India to Raniere: ‘The Unimaginable Shame of Waiting Naked, Like a Piece of Meat’

India Oxenberg

India Oxenberg was the 10th victim to speak at Keith Raniere’s sentencing.  The nine who preceded her were:


Sarah Edmondson

Mark Vicente

Ivy Nevares

Toni Natalie

Barbara Bouchey

Susan Dones

Kristin Keeffe


While Judge Garaufis, in keeping with his policy of using only first names for women who were judged victims of Raniere, used only India’s first name in court, I have chosen to use her first and last name.

Everyone knows who she is. She has her own docuseries and is writing a book.  I chose to do the same with Sarah Edmondson. If someone goes public, they “outed” themselves.

On the other hand, I have adopted the policy of the court of not using the last names of women who have not written books, made documentaries, or otherwise gone public, such as Nicole, Sylvie, Jaye and Daniela.

In fact, I agreed before the trial to not name Jaye [which is actually not her real first name] when I was told she was wavering about testifying and the final decision of whether she would testify might hinge on whether I was going to name her on the Frank Report. I immediately agreed to not name her and use her chosen name Jaye in my report.

India, however, did not – or perhaps could not – choose to have such privacy. Her mother, Catherine, started the whole DOS upheaval when she told me that India was branded and I wrote about it. This caused India to be named right from the start. This also caused a reaction in the cult that led to many slaves escaping, including Jaye.

Though India told her story in court via her victim impact statement – as a victim of Raniere, she also tells her story in a four-part docuseries, Seduced, which was seen on Starz cable network and is now available on Flixtor: Here is the link to watch all four episodes of Seduced.

One of the most controversial things India said in her victim statement at the sentencing hearing, is that Raniere called and/or instructed Allison Mack to call Michele Hatchette the n-word. Hatchette denies she ever heard this and said she does not believe it is true. She also said she does not believe Raniere is a racist.


By India Oxenberg

Hello, Your Honor.  I’m going to address you [referring to Raniere].

You stole seven years of my life from me that I will never get back. Yet, just last night, I bolted up from sleeping as I do most nights since leaving the cult, gripped with fear of your words, the unwanted touch.  The horror of hearing his voice in the darkness, telling me to wait naked until he would appear, unwanted, uninvited, I was totally frozen, leaving my body so I didn’t have to be with you when you would rub your fingers across my brand, me not knowing it was your monogram and you would gaze and smile at it.

The unimaginable shame of waiting naked, like a piece of meat, a branded, brainwashed sex slave as I have been known in the media because of you.

Will I always feel like this?

I don’t know, but I do know I have wanted to end my life numerous nights since leaving, believing your words that I was weak, without substance, no sense of self.

I have been left with little to no self-worth for a while, wondering if anybody would even miss me or if I mattered at all. But I also know I will be a victim of Keith Raniere for the rest of my life, but I don’t need to live as one.

I am here because you exploited me. You have coerced and manipulated me, sexually, financially, physically and mentally. You tried to destroy my family by turning me against my own mother, telling me in your own words that did she was a psychopath, pulling me back into hell that was painted as sanctity. You are a sexual predator and you raped me, forcing me to engage in sexual acts with blackmail compounding over me.

When you touched me, I recoiled, blaming myself like I was defective and broken.  I felt obligated to engage with you because of the blackmail and saying no to your advances meant consequences and punishment from Allison Mack.

Forced stays in Albany turned into permanent relocation and restriction of my travel and autonomy.

You are cruel and you are racist, coming up with nicknames for all of us women, referring to Michele as the N-word and laughing as you instructed Allison Mack to refer to her as the N-word as well, one of the most cruel acts I’ve ever witnessed.

Encouraging Allison to punish any of us who stood up against her, every action orchestrated by you. A woman who once desired a career in social justice now happily refers to herself as your slave.

The brand. You are a liar and a sadist, getting pleasure from watching our skin burn with your initials while we innocently accepted your lies of love, bonding, rising above pain for a greater good.   No, you are just a deviant, trying to mask yourself as a lamb.

Just let’s call it what it is because everyone can see it now. I trusted you. You told me you had my best intentions, but you hurt me.

Here are some of the ways that I was affected during my time in NXIVM and in DOS.

