Catherine Kassenoff Planned Swiss Suicide Last October; Delayed Three Times

Frank Report has not confirmed whether Catherine went through with her plan of medically assisted suicide [MAS], but we learned she previously scheduled MAS in Switzerland last October, and rescheduled again in April.

According to her last Facebook Post, Catherine planned to end her life on May 27, 2023.

Dr. Brewer’s Report

In Dropbox files Catherine shared with the public, there is a medical report authored by Colin Brewer MB, MRCS, DPM, stating that Catherine was mentally competent to qualify for MAS.

While several facilities in Switzerland work with patients seeking MAS, Brewer, who lost his psychiatric license in 2006 for malpractice, is well known for providing controversial medical assessments to patients who go to the Zurich, Switzerland clinic Dignitas to end their lives.

Brewer wrote three reports attesting to Catherine’s mental health. He wrote the last on April 9.

In his last assessment, Brewer wrote,

This third report should be read in conjunction with my two previous reports of September 2022 and January 2023. Catherine’s Medically Assisted Suicide (MAS) in Switzerland was originally scheduled for October but was postponed twice for administrative reasons. She now has a date for later this month but because of the time that has passed since the January assessment, the report needs to be updated. I examined her by Zoom on April 6th and the consultation lasted more than half an hour.


I noticed no significant change in Catherine’s speech, mood or behaviour compared with my previous assessments. As before, there was no sign of guilt, low self-esteem, retardation, delusions or other classic features of a severe depressive illness. Following the consultation, she sent me – at my request – an email she had mentioned receiving from her ex-husband. It strongly indicated the unlikelihood of any agreed access to her children, which is one of the major factors in her request for MAS.

Opinion and conclusion

Ms. Kassenoff is not suffering from a psychiatric illness and continues to understand the nature and purpose of MAS. She has considered alternative ways of dealing with her situation and continues to have full Mental Capacity.

If Catherine scheduled her MAS in April, she did not make it. This made at least three dates, which were delayed counting two administrative delays mentioned by Brewer.

Email by Allan Evidences Hopelessness 

Allan Kassenoff said he was willing to fight to the death to prevent Catherine from being with her children. 

The email Brewer referenced was  possibly Allan’s March 19, 2023 email to Catherine where he wrote:

No one is fooled Catherine; everyone knows that your goal is to destroy me and you don’t care what that means to the children. 
You have sued me (and Gus) three times; you have tried to get me disbarred; you have tried to get me fired; you have reported me (repeatedly) to the police and District Attorney’s office; you have ridiculed and attacked me and embarrassed the kids on Facebook. And you know what? I’m still here and I’m still standing.
You have done all of this in hopes that I would give up and stop trying to protect the children from you. I won’t. Even if this court awards you my last dollar, I will never stop protecting them. Until the day I die.

Time Line

Brewer’s April 9 report might have met the criteria for medical reports if it was indeed Dignitas where she planned to end her life. 

Dignitas House

However, Dignitas reportedly requires that the Swiss physician authorizing permission for the fatal medication to be administered must conduct at least two face-to-face detailed discussions with the patient, separated by an interval of at least two weeks.

This would require non-residents to stay in Switzerland for 2 weeks before the MAS, but Catherine was believed to be in New York on Mother’s Day, May 14. 

Mother’s Day Visit?

On May 12, Judge Susan Capeci granted a 3-hour Mother’s Day visit, provided Catherine’s mother attended. Catherine chose not to visit her children because, she said, she feared her now-alienated children were coached to run away by their father, creating a scene that might involve the police.

To qualify for the two-week interval stay in Switzerland before MAS, Catherine would have had to be examined on the day before Mother’s Day to prepare for the May 27 date she said she was putting her MAS plan into action.

However, Dignitas’s uniquely close relationship with Brewer might have qualified her for a single meeting with the Swiss physician. 

Cancer Unknown

Still, other evidence suggests Catherine was uncertain about her plans to end her life.

Brewer, in his report, does not mention Catherine’s cancer. 

In Catherine’s last Facebook post, she said she had a “dire new diagnosis” of cancer. She had breast cancer twice, first in 2008 and again in 2017. She underwent chemotherapy in 2017.

She announced her new terminal diagnosis for the first time on Facebook on the day she purportedly died – May 27, 2023. Sources told FR that she did not disclose this to her children or Allan. They found out from Facebook.

FR spoke to two of Catherine’s friends, both attorneys, who worked closely with her. Both said they spoke and/or texted with her up to the day of her purported suicide. Both said she never mentioned she had a recurrence of cancer.

Bought a Home Then Planned Suicide

Another curious fact is that on April 18, 2023, nine days after her third psychiatric report from Brewer, Catherine purchased a 1450 square feet, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home at 51 Myrtle Blvd in Larchmont, paying $897,043 cash.

Why would she buy a three-bedroom home if she planned to commit suicide within days? The house was 1.2 miles from her children’s home in Larchmont.


Perhaps it was a case of hopes dashed.

Last Custody Evaluator

Days after Catherine purchased her new home, Dr. Kathleen McKay presented her long-awaited custody evaluation to the court. Allan paid for the report.


Custody evaluator Kathleen McKay

In her report, Dr. McKay recommended Allan retain exclusive custody of the three children, who should have no contact with their mother. 

Though the custody report is sealed, Dr. McKay reportedly stated what Allan told her, ‘finding” that Catherine was intent on revenge, with the sole goal of “annihilating” him.

Family Court Judge Susan Capeci adopted Dr. McKay’s findings, effectively terminating Catherine’s parental rights.


Photos of Dignitas

Colin Brewer

Colin Brewer attracted a fair amount of notoriety, as did Dignitas –

Dignitas uses banned British doctor Colin Brewer in Switzerland

Struck-off psychiatrist helped six Britons to die in Swiss 

‘Shocking’ claims of unregistered British doctor providing

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