Esther Carlson’s Letter of Support: ‘Keith Held Women in Too High Regard to Treat Them as Children’

Esther Chiappone Carlson

Esther Chiappone Carlson is a green sash of Nxivm, one of its highest-ranking members. She lives with another longtime Nxivm leader, James Del Negro. She has great admiration for Keith Alan Raniere as her letter of support indicates.

She says the women who are his adversaries are acting out as privileged princesses because Keith refused to let them behave like infants.

She says that Keith actually tried to help women.  It is curious since Keith during his longstanding and punishing sex relationship with Camila, was evidently consumed with jealousy over Esther’s son Robbie and he targeted the lad for years. Esther’s own relationship with Keith seems to have begun with a lie. Keith apparently told Esther that he was going to make her his girlfriend and persuaded her to leave her husband in Alaska, move to Albany and bring her four children with her. After she relocated, he told her she would be part of his harem. Esther, to her credit, rejected this proposal but she remained in Nxivm and forgave him his deception.

Finally, Esther refers to me as an “internet blogger” whose writings likely prevented her from renting an apartment.

Esther Chiappone Carlson with her longtime boyfriend Jim Del Negro

Let us hear what one of his most devoted followers has to say.

Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis
United States District Judge Eastern District of New York
225 Cadman Plaza East Brooklyn,
New York 11201

Dear Judge Garaufis,

My name is Esther Carlson. I currently own a small business and reside in Sarasota, Florida. I have a Masters in Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts. I have been a Special Ed teacher, Art teacher, Watercolor Artist, and in Sales most of my life. I am a mother of four children, whom I homeschooled and sent through private school. I resided in NY from 2002-2018 where I worked as a Field Trainer and community leader in Executive Success Programs. I helped build the companies; ESP, Ultima, Ethicist, Ethos and Level II trainings as a sales representative and worked closely with Ms. Nancy Salzman and Mr. Keith Raniere, helping oversee the trainings and sales force. I also was a trainer for Jness, the women’s movement. I am a strong advocate for women and women’s issues. I have worked over ten years to develop, coach, mentor women and members of our international community. I supervised relationship goals studies, helped couples and advised parents and families in humanitarian principles embodied in our trainings.

I have known Keith Raniere for 20 years. My first experience with him was on a conference call sponsored by a colleague from another company. He was portrayed as a man seeking to solve some of the world’s problems. Thinking that was a pretty lofty idea, I arrogantly asked him, “Why are you doing this?” I was pleasantly surprised to find a humble and kind response. He said he felt like he had a gift to take complex human problems and create simple solutions. I was shocked. It wasn’t that what he said was so profound but more so how he said it. I found him soft spoken, humble and wise in how he answered questions. My first experience of Executive Success verified the compassion and thoughtfulness that went into the trainings. My initial reaction to them was of anger as I had just spent over 10 years of my life in college education. Psychology classes, teacher education and alternative school classes didn’t compare to the quality of education I found in a 2-week program! My first thought was, “Why the hell is this not mainstream and why didn’t anyone tell me about it!”

When Nancy and Keith were developing the education, sometimes Keith was in the room. He was always playful and curious about what the participants thought. With my experience in alternative Education, I had a lot of opinions to share. Once when hushed by a facilitator, Keith interrupted and said, “Let her speak…”. I was processing the matrix of modules and I saw what all my years in education had missed. I felt like I figured it out! He sincerely appreciated my perspective. I found the education to be more productive than any previous educational curriculum I had taken or taught in all of my teaching career. When I went back to work, some of my clients saw the changes in me and naturally wanted to know what I had been doing. I decided I could help more people selling ESP.