  • I was put on a restricted-calorie diet for over a year.
  • I was permitted only limited sleep.
  • A constant mix of praise and verbal abuse became my normal life.
  • I was instructed to be 106 pounds and needed to lose 20 pounds without any consideration for my health or wellbeing.
  • You played doctor and I was your human science experiment. This caused me to lose my period, threatening my ability to reproduce because I became so thin.  I still suffer from medical issues because of this, all because you wanted me to look like I was twelve years old; a girl, hungry, weak and easy to manipulate. I had no idea of these perverted desires of yours and would often just put myself to bed because I was in extreme hunger pains.
  • I was making little to no money the entire seven years I was in NXIVM.  A time when many others would be building a career or getting an education,
  • and I spent nearly a hundred thousand dollars on your curriculums and related expenses.
  • I was branded with a cauterizing pen.  This extremely painful procedure lasted 30 minutes and took months to heal. I may have to live the rest of my life with Keith’s initials seared into my flesh and I’m not sure if I will ever be able to put that fully behind me. I don’t need to look at the brand to remember the abuse. I just have to close my eyes to remember. I hear yours and Allison’s words.
  • I was also instructed to write damaging documents against my own mother from Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman, who instructed me to sue my mother.
  •  I was also required to recruit other women into DOS and I was punished if I did not.
  • I was also instructed to seduce Keith as a test to my loyalty. Supposedly, this would show me I was willing to push against my fears and experience what it feels like to be rejected. This is how they manipulated me into thinking it was for my own growth. This turned into dozens of sexual encounters with a man I was not attracted to. I would never have consented to this if I wasn’t being blackmailed or threatened with my collateral if I did not obey.   I did not join ESP to be abused and enslaved.
  • I was gaslit and coerced.

I still hear yours and Allison’s words:

“Everything I do for you is for your own good.”

“You’re a bad master.”

“You are weak.”

“You let people walk all over you,” when I wouldn’t punish the people I was forced to recruit.

“You are an entitled little Princess. You don’t know who you are, you have no sense of self, and if you don’t do this you will never grow.”

“You are good at being a slave, those skills come naturally to you.”

I experienced emotional humiliation from people who said they were my friends, and psychological punishment if I could not complete what was being demanded of me by Allison and Keith. I was also physically isolated and instructed to stay in Albany for months at a time. Although they told me I was free, I could not actually go home when I wanted because of all the consequences if I did so.

This caused great strain on me and my family and my friendships at home. I was estranged and being told that it was for my benefit to stay in Albany and return home.

After leaving this group, I’ve experienced both physical and mental damage including panic attacks, extreme anxiety, digestive issues, as well as physical pain in my body that amplifies with stress and suicidal thought.

Keith Raniere is without remorse.

I know that, despite everything he might say now, he is not capable of changing. I see this clearly now, as he instructs his loyalists to defend him from prison.

To me, it is only fitting that he gets a permanent sentence as his damage is permanent on me and so many others.  It’s bad enough to be physically raped, which he did, but Keith is also the type of predator who targets and degrades the entire fabric of his victims’ lives. He takes everything that is good and destroys it. I would like to never have to live in fear of Keith Raniere again and know that no other man or woman will be able to be victimized by him or his cohorts.

Your Honor, that is why I am asking for life, a permanent sentence.

Thank you.


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  • India is really milking this for all it’s worth. She had at least three slaves herself and had to be prised off Raniere. She must have collected collateral and bent their minds. She was just fortunate that her mother helped her in spite of herself. She should have a bit of gratitude and humility and go to bat for Alison Mack.

    • Allison Mack had been privy to Keith Raniere’s plans from the beginning, she has never been blackmailed by Raniere to deliver blackmail material to him. She did all this voluntarily. Now to expect India Oxenberg to be grateful to Allison Mack, who has lied and deceived India in every way, is absolutely brazen.

      • Alison did provide blackmail material on herself to Raniere according to Frank Report. Probably India would have been just as enthusiastic a slave master as Alison given more time and could/would have been regarded as a monster. She has been luckier. The original fault, as the main lesson learned from the Stanford experiments such a long time ago, is “Be careful who you put into authority over you” because you become, by degrees, ever more helpless. Of course, Alison did bad things but so did most of the women Raniere manipulated and it is human nature to point to others and say, they did worse.

        Also, India’s article (“The Unimaginable Shame ……) does not ring true. If she felt that way, she would have left. She feels that way NOW perhaps but it is not stopping her from using prurient material to make money.

        Yes, she should go to bat for Alison to mitigate her sentence.

        • “ Also, India’s article (“The Unimaginable Shame ……) does not ring true. If she felt that way, she would have left. She feels that way NOW perhaps but it is not stopping her from using prurient material to make money.”

          The same is said of abused women in intimate relationships with abusive men. There is much written on the subject of cycles of abuse and how the introductory love bombing changes over time to the maintenance of promising a return to that period, with gas lighting and constant movement of boundaries and expectations.

          The fact that the abuse happened in a cult doesn’t make it unique to cults. It mirrors patterns of how domestic violence works, with the addition of recruiting more women into it and conflating trauma bonding with sisterhood.

