Heidi Frightened By NXIVM, Bangkok, Kristin, and Frank Spying; Others Concerned

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson believes people are stalking her. She has been saying this for years.
She recently started posting again on Frank Report after a hiatus. What prompted her to restart was a story Damon Brink.
I spoke with Heidi’s ex, Jeff Apple, not long ago. He claims her allegations are the product of paranoia and are untrue.
Heidi believes Bangkok is one of those responsible. She suspects Bangkok is either her ex-husband or affiliated with him. She thinks Carlos Salinas and Carlos Slim have a hand in this with her ex and Bangkok. She believes former US Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke may be in the middle.
She stated that others claim Bangkok is Burke.
Hiedi includes Kristin Keeffe and myself as members of this group.
I have seen cases where stalking and harassing a person causes them to be mentally unwell. If she is mentally ill and the allegations are imagination, she deserves sympathy.
When I saw her in Malibu, a Spanish-speaking man called her and threatened her life. He demanded money – like $300 – or he would kill her. I got on the phone with him.
He claimed he was in Los Angeles. He wanted the money right away. I told him to meet me, and I would either hand him the money or collar him on the spot and take him to police headquarters. It was up to him to guess which one.
Here’s the funny part. The phone number showed up on the caller ID on Heidi’s cell phone. It was not a Los Angeles area code. It was an Albany area code- 518. That was the same area code many NXIVM members used. The area code for Clifton Park.
NXIVM had Mexican members.
I am not saying this was a NXIVM member.  It may have been someone trying to make her think there was an NXIVM – Mexico connection. Or it could have been a coincidence.
When the man declined to meet me, I called him Puto – a derogatory name like a male prostitute.  He hung up. He called a few more times, and each time I took the call. So he stopped calling.
I understand after I left, he started calling again.
I suppose if Heidi had told me about some guy threatening her with a Clifton Park area code, I’d doubt her. But I saw it.
I never saw the frozen snakes or the rocks with ESP written on them, she claims were strewn around her Malibu home. I recall applicants for daycare positions for her son had odd names for Hispanics.
There was Lauren and I think Allison. It could be a coincidence.
Heidi reported that:

Heidi Says NXIVM Is Harassing Her and She Needs Help

Kristin gave her opinion:

Kristin Keeffe: ‘Enough Is Enough’ With Heidi’s Attacks; Threatens Lawsuit

Bangkok gave his opinion:

Bangkok Strikes Back, Says It’s Best Kristin Keeffe Condemns Heidi to Stop Madness

I gave my opinion: Go Easy Heidi

State Police arrested John Tighe for having child porn on his computers.

John Tighe weighed in:

As I stated before, in the days of Saratoga In Decline I received daily death threats. I went to Rodger Kirsopp of the NYSP with my computer to show him some of the emails I received. I also gave him my Passwords so he could better trace their source. As some of you are aware that didn’t work out too well.
Hope you have better luck than me, Heidi.
Take Care. Trust no one
Kim Snyder

Kim Snyder weighed in:

Heidi H told my mother & me when she was here in Dillon- that her ex-husband vandalized her son’s wheelchair – and that Keith put him up to it.
Heidi told us her ex-husband made her move out, because of things that NXIVM said and did.
Heidi told us- she met my sister, Kris Snyder, and that Gina knew her, and Gina was killed by Keith- as was Kris.
Heidi told us – the deaths were too close together, and that KR killed both girls for the kick of it.
Heidi lied about being NXIXM- and about knowing Kris Snyder…. Now is it coming clear – Heidi Hutchison is evil 😈 and is sick. She knew about Kris and she came to Dillon with you – acting as though she was grieving for my sister. That is mental illness. Susan Dones told her she was mentally ill and needed to stop about KR driving her to suicide.

Dennis Burke’s nemesis, Jeffrey Peterson weighed in:

Heidi: Peterson has opened up a huge can of worms – tying NXIVM to Arizona Mafia

“L”, a former girlfriend, who broke up with Keith Raniere in 1984, had this to say.