When my father was in pain from knee surgery complications. At our holiday party Keith took time to see how he was and in a five-minute conversation, he was able to re-evaluate what to do differently to reduce his pain. The Society of Protector, SOP Complete trainings, shed some light on what men deal within our culture. I could see my dad, the Clint Eastwood type, much differently. My dad and I struggled to talk to each other, but after the training, I had the best conversation of my life with him. I was able to tell him how I felt, that I love him, and appreciated all he had done. Until I took that training, I was less aware of all that my father had done for me. I was able to thank him. When he died, I felt like I understood him better. I was deeply grateful for the conversations I had with him. When one of my children was struggling in school, I asked Keith for help. He said, “What expectation of yours are they not meeting?” and I realized how much I was trying to control and was not listening to what they wanted. I felt more capable of being a better parent from the trainings and coaching of Nancy Salzman. It helped me a lot. I believe it increased my emotional intelligence and ability to manage life; the stress of parenting, building a business, and working with people. Albany was my home, my family and community. It was my place to grow, be more successful in my business, and raise my children. I am extremely saddened by what has been destroyed in my family and community.

Keith Raniere with the now imprisoned Clare Bronfman

Keith is one of the kindest, most compassionate human beings I have ever met. I benefited greatly from his leadership, expertise in sales and management. Most impressive of his skill was his ability to help unsuspecting, well intended people see past their own projections and be able to see people driven by power or greed. To the casual observer, this was disturbing but to an experienced leader, it was a relief. I discovered many tormented souls fall prey to these very few, but powerfully destructive people. This case is an example of this. These are the same individuals that would long to twist my words of good intent in this letter.

The trial and media portrayal of Keith Raniere is not congruent at all with my experience of him. It’s my opinion that these supposed “victims” were not able to manipulate him, so they acted out and caused problems where there were none. This bad behavior of women has become culturally acceptable and even encouraged by men claiming to be protectors. It is one of the biggest crimes against women, to condone this childish behavior. I am personally offended by it. Many professional women, hard-working, responsible, successful women, pay the price and yet get treated like children because of those that behave badly. This has become a sickness in our society and is cloaking the real victims of abuse. The adversaries of Keith are not average women. They are white women, successful women of privileged, high income earners backgrounds. These are resourceful, wealthy, entitled women with means, “playing” victim. As a 60-year-old woman who raised four children, I feel I have earned the right to voice this strong stance. Men give women what they want to shut them up, so they don’t cause problems. Men do this, even when women are in the wrong. This is a disgrace to humanity and offensive to women that earn their wealth. This is how men control women. Keith refused to do this to women. He held women in too high regard to treat them as children.

The government took private information from personal relationships and exploited it to help inspire the hate campaign against us. If any of the alleged victims were male, no one would care and no men would be trying to rescue them. The lies of a small group of unhappy women have been used to badgered me, destroy my business through character assignation, and aggressively harass my children. They told them lies. I was forced to seek another place to live. I was rejected from renting a home with no explanation; I assumed it was because of lies from an internet blogger. A very small group of aggressive adversaries used the media and government to smear our image and harass my family.

Keith’s way of being in the world has been highly misunderstood. But, as intelligent and innovative as he was with us, he never pushed it on anyone or demanded people follow him. He was a very “hands off” leader. People went to him for guidance with their ideas and he would do his best to help them. Often, he created entire trainings for one person that was seeking to overcome some life limitation that many could relate to.

Mr. Raniere created real solutions for people with real problems that afflict our society. He added value to every person he met and consistently demonstrated the behavior of a thoughtful person. Keith is a scientist. He dedicated his life to understanding human beings. He understands what philosophers have written about for centuries that in order to advance a society or a culture it starts from educating the people. “We can’t solve the current problems of our society with the same thinking we used to create them.” Einstein has been quoted. We are transformed or destroyed by our own minds. Keith provided a process and created a science for a person to become aware of this truth and a path to choose it. This outrage of this group of adversaries is proof people had a choice to evolve their issues or not. Mr. Raniere has a relentless belief in people to do this. Maybe naïve, maybe altruistic, but I witnessed his commitment to this with every human being that sought his guidance; even people that I judged. He still provided for many what they wanted to be– better people.

No matter how much I might disagree with the troubled people he engaged with or what he did to help them, there is no evidence in the 15 years of my close experience with him, working with him, helping him with projects, benefiting from long hours of his guidance, did he ever treat me or others with disrespect or force. It was just the opposite; always questioning people to think, be mindful and consider others. Never did I see him take advantage of others. Never. In fact, I experienced his dedication of thought toward deliberate acts of kindness and generosity of his time and talents even when people were undeserving.

