vasectomized Marmaduke has to get on his collateralized leash and be led out to take a dump, this time in federal court, hopefully all over Keith Raniere and his post-it notes, while gnawing down on Keithie-Weethie’s pencil. At last. Well played, Mother Nancy. Bite it off.

    Lauren Salzman was talking here in sworn testimony about her long, tortuous and completely hallucinated “love relationship” with Keith Raniere. At this point, in her story, it was almost 2016. Lauren had been batted around Raniere’s prairie with its volleyball court for half of her life. Who was committed to “gowth” in this frigging freakazoid insane asylum? Raniere had a newer squad of intimate groupies. Lauren wasn’t in on many of the group blowjobs anymore.

    There was a new mariachi band in town, and they outscreeched Lauren’s tiny violin. Great ballz of fire.

    Lauren had gotten cut from that herd, but she had always been kept from the real and entrenched inner echelon around Raniere. She had to be relegated to being Nancy Salzman’s girl scout and potential spy. Always Lauren was only a bridesmaid, never the bride of satan. How many other women did Raniere live with “full-time,” whenever he decided to screw Lauren? Nancy knew and could have cared less. Raniere was Nancy’s Wet Kiss, not the unqualified

    Raniere worked to keep Nancy Salzman compartmentalized. He needed her to feel like she was his near counterpart. Nancy Salzman liked doing the executive success strut and being worshipped, being a president. Raniere wasn’t wanting Nancy Salzman to be involved in the crossfire of his rejection of her daughter, Lauren. So he had insisted that Lauren not gripe about her love life to anyone but Rosa Laura Junco, who would rat on Lauren to Raniere and others, no matter what Lauren said.

    How come Lauren Salzman didn’t want to see this? She was getting back the same treatment that she had given to many others, and she knew what she was doing while SHE was doing it. Lauren even made sincere, enthusiastic and dutiful suggestions about how to improve conspiratorial group deceptions and outright lies, and she’s admitted this herself.

    Lauren had been screwing over others for Raniere, with and for her mother and ultimately, for herself, for years and years. She was complicit in using the very same kinds of techniques against others which kept being used upon her. Again in 2015-2016, Lauren could see what was happening was that she was the obvious outsider now, in the new and apparently “socially accepted” Raniere-demanded context. He “had to balance things out” and play happy family with Mariana, let her get pregnant.

    Just shortly before Raniere displayed his 2016 New Year’s redesigned living arrangements, he made Lauren more fake promises for a baby and got her to make him a promise. “…gets me in a collateralized vow for like commitment to growth.” Again, what? Whatchu say here, Lauren?

    Lauren had isolated others and cut them from the herd until they waved the white flag and grovelled or disappeared. On other occasions, she had held out a little carrot to persuade others to keep slaving away for Raniere, but she didn’t see her “avatar baby” as Raniere dangling a carrot in front of her for around 20 years? She was a collaborative”leader” and “teacher” of Raniere’s methodologies while she was aware that he was a liar, a cheat and a thief. She knew for a long dog’s age that Raniere was screwing around and getting others to pimp for him.

    Lauren saw Mariana living Lauren Salzman’s insane dream come true. During the 2016 New Year’s gatherings of Raniere and his cohorts, Lauren was put into a smaller group with women who were now more intimate with Raniere than she. And she started talking about how she was feeling about her poor, woebegone self and about Raniere’s domestic life, as a “couple” with Mariana was no fun.

    Ooh my, what a klutz. Whoops. Lauren is sitting in Raniere’s new domicile in Woodstock, and Lauren is boo-hooing and bitching to his newest best gal fridays. Probably they were politely waiting for Lauren and Nancy to leave the festivities so the group blowjobs could get started.

    Lauren saw in that little group exercise just how irrelevant she was to Raniere’s refurbished sorority. Still, Lauren was just going to keep plodding through the swamp right up past the point when she was stuck in Puerto Vallarta with lawmen’s guns up at her head. She had to crouch, her Master hiding in a closet, like R. Kelly’s rock opera had become her swan song.

    Maybe Nancy Salzman has been using her daughter very efficiently, before, during and now after Lauren made her plea bargain, just subsequent to Nancy’s. Lauren was a star witness, not Nancy Salzman. Pimpmama?

