Heidi: Peterson has opened up a huge can of worms – tying NXIVM to Arizona Mafia

Jeff Peterson

By Heidi Hutchinson


Couple of nibbles for further food for thought in the Jeff Peterson lawsuit:

– Former Mexican Pres. (2000 – 2006) Vincente Fox’s daughter was one of the original Mexi-Nexians (Mexican NXIVM members) in the early ‘00’s. I know she was a Nx member while my sister was alive up to 2002.

William Jefferson Clinton and Jeffrey Peterson

President Fox turned out to be another PRI (Salinas ruling family) puppet even though he was first elected to be Mexico’s savior from the Salinas regime oppression.

– Fox attended Harvard University.

– Carlos Slim Helú, whose primary family ancestry is Lebanese not Hispanic or Mexican, also attended Harvard.

– Dennis Burke is rumored to be very tight with former Secret Service Director, Mark Sullivan. Sullivan is now with “Torchstone” — a private security/investigation firm based in Arizona — which employs many retired or former US agents from FBI, CIA, DOD, SSA and, of course, Secret Service.

– Sullivan himself appeared at KAR’s initial bail hearing prepared to provide protective services for KAR.

– IMO, Torchstone was hired many months (if not years) prior to KAR’s arrest to, essentially (and, perhaps unwittingly) set up a defense — possibly “masterminded” by Burke, KAR and Emiliano with some Salzman thrown in — by making scapegoats out of KAR’s “enemies” along with Burke’s “enemies,” chiefly Jeff Peterson.

– KAR’s first claim was that the whole branding, slavery scheme was “the product of criminal minds.”

– For years, Nx has indeed attempted to “criminalize” it’s enemies with some unfortunate degree of success. Once labeled as “criminals,” it, of course, becomes much easier to accuse and scapegoat these “criminal minds” — blame and frame the “criminals” for any and all illegal or nefarious activities perpetrated by Nx or Nx partners.

– Carlos Slim Helú owns a huge chunk (perhaps controlling interest) in the New York Times.

The NYT staged the Nx fluff piece interviews, including Allison Mack’s public “admission,” that took place in December 2017. Some interviews were done in Mexico, others in New York. The NYT did not release or held the story for over 6 mos. until about the time of Mack’s arrest, after other scapegoat/set-up attempts and defense strategies (the “criminal minds” strategy) failed. IMO.

– Dennis Burke likely orchestrated a coverup since at least 2014, when Peterson was recruited by ESO (Emiliano) to join Nx.

– KAR, Nx, as Jeff Peterson suggests, could have long served as the “fall guy” for the Human Trafficking/money laundering by Salinas regime — except that Nx and KAR “Bronfman/Raniere crime syndicate, were also obviously controlling the US/Vancouver operations.

Personally, I’d like to thank Mr. Peterson for helping keep me out of an insane asylum when I starting suspecting and blabbering that I was being tailed by not just Nx chicks (the usual suspects) but by Secret Service vehicles and a couple of faces I thought I recognized from back in the day when we were producing “In the Line of Fire” and were under surveillance for security clearance purposes.

Turns out, Keith had claimed I was out to kill him, that I had threatened and stalked him (in 2011) and he required Torchstone’s protection from me and others. Keith also claimed these alleged death threats by myself and others were the reason he and Clare fled to Mexico.

Telling ya, the truth really is stranger than…

PS:  Wouldn’t the statutes be tolled to the latest incidents which occurred over this past summer when Peterson had to go into hiding as Frank Report reported?

I’m amazed Peterson isn’t falsely placed in prison and/or lived to tell his story. And whether or not his lawsuit is quashed these revelations demand a thorough, non-partisan investigation.

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  • After reading the new post, im out of this discussion. I have to much of life to do all the research . I’ll stick to commenting on the superficial stuff like all the new xmas tunes. They’re great.

  • My political affiliations have nothing to do with calling bs on top democrats discussing doing experimental cloning on humans.