I am devastated and forever haunted that my friend and teacher could be treated and abused in the way he has been treated. He has been kept from his life partner and own son in the most hurtful way. He’s been separated from his aging father who longed to see him, and was not told of his COVID death until it was in an Obituary. His father was my friend and feared for his son. He also was kept from seeing, Keith, his own son because of how he has been portrayed in the media. The hate against Keith hushed even the closest loved ones, due to the fear of the government and harm to his family. It’s my belief that this small, bad intended group, chose to use personal disagreements to destroy his character and all the great things he achieved.

I am embarrassed to be American as it is clear to me that my government supported the hate media in this case. It is also not new to me that the media contributed to the destruction of a fair trial. I was not protected by the FBI in this case, I was harassed by them and so was my family—How do I correct this in the world? How do I heal my family from the lies that a few people have told; twisted and exaggerated even more by a hate blogger? How do we fix this in our world when a communication tool called “social media” powers it? And, is also supported by the unsuspecting fools who were used to support it? This case has ripped my family apart and strained my closest relationships. I am writing to offer an opportunity for maybe some truth to come out about Keith.

Thank you, Your Honor, for reading my letter and considering what I think. I have great respect for Keith Raniere, as a leader, a mentor and friend of mine for over 15 years; I request the court consider the magnitude of what I have shared in this letter. Can we have mercy on a man that has done so much for our world and clearly dedicated more than two decades of his life to do it? Other than a small group of people, he has been viewed by thousands as demonstrating honor, character and commitment to upholding the best in people. People are very scared to share this because of social media attacking them and their loved ones. Please Judge Garaufis, consider, the same man that has been perceived so negatively by the media and you, is the creator of the most effective training ever and to consider imposing the lowest appropriate sentence. I request, your honor, the most lenient sentence the court considers appropriate or the lowest sentence permitted under the law.

Respectfully Submitted,

Esther Carlson October 10, 2020



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  • Straight from the Playbook: “Men give women what they want to shut them up, so they don’t cause problems. Men do this, even when women are in the wrong.”

    “I am embarrassed to be American as it is clear to me that my government supported the hate media in this case.” Lady, pick up a newspaper…there are many other real reasons to be embarrassed to be an American nowadays.

    “Can we have mercy on a man that has done so much for our world…” LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Seriously?

  • “Men give women what they want to shut them up, so they don’t cause problems.”

    Wow. Was Esther always a misogynist or did she suddenly adopt this view when ESP paid her (and other female witnesses) to move to Albany (and bear the Avatar baby) promptly after Kristin Snyder, her potential already preggers baby mama contender) disappeared from Esther’s ESP course in Anchorage, Alaska?

    Why, what were you given, Esther, to shut you up so you wouldn’t cause problems?

    Oh, yeah, Jim Del Negro.

    • Kaboom! This is the funniest thing you’ve ever said on this site, Heidi – and it just happened to be a virtual home run of comebacks. She swings and scores!

      • Old Jim, Esther’s armpit attachment, is mostly known as the big Nxivm goon who said that he was raped by a tiny woman, weighing maybe 105 pounds.

        Esther tried gaslighting the Judge in her letter of fandom about Raniere. Now I know what all of that shrieking is that I keep hearing up in Saratoga. It’s that nasty twat, Esther, trying to make Jim behave. Her way or the highway, eh Jimmy!

  • She spent ten years in college education and writes that poorly? Where did she matriculate and work: Whatsamatta U?

  • “Victims”…her contempt is amazing. Every letter seems to be designed to sink Raniere ever further. That Raniere would solicit letters like this and that his followers would submit them is just further evidence of how utterly insane every one of them is. And they are evidence to the court of just how pernicious Raniere’s teachings are. His life sentence is now all but assured.

  • Even Pablo Escobar, the cartel leader, would have gotten these kinds of letters. He built hospitals and playgrounds – and even offered to pay off his country’s external debt. All of those things were good but at what price? These letters do not help the defendant. If anything, they show the mind control that he has on his followers. Not a single letter so far has challenged or questioned the indictment charges.