The stalker behavior (even the stalker by proxy with flying monkeys techniques) was already in play after I left Keith Raniere in 1984.
He doesn’t like it when his toys walk away. And his way of playing with his toys – worming his way into your psyche, targeting and amplifying your weaknesses, trying his hardest to undermine and discredit your strengths – it leaves you feeling like damaged goods. Good people, support, and the grace of whatever higher power there may be – those help you recover yourself. But it’s hard to stop looking over your shoulder when a narcissistic entitled bastard thinks you owe him your life.
Especially when he has minions to send after you – minions you may not know, so you won’t see him coming….
I post what I can on here to expose him for the fraud that he is so other people won’t have to be so afraid. But I haven’t been shouting into the wind for years about a dead sister whose suicide might be connected to Raniere. I’m not as much of a threat to his ego and image as Heidi is….
Some of his followers truly believed that he was such a higher being that he couldn’t drive because his energy set off police radar detectors. Imagine people believing in him so much that they swallowed that nonsense.
And then imagine those same fanatic followers thinking you are the enemy because you have accused their demigod. Yeah, sometimes it must be hard to keep paranoia at bay when you know the monster has a pack of rabid dogs that he might unleash at any time.

Marie White is an obliging artist.

Heidi claims she saw at the local post office a painting by Marie White of Bangkok. I contacted Marie. She told me she never painted Bangkok.

“But I can if you like,” the artist said.

Marie painted a picture of Gina Hutchinson, Heidi’s late sister, with the Buddhist monastery in the background.

The following is Heidi’s view of her predicament and who is behind it.

By Heidi Hutchinson

I saw Marie White’s rendering of “Bangkok” in Thousand Oaks, CA. It appeared after I used the restroom at a postal annex near where I was charging my cell after being chased out of my son’s home.

My-ex doesn’t have the clout to get a postal employee to harass me, nor does Frank. Still, Scientology does certainly, and thanks to Jeffrey Peterson, we know there’s a Dennis Burke connection there.

Jeff Peterson

I strongly suspect my ex-husband, Jeff Apple, was behind the stalking and makes ongoing attempts TO THIS DAY.

Jeff is obviously in cahoots with whoever posted Marie White’s artistic rendering of Bangkok twice at our local Post Office. Bangkok is obviously someone close to my ex-husband, if not Jeff Apple himself.

Bangkok knows my whereabouts, and not long ago, it was proved Jeff had a tracking device on our Van that caregivers sometimes used.

So, Jeff, in his freaky spy fantasies, knows my whereabouts and has stalked me and others not only in reality, but here on FR.

I am not saying Bangkok is Denny Burke. But Jeff Peterson, not me, said Bangkok is Burke. And that Burke is trying to get me in as much trouble as possible with the law.

My ex (and possibly accomplices) took advantage of the NXIVM stigma to try to take control of our son’s trust funds and real estate assets and avoid his ongoing support obligation to Dylan as a disabled adult.

Jeff Apple may have had a little help from Bangkok and NXIVM.

These corrupt characters continue to target me.

Jeff offered me as an excuse for Raniere fleeing the USA in fear of my alleged avenging assassin acumen.

Jeff generously offered to provide my first-class transport, and put me up in a stylish Manhattan hotel for the duration of Raniere’s trial.

You have no idea what Jeff has done and will do to avoid his lifelong support obligation to our disabled son while relying on the County to provide Dylan’s home health care instead of the loving care of his mother, to whom he must then pay support and share in the SSA benefit Jeff receives for Dylan but already diverted to his own, separate household through fraud — combined with the fact that I do not nor would I ever own a gun —despite Jeff’s lies in that regard to the conservatorship court — added to the fact that with Raniere’s certain to spend the remainder of his life in prison, were I so vengefully inclined I would not put him out of his misery but delight in his daily torment — which tells me that Raniere’s Bronfman-funded legal team is, indeed, yet seeking grounds for appeal in search of new facts or lies, as the case not only may be but IS.

Jeff Apple produced The Recruit starring Al Pacino.

Maybe Jeff Apple WILL work in Hollywood again, despite Al Pacino’s promise that if Jeff’s accusations against me help keep Clare or Sara Bronfman and/or Emiliano Salinas out of prison at Jeff Apple’s disabled son’s expense.