    • How is Peterson’s credibility “dented” by those tweets, sk?

      Because the events he recounts implicate Bill Clinton, the DNC in association with Dennis Burke, Emiliano Salinas and the Arizona Mafia?

      And any slight implication of any wrong-doing, even association, among these people doesn’t agree with your own personal political ideals?

      Corruption flourishes under the veil of naive, sweeping allegiance. Bi-partianship is a tool to manipulate masses.

      When you believe any leader can do no wrong because he or she supposedly represents your highest ideals, you’re had!

      • Since I’m so special Heidi, I’ll explain it to you in simple terms…..
        Peterson claims that “Top Democrats ” are experimenting with cloning people on a tropical island, and that Nancy Pelosi and others were casually discussing the matter at parties. ….how reasonable does that sound to you?

        Of course the thought that a group of criminals is harassing me is totally beyond belief for you QAnons, right? But tropical island cloning sounds like a true story.

        Need I explain further?

        • Because you’re so full of doubt and cynicism, Flowers, here’s some food for thought. Like you, I read Peterson’s Twitter account and have also been following this case and the players involved. More than one blog has called out wealthy elites, some who are political donors such as Barbra Streisand, for experiments with cloning.

          In his Twitter, Peterson said “biological beings.” It is well known one of the top donors in the Arizona Democratic party, John Sperling, cloned his girlfriend’s dog in an experiment done on a remote island. Sperling commissioned a painting of the “beloved” pet and named the cloned duplicate after the original. Sperling, who lived in Phoenix (in the same neighborhood as Peterson, incidentally), is known as a friend of Pelosi who frequently traveled to Arizona for visits with her daughter, who lived in Scottsdale. Moreover, Sperling was one of her top donors and a top donor to the Arizona Democratic party.

          Now you tell me. What’s more likely — that a guy such as Peterson who was previously CEO of a Nasdaq-traded company and as such has been interviewed on media like CNBC, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, would simply “make shit up” in a public forum without any basis, or that your rampant negativity and uninformed dissent about Peterson is wrong, and therefore you may be defaming Peterson on this blog, yourself? Are you working with Peterson’s nemesis, (and Clare Bronfman’s lawyer), Dennis Burke? Do you know Burke was fined and censured by the Arizona bar for misconduct including dishonesty?

          Here’s a link for your research.
          “What a dog-cloning expert would have told Barbra Streisand: ‘Nooooooo!’” Washington Post, March 7, 2018.
          “The effort to clone dogs began when John Sperling, the founder of the University of Phoenix, read about Dolly the sheep and decided to clone his girlfriend’s dog.”

          Your posts are full of uninformed speculation. You should frame your speculation as opinion. When you buy in to the NXIVM-shill-fueled “criminal” hype about Peterson, you may be jumping on a bandwagon made of yet more attempts to intimidate a credible witness.

          • Todd, pet cloning has been available (for those rich enough to pay for it) for at least 15 years.

            When Peterson says “biologic beings” he’s obviously not referring to pets , is he? Why would “secret cloning experiments” be conducted on a “private tropical island” to clone pets, when the service is available to the general public, and had been for years?

            Obviously Peterson is trying to insinuate that something nefarious is being conducted on this island, and that he unwittingly became privy to this information. He appears to be trying to use this as one of the reasons for the alleged harassment, and thereby distract from the real reason he’s in trouble – which is alleged financial.fraud

            I don’t claim to know if he’s guilty or innocent of fraud (read my posts- as I never claimed to know that in my posts) , I’m simply pointing out that he’s been inventing weird tales on his Twitter account, and that has me suspicious of his motives.

            If you read other information on Peterson, you will also find that he claims to have started working at computer programming at the age of NINE. Does that seem possible?

          • Todd, how could I intimidate a credible witness? That’s a ridiculous statement…
            A credible witness just needs to tell the truth- the opinions of anon commenters should mean nothing to a witness.

