Bangkok Strikes Back, Says It’s Best Kristin Keeffe Condemns Heidi to Stop Madness

Bangkok, AKA Pious Bangkok, Mr. Know-All, and Magoo, is one of my favorite commenters. He often insults me, which I understand is common etiquette on the planet of his birth.

But I enjoy his insulting humor and try to get on his good side, though I haven’t found it yet.

But, I guess you could say he’s multi-talented. He can talk and piss people off at the same time.

And he’s imaginative. We’re both bird watchers. I love to watch birds in flight and wonder what they see and where they’re going, the beautiful birds in migratory flight, and how it is like our own passage through life.

Bangkok agreed and said, “Yes, I love to watch birds and wonder, ‘If I could fly, who would I shit on?'”

By Bangkok

I’m not back yet. I’m just responding to Heidi’s recent bogus & laughable comments.

Frank needs to end this silly nonsense spouted by Heidi, as some of his readers might be DUMB ENOUGH to actually believe this insane shit. LOL.

Heidi Hutchinson holds the “Dream Chart” of her late sister, Gina Hutchinson.

Firstly, Heidi has repeatedly said I ‘know things’ about her whereabouts, LOL, and that I’m somehow privy to secret info about her life. LOL.

This is so laughable that I can’t believe an ADULT (a non-child human being) would say this stuff out loud while putting her name on it.

I hate to break the news to Heidi, but everything I know about her has come from HER OWN POSTS (which she’s made on FrankReport).

Frank can verify that Heidi made several posts (a couple years ago) talking about her ex-husband in great detail, along with the fact that she was forced to stay temporarily at a motel because of accusations made by her ex-husband.

Over the years, Heidi has PUBLICLY made several ‘personal’ posts on FrankReport, talking about all kinds of personal shit going on in her life. Frank can verify this. Google can confirm this.

Yet, whenever I cite info derived from these posts (because I have a good memory), she concludes that I must be “spying on her,” LOL.

I hereby challenge Heidi to post a single comment I’ve ever made (a direct quote from me) that was not derived from information she’s posted on FrankReport or from other information available via a Google search.

For example, I once searched for Heidi on Google to confirm her divorce claims. I found a law firm’s website that cited 4 or 5 cases where she lost lawsuits against her ex-husband, and I posted a link to them here on FrankReport).

Google has all this information. It doesn’t take a secret agent to find it, LOL.

This stalking NONSENSE is so laughable that I’m laughing out loud while typing.

I usually don’t like insulting people ‘physically’ —- but I need to set the record straight so that people realize the truth.

Heidi is a 60-year-old woman who’s unremarkable in every way and certainly not important in the world. The LAST thing I’d ever do is waste even five minutes of my time following her around town while she carries out her boring life each day. LOL.

I’d rather watch PAINT DRY than follow such an uninteresting & unimportant woman.

That’s not me being mean. That’s just the reality of the situation. Anything else is just MADE UP bullshit. Period.

As far as her’ pool guy’ comments, LOL, how the fuck would anybody know what her pool guy said in a private conversation with Heidi?

Is Heidi claiming people are hiding in the bushes next to the pool, just so they can hear what her pool guy says to her? LOL.

Is Heidi claiming people are placing ‘listening bugs’ in the bushes near the pool, so they can record what her pool guy says to her? …Just so they can later visit FrankReport to publish these pool guy comments? LOL.

If anybody here actually believes even ONE WORD of that bullshit, they should seek mental help —- because that’s nothing but PARANOIA run amok.


I can’t believe Frank has allowed Heidi to make such comments over the years without telling his readers how BATSHIT CRAZY she sounds.

Kristin Keeffe

Kristin Keeffe finally had enough of this crap. Kristin Keeffe finally said OUT LOUD what Frank should have said years ago.

Heidi is saying BATSHIT CRAZY things which make no logical sense.

As far as me secretly being her ex-husband, LOL, I cannot even respond because it’s too insane of a comment. Get mental help. I’m not Jeff Apple.

Jeff Apple

By now, Jeff Apple is an old geezer (he’s probably over 70 years old, based on public info). I’m guessing he’s probably a bald dude who looks like a clown. I’m not a geezer. I’m also not bald.