But I wonder why Dr. Phil’s producer asked me if I thought Clare killed my sister.

True Answer: No, I believe Keith & Nancy got Gina out of the picture by hyper-assisted suicide or — as Frank, not I, necessarily, believes — murder, hoping the Bronfmans would never learn about the statutory rapes.

Too bad Keith couldn’t resist Camila, however.

In the past, I have been approached by virtual strangers inexplicably offering to dispose of my ex-husband without having impetus from me to make such an offer.

Either this manner of cutting a plea deal has become commonplace among violent criminals in California, or I continue to be targeted by these corrupt characters, most likely in cahoots with (at least) my ex-husband.

But given the fact that I was first approached at The Goodnight Inn in Calabasas and secondly by another overly friendly chap at The Mission Bell Motel in Ventura while waiting for Frank’s arrival at these “flea bags” to appear in “The Lost Women of NXIVM” – after the production kindly offered to switch me up to the Sheraton – among other curious, bizarre circumstances – I tend to believe there are co-conspirators apart from Jeff Apple.

But, unfortunately, my alleged spy training is woefully lacking in determining who exactly among, I believe, former and current NXIVM affiliates remain motivated to frame and/or “rescue” me.

Judging from the “script” the gas-lighters appear to be working from, there is no doubt in my mind that Kristin Keeffe (who was my sister’s BFF to the day she died and is very experienced at working closely with both law enforcement and dangerous, paid mercenaries) and, possibly, the ineffable Bangkok himself are chiefly behind this ongoing harassment. …Right, Chicky?

For Damon Brink

Damon Brink

Gawd help me for breaking my vow to me to stay the hell away from all this insanity. But, Damon, you’ve raised a few “red flags” that have me thinking you may be on the brink of yours.

Let me be clear, I do not, or rather, no longer, support FR or what Frank’s become, perhaps always was, or anything he stands for.

I believe, wittingly or not, he helped my son’s father render me homeless. I really don’t know Frank very well and don’t consider him to be a friend to me, not anyone, frankly.

Least of all, himself.

I’ve come to view Frank as not a King, as you say, Damon, but a pawn. You say Frank is a purveyor of hate. And that it greatly saddens you when you look around and see so much of it on all sides. 

So, wait, where’s my point? Yeah, Keith Raniere and what he really did and is apparently still doing to you and your wife, Sally, to my sister, to Nicki, to Michele, to Kris, Jim, Pam, Barb, Kristin, Cami, Dani, ALL of his former disciples, really had little to do with “hate.”

It had, IMHO, a lot more to do with his lack of hate or love (on the flip side, you know, the duality of man) – his lack of any SENTIMENT…humanity.

Kristin Keeffe

Kristin Keeffe seems to have a good handle on it. God knows she’s known the monster longer and better than anyone left living.

And while I don’t always agree with her, believe she may be in some grave denial, I enthusiastically agree with her that KAR is a ‘natural’ born psychopath with a genetic defect (if it’s not some kind of evolutionary pattern too that, if so, does not bode well for any of us). That Keith Raniere narcissists are born with an inability to feel – hate, love, remorse, guilt, JOY, grief, sorrow, comfort, etc. anything but envy for those of us who can’t help but experience emotion.

How horrible.

So, what did Keith desperately do with all the $$$$$$$$$ and power he could purchase?

I know what he did to my sister. He experimented on her first, got her young enough to mold, then broke her down and tried to play God and rebuild her as a replica, an unfeeling being, like himself. He tried to negate her and replace her with himself. IDK, when he failed, and she sought another Guru (!) if he scrapped her himself, or programmed her to self-destruct…

Just some heartfelt thoughts out to you, Damon. Hope it helps. I’ve subscribed to your site. I encourage you to keep writing it out.

And, yeah, you know what, fuck you, Frank. You’re just nasty. And none of you maggot whiners can take a taste of your own medicine unless it comes off the last Proud Boy cock you sucked, asshole! 