    Even though Lauren Salzman is reaping whatever limits to her freedom which her actions seem to have earned, I can understand the reasoning put forth by Frank Parlato. The thought of Nancy Salzman getting to skate over her daughter, perhaps getting by with a lesser sentence than Lauren, is not easy to accept. There’s a pattern to look at closely, about how Nancy Salzman offered her daughters up for sacrifice to Raniere. Her daughter, Michelle did better for herself and didn’t fail to marry a Nxivm “congregant” who wasn’t broke. Michelle can still afford her own pedicures and gets her hair done, goes out in public and doesn’t look homeless.

    Lauren was always a failing princess and would never make it as a queen of Mexico or even as hotdog stand employee dressed up as a queen. Nancy can use Lauren to help carry her bags and to scrub and fill the bathtub, maybe answer a few phone calls and to hold the door. That would be loving enough.

    Did anyone see how Nancy Salzman was prancing and posing, when she walked out of court between two of her manly-looking, besuited attorneys, after her plea deal? The only thing that’s missing from those pictures are Nancy’s pom-poms. Sssss boom bah. It was rather a catastrophic letdown, pleading guilty, maybe hanging a daughter out to twist in the wind. But Nancy could’ve been too busy strutting out of court to give a damn. Classic barracuda.

  • There’s several takeaways, but here are three:

    1. Everything KR did was a multi level marketing scheme. Even DOS, where he was the brand with its own trademark. But here is his other company:

    “2014 he started Ultima, which was a new company, and that new company had a series of companies within it. ”


    2. Lauren was hands down victimized. She asked him permission for absolutely everything, and he repeatedly hurt her and lead her astray. Codependent?

    3. She does appear to still love him, or rather, allow herself to be victimized by the lying bastard.

    On a side note, whatever your view on abortion is, he was a serial abortionist, which is f’ed up in the head and is so callous and depraved. Wear a condom, asshole.

    Lauren, if you’re reading, move on from this jerk. You’re beautiful and look sweet and have so much to offer the world.


    This is all opinion.

    • 1. Raniere started in Amway, learned the fundamental scam techniques, then moved on to a travel MLM, started Consumers’ Buyline, Inc. (CBI), got investigated by several state governments and was shut down. Now if we only had someone who is an MLM expert to provide some MLM insights….

      2. That’s what MLM scams teach, don’t spend any money on anything other than the MLM without permission (I think the MLM expert we were looking for has arrived).

      3. Regardless of Salzman’s feelings for Raniere, they will both be locked up for a while, he for a long while, so it’s a moot point.

      The condom doesn’t allow him to properly feel the womens’ long bushes, so that’s a non-starter.

      Salzman has a beak and is anything but beautiful and sweet, and she has NOTHING to offer the world. She is so f*cked up, it’s amazing.

      This is all facts.

      • – Don’t be a cad, Scot. I think she’s quite good looking… and intelligent.

        She’d have no problem finding an alpha husband even now. And clearly she’d do anything for a man she loved.

        She could have lived a really good life if she’d just up and moved to Florida.

        She’s still young enough to get on her feet and maybe still have a kid regardless of her sentence.

        • I’m not a cad, and my first name has two “t’s.” I think she has a beak for a nose.

          But I live in Texas, where there are beautiful women all over the place and perhaps she passes for “quite good looking” in New York.

          Evil intelligence is the worst kind, and she’s kinky as well. She should be required to wear a sign that states the truth, “I’m So F*cked Up You Wouldn’t Believe It If I Told You.”

          Clearly she’s a nutjob and it’s baked into her DNA and her environment for at least the past two decades, including nearly all of her adult life. Nature or nurture? For her, it’s BOTH.

          She needs to marry an equally f*cked up dude so they stay away from the rest of humanity. She probably would do whatever the “man” she “loved,” that’s the problem and what got her in trouble in the first place.

          Why is Florida the answer to her problems? Because there are lots of weird people who live there and she would blend in (by the way, I’m Florida, I know what I’m talking about!)?

