Heidi Says NXIVM Is Harassing Her and She Needs Help

Heidi Hutchinson

Some people think I was wrong to publish Heidi’s accusations against Kristin. And to post Kristin’s response. Heidi believes she is the victim of an orchestrated NXIVM attack. It has sabotaged her life for years, she says. She says NXIVM is still stalking her.

Does she need protection from NXIVM stalkers? Or is NXIVM long gone? Are there Nxians who want to harm Heidi? Or is she imagining this? Either way, she needs help, and I want to help her.

She asked me to publish this, and after holding back at first, I decided to post it – at her request. Maybe somehow this will help her. Maybe if it is true, it will ward off the NXIVM stalkers. And if it is not, perhaps it will lead to some other kind of help.

If it is something else, it might result from what I call the Keith Raniere effect. His influence on lives is to shatter them. To destabilize them to the point of paranoia and delusion. I am not saying it is conclusive. Maybe she is being harassed. Perhaps it is not NXIVM but someone else. But since she asked for publication, I will honor her request.

Is NXIVM harassing her?

Heidi Hutchinson holds the “Dream Chart of her late sister Gina Hutchinson.
By Heidi Hutchinson

It may have been Raniere’s idea, initially, IDK. All I know is that I’m being stalked.

All I can do to protect myself is to keep telling the truth and prove my innocence. I did nothing to deserve this. This is NXIVM, and this is what they do.

The harassment that occurred featured knives and feathers, and crank calls about a “Tiffany,” renditions of Mack the Knife, stories promoting Simone du Beauvoir, and other oddities.

A fraudulent workman’s comp claim concerning a snake poised to scare caregivers within inches of their lives that NXIVM may have been named in?

The Mexican gent who was texting death threats to me.|

An indoor armchair recliner, with binoculars dangling from it, appeared in our neighbor’s yard, positioned very conspicuously, and obviously to make it appear we were being spied upon.

Broken pieces of stone with “ESP” engraved on it.

Years expired, and moldy food appeared in our fridge.

My son’s wheelchair was vandalized.

We were obviously being tailed. Our license plate was constantly unscrewed in parking lots, fluids tampered with, etc.

There was also an apparent “break-in” to our home, where critical items regularly went missing, only to turn up again after being reported by caregivers, etc.

Indeed, once I did ‘catch’ a young Hispanic boy in a red hoodie climbing over our back fence.

When I reported that, it took three hours for the police to respond, and the officer who finally appeared was from Ojai — hours away from us — and became very flustered when I asked for his card. When a local officer, Sergeant Rinaldi, finally appeared and began likewise questioning the Ojai officer responding to the call, three hours after the fact.

This was many months after the death threats, frozen snakes, and such that went on around the time.

Bangkok is also a stalker, judging from his posts that detailed my whereabouts and situation — c’mon, how else does he know what my pool guy said?

Bangkok is obviously someone close to my ex-husband, if not Jeff Apple himself. Bangkok knows my whereabouts.

These corrupt characters continue to target me. I have reason to believe NXIVM influenced them.

The accusations against me include reports that I exposed myself to or somehow “sexually molested” my son. These were investigated three times in LA County, once in Ventura County, and found false every time.

Yet, the accusations alone — which I believe NXIVM was behind — were enough for my ex, Jeff Apple, and his lawyer to opportunistically light on them in Court to steal (and churn attorney fees against) Dylan’s resources.

I’ve never so much as run past my son in a towel.

NXIVM’s longtime cyberstalking and extortion activities date back to my divorce with Jeff.

Among Jeff’s false allegations is that my “delusions” include the belief that “the NXIVM cult, along with the FBI and the CIA,” is after me, and I apparently intend to shoot Dennis Burke and/or Keith Raniere.

In fact, it was the Secret Service I believe Jeff contacted to help justify Sullivan’s (former head of the Secret Service) court appearance on behalf of Keith Raniere, offering armed guard services to protect him, and bolster Raniere’s claim that he fled the country not to evade justice, but to dodge my sharpshooter bullet.

I have never owned or operated a gun, never so much as I thought about harming anyone, let alone ever threatening anyone.

I did not have a gun on me — as my ex-husband, Jeff, falsely reported to the police.

Jeff produced “In the Line of Fire” and hired retired Secret Service agents as consultants — whom he apparently told the person out to kill Raniere was ME.

Seriously. He told police and the Court I have a gun with homicidal intent to off Raniere. He told Los Robles Hospital the same — I ended up there with a sprain the night police shockingly showed up to kick me out of my own home due to court orders Jeff obtained by lying about this gun thing.

Fortuitously ended up there with a sprained ankle after being chased at the bus terminal by a couple of “pimps” offering me a ride and complimenting my menopausal looks in sweatpants I hastily pulled out of the dirty laundry pile.

But the hospital shrinks, and orderlies searched my belongings, did a psyche evaluation, drug test, etc. I spoke with the police, and they concluded Jeff is “the narcissist.”