So, no, Heidi. I’m not your geezer ex-husband.

As far as me being somehow connected to NXIVM, Dennis Burke, or her ex-husband, LOL ——— any sane person would realize 90% of my comments on FrankReport have been insults against Keith, Clare, NXIVM, Salinas, and Frank Parlato.

Nxivm Keith Raniere Holding Hands with Unknown Person
Keith Raniere


Sara Bronfman and Clare Bronfman present $20,000,000 check to Keith Raniere at Vanguard Week 2004.

I’ve also insulted Dennis Burke several times (by calling him a fat, ugly & bald asshole, which he is).

Former US Attorney Dennis Burke

I’ve also insulted Keith and Clare many times over the years, since they are two huge scumbags who belong in prison, IMO.

Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere

I’ve also insulted the Salinas family several times — since Salinas was a corrupt Mexican president whose government was associated with drug cartels. His son Emi is a clown who may have given up his CULO to his buddy (according to Frank Parlato).

I’ve said these things countless times over the years.

Would a person ‘associated’ with NXIVM or Dennis Burke publicly say such nasty things?
I’m not appealing to Heidi to change her mind, since that’s not going to happen (she’s too paranoid to ever use common sense).

But every paranoid word she’s ever said is recorded here on FrankReport, and she’s not helping herself by permanently etching her paranoid delusions into the public record for future reference.
I’m appealing to FrankReport readers to realize that Heidi’s comments aren’t just UNTRUE, but literally BATSHIT CRAZY comments, which are rooted in some form of extreme paranoia run amok.

Over the last few years, everybody knows that most of my comments on Frank Report have been insults towards Frank Parlato and his journalism —– along with insults towards Keith, Clare and other members of NXIVM.

Over the last few years, less than 2% of my insults have been directed towards Heidi (I’ve insulted Niceguy and others more often than I insult Heidi).

In fact… I’ve insulted Frank Parlato at least 100 times for every ‘1’ insult I’ve directed towards Heidi. Frank can verify this. Google can confirm this.

Would this be true IF my REAL purpose was to be a secret agent (LOL) whose sole mission was to stalk Heidi online because I’m secretly working for her ex-husband? LOL.

I now believe Kristin Keeffe’s comments 100% —– since Heidi’s behavior is to keep accusing others of BATSHIT CRAZY THINGS while painting herself as the ultimate victim.
It’s creepy shit.

For instance, Heidi recently accused MK10ART of being secretly connected to Keeffe —– by claiming that MK10ART had painted “secret information” about Heidi’s family that could only be known if she was being spied on, LOL.

But Frank exposed this lie.

Heidi Hutchinson

What did Heidi do when confronted with her BOGUS accusations against MK10ART and Keeffe?

Did she apologize to MK10ART and Kristin Keeffe — from the bottom of her heart? Nope.
Instead… She started making more BOGUS accusations against Bangkok, LOL —– who’s a guy that mainly insults Frank, Keith, Clare and other NXIVM personnel (only rarely insulting Heidi).
If I was secretly here to surveil or gaslight Heidi, LOL, then 95% of my posts wouldn’t be spent insulting Frank Parlato and his journalism standards.

That’s just common sense.

Frank has a moral and journalistic duty to end this nonsense ——– since Heidi has now gone OFF THE RAILS, and some of his readers might actually believe the nonsense she’s spouting, if he remains silent.

Frank, even though you don’t know me, I know you don’t believe I’m Dennis Burke, her ex-husband, or a secret agent spying on her pool guy, LOL.

I’m willing to make a solemn INTERWEBS VOW under penalty of perjury, LOL.

I, Mr. Bangkok, hereby swear, under oath, under penalty of perjury on the INTERWEBS —- that I’m not Dennis Burke or Salinas or Jeff Apple, nor am I a secret agent who spies on her pool guy on behalf of her ex-husband. LOL.

Here’s the SIMPLE TRUTH:

I know the same things about Heidi that everybody else here knows, based on her own posts and Google searches about her or her ex-husband.

I know she lives in Southern California near Los Angeles, which isn’t exactly secret info. She posted it herself when Frank stayed at her home years ago, LOL.

I know that she was married to a guy named Jeff Apple, who produced a few movies in the 90s, I think.