            Scott- I’m sure there are cloning experiments being conducted at many research laboratories, and that info isnt publicly available. But I’m asking why would experiments in pet cloning be held on a tropical island? Does that make any sense. Read Petersons tweets on the topic- he’s obviously implying these cloning experiments are nefarious.
            Maybe you can ask him about this during your interview.

        • Yes. with proof of your predicament. You offer very sketchy explanations for why you attack others here and have no sense of regret for others grievance toward you even when your foul mouthed nonsense is there printed for you to see.
          How can anyone be expected to sympathise? Let alone find you more interesting than the demise of nxivm?

    • sk Frank published a few articles about Peterson and their interactions during the summer if you’re interested in the back story. He also published his twitter handle.

    • There are an incredible number of shill-like comments in this thread. Does the entire “opposition” consist of Flowers, and Dennis Burke posting with four or five different “shill” names? Sad!

  • I call Bullshit on this lawsuit. Peterson was never a critic of NXIVM or had any dealings with Keith or even took a class.

    Instead, he’s jumping on the bandwagon and filing frivolous lawsuits against a newspaper and mysterious John Does to hide his misdeeds.

    No one forced Jeff to scam investors. No one forced him to raise $5 Million dollars from victims, and then lose the money. No one forced Jeff to divert that money to his own bank account.

    Of course Jeff is in hiding. People want their money back. His excuse – the Vanguard made me do it. And it was all Dennis Burkes fault. Just like Keith’s commodity losses were Papa Bronfman’s fault. Sure.

    And now, he’s on the board posting as AZ Troll. How fitting. Yeah, he’s definitely a Troll for swindling senior citizens.

    If anything, this lawsuit will put him on the FBI radar for sure.

    • And with the above post, we can add to the long list of unanswered questions related to complicated, unsolved NXIVM-related mysteries: Exactly how many fake aliases does Dennis Burke use to author “criminal accusation,” “law enforcement flavor” posts about Peterson on the Frank Report website, ironically tending to prove the entire point Peterson makes about Burke’s campaign of harassment, in his lawsuit against Burke & friends?

      I’m counting at least six, maybe as many as nine, highly probable Burke-alias, “law enforcement” flavor postings about Peterson to Frank Report in the past 48 hours. No one else cares enough to constantly pound the table repeating “criminal” language about Peterson, and the posts share similar traits, citing the FBI, supposed “fraud” … the posts include Burke/former prosecutor words like “swindle” and so forth. If Burke had even the slightest bit of remorse about the gun running and cartel-enabling ops he’s been near for years, maybe we could feel bad for the guy, but, as Vanguard would surely agree, because Vanguard is the world’s “top ethicist” … when we read these big boy tantrum-messages, it’s hard to feel sorry for the disgraced U.S. Attorney as he pounds out yet another “FBI” post…is he deranged? Whoever is authoring these messages seems unwell and way too hell-bent on painting Peterson as a “criminal,” again, precisely the behavior set forth by Peterson’s lawsuit.

      “Of course Jeff is in hiding,” writes the author of the above message, while overlooking how Peterson disclosed his precise location to the U.S. Federal Government at the outset of his dispute with Burke, during an investigation that was caused by Burke’s lies, and during all of last year including when he was interviewed by a Government agent specifically about Burke and Burke’s alleged intimidation or coercion of witnesses in connection with the NXIVM matter. And if all of that isn’t enough, Peterson disclosed his precise location as recently as TODAY, to 50,000+ viewers of Ann Vandersteel’s interview, aired tonight. Sigh. Lose the “in hiding” angle, big guy. It’s getting old and it makes you look as desperate as you are.

      Sadly, Burke is known to be a heavy drinker, evidenced by the incident when Burke hit a pedestrian while driving his vehicle in Phoenix several years back. The possible image of Burke sitting at home under the influence, pounding out “Peterson is a criminal!!” messages until late at night after cashing his Bronfman checks, earned while helping to defend the Cult and Vanguard, is a very dark yet conceivable representation of what may have evolved into Burke’s present-day reality.