Someone is trying to get me in as much trouble as possible with the law and substantiate his claim that I’m a gun-wielding killer. The killer out to shoot someone, anyone plausibly shootable — Keith Raniere, I presume, is my alleged target. That’s what he’s told police. That’s why he keeps saying I’m delusional, etc. too.

Keith Raniere in Mexico
The police don’t believe him, but IDK what the Secret Service believes, because Secret Service retirees from Dennis Burke’s company, Frontier, represent Clare and did offer to guard Keith

Raniere to protect him at Raniere’s bail hearing.

This all took place at the same time Carlos Slim Helu’ made a payment of $8M to Jeff allegedly for a Telmex/ANTICIPA project that never came to fruition.

Carlos Salinas and his ally Carlos Slim
I strongly believe drug money laundering is at the nexus of NXIVM’s Mexican operations.

I didn’t mention anything about the gaslighting and death threats, so as not to appear paranoid.

I’ve never touched a gun, never even thought about killing or injuring someone.

But if a flying monkey accidentally runs into some piano wire that lops off his head or gets, say, torn to shreds by a pit bull, who’s responsible?

Would that be the payer, the actors union, or the “paranoid person” in fear of her life who “stood her ground?”


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  • Heidi started out bashing KK, in her opinion MK10, and now…wants readers to help stop the frozen snakes? Post rehab tips for her ankle? Agree with her piano wire and pit bulls are good house protection? Agreed!

    HH, the best thing you can do for your ankle is to weigh somewhat less. The human ankle is not meant to support that kind of mass. Maybe some gentle range of motion stretches.

  • Most times, a Special Needs Trust, or called a Supplemental Needs Trust, automatically reverts to the parents as beneficiaries when the person with special needs (and for whom the trust belongs) passes. Could it be that one parent wants the other parent out of the picture?

    So much is out of context with this post that it is hard to follow and make sense of…seems almost like ramblings.

    • Clifton Parker. My first impression was that it might be an ex trying to gaslight Heidi and drive her into doing stupid things out of desperation, and there had to be a motive behind this harassment. ‘

      Why would KR/Nxivm waste time and resources for no apparent reason? If there is a logical reason (not an emotional suspicion), then it was not made clear in this post.

      Your ‘take’ makes a lot more sense (follow the money…).

      Whoever is behind this, and for whatever reason, no one deserves this. Not sure how anyone can help, though. Certainly, Heidi directing her anger/guilt at Kristin K isn’t going to lead anywhere.

      • Frank himself is investigating mother’s being denied access to their children and most of these cases involve a narcissist ex husband that wants the kids to punish the wife and then there’s the money aspect. The way they do this is gaslighting and making everyone believe the woman is insane. It’s not far fetched. It might not be to do with NXIVM though but who really knows.

  • Hey, Ginzo!

    Go check your emails!

    I fixed and edited another article! POST ONLY THE ONES THAT SAY FIXED ON THEM!



    Good God! You’re slower than a nigger picking cotton in a cotton field with posting those articles!


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      • Dear anti-American,

        If you wish to leave the degenerate foreigners in here to rob, rape, steal, murder and warp the culture in our country to degeneracy and eventually overthrow all the white people like they’ve admitted to wanting and then hold my TABW Movement in contempt as “depraved”, then you are an idiot!

        You either fight for this country or you’re an enemy of this country! Which is it?!

        I know where I stand!

        ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

  • Frank
    Heidi told us here in Dillon- her ex- husband vandalized the wheelchair – she told people, KR was putting mail in her mail box and now this non- sense.
    Heidi NXIXM is gone – gone – gone- stop being a freaking “drama queen” and grow up. This is All of the same crap that YOU told in Dillon, and we did NOT believe YOU then, and we sure as hell don’t believe you now. Brain – washed and nuts –

  • As I stated before in the days of Saratoga In Declin,e I received daily death threats. I went to Rodger Kirsopp of the NYSP with my computer to show him some of the emails I received. I also gave him my Passwords so he could better trace their source. As some of you are aware that didn’t work out too well.

    Hope you have better luck than me, Heidi.

    Take Care. Trust no one

    John Tighe

  • This is Scientology level bullshit. This woman lost her sister. This is terrorism and harassment. There is a lot of mexican money behind the scenes. no one deserves this kind of harassment.

    • Well, well. Shadow treats us with more “well researched” information. Unbelievable diarrhea. No sane human being believes this crap. It’s embarrassing Shadow. But not for Biden….

  • Frank:
    Apparently there is an epidemic of Drama Queens in America.
    Our Fearless Leader Joe Biden claimed that he has Cancer.
    Joe Biden says he “has cancer” in awkward speech slip up
    On top of that Fearless Leader Biden has Covid-19
    President Biden Tests Positive For Covid-19
    Maybe Biden can come down with Monkey Pox next!

    NXIVM’s own resident Drama Queen Heidi Hutchinson claims that NXIVM, the Secret Service, the FBI and CIA and Keith Raniere are stalking her.
    There’s only one answer:
    A song from Napoleon XIV
    They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Haaa! with Lyrics

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