I know she was temporarily homeless a few years ago and staying at a motel because SHE POSTED THAT FACT here on FrankReport. LOL.

This will be my only post on this issue. After that, you can choose whether to believe it or not.
As for her’ pool guy’ PARANOIA —- if I ever posted a few words that her pool guy just happened to say, then it would simply be coincidence (not evidence that I’m secretly spying on her pool guy, LOL).

Ask yourself this question… What would I gain by wasting my time spying on a 60-year-old, unremarkable, unimportant woman?

Have a good day.

And get mental help if you believe Heidi’s paranoid claims.

PS — Stop insulting Kristin Keeffe for her recent comments. She’s not mean-spirited and was only standing up for herself. Keeffe is under no obligation to continue apologizing for her NXIVM deeds for the next 20 years, nor should she speak like a choir girl just to prove she’s sorry. She owes nobody here anything.

Her comments were very reserved. Even though she said she could list dozens of incidents with Heidi to prove her point, she chose NOT to list those incidents in detail.

This shows great restraint, since she could have easily listed those incidents and embarrassed Heidi even further, but she didn’t.

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  • Frank or BangKOK or who ever you are today-
    YOU were the ONLY one who knew about the flag bracelet making – at your office anyway- how dumb can YOU be to trip yourself up like this ? You gave yourself away with that comment –
    Frank – proof read and stop 🛑 being a Maron – !!!!!!

    • Dear Kim,

      Yes it is I! The Great Patriot God! No need to blush and be in awe (even though it highly understood why you would! 😉)!

      I would just like to let you know that it is genetically impossible for old man Ginzo to stop being a *moron* (which I think that you were actually trying to say instead of *Maron*).

      Ginzo is very special kind of guido idiot and therefore, it will take years of behavioral correction, patriotic education (which Lord knows will be a miracle if he even understands a quarter of it) and countless brutal (but absolutely necessary) beatings and whippings to teach him his place in life from our beloved and Holy Night Riders to get him anywhere near an acceptable creature (for an inferior sub-species that is)!

      But with faith in The Lord and his promise in The Book of Genesis Chapter 9 Verse 2, anything is possible! 😉

      ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

      ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

  • Frank
    I also believe YOU are BangKOK – I think YOU are commenting back to yourself – I have had your writing analyzed – and it stands that we see BIG resemblances of YOU talking to YOU- gee- why doesn’t this surprise me ?
    Have heard the term – “Lardass in other articles”. Good going-!!!!!
    You are right – I do make “bracelets” but at least I have accolades from all US states and ALL foreign countries and bases-
    I have my diploma and have worked for the last 17 years of my life – with “LEGAL” people and NOT criminals.
    I am in NO way a Lardass – and am in NO way “Retarded” – or stupid .
    Anonymous – Grow up & get a freaking life

  • Frank
    To be called a Lardass on your website- they have NO idea who they are messing with. I have worked for and with the US Government for 17 years – with plenty of paperwork and accolades to back MY ass.

    Obviously Anonymous has nothing better to do than attempt to make himself look better by calling me freaking names and belittling me.
    Who’s the Lardass now? I have plenty of people in higher places than YOU know pal. Next time – get the right info on me- go to Google and look me up stupid ass.
    I have more common sense than YOU can imagine –

    Lard ass is LOW- but I have actually done more than YOU or Anyone in this whole country – YOU are a low self esteem TOAD.
    Have and get a NEW life JERK

    • Kim, just want to let you know that I don’t believe Frank is Bangkok, but I I believe that commenter that attacked you was wrong and strangely mean-spirited toward you, and it pissed me off to read that. Try not to let it get to you. Trollers gonna troll.

    • It ok, Kim!

      Just call Frank what he is Frank *NIGGER-LARD-O*!

      ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

      ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

  • “I can’t believe Frank has allowed Heidi to make such comments over the years without telling his readers how BATSHIT CRAZY she sounds.“

    Oh come on Bangkok, you cannot be serious? You have been here long enough to know what motivates Frank. My observation is he LOVES LOVES LOVES bat shit crazy people, he is their savior. He can save”help” them by exposing the supposed “injustice” that has tortured them. It makes a good story, and the truth is a thread from which the tapestry of articles is made.

    Water finds its own level.