      Cut the “cop talk” and get a life, Charlie Brown. Sure, there’s easy money available in the legal profession for defending bad guys. When exactly did Burke change sides? Was it when he had his heart attack? Must have been frightening. Sad! Truly sad. Not being sarcastic or joking, I sincerely mean it when I say, it’s truly sad.

    • “If anything this lawsuit will put him on the FBI radar for sure,” sez DeezNuts, who has instantly prejudged.

      And, therein lies the rub that, among other things, causes me to believe Peterson is even more innocent than one might expect from a Mexi-NXIVM recruitment target even, especially, if the recruit was marked as a scapegoat from the get-go which, btw, ALL beneath Keith in this sicko, psycho pyramid chain have or will eventually become.

      Indeed, why would Peterson throw a spotlight on his alleged misdeeds and not just in the form of media rebuttal but in court where every detail can be dissected and adjudged?

      I say it’s because he’s innocent and scared and very smart — and wants the whole truth to emerge — and as the good book says, the truth will set him, all of us, free.

      • According to Peterson’s Twitter, he was already interviewed by the FBI, about Dennis Burke’s alleged intimidation or coercion of witnesses in nxivm.

  • I may be cynical but I have faith in the US justice system. Remember Keith and Claire lost all their lawsuits. Im a believer in that the truth will always come out. However there are lots questions to be answered before arriving at the truth.

    • True, Keith and Clare ULTIMATELY lost all their lawsuits AFTER protracted battles wherein reputations were sullied, defendants were forced into bankruptcy, much emotional distress was inflicted, relationships were ruined, health and well-being was negatively impacted, etc.

      So, while I heartily agree that it does speak highly of the U.S. Justice system that they did not prevail even with all their resources, connections and deceitfulness; it is a disgrace that they were not heretofore stopped and that these litigious tactics served as a means to discredit, destroy and silence their critics and to shield them while they proceeded to perpetrate ever more heinous crimes believing they could handily dispose of any naysayers in a similar fashion.

    • I think it may be difficult for the average person who is looking at this from the outside to fully appreciate this incredibly complicated story. There is no black or white and no good guys or bad guys. Everything is washed with grey. It’s easy to just dismiss someone’s claims out of hand because they don’t fit with our worldview. We should really listen to those who have been on the inside of this organization and remember how its leaders evaded arrest for a long time after stories first started surfacing. Maybe if more people had believed and pushed for the truth, they could have been stopped a long time ago.

  • Frank- can you explain why you allow Heidi to insult me, but censor my reply? Surely if Heidi can dish it out….

    Now, heres a little sample of how “special” Mr. Peterson is., a few quotes from his twitter account:

    (It was late one afternoon/evening at a VIP private reception for top party donors, only certain #Democrats had been invited. We were among friends & colleagues in an environment where several top #Democrats were sharing information about recent events & developments




    Jeffrey Peterson



    Aug 22

    It was then that I became privy to a conversation between Nancy Pelosi & one of the TOP DONORS in the ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. It was not improper for me to listen. I was invited there and no one had told me not to listen. I could not believe what I heard & still disturbs me




    Jeffrey Peterson



    Aug 22

    What I heard that evening at the event where I had been invited, & was NOT IMPROPER 4 ME TO HEAR, was, VERY CLEARLY –>>LOUD AND CLEAR, that TOP PERSONALITIES associated w/the U.S. DEMOCRATIC PARTY are VERY INVOLVED in EXPERIMENTATION W/



    ………there was more to this thread, but it didnt copy. But apparently the cloning takes place on a private, tropical Island.

    I guess they are planning on cloning Keith.

  • Sounds like Peterson swindled some investors. FBI after him, so he sues Dennis Burke and tries to claim that Dennis made me do it.

    Maybe Peterson will use brainwashing as a defense for his charges of running a ponzi scheme.

