Source: Nxivm sex-slaver Raniere told actress, cult follower, Kristin Kreuk to turn down starring role in Get Smart and do Street Fighter instead – where she bombed miserably

[Editor’s Note: While Sultan may go ballistic over the following post, it has the ring of truth to it.  Did Kristin Kreuk actually turn down a starring role in Get Smart, opting instead for Street Fighter based on Keith Raniere’s brilliant advice?]

By NoisyMouse

This post is in response to  Guest View: Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth claimed to have made 2007 documentary on Iraqi Combat vets – was it a Nxivm project?

Mark ‘Cockbreath’ Hildreth was going around Walter Reed Hospital playing guitar for Vets of the Iraqi War in 2007. And Kristin Kook decided it would be okay to EXPLOIT the vets and make this her doc film project.

Kris Kook is definitely one of the stupidest people you will ever meet. Didn’t graduate high school, no college. But promotes herself as a ‘Successful Businesswoman’.

Sound familiar?

Kook’s breakout role was in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li . One of the worst movies ever made. This is the film Jean Claude Van Dame TURNED DOWN because the script was so bad. Turned down.

The film is an unintentional comedy, because it is so bad. You will split your sides laughing at how bad the acting is. It gives THE ROOM a run for its money.

So if life is tough, and you are having a bad day, stream Street Fighter on Netflix and I guarantee you will feel better. Because you will think, “Thank God, I’m not as stupid as these actors.”

Oh and BTW, Kook turned down GET SMART because Keith Raniere told her the role was not in-line with the morals of NXIVM.

And Keith steered Kook towards Street Fighter instead.


Get Smart – Box office: $230.7 million. Cost $80 million. Profits more than $150 million. Get Smart is a 2008 American action spy comedy film directed by Peter Segal, written by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember and produced by Leonard B. Stern, who is also the producer of the original series. The film is based on Mel Brooks and Buck Henry’s television series of the same name. Could Kreuk have starred in this – but turned it down?

“Get Smart” – you say – what a perfect name for a TV series about the world’s smartest man – Kreuk’s advisor – Keith Alan Raniere.

In contrast, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li cost $18 million to make and grossed a mere $4.7 million. Starring Kristin Kreuk, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, bombed with critics and moviegoers alike, pulling just a 6% rating on movie rating aggregator RottenTomatoes.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • ****I don’t know why people on this site continue with that lie?****

    cuz people like NOISYMOUSE repeat BS to make their point

    • Shut up Spanky. You are a wanker, not a source of knowledge about your dream spank’s NXIVM career. Omar could kick your ass, as could Frank. Now run along and check that bigoted brown privilege.

  • Please, please please answer this question honestly Frank so I can go to sleep laughing at Sultan’s utter stupidity and mental illness, please, please, please. If Sultan stalked Grace Park for 10 years and all of his aliases littered your inbox with stories about Grace Park rather than Kristen Kruok, would you be publishing hundreds of articles about Grace Park instead of Kristen Krook on the Frank Report? Grace is more famous. Battlestar Galactica is more respected of a show than Smellville, Hawaii 5-0 had millions more viewers and is still running and Grace’s new show is one of ABC’s big new shows A Million Little Things that was recently renewed. Back in August you said Grace Park was still an important member of NXIVM. Fess up please, please, please Is it Sultan and his 100 obnoxious aliases fueling you or are you using Sultan’s mental illness as an excuse to feed your own personal obsession?

  • This a SoS test, isn’t it ? 😹

    IMO, Kreuk shouldn’t play, she should just « be », the actor studio way…

    And I see a lot of hysteria about her involvement in NXIVM… The necessary time to forget is 4 years on average. So no one will talk about it anymore in 2022…

    The most important is that the true nature of ESP/NXIVM has unveiled.

    I hope John Tighe to be cleared and free soon !

  • FYI the actress who got the Get Smart role was Anne Hathaway.

    Anne Hathaway was in a financial scandal that was almost as big as NXIVM.
    Anne hooked up with a con artist named Rafaello Forelli.

    Remember the Time Anne Hathaway Dated a Con Man?

    Anne Hathaway’s Con-Artist Ex Is Out of Jail and Back in the Headlines

    Vati-Con scandal

    Basically Forelli claimed to be a representative of the Vatican and solicited money from rich people to buy up Catholic churches to pay for the priest pedophile scandals. It was all a scam.

    One of the victims was Ron Burkle, a billionaire hedge fund manager who owned grocery stores in Los Angeles and Chicago.
    Burkle was also a friend of Bill Clinton. and Clinton partied on Burkle’s yacht with Foreli and Hathaway.
    An FBI/Secret Service investigation revealed Forelli as a fraud.

    Anne Hathaway convinced the FBI that she was just a dumb actress girl friend.

    Anne Hathaway is as stupid as Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk.

    • Anne Hathaway could convince the FBI that she was just a dumb actress girl friend because she’s a better actor than Mack and Crook are, notwithstanding she’s at least as stupid (although she lacks the “wisdom” of NXIVM classes and f*cking Raniere), plus there wasn’t as much evidence to nail Hathaway.