          She should have her ovaries removed, she has no right to raise a child and continue the f*cked up family tree. I can see it now, “What did you do after college, mommy?” LOL

          • It’s not right to say mean things about other people. Like making fun of physical features.

            And yes, you’re right – every really strange news story seems to come out of Florida.

            And yes, you’re right again, about southern belles.

            But don’t make fun of someone.

          • You need to STFU. If somebody erroneously says Salzman is “beautiful and look[s] sweet,” I not only have a right to correct them but a responsibility as well. I am NOT going to enable Salzman to think she is anything but a whore for Raniere, she’s the one who “supervised” Dani for a couple of years and was VERY mean to her slaves. In my opinion Salzman is far worse than Mack, and Salzman was involved for several years more than Mack. I know that’s going to set Mr. Shadow off, but that’s just too bad. LOL

  • Frank, you need to step back and rethink your evaluation of Lauren

    Until they were arrested, Lauren was the ultimate enabler of Keith and his criminal enterprise.
    Lauren has caused many women to suffer and some even died.

    Thank you, Keith, for not making a child with Lauren. You spared the world!
    They are unfit to be parents

    • Raniere didn’t need enabling, he needed female assistants, and he had them, in spades. Salzman was on Raniere’s “naughty list” for years. Regardless of who Raniere f*cked and had kids with, they are both unfit to be parents.

    • Are you kidding?

      She dodged a big one by not having a kid with Raniere.

      After she does her time, she can walk away clean and NEVER have to deal with him again.

      She can move to South America or Europe and start a new life.

      If she bore his child she would be tied to him forever.

      I believe it was a blessing in disguise, that she probably won’t realize until she’s in her fifties.

  • “And he [Keith} stole from me and himself the ability to know if I would have stayed no matter what without being a hundred percent collateralized vow.”

    Spoken like a woman who is still in love. Otherwise the question of whether she would have “stayed no matter what” wouldn’t matter anymore, and wouldn’t bear mentioning.

    • Diane Lipson,

      Excellent, Excellent observation!

      I completely missed the overtly emotional honesty, from Lauren Salzman, in a courtroom none the less. I believe she should receive 3-5 years for her involvement in keeping Dani in a room; At the same time, I do pity Lauren.

    • “And he [Keith} stole from me and himself the ability to know if I would have stayed no matter what without being a hundred percent collateralized vow.”

      See there’s the “glamoured devotion” all the women in his inner circle demonstrate as part of their character makeup. It means something to them to demonstrate devotion.

      Devotional people glamorize symbols of devotion.

      To them, symbols of devotion are “tangible”.

      Demonstrating devotion was an inherent “value” in their natures.

      It’s a specific characteristic demonstrated by all the women I’ve read about in his inner circle. Mack, Bronfman, Cafritz, Jeskie, and Bouchey all expressed on the record symbols of “devotion” through their words and actions.

      Even the concept of DOS was a symbol of devotion.

      There’s no question to me that Mr. Raniere cultivated a specific type of female for conversion.

      Cut them some slack. They’re only human.

  • I think Keith choose Mariana because he could cause the most harm to her.
    He hurt :
    -Pam: As she died, he showed her who her new replacement was. Her last wish was to visit Fiji. Keith took Mariana and ignored Pam. His last vacation with Pam and he is 100% focused on Mariana, That must have hurt.

    -Camila: She thought she would be the one. How strange for it to be your sister instead 🙁

    -Dani: She can never get rid of Keith. He is tied to her sister (although after prison I think this is no longer true.)

    -Lauren: She felt she had been competing with Mariana all these years. She felt Mariana had complicated her being pregnant (According to Keith, she called her a slut, etc.). Now Mariana won!

    I recommend reading about psychopaths and triangulation. Again, this is typical of Psychopaths. Put people against each other:

    Keith being in prison really freed a lot of women.

    Sad Lauren never learned to think for herself. Hope she takes time to do so.

    • Thanks Mexican Lady; this is a really great and insightful comment. I wish we had more comments like this and less sniping comments directed at other commenters.

      • Thanks to you, Frank. You are a huge inspiration. If we fight battles, we need to fight strategically and smart.

        Happy almost new decade!