  • “He held women in too high regard to treat them as children.” That’s right, Raniere treated women as whores, except they paid him for the sex. LOL

    In Amway, there were three types of people we were taught to approach:

    1. Rich people, because they could afford the tool scam, although it wasn’t stated as such;
    2. Doctors, because they like to help people; and
    3. Teachers, because they like to teach/help people.

    So there you have it, the Bronfmans and Hollyweird types, the two doctors, and this scummy teacher. LOL

    “Keith apparently told Esther that he was going to make her his girlfriend and persuaded her to leave her husband in Alaska, move to Albany and bring her four children with her. After she relocated, he told her she would be part of his harem. Esther, to her credit, rejected this proposal but she remained in Nxivm and forgave him his deception.” There isn’t much credit owed to Carlson, she was a married woman with four kids and didn’t want to be one of Raniere’s whores – in fact, staying with Raniere after he lied to her about a VERY personal matter takes away much more credit than what she did by not buying into the idea. LOL

    “He was a very “hands off” leader.” Tell that to all of the girls and women Raniere had sex with. LOL

    “His father was my friend and feared for his son. He also was kept from seeing, Keith, his own son because of how he has been portrayed in the media.” That hasn’t stopped lots of parents from visiting their accused and convicted kids in prison, Carlson should do an EM on that thought. LOL

    After staring at Bronfman for 2-3 minutes in silence, i doubt this letter will have the intended effect – in fact, it will probably have the exact opposite. LOL

    • And you obviously want to use this forum to voice your distain for Joe Biden, you forgot to mention that Donald J. Trump is also a rapist. He is currently refusing a DNA test which could prove his innocence or guilt. Play fair, or don’t play.

    • Good grief, Shadowstate! Why can’t you keep on topic? I am sure there are numerous other blogs that you can bash Mr. Biden. I prefer you go back to speaking directly to Nicki in your posts, or telling us what you think of Allison Pimp Mack, as you refer to her. But, for the Love of God, please stop with the political, non-relevant posts for all of our sakes.
      (Why are these comments even posted here….? )

  • If my mom read Esther’s letter, she would be terrified. How can such an educated woman identify with the views of NXIVM? I still can’t get my head around it. Because if she were a person of lower intelligence who could be driven, then maybe I could condone it.

  • Wow – it is very interesting reading how different their views are from people who aren’t in the cult. Even the fact KR had other women and didn’t tell them all what anyone expects and the fact he makes out all women are spoilt and wrong and not good enough for men and all that rubbish – does not seem to be issues for her. Also the idea KR was likely to be with one “life partner” seems unlikely – I thought he had always had quite a few women on the go at once.

    She asks how does she fix it… well there is no need to read social media. I don’t use things like facebook or twitter. Just borrow a book fomr the library instead. I hope she is not suggesting we censor the whole internet just so she and her children never have to see a view contrary to theirs. Other cults control is differently eg no TV or electronics or even books in some cases. I very much doubt she has a major issue taking on tenancies if she has the funds. However I do think some nexium leases ended up with people living there who were not the tenant and if I were a landlord I would not be that keen on the group particuarly as they did things like late night walks – odd hours upset neighbours surely?

  • After reading Esther’s letter, I felt incredible pity for her. She is an incredibly lost soul. I believe she has good intentions but is untethered from reality.

    “Mercutio: The best intentions pave the way to Hell.” -Shakespeare

  • This letter is harmful for Keith. This woman is showing the type of hate towards women that Nxvim had.
    She also mentions how the victims are “white privileged women” ummm…No, many of them were women of color who were paid less than the minimum wage (They were Mexican women, black women). Even if they were “white women from Hollywood,” it does not make them less of a victim. I read that and am worried about the level of hate that Nxvim allowed in its organization, and that the teachers followed this philosophy.

    This letter hurts Keith.

    • Yes, it hurts Keith on the right ears but Keith’s a goner, anyhow. Mostly, it hurts the women (and men) themselves.

      I, too, find it despicable that they’re now all playing that race card to the hilt — oh, let’s all hate on the “Karen’s” — now trending — when, as you say MX Lady, the NX leaders treated the Mexicans and blacks just as poorly if not, I dare say, worse.