    • Were Nx not so adept at getting indictments against the innocent by hook or by crook — you’ll recall the many cases where false charges, later dismissed, were brought against Nx “enemies” through perjury and other Nx tricks — and were getting indictments in this Country not so easy that as the old Dicks used to say, “anyone can indict a ham sandwich” — your anonymous, unevidenced accusations against Peterson here might cause some alarm, Mr. Schmidtmas.

      In light of the circumstances —which have yet to fully come to light — I wonder if you’re not one of Burke’s naughty elves hoping to stuff some stockings with Peterson’s cremated ashes for the Salina Cause this Schmidtmas?

    • Looks like Dennis Burke is posting on Frank Report again. The University of Arizona must be proud. Maybe Burke will use insanity as a defense for getting involved in the NXIVM case.

    • Always cynical, always doubting. It would be yet another mistake to assume there’s “no evidence” to support claims and statements that have been made. It will all surface through discovery. Yet “right now,” when the lawsuit is starting, you must do everything to rationalize it’s a bogus lawsuit, because such rationalizations make life livable, rather than facing the reality of your mistakes. Right?

  • Heidi..he could have legitimate reasons to fear for his life..but that doesn’t mean his hands are clean. The accusations against him are easy to disprove so why would someone make them if they aren’t true. IDK I’m just a cynical person at heart.

    • SK, who wants to believe the justice system isn’t infallible, that there may be some corruption, that rich and powerful people can get away with crimes that would put the rest of us away for life? Or that rich, powerful, EVIL people can use the justice system to impugn, silence or dispose of their enemies or whistleblowers?

      I don’t. I’d far rather believe the opposite. But, unfortunately, I’ve seen these types of injustices unfold right before my eyes, particularly with Nx cases…and if groups, crime syndicates, like Nx had their way with the justice system it won’t be long before we’re all living under the same degree of judicial corruption the criminal elite, the ruling class, enjoys in Mexico.

  • not everyone who hires themselves has a fool for a client
    ps anyone know if this peterson is connected in anyway to monica peterson thx

    • Is that a clever veiled threat/reminder about the “monica peterson” who is rumored to have died after investigating the Clinton Foundation? Sad!

      • I dont do veiled anything certainly not threaten certainly not anyone here since i know none of you

        Monica peterson was murdered in haiti and i have made her my cause celeb since 2016…

        Your mind is twisted to think anything else in a simple question

        Yes or no would have suffice or is this a veiled intimidation to silence me

  • IMO this guy was part of the Arizona gang and something went wrong internally. This guy hit up a 97 y.o and 90 yo millionaire for 3 million dollars for start up capital in this co. He then proceeded to divert 500,000 to another co. thats just in his name. Something’s not kosher with this guy.

    • You’re correct SK.
      I’m not a shill for anyone, you crazy alt-right Q-anon bullshitters.
      Questioning the logic of this guy (an obvious conspiracy theorist) does not make me a “shill”…..
      Use logic, people.

      • Use LOGIC, people? Logic does not apply to your alleged story at all, Flowers, nor most of what you do and say.

        In general, IMO, logic doesn’t apply to most human behavior — we are mostly SENTIENT beings. Except, perhaps, for psychos like Keith who lack the capacity to feel and can only rationalize.

        Your constant insistence that you are being “logical” when you draw irrational conclusions from, say, a couple of tweets is really laughable and obviously manipulative.

        I believe you are a NXIVM “plant” and/or in dire need of psychological help.

        I don’t like seeing you played for a “libtard, feminist” fool by the MAGA maggots creeping around here, regardless, but when I’ve tried to help you, yes, by for example suggesting you change your monicker from “Flowers” to something less targetable, you responded by stalking me online and temporarily becoming “Flowergirl” — an even more obvious target — how is that logical? …Unless you’re trying to “catch” or set-up someone as a pedophile?

        Send Frank a single shred of proof on your backstory and I might be convinced otherwise. One of your alleged “death threat” screenshots, a police report — certainly given your constant referals to law enforcement you’ve taken your own advise and have at least one of those?