  • I can’t imagine how terrible it must be to walk a mile in Heidi’s shoes. Not just because of what happened to her sister, but to watch local, state and federal agencies do nothing for decades, only to see them step in when people deemed important enough to matter were endangered. Even if those important, endangered women participated in the organization as coaches and recruiters.

    Then to watch those women, those enablers turned victims, make bank from documentaries and win large sums of money from the same court that at one time identified one such person as a co-conspirator. The other being the owner, operator, director, manager, and top recruiter for the Vancouver center that ensnared all of those celebrities, one of whom is in prison (Allison is bad, but the woman whose center recruited her is good…yeah, makes sense).

    And your family? Well, they get nothing. Your sister’s name isn’t mentioned once. Because she’s not the star. Because in the eyes of the law, a 26-year-old and a 30-something going on 40-something with money, resources and connections were more worthy of being protected than a 15-year-old girl.

    That is the crime of the NXIVM/ESP/Raniere story. If Gina Hutchinson’s life was treated as valuable, which it was, nothing that came afterwards would have ever happened.

    So let’s stop dumping on a suffering woman like Heidi who has never been allowed to heal, and maybe start asking what the cops, teachers and social workers in the Albany area actually do all day. Because we know it’s not their jobs.

    And Frank, maybe consider asking the Vancouver cult leader to donate some of her Vow money to help the people who she hurt over the years, to provide therapy to their families.

    • How many f****** times does Sarah have to explain that she is not a producer of The Vow and didn’t make Bank let alone any money off of the show? She literally got an HBO mug. I bet if you went on her Instagram and asked her to give you the mug she would. Then you could stop telling the stupid lie over and over again. Unfortunately it discredits any of the valid points you are trying to make when you keep spreading so much incorrect information that could easily be fact checked.

      • I’m open to what you’re saying. Can you provide a reference that shows she was never compensated, outside of a mug?

        She’s an SAG member. Isn’t it against SAG rules for an actor to not be paid for their work, unless they choose to donate the money?

        • It’s a documentary. Sarah has been very open about how she was or wasn’t compensated through making The Vow. Even if you are saying that you believe she got paid union scale to work on a documentary it would be very little money.

          But she didn’t get paid. Because she is not appearing as an actor or a voiceover artist she is appearing as herself. She is not a producer you can look that up the producers made some money off of selling the documentary.

          If you’re going to refuse to believe those facts there’s not really any point in going back and forth but you can do your own research it isn’t hard information to find out for yourself. As a general rule it’s not a good idea to state things as fact that you haven’t researched yourself.

          • The point I am making is that I am taking your point of view seriously, that I am willing to consider that I’m wrong. The complete opposite of refusing to believe something.

            But I need to be pointed in the right direction, because I don’t see what you see. Even if she appeared as herself, I can’t see someone being the focus of a 10 part HBO series and not being compensated for it. Not her. Not with two kids to support. Not if you’re not getting other roles. Not if you’re living in Vancouver. Despite what Sarah said in the first episode, rent in Vancouver runs a little bit higher than $600 a month, so her word isn’t exactly gospel.

            Who would you recommend I contact at HBO to verify that the focal point of their 10-part series was never paid?

          • @Kevin: A (struggling) actress would most definitely appear in a documentary for free…it’s free publicity!

        • If you’re just being yourself and there’s no reenactments or scripted acting work you do not have to sign a signatory (union) contract.

          So Kevin, could have Googled that a long time ago, if you’re not in the business (although you have said in the past that you ARE in the business and that you worked on set with Allison Mack.)

          Next time do your own homework before you start spreading lies about other people’s personal finances.

          Interestingly you’ve also complained in the comments past about people spreading false info about Allison Mack (cough) hypocrite (cough) much?

          • If your position is that Sarah donated her time and work to a 10-part series, produced by one of the biggest companies in the world, and did it for free, I think it sounds far fetched. But again, I am open to the possibility that this is the case.

            Someone claiming they weren’t paid, or someone claiming on behalf of the person that they weren’t paid, these aren’t the same things as a payroll document which outlines who got paid what, or who got paid at all. Not compensating someone for their time and work, whether they are playing a character or appearing as themselves, is frowned on in the business. Not saying it’s not possible or doesn’t happen, but very rare, and frowned on.