      Mexican girls were targeted in no small part bc their immigration status made them more vulnerable. I must say you should be very proud that few of them appear to be taking the bait and going the route Niki and Michelle are taking. What “stupid immigrants” they are! (😁.)

      Interesting, isn’t it, they haven’t yet been deported nor fled? I wonder or can’t remember, did Esther’s marriage to Del Negro get her permanent residency or citizenship?

      • You think pointing out Esther’s ‘Karen’-ish behaviour is playing the race card? Interesting. I think that among other evils, this organization was racist, misogynistic, and class-bound. I also think this manifest behaviour was carried out by BOTH women and men.

        So, not only is Esther a raving woman-hater, she’s a raving hater, don’t cross her on the sidewalk, leastwise, not me, or my son, because she would be dangerous for us, she’s a KAREN. Unfortunately, I KNOW what that is, I also KNOW that not every…white woman..nor even white women actually christened Karen etcetera…

    • Me too – I would love to use my 6’5.5″ physique and more than adequate jumping ability to spike a ball into Raniere’s face. LOL

  • None of the letter writers are willing to address his crimes and offer a meaningful response to them. What they offer are irrelevant anecdotes that will be disregarded by the court because nothing is being offered to get to the main issues: sexual predation of minors, exploitation at work, extreme harassment of dissidents, and coercive cult behavior that prevented people from leaving.

    The judge will not care that Keith did many good things and helped many people; the judge will do the same as he did with Clare Bronfman: throw the book at him for his lack of remorse.

  • I think she is the woman Catherine Oxenberg alluded to in her book as the “coach” getting in everyone’s face in an aggressive way at the training she went to. Figures.

    Trail mix, anyone?

  • You appear to be totally smitten with Keith the Con. You fail to realize he needed you, he needed you to sell his brand and help grow his audience, which is typical of a narcissist. He IS the ultimate salesman and he sold you 100% . I have listened to Keith’s lectures and find them based on common sense and his ability to hook you, the “sucker”. If he was as ethical as he claims all should be everything would have been in his name instead of his “scapegoats “. If he was as ethical as he claimed he too would have offered up to all, “collateral “. He used, abused and manipulated every person he ever touched, he masterfully lied about his education, his IQ, and his “awareness”.
    All of these skills he had in hooking so many people he honed in the various pyramid scams he was in. The soul purpose is to recruit, recruit, recruit. He covered his ass all along the way. Now he is using those same skills to recruit more followers to surround and protect him in his hour of need.
    Did you realize that all of the so called benefits you believe you gained we’re all within you all the time. He is a sociopath a narcissist And a sex addict. Not one thing that he preached did he practice himself, let that sink in.

  • Well – I’ve seen enough. Not gonna bother reading any more of these letters of support/cult scripture. Judge Garaufis deserves hazard pay for having to read through all of these. You too, Frank – bless you for your dedication, but man, you must want to bleach your brain after a day of reading through this stuff.

  • Ahhhhhh! The cognitive dissonance in this one…it is painful. Does she not understand that the judge sees NXIVM as a criminal organization? This is like saying “the cartel has done so much good in my life and the world!” I cannot believe how deluded some of his followers are…it blows the mind.

  • Reading this has me feeling deep concern for her children, especially Robbie, raised by a delusional and harsh mother. Growing up with her cruelty and derangement under the confines of the cult, they have to be mentally and emotionally messed up. After watching The Vow’s coverage of SOP and reading the damning text messages between Raniere and Camilla concerning her sexual relationship with him, Robbie and Jim Del Negro, has me convinced Esther allows herself and her son (likely all her children) to be submissive and accepting of being treated like shit, but puts a godlike empowered spin to it. She is someone who gaslights people on her crusade to prop herself up to be revered as an angelic being, savior and educator. I feel sorry for her ex-husband in Alaska because he probably lost his opportunity to parent effectively and present different perspectives or protection to his children raised in the cult community in Albany. Clearly, this woman is and has been unhappy, searching for who she is and trying to find inner-peace, but found it through worshipping a narcissistic sociopath that played into her own narcism, sadism and need to be revered as an angelic savior.