    • I just finished watching one documentary and am analyzing the information right now. On one hand, the girl concluded the show by saying, “I’m trying to make sure that others don’t have the experience I did because as soon as you think something like this will never happen to you that’s exactly when it can.”

      On the other hand, I’m thinking: she still recruited 3 other girls into it… so I can’t say I’m a fan of that… nevertheless, it’s clear she felt compelled to do pretty much everything she did because of the blackmail and coercive control.

      There’s a reason Raniere’s in jail and she’s not. it’s wonderful that she shared the flash drives that made a major difference in the case. As for “going to bat for Alison Mack,” LOL!!! India never would’ve been branded and harmed if it weren’t for Alison Mack and Raniere.

      If anything comes to punish them as badly as they hurt their victims, I’m glad. If anything comes to punish them more than their victims, I’m glad: ‘D but no one in the history of mankind should feel “gratitude” or “humility” for someone who groomed them for abuse and engaging in criminal activity! That’s the worst of all influences.

      What’s more: Mack already “pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering charges” so I suppose she can have fun “going to bat” for herself;) Frank remains my favorite person in this whole story.

      • India should feel grateful to her mother and Frank Parlato – and humility that she has escaped in spite of her own silliness and wilfulness and compassion towards Alison Mack because she fell into the same trap. That is what would make India a true heroine and survivor.

        Self-awareness is knowing how you fell into the trap, not just vilifying the person who laid it.

        • You just sound like you have it out for India and I think it’s wrong. I’m not even a fan of the girl but she already saved the day with the flash drives that helped shut the cult down. The girl doesn’t have to do a thing for Allison Mack and she never did!! She’s scarred for life because of the people who operated above her. Are you even human or am I talking to the most emotionally disconnected bot on the internet?! I’m not sure! But also in response to a comment above about India needing to be “prised off” at Raniere– not in his wildest dreams! The guy looks so short and ancient to me compared to her! She’s like Persephone the goddess and he reminds me of HADES from the old mythological stories lol. She also said she was never sexually attracted to him so I think your opinion on this was the furthest possible thing from the truth and I do not care to continue talking to you! Last points: if the girl were “silly,” then why the hell did they have her working as a coach? That’s a rhetorical question. She already came out on top whether you like it or not! She has some hot chef fiancé now who’s in her age group and nice to her, encouraging her to eat something every once in a while! She’s upgraded. She’s moved up. And she helped take Nxivm down. Allison vilified herself by her own actions And already pleaded guilty. bye-bye.

        • —India should feel grateful to her mother and Frank Parlato

          Nothing could be more true!

          But would it have made a difference?

          Frank has never mentioned if Allison Mack’s parents had reached out to him.

          • I suspect India feels more gratitude for her mother and Frank Parlato than any of us are likely to be compelled to feel over a lifetime. Not every human has people to thank for saving their lives. Most of us only get to feel that way about doctors, nurses, and possibly surgeons. Even more of us just about manage flowers on Mothers/Fathers day.

    • India was brainwashed and a young girl. She wanted the approval of her elders like Allison Mack & Raniere & Salzman. They used her Oxenberg name to recruit others. Sorry, but I see her as a victim.

  • My hiatus lasted longer than expected. How’s Raniere doing? More importantly, how is Mr. Parlato? Any idea when a retrial will be? Is Shadow still here?

    • Welcome back Peaches!

      The whole cast of characters are still here.

      BTW: I am the reformed Nice Guy.

      Frank’s new policy is all comments are to be polite, respectful, and dignified.

      It’s like Time Square moving from the Koch 70s to Giuliani 90s.

      • Comments that are rude, disrespectful and insulting have been published recently. If you put freedom of speech above everything else, you take insults and slurs for granted, and publish them, as I noticed on Frank Report. Either you are ignorant and insensitive, or you don’t want to notice it. Only when I pointed out an insulting comment that if the insults are not deleted, I will draw my consequences and will not comment any more, it was edited.

  • I finished watching Seduced. After reading her statement and seeing Seduced, it really hit me how Keith was really good at taking people’s characteristics and attacking them with it.

    You could argue that some of the traits that India had indicated that she was a shadow of her mom. You could argue she does not have her own personality, that she lacks an identity, as she is just her mom’s shadow.

    But no. This is just Keith twisting her traits for evil, to hurt her.

    India is a relaxed soul. Not that overly emotional and I think that helped her be able to survive. It is not that she lacked an identity. She has an identity. It is just not an emotional one. I do think it says something about Allison’s personality the fact she was willing to hurt her slaves. India was not able to. Allison, I do think now that is also a narc.

