Go Easy Heidi

Heidi and Gina Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson holds the “Dream Chart” of her late sister Gina Hutchinson.

Heidi Hutchinson wrote this.

Very disappointed, but not altogether, not really at all, surprised at getting the silent treatment and worse from Kristin. Sincerely hoped she was mentally healed enough to be a bit more honest than this.

Read her first response to Nutjob’s question about Nancy’s initial take on Keith as a scary psycho (something I also recall) and it’s already edited on Trials and Truths and, again, reedited herein.

Said it before, and I’ll say it again, you can take the girl out of NXIVM but you can’t take the NXIVM out of the girl.

If you have nothing truthful to say about Gina, please, at least let her rest in peace, instead of apparently trying to claim her soul. What you say you told Moira Penza about studying mysticism and Eastern philosophy & religion was true of her, Kristin, not of you.

As for me, I trust in God and Karma, all the same. As the Bible says, you reap what you sow.

Be safe, be well, and by all means do unsubscribe me from both these bloody, tainted blogs – FR and whatever it “begets.”

MK10 portrait of Kristin Keeffe.

My Response

By Frank Parlato

I’ll get you unsubscribed, Heidi. But I recall Kristin’s interest in Eastern Philosophy since I knew her.

I have to defend her from your assertion that she had anything to do with Gina’s death. She did not write her “death chart.” That was Keith, I suspect. He guided Gina, I suppose.

Even years after it happened, the loss of Gina affected Kristin. She was not there.

But Kristin did not neglect Gina. Gina went her own way.

For Kristin to come out and take her place is a good thing. I support her. She is brilliant. So are you Heidi.

Many times they criticized you. You caught Raniere red-handed, sleeping with your sister when she was 15.

They said you could have stopped this man’s career and saved your sister.

I defended you. You were young. You were 20 and hoped Raniere would marry Gina as he seems to have promised.

It was a mistake, but not ill-intended.

How many lives might have been saved had you told on the criminal? No one knows.

Think of that the next time you charge us with all our mistakes and evil intent.

Many of your recollections are wrong, Heidi. Not grounded on facts. Plain off and wrong.


So please, Heidi, stop attacking. It won’t do well.

Kristin believed in Raniere at one time. She was not the only one. Your sister believed. Many others whose lives have gone to ruin believed in him.

If the grave could open, we could talk again to Gina, Kristin Snyder, Pam or Barb, or others he knew and who died.

What would they tell us?

We talk about an object lesson. We cannot go back and undo it.

If we could, I would ask you to return to one Christmastime in the shadows of the past.

You saw a man climbing from your sister’s bedroom. They asked you not to tell. She was 15. He was 23.

A bearded monster. I ask you to go back and go to the police. Go to your mom. Tell them.

He was a grown man. She was a child. It was statutory rape then as it is now.

But you can’t go back.

So I will thank you for going to Jim Odato and John Tighe and telling your story. Telling it even with your mistake in it.

That prevented some, who knows how many little girls from the deviant rapist.

I want you to consider that we do not know what happened to Gina. Keith may not have killed or persuaded her to suicide. The so-called Buddhist monks she was with had a hold on her.

She may have caused them trouble. I have learned that many of these are not what they appear to be. She died on their grounds.

Go easy on yourself. I know about false accusations. I know for a time, the authorities accused you of abusing your son. I was ready to defend you. I knew it wasn’t true.

Then when Puto stalked and threatened, I confronted him.

Go easy on yourself.

As for Gina, telling her story has been one that stopped others from going down her dark and lonely road. Not only stopped some from Raniere’s grasp, but also from others’.

Not grief, but gratitude. Take her and cut her out in little stars.

Don’t be too hard on the victims who still follow him. It always astonishes me how callow the victims of Raniere can be.

They act as if they invented a change of mind. They might have followed a dozen years and fought as the dead-enders do now for their right to believe. But for them, the dead-enders are ludicrous fools, evil and ill-intended.

Because they do not see instantly what it took them a dozen years to see.

It must come in time. They must discover that all they have seen, heard, and been told by him are lies. And ‘each discovery is another nail driven into the body on the cross of life.’

It comes with pain to realize you were wrong about the most important thing in your life.

But it must come. No one will give them the time. No space for change. Only condemnation.

But Kristin’s is not like the little hearts of the others. She can feel for those who were led astray by the monster. She followed for 22 years. Then she rescued herself and her son. She is trying now to help others. Let us be happy about that. Instead of the harsh voice of condemnation.

Go easy, Heidi.

Be gentle on the curves and turns, for there are many, and the road ends up always the same.

The followers of Raniere often did not know of their talent. They were those who could soar. And they did not know it when he brushed or marred them and took away their flight.