      • Hathaway’s dad is an attorney in New Jersey.
        After this scandal he had to hire a private detective to vet all of Hathaway’s boy friends to weed out potential con artists.

  • The disgusting creep Sultan Of Sick is crying like a little bitch on Twitter.

    The insufferable obnoxious c*nt does not even know what he talks about. He thinks he has a spiritual/spanking connection with Kristin Kook. He thinks reading articles about her means he knows her.

    Read this you stupid mud hut dweller:

    “In the radio interview, Carell reportedly stated that the new Agent 99 is written younger than the character in the series. He also mentioned that he has already met with Kreuk about the role.”

    And this…:

    “Young, let’s go young – I like Kristin Kruek of Smallville, and I know Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’ve talked to Kristin – she’s keen. We’ll see. All I can say is I like ’em young, beautiful and hanging off me. I mean, of course, Maxwell Smart does.”


    Stupid shit Spanky. Let’s see the little bitch cry on Twitter and still argue pretending he is right. He has aspergers and can’t stand being bested.

    Cry some more SpankFreak, call the whambulance!

    • I did get a chuckle out of the Headline: Crook May Get Smart. But probably not in this lifetime. She should ask Raniere who she will be reborn as, so she can start planning ahead.

    • Sultan of Sick is having a meltdown and is venting to his 1 Twitter follower.



      • Sultan Of Spank is a C*NT.

        What would happen if his dream spank Kristin Kreuk told him he was a useless worthless c*nt and to drink the chemicals under the sink? Would he do it? Would he still brown knight her? Would he dedicate his worthless life to trying to kill her for rejecting his third world ass?

        He must be the most insufferable irritating c*nt anyone has ever been unfortunate to meet.

  • T’would be better if Noisy could site some sources or creds — how do know these alleged dolts? how do you come by this info? — but calling the shots on his acolytes’ career (money) moves as their “mentor” and personal genius dictator was WHAT KAR DID from the early days onward. It fits. And this is a great post that explains a lot about KK and Hildreth’s pathetic entanglements with NX.

    Wonder what about “Get Smart” offended KAR most? Besides the much higher potential for success and financial independence from the cult for KK?

    Maybe the part where “Smart” is really an arrogant idiot who makes all the wrong moves and would be long dead were agent 99 not there to perpetually rescue him?

    Not “in-line” with NX teachings that females are feckless, either.

    Thanks, Noisy!

    • Kristin Kook may have not done the Get Smart role because the pedo-cunt told her not to and there was no virtue signalling opportunities.

  • If you haven’t noticed, niceguy hasn’t commented since he found out Frank was already on my radio show, and said he would come on if Frank came on. LOL

    Come on niceguy, all I need is the last 4 digits of your telephone number. If you’re too scared to post them here, email them to and I promise I won’t post them. LOL

    • Don’t flatter yourself, Scott. There’s probably some other mystic reason for his absence. Or maybe his wife is in the hospital giving birth or something….

      • It’s much less about flattering myself and much more about exposing niceguy. He’s the typical punk I’ve experienced since I started criticizing Amway and other MLM scams in 2005.

      • The word mystic seems to have triggered your paranoia, Flowers. It’s manifesting in the same way you took a dive into the deep end when Pea mentioned April 20. Get some help before your head implodes.

          • How is it obvious, Scott? I’m not the one who belonged to a scam organization….

            Anon- still hanging on my every word, I see, and probably the one writing all the troll posts from Pea&friends. Why you so invested in my business, Anon?

          • I should have been more clear, I’ll try again: Flowers’ head imploded a long time ago, Isn’t it obvious to everyone except her, given that her head imploded a long time ago?

            Flowers, nobody is “invested in your business,” we just enjoy giving you a hard time because you have to make sure that everything is always about you, especially when it isn’t.

          • I’ve been enjoying some recent Flower posts. Even agreeing with her on several things. There must be something mystical in the air…

          • And I’ll try to be more clear- since you apparently didn’t understand me, Scott.

            The question is why do you assume I’m wrong about the people who harassed me? It’s pretty arrogant of you to assume you know about my experiences than I do….

            Obviously this “mystic” commenter, under their many aliases, is always so interested in every little word I write. Arent you bored yet, Sybil?

  • Frank will post any piece of crap in the name of free speech.
    How can we take anything seriously on the Frank Rag Report.

    Breaking News… Elvis never died Marilyn Monroe is having Elvis’s baby

  • Frank – Why do you continue to publish crap from Omar Rosales, a publicly disgraced, lying loser who has been SUSPENDED from practicing law and sanctioned over $230,000 for FABRICATING evidence in court and filing a frivolous appeal.

    This is the immature poster who started much of the juvenile name calling on your site. He’s either such a liar or so ill-informed, he goes around claiming Keruk recruited Sarah Edmondson.

    If Omar is so unethical he fabricates evidence in court, he probably has no problem making up shit that he knows you’ll happily lap up and post on your blog. But you probably know all this and don’t care. It’s no wonder Joe doesn’t post his articles using his real name anymore.