    Finally, India is not her mom’s shadow, but rather a partner of her mom. Together they are unstoppable.

    Well done, India

    • She was 19 upon entering, our prefrontal cortex doesn’t mature until the age of 25. She was a child, she shouldn’t have been expected to have her own full identity yet. No one of 19 years of age is expected to be so.

      “You’re just like your mother” is a common abuse and manipulation tool.

      • Sorry, but she’s not a child. If you’re around six years past the time you’ve started to go through puberty and now can have a child, you should be by this time mentally developed enough to take responsibility for it. If not, then I think it says something more negative about the societal influence that a child was raised in. I think India was a victim, but she was also partially a perpetrator. I think this idea that a person’s prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed at twenty-five years old is misleading in terms of personal responsibility and doesn’t hold much water. How much isn’t really developed? One percent? Five percent? How much does that really impact volitional centers in the mind and brain or critical thinking capabilities?

        I think as a perpetrator she was manipulated into thinking what she was doing had good intent because she presumed good intent from Raniere. But that was only because she may have lacked the critical thinking skills or they were possibly impeded due to the environment and conditions she was subjected to as opposed her brain not being fully developed.

        • “ Even though most of our brain structure is formed by age 5 or 6, our brains are still changing well into adulthood. Specifically, changes in the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that coordinates planning, impulse control, working memory, and attention, are not completed until we are in our twenties. The abilities regulated by the prefrontal cortex allow us to pause and plan a course of action after considering our options.”

          If you enter “prefrontal cortex development age in sentencing” into your search engine, you’ll find medical and legal scholarly articles that explain the changes in understanding how young brains develop and how that impacts their decisions. Prison sentencing for young people has changed because of this.

          At the very least, car rental agencies figured it out by simply not renting to those under 24. Actuaries can point to the numbers.

          A child of 12 can deliver a baby, fertility is not indicative of cognitive judgment. Just because an 8-year-old boy can impregnate a female, also doesn’t bestow cognitive reasoning or judgment on his part.

          The category of adulthood upon the onset of fertility is the justification of child brides in barbaric conditions, not that of a free and equal society that recognizes the ability to give informed consent.

      • —“You’re just like your mother” is a common abuse and manipulation tool.

        I’m man and my says that to me.

    • I saw the series as well, because I was willing to watch it for free rather than put more money in Oxenberg’s pockets. LOL

      As I expected, it was filled with techniques straight out of my experience in Amway, Raniere learned well how to scam people while he was in Amway. LOL

    • Mexican Lady

      I agree with you.

      Allison Mack had an odd fascination with the Marquis de Sade. The Marquis was known for debauchery and cruelty in late 1700s France.

      Allison Mack actually mentioned the Marquis on her Instagram page. She remarked he was an “interesting fellow”.

      Google the Marquis de Sade he is one of the more disturbing men of history.

      • Mexican Lady,

        I believe Shadowstate1958 deserves honorable mention for discovering Allison Mack’s macabre obsession with Marquis.

        I don’t comprehend how anyone could believe Mack did not in fact have a dark side.

        I think of her as a victim/predator. It’s hard to determine how much guilt vs enjoyment she took from her role as master.

        She definitely wasn’t acting and using the Marquis as the basis for a tv role.

        • I’ve read a book by the Marquis de Sade and even Hitler’s Mein Kampf, though I wouldn’t consider tweeting that Hitler was an interesting fellow, though I guess he was, technically.

          de Sade has notoriety for being one of the first-known SM’ers–at least in his fiction. I’m not sure how much of what he did in life has been verified. His books are totally ridiculous twisted serial-killer-like fantasies though. But then, people still love reading about and watching movies/TV shows (SVU, anyone?) about twisted and sadistic crimes/activities…does that mean anyone who watches those has “a dark side”? Maybe. Maybe not.

  • I feel terrible for the pain and suffering of India and her family.

    I just have to point out this one thing that I hear brought up a lot:

    “…all because you wanted me to look like I was twelve years old.”

    Just because a man likes skinny women doesn’t mean the man is a pedophile. When Keith came of age in the 70s, rail thin was pretty much the ideal of beauty. Just look at the Charlie’s Angels from back then. Skinny Mia Farrow, etc. I’m not debating the merits of any of his practices regarding prescribing diets, many of which were totally fu*ked up, but I’m tired of hearing that liking skinny women = pedophile. The fact that he apparently prefers ungroomed 70’s bushes also contradicts that equation.

    If I sound like I doth protest too much, you’re on to something. I’m a slender woman who got shit about it my whole life even though I ate whatever and as much as I wanted. I can hear the tiny violins playing now.