Some of them became aware of his hatred and learned to think. I helped a few.

But the love of flight was gone.

They forgot to remember that it was effortless before they knew him. That’s why they went to him. They heard the chimes at midnight and ran to get from him what they had already. And will have again.

So some of them still long for the vanished past. Go easy on them.

MK10ART – Gina Hutchinson

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  • Heidi
    YOUR lies about both Kristins are cold and ugly. I will “thank you” to stop meddling in our lives – Kris Snyder, is OUR business and concern – NOT yours. YOU did NOT know her, she did NOT know Gina, and there was NO connection in their deaths. Stop the LIES -!!!!!!! YOU did NOT meet Kris – neither did Gina, stop the lies.

    YOU need to go to the police – stop attacking others and stop the stalking and the Groce stuff –

    Kim Snyder

  • Frank,
    Spewing hate and discord might get more attention
    Love and Compassion are healing for all.

    This would be a welcome new direction for the FR.
    Can you keep it up?

  • Please stick around, Heidi, things are really getting interesting now. The “truth” is very elusive here. When I trained teachers, I used to tell them — don’t be scared to lose your temper and go ape in the classroom.

    Just make 100 per cent sure before you do it, that you’re correct and know all the facts, before you go berserk. Or you can make a fool of yourself. Stick around, let the situation develop.

    • Agree with Fred. And I’d add that none of us are perfect. I wish I had a few mulligans in my life for berserk.

  • I’ve been cyber-stalked, harassed, and lied about online by Heidi Hutchinson for years and years. I’m a compassionate person, and in recognition of Heidi’s very severe mental illness, I’ve held back. But enough is enough.

    After all the years of torture and abuse I went through at the hands of Keith Raniere, I don’t need this shit.

    Gina had nothing to do with NXIVM. She had only a five-minute conversation with Keith at my behest in the last ten years of her life.

    She would always mock me about Keith (albeit gently because she was a kind soul), but it was pretty funny in retrospect.

    Like, “Oh god, here we go again about Keith.” She totally saw through Keith as an adult. She had zero to do with NXIVM ever. All this shit Heidi has said is complete and total lies.

    The truth is Gina was living with Heidi for a year or more when she drove to the Buddhist monastery in Woodstock. NY and killed herself. Heidi drove Gina to suicide. She is a dark and evil person, relentlessly trying to torture me all these years for some ungodly and sick reason. Just like Keith Raniere.

    I had some dealings with Heidi during my relationship with Gina, and they were shockingly horrible. Gina had a hard time processing the depth of Heidi’s depravity even then and I had no idea what we were dealing with. She is an evil dishonest con artist. I could give dozens of examples. Gina and I were lighthearted optimists who couldn’t process that reality.

    Heidi, if you publish one more lie about me or Gina, I’m going to sue the shit out of you. Defamation, intentional infliction of emotional harm, you name it. When I left NXIVM, I warned, and warned and warned the leadership not to fuck with me. Now, they are all in jail, deservedly so.

    Bring it. The gloves are off. I will not endure one more second of this.

  • Finally
    No one will give them the time or space for change.

    Yes it comes with deep pain

    This is the first article you have ever written that makes ‘true’ sense.

    Because it was in them all along. But they were givers and it came with hefty price tag.
    I sincerely hope Kristin does and will actually be of an HONEST help to them
    Not like the your a victim, now register with
    this govt office.

    • And franks “soldiers” continue to see Emperor Frank for he really is. Congrats Heidi.

      Anyone else notice all of the “regular” posters are gone?

      • If they are gone, new ones have come in. Some of them, like you, are not here by accident, but for a purpose obviously.

          • “The new “anonymous” ones? The ones you despise? The exposition of FR happens organically.”-Anonymous

            Suck on my meat stick maggot!

          • Frank-

            The “meat stick” comment is directed to Anonymous 10:35am not you,
            you *Big-Red-Cheese.

            *Big Red Cheese: is a reference to the original Caption Marvel better known as Shazam.

          • I misunderstood. My apologies. And Anonymous 10:35 – I believe you have been made an offer.

      • Nah. Some aren’t commenting because it’s about a tragic death. And the rest seems like some interpersonal stuff going on. Wishing the best for all but knowing this ain’t their battle. And there’s a better chance of peaceful accord if only the injured parties communicate. You know… Grown-up stuff.

        • Anonymous 9:34 – I have been here since 2018. I just rarely include my voice. I suspect that there are many like me.

          Anonymous 12:03 Exactly! Well said!

        • Good comment anon 12.03pm. This is a highly sensitive situation where people are getting hurt and we will never fully understand it.

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