      • You don’t have to publish the snipes, Frank. I know you’re a “free speech” proponent but simply not doing so would open the forum up to more intelligent, diverse, substantive comments such as Mexican Lady has to offer.

        “Conflict” is not entertaining when it’s not germane to anything but egocentric madness.

    • The entire NXIVM organization was full of triangles at every level. I think Natalie was also into triangulation, bigtime. I also think that Anonymous commenters are into triangulation, because they have no responsibility or accountability for what they say.

      I think it’s too late for Salzman to learn hope to think for herself, she’s too f*cked up and has been f*cked up for too long to recover. After prison, she should get a back-office job somewhere and live out a quiet, secluded existence for the remainder of her sickening and disgusting life.

      • Scott,

        I think you should follow your own advice!

        I think it’s too late for you to learn hope to think for yourself, you are too f*cked up from Amway and have been f*cked up for too long to recover… You- should get a back-office job somewhere and live out a quiet, secluded existence for the remainder of your sickening and disgusting life…

  • On one hand one could day she’d be a horrible mother. On the other geez, she sure does sacrifice and place others before herself.

    • Salzman placed only Raniere, and possibly her mom, before herself. She used and abused everyone else. She is into money and power, and should never care for any child. If the judge could, he should have her sterilized and order her to stay away from any underage person for the remainder of her life, based on what she did to Dani.

      • You know nothing on this topic. Yet, you took it upon yourself to dominate the thread. Learn from Mexican Lady, Dianne, Fool Me Not, and Heidi on how to be a help to FR, instead on a hindrance.

        Notice how normal commenters simply ignore you? If I wasn’t a jackass who thought there was a sliver of hope in dealing with your bizarre presence on FR, I’d also ignore you.

        • I forget more than you’ll ever know, because you’re a self-proclaimed Nutjob. What I said is quite obvious, assuming you’ve read every Frank Report story for the past year and a half, as I have. You didn’t claim what I got wrong, because you can’t find anything wrong with my statements. Go ahead and ignore me, you know I’m right and I love to get in the last word. LOL

  • Spare me! Had Lauren herself not lured the entire Fernandez family — especially the little virgin girls she well knew were Keith’s favorite prey — to her own Mother’s (Nancy’s) web of deceit woven around a madman’s violent, voracious appetite, why then she wouldn’t have to have suffered the indignity of being passed up as the chosen Avatar baby mama by one of them — Mariana. K-A-R-M-A. (anyone else ever notice how that’s Keith monogram with a “MA” tacked on it. …Er, never mind).

    In fact, I recently learned that not only did Lauren know of Keith’s statuatory rape of my sister, Gina, her friends and the 12-yr.-old Rhianon but Lauren may have composed Gina’s death (if not —speak up) and she certainly knew, was somewhat bothered by — “became pouty” was how Lauren’s reaction was described — of Keith’s role in “suiciding” her and knew he and the others were lying when they staged a surprise reaction to Gina’s death and falsely claimed none had seen her for months.

    What the hell, Frank?!

    The mere fact that here she is lamenting for one instant losing her golden opportunity to reproduce with a psycho child molester and possible murderer is already proof enough she’s a menace to society.

    And she calls Pam, her own former lover, a “wicked woman.” What does that make her and her mother?

    • “The mere fact that here she is lamenting for one instant losing her golden opportunity to reproduce with a psycho child molester and possible murderer is already proof enough she’s a menace to society.”
      Heidi Hutchinson

      Didn’t Allison Mack and Dani Padilla want to reproduce with the same child molester and possible murderer?
      Then Allison Mack and Dani Padilla are also menaces to society.

      “And she (Lauren) calls Pam, her own former lover, a “wicked woman.” What does that make her and her mother?”
      Heidi Hutchinson

      All of the top women in NXIVM were wicked women.
      Every last one of them.
      Clare Bronfman
      Sara Bronfman
      Allison Mack
      Nancy Salzman
      Lauren Salzman
      Pam Cafritz
      Rose Laura Junco

      All of them knowingly enabled Keith Raniere.

    • “K-A-R-M-A. (anyone else ever notice how that’s Keith monogram with a “MA” tacked on it. …Er, never mind).”
      It is also all of the letters found in the branding on the DOS women…..

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