    • I remember that era you’re speaking of, vividly. At the time, actresses like Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver, and Brooke Shields in any number of movies and TV commercials were overtly sexualized. Brooke Shields was put in Playboy as a minor. The Runways, Kim Foleys underage sex bombs. Woody Allen ogling Mariel Hemingway. It was everywhere. Grown women aspired to that aesthetic to be appealing.

      That era you’re reckoning back to a bygone era of innocent anorexia never existed. That era was deeply steeped in the normalization of pedophilia and sexualizing young girls.

        • @Cilantro – whatever the nefarious reasons behind super-slim women being the adult female beauty ideal in the 70s, my point still stands.

          • “Just because a man likes skinny women doesn’t mean the man is a pedophile. When Keith came of age in the 70s, rail thin was pretty much the ideal of beauty. Just look at the Charlie’s Angels from back then. Skinny Mia Farrow, etc.”

            “ The most popular card depicted a female body with a BMI of 19, which is borderline underweight and associated with youth. The study also found that the popularity of female body shapes decreased as the BMI increased. It’s a good job us women live for more than just male approval isn’t it? Thankfully the survey of just 10 countries across the world can hardly be described as comprehensive.

            Apparently there’s an evolutionary reason for this preference, because younger people are seen as fitter and therefore have a better ability to reproduce.

            Fitness in evolutionary terms comprises two things: survival and the ability to reproduce,” Speakman explains. “What we wanted to investigate was the idea that when we look at someone and think they are physically attractive, are we actually making that assessment based on a hard-wired evolutionary understanding of their potential for future survival and reproductive ability?”

            One of the study’s authors, Dr Lobke Vaanholt, added: “Although most people will not be surprised that extreme thinness was perceived as the most attractive body type, since this prevails so heavily in media, culture and fashion, the important advance is that now we have an evolutionary understanding of why this is the case.”

            The top search results in top Porn sites have been “barely legal” and “underage girl” for years. Recently experts have theorized that ranking of “teen” has dropped in rank because teens have been integrated into the other categories as normalized additions, the expectation of a popular profitable norm.

            The point you were making was in reference to yourself, not the larger society that exists in which thin women without curves are associated with youth and fertility. To be viewed as childlike and helpless and therefore sexually appealing IS unsettling. Whether you are thin naturally, or starve and exercise yourself down to an acceptable weight to garner the attention of those who find that appealing doesn’t change the source of that appeal. Your feelings about it don’t change the reality that exists globally and culturally, through mass marketing.

            Are you defending Keith Ranieres documented pedophilia and preference for women that are thin and helpless? I don’t think you are. I think you’re applying this phenomenon in relation to the men in your life.

            What I’m trying to point out to you is the cultural cult that exists around us which made the microcosm of the cult normal and acceptable. The same phenomenon that lead so many young women to take a superficial look at The Vow and not see anything wrong or particularly abusive, even though it was very apparent.

          • @Cilantro I wrote a long reply to your last comment, but then it disappeared when my internet connection dropped right before I hit “post comment.” Maybe it went through, maybe not. If not, I’ll attempt to reconstruct it later. :’-(

          • @Cilantro: I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Here are some of my thoughts:

            —The study also found that the popularity of female body shapes decreased as the BMI increased.

            If you showed women cards depicting men’s bodies at various BMIs, I suspect that the popularity of the male body shapes would also decrease as the BMI increased. But speaking of studies, I’ve heard of some that show women choose the low BMI images of women as representing the ideal body type, whereas men choose somewhat higher BMI images of woman as their ideal, meaning most men don’t want their partner as thin as she might think he does.

            As for KR, I think he had a specific fetish for very thin bodies and also for making women thin; it’s the flip side to men who like obese women and get off on fattening them up. Have you ever seen one of the many disturbing documentaries about so-called “feeders”?

            Both extremes are dysfunctional when the man puts getting his dick up higher in importance than the health and well-being of the woman. I think that’s where sociopathy or narcissism comes into play. There are probably dudes who secretly have those fantasies/fetishes, but they recognize and respect that it’s more important for their partner to be happy and healthy than it is for themselves to get some cheap thrills.

            —The point you were making was in reference to yourself, not the larger society that exists in which thin women without curves are associated with youth and fertility.

            Many thin women have curves.

            —Are you defending Keith Ranieres documented pedophilia and preference for women that are thin and helpless?

            Of course I’m not defending pedophilia. I’m just saying liking thin women does not equal being a pedophile. Having a low BMI does not make a woman child-like and helpless. Heck, women who are overweight tend to have more youthful faces.

            —I think you’re applying this phenomenon in relation to the men in your life.