The reason I did not, do not call or email Frank is because I do not, did not want him or any of his associates, including the “dead enders”, to have my contact information.

Or to easily locate me. I had hoped to quietly close the curtain on this whole shitshow, reunite with my son, and just live with the uncertainties of Gina’s death, somewhat happily ever after.

Didn’t even log on here, online, anywhere I thought I could be tracked. Guess I underestimated how badly someone must want me to talk, and how many billion$ of ways there are of making one talk. Only when and if I do, it’ll be the whole truth and nothing, but not what anyone is very obviously pushing me to think, say, do or not do. 

Including contact Frank for any kind of faux rescue, if that’s what this latest “Revenge of the May Queen” and “Rose and Kay” are about.

The other reason I don’t bother with Frank anymore is that, as recent exchanges well show, I obviously can’t get a straight answer from him about MK10 being Kristin Keeffe or any of Frank’s so-called minions.


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  • Just wanted to ‘clarify’ my previous post below, so there’s no misunderstandings from Heidi or her peanut gallery fan-base. LOL.

    I wasn’t saying that I’m going to write articles that disclose anything ‘secret’ about Heidi —— since I don’t know anything secret about her life, LOL.

    I was merely saying that Heidi’s own PUBLIC internet postings (i.e., the public comments that she’s made here at FrankReport over the years) contain a lot of ‘wacky’ statements and unfounded accusations about various people —— and it’s those PUBLIC STATEMENTS which I’m planning to analyze in detail, using a fact-based analysis combined with my own brand of ‘sarcastic humor’ (which I know she hates). …But only IF she wishes to continue these Internet feuds. LOL.

    I’ll give ONE example here, but there are many like this in her public postings…

    For example, just recently (about 12 months ago) she publicly posted that some ‘kid’ offered to pay a gas station employee $20 to put her gas on the ‘ominous’ pump #7 (to quote her own words). LOL.

    Yet, that statement makes no logical sense. …Because how would a ‘kid’ — presumably working in cahoots with her ‘enemies’, LOL — have any clue about which gas station she was gonna visit at that particular moment in time?

    Also, how would pumping gas from ‘pump #7’ make her life any worse? LOL.

    Even if pump #7 was broken, it would only take 30 seconds to have the gas station employee transfer the gas to another pump. LOL.

    Anyway… In my previous post, I was merely saying that if Heidi continues to associate me with IMAGINARY incidents (such as claiming that she saw a NON-EXISTENT PAINTING of me hanging in her local post office) then I’m gonna begin writing a series of articles which analyze many of her PUBLIC POSTINGS —— and I’m gonna do so using my own brand of ‘sarcastic humor’ (which I know she hates) in order to show that many of her outrageous comments cannot be trusted.

    That’s all I was trying to say before.

    I’d rather not have to waste my time doing that, but, I can’t just remain silent anymore if she won’t stop her nonsense — because many people here interpret my silence as evidence that Heidi might be telling the truth.

    Have a good day. 🙂

    • Trust me, nobody with common sense thinks Heidi is right.

      Franks “coats of many colors” are trying to create drama, (for more stories) and she doesn’t know any better. He is using her.

      gaslighting is what I call it. He is a real sicko.

      • Take a laxative, dear lady. New probative information is coming soon on Gina Hutchinson. And I can assure you Bangkok is not a weak cowardly fool, such as yourself madam. And Heidi wants to find out the truth. So do I.

        Sorry your butt was hurt.

  • Heidi
    Why would anyone be interested in you? spying on you? screwing up your life? causing bad stuff to happen to you? Screwing your relationship with your child?

    What makes your life so important that others would stop what they are doing to follow you around? Maybe the problem is that you are self-centered and narcissistic?

    By focusing so much on you, FR may be making your problems worse.

    Wake up, the world is not centered around you, your loss of your sister and your pain.

    • Beating up on a frightened woman who never got any help, while hiding behind an anonymous name. Go play with a loaded gun.

      • You are violent Kevin. And so hypocritical. The fits you throw on this blog over imagined slights against the cult followers and convicted criminals. Now you tell another human to kill themselves?