            And whether she was paid or not, it doesn’t change that she made money from ESP as a top recruiter for over a decade. Not a victim, not even close.

        • Don’t you think it’s rude and ironic for you to start a conversation about Sarah on a post about Heidi’s sister when your first comment is fake pretending to care about Heidi’s sister getting more recognition?

          “Kevin” you’re not as good at this as you think you are!

        • Kevin, I wouldn’t worry so much whether Sarah got paid. I see your point. There were a lot of people who didn’t receive any justice in this trial. You’re right. But I don’t think Sarah even ever met Heidi. It’s not like she owes her any specific apology or anything.

      • FactCheckSE (Sarah) please calm down!

        When is your next Hallmark or Lifetime movie coming out? I’m supper excited to watch it! Almost as excited as when I take a dump. Tell Chippy Nippy I said hi!

        P.S. I don’t feel that his nickname is gay. LMAO!

    • Oh Kevin you care so much about Heidi’s sister getting her due that you come on to a post about Heidi’s sister and make it about India and Sarah. You’re the most insincere commenter and you’re so transparent.

      • Disagree. Kevin made an excellent point. It’s brutal but it’s true. Keith messed with Heidi’s sister and Rhiannon and Gina Melita and nobody cared. Not until Catherine Oxenberg stepped in, God bless her!!!

    • “Kevin” is at someone’s funeral all, ” This is so sad that your cousin died. …Almost as sad as when Sarah Edmonson (allegedly) got paid to make The Vow”


      “I’m so sorry for your loss. It reminds me of this one time at V week when India lost vanguard’s used tissue… You know India is a cunt right? Anyway. So sorry that your loved one died. Maybe later we can talk about when India (allegedly) trafficked young girls? No. No. You’re right. This isn’t appropriate. It’s not a good time. What about after the funeral service though? Can we talk about those cunts graveside? Sarah? And India?”


  • BangKOK

    Good going in this article – Heidi H told my mother & me when she was here in Dillon- that her ex-husband vandalized her son’s wheelchair – and that Keith put him up to it.

    Heidi told us her ex-husband made her move out, because of things that NXIVM said and did.

    Heidi told us- “she met my sister, Kris Snyder, and that Gina knew her, and Gina was killed by Keith- as was Kris.

    Heidi told us – the deaths were too close together and that KR killed both girls for the kick of it.

    Heidi – upon when she was supposed to leave Dillon- got to Charlotte, NC for her flight, and turned around, and wanted to come back to talk to me. We called law enforcement- to make sure she could NOT come back into Dillon County.

    Heidi suggested, and it was rude and NOT appropriate- for Heidi to continue to suggest that KR had had any kind of relationship with MY sister. Heidi would NOT shut up.

    Also, yes she eats too much and embarrasses herself – she is always smoking. Yuck 🤢- !!!!!!!!!!!

    Heidi made up the LIE – when she found out that I had asthma – her son, then had it.

    Susan Dones tried to show her she lied every time she opened her mouth- and was spewing garbage all of the time.

    Heidi did NOT know Kris and Gina did NOT know Kris, and KR (was who knows where)- when these girls died.

    • Kim, you’re an equally paranoid lardass who makes beaded bracelets for a living, and was once described as having the intellect of an elementary school child. I see no reason why you and Heidi wouldn’t be BFF.

  • In defense of Heidi, I think Keith Raniere is totally creepy enough to drive people insane. I know, I know, he’s not “that” powerful but still? Just look at some of the things he convinced his followers to do.

    Also? Heidi’s sister is dead from an apparent suicide after being involved with this guy. Plus? Kristin was stalked. Toni was stalked.

    I’m not suggesting that Heidi is necessarily correct in her interpretation of things. I really can’t see any reason why anybody would be stalking her, especially at this point. But it’s somewhat understandable (to me) why she’s become so hypervigilant.

    To be honest, I think it’s possible Heidi might have PTSD. It could explain the hypervigilance and intrusive thoughts as well as her anger and the lashing out at others. To be clear, I do not possess the qualifications to have any meaningful opinion on this. I just think it’s a possibility.