    • Shut up sultan of sick, you vile creature. Nobody on planet earth likes you. That is why you escape to spank land obsessing over another person who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Your parents must have been so ashamed of their little spanker.

  • Two major physical traits that hampers her progress as an actor, firstly is the simple fact that she is a chinese chines-caucasian. White people do not consider her white and chinese people name these sort as ” bananas “. Secondly, bottom half of her body looks weird. Her pelvis is somewhat bent and too big for that skinny legs.

    On acting the only thing she has is her signature french lock kiss Nothing else.

    I want to giver her credit she deserve, KK is very manipulative and she uses her innocent looking face and body to get want she wants. The thing is she gave in to peer pressure since being alone is her greatest fear in life. Lastly, wants to please the people around her to avoid her greatest weakness. The people around her is happy to be with her to leech on her fame. Although, in the end you eventually have to face your own fear.

    Canada as a feminist country means that girls like her can get away with everything, her status will protect her but her name will forever be tied to NXVIM.

    The only solution she can do is to vanish from television and start a new.But I dont think she will do that. In this case she will have to carry the burden of truth, something that will hamper her progress physically, spiritually and socially.

    Behind the face is a ” bleeding heart of despair “

  • Is this all made up? Can we believe anything here?

    Noisy says “Kris Kook is definitely one of the stupidest people you will ever meet. Didn’t graduate high school.” but The Globe and Mail and other sources says she did graduate.

    Noisy says “Oh and BTW, Kook turned down GET SMART because Keith Raniere told her the role was not in-line with the morals of NXIVM. And Keith steered Kook towards Street Fighter instead.” More likely KK never was offered the role, because it went to Anne Hathaway who was more talented and coming off the successful Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep. KK also did not get the role in MIssion Impossible 4—did Keith tell her not to work with a Scientologist?

    There is plenty to criticize KK for without ignoring facts and making up stuff, just to get clicks.

    • Wrong. Anne’s role was offered to Kristin Kook first, but KK turned in down.

      Hmmm… Could that be a common thread? Pedo Keith Raniere advising actresses to give up good roles and choose his handpicked acting projects?

      Surely that didn’t happen to Allie Whack who gave up Smallville to take acting classes on Authenticity from VanFraudster.

      Surely that didn’t happen to Nicki Clyne who demanded that the producers cut her from Battlestar Galactica so she could hang out with VanCrapper 24/7.

      And surely it DID NOT HAPPEN to KK who turned down Get Smart, bc Street Fighter was more in-line with NXIVM teachings and tech.

      A pattern? Nah. Say it ain’t so Joe. Just all coincidences.

      Just like VanGangsters appetite for young teen girls. Photos of his rapes? Videos of his Sicko molestation. A pattern perhaps? Nah.

      It’s all coincidence. And this is just click bait. And she saw NOTHING NEFARIOUS.

      Sure buddy.

      • Noisy 2:19….I noticed you gave no supporting info on your claim KK turned down the role in GS. That kind of info/gossip would be in the trades but isn’t, because she was merely one of several considered for the role, as was J, Love Hewitt. Did you get that info from the same place you got the wrong “fact” she didn’t graduate High School. So your KAR career advice “pattern” falls apart with your bogus claim. Google, please, then write.

        Someone here said it said she quit in HS…no, the bio said she quit martial arts in HS.

        Get Smart supposedly wanted to go younger: KK is only 6 weeks younger than Anne Hathaway, who already was a movie star while KK was on the CW smelling farts.

        Finally, don’t you realize that by you saying KK (or ANYONE) “is definitely one of the stupidest people you will ever meet” is not just needlessly rude, but when followed by you saying she had no HS diploma WRONG, and no college, WRONG (been attending recently) makes one wonder how YOU are qualified to judge intelligence. Google, please, then write.

        KK has a lot to answer for, but making stuff up hurts your credibility.

        In case you think I’m Sultan, you are wrong, buddy, again.

    • Wikipedia, citing an LA Times interview with Kreuk around the time the movie came out, says she “quit in grade 11 due to scoliosis.” That sounds like something of an excuse given that she’s not obviously significantly handicapped, but perhaps she did at least get her GED, and that’s resulted in some confusion about her education.

      Regardless, my take in general, is that she’s probably not cognizant or self-aware enough to fully understand what she got into with NXIVM, and how her actions and statements afterwards seem like an inappropriate or inadequate response.

    • Omar/Noisy, an ex member of NXIVM has provided information here about Kristin Crook, including his production company filmed the Girls By Design videos and the crew were creeped out by Kreuk’s culty behaviour. Steve Carrel himself said he spoke with Kristin Crook about the role and she was “keen”. Seems Crook wanted the title role in a shit film, then a supporting role opposite bigger names in a bigger film. Ego, Keith Raniere or both?

  • Ya, not buying it. I don’t think KAR had that kind of power over KK.

    Now that the dust has settled from last week’s shark feeding we are back to the endless KK stories. BARF

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