      • You’d get kicked out of the Air Force for advising a fellow air person to play with a loaded gun. If you even do weapons training in the Air Force. Surely you must. Try to remember your training.

  • Frank, I think it’s very honorable of you to give Heidi a ‘free pass’ on her recent comments about Marie White and the post office ‘insanity’.

    You seem to be ‘shifting gears’ today — by forgetting about her ‘insane’ comments and by using her as a credible source again.

    I’m therefore assuming that she’s contacted you, in private, and she’s promised to stop making these INSANE accusations.

    If so, I applaud that. I have nothing against her personally.

    I don’t wish her any ill will.

    Therefore, I’m gonna stop responding about this topic — and I’m gonna stop making fun of her in the future.

    As of now, I consider this whole topic to be dropped.

    But, if Heidi EVER mentions my name again as part of her INSANE theories which are clearly part of her MENTAL ILLNESS (yes, a person is “mentally ill” if they claim to witness a painting of a stranger hung in their local post office, especially if that painting has never been painted, lol) —- then I’m gonna respond by writing several lengthy articles here, which will dissect several wacky posts & accusations she’s made over the years.

    I can promise you that Heidi would not like what I have to say —- mostly because it’ll be a fact-based analysis, taken directly from her own postings.

    Anyway… For now, I’m gonna drop the issue and not comment about Heidi anymore. I hope she gets better.

    But if she EVER starts up again about me, then I’m gonna start writing my articles.

    …And I’ll have every right to have them published by you, because she can’t criticize others (with untrue & insane allegations) without expecting a response.

    That’s it for now.

    See you whenever I’m back. 🙂

    PS — It’s perfectly fine if she wants to rant about her ex-husband, since I don’t give 2 shits about him. But, if she ever mentions my name again as part of those insane rantings —- then I’ll be back much sooner to respond in the harshest way I can.

  • Susan Dones, MA LMT
    20. July
    This happens in Cults all the time
    If you read “show this thread” within the Cult, rumors about you are made up about you
    When you tell the truth about the leadership, its just as quickly covered up by their lies
    who you are
    They win most of the time

  • Frank
    Heidi is “mentally ill”- and needs done therapy.
    Rocks strewn about the house- that is crazy and mental instability- she needs to be in a facility for awhile. Why are you still allowing her to post on your website? Why?
    KR and Heidi need to be excommunicated for 99 years- both are physically/psycho ill- stop messing with them.

    • Excommunicated from where? The interwebs? From receiving communion?

      Do all your bracelets have your dad’s name? Why don’t you make bracelets listing the names of veterans killed in battle? Or missing in action? Don’t they deserve the energy too?

  • Someone has a nasty taste stuck in their gums. It’s spewing out for everyone to study. Heidi Bangkok is busy and won’t be available to stalk you this week. I just seen him going down route 66 in a pink Cadillac

  • A very good reason for why one should never join a cult.

    Most extortionists are both bullies and cowards.
    Under no circumstances give in to extortionists.
    Never pay them one red cent.
    Paying an extortionist only leads to more demands for money.

  • I stepped off the Frank Report months ago there was nothing but Whiny ass grown adults acting like 8 year olds , bitching about things they can’t change nor fix , coming back after 7 months same crap different day .

  • I’m a born skeptic, but it sounds like, if anyone, it’s her ex trying to get control of funds/assets. However, isn’t her ex successful in Hollywood? I imagine he has his own source of income and doesn’t need to embark on a lifelong quest harassing his son’s mother. ? Unless he’s a sociopath, which I suppose is possible.

    In any case, I pray Heidi can find some peace.

  • Heidi,

    You are begging for abuse posting here. Walk away from this blog, it’s not worth it….It is NOT reality. You deserve better. Frank has so many “cloaks” some might call it gaslighting. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    Just because your paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you. Turn the cheek and close the door and walk away.