            I’ve never been involved with a guy who expressed a fixation or even a preference for thin women. And I sure was never with a man who put pressure on me to maintain or lose weight, if that is what you mean by that.

            What I’ve experienced in my own life is girls/women making denigrating and hateful comments that made me feel self-conscious of and embarrassed about being thin in my youth when I was more susceptible to peer criticism, probably the same way heavier women get “fat shamed.”

    • Yeah, I’m thin, eat like a horse, and look somewhat neotenous. I’ve always known who the kiddy fiddlers are.

      But Keith Raniere is still a proven pedophile.

    • —Just because a man likes skinny women doesn’t mean the man is a pedophile.

      Nobody can prove you wrong and you do make a good point. However, please consider Rhiannon, Cami Gina Hutchinson who were all 13-15 years old at the time of having sexual relations with Keith Raniere.

      The guy has a track record like a male middle school gym teacher.

      • Yeah, I get what you say about his track record. Three alleged underage girls out of hundreds of adult women. If a woman only has sex with men but three times in her life fooled around with women, is she a lesbian? Don’t get me wrong, what he did in those instances, if true, was wrong, wrong, wrong and illegal. I just think his preferring thin women isn’t evidence that he’s a predator pedophile who needs to be permanently removed from society, that’s all.

          • If anyone is convicted of statutory rape, I want to see them serve jail time and have to register as a sex offender once they get out. KR wasn’t convicted. I guess my point is that I think the actual crimes he committed may have been muddled by all the hot-button issues that weren’t even a part of what he was accused of. Also, it’s unfair to imply that X indicates someone is a pedo when the woman testifying was an adult throughout. By that logic, every guy who likes a “shaved kitty” should probably be locked up for life.

  • That is very well written and summarizes it all in such a helpful way. For some of them, as she says, it is not just how they were treated when in the group, but that they lost those crucial years of their lives. For some women, it also means they are too late to ever have children.

  • India’s gaze seems to be a warrior, i like that. Catherine Oxenberg reminds me of my mother.These have been trying years on both sides. It took a lot of determination to stand up in front of the world and tell them the pain that others keep to themselves. India is a smart, awakened woman, and her mother is a great woman.

    • I misst wrote it, sorry for the lack of English. It was a big test for them, that’s what I wanted to write.

    • I agree. Not that it matters in any way, but I think she really did the right thing given the circumstance, and put the kind of effort in that India needed, ultimately doing the thing she originally set out to do.

      In all this misery and darkness it’s their story that gives hope and a beacon for others that want to find a path out.

      Some will come out of this warriors against this type of abuse, to make all of that suffering serve a higher purpose. The real humanitarianism of making a difference in one person’s life, by reaching a hand back.

  • “One of the most controversial things India said in her victim statement at the sentencing hearing, is that Raniere called and/or instructed Allison Mack to call Michele Hatchette the n-word.” This is fake news, Blacks call each other nigger (or more “precisely,” nigga) all the time. LOL

    Compared to all of the other things she said, this isn’t even a blip on the radar – I was taught and grew up to believe “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” LOL

    • I think what made it controversial, in my opinion, is that Michele is known to be deeply interested in racial equality issues and it surprised more than a few that she would tolerate this. She claims it did not happen. Maybe it did and she was unaware of it. Possibly there is another explanation.

      • I genuinely don’t think Raniere is racist. My instinct is that it was a loyalty test. Commanding Allison to use the word with Michele is a test of loyalty, and Michele accepting being called this term would also be a test of loyalty. Assuming Michele is sincere that this didn’t happen, presumably Allison didn’t actually go through with it.

        Alternatively, it was postulated by Raniere as a “joke” to Allison, as in “haha as her master you could call her that.” “Haha oh Keith you’re too much.”

        Or India could be lying, although I don’t think she is.

        Keith has been endlessly documented on video saying wildly provocative things (ex: raping babies) to make a point. This would fall in line with that behavior, eg “I’m forcing you to have a visceral reaction to something I said to challenge you to expand your view.” I’m not defending it whatsoever, but I can absolutely believe he said it as a “teachable moment” as part of the purpose of DOS, which was purportedly to teach women to uphold their word and their commitment above all things.

        Here’s the more important point, though. It’s somewhat irrelevant whether he said the n-word because there is the very real, undisputed fact that Michele, a Black woman, was Allison’s “slave.” It’s impossible that Michele, Allison, or Raniere missed the cultural and historical nuances of that at the time Michele took a lifetime vow to Allison (and by extension, Raniere). So in a sense, even if he did use that word I’m not sure how offended she’d actually be because she would have assumed good intent in the same way that she assumed good intent when she took a vow of obedience to Allison. At some point long before Raniere theoretically used the n-word, Michele would have already squared in her head the fact that she passionately believed in racial equality (which I believe is genuinely sincere on her part) with the fact that she was also, quite literally, a slave of a white woman and a white man.