        • I’ve never contacted you anywhere Heidi, as I’ve explained before. If you’ve been contacted by someone pretending to be me, then please pass that information on to Frank, as it’s certainly not me who is stalking you.

          I’m not sure what you think I do that’s illogical, Heidi, but trying to collect evidence from the people who have implicated themselves in harassment crimes against myself (and apparently against several others) is hardly illogical.

          I’ve never used the name Flowergirl anywhere. If the person who contacted you is using that name, they are probably attempting to impersonate me again.

        • [deleted] The truth is what matters.

          [deleted] you posted that Scott was repeatedly emailing Frank (he’s not), and that I was supporting Burke ( I never said that!) [deleted]

    • Those accusations are completely factually incorrect. The things written in this comment mirror the nature of defamatory statements made about Peterson by Dennis Burke, forming the basis of Peterson’s lawsuit for Defamation. More lies, innuendo. Who are you?

    • Appreciate your suspect sensibilities, SK. But IDK what’s kosher or not, seems there’s way more not than kosher, everywhere, these days! I know Jeff Peterson was scared shitless for real this past summer, overheard him on the phone with Frank, know they were setting him up, and I could empathize — and, there are many others I overheard “Don Parlato” taking confessions from — people who have been badly harassed by Nx’s and Mexi-Nx’s — whom I fully believed but Frank tended to more shrug off in his own self-preservation “denial” style.

      Plus, you know, “MEN.” They go in for the fix, the solution, survival shit, without as little discussion as possible, please. So, what else do you wanna talk about? 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Overheard him on the phone? In August JP wrote that he had barely talked to Frank…..
        I agree though that JP does seem truly scared….but of what, I wonder? It certainly sounds as though he’s not the totally innocent person that he’s trying to portray himself as.

        • You have gone way out of your way to bash and cast doubt every time you post about him, ignoring responses that completely answer every point you have raised. [deleted]

        • Last time I checked, the month of August is in the season of summer, Flowers.

          It’s these kinds of comments that make everyone think you are either a troll or “special,” Flowers.

    • It’s a pull-together edit from my comments on this topic — Frank’s “work” actually. But thanks for the props! I’m freeing up some time soon to start contributing here in earnest. We all need to get on board to get to the bottom of this.

      • I look forward to reading more articles from you and I’m glad you haven’t let people casting aspirations on your credibility drive you away.

        • Thanks, Leon. As the discoverer of Cognitive Dissonance, lol, I’m counting on you to let me know when she’s about to blow!

          • I apologize. I meant to type aspersions. I will do my best to warn you but things seem to be devolving so it could be anytime.

          • Leon, I figured out that typo. The confusing part was the comment about the discoverer of Cognitive Dissonance.

          • @ Huh. Leon Festinger was the psychologist credited with discovering Cognitive dissonance. From Wiki:

            “Cognitive dissonance was first investigated by Leon Festinger, arising out of a participant observation study of a cult which believed that the earth was going to be destroyed by a flood, and what happened to its members — particularly the really committed ones who had given up their homes and jobs to work for the cult — when the flood did not happen.”

          • I got that part. It’s the ” counting on you to let me know when she’s about to blow” line that makes no sense to me.

  • Jeffery Peterson is representing himself. Does that sound like a valid lawsuit?

    Jeff isn’t an attorney. But, he’s suing several attorneys. Plus, if the actions happened in Arizona, then venue for the case is Arizona (or where the Defendants reside), not Massachusetts.

    • A valid lawsuit is one that asserts valid claims and survives motions to dismiss, eventually finding its way to trial. The guy filed it himself. So what. Read his history, he has won many lawsuits before, in the millions, against sophisticated parties.

      First of all: How do you know what his education is? Are you sure about what you wrote?

      Second of all. The lawsuit is brand new, it was filed exactly one day ago. How do you know other counsel won’t file an appearance?