    The most qualified thing I really can say is that I always wish people would be kind to one another. And while maybe Bangkok isn’t being very nice calling Heidi bat shit crazy, it’s still kind of him to take the time in writing this message.

    I’d also add that, Heidi, if you’re experiencing intrusive and unwelcome thoughts, it’s okay to ask for help. Ya, maybe some people think you’re crazy (and maybe you’ve even wondered if it’s true), but there are lots of safe people in the world who won’t necessarily jump to that conclusion.

    As fearful as you are, I understand this might be hard for you to believe but let me assure you. Bangkok took the time, Frank has taken the time, and now I’m taking the time because it makes me sad to see you in this kind of distress.

    Now imagine finding someone completely unconnected to the frank report. Someone that’s there just for you. If something really is going on, it will probably help to talk to someone that has nothing to do with this. It could be a counselor or someone in your church or just anybody, really that helps you feel safe. But my suggestion is to try and find someone fresh, someone new, someone totally unconnected to this garbage. I think a counsellor (because they are trained and skilled to provide emotional support) would be a good choice but make it somebody that you choose. And somebody that you like.

    Take your power back!

    Keith Raniere does not rule the world.

    Even if Keith does somehow have you surrounded, he does not control everything and everyone. There are so many good people in the world that have never even heard of this joker. Tread carefully if you must, but just know, there are a lot of safe people and places out here. I promise.

    • “Keith Raniere is totally creepy enough to drive people insane.” Indeed, and he works at it too – gaslighting all the way until you question all your own thoughts.

      The stalker behavior (even the stalker by proxy with flying monkeys techniques) was already in play after I left him in 1984.

      He doesn’t like it when his toys walk away. And his way of playing with his toys – worming his way into your psyche, targeting and amplifying your weaknesses, trying his hardest to undermine and discredit your strengths – it leaves you feeling like damaged goods. Good people, support, and the grace of whatever higher power there may be – those help you recover yourself. But it’s hard to stop looking over your shoulder when a narcissistic entitled bastard thinks you owe him your life.

      Especially when he has minions to send after you – minions you may not know, so you won’t see him coming.

      I talked with James Odato for his 2012 expose of Raniere in the Albany Times Union. I spoke with the FBI when they were looking for information on Raniere.

      I post what I can on here to expose him for the fraud that he is so other people won’t have to be so afraid. But I haven’t been shouting into the wind for years about a dead sister whose suicide might be connected to Raniere. I’m not as much of a threat to his ego and image as Heidi is.

      And yet, when the incidence of hacking attempts into my computer and accounts go up, I still gotta wonder.

      Some of his followers truly believed that he was such a higher being that he couldn’t drive because his energy set off police radar detectors. Imagine people believing in him so much that they swallowed that nonsense.

      And then imagine those same fanatic followers thinking you are the enemy because you have accused their demigod. Yeah, sometimes it must be hard to keep paranoia at bay when you know the monster has a pack of rabid dogs that he might unleash at any time.

      • Wow, thanks for sharing that, L.

        I’ve always had this weird suspicion that there’s more to this story than is being told.

        When I examine why I feel this way, I suppose it’s the information contained in his patents as well as reports like yours and Toni’s and Heidi’s that leave me feeling the most unsettled.

  • And another thing: I’m not mad! Don’t forget to put in the part where I’m not mad! —some Dril tweet

  • Thanks for posting this, Frank.

    Just wanted to add one more comment for others reading this.

    Every once in a while, I engage in playing devil’s advocate, where I appear to support Keith’s position in some way by arguing his side of the story.

    For example, last summer I made a post that said he’ll be out in 7 years via a plea deal if he wins his appeal, due to the difficulty of holding a 2nd trial when certain witnesses will no longer be ‘forced’ to testify for the government as part of their original plea deal (since they can’t be re-sentenced).

    But this doesn’t mean that I like Keith or support his position. I don’t. He’s an asshole who deserves what he got.

    Most of my posts (over the years) have criticized Keith and NXIVM.

    I also sometimes use sarcasm without smileys or obvious indications, like when I said: “according to confidential, highly placed sources” —– which most people understand is just humorous sarcasm, especially coming from a joker like me, lol.