        So anyway, there’s that.

        • I’m not surprised to hear that Keith is racist. Since he’s clearly misogynistic, he’s also likely racist, too. Racism and misogyny are closely related… all forms of hatred, prejudice and entitlement.

          • Agreed. Many people find racism so abhorrent, and rightfully so, and yet sexism is normalized without thought. The two go hand in hand. If you don’t understand the concept of the systems of oppression behind racism, you’re not going to understand the systems of oppression behind sexism.

      • Does Hatchette recall it was WHITE people who elected Obummer TWICE? LOL

        Of course, now he’s whining on 60 Minutes about how he felt uncomfortable in the White House, he can’t help but play the race card that he must have learned from the WHITE grandparents who largely raised him and the Ivy League colleges that obviously hated him as well. LOL

        He should have painted it black while he was president. LOL

        By the way, Hatchette is trying very hard in her racial equality issues campaign, I had no idea she had this interest – yet she willingly became a slave and loves it. LOL

        • Why do you insist on using the comments section here to stage your political opinions? You have your own website for that.

      • Why should we expect Michele to be so alert to Raniere’s racism? Yes, he is racist, his use of Mexico and Mexicans, in general, prove that. But if ALL these women couldn’t recognize the misogyny that was all around and through them, why should Michele recognize her personal insult? Even if she was a slave? Even if they called her the n-word? They prolly made out they were strengthening her against verbal abuse or some such techy bullsh*t. “It’s only a WORD – why do you react like that?..etcetera”

      • Michele(a Black women chose to be a white mans sex slave) is known to be deeply interested in racial equality.

        There is no WTF moment when contemplating all that information.


    • As a white man, how would racial slurs against black women apply to your experience?

      You’ve never experienced a culture in which historical oppression applies to your life.

      In a cult with a largely Jewish upper echelon, and slaves that are not part of “the tribe”, a question into racism definitely applies.

      • Just because I’m not a Black woman doesn’t mean I shouldn’t comment on what I see with my white male eyes and white male ears. LOL

        Using your “logic,” you shouldn’t say anything because you’re probably not Black and/or not a woman, either. LOL

        You have no idea what I’ve experienced, which means you are violating your own “logic” by commenting on this issue. LOL

        There were no “hate crimes” involved in the NXIVM prosecution, so all you’re doing is the usual Libtard RACIST! RACIST! RACIST! BS that takes the focus off of the real crimes and treating all citizens equally. LOL

          • Frank,

            This woke (actually woe is me boohoo) is getting ridiculous.

            We had a black president and now a black female Vice President.

            Guess what Frank????

            ….We ain’t ever had an Italian President or Vice President.

            Who is discriminated against? You tell me.

          • The closest Italians have gotten is Geraldine Ferraro in the early 80s running for Vice President with Walter the fucking loser Mondale.

            You may not remember this but they accused her husband surprise surprise of being a criminal with connections to the mafia. Nothing discriminatory about that shit.

          • I demand answers!!!!

            What is this poor woke woman so upset by?

            I feel so bad.

      • What is this “largely Jewish upper echelon” and “tribe” that you are making up?

        This is a post about racism… [redacted] First of all many high-ranking members were not Jewish including members of the exec and the majority of first-line DOS masters. I have no idea about Keith’s religion but I would assume that he subscribes to Lucifarianism. But I get it… you hear names like Bronfman and Salzman [redacted] And just to highlight the irony in your comment regarding “never experienc[ing] a culture in which historical oppression applies to your life”… you will never believe who else experienced this. That’s right… it’s Jewish people! As slaves in Egypt, targets of the pogroms in Europe and victims of the Holocaust. If you think this happened in the past, let me assure you that violence and hate against Jewish people is very much alive and booming… [redacted]
        I’m surprised Frank posted this garbage on his website.

      • “You’ve never experienced a culture in which historical oppression applies to your life.”

        [redacted] How do you know what his ethnicity and history are like? Many white and European people have had it worse than blacks in their history. Greeks, Serbs, Slavs, and others. Go learn what the Turks and Muslims did to these people, and then complain about blacks picking cotton in Texas. [redacted]  Frank Parlato is Sicilian. The [redacted] Muslims violated his people too.

        • And Italy was the land of Mussolini. Russia was the land of Lenin and Stalin. Germany was the land of Hitler. Mongolia was the land of Genghis Khan. Look at what the French did in Algeria. Look at what the European colonies did throughout the world including the Americas. Human genocide has occurred throughout human history and isn’t limited to some select group of people doing all of the killing, although some classification of peoples have killed more than others.