    • Janine,

      That has been my thought in reading some of these statements. I thought NXIVM subtly discouraged children around the inner circle. Porter, Carlson and Del Negro should have their children removed to other family members (That actually should have happened years ago).

      I’ve wondered who is following up with the children of these people. None of them have complained or mentioned CPS in such a way to frame it as unjustified harassment. They would use it if were the case.

      As I read these, I know in 20 years I’m going to be reading the victim impact interviews of the children.

  • If you are loving, kind, friendly and supportive of someone for hours and hours, even days, and then spend 10 minutes running around chasing them with a knife, for some reason they forget all the good stuff you did and just remember the knife incident like it was all that happened.
    Why can’t they remember the good stuff you did? I guess that’s human nature.

  • What I took from this….is that Esther thinks he deserves SOME jail time.

    “I request, your honor, the most lenient sentence the court considers appropriate or the lowest sentence permitted under the law.”

    • I don’t think Carlson believes Raniere deserves prison, but she realizes there is one guilty felony conviction that carries a 15 year mandatory minimum. LOL

  • Esther:

    Keith put himself in the position he now resides in because he was not accountable for his own actions. Nxivm lied and said he was celibate. In fact, he had sexual relations with underage girls. He’s expressed no remorse. I don’t doubt Keith did a lot of good; however,100 good actions will not remove 1 bad action unless the person is accountable, make amends, and changes that behavior.

    • Thank you. What haunts me most is the 12 year-old Rhiannon, statutorily raped about 60 times (ACCORDING TO THE POLICE REPORT), after being lured for a tame, dog-walking, after-school job. Those 60-ish acts (or one, for that matter) are more than enough to negate any beneficial effect he has had on unknowing course-takers and followers. This tale gets sadder and sadder.

      I’m with L; I can’t read any more. My head will explode.

      • You know, esse? My cartel boss, he treats me well. If I just do what he says, he hooks me up with money, cars, drugs, girls, etc. He’s always been good to me.

        It’s only when you cross him, esse, you know, like when you aren’t grateful for what he provides or question his authority, or are some competing cartel boss trying to get in on some territory my boss wants, that’s when he may do things outside of his nature like putting people into oil containers of acid after he tortures them for a while and executes them.

        But he’s done so much good to me, esse, you know, hooking me up with stuff, so I think those guys, you know, they just deserve it.

      • I hope Rhiannon is able to make a statement at Keith’s sentencing and we are able to read it hear on the Frank Report.

  • She strikes me as a very very cross and angry, and neurotic and hysterical ‘Karen”. Full of puff and bluster and high dudgeon about “Why the hell is this [pre-K style cult curriculum] not mainstream? and Why did no one tell me about it?” and she is ‘devastated and forever haunted ‘ at her dear friends [KR’s] treatment and she’s ’embarrassed to be an American’ for pity’s sake! She wants to know how she can ‘correct this {media abuse] in the world’? I have some advice:

    Don’t behave and act like a psychopathic criminal in your lucky USA passport holding world.

    Don’t give your life and that of your children to a psychopathic cult.

    Oh, you already did that? And you’re proud of your actions?

    You have no respect for yourself, your country, your country’s civic and legal systems.

    You present a very badly made bed, yet still you LIE in it.

  • Devastated and forever haunted, embarrassed to be an American, how piteously one bleats. Esther wanted her “magnitude” to be seen.

    “Ollie, did something of magnitude just happen?”

    “Why no, Stan. That was Esther hawking the crawfish out of her throat while she shoved some young gal into a make-believe kayak without a paddle.”

  • Wow… Another nail in Keith’s coffin.

    No sane person would not hire any of them, or let children anywhere near any of them.

    Louise Turpin, that’s who Esther Carlson reminds me of.

  • … I imagined Frank as a hateful blogger. For some reason, it didn’t work out. He’s accusing the government, the FBI, of smelling conspiracy theories in this writing. And Keith Raniere is slowly appearing on the scene as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, but the “ugly, unjust” world wants to destroy the “Redeemer.”

    How do you get an explanation for keeping a woman locked in a room for two years? Who knows? Maybe they’d have some kind of reasonable answer to that, too. Yes, well, if that’s “the hell hateful” media would not be, they could still commit crimes in a bad way today. 

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