      Third of all: As you surely know with your extensive legal education and knowledge of all things, it doesn’t matter where the Defendants reside, if they are subject to personal jurisdiction under the Massachusetts long-arm statute. The MA Federal Court certainly has subject matter jurisdiction. Looks to me like the key parties were Directors of the company named throughout the lawsuit, with headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., which brings them in to the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth. And other named parties conduct business in Mass. or throughout the United States. Certainly, the long arm of the Federal Court extends to the national news publications named as Defendants. Are you sure about your jurisdictional doubts? Here’s some research notes for your legal mind.

      Good Hope Indus., Inc. v. Ryden Scott Co., 378 Mass. 1 (1979); Hannon v. Beard, 524 F. 3d 278, 280 (1st Cir. 2008). Any effect a nonresident defendant’s activity may have had upon commerce in Massachusetts is considered in determining whether it transacted business in the Commonwealth. Droukas v. Divers Training Academy, Inc., 375 Mass 149 (1978). Indeed, “merely a few acts on [a defendant’s] part can often suffice to satisfy [subsection 3(a)]’s threshold for transacting business.” Best in Sports, Inc. v. Olympiakas Basketball Club of Greece, 2010 U.S. Dist. Lexis 140188 (Bowler, J., 2010) quoting The Scuderi Group, LLC v. LGD Tech., LLC, 575 F. Supp. 2d 312, 319 (D. Mass. 2008).

      You posted on the other Peterson article, citing Arizona’s SOL for Defamation claims. Which Arizona party are you, NoisyMouse?

    • I didn’t realize he was representing himself, NoisyMouse. That’s pretty weird, considering how complicated of a situation this is….
      It’s obviously a bogus case, because he can’t expect to win. So what is his agenda?

      • Peterson litigated a big case himself as a pro per in Arizona, against a party who sued him, named Behar. It was publicized at the time. When the case was filed, Behar was as arrogant and dismissive about Peterson as the trolls posting here.

        Peterson’s counsel joined the lawsuit to defend the Corporate parties while Peterson represented himself against the Behar parties. At the time, he was interviewed by the Arizona Business Journal where he stated he preferred to manage the case himself with assistance of his Attorneys. The case was litigated by the very arrogant Behar and went to trial before a full jury two years later. The result was a complete victory for Peterson as a pro per and $188,000 judgment in favor of Peterson’s company, which was collected in full from Behar as can be seen on the historical docket where the satisfaction of judgment was filed. Two years after Peterson’s successful win at trial, Peterson sued Behar for defamation and collected another $250,000 in a settlement. Still think Peterson “can’t win?” The case numbers are CV2005-004439 and CV2009-012871, respectively. Peterson’s Attorney is only listed in his individual capacity due to the collection from the satisfaction of the $188k judgment. You can look them up online at the Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona.

        As for your comment that “he can’t expect to win,” because you apparently didn’t see the evidence provided in link on the other post, we can re-post it here. Watch and learn.


    • That is a rather shill-ish comment, which is what you have done your entire time here.
      Attack legitimate people, only now you have to do it more politely.

    • I think both the venue choice and representing himself is a wise move away from the same kind of corruption that’s stymied legal action against Nx or it’s affiliates in Albany, NY and elsewhere for decades.

      This suit is aimed right at the heart of some of that corruption from, hopefully, a safe enough distance that it (and it’s author) will survive and help expose the truth for the benefit and protection of others, as well!

      • I have been watching this situation unfold since the beginning and am familiar with his history. You can be one hundred percent sure you will see much more from Peterson than what is in the initial filing, in terms of his legal approach to this case. He has a track record, he is a former CEO of a Nasdaq company who knows his way around business litigation.

      • Completely makes sense. Thank you. Only because Peterson filed it himself doesn’t mean he will end up representing himself. I knew there was more to this story. Side note, Frank’s articles about the lawsuit sure attracted the nxivm shills!! Peterson’s lawsuit hit a nerve, did it ????? Must be some truth to his accusations!!

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