    • Per Frank, Bangkok is a tall man, 6’2 at least,. far taller than Frank himself, far closer to his description of Scott Johnson, whose picture I am anxiously awaiting from Frank. The suspect be he Scott Johnson or not, happens to match the description of the suspect caught red-handed by a neighbor, breaking into my car last year. The same suspect was parked for weeks outside the security gates of the senior park I lived at and is said to be responsible for other thefts and mischief. The matter was under investigation by Officer Dick Madison formerly of DHS police force so Frank, and peaches, I think it would behoove you to cooperate with this investigation and provide the photo of the 6’2 person, namely Scott Johnson, to the proper authorities so that he may be eliminated as a suspect.

      Pink Cadillac? Lol. Not exactly. But there are some pretty pissed tall guys around who didn’t like being targeted as suspects just bc they were acquaintances of mine. Assholes

  • “And, yeah, you know what, fuck you, Frank. You’re just nasty. And none of you maggot whiners can take a taste of your own medicine unless it comes off the last Proud Boy cock you sucked, asshole! ” Heidi Hutchinson

  • “My ex (and possibly accomplices) took advantage of the NXIVM stigma to try to take control of our son’s trust funds and real estate assets and avoid his ongoing support obligation to Dylan as a disabled adult.”

    What happens if a parent is declared ‘unfit’ (‘proven’ psychosis, etc.)? Would the assets automatically come under the control of the other parent? The words ‘trust funds and real estate assets’ ring alarm bells …

    Sounds like Heidi is slowly and steadily being ‘guided’ over the edge and proof of her ‘unstability’ collected (someone offering to kill her husband out of the blue, for ex, – if that story is true).

    Could someone copy/use known KR/Nxivm tactics as a red herring, to make her believe they’re involved and make her appear crazy? Heidi might have shouted from the rooftops about her sister, but so has others (the fascinating case of the kayaker who disappeared without trace, for ex, with more concrete evidence of foul play). Why would KR/N single Heidi out?

    As always, qui bono?

    As someone who doesn’t know you, Heidi, or any of the others, you have my sympathy. I wish you peace of mind.

      • “The trust fund is worth millions.”

        Which are needed for the son’s lifelong care, or so I gather from what I’ve read from Heidi here in the past. I guess since the value of the fund is out there as public knowledge, the vultures are circling, hoping to catch Heidi in a vulnerable state so they can get their talons into it and steal from a person (the son) who was a victim from birth of what sounds like gross medical malpractice.

        Heidi, i’m on your side. I don’t believe Bangkok is in on anything, but you are right to be wary of people’s motives. Stay strong and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  • Crazy fanatics are capable of anything, even if normal people do not think it is conceivable what these people are capable of doing. These people no longer have normal thought patterns, they are completely unbounded.

  • Heidi- You’ve gotten handed much to cope with- your sister’s death alone is enough for any one person.
    You seem tormented and consequently suspect of everyone.
    Now that you’ve made your perspective clear to all, I hope you find some peace.

  • I don’t even know how to respond to the ‘painting’ comments about Marie White.

    This is so BONKERS that I’m not sure if Heidi is trying to troll me or if she really believes this stuff.

    I now honestly pity Heidi as somebody who is drifting away from reality —- and I don’t even know how to begin to respond. LOL.

    She keeps saying that I know her whereabouts — but she’s FAILED to provide ANY PROOF of this laughable accusation.

    Frank, have I ever posted any secret ‘whereabouts’ in my history here at FrankReport? LOL.

    Frank, have you ever approved any posts — made by me — where I disclosed the secret “whereabouts” of Heidi? LOL.

    This is just silly now.

    As for the Jeff Peterson comments, how would a total stranger know who I am? LOL.

    Please list the exact ‘post’ (that I wrote) where Jeff Peterson can identify me as Dennis Burke, LOL.

    Only a crazy person would say such a WRONG thing so definitively, LOL.

    This is getting downright BONKERS.

    We’re getting into the Twilight Zone now.

    Heidi clearly needs help.

    Frank, did you read her POST OFFICE comments? LOL.

    She’s going OFF THE RAILS with those comments.

    I just hope that Kristin Keeffe will finally post her factual dealings with Heidi —— to help us all understand what we’re witnessing here, since this is getting way out of hand.

    I honestly don’t know what else to say here. This is beyond bonkers. Anybody? Frank?

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