  • A few years ago I posted under a different moniker here and Heidi accused me of stalking her because I guess some of my posts had similar words to words she had spoken or heard at some time in her life. Um, the dictionary only has a finite number of words in it! It’s definitely paranoid delusions. Maybe there are some people trying to stalk her, but I sure as hell never did, and I believe Bangkok when he/she says they never did either.

    I wish Heidi would get help so she could discern the things she truly needs to be concerned about from the things that are of no concern.

  • I don’t get what Bangcock is trying to say. I’d like to request another few dozen paragraphs from him on the topic.

      • Mr. Parlato.

        I have seen that you never replied to my longer message about censorship.

        I plead with you and implore you to kindly please address the things that I said in my longer text and thrill me with your acumen on these very important points. Please and thank you.

        I look forward to hearing from you.

        • Please Mr. McBlack be patient. I have several stories ahead in the queue. Then I will look at Patriot God’s submissions.

          • Dear Kim,

            Yes it is I! The Great Patriot God! No need to blush and be in awe (even though it highly understood why you would! 😉)!

            I would just like to let you know that it is genetically impossible for old man Ginzo to stop being a *moron* (which I think that you were actually trying to say instead of *Maron*).

            Ginzo is very special kind of guido idiot and therefore, it will take years of behavioral correction, patriotic education (which Lord knows will be a miracle if he even understands a quarter of it) and countless brutal (but absolutely necessary) beatings and whippings to teach him his place in life from our beloved and Holy Night Riders to get him anywhere near an acceptable creature (for an inferior sub-species that is)!

            But with faith in The Lord and his promise in The Book of Genesis Chapter 9 Verse 2, anything is possible! 😉

            ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

            ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

          • Dear Mr. Parlato,

            That was not what I was inquiring about.

            With all due respect, I truly wish that you’d pay more attention to my messages. I will copy/paste my message in quotations that I was referring to. Please thoroughly reply to this message.

            Thank you.

            “I wanted to ask you why do you always censor Patriot God and the other guys if you claim to be such a supporter of the 1st amendment?

            I also thought that you thought that they were ‘funny’ and ‘clever’? If all of that is the case, then why do you continue to censor them?

            I mean what’s the point? Also, if you believe that they are truly “liberals trying to making racism look stupid and insane” (like you have said before), then why not let them continue to do so? I would think that you’d be all for that?

            If you think that they are actually serious, then how do you think that you will ever change their minds about it if you don’t allow public debate and discussion to triumph?

            If you truly think they are insane, then wouldn’t allowing them to say what they want without censorship and addressing everything they say point by point in an intelligent manner be the best medicine to cure them? I mean with all due respect, Mr. Parlato, you claim that you want Patriot God and the rest of them to “take their meds”, but you constantly refuse to prescribe them the best medication of all; truth to what they all say.

            How are they truly going to be “treated” if you don’t act like the psychologist that you claim to be and let them talk and then address their thoughts? That’s what true psychologists do. They are very quiet let them air out everything that they fell without censorship and then address them when they are done. If you are the psychologist/psychiatrist that you claim to be, why are you not implementing your training properly?

            As a psychologist you should know that isolation only Insulates the disorder. That’s psychology 101. If you don’t understand that, then you must have never truly gotten a degree because you’ve failed the first few weeks of your education.

            I would think one way or another you wouldn’t do that to them. And I also see that every single time one of them addresses you about it, you never seem to answer this making them look right in their own eyes. With all due respect, Mr. Parlato, perhaps it’s time to renew and refresh your mind on the very basics of your self-proclaimed education and occupation interest.

            Don’t you think one way or another no matter what you actually believe about them that you should do what I’m saying instead because it’s the much wiser decision?

            That would be the smarter route than making yourself look like a coward to them.

            Please think about this if you’re not going to reply to it (which I hope that you will).

            Thank you.”

          • Mr. McBlack, you are clearly an educated man. I will be looking at Patriot’s submission shortly.

          • “Mr. McBlack, you are clearly an educated man. I will be looking at Patriot’s submission shortly.”

            With all due respect, Mr. Parlato, can you please demonstrate yourself as the “educated man” that I truly believe that you can be by actually interacting with me on what I said and please stop constantly being evasive?

    • He’s trying to say it’s you Nutjob that’s stalking Heidi and him. Leave them alone. Let them live their lives.

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