          • Anonymous
            November 16, 2020 at 7:23 pm

            “Blacks kill more blacks in Africa than whites ever did.” If I say:

            Whites kill more whites in Europe than blacks ever did. – Where is the sense in either proposition?

            Your point is?

          • But we aren’t discussing any of those things, are we? Just one white man speaking on behalf of black people in the acceptance of the slur, “n*gger”. Is that the point you’re getting at? That because all those other things may have happened, that it was wrong of me to point out that it’s not his place to approve or dismiss the use of “n*gger”?

            A lot of people had a problem with this and took it very personally. That tells me a lot.

        • —You’ve never experienced a culture in which historical oppression applies to your life.”

          You want reparations?

          365,000 Union Soldiers died so Black people would be free. Their deaths are the reparations paid in blood.

      • Frank I have said nothing racist in the following comment. I have not insulted the commenter personally.

        I have simply asked questions. If Scott is to be accused of racism and misogyny; I believe if I ask a few pointed questions it should be okay.

        To Anonymous 6:11 pm

        —Jewish upper echelon

        Jews racism?

        How about Black anti-Semitic Culture?

        Jews did not gather Africans to sell; Africans sold Africans to Jews and other whites mostly the Dutch and Portuguese did the trading. Jews didn’t own any of the ships and neither did Italians.

        Questions to ponder in the United States:

        Do Jews kill more blacks or do blacks kill more Jews?

        Do Blacks kill more Asians or do Asians kill more blacks?

        Do blacks kill more blacks than the cops?

        Take a guess what the answer is to each question.

        Black lives matter but do blacks care about Asians and Jews?

        BTW: What are your thoughts on Idi Amin or Jean-Claude Duvalier?

        Both men killed more Africans than all the Jews did throughout all of history.

        If you want to play the race card and accuse Scott Johnson of overt racism and misogyny; I wish you would think about what you say as well.

        Words as Keith Raniere would say are powerful.

      • Frank my questions deserve to be published of people are playing the race card.

        I haven’t even touched on what happened to Italian American immigrants when they first arrived and were basically forced into Hell’s Kitchen.

        Not to mention the low-level bridges of Long Island meant to keep Italians from using Long Island public beaches.

        • How does that relate to the original statement of a white man speaking on behalf of the black experience, in relation to the use of racial slurs?

          Pointing to another group is a deflection from the original point, as if I’ve denied some entitlement you think applies.

          You’re using a strawman. What’s your real point?

        • “ Frank my questions deserve to be published of people are playing the race card”

          Please take note that you view my response to a white man defending and diminishing the use of “n*gger”, as playing the race card.

          You’re telling on yourself.

    • “This is fake news, Blacks call each other nigger (or more “precisely,” nigga) all the time. LOL”

      If what you write, “LOL”, is true, then Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are people of colour, or more precisely, blacks themselves, which is obviously wrong.

      • [redacted] that’s not what I said at all. LOL

        I’ll clarify it, just for you: it can’t be that big of a deal, especially compared to everything else that was going on within NXIVM, for someone to call someone nigga (white people say nigger) when Black people call each other that all the time. LOL

  • Wow! For a woman who claims anxiety, panic attacks and fear, India spoke her truth powerfully, eloquently, and clearly. She took no prisoners. For all the hurt, fear and pain inflicted on her by Keith and Allison and, apparently, Nancy and Clare, India has shown some remarkable courage and resilience. I hope India looks in the mirror and sees a survivor and a warrior because she is both. Catherine Oxenberg is a hell of a mother, and she raised a mighty woman in India.

    Each of these victim impact statements has been anguished, brutal, furious. Yet they are testaments to surviving horrific situations and making new lives. They all struggle with making peace with what happened to them and what was done to them by Keith, Allison, Nancy, and Clare. But, they still had the courage to face the cruel architect of their suffering, and they did so with remarkable dignity.

  • India Oxenberg published “My Victim Impact Statement to Keith Raniere” on her Instagram page 4 days ago. She has already gone public with it. Everyone can read it.

  • OK…Here we go:

    If Prefect Nancy Salzman the “woman-in-charge”, Jness proponent, cashmere, Saratoga wanna party, wine-drinking and so incredibly knowing with her “Explorations of Meaning” high on… then why could no one know? Like, even her daughter, Lauren?

    The Tech failed to an impossible degree.

    Let me get this: No one trusted Nancy? Not even her own daughter?

  • I appreciate the standards you’re applying and the reasoning behind them. As a reader, it’s more comfortable and perhaps survivors will find it easier and more welcoming. Thank you, Frank.

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